First leaked Nikon D600 images

The "cheap" full frame Nikon D600 DSLR camera is real, as those leaked images from show:

You can find the updated Nikon D600 specs here.

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  • Thanks for making my day, NikonRumors 🙂

    • Land

      Oh please, its got a scene mode 😀

      • Maji

        Why shouldn’t it have a scene mode? It is an entry level camera for amateurs. If you want pro level equipment, get the D800 or the D4.

        • Land

          True enough. Just always thought it was silly.

        • Actionjunky

          What makes it an amateur camera? If TV producers are currently using $300 GoPro video cameras, then the only qualifier for amateur status is your vision and creativity.

          • Sean Dackermann


          • St.

            I agree. It’s about your imaginations and ability to produce interesting video (or pictures).
            About the scene modes – I don’t use them, but I would have use the U modes.
            Same way I don’t use WB on my D800. I just shoot raw.
            So I would like to see options to customize those buttons, similarly to what NEX-7 has.
            Everyone has different preferences.

          • glu

            + infinity from me as well.

  • I agree totally, dude.

  • Snowie

    One question – when???

    • latest for Photokina I think

      • EnPassant

        Maybe already June 28?
        After all the lenses we expected that day was released today.
        Remember D700 was released middle of summer 2008!

        For Photokina D7100 (looking like this D600, only built for DX) is expected as its predecessors was released that time.

        We may even see the D300s replacement in the autumn, although I think Nikon then will give it a name like D9000 to make all DX cameras have four digit numbers.

        Six cameras in one year would be a record for Nikon. But two of them, D800 and D3200, was propably originally planned for release in 2011.

        D5200 will propably be relased next year as expected. With the D3200 just reaching the shelves it doesn’t make sense to release another body close in price and specification.

    • Manuel

      From the previous specs post:

      “There are also rumors that Nikon has invited some European resellers for a meeting in Casablanca on 28 May, 2012. I am not sure if this is related to the D600.”

      If this invitation is legit, I can’t see why resellers should fly over to Casablanca (Morocco) just to see a new lens or a new Coolpix.

      • jmj

        Well, I can be quite sure that it’s not May 28th. Guess why?

        Or do you mean June 28th?

        • Manuel


  • Antti

    Very D90-esque.

    • As long as it is small and somewhat sturdy, and has a good prism, I don’t care what it looks like. Tired of this big/heavy man beef grenade balls, hairy chests and dirty cuticles cameras that get all the face time.

      • +1 but I would love it to have a magnesium body and proper weather sealing, which shouldn’t add to much weight, just look at the k5, a camera that feels amazing for its price…

        • Chase

          Doesn’t the D7000 have a magnesium shell? This thing looks like it’s essentially an FX followup to the D7000. I’m definitely buying one.

          • +infinity

          • jorg

            D7000 has the top plate made if magnesium, rest polycarbonate. I would guess, D600 will stick to that.

      • Antti

        I didn’t mean that as a negative remark at all. I have a D90 and I like the form factor when travelling light. In that sense I DO care what the camera looks like (or more like size and weight).

  • LK

    if this body is in fact the same egronomics, especially the grip section, as the D7000 I’ll be passing. The grip is too small for me and cramps up my hand. 🙁

    I’ll just wait a while longer for a D800 to show up in my lap instead. 🙂

    • Big Dave

      Get the battery grip for it then, that’s what I did on the day I bought the D7000 as I knew from my D300s that the grip would be too small without the extra battery compartment

    • Erick

      Well, I hate the D800’s grip feel and Mode button layout. It’s too thin as well.

    • Am-Expat

      The grip option transforms the D7000 into the best handling, feeling Nikon I have used…..D700, D3s, D4, my new D800, D300 etc.
      The D3 still has great balance and control placement however.
      A D600 FX with grip will be a highly compelling camera but I doubt the subsystems will be of the same caliber of those in the D800/D4 so there is amble reason to buy a D800 regardless of resolution. The D300 AF was billed as the DX version of the D3 but the results were very different. I suppose the D600 will be a similar step down from the D800/D4 in metering, AF, DR etc

  • For me, the real question is will the D600 be an upgrade from the D700. I also think that low priced FX makes a D400 unlikely. There are only so many bird shooters out there who really must have DX.

