More Nikon D600 rumors

Here are few more details about the rumored full frame Nikon D600 DSLR camera. As I already mentioned, any information so far in future cannot be considered as reliable:

  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500.
  • The sensor inside the D600 will probably be 24MP (made by Sony, modified by Nikon).
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100).
  • The D600 will have HD video.
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012).
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body.

The above image was published earlier on the Chinese photography forum - it could be fake, I don't know. Update: the strap is fake, here is the original image.

For some reason Google has captured several appearances of the phrase "Nikon D600" on the main website:

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  • Cobus

    Excluding D60 from the search in google will result in no results.

    e.g. nikon +D600 -D60


    • Thomas

      The string to exclude the ACTUAL D60 is:


      If you don’t use the quotation marks, it will exlude mentions of D600. If you include the quotation marks, it will only exclude the actual phrase “D60”.

      Learn 2 google-fu.

      • Rob

        You’re actually both wrong. They changed how operators work last year.

        • ThomasThe.l.

          That’s what you get for being a smart alek Thomas. Learn to google.

    • ZOZ

      Sure it does not. Try it with +D7000 -D700 and see the result!

  • mark

    what if the target market is the d3x00, d5x00 owners ? Then there is no need to support legacy lenses.

    What they could be doing is to keep price and body size to a minimum. No need for prosumer specs like AF motor, weather sealing, magnesium body, dual SD slots.

    and yes it could have just 1 command dial and no top LCD. Recycle the AF module used in d3 / d700… then it is already more than enough. Just keep it at 1500 USD with a slow 24-70 then I’m in.

    For those using d7000 / d300s then they could force you to move up to a d800 or d4.

  • Daf

    No internal motor – sounds like a fake rumour.

    Links on Nikon site – it need not be on the site itself – Google will also rank according to links pointing AT the site.

  • FS

    No built-in AF motor is a deal-breaker for me 🙁

    • efroh

      Me too. Really hope that part of the rumor isn’t true.

    • guy

      Deal breaker for me too . . . too bad, because I’d love to have a cheapish full frame camera for the nicer shallow depth of field. I’m not going replace half my lens though. Hopefully that rumor’s not true.

    • Brian

      Yeah I can’t believe that they would put a full frame camera in a low enough price point to do away with the built in focus motor… even the D7000 has the focus motor and I don’t think this camera would be geared for a lower level audience…If so, then it would be a deal killer for me too.

    • Nic

      Same here. Make it $2000, but make it worth buying.

  • Smudger

    Sorry Mr Nikon, but f the D600 strap is really going to look like that I’ll have to pass.

    • BartyL

      Finally, someone who has the right priorities.

    • Jorge

      I never, ever use the manufacturers strap. A: I don’t want to be a target. B: If Nikon wants me to do advertising for them, drop the price $500.00 and we’ll talk

      • ThomasThe.l.

        What makes you think they haven’t done already.

      • Anonymous

        Gosh, you are greedy. If the price is $1500 and it is an FX 24MP camera, I think it is a darn good deal.

      • I never understood this “If Nikon wants me to advertise for them” crap about straps. It’s a stupid fucking argument.

        • Jorge

          @ OSAM:

      • Jim

        WHO are you?
        You can’t be a pro, cause a pro wouldn’t whine about 500 bucks for wearing the name. You can’t be a girl because a girl would pay 500 bucks extra to make sure that everybody sees the brand name of what she’s wearing. You can’t be an enthusiast cause an enthusiast would be more than happy to get a FX for 1500 bucks at all and don’t really care what’s on the strap.

        • Jorge

          Wow Jim.
          Care to insult anyone else? LOL
          And I have news for you: A 1500 FX Nikon will be a P.O.S. Amateur crap camera.

          • matt

            im pretty sure you started the insults.

            • matt

              that being said, for 1500, it will clearly be a POS camera, i agree with you. but ive seen plenty of great amatuers. and lots of crappy pros.

            • what?

              what is POS?

              perhaps, am too pro to know POS ; )

      • 103david

        You never heard of a magic marker?

        • Jorge

          Can we say Ghetto? How about an Upstrap… Might do the trick

          • Dan

            I like my D800 strap. Great way to meet fellow enthusiasts and strike up interesting conversations! The logo on the camera is way too small for people to see and therefore show interest.

            • jorg

              Good one

      • Shawn

        I find the Nikon straps to be the world’s most uncomfortable strap (not to mention too short). I’m not about to torture myself for brand name recognition.

  • Nikon Boy-2000

    Well. Let’s see,

    around 6 fps?,
    no AF motor,

    -If this is light, has {really really good ISO performance} and a nifty 39 AF (worst case) or 51 AF points (best case)

    I mayest declareth the 5D Mk III.
    D-E-D, Dead.

    • Shawn

      I’ve noticed that Canon tends to have more cross-type sensors in their higher end bodies (ex, 60D is all cross-type). I kind of wish that Nikon would do a better job at that. Sure D7000 has 9 cross-type, but all of them in the center. That’s not useful to me personally. Would love to see a D600 with all cross-type, or at least where it’s most useful (the 5 major ones).

