Nikon D800 and D4 in stock updates

Today's in-stock updates - Nikon D800 is currently in stock at:

Nikon D800E is now in stock at BestBuy.

Nikon D4 is currently in stock at:

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  • Mark V

    Also available on right now – I tested getting it into my cart and was able to do so

    Seems they are catching up on backorders pretty fast…

    • That’s where I got mine… they have been fairly good about replenishing inventory as well.

    • T.I.M

      @Mark V
      The problem with Nikon Store is that they don’t provide an invoice with the camera’s serial number on it !

      My insurance want the serial number on the invoice, I tried to contact Nikon, takes for ever….

      I expected better from Nikon (B&H, Adorama have the serial number printed on the invoice)

      • Serial number is on my Nikon invoice… I am looking right at it. Heck, it even matches the one on the box and the camera, go figure.

    • PeterO

      I wonder if they’re catching up on back orders because a lot of people have cancelled their orders once the D600 rumour came out. Do we really believe that all the people who preordered a D800 really wanted one, or were they just willing to buy the first (semi)affordable thing Nikon came out with after the natural disaster year? I suspect that Nikon was completely caught off guard by the demand for the D800. I also believe that they will delay launching the D600 until they have enough product to satisfy a goodly part of the huge demand that the D600 will produce. Methinks that the D300s update will be blended with the D7000 update at Photokina to satisfy the “no holds barred” DX shooters. Call it the D8000, which is in keeping with the even numbered year. This way we see it as an upgrade to the D7000 and won’t alienate the D300s crowd that sees that D7000 as a step backwards.

      • Art

        Speaking of the D600 … I wonder if it will be made in Sendei or in Thailand. This would go a long way towards knowing how it may or may not affect availability for the D4 and D800 (among others).

        • PeterO

          My guess is in Thailand. There’s no way they can sell it at the rumoured price and be assembled in Japan.

          • Mock Kenwell


    • Mock Kenwell


      Just got confirmation from Amazonโ€”my D800 is coming Tuesday. I placed my order on May 26. So it seems that the Big Boys are getting far more bodies from Nikon than even the big NY camera stores. B&H loses, as I just cancelled my order with them that I placed IN FEBRUARY.

      I received THREE TIMES as many updates from Amazon in one month than I did from B&H in five. B&H’s communication is sporadic, defensive and frustrating at best, insulting at worst. Here is a MEGA company that cares more and shares more info with their consumers than a store 1/1000 its size. So they won my sale. Plus, Amazon isn’t closed every other week for obscure holidays.

      Cautionary tale, folks. Smaller companies should be the ones owning communication and customer service. Today, customers demand transparency and respect. Shipment’s late? Just keep me informed and I’ll understand. It’s called managing expectations. Want to be obtuse, arrogant and opaque? You won’t be here long. Needless to say, I won’t be beating a path to B&H in the near future.

      • Duff

        Target has it in stock. ordered mine yesterday and gets to me Tuesday. Never new Target carried it but links to it .

        • Ren Kockwell

          Cool. Only bummer is they will charge you tax.

      • I had to laugh at this. B&H is hardly a ‘smaller company’ – smaller than bestbuy or amazon perhaps, but more professionals will shop at a camera store before they will shop at bestbuy, amazon, etc.; partially for the experience, but its largely cultural.

        You can’t walk into a bestbuy and chat with the counter guys about features, comparison, etc. Most pros also like to be able to walk into a store directly if there is a question, or problem with their new unit. You get that with a camera store, and the smaller the store, the more of that culture exists. With B&H, you are still buying from an establishment that is still ‘in the culture’, even though they aren’t NEARLY as personal as a smaller retailer (even Adorama is a much friendlier store).

        I’m not knocking B&H – they are definitely the market barometer on price, and have a great amount of varied stock. But if you are an enthusiast or semi-pro, they aren’t the most convenient place to shop. And if you are looking to purchase the ‘latest’ hot ticket item, you are going to behind a very long list of pros who have the NPS orders locked down for several shipments, or who are preferred (read: have spent a lot of money) customers.

