Nikon D600 release probability now at 80%

Today was all about the new Leica products but I still  have a quick update on the Nikon D600 - I can now raise the probability of the D600 release before Photokina to 80%. Note that some of the specs may still be inaccurate or incomplete.

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  • Well, it sounds like this one is the D700 replacement some have been expecting. 24MP plus Full HD will definitely kick Canon in the butt. I am only concerned about Nikon’s production since they still haven’t been able to keep up with their D800 orders yet how are they gonna cope with D600 (I recon this one if really with a price mark of $1500 will sale like crazy)

    • tub33

      I’d predict that any D600 type camera would be made in Thailand. They have higher production volume there and it’s cheaper to make.

    • R R

      I predict that the D600 is gonna have a D5100 interface so everyone is going to hate it, and its not going to sell much.

      • Ben

        D7000 interface

        • Hmm; of course we won’t know for sure until it’s released, but a D7000 interface, well…meh. I mean, it’s ok, I can work with it. But when I put down our D700 and pick up the D7000, the one thing – the only thing – I miss is the AF-On button.

          Sure, the AE/AL can be made to work like the AF-On button, but it seems more like a hack. Plus, it isn’t quite as ergonomically placed as the AF-On button on the D700. In addition, I also use the AE/AL for exposure locking, etc. I use both. But that won’t stop me from getting it as a second body assuming the IQ is there. And knowing Nikon, it will be there.

  • Yorys

    Anyone knowing anything about the D600 viewfinder coverage ?

    Not being 100% would be a deal-breaker for me, and i think for many D700 owners who endures for too long their 95% one.

    • Arkasai

      5% coverage is not really a deal breaker. I think my Mamiya 1000DTL has less than 90% coverage and it’s still got the biggest brightest finder I’ve ever seen – noticeably larger than my D700. Even Hasselblads without the gliding mirror system have low to mid 90% frame coverage depending on the lens. Even worse, it’s all on one side instead of evenly distributed around the frame.

      • Ken

        The Mamiya 1000 DTL was my 1st slr. Still have one.

        • Arkasai

          They don’t make em like that anymore, the thing feels like it was cut from a solid block of whatever metal it’s made of. It resides in my trunk most of the time, but when I do shoot on it I usually get through half the roll before I remember I’m supposed to be using stop down metering.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Ugh. Mamiyas can be amazing when properly calibrated but crap from a build perspective. I have an old Universal, Super 23 and two 7s. Put them next to an old german camera or a film Nikon and it’s a night and day difference.

            • Arkasai

              True, the tolerances aren’t as tight as some other cameras and the average meter is usually off by 1/3-2/3 a stop but it hasn’t needed any repairs. And for $30 including a Makinon 80-200mm f4 (fused to body lol) I’d say it’s dollar for dollar my toughest camera.

      • Yorys

        But for me it is one. Coming from the F argentic series i’ve never been accustomed to the partial coverage of the D700. But i know that some people could deal with it !

        In fact it’s one of the few reasons to change my D700, with video and AF capabilities. D800 could have been perfect, except this overweighted sensor… i should prefer not to deal with !

        And the D4 is too expensive for me, for the moment…

        • Rich in TX

          D800 has an overweighted sensor?
          I will sell you my 5.1 mp D1X. It will clearly be right up your alley

    • Dimitrii1130

      I hope for at least d7000’s 100% viewfinder.

      • Sahaja

        What, a 100% DX viewfinder?

        • Dimitrii1130

          a little bit of adjustment and it could work.
          i meant the results and not the technique behind 😉

  • Well I’m still using my D200 and have been waiting on the D400 for ages as I couldn’t justify a D700 never mind the D800, but if the D600 is priced as admin predicts then I might be tempted to go this way.

    • umesh

      Trust me U wouldn’t want to go for 600. I was in same situation as yours. Using 200 gor 4 long years waiting for more than 12 mp. Recently I realized that Nikon is not interested in dx anymore. Its better to go popular way so bought a d800E 2 days ago . Once you are used to robustness and versatility and not to mention many buttons of D200 you would hate to use amateur interface like 3100 or 5100. Also AFS glass is atleast 30 percent more expensive than AFD and lesser Quality . It is also more delicate. If you have old lenses you may have to sell them or be stuck with manual focus . Add that cost or irritation and it would seem, D800 comes cheap . besides 36 mp and solid build will go for many more years than D600.
      think and buy. Good luck……..

      • Pellevin

        D600 will hardly have a D3100/D5100 interface. Rather something like D7000 which is a pleasure to work with and in my opinion a perfect size for a camera. Apart from the price, the size has been what has kept me from FF so far. D600 sounds interesting…

        • Drew Hoover

          It is interesting that you like the D7000 and its small size so much, because I can’t stand it (Of course I don’t expect to be the arbiter of good taste in camera design). I love the D700/D300 I’ve used over the past two years, and that experience has made me hate the D7000 for its small and thin form factor (using a 14-24/24-70 on that body just sucks) + I’m constantly hitting buttons I don’t intend to because they’re so close together.

          So what sort of things do you shoot? Do you have small hands (if you don’t mind my asking)?

          • catinhat

            If D7000 size feels uncomfortable, get the grip and keep it on permanently. Ergonomics much improves for people with larger hands, and the second battery can be handy too. If Nikon only thought of having some sort of a locking mechanism on the mode dial so it can’t be knocked off position inadvertently, the D7000 (with the grip attached) would be quite comfortable to handle.

