Read this before you upgrade to Windows 8

Nikon Europe issued a statement with a list of software products that they intend to test (and support?) with the new Windows 8 operating system. Included also is a list of products that they do not intend to provide compatibility:

We plan to test Windows versions of the following software applications for compatibility with Windows 8. We will announce our plans regarding full compatibility once testing is complete.

  • ViewNX 2
  • Capture NX 2
  • Camera Control Pro 2
  • Short Movie Creator
  • Nikon Message Center 2
  • Wireless Transmitter Utility
  • Thumbnail Selector
  • NEF codec
  • NRW codec
  • PC-PJ Transfer
  • nik Color Efex Pro 3.0
  • IPTC Preset Manager
  • GP-N100 Utility

We do not intend to provide compatibility with the following applications.

  • Capture NX Ver. 1.x
  • Camera Control Pro Ver. 1.x
  • Nikon Capture series
  • ViewNX Ver. 1.x
  • Nikon Transfer Ver. 1.x
  • PictureProject
  • Nikon View series
  • Nikon Scan series
  • PictureProject COOLPIX Remote Control
  • WT-3 Setup Utility
  • Wireless Camera Setup Utility
  • Wireless Connecting Utility
  • nik Color Efex Pro 2.0
  • my Picturetown Utility
  • USB driver for GP-1
  • Image Authentication Software

We also do not plan to provide compatibility for other software, or for products utilizing a SCSI or serial connection.

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  • RXG

    Based on what I’ve seen, I have absolutely no desire to ever use Windows 8. It looks like a total nightmare for people who use their computer to, you know, DO ACTUAL WORK.

    • TK

      Not true at all. It’s fast and efficient. Has lots of little new features. Just stay in desktop mode if that’s what you want. Installed W8 on every machine I have and wouldn’t want to go back to W7.

      • but what kind of software do you use?

        I do use Nikon Transfer to move files to the computer and the backup drive at once, even though I am sure it will have some kind of solution for old software like compatibility mode for most of the software I think is going to be a mess at first

        • TK

          Nikon Transfer (version 2) that came with the latest ViewNX2 works fine on my W8. Do you use version 1.x listed above? Yeah then stay with W7.

          • desmo

            True all the non supported software and devices SCSI etc are old, obsolete and have already been replaced by newer equivalents.
            What might be of help to know from W8 users is does it have a compatability mode that will run the occaisional application that can’t be updated.
            previous windows os upgrades have had this feature , curious if W8 does?

            • TK

              There’s the usual compatibility mode option for program launches. I see the list covers W95 all the way to W7. You know, you can download a trial version of W8 and give it a spin if you have a spare machine. VM environment will work for that purpose but I’m not sure it’s the best way to experience the new UI because of the way mouse is handled in VM.

    • LeadWrist

      I do actual work and I’m using Windows 8. I would suggest reserving your comments until you have taken the time to use Windows 8 and getting familiar with it’s new design. Otherwise you simply sound like another smug iFan person…

      • MyrddinWilt

        I would wait until after the service pack comes out that reverses the idiot UI choice to make it incomprehensible.

        That was all the doing of the Windows VP they just got rid of.

        • neonspark

          you’ll wait forever. no such patch will ever come. the future is touch, windows 8 merely reacts to the future.

          • MyrddinWilt

            One of the biggest complaints inside Microsoft was that there was no button there to allow people to return their machine to the traditional look and feel.

            They have the patch written and the only reason Win8 does not ship with it is that the VP they got rid of wanted to ram the touch stuff down everyone’s craw even though most machines are not touch and touch does not work on the desktop.

            • neonspark

              there will never be such button or option. Steven Sinofky’s first in command is now in charge. Larson-Green is responsible for much of the UX of windows 8, so I hate to break it to you, if anything she’ll burry the obsolete desktop further.

              the future is different and windows is no longer suited as it is for the future, therefore it must change. An option to roll back windows isn’t going to happen because it can’t roll time backwards.