  • TotallylegitCanonfan

    Wait, ditching the AF motor?


  • Rhyan

    In 2010, just before / around the release of D7000 I was saying that Nikon will release a D300s ( D400) update with a full frame sensor, and D7000 will take D300S’ place as high-end crop. Lots of people mocked me by that time, saying that 7000 is not a rival to the Canon 7D, which I agree, and that Nikon will be totally beaten by Canon if they rely on high-end crop like D7k. Now you see that my prediction seems to be true and Nikon give up on the D300 shifting it to the FF segment, so if you want more than D7000 offers you’ll get a D600…

    I bet D7100 will be anounced by the end of the year, and it will inherit those D300s features that are currently making the difference between the two cameras. Of course it will happen after D600 is released.

    As far as I am concerned – I was planning an upgrade to D7000, but I would definitely wait and go for D600… for God’s sake who needs a laggy AF motor in the body anyway – fast silent motor lens is 100 times better than the current AF-D cheap lens…

    • Jan


    • Rob

      I still mock you as this rumor will probably turn out false.

    • MysterF

      hummm are you sure? go and compare the AF speed of the 5o 1.4D and 50 1.4D.. D wins.
      Same for 85 1.8…

      • Rhyan

        @MysterF – how does the 50 1.4 fall into the cheap lens category?
        Comparing the 50 1.8 Af-s vs Af-d version – I am pretty much sure that speed is more or less the same, but AF-s version gives less focus mistakes, which matters to me.

        85 1.8 AF-s – I still wait this glass to come, but I have tested one of a friend of mine and overall results on my D90 were much much better than those with the old AF-d lens.

        In addition, although D90 features the motor, it is far from being fast and, due to limitations of the focusing system of the camera, anything but the center point in low light conditions raises the error rate. So yes, I am pretty much sure that as far as speed is more or less equal and cannot tell for sure which one is quicker, the 50 1.8 is my tool of choice.

        • Sports

          50 1.4D has much, much faster auto-focus (on my D300).
          50 1.4G has better image quality under some conditions.

    • AF-D cheap lens?


      • GeofFx

        Yeah.. I don’t get this AF-D “cheap” thing. cost wise? Okay they can be found for less money, but the build quality of AF-D lenses are like tanks compared to a lot of the AF-S lenses.

    • Nikono


    • Lomcevak

      Your prediction doesn’t seem true at all. Rumors of two more DSLR bodies are flying around, one the enty level FX and the other……….? The DX fleet has a good prosumer model in the D7000 and a new entry level model with the D3200, the second rumored body could well be a pro-level DX to replace the D300S. Love my D3S and D3, but for wildlife and other distant stuff my 400 and 600 lenses go on the D300S. Makes absolutely no sense for Nikon to make their top DX body the D7000 by turning the D300s replacement into an FX. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a D400 with an improved D7000 sensor, higher frame rate than a D300S with MB-D10, bigger buffer than the D7000 and the AF from the D4.

      A less expensive FX body and a higher performance DX body would make more sense. You might want to wait and see how the two camera rumor plays out before you start patting yourself on the back for your supposed prescience.

    • D400

      An FX D3200 is not going to satisfy the market for the DX D4, and these cameras will be roughly in the same price bracket.

  • Kockwell Ren

    I placed my pre-order yesterday.

    Screw the D800, screw the Fuji X Slow-1, all you need is THIS camera and a 28mm F1.8 and a 50mm F1.8G and you’re good to go!

    or Shoot film!

    Yay me, donate to $5 to me!

    • Fro no barber

      Well you do have a growing family.

    • Nilrem

      Well, that sums up the entire website of Ken R. Oh btw go to Adorama. 😉

  • In a pro/semi-pro equipment the full compatibility with “old” lenses should be a must.
    Old lenses are not garbage, are they?

    • Thomas

      Nope my 85mm 1.8 AF-D is my favourite lens.

      • Anonymous

        You can always use MF and on FX, it will be easier to MF. Maybe get a Katzeye screen and you will be set. You will enjoy the slower pace of MF and the better composition that results with slowing down and thinking.

    • Kenneth Loke

      Pity, I love my 80-200mm AF-D. Lovely lens.

      • Hawkeye

        I don’t know if anyone else experienced this, but my 80-200 AF-D isn’t sharp enough to keep up with my D7000. My 18-200 delivers way better optical clarity at full zoom. Maybe Nikon’s thinking that their megapixel count is going to outpace their legacy lenses (obviously not all, but maybe all the low-end target market can afford)?

        I also heard that the D600 isn’t going to have a viewfinder. Live view all the way! I give this rumor a .05% chance of being true. Better than the lottery, right?

