Amazon Germany expects to start shipping the Nikon D800 on June 8th updated the status of the Nikon D800 as "available from June 8th, 2012".

There is a good chance you can get one, considering that had D800 in stock few weeks ago.

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  • jwdw

    In the Netherlands the nikon D800 was already available in the Mediamarkt superstore . I could already try it there.

  • &*#%!

    i want my D800E now!

  • PAG

    I’m considering a D3200 for my wife, you has major weight restrictions due to health problems. What’s happened to their delivery? I though they were shipping back in April but availability seems rather limited. Admin, I know this doesn’t excite much of the NR fan base but if you have any info, I’d appreciate it.

    • Mark J.

      Sorry to hear about your wife’s problem. I got a herniated disc right now and lugging gear(about 15lb of it when i go hiking) has become real pain in the back. That said, non gripped camera bodies(especially DX) don’t really change weight all that much. just a few ounces up and down. Which makes the real weight gain be what your putting on the camera. e.g., the lens.

  • I live in Germany and called my nearest camera shop on monday and they said they would note me on preorder list and said it could take some time till they get their next shipping.
    Today they called me and said they got one today, that would be mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So situation seems pretty good in Germany.

    • also, got my two 800es today and i already delayed one month

  • Greg

    Cant decide wether to spend that much money or to wait for a D7100…

  • Adam Ebihara

    Wonderful! The D4?

  • There may have been a massive shipment to Europe For what its worth, I received the message today that my D800 is shipping. Ordered Feb. 29th.

  • FDF

    2900โ‚ฌ? WTF?

    • 19 percent VAT

      • Scott M

        $3621.25 in todays’ euro exchange rate. Quite a tax that VAT.

        • Cuius

          Guess why they’re sending supplies to Europe not the USA.

          See also EN-EL15 batteries – shortage in the States, readily available – at a price – in Europe

          • sloma_p

            Nikon’s profit is about the same, maybe even less, so I can’t see whay you say they should (and do) send more stock to Europe. The vAT tax (basically sales tax) is being collected by govrnment – Nikon doesn’t get a penny from it…

  • Freitag ist Guttag

  • Dean

    My D800E was delivered from B&H today. I ordered within minutes of them listing the pre-order. Also, I’m on the west coast so it took a week to get.

    • Leon

      does it have any back focusing issues?
      can you reply by email, i back ordered mine from BnH in hopes they re-mediated that issue

      • Dean

        I have not even had a chance to open the box. I’ll do that today!

  • mike

    I have two D800’s on order in the uk from two different suppliers and neither has a dogs chance of getting me one. I’m thinking of nailing my very expensive Nikon lens’s to my eyes and blinking and yay my photographs are my memories!

  • remco_rc

    @ JWDW : which mediamarkt was that?

  • Henri108

    You are lauching yourself dead for what reason???

    • jorg

      This is just a saying. I lol because you get D800s in stores everywhere in germany. Whoever spends months waiting for hardly ‘needs’ that camera.

      • T.I.M

        Wake up !

        Nikon is delivering many D800/e to Germany because the Photokina is in Cologne this year.

        You don’t want to see all the angry German photographers at the photokina because they had to wait 6 months for Nikon’s flagship camera !

  • RoryW

    It makes sense for the delivery to be made available in Germany – after all the Germans are the people with all the money in Europe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • helari

    Also available in

  • Mike

    Great! I’ll fucking move to Germany right now. Should be no problem.

  • Bill7727

    I ordered a D800 on May 29th from Bedford Camera in Arkansas. I was number 11 on their list. One hour after I placed the order they call me to say they would receive their next delivery of D800’s from Nikon on Monday or Tuesday and it would be enough to cover their waiting list. It will be delivered tomorrow. I guess I’ll cancel my order I placed with B&H back on Feb 25th. I’ll miss their useless emails.

  • Foolishcfo

    I keep reading on this site how Europe is a bigger market for Nikon than the U.S. Yet everywhere you read how supply is available. Maybe they’re buying d3200’s? Very frustrating Nikon can’t figure distribution out and get product where demand is greatest.

  • Does this mean production is catching up to demand?

    • Foolishcfo

      It seems like it’s more a case of Nikon mis-estimating where the demand would come from. Hopefully that means that less will be destined for Europe and more for the U.S.

      • Rudi

        Hmm, I think it’s not a problem of U.S. vs. Europe but if everybody is ordering from B&H what do you expect? Nikon only delivering B&H? I also preordered my D4 with a bigger dealer in Germany and was waiting for it while a smaller shop (also in Hamburg) has had them already in the shop so I cancelled my preorder and bought one next door! That was at the beginning of April and I also could have bought a D800 in the same shop!