          • Dr Motmot

            Very interesting to read other photographers comments on the D7000 – I too find the grip too small and cramped which makes using a heavy lens like the 24-70mm very uncomfortable, the mode dial is too easily knocked (has happened several times just taking it out of the camera bag), the autofocus is a bit off – it struggles in low light situations and sometimes freezes up, but works better in continuous autofocus. Also still not happy with the skin tones. Best points is the responsiveness of the camera in terms of fps and shutter button sensitivity (and autofocus when it works).

        • Hhom Togan

          A pleasure against the D3200 or D5100 but not better than what we are used in the D3s, D3x or D4 to tell you the truth, once you use one of the 3 mentioned before you would ask yourself WTF were you doing fiddling with the D7000 interface (buttons and menus).

          The D7000 isn’t bad at all but it is leagues away from the interface of the high end cameras (and D7000 trolls in 3, 2, 1…)

    • “Well I’m still using my D200 and have been waiting on the D400 for ages as I couldn’t justify a D700 never mind the D800, but if the D600 is priced as admin predicts then I might be tempted to go this way.”

      Hmm… I am in the exact same position (using D200 and waiting for D400), but the reason why I changed from D70S to D200 was to make better use of my old glass, so my choice is only between D800/D800E or continuing to wait (possibly for ever) for a D400…

  • mike_p

    To me it sounds like they are essentially using a d7000 with upgrades to FF. So why would they leave out the AF motor.. I would gladly pay 2,000 or 2,500 versus 1,500 for Nikon to add a 3rd FF body in their series- as long as it’s a good one. If Nikon keeps telling us that the D800 wasn’t the update for the D700, then the D600 SHOULD by all means be!!

    • Rob


      • Hhom Togan

        Size wouldn’t be the problem, the problem is they are paying licenses for worthless stuff like video (yeah I know everyone wants to be an indie movie maker now blegh…) codecs and other stuff.

        • PHB

          I would not buy any new digital camera without video. Nor would 95% of people the D600 is aimed at. If I am going on a trip I almost always leaver the D300 at home and take my V1 these days because it allows me to take video or stills and fits in my pocket. If I take a DSLR it has to be a full replacement for the V1.

          The only feature I might miss on the D600 is the lack of the AF motor. But I would trade that in for GPS and/or WiFi without question. The only really good lens I have that is not AFS is a fisheye where focusing is hardly relevant, I almost always use it manual focus anyway (and at the hyperfocal point)

          Yes, I have the same collection of AF lenses as the rest of you. But they are all OLD. Sure there are some AF lenses that are keepers but I don’t own any of them and if I had a D700 and a bunch of obsolete glass I would be upgrading the glass, not the body.

          I very much doubt the price unless it is going to turn out that this camera is going to be made in the Thailand plant. I don’t much care where it is made either, except to the extent that a camera made in Thailand is more likely to be available.

          The only thing that would make the price credible is that Nikon has likely had a big financial disruption with two successive disasters and is looking to aggressively expand its base in the serious amateur section of the digital camera world as mirrorless eats into the consumer DSLR market and the point and shoot market is eroded by cameraphones.

          If the price is genuine it means the end of the pro DX line. 24MP still leaves you with a 10MP DX camera which is not great but adequate.

          I think the next purchase I am going to make is going to be a 24-70 f/2.8. I would get the 70-200 but the price is still very high. I am not yet looking to move to FX but I probably will in a year or so.

          • Rob

            95%?!?!? You clearly have no idea how few people regularly use the video on their DSLR. Google it.

            • Edubya

              I so agree. I think video is one of those things people clamor for and rarely use in a serious way. A little Flip HD cam would probably suit most people just fine.

    • Brian

      There is no auto-focus because this is the low-end model. Generally speaking, low-end models don’t have as much profit built in as higher end models. Thus, getting you to buy a few new lenses is a good trade in a marketing department’s eyes.

      • porkchop

        Id have to day lower end models do pull in more profit than higher end ones. The D3100 alone probably netted Nikon more $ than the d3s and d3x combined. They will pump the d600 out of the production line like there is no tommorow. Chances are you will probably even see tv ads for the d600.

  • PixPix

    When you see that D4 and D800 are not yet available more most of us…i guess they can even announce launch the D900 🙂 🙂

  • If it has D7000 AF then I’m not interested. While D7000 AF is pretty good, it’s not good enough in low light imo…

    • Hhom Togan

      Word, everyone keeps talking about the D7000 and 7D AF and in comparison to my D3x and D3s they aren’t that good, of course if you come from a D5100 or D90 well yeah but for the rest in the upper level cameras: bleh

      • R R

        D3x and D3s AF not good? better than the D7000 BULLSHIT , plain and simple, hate people that comment from their gut and not from experience ..

        • BartyL

          Learn to read.

  • When I first ran across NikonRumors I’d just gotten back from Maui in June 2010. A camera store owner there said a some photo store owners felt Nikon’s next camera would be an entry-level full-frame camera, “like a D600”.

    At that time I didn’t know this site well so I didn’t post that, but it always stuck with me, and to see this rumor posted now is pretty cool 🙂 The timing was off by a little (maybe some of that’s due to the earthquake and tsunami and flooding but still very interesting to see this unwrapping.

