Nikon patent for adapter that can improve AF when using old Nikkor lenses

Nikon filed patent 2012-215769 in Japan for obtaining a high precision focus when attaching an old Nikkor lens to a digital camera (this solution is probably intended for Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras). The patent describes a high precision AF mount adapter that has a built-in automatic focus adjustment mechanism - the AF is first determined by TTL phase detection and then a signal is sent to the adapter to physically adjust the focus on the lens:

"The present invention relates to the camera which combines an interchangeable lens and a camera body via an adapter, and performs automatic-focusing regulation.

The lens drive quantity for a focus is computed based on the focus detection result by the focus detecting device of the TTL phase difference detection method built in the camera body side, and this lens drive quantity is sent to an interchangeable lens via an adapter from a camera body. In an interchangeable lens, when a focusing glass drives according to the sent lens drive quantity, a focus is performed."

Diagram description:

  • 201: camera system
  • 202: interchangeable lens
  • 203: camera body
  • 220: adapter
  • 204: lens mount
  • 206: controlling device
  • 215: electric contact
  • 208: moving AF lens
  • 212: sensor
  • 214: controlling device
  • 219: memory card
  • 216: LCD screen
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  • John

    Alternatively it could be for a mirrorless DX or FX body so you can use AF-D lenses with them . . . . one can hope at least!

    • D5100 owner

      like on the d5100 🙂

  • saywhatuwill

    TC-16a revisited?

    • KnightPhoto

      I think not, 16A was for use with manual focus lenses, whereas this patent mentions “and this lens drive quantity is sent to an interchangeable lens” i.e. a signal is being sent to the lens for the lens itself to AF.

      Adaptor for new DX mirrorless mount?

  • psv

    I still have My TC 16 A, i use to use it on my 400 mm f2.8, with a f4 and f90x, just work. Fine. I i only need a digital câmera to work With it.

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