        For enthusiasts and semi-pros, it makes so much more sense to shop with smaller retailers (or to watch bestbuy, etc., where pros don’t spend their dollars as much).

        Interesting article on B&H:

  • Saw that on Best Buy this morning before Nikon Rumors posted it ๐Ÿ™‚ Placed my order at 9:30 am, and just got a shipment notification with the tracking#. Arriving Monday.

    • mustafa

      lucky you i just bought from nikonusa still no tracking number ๐Ÿ™

  • aznpoet

    Yoohoo!! My order went through at Best Buy … canceled B&H order.
    Paid $150 local tax but worth it. Couldn’t wait for D600 …

    • holdfenytolvaj

      tjah D600 will only arrive when D800 will be on the shelfs everywhere

    • mustafa

      150 is good tax 262.40 usd for new york tax ๐Ÿ™

    • FussyBob

      The Best Buy Rewards card would get you back $180 in rewards.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Looking foward to the E !

    • iamnomad


  • Levi H

    Nikon D4 and D800 are now both in stock places, and it makes it even harder to decide which one to buy!

    Wedding photographer with two D700 and a ton of prime lenses. Would love to spend less on the lighter D800, but I don’t know if loading 1,500 pictures at 70MB a piece every single week would be logical.

    I feel like I could use the D800 for portrait/engagement sessions though. Maybe down the road we’ll have both, right now aiming for saving up for the D4 that’s available at amazon now! (had it on pre-ordered before, but canceled and bought a used car instead! Literally! Priorities man!)

    • iamnomad

      Shoot less.

      • Nikon Shooter

        70mb file size is more or less just a myth. Of course it’s possible if you shoot 14 bit uncompressed, but I bet you anything you won’t notice any difference between that and 14 bit lossless compressed with the files being about half the size. You can even go smaller with 12 or 14 bit compressed, but then you begin to notice loss of data (though only when trying to salvage an image).

        In any case the memory cards are dirt cheap in comparison to what we used to pay for film and developing. 128gb sandisk extreme SD cards are just $150 on Amazon which is more than enough to shoot even a 12-hour-wedding with a D800. Don’t tell me you can’t afford that.

        • RAW files from the D800 are about 41MB not 70.

    • Aldo

      I’m a wedding photographer of many years as well. Let me tell you as soon as your start shooting with the D800 you are gonna feel you need every single pixel. File size is your worry? I have an amazing 2tb external hard drive that I got for 200 bucks… I got two sandisk extreme pro for under 350 dollars. If you are a good photographer you can take good pictures with a toaster. But if you wanna keep up with technology, this is what has to be done. I’m sorry but file size is perhaps the worse excuse as to not getting a D800.

      • I agree fully. I was worried initially, but then I saw how amazing the images coming out of the camera look, and how much detail is actually captured. I love scoping out the distance parts of a landscape scene, just to see what’s there.

    • Wataru

      D800=$3,000, D4=$6000. The difference is $3000, which will buy a new 85 1.4G or a 70-200 2.8, a new strobe, and several external hard drives. I’m not saying that the D4 isn’t a bad deal either, though, just that if the only reason is the file size, go with the D800. You won’t regret it.

      • James

        The way I go through Nikon Cameras the D4 is a better deal just for the shutter life cycle over the D800. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had 5 DSLR and all of them needed new shutters replaced into them ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Mark J.

          Shutter replacement doesn’t cost all that much, especially nowhere near the $3,000 difference between a D800 and D4.

        • It costs a couple hundred dollars to replace a shutter. a LOT less than the $3000 price difference.

          There are MANY differences between the D800 and D4 (its not like the D3 and D700) – shutter actuations is the least of the differences.

      • Mike L.

        So why is the D4 twice as much as the D800? I’ve had my D4 on order thru Adorama since the end on March. Getting sick of waiting. Now wondering if I should go for the D800 instead. I figured the D4 would be much better in low light which is very important to me as a wedding photographer. How does the D800 comapred to the D700 in low light?

