Nikon EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery recall

Today Nikon recalled some of the EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion batteries ($64.95) that are used with the Nikon D7000, D800, D800E and Nikon 1 V1 cameras. The described reason for the recall is overheating. There were no overheating cases reported from users, the problem has been discovered during the manufacturing process.

How to check your battery - check the 9th digit of the lot number as indicated below:

If the 9th digit of the lot number is E or F, you must replace your battery. The support article is currently available only on Nikon Europe and will probably be published on Nikon USA site tomorrow.

Update: here is the Nikon USA service advisory page.

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  • Hendog


    • hq

      I don’t have the problem. Because B&H haven’t shipped my camera yet! (Pre-ordered Feb 7 @ 3am)

      • Jadekub


        • D, A, B
          i am safe good

          • CERO

            T, and U here.. I’m safe I guess.

            Is this recall for all batteries? or just V20?

      • realness

        Same problem as hq, except I pre-ordered mine from B&H at 10 PM PST on Feb. 6.

        The best part is that today I received an email from B&H asking me to fill out a customer service survey. Definitely gonna give them a piece of my mind, especially after hearing all that news about Greta Van Susteren jumping the line.

        • jason

          Greta uses D800? jeez.

          o’riley uses – hasselblad? or only Arri panavison cine cam, nothing less.

      • Haha ! Same here !

      • Erik

        Hmmm, D800… Oh yeah, now I remember, I ordered one of those months ago on the night it was announced. I hear it’s a pretty good picture maker. Damn shame I’ve given up on ever having one in my hands.

  • tabs

    lucky, mine is good

  • Foolishcfo

    That probably explains why no one has them in stock.

  • benji2505

    might be the reason behind the delay in production/delivery.

    • Q

      Is there a shortage of D7000?

      • Jetfire

        Not really, I can find the kits all over. The Body only seems to be harder to find though. B&H is out at the moment but Adorama, Best Buy & Microcenter has some kits.

  • samuel

    And I am still waiting for my D800…any news ?

    • Jonathan

      I just spoke with a Nikon rep today (I work for a retailer, and one you guys all know), who told us that the first month’s worth of shipments for many places were basically all NPS orders, and that they’re shipping units every week since launch, except during the inventory period.

      • Art

        I talked to PictureLine yesterday. They are getting 10 D800’s in on Wednesday. I have no idea if they are already spoken for or not.

        • Art

          Oh, I can’t say enough good things about the folks at PictureLine. They are a totally “pro” shop and thus only carry the best equipment. Their customer service is impeccable.

          • T.I.M

            Do you work there ?

            • Art

              Nope. Just a happy customer. Bought a BlackRapids strap there yesterday.

              Though I’ll be much more happy once my D800E comes in. It looks though as if nobody is getting any 800E’s in unless they are NPS. The few 800E’s that have made it to non-NPS people could easily be attributable to NPS members turning down their camera once it arrived. (Though why they would is a whole different question.)

      • benji2505

        what the rough waiting period for the D4 in the moment?

        • B!

          When did you order Benji? I ordered on 2/28, going to be waiting forever. Was told by BH that they shipped few units to orders placed on 1/9 ouch!

          • benji2505

            I haven’t ordered it yet …. I just hate being the beta tester for $6k piece of equipment.

            I was thinking that the Nikon rep in one of the original videos knew what he was saying when he said “on the shelves in August” or did he say “widely available in August”?

            Patience is a Nikon FX shooter !!!

    • Foolishcfo

      I asked offline and was told no. I’m wondering if B&H, Amazon, Adorama, etc. are seeing their backorder lists go down or if they are only growing. They also have been backordered on lenses for some time and don’t seem to be able to get reliable info from Nikon as to when they will receive new stock.

      • Jonathan

        B&H gets very reliable info about when they will receive inventory, but they don’t necessarily know how much per shipment.

        • Foolishcfo

          The “how much” though is a big problem. The last time I stood in a line this long for something was to see Pink Floyd perform the Wall at the L.A. Sports Arena.

          • Jonathan

            I wish I could answer that for you. I ordered mine on February 7th, and still haven’t received it. Supposedly I’ll receive a package from Amazon on May 2nd.

  • Eric

    Both of mine have letter “B.” Yay.

    • bp

      it’s actually E but some dirts covered it so it looks like B.


  • Seshan

    Mine says B, So I guess I’m lucky, All though if I did have a defective one I would bitch at Nikon to send me two batteries for my troubles 😉

  • Well, this sucks. I haven’t checked mine yet, but if it is, indeed, bad, I’m going to play hell to replace it. I can’t find a battery ANYWHERE.

    And, what’s the deal with the lack of third-party reproductions of the EN-EL15, out of curiosity? They’ve been in production for quite a while now, and I haven’t seen any third-party batteries.


