Nikon D800 delivery situation improving in the US

B&H sent out this email to existing D4/D800/D800E pre-orders - the situation with D800 deliveries is improving, but this seems not to be the case with the Nikon D4/D800E:

Dear ***:

You're receiving this message because you ordered but have not yet received a Nikon D800, D800E or D4 camera.

We are happy to report that we have seen an uptick in both the frequency of D800 deliveries to us and the quantity of camera bodies per shipment and we are hopeful that this trend will continue. As we have in the past, we will continue to fill orders in the order we received them.
For the D4 and D800E we have not seen the same improvement yet but we do anticipate an increase in frequency and volume during the months of June and July.

We understand that you might want to know your place in our order queue. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge this information because doing so would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature. We note from comments made in various online forums that several of our competitors have also adopted policies of the same nature. While we are very aware that some customers may find this policy frustrating, it is nevertheless necessary. We understand that you are interested in the speed with which your order will be filled, and we will continue to fill orders as quickly as we get cameras from Nikon USA.

We remain grateful for your patience and patronage and are honored by your trust.
Henry Posner
Director of Corporate Communications
B&H Photo-Video

If you have received your D4/D800/D800E - when did you order it and from which store? Please post in the comments - this may be helpful to other readers.

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  • jyen

    Any order from J&R? any updates?

    • Chuck

      They called me this morning to make sure my shipping address is right but said they did not know when they were going to get any in. I ordered a D800e.

      • Annel

        I bet they did that to make sure you still wanted it. So many people ordering from multiple places so it makes sense.

  • Manu Schnetzler

    Ordered the D800E on Feb 7th 8:32am PST from Adorama. They said they shipped it on Friday, should be delivered tomorrow.

  • jose

    i order my d800 on feb 12 at best they cancel my order un april 20 , now i order a new d800e from b&h and i receive the same mail…

    what a bad service of nikon!!!!

    • Jan

      Looks like bad service from BB not Nikon.

  • John

    Love the frog croaking , I’ve been saying that for months!!! lol

  • pete

    Placed an order mid-March for the D800E at B&H. Still waiting.
    Placed another order at Best Buy via phone only when they could confirm pickup date of 6/6/12. Instead of delivery, BB sent me an email that they are cancelling the order – but that they have the D800 in stock and that they will help me in placing an order for it to ship to my home (website was not accepting orders). But when I called BB, they could not place an order for me as it showed no stock. What gives ??
    Why is BB sending out misleading emails to placate erred orders ??

  • Frank

    Ordered D4 on Announcement Day (NPS – Grays of Westminster)
    Delivered in first batch March 16 – (Investigating change of Dynamic range since firmware update??)
    I just love it – Well worth the wait/price – produces the most beautiful pictures!

    Ordered D800 start of last month with about 170 already in the queue.
    Waiting to do a big big print with my D800 when it arrives (bit like the British summer – we had it last week for a day – ah well it’ll be back next year!!!)

  • D700guy

    I recieved my D4 last week, and the D800e is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.
    The D4 came from Adorama, and the D800e from B&H.
    Important to note though; I pre-ordered both of these bodies on the first day they were available to do so at each of these stores. I am non NPS.

    • Vin

      @D700guy< do you remember the time of your D800E order from B&H?

  • Jeremy

    Nikon distribution strategy is an epic FAIL!

    The stores with the longest wait times (4 Months and counting) are those highly reputable dedicated camera stores in major cities with terrific support structures, plenty of in stock accessories, hundreds of rental lenses and cameras for pros, plenty of highly knowledgeable sales people and high numbers of savvy customers. In short the “go to” places for high end camera gear.

    However, if you order from a relatively unknown backwoods store that normally does not sell much in the way of high end cameras and accessories then you will get a D800 in two to three weeks!

    Go figure!

    Why is Nikon is trying to KILL the large professional stores that have large numbers of highly trained staff and need to sell reasonable volumes to pay big city retail overhead??

    • Andrew

      You answered your own question. If a store is unknown, then they are more likely to have their two high-end cameras sitting on the shelf because they are “unknown” and thus very few people know they exist. Are you saying that Nikon should not ship them “not even” a single camera or two?

