Nikon 1 V1 vs. V2 specifications comparison

This is how the Nikon 1 V2 specifications compare to the old V1 model:

 Nikon 1 V2  Nikon 1 V1
Lens Mount Nikon 1 mount Nikon 1 mount
Effective Pixels 14.2million 10.1million
Sensor Size 13.2mmx8.8mm 13.2mmx8.8mm
Image Sensor Format CX CX
File Format Compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW)
JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx 1:4), normal (approx 1:8), or basic (approx 1:16) compression
NEF (RAW) + JPEG: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats
Compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW)
JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx 1:4), normal (approx 1:8), or basic (approx 1:16) compression
NEF (RAW) + JPEG: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats
Picture Control Standard
Selected Picture Control can be modified
User-customizable Settings
Selected Picture Control can be modified
User-customizable Settings
Storage Media SD
Card Slot 1 Secure Digital (SD) 1 Secure Digital (SD)
Viewfinder Frame Coverage 100% Approx. 100% Approx.
Eye Sensor Camera switches to viewfinder display when it detects that viewfinder is in use Camera switches to viewfinder display when it detects that viewfinder is in use
Top Continuous Shooting Speed at full resolution 5frames per second10, 15, 30 or 60 fps using Electronic (Hi) shutter 5frames per second10, 30 or 60 fps using Electronic (Hi) shutter
ISO Sensitivity 160-6400 100-3200
Focus Modes Auto (AF)
Auto AF-S/AF-C selection (AF-A)
Single-servo AF (AF-S)
Continuous-servo (AF-C)
Full-time Servo (AF-F)
Manual Focus (MF)
Auto (AF)
Auto AF-S/AF-C selection (AF-A)
Single-servo AF (AF-S)
Continuous-servo (AF-C)
Full-time Servo (AF-F)
Manual Focus (MF)
Flash Compensation -3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3 EV -3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3 EV
Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) i-TTL flash control using image sensor available with optional SB-N5 flash unit or SB-N7 flash unit i-TTL flash control using image sensor available with optional SB-N5 flash unit
White Balance Auto
Direct Sunlight
Preset Manual
All except preset manual with fine tuning
Direct Sunlight
Preset Manual
All except preset manual with fine tuning
Movie HD: 1920 X 1080/60i
HD: 1920 X 1080/30p
HD: 1280 x 720/60p
Slow-motion: 640x240/400fps
Slow-motion: 320x120/1200fps
Motion Snapshot: 1920x1080/60p (plays at 24p)
Audio file format: ACC
Movie file format: MOV
HD: 1920 X 1080/60i
HD: 1920 X 1080/30p
HD: 1280 x 720/60p
Slow-motion: 640x240/400fps
Slow-motion: 320x120/1200fps
Motion Snapshot: 1920x1080/60p (plays at 24p)
Audio file format: ACC
Movie file format: MOV
Monitor Size 3.0in. diagonal 3.0in. diagonal
Monitor Resolution 921,000Dots 921,000Dots
Monitor Type TFT-LCD with brightness adjustment TFT-LCD with brightness adjustment
GPS OptionalGP-N100 GPS unit OptionalGP-N100 GPS unit
Battery / Batteries EN-EL21 Lithium-ion Battery EN-EL15 Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Life (shots per charge) 310shots (CIPA) 350shots (CIPA)
AC Adapter EH-5b AC Adapter
Requires EP-5D Power Supply Connector
EH-5b AC Adapter
Requires EP-5B Power Supply Connector
Approx. Dimensions Width4.2in.(107.8mm)
Excluding projections.
Including projections.
Approx. Weight 9.8oz. (278g)
camera body only
10.4oz. (294g)
camera body only
 Price $899.95 (10-30mm lens kit) $489 (10-30mm lens kit)
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  • Fishnose

    Such a strange-looking camera.

  • chris zeller

    And yet another battery. It was so nice to have D800, D600, D7000, V1 all on the same battery/charger. The designers really do not like their customers.

    • It is smaller and weighs less, so they probably needed a smaller battery

      • Steve

        Well, the photo looked a lot smaller. It seems it isn’t as wide, but isn’t smaller in other dimensions – still it seems the changes required a different battery

        • aliante
          • KnightPhoto

            Thanks aliante for that size comparison. Based on that view, the V2 got a little less ugly to my eyes, since it’s form factor is similar enough in size to my V1. Looks like it’ll still go in my jacket pocket and fit in my Kata Marvelx 40 DL belt-pouch like my V1 does.