    • Darkness

      Yeah play hell….how dare Nikon dare think they can replace a battery free of charge! Fool.

  • Ray

    They phrased it as a voluntary replacement and since there’s been no in the field problems, this seems a minor thing.

  • Jeff

    It could be the reason behind the delay in subsequent shipments of D800s? Since they come with the EN-EL15? Just a thought.

  • SickSadWorld

    Hmm, the battery which was delivered with my D800 was “bad”, but luckily not my replacement battery.

    • anne

      Idem>I really spend the same

  • Chris

    I thought this was fairly important and not included in the above. If you click on the link for the notice it includes this:

    This issue does not apply to EN-EL15 batteries supplied with the D7000 and Nikon 1 V1 purchased before February 29, 2012 or to batteries purchased individually before February 29, 2012.

  • Sekcomenpal

    C! I’m fine… Thanks for posting it admin!

  • Vin

    I read that Sony makes these for Nikon, Maybe there is lots of Camera’s waiting for batteries?

  • jose de portugal

    So tired of waiting for the d800 on Portugal!!! The camera dealer have no ideia off when he go have the camera!!!

    • hq

      My friend tells me the D4 is now available in Lisbon, but no word on the D800. Hang in there buddy.

    • KenTi

      Google Translate is your friend. (a non-reliable, kind of acquaintance friend, but still a friend)

  • Scott M

    an A, B and D. Good.

  • doug

    Give an E, now give an F, now give a recall ;p
    mine is a D, well so far ive been so lucky with the D800, none of the reports so far like over heating greenish tones displays errors. For the first time in my entire life i buy a camera that have been giving me joy since the first day, even the Kata bag i bought for it was posted twice by Amazon (dumb f*”ks).
    Lol, i even got mine on the first day from the worst camera shop in the UK (Jessops) for the original price(First UK buy BTW ;p).
    1 more thing, i suspect that the next DSLR body will be a replacement for the D7000.

    • Vin

      You may be right, sounds like a good move for late may or June, July. But will it be a D7100, or will it be a D8000, or D9000, 24mp. For $1500-$1600. Will they call it a replacement for the D7000, or will they say its just a whole new camera, I would think nice consumer/pro. With all the bells and whistles, but still not all weather proof. Will be on my list, would like to see a few more D800/D800E’s and D4 out from Japan, but I guess DX fab is running smoother as long as they can get batteries.

      • enesunkie

        If they have any D7000’s still on the shelf like they had D90’s, they may still not admit that it is the replacement and then leave them all on their web page as current bodies two years after. Nikon USA still has the D3000 on their Digital SLR page and it’s been replaced twice over now!

  • Pants, mine is affected also. I’ve logged a support ticket straight away to try and get near the front of the queue because it’s yet another product which is clearly in short supply that this issue will obviously compound…. I too have a couple of spares so it’s not the end of the world but still irritating nonetheless. It feels like I’ve invested so much time and effort into this camera already!

    • French Fries

      Don’t worry I instantly received feedback from Nikon when I called them about my battery and they will do a pick-up and return service in one.

      They will come by at my house next week.

  • French Fries

    I’ve got bad luck – On the other hand mine was already used extensively.
    Now I get a free replacement – New battery will be dropped off next week by UPS.

  • Sbudge

    One miss, one hit! The EL15 that shipped with my D800 is fine but the spare I bought at the same time has to go. A glass half full?

    Of course, if only the battery grip was available….

    • Should have been on the forums here over the last day. I posted a link to a place with MB-D12s in stock at $429 with free shipping. They *just* went out of stock.

    • JerryH

      Sbudge, I had one on pre-order from B&H (along with a D800E) since 2/13. I decided to also order a D800E & the grip from Amazon on 4/15, just in case. I don’t know if I just got “lucky” timing wise or not, but grip arrived yesterday.
      Now if only a D800 will appear, I can use the grip and my spare batteries which look good. 🙂

  • Crimed

    Anyone gotten any information on a second wave of D800 shipments from Amazon USA? My preorder still says by next Monday (April 30).

    BTW i just received a shipment of another, non Nikon, camera (which shall remain nameless) from Amazon and the packaging was atrocious! They had nowhere enough padding inside the outside shipping box and the camera box was free to bash around all over the inside. The outer box looked as if elephants had played soccer with it, and the interior product box was also dented. I doubt I’ll be ordering anything fragile from them again and I am worried about the D800’s condition on arrival – whenever that may be.

