Photokina 2012 starts next week

The 2012 Photokina show starts next week (September 18-23) in Cologne, Germany. Nikon should have a pretty impressive booth:


If you are visiting the show and want to share some images, reports, videos, interesting products, please contact me (for coverage of other brands, check Here are the first pictures of the Photokina entrance with the signature "Nikon steps" sent by a reader (thanks Ala'a):

Here is a map of the Nikon booth at Photokina 2012:

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  • This is great. I’ll be there, 2014.


    • Not a troll

      Hi, I’m a post not really related to the first post, but I want attention so I’m posting here.

      *insert stupid controversial statement about D800 left focus issue here*

  • Mike

    Any possibility of them perhaps announcing the D5 or D900?

    • enesunkie

      They better announce a D400 or a really good D7100 first or there might be rioting in the streets!

  • ageha

    Will there be a Nikon 1 V2?

  • Scott M.

    New FX lenses!

    • oh my


  • Nikon Fan



  • Next week? It’s this week. And why isn’t there a Weekly Nikon News Flash for this week?

    Also, whatever happened to I AM COMING?

    • Charlie

      @Andy, it’s I AM breathing hard. Then it’s I AM Coming .

      • oh my

        Not a reference towards anything in particular, right?

        • God

          Thank you for your comments. They greatly contribute to this site.

  • BenS

    NR Admin – Any NEW product announcement/s expected from Nikon at Photokina ?

  • raizee

    Any chance a new DSLR will be announced by Nikon at Photokina?

  • okay

    Mirrorless Full Frame!!!

    • oh my

      There is no need for people like you here.

      • yay

        Built-in GPS
        Bult-in Wi-Fi

  • Levan

    Hey, whats wrong with you guys, there are more than 10 DSLRs available right now, go choose yours. Oh, you need something new? I am sure this is because current models do not have enough features… 🙂

    *new camera does not make you a better photographer

    • BartyL

      No, but crapping on and on about how none of the 10 available models can possibly meet their advanced needs does provide an opportunity for others to infer that they are awesome and special.

      • Patrick

        Ha! And that Nikon apparently has no clue what they are doing.

    • johnny D

      Stop being such a hater just because you cant afford a new camera!! If you need a job to help you save up, im looking for some one to plant tulips! haha

  • Len

    still dreaming about a D400…T-T

    • Roberto

      Or a new D7100 with wi-fi and gps like new canon 6D

      • Len

        I agree but…the D300S body was pretty awesome…it’s why i’ll not buy a D600…=/

  • We want d400!!!

  • Abhay

    Admin, any idea what Nikon will launch in his event?

    I am waiting for D400/D7100 and Capture NX3

  • nikon will sell gadget to upgrade your dslr; hand warmer for in the winter , coffie machine , game player ( tetrus & mario cross ) , radio , tv ……..rofl

    people like to complain.

    my advice, enjoy your camera en take picture’s.

    • Levan


  • Hans S

    D5200 or D7100?? I’m waiting for one of these cameras

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