            • Me

              You brand name-dropping is about as necessary as me commenting on you brand name-dropping.

          • KnightPhoto

            In fact aside from the built in flash hump the V2 is shorter and is also less wide, so that is progress.

            I guess I’m OK on the form factor front even though it’s not pretty. STILL incensed about the battery 😉

            I agree bracketing for handheld HDR is needed, did they provide it? I like I said I don’t care about PASM but I need Aperture priority with ability to set min. SS for Auto-ISO.

            One improvement is the V2 allows an Auto-ISO to 1600 choice (V1 choices were 800 or 3200 only).

    • larry

      While it may be smaller and weigh less, it is also rated for 200 fewer shots

  • RakSaim

    Are the images the same scale? The V1 looks a lot bigger from the rear. Does the EVF count as a “projection”?

    • preston

      Well, the V2 weighs less, so I’m guessing the scale of the images here is about right. The front images are consistent with this too.

  • MB

    And I thought Pentax K-01 was ugly …
    Clumsy, bulky, ugly, no standard hot shoe … who could ask for something more

  • Gael Ridire

    So much for the ‘carrying in your pocket’ style. The design is much to be desired. V2 specs are what the V1 should have been.

    • Oh really? “The specs are what the V1 should’ve been.”???? I went through the specs above, and other than the higher resolution, and new battery, they are hardly different from the V1!!!!!!!

      • Manajery

        Who cares? The camera is butt ugly as hell. People can get potentially assaulted for wearing such an ugly thing on the streets. It’s a safety issue. The V2 is so ugly they need to rename it the ” V2ugly”

  • chris

    i’m sorry, nikon’s mirrorless models suck. i have no interest in them. on the OTHER hand though, i really really really <3 the d600 and d800. they are really nice

  • Well… I’m loss for words.

  • CRB

    Indeed the camera is ugly…V1 much more appealing..asking again: is there a live histogram option this time?

    • Me

      Good thing something being ugly doesn’t affect its ability to work..just ask your mom.

      • jerry

        Say that when your girlfriend looks as ugly as the the V2. Say that when the car you drive looks as ugly as the V2. Say that when the house you live in loks as ugly as the V2. If ugly was free that would be one thig, this ugly costs 900 dollars. And looks is why your mom isnt working as a super model.

  • Brook

    The V1 had a elegant simplicity in its design, but the V2 is exceptionally grotesque, in my opinion. I’m a longtime Nikon shooter, but this is embarrassing. I’d take any mirror-less over this, any day. You’d almost think they secretly didn’t want it to sell.

  • RH

    The design is hideous. Nikon industrial design is among the worst. Doesn’t really matter how good the functionality is (under par relative to competitors), the design is important integral to the whole product experience!

    • Vandyu

      Tell me it’s my imagination that the V2 looks like it no longer has a protective rubber bumper around the EVF housing and has gone to the plastic only design. Panasonic has been doing this with their FZ models for a long time, making many of us glasses wearers design all sorts of workarounds for protection of our lenses. Hope I’m wrong, but sure looks like Nikon doesn’t care about its buyers’ expensive and easily-scratched eyewear.

      • Tahir Hashmi

        I wonder what easily scratched eyewear you use.

        I found the rubber bumper around my D90 to always smudge my spectacles so I removed it… and I’ve not had any scratches from the unsheathed viewfinder plastic in the last 2+ years that I’ve been using it for.

        • Ertan

          Tahir, that’s Vandyu’s eyewear that scrathes not the camera.

  • Worminator

    The Nikon V2, popularly known as “Uggles”.

  • Gav

    Wow I’m quite surprised at the comments here and how much more important looks seem to be than functionality!

    • Worminator

      I take the view that the camera’s appearance correlates to its ease of use.

      A clean, uncluttered, or at least well-proportioned camera allows me to visualize the controls easier in my mind. A visually jarring one is distracting.

      The reason camera design is difficult is it requires balancing this formal simplicity with actual functionality. That’s why classic designs are so often imitated, and why abominations like this are soon consigned to the dustbin.

    • hammond

      Let me know when you buy a Porsche that look like a trash can, thenyou can talk about looks being less important then function.

