Deal: Nikon D4 kit with $453 of free accessories

Adorama currently has this Nikon D4 bundle on sale that comes with the following free accessories (worth $453.80):

  • Lexar 32GB Pro 1000x CF memory card
  • Additional Nikon EN-EL18 battery
  • Nikon AN-DC7 wide neck strap
  • Nikon MC-30 remote cord with trigger lock
  • Mack 3 years extended warranty
  • 5% rewards
  • Free shipping

Update: B&H now has a similar package saving on the Nikon D4.

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  • James

    I’ve got all that stuff…. Just make it $750 cheaper and I’ll buy another one…

  • Paul

    No NL-6 to go with that extra battery?

  • Paul

    oops I meant BL-6.

    • KnightPhoto

      You only need one BL-6 don’t you? (and that comes with the camera)

      • rdunnell

        It’s more convenient for some to have the extra cover on it so you can just swap the battery out, but yeah, the cover is removable so you can just switch it to the new battery. It’s not really difficult to attach or anything, just one more thing to have to do which some people buy the extra cover to avoid.

  • Withe the 5% reward, if you buy 20 of them, you get one free!

    • Iris Chrome

      Sure… after dropping $120,000 why not throw a free D4 into the mix?

  • Hold me back!

  • Are Mack warranties any good?

    I got one of these warranties free with my D600, but I’ve got no experience with this company, and have no idea what to expect from them when the time for extended service comes.

    • Anonymous Coward

      It worked for me. You send it to them first and they handle it from there. Also includes 2 free sensor cleanings.

    • Neopulse

      Got a 3-Year one from Ado for a refurbished D800 and haven’t sent in the warranty form yet, but will soon and let you know.

  • KnightPhoto

    That is a really good package, all useful additions. D4 is great of course – in practical use the D4 doesn’t miss autofocus, buffer NEVER fills, and no worries about ISO. Just go ahead and shoot with this camera and it simply does not fail. Yes I wanted a D700S but heck I sold some stuff and no regrets.

    • joe_reitz

      within reason, sure. The autofocus can still struggle in poorly lit rooms. But that’s not the province of any camera, just science.

  • Ukj

    Great now I need a $6000 for the rest

    • waterengineer

      LOL !! Agreed. I always love “sales”. You have to spend money to save money.

  • ATM

    Neck strap! I’m getting it!

  • Anonymous Maximus

    If the D4 sensor was in a D800-like body…

    • Junior

      You know the D4 folks sometimes think the opposite

  • Anonymous Maximus

    If the D4 sensor was in a D800-like body…

  • No free XQD card!? Why?

  • Smudger

    Wake me when there’s a firmware upgrade that fixes the ergonomics.

  • George

    Kick as deal!

  • Anonymous Maximus

    According to DxOmark, D600 has the highest score on sensor quality. Try to compare an ISO 25K image from D600 & D4 both @ 16mp and see which one looks better.

    “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.”

  • Sam

    Great deal. FUCK!!!

  • I ordered a D4 from B&H this past week and tweeted at them after I read this. They’re now offering a similar package here (if you’ve got the $6k):

  • lorenzo

    AN-DC7 – is already in the original box, not an extra accessory.

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