    For me, I’m pretty sure I’d buy a D600 if the AF is spot on. The focusing problems I’ve encountered with my D7000 and that I’ve read about here regarding the D800 are a pretty unhappy state of affairs. It forces one to be more careful about focusing, which is good, but it’s not good when you forget to take all the right steps or if you’re shooting really fast and the AF is off by a little.

    • flanders

      Are these D7000 focusing issues with dark lenses?

      • Actually, there is definitely a problem in room light. Especially at night. With room light on at night (when I take in-home portraits) the viewfinder is very difficult, sometimes almost impossible to see. The room lights look fine to the human eye. Not bright, but fine.

        Also, in a room in dark decor in daylight. I did a portrait for a representative and a senator in the house and senate chambers, respectively, with dark wood decor. The representative’s portraits we a little out of focus even though I auto-focused after every shutter release.

        The senator’s portrait was in focus, but I’d zoomed in, focused then zoomed out each shutter release. That makes it hard to have consistent framing when you want it.

        If @fasciN8photo is right about the auto-focus being out of tune to different degrees in different light levels then that is an even worse problem 🙁 I really like the D7000 but auto-focus is important to me because even with glasses my eyes aren’t the best so it’s a huge help when it works.

        My D300 can auto-focus beautifully even in very dim room lights, I’ve never seen it fail me yet. Same with my D200 (though I only used it for 1 year because I bought the D300 asap as soon as it was released :)).

    • fasciN8photo

      I am 100% in agreement with your last paragraph. I cannot tell you how poor my experience with the D7000’s autofocus has been. I’ve had to send it to Nikon twice out of utter frustration and it still has the same problems. I put the thing on a tripod with the center focus point at a calibration target and it cannot autofocus correctly (always focuses behind, with 24-70 2.8G, 50 1.4D or 80-200 2.8D). I’ve actually resorted to manual focusing which is a huge pain especially for a high-end DX camera. If the D600 takes care of these focusing issues I will be first in line, even if I have to sell my AFD lenses and upgrade (the $1,500 savings over the D800 should make that a lot easier). Nikon’s support has been pretty terrible regarding my issues and as much as I am a believer in Nikon products, my prior Olympus DSLR focus was spot on (Outdoors of course as indoors was a nightmare with that tiny sensor) and never missed my its mark. A freind of mine, that just got the D800 and had the same problems with his D7000, said that the focus problems that ruined days of our work have been fixed in the D800. All this to say I am REALLY hoping that the D600 can save me from the autofocus problems that plague me now. I really don’t want to switch systems but being able to trust that your camera is going to focus on what you tell it to is a fairly important feature to me. Okay, I’m done:) Hope the D600 is the answer for me!

      • umesh

        You can make use of af fine tune feature in D7000. It’s fairly easy. Btw many camera repairers have confirmed that ma large no of D7000 have a back focus or front focus issue.

        • fasciN8photo

          @umesh – Ya, I use the af fine tune feature all the time. Before I sent it to Nikon the first time, the focus was so far off that the af fine tune could not compensate even at its max (-20 in this case). When I got it back it still wouldn’t focus with no fine tune so I messed around with it and found that a -7 would give me accurate focus outdoors but any lower light situations or indoor environments and I probably miss focus about 3 out of 5 pictures on a tripod (at -7 AFFT). The other annoying part is that the fine tune necessary seems to change over time. Do you have contact info for any of the camera repairers that you referenced? I’ve been searching for somebody that can fix this problem for me (as Nikon clearly will not and refuses to acknowledge that the problem is there). I’ve already paid about $120 in shipping charges sending it back and forth to Nikon over the past year and am done hoping they will make things right. I would be very greatful for a referral to a skilled camera repair shop that will actuallly fix the problem. Thanks for your response!

          • umesh

            Sorry no . The repairers tell you to send the camera to nikon as they have calibrator machines. Besides if your camera is in warranty , tuning is free. If not , you have to pay but you can get the job done correctly or ask for moneyback as we do in india. I dont know about your place but people are same everywhere. Also you are right about D7000 having terrible low light af. Much worse than my earlier D200.

          • catinhat

            I feel for you, as I have a couple of lenses set as far as -20 on my D7000. This seems to do the trick, but it doesn’t inspire confidence. Many other lenses are not as bad, but -10 is probably about average. I have used D200, 300 and 700, and none of these had any of this issue. If I had to fine tune a lens here or there it’s been usually mild and clearly an exception rather than the rule. Even with fine tuning and all I still get some unexpected AF misses on D7000 not so rarely. This said, when I need the reach of DX and the low light capability better than D300 can offer, D7000 is the natural pick, and even though I have to shoot with my fingers crossed I have to say that I do sometimes get outstanding results out of D7000.

          • Brianbr

            C.R.I.S Camera Services is an authorized Nikon repair center in Arizona. I have taken my D90 there twice for focusing issues.

  • Herege

    I hope to know the remaining 20% of the confirmation of attributes to decide to buy or not the D600. Including the auto focus motor. I will continue to wait 🙁

  • PicturePerfect

    Nikon has been focusing (pun) on DX cameras and lenses for the non-pro market. I see them now trying to upsell that market with the D??? as a more affordable entrant to the FF world. And like the D800 I am sure the specs will surprise in some respects. All this talk about the AF focus motor is speculation at this point.

    For my money I would like to see more FF lenses with large apertures like a 17-120 1.4 with great optics at a reasonable price. And relatively light weight but not cheaply built. OK, so one can dream. But Kneekon, are you listening?