  • Rich Ram

    I concur with Gav… a camera is a tool for a specific job – taking pictures, I have never heard a real Photographer, Mechanic, Painter, etc. say “this tool is ugly, so I wont use it”. Of course all else being equal one would want something aesthetically pleasing, but judging a tool by a few pictures is, well, well, let’s just say shortsighted. I’m for not judging a book by its cover, but by the sum of it’s content and of course, that is still to be determined.

    • Steve

      People buy cars for their looks but then they get inside and drive it. Why are cameras any different ? Looks matter. This thing is out of a sci-fi movie from the 90s. With so many aesthetically pleasing products on the shelf, this is just gonna gather dust.

  • Pat Mann

    This looks very grippable and much more controllable with the control dial. With the new 70-200 f/4, should be a great birders camera, except for the limited number of shots per battery. When they bring out a AA battery pack, I’ll take another look at it.

  • cole

    but eets so uuugly

  • Brook

    My comment was not concerned with functionality, it was about the industrial design of the camera, which don’t really matter that much to me because my needs for a smaller camera are being met beautifully by a GH2 (which also isn’t the best looking camera). For stills, I shoot film on a Leica and an F100, and have owned a D200 and a D300. Industrial design is not my primary concern when it comes to assessing a tool, but it certainly is a wonderful addition to the satisfaction of using a good tool to also find it beautiful to behold. If you are defending Nikon, well, I think they value industrial design more than you do, hence their partnership with the legendary Italian design firm, Giugario, as well as their marketing that relationship. If such a prestigious design firm was involved in crafting this little swamp donkey of a camera, then perhaps their storied days are over, or a disgruntled designer punked both Nikon and his firm 🙂 It’s the opposite of Pentax, who came out with that absurd mirrorless and then swapped out for an entirely different and more elegant (in my opinion) design for the update.

  • Rich Ram

    I was not defending Nikon, I do not own their stock (don’t even know if it’s publicly traded) I was merely stating that when it comes down to it, looks mean NOTHING to me, its a tool, what means everything is the photo I get out of a particular tool.
    In my opinion, my 1st question when trying to select a tool is – does it do what I want / need to achieve my goal? 2nd – is there another tool that would give me better results / improve my ability to achieve my goal? 3rd – how does this particular tool handle – how does it fit my hand, shooting style, arrangement of controls, menus, etc. 4th – Price in relation to the features, build quality, picture quality, and my budget… from these parameters I make a choice, if there were two competing products that met my needs similarly, then aesthetic appeal would come into the equation, but only then.

    At the end of the day I could care less what anyone else thinks about the LOOKS of the camera around my neck.

    In this case I’m defending the fact that Nikon created the best AF in a mirrorless camera and that they have addressed some of my initial objections – too hard to hold and the lack of a built in flash, someone else noted that is was no longer pocketable, for me nothing has changed in that regard, yes it now has a grip, but the grip is not thicker than the lens, so in effect when placing it in a pocket, it takes little additional space, if any 🙂

    • Ragnarok

      So you don’t care about the look of your house just about how you live in it? You don’t care about the look of your car just about how it takes you to places? You don’t care about the look of your clothes just about how they protect from the elements? I guess you actually care about the looks of those all things. But you you shouldn’t, right?

      • David

        I don’t particularly mind what my house looks like from the outside. Not bothered in the slightest about what my car looks like. My camera could like like a baboon’s backside for all I care.

        Clothes… ok, I’ll give you that one….

        Won’t be buying the V2 but that’s because it offers nothing to me that I don’t get from my V1.

        • No to Vpoo

          Hahahaahaha.. you’re trying too hard to keep your job at Nikon, man! LOL. You wouldn;t be bothered if your car looks like a baboons backside?” LOL. Why dont you go into a shop and turn it into one, then drive all around the city ? LOL. Oh man, lying is one thing, but at least try to make a good lie. If the appearance of your house dont matter to you why dont you covered it with toilet paper and dog turd? LOL . Do it, I dare ya! LOL Why dont you call nikon and ask them to make the v2 look like a tampon while youre at it, seeing as how appearances dont matter to ya. Hahahaahaahaaaa!

