Nikkor Micro 37mm f/2.4 lens patent for Nikon’s mirrorless cameras

Another Nikon patent (2012-220828) for a new Micro (macro) 37mm f/2.4 lens designed for 1" sensor (Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras) was recently filed in Japan:

  • Focal length: 37.1mm
  • Aperture: 2.40
  • Angle of view (2ω): 24.7°
  • Image height: 8.18mm
  • Lens length 70.20mm
  • Back focus: 14.13mm
  • Lens design: 14 elements in 10 groups, one low-dispersion glass
  • 1.01 times maximum magnification
Currently Nikon doesn't have a macro lens in their Nikkor 1 lineup, even though they have shown two different prototypes in the past:

Nikon 1 super telephoto zoom, macro and wide-angle zoom lens prototypes

Nikon 1 macro, wide-angle zoom and normal prime lens prototypes

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  • Mato34

    Somehow, using FT-1 on a N1 body, even the 55-200 DX VR or any 85/1.8 could be considered as macro regarding its results 🙂

    • HotDuckZ

      This lens will so small fast and light as another Nikon 1 lens. Not very huge as SLR lens. Weight of FT1 is 150g. 55-200 is 335g. and 85 1.8 is 350g. it’s too heavy on Nikon 1 rule. 😛

      With f/2.4 I suggest that 37 Micro will not weight more than 200g.

  • What is the FOV on this lens?

    • elkarrde

      Like 100mm full-frame 35mm lens.

  • Ben

    No VR and F2.4. This should be another 200$ lens

    • Vsevolod

      The thing that Nikon 1 needs. VR is useless on macro lens, and bigger DOF is very good for macro.

      • MyrddinWilt

        Unfortunately the DOF gets very, very thin with the near focus distance… Less than a mm DOF does not look good.

        What would be very useful would be some way of using the focusing mechanism of the lens to do stack shots.

        I have been thinking that a Macro lens would be a major asset for the CX lineup for a while. If you are doing 1:1 reproduction the smaller sensor size of CX becomes an advantage.

  • Nikon 1 really needs a long 300mm light native lens that can take advantage of it crop factor. With the fast AF it could be a nice alternative to the much heavier FF lenses for wildlife/birds.

    • KnightPhoto

      I agree completely. They need to catch on with the birding / wildlife community for the 1 series. Nikon needs to get some more traction going for the 1-series.

    • Char

      The 70-300 weighs… right, 740g. The 300/4 is 1440g. Why? Because it is good build quality, because its filter size is 77mm and because it is rather long.

      Now, you will not build a 300/4 with less than 77mm filter size for CX because you need a 75mm front element to get to f/4 regardless of sensor size. You might save a bit of weight with lower build quality and a little bit with smaller lenses in the back because of the smaller sensor, but it will still be a long lens, and still be relatively heavy. Same for f/5.6 where you need at least a 53mm front element, which is still quite large. The smaller sensor helps in building lightweight lenses especially in wideangle, not so much in the telephoto regime.

      • Graham Sumner

        The 180mm f2.8 might be a better alternative as it is much lighter and more compact than the 300mm. This would give almost 500mm equivalent focal length.

  • Avi Raz

    f2.4 aperture. is that the first 2.4 lens ever made? Never heard of such a thing before. Very cool though. Not interested in the CX format but it is an interesting concept for sure.

    • Very often they have multiple calculations in a patent. The lens could be f/2 or f/2.8.

    • elkarrde

      There are f/2.4 lenses out there – like Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f/2.4, Pentax-DA 35mm f/2.4, Pentax-DA Limited 70mm f/2.4, Pentax-A 6×7 105mm f/2.4, Samsung NX 16mm f/2.4, and Fuji XF 60mm f/2.5 macro.

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