              What you’re asking is the equivalent of going back to a character UIs after GUIs took over. It ain’t happening. not now, not ever.

            • MyrddinWilt

              Liar, you don’t hate to bring this up at all.

              It is going to get changed because the issues with the UI and in particular the inflexible approach are the reason that other department heads got together and pushed for Sinofky to be thrown out.

            • neonspark

              LOL you just made that up didn’t you? because Larson Green was Sinofsky’s # pick and she was the primary UX contributor to windows 8. look it up, you’re clueless.

              windows 8 is here to stay and windows 9 will be even more of a chance.
              the past isn’t coming back. get over it.

            • MyrddinWilt

              Do you really think Balmer would have pulled the ejector-seat lever if he did not want some pretty big changes made?

              Microsoft got where they are because they are really really good at turning on a dime and changing course when they have made a bad decision.

              The critical flaw in Win8 is the fact that it is completely unacceptable to their existing base. I can’t imagine why you think they won’t change it or why you think Larson-Green would (1) have the final say (Balmer) or (2) have her head so far up her ass as to not listen to the complaints from other division heads.

              Do you really think that this isn’t something that would change in ten minutes if Gates happened to pick up the phone and tell Balmer he has a problem?

              And just why are you so personally invested in this argument as to come out with the inflamatory language you started with?

            • neonspark

              you need to educate yourself. please stop talking about stuff you do not understand.
              There are no big changes coming for windows, sorry. Do you think Ballmer would have allowed Sinofsky’s first in command to take over if he disagreed with anything about windows 8? The reason Sinofsky left was simple: we wanted to run the show and didn’t want to collaborate with other divisions.
              Ballmer wants collaboration. This means nothing to the current direction of windows and you’re a fool if you think this means the start menu will be back in any fashion or if this will reverse the trend away from traditional computing and towards touch computing.

              Windows 8 is a reaction to the inevitable: PCs are dead, tablets and phones are taking over as the primary computing platform. Only a shortsighted fool wishes for windows 7. That OS is dead. It belongs in a museum and it is useless in the future of mobile devices. Only windows 8 stands a chance in the future war against android and iOS. nothing else does.

              So get used to it, bigger changes are coming and windows 9 will finally kill the desktop. halleluyah!

              now go educate yourself and listen to the real reason behind the leadership changes:

            • MyrddinWilt

              You need to get a clue.

              As I suspected you are working in the Windows division and you are talking out of school.

              And I think you are exactly the type of person who has created the Windows 8 usability disaster.

              I think my advice carries considerably more weight than yours in the c-suite. FYIFV.

            • neonspark

              don’t be silly. I don’t work for the windows division. Listen to the podcast I kindly pointed to you so you can educate yourself and stop spewing nonsense. You have Paul thurrott and MJ, two of the most widely recognized and knowledgeable Microsoft journalists completely debunk all your points and you still don’t see the truth.

              you know what that is called? DENIAL.

              Get over it. Windows 7 isn’t coming back. Windows 8 will keep evolving into an ever changing touch based only future. So if you’re hoping for a 180 turn from MSFT, think again. Steve Ballmer simply wants collaboration to get EVERYTHING to be like windows 8. He’s the #1 fan of it.

            • MyrddinWilt

              Oh dear you think that a pair of journalists have a clue what is going on in Mr Softee? Oh you poor deluded twit.

              The issue here is not whether Microsoft continues to add features for touch, it is whether they will design their O/S so that it only works with touch.

              Windows 8 might work OK on your phone, but I have a desktop here spread across three 30″ monitors and Win 8 really has no idea how to let me use them effectively.

            • neonspark

              oh you’re so hopeless. there isn’t a single credible source of evidence you can present to backup your claim except for your own interpretation. and who are you? you’re nothing. at least the two mentioned journalists are well respected, unlike you.