    • Face the facts

      No point in worrying – by the time the D800 arrives, oil will have run out and we will have other things on our mind

    • Thomas

      I placed my preorder at 12:03AM on Feb 8th with Adorama. I spoke with them today and after some pushing I was told that there were roughly 4,000 orders in front of me. They could not give me a estimate of when I may receive my D800 since as they put it the preorder list is “fluid” and changes daily. I was also told that they get monthly alotments and do not receive weekly shipments (Has anyone else heard this?). I have a trip scheduled for late June and they suggested that I either rent or have a backup plan to use another camera. They sounded just as frustrated as I am. It’s going to be a long summer.

  • Both of my batteries are “E”. Awesome.

    According to this, it looks like UPS will bring you a replacement when they pickup the old one… but it may take 7-10 days.

    • mine is also an E battery….

    • Nicolas

      Mine too 🙂 (bought from juste mailed nikon, lets wait and see.

  • Scalesusa

    Batteries made after 11-17-2011 are supposed to be going thru some very tough testing to make sure they do not overheay (Meaning melt down your camera or burst into flame)

    Apparently something was seriously missed. This is a safety item, Nikon should be fined, but the Japanese prefer to just sweep things like that under the rug unless it becomes a headline story or a plane is brought down.

    • Judge Judy

      You did a good job contradicting yourself there.

      Nikon should be fined for what? Being honest?!

  • Luis manuel

    It is understandable that the battery is with a malfunction
    Made in china or made in thailand is what you get.
    If it was made in japan i am sure that no problem will come with it

    • 1. What an idiotic statement.

      2. Mine is recalled and says “made in Japan.”

    • Darkness

      If this can happen with Nikon batteries, makes you wonder how dangerous Chinese fakes could be. Be warned, it’s seventy bucks for f**ks sake.

      • Not a chinese man

        Where´s the point?

        The fakes
        -cost less
        -have the same safety issues
        -work 99% of the time

        the originals
        -cost more
        -have the same safety issues
        -work 99% of the time – 1% gets a replacement

        Is there anyone out there being harmed by chinese fakes (camera size)?
        Might burn your house down – but explode in your cam?
        I doubt that.


    • Michel

      There is nothing wrong at all with products made by Nikon from Thailand or China. Made to the same standard and with satisfactory quality control.

  • Max

    Great, I have an E battery…

  • T.I.M

    Mine is D
    That may explain why that battery is out of stock, anyway almost all Nikon lenses and DSLR are out of stock.
    Maybe they are out of paint.
    That sucks.

  • cosmic

    Bah my D800 has an “E”. Do I get a replacement battery before shipping this one out 🙁

    • If you read the bulletin it explains it. UPS will bring a replacement when they pick up your old one.

  • chlamchowder

    I understand that some people are disappointed, and ideally the defect would never have happened in the first place. In this case, though, I really admire Nikon for coming out about the problem and offering a solution before users start seeing issues in the field.

    All too often, it seems like manufacturers don’t do enough testing (or deliberately ship a product with bugs), and only wake up to save their reputation when problems get plastered all over the internet. Nikon is setting a good example on how to deal with mistakes.

    • T.I.M

      LOL ! Dream on !
      The only reason why Nikon does a recall it’s because they don’t want to be sue if the battery get in fire and burn the house in the middle of the night !

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Do YOU want to be sued?

      • JustTrolling

        It doesn’t matter the reason behind it so as long as they didn’t keep it hidden

  • NikonMike

    Thanks for the tip Nikonrumors.

    I purchased two spare batteries in March and both have the ‘E’ ninth digit.
    Went onto the Norwegian Nikon site and its there on the first web page advising of possible overheating fault and asking for seriel number etc for replacements which will be sent.

    • NikonMike

      Forgot to say that Nikon will send replacement batteries with instruction for the return of the old one after you get the new one. Good work Nikon.

  • Whew, safe on both batteries!

  • One ‘A’ and one ‘C’. Wadda ya know, I missed the bullet.

  • Dweeb

    Remember not to buy those BIG BAD counterfeits made in China that rob Nikon of their treasure. Wait — this NIKON battery is made in China!

  • Drew

    I was ready to switch to Canon had my battery been bad!

  • Received my D800 yesterday from my local camera store — battery is OK.

    • Are you located in the US? I am still not sure if the second shipment got received in the US.

      • Yes, I am in the USA. I was third on my local camera store’s wait list. They received 2 about 3-4 weeks ago and just received another batch (not sure how many) yesterday.

        • thanks, so I guess the second shipment did make it to the US

      • Samas

        NR Admin – same here. I expected Adorama to ship mine from mid last week. And the latest update from them (CSR today) is also the same as what it was before their passover holidays: “We have not shipped a single non-NPS camera yet – as we have not received our second shipment from Nikon”.

        I am not sure how much of this is true though. May be the BATTERY issue is what is holding up the camera bodies? Looks like a lot of (un)lucky D800 and D800E owners have got batteries from the E/F batch.