        • Aldo #2

          iso performance on the d800 is roughly the same as in the d700. As a wedding photographer myself I would recommend the d800 because there is so much more uses to the resolution gain in the field than what the d4 has to offer. One thing I always consider before kicking up the iso is if the available light even looks good. And in wedding photography available light that requires higher iso than 4k usually looks pretty bad. You really want good iso performance on the camera only because you want good quality shots between 3200-4500 iso, not because you will actually shoot at 125k plus iso. d4 has better iso performance not because they want it to be better than the d800, but because in sports photography your fastest aperture is usually an f4.

  • Mick

    And it’s gone.
    “Sold out Online”

  • nuno santacana

    Does anyone know how much D800 costs in Hong Kong?

    In 2008 I did buy a Nikon lens for abut 55% the cost in Europe but I don’t know if it is still such a good place to buy photographic equipment. By the way you must take a lot o care when buying there as there are plenty of scams in many, many shops.

    • stephen

      IN hk i went there last May and they were selling it around usd 3450.00, one store has a demo unit while fortess and broadway do not have stocks.

      • nuno santacana

        Wow, that’s really a bad deal! I’m very surprised. Thanks for the info.

    • CT_Yankee

      Nikon USA will not service camera with USA Warranty.. Even if it is out of Warranty.

      Not worth the agrivation is somethings needs fixing. I have had problems and Nikon USA fixed it at no charge even though the warranty period was up.. That’s worth a lot of $$$.

      • Harthmuth

        what the fuck are you talking?

      • Sahaja


        Read what you wrote again. The first sentence and the second are contradictory.

    • Living in China

      I was in HK a couple months and ago and they had D4’s, 800’s and 800E’s everywhere. I was told the MSRP was around 3600USD (for D800) from several retailers. If you are serious about buying(now that it has cooled down a little bit,) you might be able to get it for a bit less….

      • Living in Hong Kong

        Probably not. I live in Hong Kong and my D800e I got a few weeks ago cost $32,000hkd (about $4000usd).

        Price premium is really high right now and the d800e is quite rare. Maybe in 6 months it’ll get down to us prices.

        • nuno santacana

          Many thanks to both. I really appreciate the information.

  • Rahul

    There haven’t been many rumors/news lately related to cameras. Is it the silence before the storm? ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps Admin will surprise us with the tentative date of D7100 or D600 ;D

  • Geoff_K

    sold out already

  • I got mine ordered just in the nick of time! Spent about 10 minutes on the phone with some dude in India representing Best Buy’s customer service. They could not give me a Saturday delivery, so this weekend’s wedding will have to wait. ๐Ÿ™

    • Geoff_K

      Probably for the best. You are braver than I to shoot a wedding with a camera you have had in your hands an hour. ;- )

      • I’m familiar with the controls, and I can quickly navigate the menus to set up my preferences. No problems.

        At least I won’t have to turn off the beep like I did with both my D300 bodies.

  • Jon

    Just received my D800 from B&H after almost 5 months! Ordered Feb. 7, 2 pm EST. Shipped June 28, received June 29. If you want to try to guesstimate your relative place in the “top secret” B&H queue, my order number was 3750969xx.
    Based on my initial test use I think it was worth the wait, especially for the high resolution (with Nikkor prime glass, wow!–since half way through the D3-D700 life cycle I’ve wanted more resolution) and the amazing low light abilities (ISO 3200 is genuinely usable!).

  • D800 or D600

    Whatever comes out first, I’ll take it, be it the D800 or the D600. Preferably, the D600 , please.

  • Mark J.

    Won’t matter, people too lazy to hunt for the D800 will still be complaining that B&H hasn’t delivered their camera yet hehehe

  • stephen

    just got my D800 amazon order, i placed it last may 19 and finally got a tracking no. and they change the delivery time to one day shipping for free.

