DxOMark verdict: Nikon D800 – 95, Canon 5D Mark III – 81

DxOMark just published their Canon EOS 5D Mark III test results and the Nikon D800 scored better in every category, including low light ISO capabilities. The D800 got the highest score ever given by DxOMark by even topping medium format cameras costing 10 times more.

With a DxOMark Score of 81 points, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III edges out the Canon 1Ds Mark III (80 points) by one point and gains two points on its predecessor, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (79 points), putting it in 10th place overall (for all cameras) in the DxOMark rankings.

“Canon achieves its best Score with its new 22-megapixel sensor, although the difference is very slight with respect to the former number one sensor, the Canon 1Ds Mark III,” observed Frédéric Guichard, DxO Labs’ Scientific Director. “Even though Canon achieves the same performance as Nikon in terms of sensitivity, Canon is still behind its competitor in terms of dynamic range, Nikon apparently having taken advantage of the latest sensor enhancements that improve the handling of dark noise.”

Here are some more detailed comparisons between the D800 and the 5D MarkIII:

BTW, with the 5D Mark II Canon got thei highest DxOMark score ever:

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  • I’m exited to see : D800 Vs. D800E =D

    • Likewise. For anything I can tell, the D800E should beat the D800.


      • BOOM !
        Can’t wait for my D800E! I’m predicting a score of 102!

      • Roger

        They have identical sensors. D800E would score exactly the same as D800.

        • Arthur

          I’m pretty sure they measure the sensor output with a certain input. And the lack of an AA-filter will will have a difference on the sensor input of the D800E.

          • D800E have AA filter just another de-AA in front of it

  • OMG, the forums are going to be on fire over this.

    • Agreed, this will not go over well. Of course, the Canon camp will say that it “means nothing” or worse is wrong and the Nikon camp will rejoice or shove it in the face of the Canon fanboys.

      • pragjna

        yep totally my words!

      • Is it bad that we’re headed over to check out how the 5D3 fares against the D700? Just bought one for wedding work and about to buy a second…

        • KT

          Actually the 5D mark III scores are identical to the D700. Now if you consider that the D700 is a small body replica of the D3 released around 2007, then it’s just amazing that it took Canon all of 5 years to catch up with a 2007 Nikon technology!!!!!

          • Btdown

            Just Wait till the new d700 drops at the end of the year…

  • 😀 So happy with my D800. 🙂


    • Heck, happy with the D700. It performs better in ISO than a camera four years newer (the 5D3). That’s…unreal.

      • Sports

        The DXO ISO score says it does (perform better in ISO than the MarkIII).
        But the DXO *measurements* in general say it doesn’t.
        Go figure.
        Actually, it’s due to the way they calculate the score, as I wrote in a post … somewhere in this thread.

  • VoteForMe

    it is like comparing apple and ananas…

    • theAlvix

      or ananas and b ananas 😀

      • Hamuga

        My guess is the Canon couldn’t focus on the b in bananas

        • Hhom Togan

          After testing both the 5D MKIII AF system is both faster and more accurate though, my main complaint of the D800 is that even in good light it locks focus but keeps fine tunning it (AF-S) which makes for shots with slights variations of focus (forward backward) this happens regardless of the lens used (Nikkor legacy zooms and primes).

          As much as I am a fan of Nikon I’m seriously waiting for a review stating 2 things:

          1) AF accuracy from shot to shot
          2) Diffraction (the D7000 isn’t a gem in this area and the D800 shouldn’t be either).

          One thing I can corroborate is that the D3x and D3s AF system is much more accurate and it doesn’t show this kind of behavior…. The D4 doesn’t shows this kind of odd behavior the D800 has. I have corroborated with 2 photographers who have the D800 and they confirm the same problem with their D800.

