Weekly Nikon news flash #184


  • Nikon introduced several different reading magnifiers. Some of the models are with built-in LED illumination.

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  • texasjoe

    I’m glad Nikon matched the bid to donate to cancer research.

    • BartyL


    • Rob

      Except that the auction WAS NOT A CHARITY AUCTION.

      The seller originally listed it claiming that it was for charity, but violated the charity auction rules and it was taken down (I’m not sure if it was classified as charitable or if he just mentioned it in the description). He re-listed it as a regular auction (NOT charitable), and that is what went for $7300. There is no mention of any charity anywhere in the auction title or description. There is no ebay Giving Works section nor their ribbon icon by the title. The seller COULD donate $7300 to a charity. He could also donate $0. As a regular auction, he gets all the money from the sale (minus paypal and ebay fees). I trust the Nikon site will donate the money, and hopefully the seller will too (maybe he simply listed it incorrectly).

      • Wrong – eBay forced them to remove the text about charity, because of their rules. (read swedish article)

        It’s actually Aftonbladet (sweden’s largest news paper) that organized the sale. They verify that the whole amount will go to cancer research and the Bolt foundation.

        …But in reality it’s actually Nikon that stands for both amounts, since they are replacing Aftonbladet’s camera with a new one, covering the first bid amount and then also in reality doubling it.

        • Steve

          Yes, they removed the auction because the charity did not state how much of a % would go to charity and which charity it would go to. However, when they relisted, instead of correcting this error, they just decided to not put the charity down at all. Because of this, there’s no accountability for them to donate any of the money whatsoever. They can just pocket the money for themselves, which makes the listing very shady.

          • CJ

            A digital camera scratched up by some non-photography person somehow is a valuable collection??? Go have your head checked out first !!!!!

          • Daniel

            They stated the whole amount (100%) of course, but the % was never the problem. I don’t know where you got that information from.
            You just seem like a internet troll.

        • Rob

          As Steve said, I was right. Ebay Giving Works auctions have a section about the charity and what percentage of proceeds will be donated. They also have a blue and yellow ribbon after the auction title and are searchable on both ebay.com and ebaygivingworks.com. This was a regular auction, and the sellers have every right to keep ALL of the money for themselves.

          If they were legitimately planning on donating, they SHOULD have followed the proper procedure to list it as a charity auction. The first time it was listed (not as a charity auction but merely claiming it was for charity), it got up to $12000 before being shut down. Imagine how much it could have gone for if it was a) correctly listed as a charity auction, and b) allowed to run for the entire time. Them not correctly listing it almost certainly lost several thousand dollars for the charity (assuming they still give the $7300 at all).

          • EnPassant

            It’s easy to say for someone well familiar with ebay and their rules. But as the seller is a complete ebay newbie I don’t think one should be to harsh on them.

            As a matter of fact there is no Swedish ebay. ebay.se is just pointing to international auctions. Swedish auctions can be found at Tradera.com

            They stated it was for charity in the first auction. But as it was taken down they simply relisted it as an ordinary auction instead to save themselves from all trouble following the charity rules to the point.

            As have been claimed by another poster the seller is the biggest newspaper in Sweden and it is well documented Bolt actually used the D4 from their photographer at the Olympics in London.
            Nothing wrong in being critical. But for most that is reliable enough.

      • In that case, is the message on Nikon’s website old? What are they going to match?

  • David G.

    The D4 auction is great news, and WOW — dat Canadian Press gear pic *-*

    Wonder why they went for 17-35s instead of 16-35s though ?

    • rod90

      17-35’s have a more robust build than the new 16-35’s and I’m sure F2.8 doesn’t hurt either.

      • David G.

        I see — good points. Thanks 😉

        • Funduro

          So my decision to buy the 17-35 f/2.8 four months ago was not such a bad one after all. WOW that’s some pile of Nikon’s best gear ! 🙂

  • Troll Prozac

    Whoever bought that camera got totally ripped off. It’s $5,996.95 new on B&H and it hasn’t had some guy scratch his name on it.