    • Xavier

      Man, it’s OK to discriminate a camera on looks..because it’s not a person..its a machine..a device. It’s OK to like beautiful things man, its no crime. there’s no need to hide your disgust for the V2, we all know it’s as ugly as sin. LOL. I love all the “Ii dont CARE about how it looks” argument…it’s hilarius cause it’s such a sack of B.S. what kind of a world do we now live in when we priase ugliness, especailly in a camera? LOL. i geuss you can show someone a bridge, but there;s alwasy going to be someone who’d rather swim across the river instead.

  • Incessant Troll

    release 9mm f2.0

    no one wants slow zooms. get aptina to make a sensor better than rx100 and i will think about it, even if it looks like this:

    • KnightPhoto

      The RX-100 lens is not resolving the full detail available in its sensor, see DigLloyd for details.

      • Incessant Troll

        yeah the lens is doo doo that’s why i didn’t buy it. these are the same people who released a garbage 16mm for nex with terrible vignetting.

        i dont want 20mp. plus want something 24mm equiv and willing to give up tele for it. like an lx3 with cx sensor for 800 would be epic

    • rod90

      call me crazy but if I could get a camera that looked like that fisher-price camera with all the guts of the V1 or V2 and I would buy it yesterday. I’m not kidding. Of course all the function buttons would have to be present but I would go for that kids toy camera.

  • Nitpicker

    Okay, that did it, the FUJI X E1 will be th first non-Nikon camera in my house since my analog Minolta Hi-Matic rangefinder. Just ordered it. I want a small but REAL camera, not this…strange bulky toy. Shame, would hve been nice to remain “Nikon-only” 🙂

  • One More Thought

    Wow…who would have guessed the V2 would weigh a bit less than the V1 and be a little less wide?

    I am sure the V2 is going to do what it is built to do well…however, some issues:

    1) for this target market, looks matter, and the design is rather clunky.
    2) that 1 inch sensor…competitors offer MILC’s with larger sensors at comparable prices.

  • Dan

    If it had auto-bracketing, thus enabeling handheld HDR ( -thus giving more DR then analogue film) at 60fps, i would have bought it in an instant.

    But now, as many others, I am starting to look the Sony/Fuji-way for some serious cameras.. I just want it small and I want FF.. how hard can it be? Whoops?! Look at the Sony Rx1.. Nikon needs to wake up.. and so does everybody else. Sony is apparently going for the No:1 spot..

  • Big J

    The gimmick I’m waiting to hear, is the decision to choose this over the D3200 since this is approximately $250 more with the kit lens. Try and sell it to me Nikon.

  • Andy

    Now that I have listened to everyone complain about what the V2 looks like, can I remind you that it is designed to take good pictures, not as a fashion accessory. Have you ever tried to take a picture with a P&S box? Almost impossible to hold one of those steady. Great fashion accessory – shakey pictures. My wife keeps complaining that her newish p&s is always out of focus when she tries to do anything other than stick it on facebook. Well DUH – she is using a box to take a picture – hand moves everywhere – no way image stablization even has a chance. I stick an old 4mb no stablization Konica Minolta into her hands and i can print off a tack sharp 8×10 picture. Why? Because is looks like a V2. Excellent ergonomics = steady hand = great sharp picture.
    Go ahead and whine – you aren’t buying it anyways. If you were, you would try it out and be amazed how much better it feels and the pictures look compared to the good old box accessory that looks real good in red, silver, pink or pastel blue with green and orange pokadots.
    Glad you did your research on this Nikon. I might even take a look at it just to get the light weight, larger DOF, and 2.7x zoom factor. I can stick you in my pocket and head off to places where I wouldn’t bother even thinking about taking the D7000. Might even have room in my jacket pocket to stick my 18-200 or 75-300 just in case there is a squirrel 3 miles away with a “to kill for” pose.

    • Big J


    • terry

      Say that when you buy a car, a house, and clothes that look as ugly as the V2. Say that when you wife looks as ugly as the V2. Why buy ugly cameras when so many other cameras can take picture and look good as well? Do you enjoy things that look ugly? Do you enjoy unattractive things, people and ideas? It’s not nromal to enjoy ugly things, it’s part of nature, hot wired in you. Why fight nature? Function over form? We all can walk down the run way but would you pay to see some ugly ass to be a model? Would you buy a Lamborghini that looked like piece of shite? what kind of a world do we live in when ugly is preffered over beauty? What a sick notion.

