Those are the best Nikon deals for Black Friday

Nikon D7000 deal:

The best deal on Nikon gear for this Black Friday is the D7000 with 18-105mm lens for $996.96 ($500 off with free shipping and 2% in rewards) - basically you are getting the lens for free (body only costs $996.95 as well).


You also get free shipping (one day free shipping option available), free Transcend 16 GB Class 10 memory card, free AmazonBasics backpack for SLRs, free $200 Training Content Credit, 2% back in rewards and even $2 MP3 credit:

The camera also qualify for up to $200 instant rebate if you purchase an addition lens or the SB-910 flash:

Nikon 1 V1 deal:

Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera kit with 10-30mm and 10-100mm lenses, SB-N5 Speedlight flash, FT1 mount adapter and compact camera case for $849 (just the 10-100mm lens alone costs $750). The V1 body with 10-30mm lens is currently selling for $369.

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  • T.I.M

    People who use a D7000 don’t want a f/5.6 lens
    Nikon, give me the same deal with the 50mm af-s f/1.8 and I buy it right now.

    • Broham

      Who cares really, the 18-105mm can be kept as a wide angle and walk-around lens. Amateur photographers will eventually start purchasing primes/wide aperture lenses.

    • Ano

      Yeah but for the same price of body only, who cares what lens they bundle with it?

      • iamlucky13

        Better value for a lot of customers, at theoretically the same cost to Nikon, if they bundle it with a lens that many upgraders don’t already have covered, like either the 35 or 50 F/1.8.

        Of course, a lot of people will be buying these as Christmas presents for people upgrading from a D3xxx/5xxxx or from no SLR, and the 18-105 is a good lens for a large proportion of that market. Not to mention, effectively the cost probably isn’t the same for Nikon, since bundling with a prime costs them a future prime sale, either from the camera buyer, or from the person the camera buyer sells to if the prime is redundant, where as I suspect hardly anyone buys the 18-105 except either as a kit, or used from someone who bought the kit and then upgraded.

        Regardless of Nikon’s motives, 18-105’s in new-in-box condition are likely to be very easy to find on Craigslist and Ebay this winter.

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      Sell 18-105 for $200, and put it towards any lens you like!

  • JustinWaloshin

    Actully Nikon is the best deal at 995.99 for the D7000 with the 18 – 105 mm lens.

    • iamlucky13

      The extra $0.97 is trivial. Plus, Amazon is throwing in a few freebies to cheat their way around the minimum advertised price…cheap memory card, cheap backpack, and 2% (~$20) store credit.

      Of course, your friendly local camera store owner will get it to you same day and won’t even charge for priority shipping…

    • Abraham Collins

      The 18-105 is a fragile piece of junk. Mine rattled apart at a concert just by being too close to an amplifier. Not covered by warranty either.

      • Remedy

        I find your comment a junk. Mine is working fine since almost 4 years now and it has been everywhere with me. It’s sharper than maaaaaaany primes, also in my hands the VR is very effective (getting sharp and I mean SHARP images 1/16s @105mm). It’s probably one of the best lenses in terms of price to performance ratio. Get real noob.

        • s.p

          Did he say your lens fell apart???!?!?!??!?!?!?! HE SAID IT WAS HIS LENS THAT DID!

          • Remedy

            So? He could have said “my copy was a crap/junk” or “I was way to uneducated to use such an advanced gear properly and I broke it” instead of dissing the lens overall. It is a great lens for what it is. Period.

            • Calibrator

              What body did you use your 18-105 on?
              I ask because many reviews did not recommend it for the D7000 if one wanted the best performance out of its sensor.

            • John Price

              Adequate consumer lens for poor people. Will NEVER outperform 1.4 prime glass. Oh wait this lens can’t go to 1.4 my bad.

            • Remedy

              Lets see how your 1.4 prime compares @ 18mm oh wait… it can’t go to 18mm, so maybe lets try 105mm, oh snap it can’t go to 105 either. Think before you make a retarded comment.

            • BadBlackMan

              18mm? 105mm? It called moving your feet. But only real photographers know that.

            • Remedy

              Ever heard of perspective and relation? But only real photographers know that.

            • Paul L.

              And, “real photographers” don’t use kit lenses. LOL!

            • iamlucky13

              Real photographers don’t waste time mocking those with sufficient skill to use low end equipment effectively, if that’s what fits their budget. They let the wannabes rehash pointless debates on the internet while they go take pictures.

            • Calibrator

              And you are here because the wife kicked the photographer out of the bedroom? 😉

            • Guy

              And you are here because you like to defend your 18-105mm?

            • Calibrator

              Real photographers use anything if it helps them.

            • juicybutt

              What is a real photographer? obviously not people who bicker about what gear they use and comment on these boards.

            • manofwar

              I’m sure you can use this to do a wedding event also because you’re a real photographer that uses anything.


            • Michael Devaney

              real photographers can shoot with any camera, any lens.

    • desmo

      as kit lenses go its a pretty nice lens , one came with my D90 ,
      I sold it for $270 when I upgraded to 16-85VR.
      So buy the D7000 for 995.99 then sell kit lens for $200 on up you have a D7000 for $740 or there abouts

  • MrMister

    Wow that’s a steal.

  • nawab

    Why? Nikon d7000 successor in the horizon soon??

    • iamlucky13

      Almost certainly. Clear out some stock, pick up some extra holiday sales…and then have everyone feel like they should have waited when the new model is announced in January.

      Great timing on the sale for me, though, since I was debating whether whatever improvements the D7200 will have are worth the new release price. At this price, I have my answer. Too bad the body only kit isn’t also on killer sale, since I don’t need the lens.

      Also, the link is for Amazon, but it sounds like the deal is available everywhere. I’ll give the local camera shop a call tomorrow to see if they’ve got it so I can support them and get their support in return instead of helping Jeff Bezos buy another yacht.

      • desmo

        go for it ,you should be able to sell the 18-105vr for $200 or more makes a pretty nice price on a nice new camera

  • Nice but not for me i want or D400 soon or i am buying D800 next may and my nickname was is Sigma 120-300 os for nikon

  • Still happy with my old D200 with mbd200 but technics are now mutch better.

  • I have seen on the net enough great photo´s taken with D3x and now with D800 birding and airplanes and cropping is a big joke now

  • Big Ed
    • zeum

      Really?… I think everyone knows at this point black friday through xmas is when stores clear out last years junk. Especially considering all new electronics are announced in Jan-march trade shows.

  • Leo

    Does anyone know if they ship to Canada with this deal?

  • peter2

    Too many copies of the 18-105 left in stock they had to give it out for free. Clearing the shelf for the next version of the kit lens.

  • zeum

    Unless you live here in Seattle or any state with an Amazon dist. center. Add $100 for Washington 9.5% sales tax 🙁

  • NelPit

    I picked this up yesterday – Also added the 18-200 lens with the extra $250 discount (I needed a basic walking around lens – I have unlimited access to my Father in law’s collection of 2.8 glass when it counts). I put the 18-105 lens on Ebay. I also used a local Grocery store’s gas discount program (Giant Eagle), and scored an extra $230 in free gas. If I get the historical $250 for the 18-105, and add in the 2% bonus, I figure I got a D7000 with an 18-200 lens plus a few extras for around $1100 net. Not too shabby!

    • desmo

      cool ,
      add the 10-24 zoom and you’ll be kitted perfectly for D7000

  • Zaphod

    Media mark in sweden has also a very good deal this weekend. Buy two products and get the cheapest for 50 percent discont. From what I have heard they sell a lot FX cameras with a good lens this weekend…. The bigest problem is that they are out of stock on most nikon products now!

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