Weekly Nikon news flash #191


  • Nikon Switzerland extended the warranty of all products purchased in 2012 from 2 to 3 years:

Freuen Sie sich über 3 Jahre Nikon Swiss Garantie

Sehr geehrter xxx

Sie haben auf my.nikon.ch Produkte mit Kaufdatum zwischen dem 01.01.2012 und dem 30.11.2012 für die zweijährige Nikon Swiss Garantie registriert. Per 01.12.2012 werden wir die Garantieleistungen anpassen und neu auf alle Nikon Swiss Garantie berechtigten Produkte eine Verlängerung der Garantie auf 3 Jahre gewähren. Gerne informieren wir Sie, dass auch Sie von dieser Änderung profitieren können. Wir bieten Ihnen nämlich rückwirkend für alle Produkte, die Kaufdatum zwischen dem 01.01.2012 und 30.11.2012 haben und entsprechend registriert sind, ebenfalls die Garantieverlängerung auf 3 Jahre. Wenn Sie sich auf my.nikon.ch einloggen, werden die Garantiescheine automatisch auf 3 Jahre (ab Kaufdatum) aktualisiert. Sie können diese anschliessend downloaden und neu ausdrucken.

  • "The Ultimate Time Lapse Video" by Florian and Salomon Schulz:

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  • Aldo

    That lens is tempting…

    • Captain Megaton

      “You get what you pay for.”

      • According to the reviews, you get a lot more in this case, unless you find AF indispensable
        or are allergic to moustache distortion.

  • ronadair

    Speaking of the D600, is Nikon going to be updating it so it’s not crippled, as promised previously?

  • CJ

    My Nikon 1 V1 price point is @ $ 149.99. Please remember, only you buy this thing, you will spend more on lens, 10-30mm is not enough.

    They should just give it away if someone buys their lenses, just like the printer business…give away the printer and got you on the lenses.

    • Aldo

      too bad they don’t have continuous ink systems for cameras 😛

      • MOJO

        Don’t give them ideas!

  • Anoop

    I am wondering how low the V1 will go. 200 and i am getting one. 🙂

    • RakSiam

      I have a V1 and generally like it. The V2 is way better in almost every way. I’d wait until they start slashing its price and get a V2.

  • Bryan

    Now if we could just see a 21% price drop on the D800/E in the US, life will be good.

  • Rhonbo

    Referb J1 is $279 at Adorama. Built-in flash makes it much more useful as a carry around compact than the V1. Without a flash I am not interested at any price. If you don’t need to use flash than the V1 is a hot buy.

  • FR
    • abragan

      33% drop in Amazon UK marketplace (£1,328.00), and states “UK model”, so presumably not a grey import

  • Taco

    For only $20 more, the 14mm 2.8 BO1428NAE is a better choice for FX.

    • Spy Black

      I believe you’re talking about the the same lens.

      • Taco

        BO1428NAE adds the AE chip, the one linked above does not. Te chip puts lens data in EXIF, AF confirm (allows fine tuning) and controls aperture via camera body (Like a G type lens), and metering and P,S modes on lower end or older bodies. On higher end bodies (D4,D800,D7000) you can select to use aperture ring on lens or camera. Older cams D90 with a chipped lens you have to use minimum aperture and control via body to else you get the FEE error. If you shoot timelapse this may make a difference in your choice, otherwise the AE chip version is usually preferred.

        • Spy Black

          I didn’t know they had a 14mm with a chip. Good to know.

  • lensQ

    Sorry, but what are Bower lenses? Where are they made? Are they independent or owned by some other company? Are they any good?
    (I can find very little about them online.)
    Anyone know about them?

    • Spy Black

      They are actually Samyang lenses, and yes, they’re quite good. They are manual focus only. If you go over to Photozone or Lenstips you can read reviews on these optics. I’ve worked with the 35mm, and though it’s a bit soft at f/1.4 (although sharper than my 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor at this f), by f/2.8 this lens it’s fabulous, and at f/4-5.6 it is absolutely spectacular. I’ve never worked with the 14mm, but I plan to check it out as well. This new pricing is very attractive.

  • simone

    Wish we in the States could get that kind of warranty awesomeness that Switzerland is getting.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Bower = Samyang

    Their 14mm have unacceptable complex distortion.

    • Taco

      True, although lens profiles are available for Adobe and PTLens to remove the distortion and chromatic aberration.

      • Spy Black

        Not sure if the Adobe adjustment is any good, but the PTLens one is quite accurate. Not much in the way of chromatic aberration in that 14mm to get rid of. 😉

  • KnightPhoto

    Loved ‘The mirrorless party’! Poow widdle Canon-M 😉

  • Is this 14mm the same that is so highly reviewed by DxO? Why does B and H say on their site that it is optimised for dx cameras?

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