      Nikon is not trying to kill the large professional stores. The demand for these cameras “most likely” far exceed Nikon’s projections. It is an indication that Nikon has attained the right combination of desired features and pricing for these cameras (D4 and D800). So the problem is not with Nikon’s distribution strategy, it is that their distribution is being overwhelmed by unusually high demand. You should celebrate that Nikon has released a camera that is meeting the needs of many photographers.

      • Jeremy

        Nikon distribution strategy rewards people that phone round to unknown stores that carry little stock and few accessories, few staff and with low overhead.

        Nikon distribution strategy punishes the large “go to” camera stores with large overhead and excellent stock and support for camera gear & accessories.

        You cannot argue the facts. People are getting D800 cameras within two to three weeks if they phone round meanwhile loyal customers waiting patiently in line with full deposit are shafted with a 4 month wait.

        IMHO Epic Marketing FAIL by Nikon Distribution!

        Of course, nobody can argue that engineering got it right. The engineering group at Nikon hit it right out of the ball park!!! Awesome camera!

        • KnightPhoto

          Epic Jeremy ordering FAIL 😉

          This new release purchasing pattern has been known for YEARS. Where ya been Jeremy?

          Order local on new high demand releases. Didja think those of us been shooting the new rigs for months just lucked into that strategy? You haven’t been paying attention if you think this is some kinda new phenomenon.

          • Phil

            I dont think because the rest of the camera consumers have learned how to tolerate terrible distribution system that no other industry shares – makes the system okay.

            Oh…Blizzard shipped 6.3 million Diablo 3 last month. Preorders started half a year before.

            6.3 million. And people are gasping for air to realize that their local store has a lineup of 60 people ordering a D800.
            I agree with Jeremy – EPIC FAIL :p.

            Nikon makes 1 camera – ships it to small store in nowhere. Then makes another camera..ships it to a small store across the world. How is this a good shipping strategy, even? :p

            • Jeremy

              Phil says,

              “Nikon makes 1 camera – ships it to small store in nowhere. Then makes another camera..ships it to a small store across the world. How is this a good shipping strategy, even? :p”

              Exactly – it seems a totally ludicrous approach. Nikon customers are forced to phone round trying to find a forgotten store somewhere that got a D800 instead of ordering from their local store as loyal customers should. It is almost a perverse game!

          • Jeremy


            You just insulted about 90% of people on this thread: Those 90% of people who ordered from B&H, Adorama or other similar big and often LOCAL professional camera stores like thecamerastoredotcom. Those big stores that sell 100’s of cameras a month and yet receive 4 cameras a week whilst unknown backwoods stores that sell 5 cameras a month get 1 or 2 a week.

            Do you work for Nikon Marketing?

    • PicturePerfect

      Dead Wrong!

      I ordered from a local subsidiary of a large national chain and had my D800 shipped in a week! They told me that Nikon is favoring their bricks and mortar stores that focus on Nikon (local pro store here favors Canon and was several weeks later before they had one after two months waiting).

      The big mail order houses also have the biggest demand, so they sell out quicker. It’s not that they don’t get inventory, but proporationate to the unknowns it seems like they don’t have stock.

      If you don’t have a D800 yet look for a full service store that focuses on Nikon, preferably one that is not mainstream, and you will have better luck. I sure did.

  • don

    Ordered from Amazon on Feb 7 and received it May 14. A little over 3 months.

    • don

      Forgot: I’m talking about the D800.

  • Levasseur1

    D-800 ordered feb 14th from with full deposit.
    Status changed today from “on order” to “Processing”

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Paul

    Ordered a D800 from B&H on Feb 9th. Have not received the e-mail per latest “Rumors” post.

    Am getting tired of waiting!

  • Aaron

    Ordered on February 8 from the Camera Store in Canada at 6pm. Received on May 31.

  • joeyG 58

    I ordered my D4 on the 9th and received it on 5/31/12

    • joeG58

      From B&H

      • Burt

        Sorry JOE you ordered 9th …

    • Birt

      Joey. You ordered d4 the 9th of what from b&h?? Are you nps?

      • JoeG58

        Sorry the 9th of January

  • joeG58

    Amazon told me my D800 will be here by the 15th of July and I ordered it 4/26/12

  • Robert

    I ordered my D800 on April 6, 2012, and I got an email the other day that said – “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Estimated arrival date: June 22, 2012 – July 11, 2012

  • Annick

    I pre-ordered the D800 on Feb 9 from B&H. I think around 11PM. Got the recent email but no camera yet.