        So sometimes it’s better to give smaller shops a chance. That’s what I also heard from the U.S.

        • Foolishcfo

          Its not just B&H. They get the rap for being the largest and best. Amazon, Adorama, Ritz, Samys, Calumet, Abe’s, etc. can’t fill their preorders yet we hear about cameras readily available in Europe and Hong Kong. This could suggest Nikon over-estimated demand in some countries while underestimating in the U.S. Nikon still had a big problem with U.S. deliveries.

  • Jason.

    Here is an update on the story of Nikon doing its part to bury the history of sexual slavery during World War II. It made it to CNN.

    • Selenium

      Link above is not direct, here are direct links (some photos on the 1st);

      Ignoring Japan’s comfort women [CNN 6-05-2012]

      Korean ‘Comfort women’ demand justice

      • thanks for the link

        • Selenium

          no prob

      • PixelBrine

        I don’t know how accurate it is but a comment on one of those videos in broken English basically says Nikon canceled the exhibit at their gallery because they offer gallery space for free and the photographer was soliciting money from people on his website saying it was needed to display his images at the gallery. Nikon’s gallery apparently has a policy of not allowing people to display their images in the Nikon gallery as a way of making money. It also says they have a policy of not allowing exhibits that target a politician or political party (although that does not seem to be the case with this exhibit).

  • Alain2x

    Why don’t you change name to “Amazon rumors”

    It would be more clear, and fair for the readers

  • Alexander

    Even the pixmania site say it will be available from June 8th.

  • meee

    Just realizing the 2โ‚ฌ price reduction – as a German, that clearly convinces me now!

    • Guestd200

      That’s right- especially if it is delivered by UPS!

  • Guestd200

    This week, I got “my” D800E. I had ordered it in a pro shop (in Germany) about mid-May and hadn’t ask for a fast delivery.
    Actually, I was looking for a D400. The D300 didn’t mean a major step foward ( at least for me as a D200 user). I hoped the DX-format would result in cheaper and not so heavy gear.
    Now I am back at FX! No problem: I own only two DX lenses: 12-24mm and 17-50 mm…

    Now I have a major step forward in my hands… nice!

  • T.I.M

    Take a look at this:

    “I am not shipping or selling the camera to New York State Residents!
    (to avoid having to collect the taxes, as a “normal” local retail store must do)”

    The seller is from Brooklyn New York, he already sold more than 14 D800/D800e
    Are you wondering why you did not receive your D800/e from the big retail strores in NY ?

  • CB

    seems like things have changed. Now D800 is not in stock and no delivery date estimate is given.

  • anon
  • EMDExpress

    Just received my D800 today from my local shop and it has the firmware update already installed.

  • Different lens test with a Nikon D800:

  • Sven

    Looks like Nikon Germany has delivered the first batch of D800s to photo stores. I had a pre-order at Amazon placed on February 8th. After March 22nd I started roaming around the local stores and had no difficulty to buy my D800. I could have even bought another two. By that time I haven’t had any information from Amazon. Glad I didn’t keep my pre-order…

    • rainer

      Nikon Germany also delivered very early to Media Markt (!). I got mine on march at Friedrichshafen. 3 also were in Singen. The salesman told me that almost nobody took notice of the camera. It seems the customers just had a look at photo stores and online retailers and didn’t expect a discounter as Media Markt to have some. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still some D800 in some Media Markt in Germany. Lying around in a glass cabinet in some small cities.

  • dmcdougall

    D800’s are currently in-stock on Amazon

  • Nitpicker

    This is so hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚ I have my D800 since the beginning of April, ordered and delivered by Amazon Germany within 24 hours, not knowing that this would be special. Now the whole world seems to have trouble getting one ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry but this make me grin..

  • marek

    I have ordered one here in slovakia, for which im still waiting – 2months. Today I decided to call some shops in Czech Republic and got one instantly. yay.
    There are lot in stock in Czech Rep., so if you can..give it a try.

  • TimmyD

    i ordered the d800 about one or 2 month ago with and got it three days ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  • iMe

    Heyy all. I’ve read people comments about wainting and then recieving their D800, so I thought I would share mine. I ordered mine about 2 months ago at Jessops here in the U.K and been wainting since. on Wednesday I went to the store to check on some info about the camera, I was told to wait. Yesterday I was thinking of going to the store today to cancel my order and order online, so this morning I checked my phone, and I recieved a message from Jessops saying my camera is ready for pick up today 09/06/12. WoW I was just about to go there and cancel it, well its here now. Good luck to all that are waiting.

  • Yes, I`m looking at B&H and they are moving looks like in progress. Quote slow but soon it will catch up with the demand of D800. Would like to move to D800 form d7000 but being on the waiting list kills you slowly.

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