Remember Usain Bolt and the Nikon D4 pictures from the Olympics? The camera is now for sale

I am sure you remember the images of Usain Bolt taking pictures with a Nikon D4 camera at the London Olympics right after he won the 200m race. This very same camera is now up for auction on eBay. The current price after 27 bids is $6,455 and there are 6 more days to go (new D4 costs $5,950). The auction will benefit the Swedish Cancer Society.

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  • LeadWrist

    No MR Bolt, I’m first!

    • 2nd last

      In a 1 man race you were dead last also.

      Until I posted this.

      Now you are not last.

      • LeadWrist

        1st the worst, 2nd the best, 3rd the one with a hairy chest… Gotta love old school nursery rhymes.

    • EAJ

      Awesome! (just this time)

      • Michel

        Hey I made the final! This camera has the fastest ISO of all! With this provenance it will probably always be worth at least what is paid for it. Usually this sort of thing also goes with a certificate of authenticity and a signed photograph as well….. Awesome, and to think, some of his DNA lingers on the camera!

    • Troll Prozac

      Ha best “first” comment ever. I vote Admin doesn’t delete this one.

  • jason

    Bolt forgot to mention that his D4 had left focus error : )

    • Troll Prozac

      LOL That’s the D800 left focus error bro (DRINK?).

      The resolution of the D4 isn’t as high as the D800/e so you can’t see it when you pixel peep at 400%. 😉

  • D600

    I just got prompted to install the 4.2 update by LightRoom… No D600 support yet 🙁

  • D600

    LightRoom 4.2 update just came out… No D600 support yet 🙁

    • ginza

      Little lost in space, maybe?

  • D600

    Nevermind. Lightroom now supports the D600 Yay!!!

  • Calibrator

    The end of a very promising career in photography…

  • Scott M.

    Does the camera also include the 14-24mm lens that’s on it? That adds $2000. to the value.

    • ginza

      Yeah, just for you…read the flippin’ description.

  • Clark

    Noticed there’s nearly 30 bids on this. How authentic is this? It seems there’s nothing to really to prove its authenticity… ( I would at least request a signed business card of something from the photographer with written serial number of the D4. Is there something of this sort??)

    • Banksie

      Give it a rest. It’s for charity and not about making money by selling it for more afterwards (except that does seem to be the agenda for some people.) Anyway, you can write it off your taxes as a charitable donation. And nonetheless after all is said and done, I’m sure the proper provenance will be provided to the buyer.

      • Steve

        Yea, except how do you know its going to charity or not? More importantly how do you know this isn’t a scam? The account has absolutely no feedback, was created just recently, and has over a months time of handling? I’ve never seen a charity auction that has all these red flags over it. Until they can provide something a bit more concrete, I would stay far, far away from this. This should be flagged to ebay even.

        • Banksie

          Today’s cynicism will be the death knell of modern civilization. Although I do keep my guard up while traversing through life, I refuse to be a victim of the cynics of the world. Life is too valuable to be so utterly negative about anything and everything. Emptying out the piss and vinegar and go smell the roses for a change. 🙂

          • T. Dizzle

            Geeeez Banksie, lighten up brother. Talk about cynicism…

      • Clark

        Umm.. who said anything about selling it afterwords??:)
        I would love to own a piece like this, if it’s only authentic..
        There’s fraud like this all over the world..

        Sure, I would be happy to donate money to people in real need but if I’m going to spend over 6K on something, I at least want something real.. and like someone mentioned, my assurance that my money is really going to be donated to those people.

      • Stanley

        ^^^^ Banksie ^^^^
        You can’t write off charitable donations if you get tangible property with any type of cash value (like a camera body) in return. It’s look at as if you bought something at whatever price in accordance to what you donated. If you just donate money and get nothing but a receipt in return then, you can apply it to your tax return and you get to apply whatever percentage of that which you qualify and, it is treated as a type of reduction of your gross taxable income.

    • RussB

      Agreed, this looks very much like a scam auction to me……. there is NOTHING to suggest otherwise or prove authenticity. It’s a zero feedback seller with an extended handling time? You have to be nuts to bid on this….

      • Johan

        I does not look like a scam to me. The seller is the “sport section” of one of the biggest news papers in Sweden ( I found this article at a swedish photo site
        I guess that the sport section normally does not sell things on ebay so that is why there is no feedback etc.

        • Mikke


          The text says that he’s given the camera to Bolt a couple of times before (after Daegu 200m final and in Rome when Bolt was training). The camera was signed a day after the men’s 4X400 relay.
          The money is donated to a cancer foundation because of personal interest.
          The text also says that Jimmy has been in contact whit Bolts manager in hope of Bolt would boost the sale.
          He has a homepage -> http://www.wixtrom.comHe has a homepage ->

  • Eric

    It is normal that Bolt use photog’ camera for fun. He did the same at Deagu.

  • Rob

    I’d bid but it’s scratched.

  • satrio

    Why does he have to scratch the body?

    • ginza

      Why did the chicken cross the road…?

      Geewhiz…some people here.

  • Hendog


    • Troll Prozac


  • AM

    Did Bolt remember to remove the memory cards before he gave away the camera? There might be pictures, or videos, that would be pure gold for certain sensationalist magazines or sites.

    • LeadWrist

      Pun intended?

  • Funduro

    I bid eh $1.

  • Fake

    Looks fake

    • Fake

      Nevermind — the listing appears sketchy — but it is actually legit. Was written up in the Swedish paper.

  • Troll Prozac

    If someone scratched their name on my camera, you bet they’d better run fast!

    • Fred

      Thanks. Your comment made my day!

      • Andy

        I’m sure Bolt could get away with that!

  • ThomasH

    You mean, we have really people paying for a scratched camera. By ‘someone,’ note this please. I would rather offer 20% of the price, 80% down because of the damage to the housing, which means “reckless toward equipment.” Maybe the camera was mishandled otherwise, aside of the scratches.

    But that’s me, your mileage may vary.

  • Fred

    Hope the camera goes for a big bonus for the cancer society.
    Guess it would realise millions if scratched ‘Top Gun’ or similar.
    Suppose it would because they’d probably throw in TC’s tomato box (that he has to stand on) as well.

  • me too!

    With a knife, I replied and scratched my camera, and now I’m going to sell as the camera of HB, it will be worth some thousands, except that instead of a D4, is a 3200, also Ok?

  • Nikoniastu

    I wonder why it only ships to the USA?. There are still rich people in Europe and the rest of the World even though going through an economic crisis… even more there are no richer people while some others are struggling.

  • John Richardson

    So, if it isn’t a fake then consider this: Suppose it was your camera Bolt took and made “history ” with. Would you sell it?

    If it were my camera he picked up and scratched his name into I would never let it go. Why sell it? Why just get money for something that only ONE person, you can have? Hell do you don’t have to wish you had it, because you DO.

    Lame to sell this.

    • Maybe he thinks that a scratched camera is less important than the lives that can be saved with raised money?

  • 1

    nowadays everyone thinks everything is collectable. Big deal! It is still just a camera signed by a nobody really.. a camera signed by Elvis or something like that is a big deal. There is truly collectable items and then ones we try to make collectable by stories and all that stuff… this is one of them.

  • Already 10100 $!!!

  • Nikon User

    KEH would downgrade for the scratches…

  • Frank

    I just tried the link: the item is no longer available.

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