        • dameatrius

          Probably an issue with your 80-200. In general, it is MUCH sharper than the 18-200. The D800 / D7000 pixel densities aren’t close to film so the old tests of the 80-200 on film still apply

    • Rhyan

      You obviously are mislead that a full frame sensor enabled camera MUST be a PRO tool…

      Guys, these are tough times for all companies. Mirrorless cameras will devour the entry level DSLR segment, and as Nikon did not join that game with an APS-C enabled camera, my guess is – they’re aiming higher.
      It is definitely the D800 which is considered the pro tool – low ISO performance, high megapixel count are a standard for a professional in-studio photographer, or one that works with enough light of his choice. Have you ever seen a cover of ELLE shot in ISO 6400??? Neither you will… So whoever knows what are the advantages of 105 DC and 135 DC, they will go for 800 without a doubt.

      This baby D600 is aimed to the enthusiasts and hobbyists which are currently not 100% satisfied with D7000 offer, those that would like to have a fulframe, although not exaclty a 10fps / iso 104000 enabled one…

      I am currently using a D90, I was planning to go with D7000 because it has all that D90 lacks. I might have upgraded to D300S, but the price did make a difference, as I consider D7000 more close to my needs / requirements, and besides…there’s almost no difference in quality between d90 and d300. Still – if I can get a full frame camera close, or a bit behind the specs of D7000, for the price of a d300S, hell I would go for that one…
      As far as it concerns lens – I love the new af-s 50 1.8 and 85 1.8, and I do not consider the 1.4 versions are worth the money…

      • Thaumazein

        True words.

        50mm f1.4G (and 1.8G) and 85mm f1.8G are such great lenses.

    • Sumako


    • D400

      This is not a semi pro camera, it is an FXD3200. Entry level.

  • Mitch

    Can someone please advise: Does the absence of an AF-motor also means that it is not possible to meter with a non-ais lens? I have some old but very good lensen (with aperture ring) on my F2 and would be so happy if I would be able to use them on a entry leven full frame DSLR.
    Thanks in advance for the advise.

    • Anonymous

      I think those two items are mutually exclusive, but for the sake of differentiating the bodies (and an effort to make people buy the more expensive bodies), Nikon crippled the lower end models. If you want, you can chip those lenses. There are a few services which will do it for you for a fee. If you are a decent DIY’er, check out the Leitax site and you can see how you can DIY for a very nominal sum.

      Good luck.

    • Hugo First

      you won’t be able to meter with AI or pre-AI lenses but you should be able to mount them all without breaking your camera. that was one reason i bought a D3100 in the first place, even though i’ve never followed through with trying one of the old lenses. i have played with my MF lenses, though. when it comes down to it, we’re pretty spoiled — we seem to require auto-everything. hell, you don’t have to be all that to be able to guess exposure pretty accurately. even if you don’t, there’s instant image review. anyway, i’m not sure if one of these plastic fantastic FX bodies is for me, but they should be interesting…

    • Be extremely careful with mounting PRE-AI (pre 1977) lenses on most Nikon DSLRs, because apart of the entry level ones (D40, etc) they will break something like the AI alignment pin or even the mirror.
      On the large majority of Nikon DSLRs – again with the exception of the entry level models – you can mount & meter post-1977 AI, AI-S and AI-P lenses.
      The “Baby Nikons” will also meter with AF-D but must be focused manually.

  • burakberlin

    this was going to happen, now it s happening..
    as the F1 gear shifts in today s c-segment cars..

  • Marco 2k7

    Well, we’ll see.

    I don’t think they’ll do such a fool thing as removing the internal AF motor. Actually if nikon wants to make a really groundbraking camera, they should release a D7000 like body, with FX sensor and FX viewfinder. Prosumer like FX.

    And it would be over. Loads of amateurs would buy that.

    About me, I plan to upgrade from a D3000 to a D7000 first. then when I’ll be ready and a better photographer (in years), I’ll consider buying a FX prosumer and upgrade the DX lenses.
    And the good thing now that mpx count is going up is that you can shoot DX and still get decent resolution files so when you need extra reach just switch to DX mode and there you go.

    FX is DX too!

  • heffalump

    In typical nikon fashion, they’ll cripple the firmware so there won’t be much left there to be happy about, and the AF system will be some 9-point POS. I’m seeing myself shooting with the D700 for a long time still.

    • R R

      me too.. I am sending it soon to Nikon , to service the shutter (too many actuations) but then, I´ll have again a beautiful and capable FF DSLR

  • simon

    i don’t care much about the af motor, but I wonder if it will be possible to use the light meter with ai lenses.

  • Sahaja

    “The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100)”

    So people can’t buy used AF-D lenses for it – more money for Nikon

    • What part of Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha (i.e. Japan *Optical* Industries Co., Ltd.) did you fail to understand? 😉

    • Nick

      I think that AF micro steps must be the reason that Nikon excludes old lenses by this way, and sametime decreases the cost. Maybe this is one (or the same reason) that 50 1.4G is not recomended by Nikon for the D800. Mp beasts requires very fine af (motor) steps.

      • R R

        50mm f1.4G not recommended for the D800?!?! you have to be kidding me..