    • Mountain Rose

      Agree I just picked up 1 Vi for a song with 2 lens. I can use my D7000 battery as back up for it. I will have this little camera with me and have lots of fun instead of traveling with my heavy/wonderful set up.

  • Ronbo

    It still appears to have the slow flash sync and non standard hot shoe.

    More resolution will attract long lens users who want the V2 to use with an adaptor.

  • yannickraw

    Well …no one will ever try to steal this thing around my neck … It is ugly as hell, but it’s not important if it takes good pictures. The downside is the hot shoe and the sensor size. The only good thing about the sensor is that with the adapter you can fit a 200mm and transform it into a monster. …sadly it’s the only reason why I would buy this thing.

  • Anu L

    Yip, a grip! And at a lesser weight!
    It might be getting better. (It can’t get uglier than the 1st edition.)

    • Worminator

      It can. And did.

      • magnum

        Worse upgrade aethetically in history of all camera upgrades. Going from V1 to V2 is like going from Jessica Alba in a bikini to Russel Brand in spandex.

  • What about exposure bracketing and continuous focus drive with adaptor

  • Ertan

    Changing the battery type to make a camera 16 grams lighter (!) and 5mm narrower (but 5mm higher??) is an overkill. And guess what? It has %11 less battery life! Nice work Nikon.
    I think Apple should open a design university and start selling engineers & designers to companies like Nikon (for their compacts) and Sigma (for all their cameras).

    • BornOptimist

      As far as I know, CIPA-numbers requires a certain amount of images taken with flash , if so exist. V1 don’t have internal flash, so the CIPA numbers for the V1 are excluded flash images. The V2 otoh has an internal flash, so this CIPA number is with a certain amount of flash images. Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised that they are quite equal in real life situations.

    • BornOptimist

      …and BTW design is a subjective topic. Personally I don’t like the Apple-approach in design. Nor do I find the V2 a good looking camera, but if the V2 does it’s job good, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it (regardless of the design)

  • If the camera would have a normal hotshoe or possibility for PC Sync for an external flash , would be interesting so its useless for more advanced flash photography in my opinion.

  • Technically speaking, what are the differences apart from a larger file size ad a battery change (not an actual improvement). I know we shouldn’t worry about the look of the thing, but this has obviously been a conscious decision to change the look from something like a compact to something like a DSLR. If Nikon are using the CSCs as transitional cameras, then they seem to be thinking that people will fist buy the J1, then switch to the V1. Fine, but they then get lumbered with the lenses which won’t fit the DSLR ranges. So they won’t progress on to the DSLR range will they?

  • Knallbonbon

    It seem to be the price is the only difference between the V1 and the V2. 100% more for nothing. Chapo…chapo…Nikon sells lemon fresh illusions. Why cheap?

  • Camaman

    I don’t get it. The spec sheets are exactly the same, except for 4MP more.
    What is the difference between these cameras that would make me want to upgrade?
    Definitely not its looks or ergonomics…

    What are those features every body’s on about?

    • BornOptimist

      Details are missing from the V2 spec.
      Eg. the slow motion playback. Up to 40 images are taken when half-press (with 15fps), and then played back in slow motion. When the image you want is shown, you full press and the image is saved, while the others are ditched. A brilliant feature in my mind, but also something that could have been added to the V1 with a firmware update (not gona happen though).

  • Joel Benford

    So Mr Rumours, any rumours about the following:

    1. Does it still have the “manadatory review” after you take a picture?

    2. Did they fix programme mode, or will it still use uselessly low shutter speeds to avoid raising the ISO?

  • Thom

    Do the spec differences really warrant a $400 price difference? I think not!

  • nawab

    Rest in piece(s), Nikon CX sensors (13.2mmx8.8mm)

  • Leontin

    Where is the difference?!…Oh, yes, V2 at double price it has less ISO range and few more pixels. Interesting!

  • ActionJunky

    I was hoping this camera would fill a need by some professional photographers. I could use a smaller, backup camera that is easy to pack and has most manual controls. I can sacrifice some resolution in return for a faster frame rate and good video capabilities. It could also be used to shoot time lapse or video while using my larger camera for high resolution photos. The specs look good. I am happy with them and the bonus is that I can use my pro lenses in a pinch. However, I have to say that this camera design does not appeal to me. I do not need a DSLR grip on such a small camera. I agree with the battery comment. Now I need to carry another backup battery and another charger. I would rather purchase the V1 at a lower price and sacrifice a few megapixels.