            • Captain Megaton

              It’s not “touch stuff”. It’s a new UI. The stupid start menu with its nested lists is gone. The start button is gone. The clutter is gone. The shiny-happy Aero look is gone. It’s all good, even if you are using a mouse and keyboard. It just requires 20 minutes to learn how to use. Is that too much to ask after 17 years of the Windows 95 UI?

        • LeadWrist

          Windows services packs are gone, Windows 8 will not longer follow the service pack model that previous versions of Windows had. Instead you will see more frequent cadence of patches coming out. Which isn’t bad actually.

      • You suggest to BUY a programm that I do not like. My point is I will never spend a cent for a product that I do not like. And it sounds damn reasonable, doesn’t it?

        • LeadWrist

          Not saying you should by anything, I’m just saying that if you gonna make comments especially negative comments, why not from a position of understanding? It’s better to have creative criticism then simply making general statements backed up by nothing.

          • He wrote “Based on what I’ve seen”. It means he made some research that he knows the cons. He does not want to spend his/her money/time. His comment is pointless, but your comment is senseless, sorry.

            • No, your comment is senseless. Writing ‘based on what I’ve seen’ doesn’t mean he gave any base. We still don’t know what he don’t like and why. I could say – I hate Nikon. Without any base, who’s to listen to me?

            • I like Nikon because I like their philosophy of doing cameras. Still, I know a lot of people that do not like Nikon. Some of them are famous photographers. They take Nikon and they do not like it, it is as simple as it is. IT IS NORMAL.
              I should not like every new Windows. If you want reasons I would say that it is well known that people do not like Win 8 GUI, it is not suitable for desktop. I do not see any reason to install one even in trial mode. There are no new features needed for photographer.

            • lipper2000

              Based on what he’s seen means on the internet most likely and it definitely means not trying it in person…

              I’ve been using win8 for months now on my desktop with mouse keyboard and would never go back…I use the new interface all the time, even to start old desktop applications…
              It’s crazy fast and slick as anything…

              Give it an honest try…you can upgrade for $14…

    • SleeperSmith

      Rofl. Goes to show the kind of idiocy going around nowadays. Windows 8 “looks” like a total nightmare. LOLOLOLOL. Good job @ apple training everyone to be superficial and judging a book by its cover.

      Do you even know wtf actually changed other than start menu? Do you know wtf’s Storage Virtualisation? ReFS? Hyper-V?

      Oh wait. You just one of the fktards who browse the internet/open word document on the Windows. “OHNOZ START BUTTON CHANGED WAHHHHHH QQQQQQQQ WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

      Typical 21st century moron.

      • zebra

        Storage Virtualisation and Hyper-V is nothing new.. ReFS doesn’t have one cool feature and is not verry efficient..

        if you want to work.. okay work on w7/w8.. if you want to use your computer in modern ways use linux/mac os..

        by the way gaming is still better on windows.. but i hope thats gonna change..

        • tifkat

          It’s on its way. Valve are porting Steam to Linux with Left 4 Dead 2, and ae running beta tests, with a view to adding Linux as a 3rd platform for which developers can produce gamnes.

          Check out their blog:

          • MyrddinWilt

            But so what? Steam runs on Mac but most steam games don’t. And nobody is going to spend the $50 million or so it costs to make the video cards that are designed around DirectX work as well under Linux.

        • umeshrw

          True. Linux is way better. Just that my image and video editing softs do not work with linux.

      • zoetmb

        I don’t yet have enough experience with Windows 8 to know whether I think it’s good or bad, but I will say after playing with it in demo mode at a retail store that I found it completely non-intuitive. So the cards are still out for me, but just because someone criticizes it doesn’t make them a moron. I’m inclined to believe that Microsoft may have made a mistake trying to merge the phone, pad and computer interfaces into one. And I’m saying that not necessarily opposed to the live tile concept, which may actually be a good idea.

        I have been incredibly disappointed with recent releases of almost everything from Microsoft. Won’t go into details here, but Windows 7 definitely drives me nuts and Vista was an embarrassing disaster. And I’m not so happy with Office 2010 on the Mac either. Having said that, I’ve been increasingly pissed at Apple as well recently, so I think both of these companies are having problems, perhaps because both of their operating systems have become so bloated and/or because of their arrogance. I believe that Apple was a better company when they were less successful.