          As for image quality I dunno I have shot the D800 with a Hassie CFV-39 back (same scenario and crop) and to tell you the truth there’s a huge difference in image quality (it doesn’t corresponds with DXO mark results -but they aren’t never that faithful to real life situations) both cameras were shot with the same lens (D800 shot manual focused via live view in an Eizo Color Edge) and the results are:

          -The first difference is micro contrast the CFV-39 wins here by a huge margin

          -The CFV-39 exhibits much less color metamerism

          -The CFV-39 a wider DR (the DR of the D800 is fake-ish, done via curve)

          -The CFV-39 exhibits less problems with Diffraction than the D800 (expected to happen bigger photosites and sensor in the CFV-39)

          I tested my D3X vs the D800 and did some photos and prints (8×10 from a pro printing service) the first problem with the D800 I encountered is diffraction and the most serious one because tons of professional studio shots require apertures narrower than f/10 (product shots, group photos, catalog work), by f/16 (standard for those balancing the sun with location pack and head systems like the Profoto 7B) the image degradation is huge…

          Now the D800E may solve this diffraction problem with a big “but”: it won’t fare well in Fashion photography, the thinner AA filter will not be great with high density patterns; while it may be sharper at narrower apertures it won’t be that hot for shooting clothing, you can solve it in post? to some degree yes however it will add another layer of time to post processing which may not be redituable in the long run.

          I returned the D800 and decided to pick a used D3X for product and catalog work it works better and if I need the extra megapixels I will rent the CF-39V again.

          • bob2

            “it won’t fare well in Fashion photography, the thinner AA filter will not be great with high density pattern”

            1. So you have the D800e, Right? And you’ve shot thousands of test images, right? And you ARE a pro fashion studio photographer, RIGHT?

            2. How DO all those fashion photographers shoot with a MFD without an AA filter?

            Best to wait and actually test, lest you’ll prove how little you actually know.

            • Hom Thogan

              Without AA filter? are you really that dumb? some sensors have replaceable AA or IR filters but if someone is shooting without AA is because they are idiots :).

          • Sebastian

            what do you mean “diffraction”?
            Diffraction occurs when light passes through small apertures, and is a limitation of the lens, particularly at high f#. Diffraction in the lens limits the spatial resolution of the image formed on the sensor.
            it is NOT a property of the sensor.

            • Arthur

              Exactly, thanks. So tired of people throwing around with (in their minds) fancy words of which they don’t know the meaning…

            • John Richardson

              + 10

            • So you want a 1.4 lens to have good resolution at f16 when it’s designed to provide maximum resolution at f4? How dumb is that.

            • Hhom Togan

              Diffraction has to do with the lens however you should do the test for yourself 🙂 24-70 AFS, 70-200mm AFS VR II and 85mm f/1.4D with the same result 🙂

          • It is interesting to hear the comments. Here is a video testing the D800 up against a Hasselblad H4D-40: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UBTE4xpvpk&feature=g-u-u&context=G2514285FUAAAAAAACAA

            I think the D800 does a very good job for the price. Various reviews I have seen have mentioned the AF tuning issue. I think Nikon might well correct that, when it releases its firmware advert for the D800.

          • Joseph

            A lot of words, not a lot of knowledge…

            At a given FL/aperture and print size, the D800 will NOT have any more diffraction than ANY other camera! At 100% on your screen, maybe, but otherwise, no!

            • Hhom Togan

              Theory vs practical application 🙂 try it yourself 🙂

          • Alan

            I’ve been seeing the same problem with shot to shot focus variations. I was wondering if it was just a problem with my body, but apparently not.

            • Hhom Togan

              It isn’t just your body, at first I thought it was my 24-70mm AF-S and I decided to test with my other lenses same story I triple checked it wasn’t my mistake (having the camera in AF-A or AF-C by mistake but the camera was in AF-S), then I decided to call a couple of friends of mine to ask them if they had the same problem (they like me were in the first round of shipped cameras) and they have the same problem.

              I decided my D3s and D3x are more reliable than the D800 🙂

    • jesse

      it’s like comparing apples and anus

      • Alan

        Every now and then a comment that I should think it ignorant really tickles my fancy– this is one of those times. This one’s left me giggling like a fourth grader…

      • Anthony

        Hey, let’s leave Sony out of this

    • Yarrus

      Apple and Windows 🙂

  • hexx

    hmmm…. can’t see it on dxomark website, it shows that it hasn’t been tested yet, i guess caching is at play here, will wait few hours.

  • Badburro

    Can’t seem to find this test result on DxOMark… Do you have the link admin?

  • hexx

    looks like DXOMark has removed 5DMKIII measurements for whatever reason

  • Michael

    Looks like D800 is a pure success (to me it’s actually a pure failure, quantum efficiency haven’t increased since D7000). Canon won’t catch up in at least two generations.