  • shane

    I ordered my Nikon d800E from Adorama Feb 8th and its still on backorder.However, I just received my D800E today that I had ordered from Ritz on April 17th.

    • Still Waiting

      I ordered a Nikon Camera Obscura on Feb 7th 1885.
      Still waiting.

  • Ralph

    I ordered on the morning B&H allowed preorder. I waited patiently until the release date of the D800E, then I asked where I was in the queue. I got similar drivel to that contained in the email above. I don’t care about Posner’s need for proprietary and confidentiality to maintain his sense of James Bond business strategies.

    I cancelled my order and reordered elsewhere, I received my camera a few weeks later.

    I wont ever order for B&H again, so how’s that work into your strategy Prosner? I’ve even unsubscribed to his regular emails.

    I love my D800E and the shop I dealt with had no issue telling me where I was in the queue and when I could expect delivery and they over delivered, it came in two weeks before I expected it.

  • B&h sucks

    I was on a wait list with b&h and got the similar run around “can’t tell you place in que due to confidentiality”. … But when I called the local shutterbug they told me exactly how many people were waiting, do I paid for my d800e and now on a 1-2week wait since I was first in line to pay 😀

    B&h is a huge robotic store which lacks human interactions and surely makes for crappy service when trying to communicate

    • Jeremy

      I disagree. B&H is not the problem. Nikon distribution strategy is the problem. B&H is a fantastic store with great prices. I have ordered home theater equipment from them because they were 25 to 40% below local prices.

      However, for cameras and gear, I choose to support my LOCAL store, which is where I placed my order and where I get valuable technical support and advice. If I was not in a big city then B&H would be my second choice.

      Nikon strategy seems to be deliberately punishing the largest most successful camera retailers by limiting their supply of cameras to such an extent that people are able to get D800 in one third the time from small stores in the backwoods.

      • really?!?

        so are you trying to say that all giant camera stores should get all the cameras from the manufacturer first, and the smaller local camera stores should get none until the B&H’s, and Adorama’s, and Amazon’s have fulfilled all their pre-orders? So how is that good for the smaller guys? Its about fair business practices. The small guy should have every right to the same cameras as the big guys.

        • Jeremy

          Yes really!

          Why shouldn’t a local store with 50 fully paid deposits already for three months be placed ahead of another local store that places an order today?

          Where is the logic to send cameras equally to both stores and make loyal customers and certain retailers look like fools?

          Beats me? Maybe you see the logic somehow.

        • Anne

          How is it fair for B&H that a significant number of NPS members preordered wtih them (and Adorama, presumably) and wiped out their stock of cameras in an instant and for months? B&H, Adorama and other stores that honor NPS priority orders should have received more cameras than stores that don’t. I didn’t even know what NPS was until coming to this site and AFTER I had ordered from B&H. It wouldn’t have mattered, though, because I only make large purchases with B&H and Adorama (they happen to be local for me anyway). To each his own (in terms of ordering from local vs megastore). I don’t think anyone should be critical of either choice. But to make it seem as though Nikon is purposely giving the edge to smaller stores seems ridiculous. If you had merchandise to sell wouldn’t you go to the largest distributor first? There must be some other explanation for the lack of cameras available at the big stores. My guess is that 1) the demand for the D800 was unexpected and 2) large retailers did get more cameras but that most/all went to NPS members.

          • That’s correct – B&H and Adorama had to fill many NPS orders before they can start shipping to “regular” pre- orders. Amazon doesn’t do NPS orders.

            • Jennifer

              B&H & Adorama really should have to note in their ordering process that they have to fill NPS orders first. Had I known that, I would have ordered from Amazon.

            • Jennifer

              I should clarify – I didn’t know that there was such a thing as NPS before this fiasco. (Obviously had I known that I would have assumed they’d have to fill those orders first.)

      • Support LOCAL

        You probably shop at Walmart for everything too, huh?

        Support local camera shops, it’s good for your community 🙂

        • Support LOCAL

          I ordered in person from thecamerastoredotcom a local professional camera store in Calgary.