    • Ken Rockwell

      You want a 17-120mm f/1.4 with great optics at a reasonable price?!?! Hah! Add in light weight as well, just for fun… do you want a pony with that too?

      • Douglas Adams

        Man, it’s rude to use someone’s name like that. Especially if you fall short of his knowledge in such a dramatic way…

        • Old Amsterdam

          A childish and lousy comment from an imposter.

        • Ren Crockwell

          That sounds exactly like him.

        • twitch

          Kind of ironic coming from a famous author who passed away a decade ago.

          • Douglas Adams

            Douglas Adams is one of my favorite writers who means a lot to me. The choice of this nick is made in honor of him. It is entirely different thing to use a name of a living person that is present on the web, and to express one’s opinions in the very same field of interest as the actual person does. Don’t you agree?

            • L. Ron Hubbard

              I think Xenu has got to you. You want an audit?

    • Paasing By

      So you want a “17-120 1.4 with great optics”
      Great! How much you wanna pay for it stupid? Want it pocketable?

      • Barnswallow T Duck

        Stupid? Did you read the part about that it’s a dream? This would be an amazing lens if it were technically possible, and some day it may be. But you know-it-alls would rather act superior than dream.

        • Sahaja

          No it will never be technically possible.

    • Gimme D600

      Weird… Your joking tone doesn’t translate into text. A 17-120 1.4 would be no less than a bazooka

    • I wish

      Let me guess… It would weigh about 8 pounds and cost around 8G.

    • Ke

      “Nikon has been focusing (pun) on DX cameras and lenses for the non-pro market.”

      Are we talking about the same company that just released the D800 & D4?

      • PicturePerfect

        Read my comment again. You missed the reference to the non-pro market. The D800 and D4 are hardly beginner cameras. And as to the improbability of the lens I mentioned as a dream lens- yes I understand the technical issues but it wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t think a 36MP camera like the D800 was possible. If we don’t dream, we don’t achieve.

        • Arkasai

          I love how pretty much everyone who responded to your comment neglected to read the rest of it, thus trolling themselves. Good job NR commenters, good job.

        • Sahaja

          Given the pixel densities on P&S cameras, a 36mp FX sensor camera was obviously going to be technically possible – and one day we may see 100mp +. However, unless the physical laws of optics change, I’m sure you will never see a “17-120 1.4 with great optics at a reasonable price” ~ if it could even be built, it would have to be enormous.

  • robert

    With the d-600, Nikon will be making available for Canon, thousands of users of D-700 that are needing to upgrade their equipment

    • Yorys

      Except those who are full pro 2.8 or 1.4 equipped with carefully chosen optics, and who had given their glasses priority on their bodies !

      • Gimme D600

        Full time Pros with 2.8 or 1.4 glass already have the D800. That camera is one awesome body for top end customers.

        The D600 will be for emerging markets and new customers with 1.8G glass and not so carefully chosen AF-S lens 🙂

      • JM

        I own (all Nikon):
        24-70 F2.8
        70-200 F2.8
        16-35 F4
        50mm F1.8
        85mm F1.4
        I shoot D3, D700, and D300.
        I have absolutely NO QUALMS about selling and moving to Canon, or Leica. No problems. Nikon needs to watch very carefully how they proceed going forward. I’m sure, based on what I’m reading here, I’m not the only one. I am not in bed with Nikon, nor do I get anything from them other than excellent equipment. But, quite frankly, a camera is a camera is a camera…

        • Gimme D600

          You’re right about a camera being a camera, but what should Nikon be careful with? No AF motor? Did you try the D800 with all that awesome glass? If you haven’t, you really should. I tried the D800 with a 24-70 and a 85 1.8G and the images were mind-blowing, although they just about made my core2duo 3.06ghz with 16gb of RAM die a sudden violent death.

          • JM

            Yes, I had a D800 on order from Amazon since 2/7and thank goodness i cancelled. I can wait. I have plenty to keep me busy. I’m in no rush to get a (possibly) faulty camera. I don’t mind waiting until all the bugs are worked out then I will re-order. I expect to get one for my self this Christmas.

  • DaveyJ

    I think the D600 has real merit. There are lots of details quite unspecified as yet though. Still there is more pent up demand for a D400 than a D600. Nikon Rumors could confirm that. But as every photographer says this I just assume they are right. I also have been checking Nikon Rumors mainly for D400 announcements. The demand for a less expensive full frame camera is very real. This could be it. I think most of the lens I have for F5 use and used a lot on DX would work as they are mostly AF-S. However I personally would way rather have a D400.

    • Gimme D600

      I think there’s room for both a D400 DX and a D600 FX in the market… A toy FX vs a Pro DX, at a similar price, that would be fine.

      • PeterO

        That sounds like a plausible option Gimme. Nikon could offer them both at about the same price point and let the customer decide which way to go – there are benefits to both, just buy the one that suits your needs best. On this forum alone we’ve heard tons of “I want a D400DX” AND “I want a cheap FX”. We’re starting to hear about the latter, perhaps we’ll hear about the former when the latter is launched. Kind of like when the D3 and D300 were announced. Then again, there is that teeny weeny problem that Nikon seems to have with actually having them available to actually sell.

  • EnPassant

    With the Leica M Monochrome now official the D600 would be a much better candidate for a Black and White only sensor version!
    Nikon did after all produce the D800E with just minimally more sharpness (and more moiré) than the regular D800.