  • MikeV

    I’m really surprised that the ISO was worse on the mark 5d m3… I guess canon really overrates its low light sensitivity

    • sflxn

      It’s based on real-world PRINT resolution and not SCREEN resolution. That’s why they normalize the resolution. So yes, 5D III probably have better ISO score on SCREEN (viewed at 100% on screen), but when printed to the same size, the D800 has better ISO. Of course, I’m assuming the 5D III may have better screen ISO, but cannot know for sure since DXO site is getting hammered by the Canon fanboys right now and I can’t access it.

      For what’s it worth, I believe digilloyd also came to the same conclusion in his review. The D800 will give better print hi-ISO.

      • Jesus_sti

        according to the test D800 et 5d MIII have the same amount of noise on screen. So better result in print for Nikon due to his resolution.

      • Oh ok… I saw some high iso shots of the d800 at 6400 and they look really good and perfectly usuable.. even at 12,800 it was pushing the camera but made a usuable 8×10
        Ryan brenizer (nikon user) did a review of the 5dm3 and real world wedding shots at 12,800 iso and it looked ok ( a little to grainy for my taste) … D3s looks better at that iso which is funny because the 5dm3 has a native iso range of 100-25600 vs d3s/d4 native iso range of 100-12,800.
        I think canon definitely overrates its iso usablilty.

  • SoftonDemand

    Yay Nikonians, the D800 conquered! CF cards on me for everyone!

    • I’ll take a Sandisk 64GB Extreme CF. Thanks.

  • wow.. that low iso dynamic range is hard to beat…

    • Fred

      and impossible to print …
      Only when photographs are printed and on view for all to see will the truth be known.

      • Sergio45

        Dynamic range is about light, not about colors.

  • muhaha

    Canon = owned, once again 😀

    Can’t wait to read the upcoming fail of the Canon 1D X

    gj Nikon!

    • Derp

      I never got into sports back when I was a kid in the 1980’es because people were gigantic morons, basing their happiness and feelings of joy on things they couldn’t possibly have any influence on, it seems cameras are the same now. Oh the joy.

      Why does it make you happy that this camera scores better than the 5DIII, what do you gain from “owned once again”? I don’t get it.

      • Mitch

        Hmm lets think…

        Maybe it makes him happy because he can buy a much better camera (D800) for $500 cheaper? Why aren’t YOU happy?

        Seems you are the moron of the current era 😀

      • Che Ibarra

        Perhaps you just weren’t athletically gifted..your reasoning for not playing sports or being involved in sports is ridiculous. Sports can be a great direction for young individuals….much more better than playing PS3 (in your cast Atari 2000). The will to compete in something whether it is for personal gains or some other kind of fulfillment shouldn’t be something negative if used correctly. That’s what the world revolves around. Competition. I don’t get you.

      • Hom Thogan

        Because people here are seriouly sick, they base the success rate of their photography by claiming how well it does in DXO mark tests ha!

      • Hendrixx

        most stupid comment ever posted here! what 1980’s sports and your failures in life have anything to do with this guy being happy about Nikon’s triumph over Canon? besides, what are you doing on an internet forum dedicated to rumors/product announcements/competition etc. if you don’t care about how a camera scores against another?

        • Derp

          I never said anything about not participating in sports, screaming at the tv on the other hand when your team loses or wins, like people are doing here, on the other hand IS retarded.

          “couldn’t have any influence on” – surely you can influence the outcome of a match you participate in? One you observe? Not so much.

          What annoys me is that the DxO ratings will have no bearing what so ever on the quality of your photography, if you are a gear fagging idiot needing the latest stuff your photography will still be shit, if you work every day in a studio then the D800 will probably serve you well if you can’t afford a MF back, if you shoot a lot of news and moving shit, I’d get the 5D III.

          On another note, former competition swimmer, former army sergeant, professional photographer with an excellent physique and built like a tank, but thank you for springing to conclusions about failures because I rubbed your fan boy hairs the wrong way. Btw, I shoot Canon, mostly because the D1’s were the worst digital cameras in the world at the time. Now, who gives a shit? Not upgrading any time soon, if it’ll be an MF or D800, since I’m not actually doing any real or interesting photography anymore.