        • Anonymous

          Check out Nikon’s website if you do not believe.

      • Hugo First

        who cares whether its recommended or not? it’s generally my walk-around lens on D700 and D800. it may not be the best at anything, but its good enough for almost anything, IMO.

        • Nick

          Agree. Faster shutter speed than usuall and hand holiding stabillity is more recommended than sophisticated lenses from my first tests with even 14-24, 24-70. 50 1.4 g is also perfct for me.

  • Poster

    Seems to me that an enthusiast spending $1500 for an entry level FX body is more likely to spend $400 for the 28-75 2.8 Tamron than another $1500 for the 24-70 2.8 Nikkor. Thus, INCLUDING the motor may be a way to make people BUY more Nikkor lenses. Just a thought.

    • Craig

      You are way out of line. Sorry.

      No way the D600 will be in the $1,500US neighborhood. You are not even warm.

      • Poster

        Hey, did you even read the rumor? Time to change those eyeglasses 🙂

        “The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low – maybe as low as $1500.”

  • It sounds very good.
    First, I feel myself better stay in a amateur state. Photo for pleasure, not for bread and butter. So I sell some of my lenses.
    Second, I love my D300s more than D7000 because its roughness, usability, responce and better feeling in hand.
    So I’m ready to let go screwdrive, but still badly need non-AI metering and full metal camera with AF no worse than D7000.
    If D600 will be made of plastic like D7000, it’ll be very, very difficult choice. If D600=D300s without AF screw that will be nice combo. (Killer combo!)
    And sensor itself don’t matter at all till it is FF.

    • Rhyan


      I doubt it will be pure plastic, as it is still a full frame camera, and it should be able to carry the weight of larger ff lenses. So my bet is for a skeleton like d7000 – some plastic and some alloy.

      Actually I see the specs somewhere like this:

      31AF points
      either non-100% viewfinder or a penta-mirror one (it has to be cheaper anyway) instead of penta-prism
      low FPS count – around 4.5-5
      ISO 200-52100(102K with extension)
      dual card slots SD
      Wi-fi ready
      not 100% aluminum cast body, maybe only an allu skeleton.

      No weather sealing, no fancy stuff and I do not care about video capabilities – let Canon have it…

      If this package comes with a price tag +400 above the D7000 – I am good to go with it.

      • Anonymous

        I just want it to go head to head with the 5D3. At that price point, it will drive the canonites crazy. I just have a perverse pleasure reading the DPR’s Canon forums and see how they are trying to rationalize their choices. It is hilarious and as a Nikonian (and strong anti Canonite), I just enjoy their squirming. Topics like DR is overrated, who need’s MPs etc. are fun and a great study into human psychology 🙂

  • lawrence

    read the Chinese website, it says it was just a joke…

  • pragjna

    The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100).

    that’s a joke isn’t it?!

  • R R

    ¨The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will…¨ be a cheaper camera than D7000 .

    that one thing I dont like, I have a few screw focus lenses.. guess I´ll have to use my D700, D3x and D800 (when it comes)

    but this D600 is looking good for a nice travel camera, that is get full frame while traveling and dont risk as much money taking any other FF Nikon Dslr (nice!)

  • Peely22

    If this is true, how do you think it would effect any possible D400, higher end Dx, release?
    My D90 is battered, and needs replacing, just hanging on for something interesting enough to appear!

    • jorg

      my guess is that this smallish FF-entry camera leads to a battleship of an DX-camera for sports, wildlife, technology-freaks. full weather sealing, full professional layout, 24 MP sensor and best ISO.
      this DX-machine will be the next. when the dust settles comes the new D700.

      why nikon wants 4 FX-models (D600, D800, D4 + D700mk2) is beyond me, but since they pushed FX not only to the pros but also into enthusiast-market within the first FX-generation, they will also manage to extend FX into the lower tiers and get new models into the market until spring 2013.

  • Jinjo

    It is said in the website that this is fake and is a joke.

    • Rob

      It’s funny how many people have pointed this out just to be ignored. I guess people want it to be true so badly that their brains automatically block out all rational posts.

  • They better come out with an AF-S replacement for the 80-400VR. The same people who will buy a cheaper entry level FX camera also need a good AFFORDABLE telephoto zoom beyond 300mm.

    • Anonymous

      If this rumored D600 can AF with up to f/8, you can use the 70-300VR with a 1.4TC and get 400mm along with AF. However, I am hoping that Nikon keeps the internal AF motor and keeps the price just shy of $2000. It will really make for a great FX body and you will waiting lists that will make the D800’s waiting list look like a walk in the park.

    • craig

      Seriously, what are you using the 80-400 for? It is so slow. Comparatively inexpensive but if you want to catch BIF or sports or running wildlife or horse jumping the 80-400 is not the lens you should be using.