    In a way the D800E is more of a niche camera than a B&W sensor camera.
    For the affordable price of the D600 (+ $ 300 for the special version just like D800E) the cost for a “D600M” would attract many who loves B&W photos.

    And while we’re at it why not also make a “D600i” for infrared photos?
    If only the AF motor and metering with manual lenses is included I’ll buy one of each!
    If not Nikon won’t get a cent from me even if they suck my …

    • Jonathan

      My thoughts exactly. In fact if they made a couple versions of this camera, one B&W, and one Infrared. I may change my mind and actually think about picking one up. But only as a second body of course.

  • don

    I’m curious: Will this be built in Japan (Sendai) or Thailand?

    Build quality would suggest the Land of Smiles, but isn’t FX bodies the province of the Land of the Rising Sun? (Sorry for all the geographical name dropping…)

  • Jonathan

    I just can’t get all that excited about this one. It is just too entry level for me. If the AF is better than the D7000 and they stick in an AF motor, then maybe. But I have been waiting on the D400 which by the looks of it would be a vastly superior camera (other than being APS-C).

    I just don’t see people just entering the DSLR market to purchase this D600. I also can’t really see current DX users purchasing it either due to it’s limitations. The good news though, is sensors are getting cheaper to manufacture.

    Again, I am just hoping for a good D400 (without a ton of noisy megapixels) or a true D700 replacement.

    • Gimme D600

      “I just don’t see people just entering the DSLR market to purchase this D600.”

      I for one am exactly the type of person entering the market to purchase a D600. The D800 is too much camera for PT Pros and enthusiasts. The 5D MKII continues to sell well at $2K and a Nikon competitor at this price would seriously sway that market towards a toy FX.

      While Canon thinks it can get away with charging outrageous pricing for their MKIII and not so serious shooters wanting FF become lukewarm about the D800’s massive file size and demand for top end glass, Nikon could step in and just make the D600 FX a no brainer.

      • Dr Motmot

        Agree, I for one am put off by the D800’s massive file sizes and overkill 36MP. A 24MP D600 would be fine, I don’t need a pro spec body or even AF motor for old lenses, I can even live with a 95% viewfinder which is what I was used to with my D80. I have just bought a D700 but will probably upgrade in a few years to D600 once the price has come down.

  • mark

    The realease probability is eith 100% or 0% its cant be 80%. They are either making a d600 or they arent.

    • Ryan

      Mark, its not a question of they are making it or not, that 80% is whether it will be released before Photokina.

  • Nikon staff member

    I work for Nikon uk, I must keep my identity secret. A RECALL will be starting on D4 / D800 on the 23rd may. Inside information proves that hardware needs replaced in over half the models sold. Three top figures have already been told they will be leaving, but, must state its for family reasons. Nikon are locked in talks about the biggest recall that will see stock price plummet. Just wait and see!!

    • Anonymous

      Canon troll alert!!

    • ActionJunky

      DxoMark rated the D800 as the best sensor in the Pro DSLR market. So you’re saying that it will actually be better after the recall? It’s got my vote and dollars.

    • I don’t believe that for a second.

    • vertigo

      I work for Nikon jp, I must keep my identity secret. Inside information indicate camera part radioactive and must be recall. Please do not tell. Have nice day thank you.

      • FX DX

        “please do not tell”. lol!

        Not sure if you are trolling or you are mentally retarded.

        • vertigo

          so sorry for my english. announcing coming soon. so sorry

    • Nikon Sha-in

      Well, I work for Nikon Japan, and I say bollocks!

      • vertigo

        Only top official know this. camera has radiation will recall for parts and special treatment.

    • Mad Harry

      How can there be a recall on Nikon D800 cameras in the UK? Do not know of any retailers who actually have any on sale, so how can you recall cameras that you can’t actually buy?

  • delayedflight

    I think the reason Nikon is omitting the screw drive is because it wants to push its newer G glass. Instead of losing sales to older D glass on the second hand market. It also means people who buy this camera will be locked into buying more expensive glass.
    I suspect a big number of people who will buy this ‘entry level’ full frame camera will be those who want to ‘get into photography’ and want a full frame camera as opposed to a pro-sumer APS-C body but can’t fork out for a D800.

    • Gimme D600

      +1 Agreed

      Except for the “can’t fork out for a D800” it’s more like “won’t fork out for a D800” because the spec is so high that the glass one needs has to be the best FX can offer.

      Many of these files don’t end up being reproduced professionally so the extra awesome resolution can’t be justified. Especially if a computer upgrade is also required to process 75mb NEF files into 250mb TIFF’s

    • Herege

      I think, It is recommended that no longer manufacture AF-D lenses and withdraw from the catalog that currently exist, which do not allow the camera to use the AF-D lenses. Thus continued to sell cameras to the former owners of AF-D rather than stifled. Personally I give more priority to lenses, my lens colletion.

      And wouldn’t buy AF-S lens(I have 1) just because Nikon want. Nikon has a camera, I have money, I/we make the choice. 😉

      • Otterfinger

        Jeeep! That´s right!

    • indigo

      Nikon is trying to do what cellular and printer manufacturers are doing, sell low, and then subsidize with overpriced and mandatory accessories.

    • Sahaja

      If you have much AF-D glass it could be expensive to upgrade.

      If there is no AF motor in this camera the resale value of AF-D lenses could evaporate, as people will believe that AF-D support will soon disappear in all new Nikon camera bodies.