        • neversink

          Apple, with all its recent blunders, still puts out great products. You can run Windows 8 on a Mac as well as its native Mac OS10.x
          Apple’s operating system is very intuitive and still lightyears ahead of Windows 8. Yes, I have used Windows 8 as my brother still thinks in DOS!!!!!! (and therefore have to help him out of jams all the time.)

          • cheesy strider

            apple has been trying to bring touch to desktop for years with no success eventually they wrote a separate os witch Jobs decided

        • FgB

          I completely agree with you.
          I have been a Mac user since day 1, being happy that Apple was behaving different from Microsoft.
          Alas this has completely changed, Apple start to irritate me more and more, especially in their support of older systems. As a software developer I get confronted with the “Deprecated” message for their toolbox routines with every new version of the developer kit, meaning I can spend most of my time rewriting code to make sure it works in the future!
          If only they would not make such nice machines…….

        • Jules

          It is certainly very unintuitive when you first start using it. For example the first time you use it you are completely stumped on how to close down programs sorry apps. However now I have got used to it I love it and even on my old core2duo it runs like a dream compared to xp which I had installed before with all the programs zipping along.

      • TruthSpeaker

        It’s funny that you respond in such a manner, and then refer to someone else as a moron.

        For you to be so motivated as to post like you did, the overwhelming evidence is that you are the moron.

      • RXG

        I’m afraid you have no idea what you are talking about. I have never owned a single Apple product, except for an iPhone. And even the iPhone pisses me of to no end because of the huge lack of control over what goes on the phone. I have no desire to ever own an Apple computer, either.

        And the thing that troubles me the most about Win8 is something that reminds me of Apple! –Giant icons for each “app” spread across the screen and pressing a single button (the Windows key) to go back the the home screen? Sounds like an iPad to me. And an iPad is NOT the platform on which I wish to do work.

        I’m sure I would love all those Win8 features you described, but I have zero interest in that awful “Metro” functionality which appears to dominate the system would serve no purpose to me. I DO NOT WANT touch controls on my desktop because I NEVER want to touch my desktop display. I could go on and on…

    • Bill Pahnelas

      i just bought a new PC with win 8 on it. i wish i’d moved before the new version, but i bought an ultrabook just before they flipped, and couldn’t see buying both systems at once. that said, the only thing that seems to have tripped me up is the hardware profile for my eizo coloredge display — so i can’t run color navigator 6 to profile my monitor. i did d/l color navigator CS from eizo’s site, and it seems to do the job, at least for now. besides this, while i’m a little flustered by the new interface, and not particularly impressed by the usability of win8, i’m knocking along with viewNX2 and captureNX2, both of which work the same as before — although i’m a little underwhelmed at the performance improvement, going from dual-core, 8gb RAM to quad-core and 12gig. it’s better, but not hugely better. anyway, i expect with better driver support in the future, it may improve. in any case, i needed to get my feet wet with this thing, before my company starts buying windows 8 systems and i gotta support ’em. your mileage may vary…

      • Allen

        If your company indeed “starts buying Win 8 systems” it will be one of the few. The huge preponderance of IT are moving to Win 7 not to Win 8 because Win 7 is solid and _way_less confusing to real non-geek users.

        Businesses and IT do not exist for PCs: IT, PCs and their OSs exist for
        business. There is ZERO value add to setting a business into confusion
        by paying money to move from solid Win 7 to Win 8.

        Win 8 desktop
        is DOA. Unless MS pulls a magic rabbit out of its hat Win 9 desktop will
        also be DOA. Because Win 7 works just fine, and IT has learned that MS
        churning a new OS every 3 years is pure nonsense.