      • Jim

        What exactly do you mean by slow?
        If its the AF, this is why many hope for an upgrade on AF-S
        If its the aperture, well there is one death you gotta die of: if one can’t afford the price and the weight of whether the 200-400 f4 or the 400 f2.8 the only options are whether a NEW 80-400 or a combo with a TC.
        Now this is why an update of the 80-400 is so strongly desired

        • dameatrius

          Slow is in reference to the aperature. From 70-200, the F2.8 is F2.8 while the 80-400 is 4.5-5ish in that same range I believe. Only after 200mm are the 70-200 + 2x converter the same as the 80-400 and that is completely ignoring quality of the lens. If price is the complaint, an 80-200 af-d is faster and sharper from 80-200 and then again you deal with the converter making it slower to the point where it is equal to the 80-400. For the most part I think most peoples hopes are on a “fast” 80-400 of maybe a fixed F4 although that is doubtful as it would probably be at least 2g

          • I too am rooting for 80-400 update, hopefully sharpest at the long end. Would be even happier with a 200-400 f4.5-5.6.

            With the essentially extra stop I’ve been getting with the D800, f5.6 doesn’t seem so slow anymore.

        • +1000

  • Sam

    I find it hard to believe the rumour if due to the no focus motor. A camera like this would 100% have a focus motor if the D7000 has it. Unless this is a totally new direction from Nikon but I’d hope not.

    Otherwise, this new range would be fantastic.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Instead of buying such a crippled FX, I’d rather spend my money on flagship DX.

    • D400


  • PeterO

    IF there is to be a low priced FX from Nikon (D600 or whatever), there is no way that they would release it now with the runaway success of the D800. At the moment, they have a huge demand for a $3K camera. Why would they suddenly offer a half priced alternative? Also there seems to be an army of people wanting either a DX D400 or a D700 upgrade who are sitting on the fence about the D800 because Nikon is not saying whether they’ll provide these upgrades. These people would probably jump on the low cost FX – why would Nikon even contemplate this? I do see a lower priced FX in the works but not for at least another year. NR Admin has an excellent track record and when he says it’s only 40% probable, I don’t believe it. We now return to our whining 😉

    • DX2FX

      Hey, NR Admin will not post a rumor if it is below 40% probable.. 🙂

      • That’s kind of correct, I think I did a 30% once. If something has a 5% probability, I will not report it.

        • Rob

          Did you notice how everyone who can read Chinese has pointed out that this isn’t a real prediction at all? Or do you have a source other than the Chinese website that is actually legit?

  • Without internal AF Motor? Creepy shit! I will keep my D700 and my bunch of Nikkor D’s…

    • Sebastian

      if you already have a D700, you are not the target buyer anyway.

      I think dropping the AF Motor would be (it’s a rumor!) logical:
      -Nikon has to omit something serious to not to take sales from the models above
      -The motor takes up space, and I presume the body will be small, so DX users (like me) are not so shocked.
      -It costs money
      -Canon has done it decades ago and still is in business
      -Nikon is popping out new FF AF-S primes at a good clip

      We know there will be a D7100 this fall. That camera has reliably been on a 2-year cycle. So for a presumed second body that leaves us with a D400 or a D600. The new FF AF-S lenses and the complete absence of any wide DX primes, which lots of people want, makes me think that indeed Nikon is slowly abandoning DX as a serious segment. Which is somewhat of a pity, because as opposed to what some folks think here, DX is not only bought because it’s cheap. The system (body and lenses) is also significantly lighter and smaller than FX.

      • dametrius

        I don’t know about them making it much smaller. An FX sensor is much larger than a DX sensor already so they are limited. It would be a shame to do much smaller than a 95% view finder as well, again making it big. I can only hope they don’t cheap out too much. I sold my D700 a while ago for more than I bought it for in anticipation of the D800. I’ve been on the fence since the D800 finally came out because of rumors like this D600. The thing I miss most from my D700 is the massive viewfinder compared to my D300

      • Ian

        “if you already have a D700, you are not the target buyer anyway”.

        What is up with so many statements like this?

        By saying the above, you assume to know two things which you can’t possibly know:

        1. You assume to know Sebastian is looking for in a camera

        2. You assume to know who Nikon is targeting this rumored camera to.

  • DennisLiu

    let me explain the story.
    In April 09th, “A” asked about the D600 and claim that he saw a mass production of the strap. I tend to believe “A” is an employee of the oem factory.

    “B” ask for a picture to confirm, but for some reason “A” did not want to post the photo. I guest “A” don’t want to risk to lose his job. Then “B” ask “A” to send the photo privately, I don’t see “A” answering.

    then after NR talk about D600 two days ago(04.25), “B” post the picture of the strap. But now everybody knows the photo is fake. “B” PS the D800 strap and make a joke.

    But “A” still claim the strap does exist. By the tone, I tend to believe “A” didn’t send “B” any photo and “A” is honest.

  • Kimaze

    If you able to read and understand in chinese, the whole thing is fake….just some prank, D600 is not real!

    • Sebastian

      still fun.