          I do support local and for my trouble I was told in mid April to expect my D800 not before SEPTEMBER.

          I blame Nikon for punishing large local stores with high quality staff and large volumes of business. It is hardly the Camera Store’s fault that they are one of the most popular Camera stores in my local city.

    • Anne

      B&H is robotic (in a really good way!) and they have top notch customer service and expertise. It’s my local store, incidentally, and if you’ve ever been there it’s a jawdropping experience. I can’t leave there without dropping 300-500 bucks! I’ve had reps spend over an hour with me choosing a camera bag or microphone. Their customers are very important to them but they won’t compromise their policies because some impatient people don’t want to wait. I have read (on here) about stores that have given cameras to people walking in with ca$h even though they have a waiting list. B&H would never do that. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and will continue to be. Their years of great prices, service and expertise won’t be erased because I have to wait for a high demand product.

      • :D

        Ok Anne, we get it… You work for B&H

        Have a nice day

        • Anne

          LOL, I’ll have a nice day. Won’t be too hard since I’m not having a cow because I have to wait to receive my camera.

    • B&h is a huge robotic store which lacks human interactions

      I appreciate your impatience and eagerness but if we really did lack human interaction my co-workers and I wouldn’t be here and in dozens of other forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Human interaction is what it’s all about.

      Henry Posner
      B&H Photo-Video

  • Ralph

    Camerapro online store got me mine in a couple of weeks after I cancelled my B&H order. They’re in Queensland. Very good service. Wish I’d ordered there first.

  • Jomzz

    Ordered from Henrys Canada last Feb 17 and received my Nikon D800 last June 1, 2012.

    It was a busy weekend for me to testing out this wonderful camera with Nikon 24-70mm.

  • Peter

    Ordered D800 on Feb 13 from Thecamerastore in Calgary, still waiting….

  • Anne

    Some of the folks on here are so ridiculous. B&H isn’t forcing anyone to buy from them! If you don’t like the fact that they have a policy and stick to it, then don’t order from them. But because NIKON didn’t send them enough cameras somehow it’s their fault? Look at all the micromanaging that is going on now and people don’t know their place in the queue. This whole deal with Nikon cameras being out of stock and oversold is nothing new. Quit yer bellyaching, for crying out loud.

    B&H is an awesome store with great customer service and knowledgeable staff. Because of their size and efficiency they can offer many accessories and tools that small shops can’t. Just because you can hunt down and find a D800 at a small shop doesn’t mean that B&H has failed. Do you really think they don’t WANT to exhaust their waiting list? Of course they do. If they tell you were you are in the queue they will get calls from frantic lunatics every minute of the day asking the status of the line. I think the email that has been sent out is VERY telling for those who have even a little intuition. They are saying that the line is MOVING, people!

    For all of those people swearing off B&H and Adorama, let’s’ see what happens at the next release. If all of a sudden those smaller shops don’t have camera (or try to price gauge the few they do have) let’s see how many people run back to B&H. Or when you want a memory card. Are you gonna pay double to support the local dealer or get a great deal from a megastore? B&H is no different than a Walmart. You can shop at the bodega or the mini-mart. I’m going to Walmart.

    I have been waiting just as long as the rest of you (ordered Feb 7 at noon). Stop bashing B&H and Adorama unfairly. If you want to bash or flex your muscle, don’t buy the NIKON. Don’t choose to shoot the messenger.

    • Thank You!

      Favorite comment yet! Love how people are blaming everyone they can just because they’re frustrated. Acting like little spoiled kids, stomping on the floor, flailing around, huffing and puffing, just cause you can’t get what you want when you want it?!? Wow, just shows how mature you really are. Again, thanks Anne for those with cooler heads! GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!

      • Anne

        I’m sure there are plenty of us with patience. Only the ones who haven’t any are moaning and groaning on this site. I love photography. But taking a photo with a D800 won’t make or break my life. LOL, I’m sure my first photos will suck until I get used it to it, anyway!

        I’m excited and looking forward to getting my camera (which I know will be soon). Just in time for summer.

    • nice try, B&H rep 😉

      ordered mine from them on feb 7th and no emails from them. I placed an order through Best Buy a couple days ago, June 3rd, and just got shipping confirmation/tracking email today.