    • Daniel

      I think using D800’s DX mode for bird shooters is a good idea

      • Manuel

        Shooting the D800 in DX mode gives even slightly less MP than a D7000, which is only 1/3 of the price and can shoot more FPS.

        Therefore, it’s not a good idea, it’s a waste of money.

        • jorg

          Not really. D800 has a larger buffer
          so depending on your style it could be the better solution for high fps@DX

          • Manuel

            Yes, I agree. Slower fps, but somewhat larger buffer for an extra 2k$.

            Sorry for any sarcasm that may be found.

            • the d800 does 6fps in dx and 1.2 crop with the grip

      • Henry

        Thats the classic misunderstanding of DX mode, DX mode does NOT give you 1mm of extra reach. Only thing DX mode does, is using less of the sensor for the image.

    • Sudheer
      • joey

        Thanks for the link. The body looks suspiciously similar, if not exactly, to me like the D800. Unless one has confirmation, I wouldn’t believe that body is a D400.

      • an old fake that actually came from NikonRumors

    • Bernard

      And aircraft shooters too !!! 🙂

  • The D800 grip is too small. This one looks desperately small.


    • The D600 is supposed to be a cheap, entry level full frame DSLR – it will be a step (or two) below the D800.

      • francois

        a step (or two) below the D800…

        But a step (or two) above the D700 ?

        • Anonymous Maximus

          Certainly No. D700 is in its own league… It will always be a camera of its class. Not a junky shaped thing lacking dedicated ISO & WB buttons.

          Having a 24mp sensor does not suddenly make A d800 superior to D700. Worse, smaller body is indeed a disadvantage, not an advantage unlike some people seem to think.

      • Mark J.

        A step or two? it has the noob dial on it according to those pics you posted. This thing is going to be a full staircase below the D800 lol

        • Phil

          Then it should be perfect for a ‘noob’ like you, Mark.


        • Aldgate

          Ummm… Maybe you guys should zoom in on the drive dial photo a little bit more. It is a 2 level dial, the lower dial is a drive mode dial, and the upper dial is an exposure mode dial. You want to see a scene mode dial then look at your girlfriends 3100, this aint no scene mode dial… You call it noob, I call it the greatest thing Nikon has ever done to a FF digital camera body…

          • Maji

            Great catch… I had missed that “double decker” dial. I think this camera, if true, will really surprise all the nay sayers. Most importantly, it will make Canon users switch over to Nikon, and make Nikon the market leader like it was in the SLR times.

          • Alex

            I really like what I see. I looked at the dial of the D5100 to compare, which appears to be larger, featuring many scene modes on the dial. Do you think this “double-decker” dial just does the same thing in a smaller space? I am actually unopposed to a “noob” dial on an entry FX camera.

    • Maji

      Buy a D4 if you need pro level equipment. D600 is for amateurs and is built and priced as such.

      • Z L

        A D4 in the hand of amateurs….. worse than a D600 in the hands of a pro….

        • You should see what I’ve shot with a D100 & D2h . . . and an SRT-101.

      • The D600 can also be an affordable 2nd or 3rd FX body for Pro’s.
        We’re not completely made of money.

        • Maji


          The D600 is a great camera. I just hate people bitching about an entry level camera not having all pro level features.

        • kyoshinikon

          Agreed 100% I dont have a gazillion to upgrade my whole bag every year…

      • denz

        Why is the cam just for “amateurs” or “noobs”??

        Can it not also be for those who want full frame and higher res in a smaller and lighter package???

        • Chase

          Some pros just need self-justification for the unnecessarily high amounts of money they shell out for their gear.

    • Foolishcfo

      Are you talking about the MB-D12 grip or the grip on the main camera? The MB-D12 grip is perfectly sized and a nice addition to the D800.

    • Sahaja

      Looks like they put an FX sensor in basically a D7000 body.

      I like the size.

    • Erick

      Completely agree. D800 grip is too small. And mode button layout is bad. Switch record button with Mode button with a firmware change please.

  • Bryan

    This is going to be a tough call. Assuming the current list of specs are true, this would be a step down in SOME ways from my D300. I guess I was really hoping for a D300 type body on this thing.