    • Jon

      You’re aware in a few years this camera’s is going to go for more than they paid for it right?

      • Worminator

        I doubt it. It’s only an autograph. The camera itself will depreciate in value quickly.

        The buyer paid a $2000 premium, which went to charity, for having the camera signed by an Olympic gold medalist. That’s all there is to it.

        • Jon

          He made history that night, and that’s the point. I imagine a Museum or a collector will absolutely buy this in the future. But who knows?

          • lol no, there is 50000000 stuff which somebody important touched. i can imagine it would sell for little more then used camera then will sell, but it will definitely not go up in price.

          • Steve

            There is still no picture in that auction of Usain Bolt’s autograph. They only have the etching done on the top of the camera, which is not Bolt’s autograph. That scratch job could be done by anyone.

      • AM

        It will be worthless once it’s found that Bolt has been using PED all this time.

    • T.I.M

      The D4 ebay winner have 0 feedback….99% he will never pay that D4.

      • Troll Prozac

        Troll bidder for surez. 😉

  • R8R

    From the Business Times article:

    “Nikon, which has a long history of advancements in the Wi-Fi arena”


    • Didn’t Nikon introduce the first Wi-Fi compact camera few years ago?

  • MrMoo

    In my most humble opinion, Usain Bolt is a self-absorbed, genuine prick. I feel sorry for the chump who bought that D4.

    • Jim

      lol… seriously?

      He’s both the fastest man in the world, AND gives a ton to charity. Not sure where you get prick from.

      • Jabs

        Jealousy rears its head, unfortunately.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          At least he’s not an artificial prick…

    • BC

      Why exactly is he a prick? Yes, he does showboat a lot but from everything I’ve seen he seems to be a very nice guy with a big heart.

      • Rob

        Him claiming to be the greatest athlete of all time isn’t “showboating,” it’s being completely self-absorbed and oblivious to what athleticism is. He broke some records in two very similar events. There are many aspects of athleticism that the 100 and 200m hardly require at all – balance, control, endurance, coordination, agility. Most of it is just strength/power (and only a few muscles), quickness (mental and physical), and mental devotion. There are many sports that require a much more diverse skill set than sprinting (in fact, pretty much every other sport). He is very gifted and certainly very dedicated to his sport, but very few people would call a sprinter the greatest athlete of all time.

        • BC

          Again – I don’t see how that translates to “He’s a prick” which typically means “an a-hole” which typically means “a mean person”

          I wouldn’t call myself a Usain Bolt fan and I honestly wanted him to be beaten at the olympics but this childish name-calling is stupid and pretty baseless from what I’ve seen of the man.

          • Rob

            I should have clarified. I wasn’t talking about him being a prick. A was just explaining why I wouldn’t say he has “a very big heart,” unless you mean literally (which I’m sure is true based on his talent). When I think of someone with a big heart, I envision someone who thinks of others more than themselves, which kind of eliminates someone so (apparently) egotistical. That’s just how I interpret the phrase, which you may not agree with.

            I hope you don’t think I was childishly name-calling. If you called an 8 year old “self-absorbed” or “oblivious” I don’t think it would be a very effective insult. I wouldn’t classify all negative critique as “childish.”

            • BC

              No I was referring to the original insult-hurler calling him a prick. Just sheer name-calling that could hardly be called “negative critique.”

              When I spoke about him being a good guy and having a big heart I mean from what I’ve seen written and said about his personal life not the character that he plays when he’s on camera.

    • BC

      And I somehow doubt that this is your “most humble opinion”

      Humility seems to be completely lacking in that opinion.

  • vcbabis

    Has anyone seen the V1 and J1 at the german Nikon Service Center Munich?
    Are they new or refurbished? Is it a good deal to buy? Saw they have lots of DSLR too.
    I mean they are really cheap!

    • Juergen.

      Neuware = new

      Gebraucht = used

      Demoware = demo units

  • brian

    What ever happened with those crazy robotic camera set ups for the Olympics? I think it was on here where a video was posted showing them being tested/setup. Be interesting to see the images/footage they produced.