  • Mustafa goklu

    i bought yesterday night (29/06/2012 ) 1:00 am from nikonusa and was in stock in all day bestbuy to right now 29 06 2012 19:00 both nikonusa and bestbuy shows sold out actually i was thinking to wait for September and and randomly checking nikonusa and i bought it instantly bought it but still doesnt have tracking number its says proccessing :S its changed from submitted to processing but stil no tracking number ๐Ÿ™‚ god luck to all who wait for it.

    • Ken

      Heh, your experience mimics mine. I looked at nikonusa out of curiosity this afternoon, and saw they had it in stock. No tracking number yet either. But, I’m not too concerned about that yet. I suspect by Monday it will be in the shipping lanes, and maybe by next weekend it will be here. [ I was planning to wait until fall too– when I think it will be easier to find. But I have been checking places on occasion, though I didn’t expect to find it in stock! ]

      • Must

        Yeah but i charged 264.20$ for tax and its will be in hand 5th july thursday i ll send without open the box and search again i m not pro not in rush . good luck to you with camera i hope you its will be without problem and bugs .

  • Michael Suh

    I’ve been following this blog/website for over a year now. I’ve appreciated the many banters, whines, laughs, useful tips, and, of course, all the useful information this site has offered. Thank you everyone, especially you admin.

    I am soon to be the proud new owner of a D800. I luckily checked your site this morning, as I have done so many other days, and found out about the Best Buy in stock information. I ordered immediately and I have received confirmation about my order and it is being shipped yet has not arrived at UPS so no tracking number.

    Thank you, Admin. I will dream about you tonight along with my new D800. Don’t get too excited… I’m a guy and I like women.

  • Brian_H

    To those of you who ordered your new D800 from the Nikon Store, don’t despair if you don’t see a tracking number or a shipping confirmation yet. I ordered mine on Wednesday night and waited all day Thursday. I got an order confirmation email about 10am and it wasn’t until 10pm that I finally got a shipping confirmation with the tracking numbers. Mine arrived today and I am one happy camper. BTW, I’m a new Nikon convert from Sony gear and am eagerly awaiting my first photo op to see what I’ve moved up to. Great to be here!

  • Zoetmb

    Since everyone charges list price for this camera, go to your local Main Street camera shop and buy it there. You’d be surprised, some of these shops have them. Keep your money where you live. Don’t give it to the big chains.

    • Calibrator

      It’s apparently not only a case of laziness but also taxes…

  • Funduro

    Oh gee, next week they’ll be hundreds more posting on forums about the left focus issue. (jk, hope those are all perfect DSLR’s) Congrats to all that finally got their D4 and D800/e. Those two ARE the state of the art DSLR’s hand down ! Happy shooting with your new toys. …er… . .cameras.

  • Howie

    Just ordered D800 from

    I hope it get shipped!!!
    Ps. so damn cheap I am using free shipping for a $3000 camera ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yay Michigan! Used to shop there when I lived in Grand Rapids. They are great people.

  • Geoff_K

    Nikon store has D4 listed as shop now.

  • Sahaja

    Is the fact that the D800 happens to be in stock at at BestBuy / Amazon / Andorama / B&H a rumor or news?

    More rumors please.

    Maybe there should be a separate page or column showing availability of Nikon cameras and equipment

    • How’s this:

      The D60o will be coming out in the future!

      The D5 will be coming out in the future!

      The D900 will not only focus for you, it will market your images to stock agencies – then it will upload to instagram with you favorite ‘creative’ filter already pre-loaded!

      D800 sales and fulfillment are a hot item right now, and they are doing the NR readers a service by staying on top of who has availability. Reporting rumors that don’t exist (or re-reporting the same ones they’ve reported) doesn’t really help anyone.

      If you don’t like the post, you can always just choose to not read it.

  • Ralph

    They are becoming more available since everyone has waited so long they figure the D900 must be imminent.