    • Bret M

      Yeah I’m slightly surprised that the “FX in D7k” rumor was true, I thought being a Dxxx camera it’d have that body style that the D200/Fuji S5 started. The mirror box looks pretty small despite having an obviously large mirror… I wonder if this will be a pentamirror finder like a budget camera?

      I’m glad I spilled for the D800 but this still looks nice and it’s smaller size could make it the ultimate FX backup camera. I wonder if it’ll have the 5:4 and 1.2x crop modes as well and at what framerates?

  • Sum_it

    This is fantastic! I am a canon shooter and have too many lenses invested in the brand. But dang Nikon is kicking some a$$! So jealous!

  • Niktard

    I am not interested in this camera.

    • Anonymous

      I am sure you will like one of the many P&S that Nikon has to offer via its Coolpix line.

  • D4rkW0lf

    Why aren’t there photos of the rear? A big surprise for the announcement, with a d5100-like screen? Today news has make me happy, an orientable screen could make me a bit happier. If the price will be affordable like rumors say, this could finally replace/join my beloved F301 and my father’s F70, without retire Ai-S lenses in a cold basement. Hoping for a pentaprism and a good focusing screen.

    My compliments to the admin for this site which is in a word…just GREAT!!

  • Groosome

    Can’t wait to see the back. As expected what’s out so far looks like the D7000 except the record button. Will be interesting to see the layout in its place and the viewfinder size. My D7000 is only a few months old and even though it will probably be a stepping stone for a D600 it’s an awesome camera.

    • Greg

      Well, to be exact, the D7000 is 7 months old. Released in December 2011.

      • Fred

        Actually September 2010, so almost 2 years old.

        • Groosome

          D7000 such a great camera, still usually in the 10 most viewed cameras on dpreview over 18mths after release. To clarify I’d move to the D600 provided it has 100% viewfinder. I never want to use less than 100% again 🙂 Bigger would help too!

      • milos

        Camera is old from the time when it is officialy announced by a company not when you bought it

        • Allen W.

          “Announced” is meaningless. Only ship date matters.

  • I would totally buy this as a secondary body, or even have it take point on jobs that doesn’t require 36mp images. It does look a little small, but throw a grip on that thing and I would have zero problems with it.

    Good stuff, Nikon.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    The news for sum of both lenses don’t seem to have gathered interest of even the 1/10th of D600 news. Look at the entries. Duh!

    It should have been the opposite… As being the first compact VR FX, the 24-85mm VR is a more exciting item than the D600 which is offering nothing special other than its low price.

    • Edubya

      Are you kidding me? FX gets smaller, lighter, and below $2K, and it’s not significant?

      • Erick

        He cares about a zoom f/3.5 more than it. LOL

      • Anonymous Maximus

        Smaller, lighter & cheaper FX body has no real sense, because FX lenses are bigger, heavier & pricier (some exceptions won’t change the fact)…

        • Allen W.

          Of course smaller/lighter/cheaper makes sense! If it gets the job done we all know the glass is what matters, so if the _glass_ can capture many (obviously not all) of the same pix used on a smaller/lighter/cheaper body that is a very good thing.

        • mcd

          That’s right. Everyone knows the quality of the image is directly proportional to the weight of the camera body……..

  • True_amateur

    This camera was not planned for Pros. It was planned for amateurs like me. And i’m thrilled! I’m saving some money right now!

  • Subhasis

    Hi Admin:

    First of all, thank you very much for all the leaks and selecting only the reliable information in a very smart fashion.

    I will be very interested in seeing a photo of the back of the D600. I would very much like to see if NIkon moved the “AE-L/AF-L” button closer to the right side so it can be more easily reachable than on a D7000. If I buy this camera, I would always use that button for AF-ON – hence the request for the photo of the back controls of the D600.

    Thanks again.

  • neopavlik

    Awesome !

    I’ve been waiting years to upgrade my D40+D70S and this looks like the jump I’ve been waiting for !

  • Thought

    First, congrats to Nikon…they are really hitting on all cylinders in the market.

    Second, this makes sense to start having cheaper FX almost take the place of the more expensive APS-C cameras in the market.