      • mikils

        Mhhhh… I guess you haven’t ever heard Canon fanboys glee while elaborating on ”Nikon missing the AF train” or on ”only old people buys Nikon nowadays, Canon being so vastly superior…” there, can I at least rejoice because I lived to see the time they will have to eat that?

      • NIkon FTW

        I suspect some of it is vindication of an earlier decision. I, probably like most people here, had to make a decision years ago about which camera brand to go with. I shot Canon for film like my father before me, but I didn’t like their digital options at the time, so switched to Nikon based on, well, not much evidence because digital SLRs were still fairly new and evolving.

        Since that time I’ve invested quite a bit in Nikon equipment. Every time Nikon out performs Canon, it makes me feel a little better about my decision.

        The story within a story, is that a month ago I invested $3k in a new camera body, and now I’ve seen more evidence that I put that money into the best sensor money can buy. That makes me feel a little better about my decision.

        There may come a day when the table is turned, and I wonder if I should have gone the other way. Friends who chose to invest in Canon will hoot, and holler, and tell me that Nikon has been owned once again– but today is my day.

        Go team.

    • sflxn

      I really believe the Canon 1Dx was delayed so Canon can improve it, seeing the 2 gems Nikon released.

    • BoB

      Why do you care what other people shoot, or what people think of what you shoot?

  • Dimitrii1130

    nex-7 has 81points… so.. d3200 will be better than 5d mark3?^^

    • Rurik

      Actually, pretty much possible.
      It has same sensor as NEX-7, which got same score with Canon 5D m3 – 81.

  • derWalter

    can this be true?

    and i say that as a nikon fan boy…

    • Max

      I don’t know… It seems that the measuring in somehow favours what nikon has done.

      But if the Nikon can get 14EV of dynamic range and Canon can only get 12EV… they must be doing something wrong.

      I seriously don’t know how to read this as people using Canon cameras are raving about the camera so much. I certainly do like the fact that I can get 12MP RAW files from the 5D and you must get 36MP RAW files from the D800.

      I have been completely inmerged into the Canon system for years, but this makes me doubt! I love my 50L 35L and 135L I don’t know if Nikon has lenses that are compeltely up to par.

      Nikon D800 scoring 95 is what makes me doubt about this… if its true with a 36MP sensor, its amazing to say the least.

      • MarkLeung

        in this test. N50G N35, even N135dc. far better then Canon lenses 🙂

      • Have worked for Canon as a Camera Repair Tech in its virginia facility on all their models from powershot to MarkIV, I can truly say the people who use canon camera correctly will love them. The same goes for Nikon users. I realized that Canon made good camera but also noticed that when reviewing their cameras to buy (sense I worked for them I would get a discount), they only improved upon rebels, 5d and Mark series minimally. 8 to 10mp, or 2.8 LCD to a 3.o LCD, or better yet 3.9 FPS to 4.3 FPS. Not really improving or revolutionizing the camera industry but just trying to sell to the blanket consumer to make a buck. I do believe that Canon believes that people who buy their products buy for the name (canon use to mean quality) and will continue to do so even if the product is mediocre. Canon has also been known to feed off of others to make a seemingly important product. Plus Canon doesn’t like to be told what to do by their consumers unless they are important and making a good name for them. So if you want a mediocre 5D MIII with really no improvements to the previous version and pay $3500 because Canon knows you will pay for it because Canon is Canon. I will stick with Nikon because after seeing and fixing Canon cameras I know Nikon is worth the money, they seem to listen to who ever buys from them and they try to incorporate. But if you want to see how much Canon rips you off for being better then Nikon, compare all Canon models and see what they improve and then charge you.

      • Hugo First

        You’d better get un-inmerged from the Canon system quickly, before it does permanent damage… I think your proctologist might be able to help with that.

      • sRAW is not a true RAW file. It is a glorified TIFF file.

        • BartyL

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but are not all RAW files a type of TIFF? If not, what is the difference?

    • Roger

      It can be true.

      Sony sensors are much better than Canon, it’s been like that for the last few years.

      • Roger

        Dont forget also that DXO puts emphasis on dynamic range, it’s the single most important metric that goes into their overall score.