  • D700guy

    This is stupid

  • Brian

    Two things I dont like about this rumor are :
    1.) no AF Motor… this a deal killer for me.
    2.) use of sd cards…come on nikon I am trying to upgrade from my D300…Do I really need to reinvest in all new flash cards AND lenses…get a clue

    • Herege

      Agree! D600, must come with CF and SD. No AF Motor is a killer for me too. I don’t buy this camera if don’t have AF motor.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Brian. We are working hard to design cameras just for you.

  • Nilrem

    Weird type of the D600 logo. The 6 has three horizontal strokes, two of them are interrupted, one isn’t….? So it’s not for me… 😉

    • CajunCC

      Check out the box, etc, for the D60. Same style exactly.

  • Vin

    adding to the rumor, joke: there will be two D600’s
    D600/D600AFS, one will have the AF screw for $500 bucks more. & with no AA filter.

    • GeofFx

      In keeping with the D800 theme, it would make more sense if the one without the AF motor cost $500 more 😉

  • Mr Kiek

    $1500 is not a figure starters will pay for their first camera, so it will attract mainly up-graders coming from DX who are likely to have collected a number of AF-D lenses over the years.
    So I think skipping the AF-motor would be a mistake.
    To me, upgrading from a D90 to an FX camera without an AF motor would be unthinkable.

  • NoGo

    I like this!!
    Nikon have to start making some sort of affordable FX camera as DX only has so much life left in it. And technology will get better and cheaper with time – the D70s was about £800 when it first came out then a few years later the D300 was around £1000.

    D600 no AF motor? so what?
    Two to three years from now we will have a D800 equivalent ( or better )for around a £1000.

    My two pennies.:)

  • ret

    Would be the greatest rumor ever if the $1,500 price is true. A lot of us could finally afford to step up to full frame.

  • ret

    And it doesn’t bother me in the least if they do away with the focus motor or it doesn’t have a robust body or can only do 3fps. Just so long as it’s full frame and has decent video I’m in. Don’t care about the frills.

  • axel

    I don t see why people always believe things are targeted at them.

    target for this

    DX user looking for the cheapest body with FX written on it. preferably buying everything new. so without any Ai or Af-d lens.
    new photographer willing to start “seriously ” and have a “big” camera and new lenses only.

    you re not in this description ?
    you are a pro?
    you are a long time prosumer saving hundreds with good old afd lenses?

    then you don t fit in the target (of this rumored camera)

  • Phil

    I don’t think a D600 and D300 replacement are mutually exclusive. Why not have an entry FX at a similar price to a professional DX (baby D4 with a DX sensor and without the built in grip)?

  • info B&H

    from B&H.

    i agree with this i also worked as sales rep, 1988-1989, never new how many Nikons you would get and when<….? even back in the film days.

    "Thank you for placing your order for a Nikon D800/D800E or D4 with us. We appreciate your confidence in us.
    We want to apologize for the delay in fulfilling your order. These cameras are among the most high-demand
    low-availability cameras in Nikon’s history and, as we’re sure you know, demand has substantially outstripped supply. Nikon USA is working hard to fulfill our orders and we’re as eager to send these to you as you are to get them.
    Because the backlog in fulfilling these orders is unprecedented in our history we want to let you know we’re aware of your frustration. Many of you have asked for detailed order information and detailed information about when you can expect to receive your camera. Unfortunately we cannot answer these questions with the degree of specific information many requests include.
    In a popular forum dedicated to digital photography a former Nikon USA sales rep wrote:
    When I was a Nikon sales rep, Nikon USA absolutely did not tell dealers ahead of time how many units of any backordered product they would be allocated… So when dealers tell you that Nikon does not tell them what's coming and when, they're almost certainly telling the complete truth.
    We cannot tell you when we expect our next delivery and we cannot tell you how many that delivery will include.
    We do not know. Nikon USA does not tell us. Because of this dearth of specific information we cannot predict when any individual customer’s order will be fulfilled. We share your frustration about this uncertainty and apologize for the distress it has caused some of you.
    We are in contact with Nikon USA daily and continue to press them to deliver as many cameras as possible to us and to do so as quickly as possible. We renew our promise to you that we will fulfill your orders in the chronological order we received them.
    We are grateful for your patience and patronage and are honored by your trust"

    • D700guy

      I got the same bullshit email.
      While I have no doubt that dealers are at the mercy of Nikon’s benevolence, I an irritated at Nikon. They had more than enough time to prepare for these releases. They screwed up. I’m looking at an engagement and sports season lost this spring and summer. Its doubtful that I will receive a D4 for probably another 9 or 10 moths, and I’m not holding my breath over a D800 before the fall as well. Not sure about how others feel, but this has affected my forward momentum substantially. It’s difficult to make intelligent financial decisions regarding other aspects of my business when I’m being held prisoner by this debacle.

      • Jorg

        Have you already sold your cameras? No offence i was just wondering, in which way your upcoming jobs would be compromised by doing them with your current camera.

      • KnightPhoto

        You are the one who screwed up by ordering from one of just a handful of big-name online dealers.