    The better mirrorless ILC’s are already putting some pressure on APS-C dslrs…at some point you need to compete with a larger sensor. For when it gets to the point that a crop DSLR is as expensive or moreso than some of the nicer MILC’s…then many consumers will choose the MILC.

    In fact MILC’s are also forcing consumer DSLR’s to become smaller…witness the trend.

    Sensor tech is improving rapidly just like all forms of electronic devices…what will matter more and more to the consumer will be size, convenience, ease of use, connectivity, etc.

    • Z

      “they are really hitting on all cylinders in the market”

      The result = Cacophony 🙁

  • Herege

    Good news! Some confirmation for FPS?

  • reno

    where is the replacement of d700 ? i want a mini d4 at half price .

    • Anonymous

      Do you want fries with that too?

      • Ken Rockwell

        No, but I do want a pony.

  • The FX that fits my budget is finally here! If the image quality is comparable to the D700, I am definitely getting it!

  • Wow, there are a lot of snooty pros on here reacting in anger to this camera not being “pro” enough, aren’t there??? lol You know, the point of this camera is to be an ENTRY level full frame, so naturally it’s going to be pared down significantly, especially in comparison to the D800 and even the D700. So what if it has a “green” mode or whatever? As long as it still has manual mode you’re fine. And if it looks too small on the grip, I’m sure they’ll have a battery grip that will make up for that (I have a D700 and a D7000 with the grip, and it makes a huge difference in handling). I think ultimately this has the potential to be a brilliant move by Nikon. And I think this can be the ideal backup to a D700, D800 or D4 as it’s also full frame and you won’t have to take the crop factor into consideration (the way I do with my cameras); that’s the big thing for me.

    • My friend, there aren’t any pros complainig, only gear heads. The Pros bought their d800 or d4 and are using it with no problems whatsoever. And they are going to buy the d600 if it suits their needs for whatever their doing. Just as thousands of Canon professionals like wedding photogs, journalists and even war photographers were using their 5d mkII though it has a ”green” mode (and doesn’t have a supperior build) and achieved beatyfull results we are going to buy and love this new camera while the gear heads on a budget can buy a D2X with a 17-55 and feel important and ”pro” since they can walk around with a huge camera. (not that this isn’t a great combo)

      • kyoshinikon

        I do low end pro work and cannot afford a D4 or D800 (too many other things out there that want my hard earned money). Im not complaining tho. MyD7000/D200/D90 get used like a workhorse and they get the job done.

  • Philip Kjartansson

    Perfect! Glad I didn’t rush for a D800; I like the size of the D7000 and always wanted an FX D7000 and here it is. Wonderful.

  • Al

    All out attack by Nikon.
    This camera reminds me of the 5D. Canons entry level full frame, but the D600 will steal business from the 5D Mark II.
    Once again you have a lot of people whining about this and that.

    Listen, its and “entry level FX” with 24 MP.
    Key words ENTRY, FX, 24MP…… for $1500 !!!!

    Nikon knows what theyre doing, all these idiots complaining about this and that…..listen if you were smarter you’d be working at Nikon, not complaining on a keyboard.

    You want a better camera, save up and get a D800, or a D4, or a D3s.

    You gotta pay to play !!!

    If you think Nikon is going to put out a 24MP w 100-25,000 Native ISO with 12 FPS , 82 AF points, 1080 video and in camera HDR for under $2000 you guys are super big idiots…

    Let them do what they do, this is one of their best years and theyre definatly on the right track. Canon is sweating…..

    Sincerely, a Nikon Fanboy

    • Karen G.


  • Vin

    “allrighty THEN…”!!!

  • Nora

    I really didn’t like this body for the cam .. its look so cheap for nikon .. its like D90 but D90 is more better I hope that this is a joke .. i wish nikon come out with great body & specifications

    or they come with a great cheap full frame with other name .. it seems to me like Canon 600D

    and when we will see the new camera i hope we dont wait more and more

    • Sahaja

      The D90 is one of Nikon’s most successful cameras – why do you think they are still selling it? Maybe they are trying to have something just as successful for FX.