      • Anne

        LOL, if I worked for B&H I would have my D800! I don’t work there. I just love that store!

        • Anne

          Actually, if I worked there I would have a D4 or a D3x! That was funny, Rustled Jimmies.

        • LOL, if I worked for B&H I would have my D800! I don’t work there. I just love that store!

          ROFL. I do work for B&H and I can say with absolute certainty everyone here who ordered from us (and everyone on our back order list) will get a D800 or D800E or D4 before I do.

          Henry Posner
          B&H Photo-Video

          • Anne

            Wow. Further proof (to my accuser) that I don’t work there! Well, hopefully you can receive some consolation that you (hopefully) get a discount??? LOL.

          • Jason


            Did B&H fulfill NPS member with D800 before serving regular customers?

    • You make several very valid points, but the best of them are that A.

      B&H has excellent customer service, to which I am more than willing to attest myself, and

      B. They have no control whatsoever over how many cameras Nikon ships them any given week, no matter how many orders they have piling up.

  • Mark

    Ordered D800 from Amazon on 4/3. The delivery estimate is 5/2-6/8. Today is 6/5 = I doubt they will be able to deliver on time.

    I also talked to my local photo place – they say they have been receiving shipments of 4 units every couple of weeks, so they should be able to eliminate the waiting list by the end of June.

  • Cracking me up!

    Its so funny to hear people, compair and contrast D800 availability to a vid. game marketing and sales. Makes me laugh out loud! It sounds like a lot of spoiled people. I want! I want! I want it now! Do a little work to find what you want, or just wait? I want too! but it really does not change things, unless you do something different to get it.

    • Phil

      Ummm 🙂

      6 MILLION people got the game in the first few days of release. Surely that counts for something? For a game that is 5 years in the making? (announced 2008, and was worked in secret before then). Compared to cameras where the turnover rate for a new one is half a year.

      Times have changed where ethics are concerned. Long time ago, you have a great relationship with your local stores (for anything), they greet you, they say hi to you, and you do your best to support their business.

      Then comes walmart…and other huge department stores. And now, people are advocating to “do the work” by multiple ordering from multiple stores. Suddenly its okay. Its sad. There is no more loyalty. from both sides.

  • John Mueller

    I ordered my D4 from Adorama on May 25th. After reading these responses, I’m going to cancel my order and call up my local Samy’s and order though them. I was really hoping not to pay sales tax and shipping. Plus my wife is an affiliate so we’d actually get a little bit back. But none of that is worth it if I won’t be getting it until Fall.

  • fast line change

    Your wait may change day to day. Especially people further down. If B&H sends out 100 D800 a week and 50 people get cameras somewhere else and cancel orders, and 50 people have insufficient funds. Then your #300 spot just changed. You may get your camera net week. ?

  • il

    Received my d800 today. Ordered Feb 8th from local dealer (Finland).

    Waiting is over, first pictures taken, and i feel … good.

    • FriscoFred

      My D800 should arrive June 12th. Since you’ve had a few days to use your D800, what shutter speed would you recommend handheld; I’ve always used the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens as a guide (i.e. 200mm lens @ 1/250th sec., 24mm lens @ 1/30th sec., 50mm lens @ 1/60th sec.) —- trying not to shoot at a slower shutter speed when handheld. Do you find that guideline works with the D800, or would you use one shutter speed faster than the guide would suggest?

  • parag

    got an email from BH today, that my cc has been charged and my order has been sent to warehouse for shipping. I placed the order on Feb. 7th. This is for the D800 (non E version).

  • Db

    Ordered feb 14 from B&H. Heard nothing but normal emails. Gues I should have ordered from amazon 1 1/2 months later and I would have a camera now! Lesson learned. I like B&H and will continue to use them but disagree with secrecy of place in line. Will probably preorder elsewhere. Regardless of where people ordered they are unhappy…unless NPS member. Also, for clarification the wait times should only be from March 23 when camera was said to be available, not from preorder time…I’m just sayin’.

  • Jan

    Just received shipping notification for my D800 from B&H
    Order confirmation email 2/7 10.47am PST.
    Will be delivered on Friday and i am off on Friday so should be a nice weekend.