        Sony sensors are KINGS of base-ISO dynamic range, Canon are the worst. That’s why Canon are typically smoked by Nikon/Sony in DXO tests.

  • KT

    You might not believe this, but DXOmark has taken down the Canon 5D mark III test just 3 hours after releasing them. Not sure if this in response to a complaint from Canon or because of heavy traffic but it’s gone now. It’s back to a lame preview/spec sheet

    • ShaoLynx

      Indeed I don’t believe it: it’s right there, 5d3 and all.
      Just checked it.

  • Ebvette

    You can have all the reviews you want, all the tests you want, all the evaluations you want, and they really do no good to the photographer until the photographer has the camera in his/her posession and is using it doing ther own assessment. All this does is create more hype and publicity for Nikon (no matter how you pronounce it) and leaves its customers with NO CAMERA.

    Until Nikon delivers its product to the market, I could care less about these reviews, seeing other people on video opening there boxes and cleaning lenses with their shirt tail.

    NIKON needs to delivery to its customer base, that is were the focus should be at this point. The people who are waiting and have been waiting should be emailing NIKON at least once a week asking where is delivery?

    Isn’t this a little bit stupid at this point? Sorry but frustration is setting it.

    • Hendrixx

      Honestly, I could care less about your useless opinion on this. If you are so much of a photographer yourself, what are you doing commenting on a rumor website?

      These are scientific tests by the way, biased or not, they seemed pretty accurate with the previous generation of cameras, I don’t see why this should change now.

      You can meanwhile go back to taking photos and leave the comments to ppl who want to discuss scores.

    • Mike

      I absolutely agree with your comments. I hope that sales of their latest dx camera are slow until consumers are sure of the price. Nikon make great cameras but it is not a brand name to trust!

    • WaityKatie

      THERE IS NO D800 CAMERA. It is a fiction perpetuated by box openings and artificial test results. I am a Brownie Instamatic user and it beats the pants off those digital thingamajigs. It takes real pictures using real silver.

      The Nikon world is now split between the haves and the have-nots, this latter group being quite a lot larger. There is no point re-hashing the angst, jelousy, disappointment, anger, frustration, pique, perterbation, anxiety, distress, confusion, sense of loss, distraction, hopelessness, futility and lack of sanguinity that the failure of Amazon to tell me when Fed Ex will show up with a shiny new D800 at my door has produced. Nope. Not going to rehash that horrible, awful, distressing……….

      One little pill here and I will be fine. Honest. Hugging my Brownie.

  • Gordon

    Good news, strange how things can change so rapidly. Before Nikon was on the back foot, especially when it came to the 5D MkII, now they have exceeded it. All Nikon need to do now is release a D700s for the knockout blow.

    • Btdown

      Amen Brotha on the knockout blow!

  • Joaquim Prado

    at least the 5D is in stock!

    • Someone

      And it will remain there 😛

    • juicebox81

      if DXOMark had a score for availability…. maybe the Canon would score higher at that! =)

      • Foolishcfo

        Too funny!

  • Phil

    If this is true, this is a complete annihilation of what is a substantially more expensive DSLR.

    • SNRatio

      It is not at all. But it may be taken as an annihilation of the argument “giving up some resolution for supreme IQ”, which I think many Canon fanboys might use. Fewer megapixels may still be better for several kinds of use, and I doubt the tests reflect that fully. But overall, the D800’s performance is impressive.

      • Roger

        Fewer megapixels is not better for any use

  • The extreme difference in DR is just embarrassing for Canon.. I think my old Canon 350D has about 10,8 in DR.. So 11,7 steps of DR from a 2012- full frame camera is just like a joke. Thankyou Nikon and Sony.

  • Phil

    Sorry. I forgot to give out a massive LOL.

  • ACon

    DxO just put the link back up. However, if I were a Canon loyalist, I would be more concerned about the 5D m3 recall and 1d delay. Does not bode well for their top products.

  • Rich in TX

    one word:

  • Roger

    And I remember 6 months ago, when many people complained here about 36mp and how it will have lousy DR and SNR.


    • yes, I remember that very well 🙂

    • BartyL

      Yes, they were sooo certain too. Certain about that, certain that it couldn’t have both a pop-up flash and a 100% viewfinder, certain that the change in the shape of the red mark on the grip signaled the End of Days. So much certainty, so little evidence.