        Ballmer will of course lie the numbers but real-world usage data will show only tiny usage of Win 8 desktop. Win 7 will remain dominant for years on the corporate desktop by a huge amount, very probably through Win 9 as well. As new boxes are purchased they come with Win8 but most IT downgrades immediately to solid Win 7.

        • neonspark

          windows 8 will see less adoption because businesses just upgraded to 7. They won’t just upgrade again. Window 9 will further make the desktop obsolete and business will just go along with it because it is the next scheduled update.
          windows 7 will enter end of life much faster than XP and then it will be gone forever.
          windows 7 is dead. and OS for the past too clumsy, for today’s light devices.
          windows 9 will be all windows 8 is plus more. you can’t reverse the trend.

    • nc_mike

      So, you don’t like Win 7 either then? I mean, you can use Win 8 exactly like Win 7 with the same classic user interface and skip using Metro altogether.

      • RXG

        Is this true? I heard you could not disable that Metro garbage without installing some 3rd party add-on.

        • nc_mike

          yes, its true. Its not gone, but Start8 will boot you right into the regular Windows classic interface and you never have to toggle over to the metro interface. So many people don’t understand this. Every time my Asus EP-121 boots up it boots straight into classic Windows. I am baffled why MS didn’t just keep the Win classic start button and have configuration setting to allow users to to the same without having to buy a $5 3rd party utility – maybe that’s why the MS exec over win 8 was booted out – stupid marketing gambit that is failing miserably.

    • Actually Win 8 is so much faster than any prev. Win OS and runs all Win-7 apps. Boots in under 1min. I use Photoshop CS6 faster than with 7 and seems to be better ram management. All drivers loaded as I installed. I like both Mac OS & and Win OS & use Android 4.1 phones…

    • ThomasH

      I completely agree, we waited with Windows 7 for many years as well. I am using Windows 7 since March 2012, also barely even started, and its a nightmare compared to Win XP pro. In addition I am chocking at Windows 8 not supporting Nikon Scan. Yea right, we have the $3000 scanning setup and they will abandon support to the application. I will rather go to Linux than to Windows 8.

      • neonspark

        lol Linux won’t even be compatible with your most basic printer. good luck with that.

        • gsum

          Not true. I can quite happily print to my Epson 7600 wide format machine via Linux

          I’ve been gradually moving to Linux Ubunto, mainly because I have installed Win 8 on one of my machines and I don’t like the way in which Microsoft is following Apple’s licensing/app arrangements. It would be great if Nikon would provide a Linux version of the excellent Capture NX2 so that I could dump Windows and overpriced/overrated Photo$hop forever.

          • neonspark

            Linux hardware support is mediocre. it relies on class drivers which are too basic for anything but that most basic task. that is just a fact. windows hardware support is top notch and does not rely on class drivers as the only way to interface with devices.

            • gsum

              Not in the case of the Epson 7600. The Linux driver does everything that Epson’s driver did. Linux driver support used to be poor to non-existent but the situation seems to be improving.

            • neonspark

              David P’s opinion about windows is like Bin Laden’s opinion on capitalism.

            • neonspark

              1 printer doesn’t make up for millions that won’t work. Linux is a agreat OS for a DNS server. for day to day use, you’ll be sorry to ever touch it.
              but go ahead, DREAM about it being as compatible with windows. your dream will soon turn to a cry for help.

              enjoy. 🙂

    • neonspark

      you’re a minority.

  • Henri

    Do not have any program here that doesn’t work on win 8, most of them even work better.

    • jec6613

      Yeah, short answer: if it runs on Windows Vista or Windows 7, it’ll run on Windows 8, even if it’s not tested/supported. Windows 8 is fantastically fast for doing a lot of little things, and much more responsive in both Photoshop and ViewNX/CaptureNX.

      • AllforTeags

        Not entirely true. Our Cisco VPN client installs fine on 8, but won’t function. However, in general, I have found that W8 plays very nicely with anything that runs on 7.

  • John T. Harding

    David Pogue just reviewed Windows 8 in his Tech Column in the NY Times. His take: Windows 8 is marvelous for tablets but an unmitigated disaster for PC users who do real work on their desktop.