    • Jan

      It was actually 2/7 7.47am PST not 10.47

      • anne

        Woohoo; im close! Ordered an hour and twenty minutes after you: i believe i will get notification soon:

      • FriscoFred

        Ordered my D800 from Adorama on February 7th and yesterday received confirmation that it has shipped and will arrive June 12th. It’s been a long four months since my order. It appears many people are starting to get their cameras now.

  • David Straton

    I ordered my D800 from B&H on 7th Feb. Received it in Australia on 14th May.

    • FriscoFred

      That’s fast —- ordered mine from a New York camera store on February 7th and just got an e-mail indicating it has shipped and will arrive June 12. Since you’ve had a bit of time to use your D800, what shutter speed would you recommend handheld; I’ve always used the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens as a guide (i.e. 200mm lens @ 1/250th sec., 24mm lens @ 1/30th sec., 50mm lens @ 1/60th sec.) —- trying not to shoot at a slower shutter speed when handheld. Do you find that guideline works with the D800, or would you use one shutter speed faster than the guide would suggest?

  • Levasseur1

    Ordered from (Alberta) Feb 14th with full deposit, not NPS.
    Just got the long awaited email saying that the order is “completed” and D-800 on its way.

    The wait is almost over!
    Delivery date is friday june 8th, 2012 😉

  • Ishoothorses

    I ordered D800 from B&h on Feb 7th @ 10:45 AM CST. My wike got sick of my whining & called B&H last Friday (6/1/12). They didn’t diclose exactly where I was in line but said that I should be near the top according to when I ordered – would most likely be in the next shipment they sent out – either this week or next. Hopeful but not holding my breath! —-I agree with some of the others – B&H has been top notch with everything I have ever ordered – this one’s on Nikon.


    How can anyone say supporting your local camera store is bad?

  • Wes

    Ordered D800 from on Feb 6, shipped March 23.
    Ordered D800E from on Feb 6, shipped June 4.

  • Gerard

    Ordered D800E from B&H February 7th, rec. several emails asking if I wanted to exchange my order for a D800. Also several emails stating that there was no info as to when the D800E would be shipped.
    Rec. D800E June 4th.

  • Victor

    This is a lie that divulging the info on a customer’s place in the order queue would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature. Dep.of Consumer Affairs NYC says that this is a customer right to know his/ hekir place in the order queue. It is not a corporate and confidential information that can do any harm to a business.
    Victor would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature.

    • Dep.of Consumer Affairs NYC says that this is a customer right to know his/ hekir place in the order queue.

      I’ve never heard of this before and thought I was fairly conversant with the NYC DCA rules. I’d be grateful if you can cite the specific rule or regulation (with URL if possible. Use henryp[at] please.

      Henry Posner
      B&H Photo-Video

  • franky

    Paid advance on Feb 13. i didn’t receive it and still too much uncertainty in the air.
    i think Nikon co. or Nikon USA doing just for money business….

  • Anne

    I’ve been checking my status at B&H everyday and it now says pending instead of “New Order Processing”. the screens have changed and it looks like there’s something happening! I ordered at 12:07pm on Feb 7th. Something like that. I fully anticipate getting an email today or tomorrow that it’s been shipped. It’ll be a fun weekend!

  • PicturePerfect

    The huge demand for this camera has impacted the larger outlets like B&H and Amazon far more severly than the lesser bricks and mortar operations. I was able to get accurate information from a store here that is a sub of a national chain- and a D800 shipped only a week after ordering. Why stores like B&H choose not to provide that information I do not know. Amazon, on the other hand, gave repeated incorrect assurances that were never met until I finally cancelled and got the camera elsewhere. Very disappointed with Amazon on that score.

    At the end of the day the D800 is an amazing camera. I took it on a trip to Europe and the dynamic range and color fidelity are amazing. Good luck to all, and hope you have one soon. It will be worth the wait.

    • Jeremy

      I don’t blame Amazon or B&H.

      Blame Nikon for this insane situation

      Nikon are the ones who are allocating cameras equally to each store, and want you searching the backwoods for your D800.

      It is of no consequence that some big city stores dedicated to selling ONLY cameras with high overhead and thirty staff dedicated, have hundreds of fully paid up orders and dozens of frustrated customers because they are allocated a tiny quotas of cameras (as Nikon ships cameras in units of 1 to 4 cameras per store per week!)

