Nikon D600 now listed on Amazon Germany

For our German readers: Amazon DE just listed the Nikon D600 as available for pre-order at EUR 2,149.

For a complete list of D600 pre-order options, see this post.

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  • Roberto

    They are $ 2823, why?

    • AAron

      because we have to pay for imigrands and east germany lazy people.

      Purchase of every camera gives you warm feeling that you feed lazy family for a week

      • EastGerman

        Thumbs up AAron!

        What do you think as an outsider about intelligence?

      • T.I.M

        Come live in USA, we like good workers.
        I had NOTHING when I came here, If you do your job the right way, you get pay well.

        • Andrew

          Don’t be too hard on AAron, he may have just lost his job and now he is blaming others. It is amazing how innocent people suddenly become responsible for…

          • EU citizen

            AAron lives in one of the worlds strongest economies with a former East German lady as the best Bundeskanzler ever.
            I guess the kid has some issues.

            • ricky


        • marcus

          No thank u, USA is not a good place to live…
          i prefer to pay more here.

      • jorg

        halt besser deine klappe, du nappel

      • Andrew

        Yeah, it was the same lazy immigrants that helped build the US space industry. Give us all of your lazy immigrants and lazy East Germans if you do not want them. I hope you do not have a job teaching children!

    • Andrew

      Maybe it is because the middle class are not spending much on luxury items, so let the rich makeup the difference. Yeah, at those prices, the D7100 should be very popular when released especially if it has great low light performance.

  • Rob Banks

    Because they have to pay for those shipped to Greece.

    • zebrazebra

      that one made my day.. thanks!

      • Alex

        i doubt you even know where Greece is…
        as long as Greeks were buying german cars everything was ok i guess !!!
        and by the way German economy is the only one in Europe, profiting from the european crisis.
        unfortunately that doesn’t mean the german people are profiting too, cause of their goverment’s obsessive policy for finacial discipline, the wages for at least a decade are frozen…

  • Yerudin

    Damn, that is far too expensive! I have no idea, why nikon is selling the D800 for EUR 2,600 and only EUR 500 less for the D600. That doesn’t make sense to me. We were talking about EUR 1,600 at the first time. That would be a fair price.
    But over EUR 2,000… Sorry Nikon, that is too much.

    • alex


      I am with you – and totally disappointed

  • TR

    This really makes you wonder about the UK price. The US price (inc taxes) is much lower than the UK one, and the German price is lower too. EUR 2.149 is about GBP 1735, yet sells the camera for £1.975. In the UK this makes the D600 unattractive in comparison to the D800 and you really wonder how they came up with the UK price…

    • Toecutter

      With the announced UK price and spec of the 6D,the D600 wont be coming down any time soon

  • blubbeli

    CHF 2050.- in Switzerland, online retailers. That’s less than EUR 1700.
    And we’re usually the expensive country when it comes to electronics…

    • Rebel

      but Switzerland is out of CEE and in Switzerland VAT is less than other country

      if I buy in Switzerland I must pay difference in VAT

    • Quag

      Can you provide a link please?

  • UA

    There is just no sense in this European pricing. Almost 2200EUR when you get the D800 for 2500-2600EUR.

    And the D800 price is in line with US price, why not D600 (2099$ is around 1600eur)? Unless they try to sell more D800s first and then lower the price of D600 later… which might even make sense, maybe?!?

    • TR

      You have to factor in VAT – in Europe prices generally include all the taxes, so in the case of Germany for instance the price is 20% higher than the one you would see in the US. That would mean a camera priced at $2100 at would be at least $2500 on Amazon Germany, which currently is about €1920. There may also be other cost such as duty etc., but in general digital equipment in Europe tends to be more expensive, for some reason.

      • TR

        Apologies, the VAT is 19% in Germany; 20% in the UK where I am based.

        • LP

          Don’t complain.. In Italy the IVA (same as VAT) is 21%, and they’re considering to raise it to 23% by the end of the year.

          • TR

            Oh, I am not complaining about the VAT as such; I just don’t understand why goods manufactured in Asia and transported over to Europe are sold at a higher price than in the US, and in the UK at even higher price, even if you take into account the different tax systems…

      • Besides the ~20% VAT, EU regulations also require high-end electronic equipment to have an extended 2 year warranty (as opposed to US 1 year) and charge an “electronic waste recycling fee” that you must factor in the price. This kind of explains the whole 30% raise we normally see around. Not sure why the UK price is even higher, though.

  • Onesolo

    In it’s cheaper €50!!! And France VAT is higher than in germany, 19.6% (germany is 19%)

  • atapee

    in Slovenia it’s avalible at a promotional price of 1820€ with a 8 gb card included… can’t beat that. And they have it in stock! B)

  • Daf

    Amazon UK – (€2444) – £1974
    Amazon FR – €2099 ~ £1697
    Amazon DE – €2149 ~ £1738

    Boo not fair.