        I’m shooting my non-NPS D4 already. I made sure to be first (non-NPS) on my local Brick’s and Mortar dealer’s list. Received April 13.

        • D700guy

          Not really sure where you live, but buying locally where I live means paying $550 + $304 in sales tax. Buying from an out of state internet bases dealer = no sales tax.

          • Rob

            If your state has sales tax, your state has use tax. They are the same. It’s illegal to not pay the use tax if you buy online, just as it would be illegal to buy a camera for yourself using your business’ tax exemption. It’s tax evasion either way.

    • Vin

      I know, I got really excited at first thinking it might say something better!

    • Vin

      I bought my D4S, as a Nikon Dealer, for $500 off when it first came out only 3rd in town. Makes me wounder how many are being sold to dealers for dealers at $500 off now?

      • Vin

        I ment to say my F4S in 1989-90ish, i would like D4s just to go along side it,
        you know just to have on the shelf, ha ha

    • T.I.M

      I did not get the same email, they told me that I was on the top of the list and I did not lose my place by returning the defective D800e

      They promised me a new (working) D800e before end of May.
      They better because I’ve spend $$$$$$ already this year at B&H.

      • Vin

        i am sure it would be replacement, from Nikon. not new invintory. may ship alone, or with other Nikon’s

  • Andrew

    This rumor is true, get over it!

    When the Admin says that he is 40% confident, it means he is 90% confident! I am sure he has gotten this rumor from one of his reliable sources, but he needs more sources to increase the probability to 90%.

    My initial reaction to the news was one of disappointment because I have lenses dating to the 1980s. But for a price of $1,500, I would not expect Nikon to include an AF motor. Think about it, the D5100 does not include an AF motor and sold for $800. The D7000 includes an AF motor, sells for $1,200, and has the same sensor as the D5100; so that is a $400 price difference. Of course the D7000 has a lot more features, but the point I am making is that Nikon treats the inclusion of an AF motor as a premium feature.

    So for those of us that have older lenses, I believe that Nikon will come out with an FX camera with built-in AF motor. The logic here is quite simple. The price gap between the D600 and the D800 is a whopping $1,500, you can even drive a large locomotive between that gap! So I am guessing that Nikon will also come out with the D600M which will include the AF motor and the video capabilities of the D800, and will be priced at $1,900

    • Anonymous

      “So for those of us that have older lenses, I believe that Nikon will come out with an FX camera with built-in AF motor.”

      Nikon already has 6 FX cameras with built-in AF motors, D3, D700, D3X, D3S, D4 and D800. However, none of them are/were meant to be intro level FX and was not rumored to sell new for $1500.

    • T.I.M

      That’s the D700xs, same body but with the 24MP sensor + video.

    • EnPassant

      HA, HA.
      You seem have greater confidence in this rumor than admin who himself wrote the comment:
      “the camera will be released few months from now, IF AT ALL”!

      40% means 60% is or could be WRONG!

      I read one MAYBE and two POSSIBLE in this rumor post. In the post before all specs. was PRELIMINARY.

      A lot of things, the 40%!, are obvious things like HD video etcetera while the rest is very vague and more like wild speculation as long as the rumors don’t get more meat on their bones.

      Surely nobody would be be against a cheap FX-camera in a small and light weight D3200/D5100 body with AF-S only AF as long as there also will be FX-camera inside a D7000 type body with all the functions that body have, including built in AF-motor, metering with older Ai-lenses and so on, plus
      better video and a few other updates easy to include in firmware.

      However dual SD card slots and external grips is rather saying this will be a D7000 type body without support for old AF lenses! This most likely means there will be no cheper FX camera with built-in AF motor!

      How do you feel about that possibility? Buying an medium class body without the premium functions found in D7000.
      I know what I think and am sure everybody else with a few or even many older AF lenses will clench their fists in anger if that happens.

      I and many would rather buy A FX “D7000” body with all current functions for $2000 than a crippled camera for $1500. Hell, I even today would order a current D7000 with the D4 16 MP sensor for $2000 if it was possible! But an updated D7000 body with all current functions and a new FX 24 MP sensor is okay as well!

      Also, if the name really will be D600 (No source for that except that FAKE strap on a chinese forum!) What name will the FX camera between D600 and D800 get? D700 is already taken. Giving a completely new FX class camera a name like D710 doesen’t seem apropriate for a groundbreaking first generation camera.

      Let’s hope your belief is correct. As long as we don’t get anything more substantial, like a bad, but real photo in strange light showing the body and its mount I rate this rumor at just 10% when it comes to the name and the specs. I still think Nikon, either at Photokina this year, or sometime next year will present a smaller and cheaper FX camera but really hope it not will be a crippled D7000 body.

      • Spacedog

        Fx got a bigger mirror which wouldn’t fit in a d7000 body :-/ i think it will be a new design…

        • EnPassant

          I did of course mean a D7000 modified with a bigger prism, just like D700 is a modified D300. I think that is quite obvious.