      The design looks pretty much like the D7000

  • Orb Emmel

    Reading all the comments about “oh that’s shit I’d rather have a D800 or a D4 even though it’s not even good enough” never gets old 😉 I wonder how many are actually shooting with a Coolpix as their primary body 😉

    My 2 cents is that you get what you pay for, up to you to be smart enough to pay for what you actually need.

    Back to the D600… Assuming this is real, this looks like an updated D7000 with FX sensor. Honnestly, for the use I have, for the photography I do, I wouldn’t want to pay for anything “pro-er” than my D7000, because I don’t need it… However, assuming it is below the $2000 mark, I would consider this camera as a complement to my D7000, so as to (finally) have access to real wide-angle lenses, while still keeping the DX advantage with tele lenses that the D7000 provides me.

    Looking forward to the actual announcement and first reviews…


  • John

    A comparison of the D600 images with the D700:

  • Luis Santos

    rear pictures…

    • JLK

      This isn’t that kind of site! 😉

      • hokomoko


  • The Man from Mandrem

    I question the need for a D7100 if they come out with this. Hopefully they will at least stiffen the mode dial so it doesn’t shift around as much.

    • Agreed

      • thomas

        they did; look at the dial; there is a lock button on it

    • No need for a stiffer dial – you noticed the centre lock button???

  • Thought

    If the rumored price point is correct or in the same league, then this will really pressure Canon with its 5d mark iii pricing.

    For many consumers this will be seen as at least an equal to the 5diii or at least very close, for half the price.

    Canon must answer this, and I bet they will.

  • roy

    It’s going to be a major hit!
    When is it coming out?!

  • ggweci

    Looks great. Exactly what I would like to upgrade from my D90 to.

    If the the kit w/ 24-85 VR comes in at $2K, FX here I come!

    • Orb Emmel

      If you can live with ISO performance of the D90 (and can afford not to sell it), consider keeping your D90 as a 2nd body, especially for longer focal lengths…

      If you’re into telephoto lenses, remember that to match the 300mm f/4 on your D90, a FX body would need a 450mm f/4 (so either a 400mm f/2.8 or a 500mm f/4, much more expensive, big, heavy,…)

      • Nikon John

        This looks like what I have been wanting to upgrade from my D80. Better ISO performance, more focus points, and I can crop my pictures taken with telephoto lens and still have more resolution than I do now. That new 24-85 VR would be good, too, as I only have a DX lens in that range.

  • Emanuele

    Yeeeesssss :-))))))))))) Thanks Peter!!!! I love Nikon Rumors! 😀

  • FTRG8R

    Interesting that there’s no remote port on the right side. I wonder if it uses the DX IR remote.

    If so, and it doesn’t have built-in GPS, then it may make it harder to use some of the existing off-board GPS units.

    • Orb Emmel

      Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the small triangle above the “D600” sign was the front IR receiver…

      I hope it will be compatible with the DX wired remote MC-DC2, which I prefer to the IR remote : you have the 2-stage release button, the shutter lock, no batteries to care about, and… yes, I prefer it to the IR even though you have to buy a tripod for your bottom, so as to sit right next to your camera.

  • Just a guess:

    The Nikon D600 will cost 1900 US dollars.

  • Big J

    I don’t get why the bitching about it not being a “pro” camera and meant for “amateurs like us.” Being a pro or amateur isn’t measured, by the damn camera, it’s measured by the creativity, experience and many, many other factors by the USER. Get that straight ffs.

    • Hermenpaca

      Well, in fact, being a “pro” has nothing to so with the camera or the creativity. It is related to earning money with your pictures. There are MANY “pros” using cheap cameras/lenses, and MANY “pros” with little creativity (e.g. many wedding photographers I have met).
      So qualifying a camera as “pro” should only mean “one that is usually bought by professionals”, but it is totally unrelated to the use you can give to it.
      Bottom line: stop complaining, and buy whatever camera fits you, based on price/characteristics!

  • jacknation

    This camera is perfect for my needs, small and light, I dig that lock button, reminiscent of my trusty F4.

  • kyoshinikon

    This is the camera I’ve been waiting for… A D7000 with a fx sensor 😀

  • Alex

    I don’t believe there will be a D400 as we think of it. It seems as though Nikon is shifting the model designations. I think the D400 will be a new plastic body FX with no AF motor. The FX replacements of the D400,600, 800 will be D410, 610, 810. DX will stay 3K, 5K, 7K. The dropped DX line will be the professional.