    • TK

      I suggest you actually use it a bit before judging instead of relying on reviews by well known Apply fans like him.
      FWIW, I’ve seen so many people who were down on W8 from reading those negative articles only to find W8 is actually quite nice once they use it for a while.

      • zeet

        I suggest he don’t.. he may end up throwing up on his keybord…

      • neversink

        I’ve used Windows 8 — Sorry, sticking with Apple right now, in spite of their recent blunders.

        • neonspark

          man I’d take windows 95 over OSX anyday. I need hardware that works.

    • Allen

      Guys Win 8 is two different versions, tablet and desktop, and they do NOT run the same apps.

      And the MS “Surface Tablet” is really TWO tablets (both vaporware-marketed in June, one they only produced a small volume of and the other after 5 months is still a fantasy).

      Multiple hardware versions and multiple OS versions. Very confusing to buyers and will build some ill will toward MS I think. We will see.

      In any event Win 8 desktop is DOA.

      • jim h

        Not exactly. The currently available Surface RT tablet uses Windows RT, which only supports runs from the MS app store. The forthcoming Surface “Pro” tablet will use Windows 8, same as on desktops. IMHO Windows 8 is hardly DOA, I’ve been using it for a while and it works great.

    • neonspark

      lol David Pogue is a mac fanatic. what does he know about a real desktop OS when he uses OSX, the apex of fail.

      • John T. Harding

        Really! He must know something about PC’s. He wrote all of those mIssing Manual books for XP, Vista et al.

    • Desktop mode is bad for tablet though. I think they should just rule out Win 8 Pro for tablet and focus on RT.

  • FgB

    Although I love my Nikon hardware, their software department sucks.
    It’s the same story here as with new Mac OS versions: Nikon is always (too) late by updating their software so that it is compliant to the new OS.
    I am a software developer and believe me: companies like Microsoft and Apple hand-out developers pre-release versions of the new OS already a year in advance, so Nikon should have had plenty of time to test this….

    • Pdf Ninja

      Exactly. Windows 8 has been available for over a year now. The final version has been available for several months. I’ve been using it for over half a year. There’s no excuse.

      • MyrddinWilt

        They are saying they are not going to support the obsolete software on Win8, not that it is not going to work.

        Chances are that it will all work without any problems.

        What I find rather interesting is that the image authentication software is not supported. Obviously Nikon decided that it was not making enough sales. But where does that leave the forensics use of Nikon cameras?

      • neonspark

        actually the RTM version is barrely been a few months out. buy yeah, they had time.

  • nc_mike

    Sighhhhhhh, frequent misconception. Windows 8 is Windows 7 with a service pack and an alternate touch interface you can switch between. With a $5USD utility, Start8, it has the classic start button and boots straight into Windows classic desktop – no need to ever use the new Metro interface and if you do, instantly switch between them. I upgraded from Windows 7 64-bit to Win 8 on my very powerful ASUS EP-121 12″ tablet (fast Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, USB, SD/XC, Wacom pen touch screen) and it is great. I can use it like a regular Windows classic desktop with the will Win 7 classic desktop experience (with some very nice improvements I might add) and instantly toggle to Metro and back again. I run Photoshop CS6 and can use it with a precision Wacom Pen, mouse or finger, I run Nikon Camera Control 2 and teather my D800 to it (and connect to it wirelessly as well with a (now bankrupt) CablesToGo Wireless USB 2.0 transmitter/received pair faster than anything else available (480 MB/s transfer rate). Win8 with my ASUS EP-121 is the best of all worlds.

    • pierre

      a lot of computer specilaists today…. where are photographers ?

      • nc_mike

        Well, I happen to be both – a senior SW engineer and a photographer for 40 years with a brick and mortar gallery and studio. Enough?