          Surely D600 or whatever it is called will be a new designed body, just like the D7000 replacement, if these cameras are sister bodies.

  • Landscape Photo

    I’m back from a series of short trips. Nice colorful spring time…

    I have a D700 at the moment, and this crippled, no-AF drive D600 does not appeal to me, while the fantastic D800 stands at a very reasonable price point (sale of D700 will hopefully finance the half). Regarding the D600, instead of forcing the circumstances just for the sake of FX, any DX would pretty do as well for the most. Hopefully we’ll see the D400 soon.

    D800 is made in the right size & weight. D3x was too bulky & anything smaller would be unbalanced with FX lenses; even with primes, let alone zooms.

    But I like the news of the 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 VR lens. I would be a lightweight companion to D800. Good for time-restricted trips.

    Hope we may have a compact a 16-28mm & 28-135mm VR &thanks to this D600. One ultrawide to wide and one wide to tele 😉

  • John

    As long as it will still meter with non-CPU (MF) lenses I’m pretty interested.
    I only have one screw-drive D lens left – the 28-105D – and hopefully Nikon will make this same focal range in AFS sometime soon based on the patents to date.

    • EnPassant

      If AF motor is dropped so will propably metering with manual lenses!
      24-120/4 is the replacement for 28-105!

  • mix

    D800 any news update regarding shipment ?

    • T.I.M

      Yes !
      Ebay just received tons of D800/D800E
      Priced $4000-$7000 (+ shipping and no official Nikon dealer warranty)

      • mix

        Thank you TIM ! I will check that out…
        maybe I should buy all of ebays and resell for 7000-10,000 …:P

        I work for manufacturing plant. We produce LCD Tvs…we produce around 250,000 units a month…Nikon must have some internal quality problemas that is making them hold on to them…

        By this time they probably could’ve made more than 1,000,000 units..working 3 shifts…;)

        • Vin

          i think so too, something is bottle necking the output, when its resolved we may finally see the flood of cameras, no pun intended.

      • Anonymous Maximus

        gray-black market 🙁

  • Kevin

    i really like the idea of a more mainstream priced full frame camera…

    recently got x pro 1 for the camera size advantage and using d90 as backup for those special lenses/scenarios that require a dslr

    was planning to not upgrade to FF at all due to the high cost of D800 (not even thinking about D4).

    if rumors are true and a FF comes close to a $1500 price range, i’ll have a FF to use some of the good zoom ranges (like 70-200 instead of 105-300) and a mirrorless for my walkaround camera!

  • nikon_meme

    Best Buy showed 1 Nikon D800 in stock for in store pick up and I added it to my cart and ordered it and it said I had 5 days to pick it up. Then i got an email from best Buy telling me that they did an in store inventory and had ZERO available…. Darn!!

  • doug

    And here is the D300/D700 that everyone was expecting so much&(Me) ;p

    • doug

      i forgot to say replacement

    • Dimitrii1130

      i think neither.. nor. d7100 could replace d300s. (but there is still the chance of a d9000, but i wouldn’t expect her in the near future)
      and d600 is not a replacement of d700, as she is entry-level. there could be a d710 with d4’s sensor next year or the year after.

  • NoProHere

    I do believe equipment does help anyone taking photos. I also believe a photographer should be able to take a decent photo with any system they have.
    What I can”t believe is how many absolute experts we have here that have completely mastered every camera/lens capability and shoot in every situation a camera can be used no less. Therefore they demand a camera be created that incorporates every perceivable option (some known, others made up) to fully demonstrate their remarkable skill.
    Oh, and because they can’t afford more than one model it must be dirt cheap even if it means the manufacturer go under. Because lets face it, no one deserves to make money now days.
    Rant over for a moment.

    • Bobbo

      Is the D600 rumor a calculated distraction from the real story? Is something ominous happening with the D800? Are users being injured when these cameras blow up in their hands? Talk about your Nikon rumors! This one is a lulu.

    • Andrew

      It’s not quite as you report. Most people are not asking for an FX with every imaginary feature at $1,500. They are asking for an inexpensive FX that includes an AF motor. So if Nikon can make money selling an FX camera at $1,500 without the built-in motor, then why can’t they make money selling a camera at $1,700 or a little more with a built-in motor? And the point is that people want such a camera now! The D800 is a premium camera with an extremely high megapixel count, but the price is $1,500 more than Nikon’s alleged entry-level D600. A lot of people do not have $3,000 to spend on the D800, though it is an excellent camera and its price is awesome for its capabilities. So again, you have misinterpreted what people are requesting.

  • Btdown

    Stop with the “You should be grateful for a 1500 FX.” The d600 moniker is a signal it’s going to be a ghettoFX.
    Bring on the d700+ already…

    • Andrew

      Nikon does not make ghetto anything, the D600 is expected to perform greatly, it is just missing the AF motor that is important to a lot of experienced photographers. Hopefully Nikon will release two models, one to address the deficiency hopefully at a slightly higher price.

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