  • Alex
  • Sahaja

    Prediction: With that green auto-mode setting, Ken Rockwell is going to love this camera.

  • Mark

    Any guesses on the ETA?

  • Analyst

    I think all of the negativity here is from people who are either:

    * DX users who jumped up to full-frame to early, and now they’re mad cause they could have waited and made the jump for half the money
    * FX users who enjoyed being MSRP elitists and now that the barrier to FX has dropped even further, they won’t be feel like they are special snowflakes anymore
    * People who don’t understand that price==features and a camera with more features will cost more money — everything is like that, sorry

    As a dedicated DX user, I am just happy Nikon is continuing to push the envelope instead of stagnating. 😛

    • +100000000

    • thomas

      You forgot the D300s owners who are mad at this camera because it delays the D400 and who feel this is not a “pro” body enough for them…yes TaoTeJared talking about you.

  • oJoe

    Still holding onto that D700 in the hopes of selling it to fund another purchase??? Here is your “stop waiting and sell NOW !” call…

    Twice the resolution (of even a D3s)
    Full Frame
    Under 2 grand
    Nikon F Mount

    Unless your D700 holds $2000.00 worth of sentiment … Now is the time to let it go.

    Looks like a good bit of technology for the price.

    • Stephen

      Are you telling me that when the D600 comes out, my D700 will stop taking the amazing pictures that it does?

      • No he is not! He is telling you, that if you do want to sell your D700, you should not wait, people like you, who want to keep it, at not mentioned at all:

        “Still holding onto that D700 in the hopes of selling it to fund another purchase???”

        • oJoe

          Sorry to also point out that I even took aim at the D3s: “Twice the resolution (of even a D3s)” …

          And no, I did not say that older generation cameras were incapable of taking amazing pictures. My point is that with each release of new cameras, Nikon (and Canon, Sony, etc) impacts the market in a variety of ways. One way that the market is impacted is by reducing the value of previously released cameras.

          This iteration is unique however, in the sense that it a a product that to date has been unheard of… A full frame camera below $2000.00 or as some want to call it: an “ENTRY level FX” … IMHO Nikon is blurring the lines. Prior to this camera’s appearance on the horizon it was assumed (for lack of a better word) that FX bodies were intended for the “Pros” and since there were a limited number of FX models to chose from that assumption or at least the perception of that held true…

          This camera (if it comes to fruition) not only eliminates the FX=Pro assumption it also impacts my previous observation in a very large way. This camera (yes I am ready for the bashing) even impacts the D3x’s value in the used market in addition to the value of the D3, the D3s and the D700 before it. So if and when this camera appears why on earth would anyone cough up what they are paying now for a used D3 (~$2000), D3s (~4000) or D3x (~$?,000) ???

          The new FX lineup with the addition of this rumored D600 pulls the rug out completely from the old FX lineup.

          Under $2000 for an “entry” level FX body with twice the resolution of the D3/D3s and D700

          $3000 for the D800 with 36 megapixels

          $6000 for the D4 that runs circles around the (almighty – sarcasm) D3x

          The value of all those previous “Pro FX” bodies just took (or is about to take) a major blow…

          If it makes you feel any better and despite the above, my FG-20 is still a very capable tool and still takes amazing photos.


    • Stephen

      Oh and you forgot one thing:


      Of course if i want a video camera, i would rather buy a dedicated one instead of wasting space on the body with a button i will never use.

    • Can’t help it

      What’s wrong with D700? Has everyone become Mpix-crazy? I printed 24×36 off of 12MP sensor with slight rescaling and it looks great. Why? Because no one in his right mind looks at 24×36 with his nose to the canvas. Want higher resolution — stitch 500 shots and get gazillion Mpix, — D800 can’t compete. So what’s left — the downsizing for high ISO crowd? Good luck on your hard labor, I’ll take D700 high ISO performance with no extra hassles any time. Well, D800 has a much more usable DX crop, but for those wanting DX crop there are cheaper options out there. And for FX as investment worriers, your hard earned cash would be better spent buying securities, not cameras, cameras are for shooting…

      • burgerman

        I have d800 and d700.