        • pierre

          I’m not really impressed, same for me, but it’s a waist of time to speak about computer and os… just only business, not photography

          • nc_mike

            You do not make the rules here – if you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

    • Tariq

      the Nikon camera control pro 2 update to version 2.12 from the older version (2.8) will not install on my windows 8 laptop (Sony vaio e series). Did you have any problems with installing the update on your tablet?

      • nc_mike

        Humm, I had NCC 2.11 when I upgraded to Win 8 and its working; I’ve not yet tried to upgrade to 2.12 on my Win 8 tablet yet.

        • tariq

          Hi nc_mike, when you upgraded to Win 8 did you have to reinstall your software? if so, did you have to first install NCC version 2.8 then upgrade to version 2.11? thanks.

          • nc_mike

            I was already at 2.11 for NCC and then I upgraded from Win7 64 bit to Win 8 Pro

  • rick

    Just because Nikon said that they are gonna do a compatibility test on a bunch of their software, don’t mean that these software are all broken/incompatible with W8. It just means that they are doing their job in making sure nothing is broken under W8.

    Im using W8 Pro 64 bit. ViewNX2 works just fine for me. Transfer utility that comes installed with ViewNX2 launches very fast (almost instantaneous) as soon as an SDHC card is inserted into my card reader. The only problem I have with it is that after a transfer session is complete the window sometimes remains open (it should be closed since the application switches back to ViewNX2), and I can’t actually read the SDHC card’s contents on this session. But its no big deal. I just close it and perform a remove-reinsert of the SDHC into the card reader to get Transfer loaded with the contents again.

    Can’t comment on CNX2 as I stopped using it after my trial expired ages ago. Loved it as a raw converter with its U-Point. Absolutely hated those time-wasting bugs its riddled with. Just not dependable as a batch processor compared to the alternatives.

    iOne Pro also works great with the latest software suite downloaded from their website.

    I also use LR4 (patch 4.2) which works great in W8. Downloaded and tried the Nik Plugins on LR4. while it works, it is quite annoying with sliders and buttons disappearing (going translucent) from time to time, and live preview of effects sometimes turn into a black tile instead of a preview of the image with the filter applied. So unless team Google/Nik decides to upgrade these plugins and resolve these issues I guess I won’t be buying into their package once my trial use expires.

    • jack yell

      That’s not the point. The point is Nikon should have done the compatibility testing months ago, rather than *planning* to do the test after the OS has been released.

    • Tariq

      FYI…Nikon camera control pro 2 will not install on windows 8 computers. It will install version 2.8 but will not install the upgrade (version 2.12) which is needed for the software to work with the newer cameras like D800.

  • Funduro

    What’s the shade of blue on the SoD on W8? – – Sent from my 27″ iMac, iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro.

    • patto01

      Really? It takes three Apple devices to send a message??

      Seriously, though, I get tired of Canon users knocking my camera; now I have to hear you knock my computer?

      Grow up!

      • n11

        Oooooh!!! Nice one haha. Get some multi-tasking in there.

      • Funduro

        Gee kinda thin skinned aren’t we. My joke wouldn’t hurt your feelings if it did not have some truth. Sent from my Zune

        • patto01

          You didn’t hurt my feelings. I just thought your post was pointless and sophomoric. No different from a lot of the posts on this topic, or Nikon Rumors as a whole. I just couldn’t pass up the opening you left. It wasn’t my intention to demean Apple products or you; I just thought it was funny. My point about needless condescension in regards to other’s choices of camera (manufacturer, format, or model), computer (OS or manufacturer), etc.. remains.
          Anyway, you have to admit: it WAS funny!

    • AnthonyH

      Ironic coming from a guy who stole his avatar from someone with real talent.

      • n11

        His leader:
        “Great artists steal.”
        -Steve Jobs

    • abragan
    • neonspark

      iMac lol. toy.

  • n11

    Well the adobe programs have been working fairly fine for me. Its possible this decision may come back to nibble Nikon on the ass…
    I don’t use any of these programs anyways.
    I’d like to know Nikon’s reasoning on why not to support W8.

  • ShutterSpeed.