  • Mister Pogi

    Checked my local Best Buy store and they did not have it in stock. They told me a Best Buy store a hour away had it. Got it at Best Buy Fullerton, CA 30 mins before closing time. I guess just keep checking and ask them which store has it.

  • has D800’s instock right now! As of June 30, 2012, 07:36 Mountain Time.
    Good luck!

  • Geoff_K

    Best buy has the D800 available again on their website.

    • Geoff_K

      I want the D800E … Guess they might have it by Christmas. By then the D600 should be announced and may get my $$ instead. I’m really wanting to see what the D400 specs out to. If it is only 16MP I will pass.

  • Steven Schultz


    OMFG, I have been waiting for BH Photo to fulfil my order since March! They said expect end of July at earliest as a rough rough estimate. But I just ordered one online at Nikon USA yesterday and already have a tracking #! I should be beating the sh!t out of my hard drives on Tuesday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    After the nightmare of trying to deal with BestBuy – they rejected two credit cards and then held onto a Paypal payment for four days before canceling the order – dealing direct with Nikon was an absolute pleasure.

    For the record, BH was a pleasure to deal with but must have gotten an incredible backlog of orders that Nikon has no intention of prioritizing. BestBuy, on the other hand was an incredible clusterflock of an organization to deal with and for a while it looked like they had stolen me my $3k. I’d stay away from WorstBuy unless desparate.

    • GaryZ

      How were you able to order from Nikon online? The store points me to dealers. Did I miss something or do I have to be a member of Nikon Professional Services in order to order the D800 online? I order in February from B&H and still nothing except “Backordered”.


      San Francisco

      • Steven

        They must be out of stock now. They did have a purchase option up when I bought mine at Now they don’t.

  • GRS

    FYI, as of about noon Pacific time, the Best Buy in Reno had two D800s in stock. I saw them. They aren’t on display; they’re in a cage over in a corner of the store with other cameras and high-priced, small objects.

    • Val Thor

      Hello, would someone please tell me what a D800s is? I’ve seen the D800 and D800e, but now an s? Thanks.

  • Geoff_k

    Nikon store has D4 listed as shop now as of 8:07am EST

  • GaryZ

    Now shows Sold Out Online at Best Buy. I’ve had an order in from B&H since February for the D800 and still nothing. Any advice?


  • If in the USA is hard to buy a D800…in Peru is 10 times harder..I need patiente!

  • nikuser

    just placed order at called and conf they did have in stock.

    • GaryZ

      Just tried and although it looks like it’s available, when I click to buy one it gives a message that they are out of stock. I’d been monitoring every two hours…. Oh well. I’ll keep trying



    • Paul M

      I decided to get a D800 after canceling my original order months ago. I guess I got lucky this morning! Checking Best Buy & Nikonusa, I had a buy button this morning at the Nikon site. Was able to get it. I checked after a couple minutes and the “Buy Now” button was not available. Pretty much is a hit & miss on getting one. Check often I guess is the name of the game.

  • JLeeA

    Ordered the D800 from Nikon Store on June 30 and just got a tracking number with arrival date on July 6. Can’t wait!

  • Gary

    I checked each morning at the NikonUSA store and the “Buy It” flag finally was yellow showing it was in stock. I ordered on July 2 and just got a UPS notice of label and shipping this afternoon. Had to resort to paying sales tax (ouch) but at least I have the camera probably tomorrow.

    As an FYI, I tried other sources as shown in Nikon’s listing of dealers. Believe it or not Walmart is showing them as in stock and ready to ship. They don’t have them in their stores, at least in the SF Bay area. But, it’s a heck of a commentary when the big box stores like Best Buy and the discounters like Target, Walmart, etc., have them and places like B&H and Amazon can’t seem to get their hands on them.

    I had my order in at B&H since mid February and they were still giving me their lame form letter. I put in another order at Amazon and at least they have a dedicated group called the Camera Concierge who sent me a personal email and invited me to check in with them while waiting for my order to be filled. As someone else said, Amazon’s customer service has put B&H, who I had been faithful to, to shame.