  • bam

    Whoa. Canon guys are gong to need theraphy after such a wipeout. better luck in 4 years.

    • Seriousley

      Yes, people are gonna be real sad because a piece of equipment score less on a purely scientific test, in a lab, on two very different cameras what, I don’t even know how to reply to this.

      But it’s an awesome sensor, no doubt. Makes one wonder what Canon is doing.

    • David

      I’m pretty sure Canon don’t care actually. All they will care about is profit, and I bet the 5d3 will outsell the d800 over its lifespan. Despite all the hubbub on the internet, Canon is still a much larger company. I know the 5d3 considerably outsold the d700 but even now that the field is more equal in terms of features (5d2 had video and higher resolution than d700), I would still expect the 5d3 to sell more.

      Also, the 5d3 is clearly optimised for video. The widescreen LCD etc gives it away. I’m not saying that d800 video isn’t good, but I’ve seen several head-to-heads now that show the d800 has more details, but is much more prone to moire. 5d3 video is softer straight out of camera but much more resistant to moire. That won’t be reflected in the DxOMark test results either.

      I still prefer the d800 and I’ve pre-ordered one, but I doubt Canon will be losing any sleep over a test result.

    • BoB

      Yeah, therapy. Dorks fight over specs, photographers really won’t care. I forsee 36 mp of crappy photos flooding the field now. Nikon has a great camera here, but it is not the most earthshattering thing in the world as some would make it out to be.

  • Tigeer

    Interesting. Now!! brace yourself! twisted logic Canon TROLLS are coming.

  • fiatlux

    I’ve never really understood how DxO were coming up with their overall scores, especially as in this case the more detailed comparisons appear to show very close results.

    Whatever, the D800 is a landmark camera for Nikon but I’m sure the 5D MkIII is a great camera too. And to be totally fair, I think the huge 36Mp RAW files from the D800 will be a more practical day-to-day annoyance for most users than the light leaks of the 5D.

    I’ll return shooting with my D700, knowing that there is a great upgrade path should I need to take it one day.

    • James

      I must admit I am confused on this whole thing, though DXO does not really bear any relation to real world performance. 5DII/D700 are pretty much the same for high ISO, samples of 5DIII images I have seen look to be about 2 stops better. Lets wait on some independent reviews.

      I shoot (and love) my mkII, main gripe with it is focusing which is seemingly as good as you can currently get with the mkIII.

    • Jesus_sti

      All the technique they use are explain on the site

  • dmcdougall

    Well all the numbers of this camera beating that camera is meaningless if you can’t get your hands on the camera. I pre-ordered mine 2 1/2 months ago. Still no camera. So it’s all academic.

  • Russ

    All those people who committed to switching to Canon over last August’s announcement disappointments… Damn.

    • Derp

      Yeah, I can see why the D800 is perfect for someone shooting news or sports.

  • sand

    This is an interesting article; may be ,if you want, can link to this article. It will clear some of the doubts of lot of people…

    • fiatlux

      Very interesting article, thanks for the link!

    • Great Link.. Thanks…

    • thanks for the link

  • alex

    If you look at the SNR 18% measurement, 5DIII is actually much better than D800 … why then is the ISO mark so low?

    And then, the on-screen tonal range of 5DIII is better than D800, but the print tonal range is reversed for some reason. Anyone care to enlighten the crowd on this?

    I’ve never been a loyal fan to N or C, but the last thing I would want to see is foul play.

    • Sports

      Don’t know about the tonal issue, but the ISO score is “according to the DXO calculation method”. I tried to explain this more somewhere else in this thread.

  • Zizek

    I’m utterly stoked, the Nikon D800 has higher dynamic range (print) than the Fuji S5 Pro!!!

    Nikon D800: 14.4
    Fuji S5 Pro: 13.5

    I briefly had the Fuji S5 Pro and it’s dynamic range was absolutely amazing, nothing came close, but the D800 has nearly a 1 stop advantage!!! That’s jaw dropping if that’s true!!! The screen dynamic range is slightly higher on the Fuji S5 Pro though.

    Nikon D800: 13.23
    Fuji S5 Pro: 13.71

    • CJ703

      The reason is that S5 use 2 type of photosites at the same time. One with high ISO sensitivity to capture shadow and one with very low ISO sensitivity to capture the highlight. When you combine two together (each of 6 mpx), you get a 6mpx file only. Think about it and how monstrous the D800 is.