    • FriscoFred

      My D800 should arrive June 12th. Since you’ve had a bit of time to use your D800, what shutter speed would you recommend handheld; I’ve always used the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens as a guide (i.e. 200mm lens @ 1/250th sec., 24mm lens @ 1/30th sec., 50mm lens @ 1/60th sec.) —- trying not to shoot at a slower shutter speed when handheld. Do you find that guideline works with the D800, or would you use one shutter speed faster than the guide would suggest?

      • Vin

        The old film based hand held rules do not apply in the new age of digital. Suggestions I have seen say. Nikon D800/D800E at 36mp. You should triple, or at least double the length in mm to shutter speed..-i.e. 200mm = 1000/sec.
        This will give you sharpest pixels and lines.

        • Jeremy

          Also consider that newer VR lenses will get the most out of your D800, even for wide angle work! This will help a lot for taking pictures of anything still.

  • Don M

    I noticed the “pending” yesterday, in the “Tracking” column, but the “Order status” column still shows “backordered.”

    I checked my credit card transactions, and B&H hasn’t posted a charge there.

    So I don’t know. I’ve ordered half a dozen items from B&H since my 9 Feb D800 order, and I haven’t noticed “pending” on any of them. But that could be because all my other orders shipped very quickly.

    I won’t deny that my heart rate’s up but that’s probably only from wishful thinking.

    • Anne

      Lol, Don M; cute. My heart skipped a couple beats, too. Happens whenever an electronic gadget is coming to me!

      I know the screen is different than last night so that why I know they have done something different. I actually bought the camera via Bill Me Later and paid it off a month later. So I have already been charged. I wouldn’t be able to tell if the camera has been sent by looking at a credit card statement. Based on the fact that someone has said that they ordered an hour and 20 mins ahead of me and has received their camera, I am very confident that I will get my camera really, really soon.

    • KD

      Don M,

      I put in my order on the 16th of april and my status has changed to pending as well and I dont think my order will be fulfilled anytime soon. I think the status change has to do with some of the general webpage improvements seen on the track order page.

      But, you are right in expecting your order to fulfilled very soon seeing that you ordered on feb 9th.

      Good luck!

  • Vin

    My feeling is, I try to support B&H because they have been there for me for over 20 years, having hard to find equipment and parts. I also like there resources and catalog.

    On the other hand I am also on the wait list for my local Photo store because I worked for them 25 years ago, bought my F4s from them at dealer prices. But I know they only will receive 2-4 cameras every other week.

    So the wait goes on and on…..

  • Gerard

    Ordered my D800 from B&H on Feb 15th & waiting. Spent an awful lot of money there, and not just on camera gear. Always been happy with the service and response, so I’ll just go take a nap and expect mine will show up eventually. In the meantime, I’m pretty happy playing with the D7000 I got there, along with a boat load of great lenses.

  • Barbara

    I ordered a D800 from Amazon on March 24th and received the usual string of ‘expected delivery dates’ that were not met. Got an email last week with updated ‘expected delivery
    date’ of June 21-July 11. Today I received another email saying they would be able to delivery my order earlier than expected on June11. My status has changed from ‘Not Yet Shipped’ to ‘Shipping Soon’……fingers crossed

    • FriscoFred

      Barbara —- that sounds about right. I ordered my D800 from Adorama in New York on February 7th and got an e-mail yesterday saying my camera has been shipped; will arrive on June 12th. So it looks like four months is about the time it takes now for a D800 to arrive. I hope all the other folks that have ordered Nikon D800 cameras back in February and March will get theirs soon too.

  • Peter

    Ordered d800 on 2/7 9:30 AM PST from b&h, still haven’t received it and no indication that it is coming anytime soon.

    Ordered d800 form Amazon on 3/23 and they gave me a delivery date of 4/15-6/5. I had to update my credit card info, and they changed my delivery date to 6/22-7/15. Just got email today that they are going to deliver it on 6/11.

    Cancelled my b&h, right after i got that email confirmation.

  • Barbara

    Hi Peter
    Well, looks like we are in a very similar situation. HOPE Amazon comes through…!
    I’ve been looking forward to this camera for such a long time, just bought a Nikon 14-24 lens, …, can’t wait to get out to Zion National Park , only a few miles away, and shot.