        The d800 wins on resolution, dynamic range (huge win!) colours, exposure accuracy, focus speed and uncanny ability to get it right, veiwfinder accuracy, AND noise (yes even without downsizing, but the PC or printer does this every time single you look at or print any image regardless unless you are looking at door sized pictures…)

        What does the d700 do better? Nothing I can find. I no longer look at it. Will keep it as a spare but thats it. We wont mention movies because they dont interest me.

        Or the better auto ISO with lens length taken into account too and a choice if faster shutter speed preference etc or the fact it can also be a 20 or 9 megapixel camera with sharper than native shots, since this effectively removes the bayer and the low pass filter blur… Or its better DX performance or cropping capability. d700? Forget it. It was a good camera, still is, but the d800 blows it away.

        Oh and its now on 2.5k perfect fault free shots.

        • Les

          Probably have to disagree with you here on some of your comments. Have some direct comparison pictures from both the D800 and D700 and from these and other forums the D800 is not a perfect camera.

          For me the D800 is lighter, faster, has better dynamic range, 3x pixel resolution and seems to have better focus than the D700. The D700 just seems to take better pictures most of the time compared to the D800. For example it appears to have better reds, more consistent contrast, more consistent white balance (green tint) vs brightness and more low level light in each photo. All of this can mostly be fixed in Lightroom 4.1 however a lot more pictures need more work using the D800 compared to the D700

  • Kon

    What do we know about video on this thing? Is it as good as the D800?

  • john

    admin, what do you think the price going to be? thanks.

  • Joseph

    Very cool! I’ll still be keeping my D700 because I’ve got a motor drive and it really cooks when I need it to, and my new D800E is amazing, but I’m glad Nikon is innovating and bringing this to the market. I still think it’ll be no less than $1999 personally.

    • inginerul

      This also has a motor drive, look at the mount. It is also the reason it is pictured with that D lens mounted.

      • Bret M

        I think you may not know what a motor drive is… he means like the 8fps his D700 makes with the battery grip. (not the built-in AF motor)

        • tnt

          Where does it say it can/cant do grip w 8fps? Did i miss that?

          • Rob

            It would need more processing power than the D4 to get 8 fps. 8fps @24MP > 11fps @ 16MP.

            While possible, I think D800 owners would feel a bit upset if a camera for half the price they paid came with significantly greater bandwidth.

            • Bret M

              We were talking about 8 fps with the D700, in reply to the comment by “Joseph.”

              Does no one read the posts they’re replying to?

            • LP

              No Rob, my D800 is a dream, I truly don’t need 8fps, don’t even need 4fps, I need the D800 as is, IF I needed something faster, I wouldn’t own this one, it’s called research, buy what you need. I guess no one is buying a D800 to be upset because it only goes @ 4fps, I mean, this makes a lot of sense.

            • Rob

              I guess I should have worded that better. Instead of “D800 owners being upset,” think more along the lines of “potential D800 buyers instead buying a camera that makes Nikon a lot less money.” Even if it were possible, sometimes in business it makes sense to purposely cripple your own product as to not cannibalize sales from a higher profit margin item.

              Giving it 8 FPS certainly would entice quite a few people to the D600 over the D800. 5fps won’t, as the difference is too marginal.

            • Ingloryon

              It’s not just about processing power. The mecanism of shutter and mirror makes continuous shooting harder too. Sony A77 do 12fps @ 24mp.

            • Thomas

              The D4’s capture rate is not “maxed”, the digital throughput can handle more, but is dialed back (limited artificially) for hardware stress reasons.

              Which is why they have a shutter warranty/ rating for 300,000 shots.

        • Alex

          I think anyone who refers to an extended battery grip as a “motor drive” is stuck in a film metaphor bizzaro world.

          • Anon

            And I think anyone who doesn’t understand the reference is an imbecile.

          • Alan B.

            Not really. It IS a motor drive. You add power to increase shooting speed. Hurp a Durp.

            That’s exactly what a motor drive does idiot.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Keep it civil you lot. Stop the unwarranted name-calling.