    • Daf

      VAT difference are small:
      UK – 20%
      France – 19.6%
      Germany – 19%

      …according to above.

      • FDF

        So go buy it in France and go test it on the Eiffel tower while you’re at it. It’s not like you have to swim across the Channel.

  • It will be a bargain, buying from Greece. 23% VAT

    • T.I.M

      Was 33% VAT in France when I was a kid.

  • deivis

    Already mentioned on NR- 2287EUR in lithuania. 21% inkl. VAT

  • Dimitrii1130

    i hate it… canon 6d and nikon d600 both cost 2100$ BUT 6d costs 2000€ and d600 1150/2200€…. (austria)

    • Dimitrii1130

      btw.. D800 costs 2600€… so D600 is only 400-450€ cheaper at the moment..

  • Le Mes

    Thanks, but no thanks for that price

  • Any Anon

    Where is the D400?

    • T.I.M

      @Any Anon
      he is dead long time ago, pro FX killed pro DX

      • Ric

        and video killed the radio star

      • Andrew

        What I find interesting is that with all of the Nikon releases of the past year – Nikon 1, D4, and D800, it appears as if Nikon has hardly replaced a single camera. Where is the replacement for the D300, D700, D7000, and D5100? And to make matters worst, Nikon even claims that the D800 is not the replacement for the D3x! Go figure.

        • Andrew

          Oh, and the D600, it must belong to the new Leica class! This camera should get the luxury tax!

        • One More Thought

          I for one am glad that Nikon is not just iterating it’s older models, making small changes and then releasing them as something new and different.

          The market changes; tech changes. Now Nikon, for instance, can offer a megapixel beast at an affordable price in the D800.

          All in all, the models have improved, as has the pricing.

          For the same amount of money as the D700 at introduction, you can get a D800. For a lot less, you can get a D600, which is a far more capable camera overall. If you want high megapixels, like the D3x, ou have the D800 for a fraction of the price, and even the D600.
          Good times.

          • d300user

            You forget sir that if I want a more-than 5-6 fps I have to buy a D4… D300 and D700 with the identical grip arrived to 8 fps! I’m waiting for the replacement of these with a profi body. D600 is a very strange thing at a serious price. A cheap 24-85 for a 2000 Euro camera? it’s better to invest on optics!

          • Victor Hassleblood


            >> I for one am glad that Nikon is not just iterating it’s older models, (…) <<

            Me too. I have gladly sold my D300 after I bought my D800 this year and the D7000 last year. Yeah I know, not the same size, different layout and menu, less focus points and such. We've all heard soooooooooooooo much about the so called shortcomings of the D7000 … but at the same time the D7000 offers by far a superior IQ. The better and bigger VF with three focus indicators (arrows and dot) instead of just one dot without any indication which way to focus plus it offers 1080 video from Nikon DSLRs for the first time ever …

            I just don't f##king care for predecessors and successors as long as I get useful tools and cameras.

  • Freshkidice

    Sry but not at that price. It was clear to me that it will cost a little bit more then in the US (EU milk me tax) but not that much.

    For GB it must be really hard. One thing to do: buy another camera do not go with the hype.

    I will buy mine in a half year in a used but almost new condition for about (guess) ~1600€

  • Any Anon

    Forget the D600 for that price. Neither good enough for pro, no cheap enough for amateurs.

    But most people would be very happy with D750, the real successor of D700, having only 18mp enabled up to 25K native iso and 10 fps !

    • ashwins

      “D750, the real successor of D700, having only 18mp enabled up to 25K native iso and 10 fps !”

      What a blissful dream..

    • Rolf


  • Amazingly you can buy the D600 in a retail store ( in South Africa from tomorrow – as in walk in the store, pay your cash and take it home. That’s quick from the oven to the table availability!

  • joe

    nikon’s politic is a little bit strange. in its portfolio there are either “old” aps-c cameras, aps-c for beginners (3200) or the big flagships (d4, d800, d600).
    nikon always put the “big ones” one the market first and smaller ones follow but now the “mid” priced ones are totally missing.

    i acutally wanted to get a d600 to replace my old nikon dslr. rumors said that it would be below 2000€, actually 1600€. it’s a nice camera but +2000€ is too much money for a camera like that – plus i really feel ripped off if the euro price is as high as it’s in dollars!

    sorry nikon, i guess with my old dslr i will not use nikon cameras anymore. i guess not even a nikon salesman could offer me a suitable camera.

  • PSI
    • Michael

      On Ebay the price is 1997 € now (

      • Michael

        Search the site on google. I think it’s a fake.

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