  • Vin

    I am thinking we may not see a D7100, this may be it. The D600 will be the D7000- FX, and maybe no AF- F mount screw drive, that would be sad! , but it might be Nikons way of selling new lenses, or them saying the old lenses won’t cut the mustard on a 24mp+ camera? I think the first. On the other hand that could also mean we will see a much improved D5000 DX replacement, & a much improved D300S DX replacement too. I like what I am seeing out of both the DX & FX so far. I could see myself using both. One or two of each of there cameras from both of there new lines of DX, & FX.

    • Dimitrii1130

      blablabla.. there will be a d7100.
      i think this will replace d7000 and d300s and because of that be much better than d7000. at the moment i believe it could get sony’s new 16mp sensor from the a57 and will be damn fast.
      d600 is a cheap cam to lure customers to FX – and this works^^
      and think you mean d5100 replacement… and this will come next year.

      • Vin

        Its not the sensor that is fast,… At $1500,.. I don’t see D7100, it came out at $1200-$1400. So it would have to be a lesser camera, like D5200, at $850-$950, because we are seeing all the info of the old D7000 show up on the D600. Could be a new name D8000? Maybe? Or D9000. Good chance, with swivel LCD. But the bump in D3200 seems to push everything up 10% to 20%. I think we will also see a D400 DX at a surprising increase. The D300S was $1800, the new D400 DX could be at the $2000 and up range. Especially if the do go more Pro DX, that would be your fast camera for $2400, everything fast and durable. Weather resistant…

        • Dimitrii1130

          but the sensor makes good pics (hopefully)
          d4 has 16mp, d600 maybe 24mp. so d7100 (or however the top dx will be called) could get 16mp and d3200 has 24mp.
          no idea how expensive it will be, but there must be a dx cam above d5200.

        • Douglas Adams

          With this d600 coming around, now I’m 99% sure that there will be no d400. This will make d300s the best DX camera ever made.

          Without getting into too many details, this will be the setup (please note that this comes in line with some of the Thom Hogan’s very precise predictions on this issue):

          Nikon FX line:
          D4 (with possible x version added later)

          Nikon DX line

          Nikon CX line
          some small thingie with better features
          some small thingie with less features
          some other small thingie…

          And this makes all the logic in the world. And for you that cry over missing AF coupling on the body of D600, don’t you think that NIKON knows that it would kill the sales of D800. This is very elegant solution, to offer such a high MP body but intentionally deprived of the capacity to use AI-S lenses.
          On the other hand, if it had one, you would probably cry over D7000’s autofocus module with 39 AF points…and step by step, you would ask for a D800 for 1500 Euros price.

          Nikon made this just as I was their main strategist!

          P.S. Good work Peter!

    • indigo

      I am thinking we may not see a D800.

  • dhfg

    Please let it be full frame and let it be for $1,500. I don’t care about the other specs. I just want a semi-affordable full frame. This is awesome news!

    • indigo

      Haste makes waste. When you get the camera you’re going to have to replace all your lenses if they’re AF-D. Or live with manual focus.

    • ancrebleah

      Please let it be full frame and let it be for $12. I don’t care how useless it is. I just want a semi.

  • Nikon staff Uk

    How many fools have bought a faulty Nikon today ?????? You are all in denial 🙂 Nikon and the dozy customers buying faulty cameras are the joke of the year. I bet you all swap wife’s every second Sunday ha ha ha ha ha.

    • ActionJunky

      I am one of those fools that is buying one today, Nikon D800. I am ordering through a local dealer. You must be really happy with your current camera to go out of your way to bash another. I am glad your photography career is taking off. Maybe we will bump into one another.

      Good luck.

    • umesh

      Bought a D800E yesterday. Checked it extensively for all kinds of faults and also the ones people are troubled of. No problems at all. Infact it exceeds all expectations I had built up beforehand by reading others’ reviews. Fantastic machine. Btw I am from India and cam is from hong kong (production Japan)
      P.S. No moire still with any kind of pattern. But still searching for it and will let you people know If I find it in later pics.

      • Gary

        Like you I checked my D800 for faults extensively:
        – Green LCD? No
        – Battery problem? No
        – Auto exposure problem? No. Calibrated using a variety of focusing points.
        – Oil leakge? No

        I picked up a grip yesterday, from an authorised store and the chap there says the only problem they’ve had so far is with a D800 with a VERY green LCD.

        But, after the reports on this site, I’ll still keep checking in case something starts to deteriorate.

        Bottom line: the more I use this camera, the more I love it.

  • I want 16 Mpix, not 24!

    • ActionJunky

      You should know how to crop if your going to spend that much on a camera.

    • ancrebleah

      I want 6 because I’m ken rockwell and I love the D40. I use it for sports. It’s slow but who cares. Just get it.

  • vvla

    Just got an email from Amazon USA saying my D800 will arrive to me Tues May 15th. I ordered it Feb 7th around 2:30AM PST. I’ll believe it when it arrives, but here hoping that anyone still waiting will get yours soon too.

  • Jack

    With the new rumors about the D600 and Sony A99, I’ve decided not to buy any more lenses for my D5100 until the end of the year, in case I sell it all to go FF. If anything, they could drive the price down on the Canon 5D Mark II (which I’ve set my price point at <$1500 new).

  • flanders

    Greedy Nikon is going to apply auto cropping to also force upgrading lenses too. Anyone that has used DX lenses on FX say they turn off auto cropping, and crop it how they want later, and you can usually get away with DX with the 35mm f1.8G DX anyway, especially at night; and the zooms you can just zoom in. I don’t want my camera to auto crop.