    I see that Nikon went from a woefully 10mp…and now moved into 2007 with 14mp.

    IT is looking more and more like Sony’s NEX. But not weather sealed. By 2016 Nikon with this camera should be reaching 2010 in MP count. 16-18mp. LOL on Nikon.

    AND still overpriced for what else is out there. Smart Buyers know.

  • Michael

    I’m first seeing this V2 when I’m studying Nikon sp and s3, the duo have the spectacular design and even look fantastic on today. A very engle reminder to Nikon: just put everything new in that sp body, fix a fx sensor in it, I don’t even need af or flash, I’ll save money for it once I hear the news.

    • Michael

      They don’t even need to design some fancy lens mount, use the famous f mount, compatible with all lens since 1970. Sounds good ya?

  • I can sum it up in one word,


    I was really hoping that with a bit of time the Nikon mirrorless cameras would become more appealing to me, but they continue to disappoint.

  • PAG

    Other than the sensor the single biggest improvement I see is that they took the easily bumped mode dial off the back of the camera.

  • an onymous

    I like the new grip and the layout of buttons and dials, but that wievfinder/flash house in particular is horribly _fugly_, Nikon, I don’t buy cameras when it’s too ugly, no deal sorry!

    • Big J

      Well the viewfinder was always in the same place in the V1. But this time they added on the flattened front side of it a small flash which is really handy in low light situations which they added in response to people complaining about the lack of it. Also you can close it and never have it out if you don’t like the look of it with the flash out. Problem solved.

  • felix

    God, that V2 is effng ugly. Does it transform into a fighting robot? it’s as if Nikon got 5 desing teams to work on seperate areas of the camera in secret, than got one guy to paste them altogether like a hodge podge of legos. that thing isn;t just ugly, it’s says ” Iam ugly and proud of it!” at every turn, every line. It looks neither like an slr nor a rangefinder, neither a PS camera nor an advanced model. They got a hump that holds the viewfinder and lfash like some double changing transformer. From the top it looks thick, then thin, then thick, it’s a dog who born with a tail for a head and a head for a tail and going nowhere but in circles. And some folks whined and complained to Nikon about how bad the V1 looked..hahaha, well say thank you cause now you got your wish, folks. enjoy the turd that is the V2, enjoy wearing that turd around your necks and rejoice.Sad to say , if the Sony nex6 could put a built in flash and EVF and standard shoe, why can’t a veteran company like Nikon? It’s as if Nikon purposely made this so ugly, no one would buy it and get a dslr instead. well, one things for sure, no aint gonna buy this POS, vanity does count for something in this world, especially at 900 dollars. What a slap in the face of every 1 user out there. And any man who says looks dont matter must have posters of ugly women hanging in their rooms.

  • V not 2

    Oh man, I used to berate Samsung and Sony for making ugly cameras but I geuss Nikon has shown that even they can top anyone else, even if it’s in the ugly department. If I was a nikon rep , I’d be damn ashamed and embarrased to try and push this one on unsuspecting noobs. Around 900 dollars for that toysrus camera? Where are the Nikon fanboys now? There is no Samsung nx or sony camera or Olympus or Pano mirrolress camera that can top this POS. Oh man, nikon fanboys have no more ” this cameras is uglier than this nikon” statements anymore cause the V2 pretty much ended that troll tool. LOL Nikon V2, the ugliest POS mirrorless EVER made, second the ko1, only because the ko1 purposely made it toyish, the V2 looks like the biggest backfire aesthetically of the century. LOL. V2, TRANSForM AND…. ROLL OUT! LOL

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Those are some truly BEAUTIFUL comments. Some lovely people must be very proud.

  • no2V1V2

    In four decades of photography I’ve never been more disappointed by a camera. I only bought the V1 a few weeks ago and I’m already looking to sell it. I really got suckered by the V1 and it doesn’t look like the V2 is any better. The great selling point of the V1 is the 60fps, but what they don’t mention is that they cripple most of the manual control in 60fps mode. There is absolutely no control over shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed, interval timing – it’s all crippled. What you are left with is a high frame rate and no ability to shoot high speed action (unless you are going for a blurred/pan look).


    should just have bought a dslr and just use my ipodtouch as point and shoot

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