  • Mark J.

    Son of A! my D800 battery has the E on it…. Screw this, im switching to Canon!


  • ShaoLynx

    OK, I had to check 6 of these babies: all D-type, so all correct (OK).
    I kinda noticed a trend, though.
    It seems that the first 8 digits are exactly that and the form a date, format: YYYYMMDD.
    It appears to be the manufacturing date.
    So, under that assumption I checked the orig. Battery that came with my D800 and that I put into the boddy (not the grip): that one, although a D, had a date different from the others: 201108xx, so: august 2011. Makes you wonder: maybe the D800 was originally planned for release back then, and the batteries were ready (hence not the blocking factor).

    BTW: ordered my D800 at my local store on 20120323 and got it last week 20120420. So the wait wasn’t all that bad. I guess it’s no longer a bottle neck?

  • So if mine is bad, do I automatically get a D400 or D800 for my troubles?

    • benji2505

      yes, but you have to get in line and wait 5 years.

  • Aleks

    Does anybody know where I can get a EN-EL15? They don’t seem to have stock anywhere!

  • Vincent

    I have a 2011____E___ lot number battery, that I probably got with my D7000 last year. I had that, and had bought an extra at the time, and also have one from my D800. I’m not sure if I mixed batteries around; only one has 2012___xxx___ lot number. I could not be absolutely sure that the 2011 part indicates year of manufacture, so I entered the lot number in Nikon’s form, and it said it was part of the recall. Still can’t be sure the form didn’t just check for an “E” and not year. I filled out address form for new battery anyway. Better safe than sorry.

  • Vin

    Well if Sony does make these for Nikon, the insides, could be made anywhere, Japan. China,..? But maybe Sony is going to bring out there new 24mp & 36mp DSLR for half the price. Ha ha

  • Igor

    Called B&H about my order – same story – they cannot tell how often the shipments come, cannot tell how big the shipments are, cannot tell what is my place in the waitlist : (

    The guy told me some stories about ppl getting orders from smaller stores though…

    I ordered at 4PM Pacific Time, so I guess I should be at least a few thousands down the waitlist…

  • Smudger

    What. – Are all the fanboys asleep?

    No denials that there is a D800 battery issue?

  • LP

    My D800 has an E on it, it’s not a D800E, it’s just an “E” battery, crappy news… Didn’t have this in mind when I switched exclusively for the D800. Not nice, not nice…

  • DonaldT

    no shortage of EN EL 15’s in UK , possibly because UK seems to have recieved few D800’s , according to a post on DPReview someone chasing their D800 order with Amazon UK was told that Amazon UK have received ZERO D800’s , are Nikon UK withholding product from them for discounting (This would be illegal in UK , doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it though…) anyone out there got a D800 from Amazon UK ?

  • Kon_head

    My trip is coming up next week, and my D800 pre order is no where to be found. So I ordered a 2nd D7000 as backup, arrived 2 days ago…. now I found out it has the defective battery. Yikes! I am just not getting a break at all, hope their turn arond time is less than 2-3 days.

  • E.F.

    E nergy F ail models only.

  • timon

    until Jun 2011, Nikon EN-EL 15 label printed a sign PES Nikon beside right hand, but after Aug 2011 there was with a sign PES Sony E-D in label.

    made by Sony after Aug 2011? The recall EN-EL 15 batteries’ Production Date is Mar 2012, and is a sign PES Sony E-D.

    Sony’s Chinese battery factory troubles continually showed up.

    • timon

      the sign PES is Japanese security certification, it related to a maker in batteries.

  • patriot

    I wonder how this will work if I live on a military base in Korea.

  • French Avocado

    As soon as they announced that the D800 would use the EN-EL15, I purchased 6 as I assumed with the Japanese battery issues demand would outpace supply (I also have a D7000). All 7 of my batteries are B, C or D with 2011 dates. Lots of batteries but no D800.

  • Mark J.

    Anyone know and or gotten a confirmation date yet? I REALLY am going to be pissed if i have to hang out around the house for a UPS guy for a 4 day delivery window. Be nice to at least have a specific day of delivery/pick up given via email. I just filled it out, so am hoping that this is the case, and they don’t make us sit around for days on end for a $60 item….

    • looon

      Wondering the same. Just discovered I have an “E”, filled out the online form, it said 7-10 days for the UPS and I have to be here. It didn’t say anything about providing me with a tracking number. So I’m suppose to stay home and wait around my house for 4 days? Just called Nikon and was told they would contact me via email or mail in the next few days. He suggested I wait a few days and if I haven’t heard from them to call them to see if they have a tracking number. Thank goodness for my spare.

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