    Most Pro Photographers choose macs. Just the way it is. For those who use windows, good for you. Its a changing landscape when PC Magazine gives their “Editor’s Choice Award” to Mac Operating System, not Windows 8.,2817,2400311,00.asp

    • patto01

      More people shoot with Canon’s too. If you’re a lemming, you’re in the wrong place. If, however, you choose your camera, computer, and everything else in life for how it serves your needs, be happy with your choices and allow others to be happy with theirs.

    • pierre

      Mac was the best on 80’s with its own processor (motorola) now it’s over. Pro photographers choose a lot of different kind of computers… for the same price you can have a Mac or a Supermicro… Are you sur choosing Mac ? Pros choose what they need for their job and don’t look for press advice

  • onthedot

    Remember the disastrous Windows ME? Windows 8 looks like a seriously BAD idea. The interface is ridiculous. If it is designed to add more flash to Windows, they missed the mark. The new Surface ads are so ridiculous, that I wouldn’t buy one, just because how bad the commercial looks. Microsoft has to quit reacting to Apple and just do what they do best.

  • User

    Don’t want to jump to Windows 8 ’cause Windows version has a tendency to fail after a good one. The sequence alternate from good to bad starting Windows 98, Windows millennium, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9 (this probably gonna be a good one)

    • neonspark

      ha ha, windows 9 will get rid of the obsolete desktop. good luck waiting. you’ll beg for windows 8.

  • Thomas

    View NX2 and Capture NX2 are running very well on my WIN8 System…

  • windows 8 is terrible — stay with windows 7

    • neonspark

      good luck with that in the touch driven world of the future.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Still using XP with no troubles. What is Windows 8 😉

    • neonspark

      XP is for n00bs. running MS DOS myself.

  • Niko

    Right on time, huh

  • Ralph

    Win8 works just great. All m editing software works well and I have yet to find a compatibility issue. It’s important to test first with the sw you intend to use.

    I have found that its a lot faster than Win7 and those who say its just Win7 with a service pack clearly have no idea. If you want it to look like Win 7 with the start menu just install the open source classic menu, you can still use the new interface if you want.

    I’m very happy with my two installs. I also found it a lot faster with PShop than my Mac versions running Mountain Lion 10.8.2

  • Roadcone

    I have windows8 and i regret upgrading… its wonderful if you’re a complete moron whos never used a computer but has used a phone… but if you plan on actually using the computer for anything it just fucks you over.

    • neonspark

      why? it is better in every way to windows 7 and it does everything that windows 7 can but faster.

  • Whereas Nikon’s NEF codec already compatible is to Windows 8.

  • neonspark

    so in other words, if you want to run obsolete software in an obsolete OS, stay with windows 7 🙂

  • String

    PS CS5 and the Nik suite don’t play well together. Define crashes PS every time you try to open it so it’s a no-go for me; went back to Win7

  • dhuss

    I downloaded the lastest versions of CNX2 and VNX2. Neither updates would install on Win8. The installer errors out with an “1185” error. I contacted Nikon only to get the “Our software is not compatible with Win8” response. Win8 upgrade forced me to uninstall Acronis Backup 2012 software. Kaspersky Pure 2 gets hamstrung by Win8. You need to buy their 2013 version to be Win8 compatible. Needless to say, a factory restore and reinstall of my software fixed all of my problems with Win8.

  • Parampreet Dhatt

    But won’t some of these products work with the “compatibility mode” built into all versions of Windows since XP?

  • Ekica

    nikon d3100 izn´t work on win 8 dont recognize it you cannot open the drive to view the photos on the camera

  • khwahish

    i m going 2 buy a new laptop, and yet not decided whether to go for windows 8 or windows 7….

    i m not sure whwther the programming softwares like visual c+, turco c+, tasm, LT SPICE, … etc will work on windows 8 or not?? i mean whether all wud be compatable or not?

    heard a lot of criticism about win8…. nd lot of mixed reviews…

    wats the correct scenario of windows 8?

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