The Nikon D8000 headline on the cover of NPhoto magazine is probably a typo

The November edition of NPhoto magazine, that will be released at the end of the month, has a headline called "Erster Test: Nikon D8000" on the front cover, which translates to "First Test: Nikon D8000". I believe that this is a typo - I don't think Nikon will release the D7000 replacement this month. The pictured camera also looks very much like the D800. I think Nikon will not introduce any more new products in 2012. The next wave of announcements will come in January/February 2013 with the approaching CES and CP+ shows in Las Vegas and Japan.

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  • Then why didn’t the person from the picture check the inside of the magazine to be sure what it actually is about?

    • This is just the cover of the magazine.

    • Ronan

      Because he wanted his crappy iPhone picture posted on

  • Sekundogenitur

    I think its no doubt that the picture shows a D800, so its indeed a typo and not at all worthwhile mentioning.

    • The main behind for publishing this post is that there will not be any more Nikon announcements in 2012.

  • stefmusic

    I’m really looking forward to the next pro DX!
    I’ve been waiting for quite some time to upgrade from my D90.
    Now I can’t believe that proofreaders didn’t catch this sort of typo on the front cover. Impossible. 😉

  • Foolishcfo

    I subscribe. Its the D600.

    • AlphaTed

      That’s the latest/recent version.
      The one with a typo(if true) were from the June issue.

  • JonVaxy
    • Spy Black

      Yeah, that says D800, which may still be a typo. They might mean D600.

      • Spacedog

        No, they mean D800. Cover Artwork is the same as the June UK issue on iPad

      • Spacedog

        But wait, the June Issue has no Wide-Angle Review as on this cover and NPhoto is the leading NIkon mag…. could get interesting 🙂

      • MJr

        Except the image clearly shows the D800.

    • Yes, here is the English version – it says D800.

      • Richard

        I think we are getting confused here! NPhoto-English & NPhoto-German seem to be different magazines! UK Magazines NEVER come out in the month shewn on the cover – usually, just to confuse, half way through the month before. English November edition has a D600, not a D800 on the cover, with an article “Is the D600 the poor man’s Nikon D800? p98”

        English December arrived today, 19 November, with an “exclusive” on the D5200 touted on the cover.

  • what month was the magazine published?

  • Dave Ingram

    So … is the D5200 included in the next series of announcements at CES and CP since that’s when it’ll be officially launched in the US? Does it bump either the D300s or D7000 upgrade announcement?

    Think I’ll wait a little longer before upgrading to the D600 and see if anything else interesting is coming down the pipe. Might give them time to work the oil and dust issue out and not in any rush for a new body since the weather is so crappy out here on the West Coast.

    • Yes, the D5200 will be announced in the US in early January 2013. Still not sure what other products will be introduced.

      • Spy Black

        Strange that they wouldn’t capitalize on the U.S. Holiday season. The D5200 would sell quite well.

  • Jay Pike

    This would be a photoshop hack job. Looking at Issue 07 in my hands, it definitely says ‘D800’ and not ‘D8000’. Also, all of the other articles on the image above match the images from June 2012. Doing a fully D800 review in November would be a bit behind the 8 ball for this top notch magazine anyways. Maybe Chris George (the editor of N Photo) will weigh in here, but, I think someone hacked a preview of the cover from a May magazine (N Photos covers are much more glossy than the image shown here). Also, N-Photo is _VERY_ diligent about always putting the page numbers for each article next to the text on the covers of their magazines, though, this may only be a US/UK technique.

    • This is a mock-up of the new German version of N-Photo which is due to launch before Christmas. It was shown at Photokina, and was simply a dummy to show advertisers etc, based on the June issue of the award-winning English language edition. The real cover of the German licensed launch issue won’t look like this.
      Chris George

  • Carl Avenue

    At first, I haven’t sure it is really a D800 or D8000 until I read the following posts, because place an APS-C sensor into a D800 body will be D8000, the replacement of D7000.
    Maybe I’m expecting D8000 to much…

  • They need to fix these OIL SPOTS before producing new cameras….the QA is getting too sloppy

  • Lennart Bergman

    The picture looks like D5200
    D800 has a display

  • Joe Jarro

    what happened to deutsche gründlichkeit?

  • Remi

    how can they write “first test” ? the camera has now been released since months !
    Plus doing a typo on a front page… you can’t be serious !

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