  • Ptrmcky

    I bid $7100 on the Usian Bolt D4. I was sent a second chance offer to buy it for that price yesterday.

  • BC

    So glad to hear about the new Nikon magnifying glasses. How many megapixels are those?

    • ZoetMB

      They’re infinite megapixels, but they don’t focus on the left side. They’re going to market them to Nikon V1 and J1 users who think their sensor is too small.

  • Larry

    Wow! I’m going to have to get that “Nikon D600 For Dummies” book!

    Such irony. What won’t they write a book about. Fork out $2000 for body only and need a dummies book on how to use it.

  • mikils

    anybody cares about where the Old Canadian Press Gear will go? there must be some sweet D3s there………

    • you do not want ex “assigned gear” used by low paid photographers. this is like buying old taxi car or rental skis.

      • mikils


        I see your point. Only there must be among 18 bodies one or two with some low actuation count….

        On a second thought; are those people working with D4s as assigned gear really a bunch of scantily paid people?

        • Low actuation count? Are you kidding? I’m in low intensity news photography these days, and I still take anywhere from 50 to 400 frames per assignment. I retire cameras at around 135,000 frames, before they die, so that I have a backup. I would expect those CP D3s will have 150k frames easily, maybe more after a shutter replacement. And if they are anything like mine, they will be scratched all to hell. It’s pretty much impossible to be a news photog and have pristine gear. If you do, you probably aren’t doing your job. Why do you think they have NPS?

  • till

    Nikon magnifier glasses: What a great way for a cheap upgrade from DX to FX!

  • MB

    The news would be if Adorama is offering Nikon D4 with SanDisk 32GB XQD card but that will never happen.

  • Mikycoud

    Wow! Now those magnifiers are really something… What focal length are they? And do they give me full frame coverage? Also, will they work okay with my Novoflex F to Ef adapter?

    • mikils

      No way! Too many megapixel for my computer! 🙂

    • Worminator

      And the most important point: how will Wedding photographers benefit from these products?

    • BartyL

      What’s the FPS and low-light performance for those of us who need to view sports in dimly lit stadiums? Will they colour-correct for different types of stadium lighting? When will Adobe, DxO and Phase One offer support for them?

  • Funduro

    So I see Nikon has it’s own version of the Kindle and Nook. Some are zero carbon footprint readers and the LED lighted ones should also be very low energy users.

  • Unable to discount camera bodies, this could be the new discount… adding free stuff…. let’s see!

    • Rob

      You can also give discounted bundles to get around Nikon’s pricing restrictions. Like selling a body with a lens for a few hundred less than the sum of what Nikon restricts the individual prices to (above and beyond any rebates). I saw one retailer doing this with the D800 but I forgot who it was. These tactics were obviously done before the new pricing policy as well, but I imagine they’ll become much more common.

      • EnPassant

        Interestingly I just read that car sellers in Germany are inventive as well selling completely new cars as used by registrating the seller as the first owner and the buyer as second owner, thereby be able to offer much higher rebate, up to 25% off from the official new price, than the car company allows.

  • jimmy

    i do have a question that where is the D600’s CMOS from? is it made by sony or any other suppliers?

    is there any official news about this?

    • Worminator

      Each D600 sensor is lovingly crafted by Tibetan water fairies.

      • The hard truth

        Unfortunately, the sensors are installed by Nepalese Yehti

  • Troll Hunter

    Who ever bought that camera is a fool with too much money to spend, the government should tax him more or at least audit his tax return.

    • Jorge

      A typical democrat speaking. Tax the man with more money for the little guy who is a lazy sh*t.
      Yeah. That works. Take a look a the old USSR, Cuba, oh, and much of Europe…

      • Pablo Ricasso

        I would like to take this time to disassociate myself and my currently preferred political party from every thought that Mr. Hunter has expressed. And then from every thought you just expressed…

    • Pablo Ricasso

      That’s right! Only FOOLS can pay a little extra on a top end camera. Smart people use their phones because taking pictures is what phones are for…

  • Stanley

    I have a Hasselblad that’s on the moon for sale; the monies will go to my charity.

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