Nikon rebates for November (US and UK)

The Nikon instant rebates for November remain unchanged in the US and still include the D600, D800 and D4 cameras, some f/2.8 lenses and Speedlights. The new rebates are valid till November 17th, 2012. Check also the latest Sigma and Tamron rebates.

Nikon UK also announced a new cashback promotion (see also the current offers from Jessops):

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  • BB

    24-70 VR II ?? is this real or fake?

    • BT

      Its fake. Its supposed to be VRIII. Same as the 70-200 F4

      • desmo

        its fake VR would imply an update of the 24-70 which hasn’t happened yet.
        the 24 -70 is non vr

        • Typo Police

          There must be a new lens out! The 24-05 !! Check it out where it has the red ‘new’ banner.
          Hey Admin, why didn’t you tell us about this one?

    • AlphaOne

      Cut and paste.
      That typo mistake has been a while, and nobody even bothered or cared enough to change it.

      • GrammarChecker

        Alpha, I think you missed a word. I hope someone bothers or cares enough to change it.

        • AlphaOne

          LOL … you go dude.

      • fixed now

    • SWC

      24-70 2.8 VR would be awesome!.

  • Harry

    The D600 description says DX… Oops.

  • Big J

    I don’t get why the 85mm lenses never get a rebate 🙁

    • Big J

      The FX ones of course

    • notalone

      I don’t get a $400 rebate on D600 + 70-300 while (total $5,300).
      Nikon marketing is nuts!

      • notalone

        correction (was truncated):

        I don’t get a $400 rebate on D600 + 70-300 f/5.6 (total $5,300).
        Nikon Marketing is nuts!

      • notalone

        I can’t write this post! Is it because of less and greater signs?


        I don’t get a $400 rebate on D600 + 70-300 f/5.6 (total less $2,700)
        while ZERO rebate on D800E + 24 f/1.4 (total more $5,300).

        Nikon Marketing is nuts!

        • Josh

          Actually it makes perfect sense. Buyers of the 70-300 lens and D600 a more price sensitive than buyers can afford pro level gear.

  • Dave

    So no discount/cash back offers on any semi-pro/pro lenses or bodies then for UK? Cheers Nikon

    I’m glad Nikon USA look after their customers with 5 year warranty (2 years in UK) and decent bundle prices

  • Zeb

    After Curry’s/PCWorld had the D800 at £1837, who would buy from Jessops at £2024? It’s still over a £100 more than Amazon UK now £1919ish.

    • Dave

      Are you sure? PC World/Curry’s is showing it as £2042 still

      Amazon is £1919 though now. Will be interesting to see what the prices are like spring time next year as I want to go full frame but going to have to decide between used D700 (approx £900), used D3s (approx £1500) or D800 (£1919). I’ve not listed D600 because I just don’t like the AF points layout not covering most of the frame.

  • It had to come:

    I want my D400!

  • So if you want to take advantage of the US rebates do you have to purchase from B&H? I’d like to order these from Amazon – does anyone know if and how you’d do that? Thanks

  • Canon all the way

    Anybody else realize that the D600 is listed as a DX sensor in the photo?

    • DX Upgrader

      Maybe they confused with the D60 DX.

      Marketing guys don’t have photographic memory?

  • Nikonuser

    Wow, D90 is still going strong in the lineup. Amazing.

  • Royl

    They should make this stuff retroactive….to May 1.

  • JB

    I cant help note that same DLSR:s are missing, namely D300s, D700 and D3X.
    Could it mean that those cameras sell so well that they do not need a rebate, or could it mean something else?

  • Larry

    What if you don’t NEED another camera body but just want to add glass.

    Marketing, throught their self serving market-speak, creates a whole new class of customer with cash to spend, called “second class.” Frankly, I am not second class, nor is the cash that they would gladly accept.

    Are they trying to push customers to Tamron and Sigma where can get a rebate on a single item purchase?

  • sixmemos

    What’s up with the listing of a 24-70 f/2.8 ED VR II AF? Did I miss an announcement?

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