  • flanders

    Also, I don’t want a GPS in my camera.

  • Chris

    I’m very interested in the potential D600. As long as the low light capability is there. I currently shoot a lot of dance work. I currently use my D700 when the light is bad and my D300 when the light is good.

    My D700 is getting long in the tooth (about 240,000 frames) and was looking into a D7000, or a lightly used D700 or D3/D3S as a body to use for the future so that I don’t completely kill my D700. I’ve already had some mirror return issues that I’ve had serviced twice, once under warranty, once outside.

    Depending on the final specs of the D600, it may be just what I need. An inexpensive body that if I kill the shutter in a year or two, I won’t be really upset. Right now, the closest thing to that is the D7000, but I haven’t finished all of my low light testing on a borrowed body yet.

    I would be equally happy with a similar spec, D400 (even though it’s not supposed to happen). Going from a D700/D300 control scheme to a D7000 is quite different. All the different placements of AF mode / focus target changes slow you down a bit.

  • Sebastian

    I would actually not pay $500 for a focus motor. Sure, there are some lenses that don’t exist in at-s, but the basics are there and I bet they’re going to introduce a few more with a new fx body like that.
    Coming from DX I would have to ditch two of my lenses: 80-400, which sucks anyway, and 50 1.8 d, which is not too much of a $ loss.
    Actually, I could be quite happy with DX for a long time (lighter, smaller, cheaper) if it weren’t for the lack of wide-angle primes. And now I realize those will never happen, because the plan is to push users to fx.
    So this all makes kinda sense.

    • Sebastian

      Ok, so I will say that fx af-s primes also pretty much don’t exist in wide angle. But it looks at least like they’re working on it with the recent 28 1.8

    • ancrebleah

      But you will be paying $500 for new lenses. Either way, you’re going to be paying $500.

  • MB

    So we will have 1500$ Nikon camera with improved D3x sensor they sold for 8000$ only a year or so ago … isn’t that great!

  • Otterfinger

    It may be a great body, but without intern AF-Motor?
    This would be a reason for me to buy it NOT!

  • RaVax

    About built in AF motor, could it be that even if if you want to have it, it would not fit in a D7000 style body?

    • GeofFx

      It already IS in the D7000 body (and the D90, D80, D70 bodies)

      • Otterfinger

        DANKE GeofFx – so it is!!! At the moment I am on D7000.

  • Martin


  • I just my D4 in and I am selling my Nikon D3s… Here is the link to my local craigslist ad …

    • Goodman

      Salvation Army is open

  • Vin

    Regarding MF lenses & Film. If you have been fortunate enough have formal education in, art, design, or photography, many traditional schools require you still use 35mm manual camera, then 4X5 view camera. You also learn to print and develop film & print in a darkroom. You learn to draw with a pencil and real paint too. You then move up to 3/D design, digital manipulation so on. There is a time and a place when you do or do not need one tool vs another tool. There are place where some photographers want to take pictures where you can’t use AF digital cameras. Everything is frozen, or you batteries are drained. You still need to shoot, or want too? Pack you pencil paper and maybe a FM2 also. They still make some of this equipment for a reason. Don’t get me wrong I do think the advancements of the new DSLR’s are amazing, it definitely increases the ability to make great pictures in a greater percentage of difficult lighting situations, it speeds up post process. But let’s not forget the process altogether. sometimes it is about the equptment, but sometimes its just about the vision, or the trip.

  • Josh

    I seems that the D600 got attentions from a lot of old hold outs, grinchs and legally blind users with lots of old lenses.

    If that is Nikon’s inteneded market, then, Nikon should dump the video, and put a motor back into the camera.

    These old bats ain’t gonna fool around with the video, they have trouble as is dealing with the MF.

    • Otterfinger

      Was anderes ist Dir nicht eingefallen – oder?
      Is this your only idea for a comment? Great, really great!! :))))

  • Tony

    Without internal AFMotor this camera is a Epic Fail

    • Cat in a Hat

      With video, this camera is an Epic Failuare

      • Booyah

        Go buy a camcorder for home movies.

  • Funduro

    80% + 20% = 100% I’ll buy one. Sure I expect some de-content to be present. I expect that It will have the newest IP toned down a bit. Looks like the D600 will be my entry into FX. I’ll keep use my D300s for birding unless the D600’s crop mode beats it.

  • LyekaColorBlind

    Interesting prices that Nikon does, let’s see, D4=$6000, D800=$3000, D600=$1500 what will be the next camera costing $750?

    • Michael


  • Tonio

    So basically it’s a 24 MP FX D7000 with no focus motor. (it would be even better with the focus motor, of course.)

    If this is true, Nikon is planning on getting DX users to upgrade to FX and buy lots of lenses. It’s a smart, bold move. I wonder if it will catch others flat-footed.

    • Q

      Well, it won’t catch any manufacturers flat-footed if they read Nikon Rumors. 🙂 😉

  • Sahaja

    If they make it similar to the D7000 but with a FF sensor, and they do not drop the AF-D motor, then I’ll buy one. The $1,500 price tag would be very nice, but it sounds a bit too good to be true. I’d expect it to cost around $2,000.

    No AF motor = no sale, even at the $1,500 price.