    • Peter

      Hi Barbara, you only live a few miles from Zion? I’m so jealous. I think the next step for me is to save up for better lenses, but I’ll make due with what I have currently. Have fun with your camera. Fingers crossed that it gets delivered when promised.

  • Barbara

    I have an amazing selection of photo opportunities within a short drive.
    Zion is about 30 miles away, Bryce Canyon NP is another 40 miles up the
    road. Going the other way, south, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is
    70 miles away, a photographers paradise;-))

    • Barbara

      Amazon just charged my CC, so I guess this
      is really happening this time, my B&H order
      from Feb 8th is still back ordered. Will cancel
      as soon as I have Amazon tracking info.
      A big thumbs up for Amazon! ;-))

      • Anne

        Congrats, Barbara!!!

        • Barbara

          Thanks Anne
          Loved your comment about gadgets, I’m the same way. Just want to
          put my 14-24 on it, pour myself a glass of wine and hold it for awhile….;-))

          • Anne

            I hear ya. I will be afraid to snap the first picture because of the possible letdown after the anticipation build up. Plus from what I’m reading, there is a learning curve so I’m sure my first photos will stink. I still can’t wait though. Be sure to come back and share your experience with us!

            I’m still pending with B&H but I have a sense that most of the early orderers will get their cameras soon.

            • Barbara

              Yes, I believe it will take some getting use to, 36mp is a mess of data. I was concerned about the ‘hand holding’ issues too. I usually use a tripod, but not always. There is
              an interesting string with some very nice bird pictures that were taking hand held with the D800 and a 500mm lens,
              Can’t imagine hand holding that lens, if you haven’t seen the post, you might find it interesting


      • Peter

        Hi Barbara, you are just surrounded by gorgeous nature. You are one lucky girl.

        Amazon charged my CC too. Excited!

        • Peter

          Just got my shipping confirmation from amazon. Getting my hands on it tomorrow!

          • Barbara

            Same here, will have it tomorrow;-))

            • Peter

              happy shooting.

              wouldn’t mind seeing some of your pics. you have flickr?

              here’s mine:

            • Barbara

              Hi Peter
              I don’t have Flickr but I’m going to set up an account ,
              Meanwhile please see some of my pics at:
              I’m enjoying your pictures, looks like you were around Flagstaff? Your dog looks sweet, love the boots, I have 3 myself.

            • Peter

              You have some beautiful pictures. I’ll eventually make a road trip to Zion and Bryce. I just have to find a place to board my dog. He enjoys these roadtrips but from what I hear, both Zion and Bryce don’t allow dogs.

  • Eugene

    Ordered from BH on Feb. 9th 2:00am PST. Today, made a call to cancel order. Got tired of lame email. Looking elsewhere.

    • Anne

      So you decided that cutting off your nose to spite your face was a better alternative? Your choice but doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. If you hung in there a few more days I think you may have gotten good news. I think there were a lot more people who ordered in the first few hours of pre-ordering and they have already received their cameras. I ordered 12 hours after that and someone who ordered an hour ahead of me has received his/her camera. I am sure I will be in the next shipment. You ordered less than 15 hours after me. People are talking about how vendors are receiving their largest shipments from Nikon now.

      Anyway, maybe you’ll get lucky and find one sooner. Good luck.

      • Anne

        I don’t care what you think. Especially since you can’t voice your opinion without insulting people. You must have failed kindergarten.

        Anyway, I just received my D800 on Friday from B&H; I was waiting for it when I posted and my comments still stand. Tons of people who ordered after me are posting that their D800 shipped from B&H so I don’t think that was a dumb analogy at all. We were all patient. Why don’t you try it? It’s good for your blood pressure.

        I hope you get your camera really soon. Maybe that will lift your mood.

      • Anne

        And using the word “retarded” in that context is offensive and ignorant. Don’t bother responding. I won’t waste any more time communicating with someone like you.

  • Josh

    Cancelled my order last week with The Camera Store in Calgary after confirming they are still back logged with pre-orders. (probably 3 more months to clear pre-orders)

    Phoned around and found a D800 on Monday and received it today. The conclusion is clear – all large popular camera stores are still dealing with a huge backlog of pre-orders so it is best to cancel and order from small town stores.

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