More leaked Nikon D600 images


More images of the Nikon D600. Official announcement coming in few hours. Stay tuned for detailed coverage.

To Nikon D600will be available in body-only and with Nikkor 24-85mm kit lens:

and the Nikon 1 18.5mm f/1.8 lens in black:

Via nikonpricewatch

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  • Funduro

    D600, I knew D700, you’re no D700.

    • ric

      Thank you Senator Benson

      • KB

        It’s ‘Bentson’.

    • btdown

      Amen..Im waiting for D710.

      • Global

        D710 = 18 mp + 25,600 ISO + 1/350 synch + 1/10,000 + HD + pro-ports for studio + 100% view finder + high res gorilla glass 2 screen

        = BIG WIN.

  • Richard

    You know, the more that comes out about the D600, the more puzzling it is if the rumors are accurate. There has yet to be an updated version of the D700 and the rumored price and features of the D600 just makes no sense at all. This could be a giant train wreck.

    • +1

    • Josh

      That is what I have been saying all the long. without the $1500 price point the D600 comes in too expensive for the market it’s features are aimed at and too low spec for the market that would buy it at $2000+.

    • Not Surprised

      If its $1500, it will be fine. If its $2000 — FORGET IT. You can get a used D700 with MUCH better functionality for less than that. And D700 itself costed only about $2000 towards the end of its life brand new.

      This camera is no D700. But for $1500, it’d be great.

      • …cheer up, this probably means a drop in price for D700s. 😀

  • mark o

    hmmm…looks like a Nikon camera.

  • Geoff_K

    I’d like to see ISO 3200 and 6400. I just may not order another D800E and pick this up instead. D600 + lens or just a D800E. If reviews pan out, seems like a no brainer for me

    • tyler

      if youre prepared to spend 2300 on a camera, why not suck it up and spend the extra bit to have a superior machine? especially since youre interested in the removed anti aliasing filter. not sure your logic makes sense.

  • Tamil

    Why is the viewfinder looks like cropped sensored one. 🙁

    • Maji

      Perhaps using a mirror instead of a prism.

      • Aaron

        If this camera is higher than 2100 bucks, nikon is rediculous.

        • Josh

          Even $1900 would be ridiculous for this camera. It’s a neutered D7000 with an FX sensor shoved in it.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    I’m more excited about the price of this camera which I’m not buying than I was about the D800e I actually bought. Why is that?

    • Pablo

      lol same here, got the D800 but in still dying to see how much this one will cost.

  • Scott M

    Based on the 4000 SS, I predict a retail price in the USA of

    $1699.95 Body only
    $2399.95 with kit lens

    • tyler

      you think thats a 700 dollar lens? uh no.

      • rebel

        Maybe nikkor 24-85

      • Scott M

        You are right, it’s only $600 by itself. so changing kit price to

        $2199.95 total with kit lens

  • Scott M

    All the round ones live in Sendai. Thailand gets square only.

    • NR fan


  • puneet vikram singh

    Spend few more dollars and get d700 guys…

    • rebel

      I agree but it’s hard to find now (also used)

  • Steve

    Amazon has an ad running on the top of the search for the D600… So very anxious!

  • Luc

    Do a search on Amazon: Nikon D600
    and look carefully!

  • Ric
    • i’m getting excited

      $1800 or less and available before november, i’ll probably buy.
      $1800 or more and/or extremely hard to find, i’ll probably think about the RX1 or wait for a FF mirrorless in 2013, or potentially buy a D700 if I can find one under $1300ish.

  • Nikon D600 on Amazon:

    • Scott M

      Wow, three different D700s are for sale @ $2985-3100 on that page.

      they will be sad when D600 is only $1699.95

      • Johnny Bravo

        Are you going to add the new information etc on this page or will you make a new post all together?

    • LeadWrist

      So, Amazon or BHPhotoVideo, who to pre-order from. Any advice?

      • Scott M

        Best Buy

        Read your history

  • et

    No AF-ON button??

    Why does Nikon think a dedicated AF-ON button is a Pro only feature?

  • disiderio

    I foresee Nikon having trouble moving these if it’s priced within arms length of the d800. The $1,500 to $1,800 mark makes a lot more sense from a consumer point of view.

    • Scott M

      Agreed. Especially since it is made in Thailand, not Japan.

  • Mag

    This waiting is like waiting for a child to be born!

  • According to the it’s 1956 gbp or 2300ish euro, being released on 9/18…

  • daelith2000
  • KnightPhoto

    Here’s a surprise:

    “while seven AF points are fully functional when using compatible NIKKOR lenses and teleconverters with an aperture value up to f/8 for extreme telephoto applications.”

  • KnightPhoto

    New grip… ;-(

    MB-D14 battery grip

    • Big J

      What happened to the MB-D13???

  • Big J

    According to photography blog:

    “In the UK and Ireland, the Nikon D600 body will be available from 18 September 2012 for £1955.99 and €2385.99, respectively. It will also be sold in a kit with the 24-85mm lens for £2443.99/€2981.99”

  • byazici

    Where is it made? If it isnt Japan, then its too expensive…

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