            • Travis

              There is no motor drive in battery grip. And idiot is you.
              D700 does 8FPS not because is it has a motor drive but because its battery grip gives it enough power to do so. D90/7000 also has a motor drive but do not have increased FPS with battery grip.

            • Sports

              Who let all those children in?

            • Patrik

              Actually the D700 does 8fps without the battery grip, but you need to trick it. This proves that it has the power with just the internal battery, but is crippled by Nikon to make you buy another piece of equipment. I am sure that they justify this by some sort of “the internal battery would over-heat if used at 8fps” mumbo jumbo. Nikon is luckly not the worst offender of this kind of manipulation. Still would be good to be able to hack the firmware to get a few needed ‘adjustments’ (2-3 f-stop bracketting steps would be wonderful for HDR, D800 didn’t fix that :-(.

          • Weef


          • stepper

            Hahaha… Agree with you 100%

      • Joseph

        Bret is right, I mean a grip, not an AF motor.

        • Mike

          Bret is wrong, as he clearly doesn’t understand what a motor drive is. :]

          • ben

            Motor drive died with film.
            The grip has no motor in it now.

            • Anon

              Film is not dead.

            • canapé

              no. ni ahí.
              el film está vivo.
              solo dejó de ser mainstream.

            • R1S

              Motor drive used for advancing film automatically on a manual advance camera. Ex. Nikon md4 for the F3.

          • Travis

            So may be you will explain the?

    • Joaquim Prado

      Using the E version for general work how often you get the moiré effect compared to your D700?

      • Joseph

        Haven’t seen it ever.

        Yes motor drive is an old term, sorry. I still shoot 35mm as well as 4×5/120 so I sometimes still use old film terms.

        • Bret M

          okay cool, that’s what I thought. It’s kind of funny that people have forgotten what “motor drive” even means nowadays… which makes it even more depressing that Nikon forces us to buy battery grips to speed up the framerate on our cameras.

          I know there’s probably some issue with high framerates with the stock voltage batteries but the D800 will do 6fps in DX and 5 fps in 1.2x, why can’t I have 6 fps in FX? I don’t even care if the buffer goes down to 8 shots that’s fine.

          • Allen W.

            “…Nikon forces us to buy battery grips to speed up the framerate on our cameras…”

            Are you nuts? If you want world-class fast just buy D2/D3/D4 , duh.

            Smaller cameras have a place, and the ability to add a battery grip is a _bonus_!

          • Ronan

            It’s more funny when you think the DXXX have a motor drive grip…

          • Ian

            which makes it even more depressing that Nikon forces us to buy battery grips to speed up the framerate on our cameras.

            You have to buy a grip, D3 battery, and D3 battery charger. Why? Because shooting at D3 speeds requires a D3 level of power from the battery, and the small D700 battery can’t provide it.

            The D700 was one of the most amazing DSLR deals ever, it was pretty much a D3 in a smaller body with a smaller battery for half the price. It blows my mind that some people still find ways to complain about this…

            • Alan B.

              Hahaha, so true.

            • Edubya


              The D700 was and remains an awesome camera.

            • Patrik

              Actually the D700 does 8fps without the battery grip, but you need to trick it (look it up on the internet, I tried it and it works!). This proves that it has the power with just the internal battery, but is crippled by Nikon to make you buy another piece of equipment. I am sure that they justify this by some sort of “the internal battery would over-heat if used at 8fps” mumbo jumbo. Nikon is luckly not the worst offender of this kind of manipulation…

            • Ian

              I am sure that they justify this by some sort of “the internal battery would over-heat if used at 8fps” mumbo jumbo.

              That’s not mumbo jumbo. Have you seen what happens to Li-Ion batteries that overheat or have too much current drawn from them? They burn and/or explode, certainly destroying the camera and perhaps taking part of your hand with it. I’ll pass, thanks.

            • Patrik

              As I said, I tried it. Couldn’t tell any difference in heat. Leaving the back LCD on heats the camera 1000 times faster than the fast shooting mode. Nikon crippled it on purpose.

      • Cuius

        See the revised D800/800E dpreview – page 28

  • looks like a d7000!

    doesnt a full frame need a bigger prism?

    • MJr

      And it has one.

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