  • RvF

    I can’t believe the overall score of the D800, it sounds like a camera to own…hopefully soon!

  • Seems like Canon have over the past couple of years produced sensors which have been compromised somewhat at base or low ISO , particulary with dynamic range so as to shore up the high ISO performance . Was a similar story with the 7d – which also had a fair bit of read noise to it.

  • jorg

    canon shooters dont like DXo anyway…
    that hole in the roof of the MK3 is way more terrbiel for canon

  • bam .. there is seriously something wrong with the test .

  • Please DXO, downgrade the score of the D800 so i can have one in stock!


  • Toecutter

    Some feckin funny comments on canon rumors over this

  • Bob

    The chaps over at the Canon Rumors Forum are somewhat dismissive of the tests:


    • I can bet they would not be dismissive if the 5D got a better score. Either way – this is just a technical measurement of the sensor, both comeras are good, but I think Nikon did a bigger jump from the previous model (D700) compared to Canon.

  • Sean


  • Ben

    Great…. Now B&H please just ship me my D800 I ordered on the morning of 2/7 ….. These cameras are like unicorns…..

  • m

    To be honest, I’m not suprised. The biggest disappointment is banding and color blotches in the shadows even in iso 100

  • SNRatio

    The 5DIII is way better in practice compared to the D800 than the DXOmark scores indicate. But the sensor behaves more like the D3s, if you look at the DR curves. The ultra-low read noise of the Sony sensors may be the main reason for the differences, plus that Canon (again?) may have used weak CFA filters to boost high-ISO performance.

    But the differences may indicate that the D800 is more of a still image tool, while the 5DIII is more of a video capture tool, though.

    I hope Nikonian are able to keep their fanboyism attitudes in check, but I’m really glad the results aren’t the other way round. Remember all the harping on the faults of Nikon sensors… It’s more about what can be done with a tool like the 5DIII, than what can’t.

    • The 5Dmk3 is a great camera and the new AF system works exceptionally well from the reviews I have seen. Nikon traditionally does much better in the DXO tests than Canons traditionally do and in reality I don’t think the difference is going to be that great. Canon owners should be happy with their upgrade and I am sure they won’t worry about the DXO results. But it is fun to lord it over Canon owners for a few minutes as long as it isn’t taken too seriously.

      Also, whilst in theory the 5Dmk3 could a better camera for video when compressing video and also for sound. You have to take into consideration the D800’s ability to shoot uncompressed, with a recordable hard drive, which should blow the Canon out of the water.

  • aznpoet

    Some Canon fanboys are claiming DXO testing is flawed and therfore, the results are irrelevant.

    Next up, 5DmkIII gets trounced by, egads … D3200 …

  • Fredbare

    A more meaningful comparison would be to plot artistic talent vs DXO sensor rating.
    Might be some real surprises there.

  • M.a.rs


    I couldn’t help but look lol… Hilarious

  • Gregory

    D800/E – Scores excellent on DxOMark. I pre-ordered one back in February. The vendor tells me I should expect to receive it a day or two after my Flying Unicorn with the Unobtanium Saddle.

    5DMkIII – Scores nearly as well on DxOMark. Buddy of mine hears about my pre-ordered D800 in March, decides on a whim to upgrade, walks to local camera shop takes one of several off the shelf, buys it and spends next month taking awesome photos.

    Guess who’s mocking who in this situation. Clearly I’ve ordered a better camera, but he, you know, actually HAS a camera instead of an emailed apology.

  • burgerman

    Maybe they should buy a d800 and take one apart and take a look. Because as I said before this was tested canon are seriously behind by about 4 or 5 years in this “war”.

    Thats not good for nikon either, or rather nikon users. Because demand means availability, and pricing issues for us…

  • Rich in TX

    AWESOME. Now it’s official.
    D800 = Professional flagship DSLR
    5DMIII= soccer mom cam

    • Derp

      The 5D has been a soccer mom cam/the new rabal for a long time.

  • Matt_XVI

    Interesting… No mention of this on CanonRumors.com yet…

    • I guess they don’t report bad news 🙂

      • mikils


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