    Good luck to all of you still attempting to get your D800/e and thank you to those who’s helpful hints and advice got me some results.

    Best regards,

    San Francisco

  • mustafa


    8 JULY 9 PM

  • mustafa

    its gone now again out of stock nikon sold all d800 again.. i hope some of you grab yours ..

  • Yoohoo


    Repost or wrong date?

    • I repost and update the content when there is a new in-stock alert.

  • Nokin

    What about D800 focusing issue ?
    From which #SN corrections are applied in factory ?

  • Jay

    Im picking a D800 up locally this afternoon, they just got a shipment in and have been on their waiting list. I do see however that the D800 is still available on, not seeing it sold out.

  • no rebate?

    best buy isn’t offering the 200 dollars off with a 24-70? I might be tempted to pull the trigger if they did, but with tax i’m looking at over 5k to switch to Nikon…. between the D700 and D800 it’s hard to wait for the D600!

  • doug

    I wouldn’t buy a Cherry Coke from Best Buy, much less a DSLR. They’re one of the sleaziest retailers anywhere.

    • Aldo #2

      Because of this “sleaziest” retailer I have my d800 since release date. No pre-order and no focusing issue… just plane luck.

  • JoeG58

    Once when I was looking to buy a D3s, I started finding it at places like etc. Watch out because it ended up being gray mrkt.. I ended up ordering it from B&H and got it no more than two weeks later.

  • Nat

    Just ordered mine. Yippeee! On the downside, delivery is expected July 17-24, but that gives me time to stock up on some faster and bigger memory cards.

    • Aldo #2

      sandisk sd extreme pro 64gb for 165 bhphoto(you may even find it cheaper) and compact flash 32gb extreme pro for 150 bhphoto. This if you want the top of the line from sandisk at perhaps the best value. Its what I have.

    • Amy

      I just cancelled my order with Adorama for the D800 and 70-200 f/2.8 lens and ordered both from Norman Camera. They don’t have the 70-200 lens in stock, but they gave me the $200 instant rebate and will ship the lens as soon as it arrives! I’m like a kid at Christmas now, waiting on the D800 to arrive. Before I ordered from them, I called Adorama and the customer service rep told me they were still fulfilling orders that were placed in February.

      • Amy

        I forgot to say in the prior comment that Norman Camera also has some D4’s in stock. Also, they were super helpful and answered questions for me as I am trying to decide which wide angle zoom lens I want to buy.

      • James

        Dam did everyone in the US order their camera’s from B&H and Adorama as orders from February still on back-order. I starting to think as people say it’s better to buy from the big boys/girls in the business as you are guarantee to get your products but in this case it seems the smaller camera companies are winning out

  • Tina Crespo

    Ordered d800 at 9am this morning from Best Buy, and just received a shipping confirmation.
    Pretty much beats the 4+ months I’ve been waiting on B&H to get a move on.

    Somehow I feel like this is a trick, too good to be true kind of crap. HA!

  • Aldo #2

    Sold out on best buy again it seems… congratz to those who got their order in.

  • `/1nc3nt

    It seems the supply-demand starts to stabilize. I am ordering mine now.

  • A.Miller

    Strong buy ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mark Wilson

    Stopped by Samys Camera and they had D800 available. Played with it and bought one. Loving it so far.

  • Woj

    Where’s D800E then??

  • Stephen

    Hope this helps figure out the B&H backorder status. I pre-ordered mine on Feb 9 in the late PM from B&H. Like everyone else I was anxious to get mine. Finally got an email Friday (July 13) that mine was being shipped and I have a tracking number. It took them a while to finally get all of the Feb 7 pre-orders and now they are working their way down the list.
    While I was not thrilled about waiting so long I am not sure what would be worse; getting one sooner only to find out that it has QC issues (firmware and focus) or waiting 5 1/2 months go get one. I am hoping that after this long a wait they have the “kinks” all ironed out and I will get the quality product I ordered.

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