New Nikon remote controls and accessories?

Nikon has several new remote triggers, cords and other accessories listed on their website and marked as "New". I do not remember seeing those products mentioned in the recent press releases. Most of the items are already listed at B&H as "new item" without product images:

Few weeks ago another Nikon WR-T10 wireless remote controller appeared on the FCC website.

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  • It seems that the model numbers are the same as the previous versions but with an “A” at the end.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    Nikon brand accessories: expect to pay out the ass for it. 😐

  • Dweeb

    Brought to you by the same people that sell the $280 GPS, $200 cable release and $60 2 inch slip on plastic lens cap.

  • John

    I’d sure like to see a Nikon timer/shutter release/intervalometer for the D7000. But that fact that the B&H listings show these as having the 10 pin remote plug says it’s not going to be compatible with the D7000, etc.

    Maybe for the D7100?

    • R8R

      @John: you know the D7k has a built-in intervalometer, right? And the remote is like $15 for it.

  • craig

    If only my D800E’s remote socket didn’t break and fall part way into the camera the first time I used it…

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