  • timon

    Nikon May 10, The fiscal year 2012 Presentation,

    Nikon Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera
    Actual Sold 4,740 (thousand), Mar 2012. Estimation 7,000 (thousand), Mar 2013.
    In past:
    Actual Sold 4,290 (thousand), Mar 2011. Estimation Slight increase vs previous year, Mar 31 2012.
    Actual Sold 3,670 (thousand), Mar 2010. Estimation 4,200 (thousand), Mar 2011.
    Actual Sold 3,420 (thousand), Mar 2009. Estimation 3,400 (thousand), Mar 2010.

    Whole Market Scale:
    Actual 16,330 (thousand), Mar 2012. Estimation 19,000 (thousand), Mar 2013.
    Actual 14,140 (thousand), Mar 2011. Estimation —- , Mar 2012.
    Actual 10,880 (thousand), Mar 2010. Estimation 12,000 (thousand), Mar 2011.
    Actual 9,130 (thousand), Mar 2009. Estimation 9,200 (thousand), Mar 2010.

    intending Mar 2013, Nikon is estimation 7,000 (thousand) in their interchangeable lens camera. There is a huge amount to be growing almost 50% of the existing outputs.

    Besides the FX d600, maybe this year Nikon will announce a d7100 or a Nikon J2 mirrorless, but the DX d7100 is more probable at Mar 2013. In this fiscal year the d7000 is still a hot model in market.

    • Sahaja

      “Interchangeable lens camera” probably includes Nikon 1 series (J1, V1)

    • Ben

      There is 7000 people on the d800 wait list at just B and H photo.
      Nikon can sell a lot more cameras and lenses if they would just make then.
      so many lenses are sold out too!

  • Leon Besaans

    DX is not dead. Why would Nikon apply for patents on new 16 – 85 f4 DX lens,

    D600 is not for us wildlife and bird photographers. I wont buy one. Rather get a good used D700 for landscapes, portraits, lowlight etc.


  • Peely22

    I’m just sad that this doesn’t appeal enough to me, and it surely pushes any possibility of a 300s replacement months and months backwards.
    Why? they’ve had 2 FF releases in the last month that they can’t make enough of, why this one now?
    Give us DX’ers a treat please.

  • Phot044

    Now we are seeing Nikon expanding there lineup of DSLRs. But I, and many others always miss something. We miss a replacement for D300s and D700. Me felling is that they will be named D310 and D710, if they ever come..

  • Dominik

    You’ve got to love the people complaining about no AF motor, no 100% viewfinder, etc. being a dealbreaker, but they still expect a full frame camera for $1500.

    Incredible. If you want a FF camera with no compromises (D800 and D4), pay for one.

    • ancrebleah

      Most of the complainers said they would pay more for the focus motor.

  • Wouter

    If Nikon would introduce this camera at $1500,- that would be a very interesting development. Because that could mean that in say two or three years a comparable camera could be in the sub $1000,- range, and as such be at an entry level price point. A mere 10 years ago a D70 sold at about $1000,- which was then the entry level camera. So full frame is pretty much ready for the masses again.

    The question then is, where will this leave the APS format. In the film era APS only had a short life (partly caused by the digital revolution). What will happen to APS in the digital era? Will camera manufacturers keep both formats? Will aps trickle down to the more compact mirrorless and bridge cameras but disappear from dslrs? Or will aps live a niche style with limited choices like for instance an entry level and a (semi- )pro model. Time will tell..

  • DX2FX

    Whilst I like the inclusion of the U1, U2 selectors, I hope the D600 will not omit/replace the following:
    the glass pentaprism
    the front sub-dial
    the top LCD
    the metal strap lugs
    the round eyepiece
    Picture Control button

  • Sahaja

    The D800 is Nikon’s competitor to the Canon 5D Mk3 – the D600 looks like it could be Nikon’s answer to Sony’s forthcoming full frame DSLT.

  • Murdoc

    I’m saving some $$ to switch to Nikon, the Canon 350D I received as a hand-me-down has terrible ergonomics and unfortunately Canon has continued in this path. I like the dual mode dials, and FF is the only way I’ll upgrade. If the D600 comes out, with or without the AF motor, I’ll probably snatch one up. I always find it interesting about people complaining of low light AF with the Nikon D7000, Canon 7D, or what have you. I have 9 AF points and none are cross-type and I’ve very rarely missed focused even in dark venues. If the 350D had AFMA I’d probably be a relatively happy camper aside from the atrocious ergonomics, if I can nail focus with 9 single type AF points then there should be little complaints about 39+ AF points with multiple cross-type.

    Please remember, not all of us are taking photos of black cats in the alleys behind our houses at 4 am in a black out.

  • Nikon returns dept


    • Funduro

      Danger DANGER canon troll lose

  • Happy meal

    URGENT !!! With every happy meal from the 27th of this month, McDonalds USA and UK will be giving a FREE D800 away. This offer will help Nikon get rid of the huge returns and faulty cameras returned We feel this is a cracking offer, we know our food is crap and our free happy meal toys have always been cheap crap. That’s why with this offer we decided to stick with our usual free crap toy. See you soon , lots of love from Ronald McDonald.

    • Thierry

      I have to admit: with the price continuously going down one has to wonder if some day you’ll get a D800 along with your happy meal.

      Or am I just dreaming out loud? 😉

    • mark-eric

      I’m waiting for the Groupon…

    • Wow – what’s with the hate? Still haven’t got your D800?
      Mine is just fine – having fun taking pics like never before.

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