Nikon Singapore sent invitations for a “special announcement” on April 19th

The event details are now removed from the website

Nikon Singapore posted this on their Facebook page yesterday with the headline "I am a memory maker":

Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd

Dear NikonClubbers,

A special announcement will be made and you will get to hear it first! Register with us!
NikonClub Event Details :: Press Conference
‎10 lucky registrants will get to join us at Nikon Press Conference held on 19th April 2012, Thursday.

The Facebook post and the Nikonclub event page are now removed. This was the confirmation email sent upon registering for the event:

Dear ***,

You have registered for the following event, “I AM A MEMORY MAKER” successfully via the Nikon Professional Services site. Please print out this email and bring it along with you to attend the event.

Reference Number: 19April2012_PC
Event Theme: Press Conference
Organizer: Nikon xxx Pte Ltd
Event Date: 19 Apr 2012
Event Time: 12PM to 3PM
Location/Venue: To be disclosed

If you have any further queries, please contact us at ***.

Yours sincerely,
NPS ***

This event is for the new Nikon D3200 DSLR camera that is expected to be announced on April 19th, 2012.

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  • Ole

    Or D710 !!

    • joseph

      It’s the time for DX fanboys jumping for joy!

      • FX Fan

        Yeh! It’s time to seperate the FX pros from the DX consumers.

        We should have a NikonFXrumors site that dedicated only to the still photography professionals.

      • Jim-TX

        Not really!!!
        The D3200 is a cam for the iPhone 4s upgraders and Facbook-fanboys!!!

  • Benjo

    With luck Nikon will have them out in reasonable quantity by, oh, December?

    • Jason

      Annoucements are cool.
      Delivering actual products is boring.
      So, we just do the cool stuff.

      — Hiro Zito Doritto, CEO, Nikon d800

  • Matthieu

    Don’t you think this event is for new coolpix ? I don’t know why, but this kind of invitation make me think about that more than for a DSLR (even if this DSLR, the D3200, is for large public, not for pro)

  • Nick

    Come on Nikon please give us a D700s (D700 w D3s sensor). That camera is needed right now…

    • Marcelo Trad

      More likely to be a D700 with D4 sensor!!!

      • Dhdj

        Ha! Won’t happen that fast.

        Maybe next year.

      • B!

        You wish!

        • Nick

          They need something for sports at a D800 or less price point. A D400 (FXor DX) or D700s is a must in my view. D800 will never cut it and D4 is way too pricy.

          • Zoidberg

            You need, “they” dont.

            • Not Surprised

              Nikon needs their customers — and yes, this is a glaring gap in their line — so yes, Nikon needs it.

            • Jim-TX

              You’re right Not Surprised
              A FX -maybe even with the D4 sensor- will come!
              As early as the demand on the D4 is so saturated, that D4s are in the shelves for 4 and more weeks before finding a buyer. That is the call to collect the money from the next target group. Until then: be happy with your D700

          • ATM

            If you do sport, you need the D3s or D4, anything else – you don’t do sport, only dream about doing it.

            • asdf

              Yes, only big $$$$ makes good photos amiright?


            • joey

              I agree with your implication that the D4 and D3s are Nikon’s top sports cameras; however, I disagree that quality marketable sport and action photos can’t be taken with other cameras within Nikon’s lineup. The D700 and D7000 are lesser cameras for sure, but they are very good.

            • Ken Elliott

              How do you think we shot sports in the film days with manual focus, manual exposure and manual film advance using ISO 400 film?

              I do agree that the D3/D4 make it easier.

              FYI – the D700 is an outstanding sports camera. So is the D300.

          • Jack The 62

            I’ve got Nikon today by phone… The guy tell me it was more for the end of the year for the D400… And it should be a FX DSLR !

            Should be annouced at the photokina in Sptember !

            • Sandman

              Were you awake when all this happened?

            • photo-Jack

              Photokina sounds pretty likely to me! In case the D400 is FX and considering Nikon’s naming in the recent past, it could well be, that they need the name D400 for a (new) FX line.
              That would leave the Dxxxx names to DX. But since the D3200 comes already with 24 MP, and there is still a better equipped D5200 in the pipeline Nikon must have some very good arguments / features to make the D7100 a class of its own.
              In my consideration was neither the step from the D300 to the D300s a real upgrade nor do I see the D7000 as a real successor of the D300s. I don’t care much about Nikon’s naming philosophy, but I really care for a real D300s successor with the 51point AF, extended bracketing (like in the D300s) etc. I also valued the possibility to shoot the D300s from the hip so to speak. Therefore I’m not sure if I’d go for the 24 MP sensor over a 16 MP one with the latest processing technology. But we don’t have a vote on that one, have we?

      • Cristian

        Forget it! Nikon won’t come out with a DSLR like this for a long time…

      • Eskimo Nikonian

        I think it would make more sense to harvest the D3s sensor and put it in a prosumer body. The D800 is already going to cannibalize the D4 and a D3s-sensored prosumer camera would differentiate the two enough so as not to bury the D4 altogether.
        With a mature sensor built on a mature fab, it could be quite economical and could probably sell in the $2,200 range to further undercut the 5D Mark III. At that price, they might even call it the D400.
        I can keep dreaming if I wish.

        • Not Surprised

          $2,200 would be a dream. $2,500 would be no doubt. With a $500 dollar grip…

    • The Manatee

      Keep dreaming. Not a chance.

  • dgs

    10 more D800 for the Singapore market…

    • Roberto

      mhauhahuahuauhahuhauuhahh :DD

    • !!! :))))

  • Robert James

    So what are the odds I’ll be able to upgrade my D80 to something with 1080p video in time for my 7/28 wedding? Come on Magic 8 Ball, tell me the future! *shake shake shake* Why do I have a feeling I’ll wind up with a D5100 after all this waiting around?

    • D5100 might be ok if there are more hacks coming, but I wouldn’t go for anything less than a D7000 if you’re about weddings. The vertical grip alone is worth the price of entry, and it all pays for itself right quick. Or rent.

      The video from the D7000 is pretty damn good.

      • Robert James

        If I was a professional I hear what you’re saying totally. I’m just an amateur who loves playing around with these beautiful cameras. The wedding is my own and I am having a friend man the camera. I’m plan on this being my only wedding I will use this camera for 🙂

        • you plan this being your only wedding so you will let a friend film it on new camera

          i see

          and photos are done by uncle, he will get new coolpix before then and at least two memory cards he promised, right?

          • @Harold Ellis, not everyone can afford professional services from an experienced wedding photographer. Hopefully his friend manning the camera at least knows how to take it out of amateur “A” mode and at least get it in the professional “P” mode!

            All kidding aside Robert James, I think our points have been made. But if you didn’t catch the sarcasm, you should consider our message; hire someone who has experience doing wedding photography, can show you what they have done successfully in the past, and ask for references. If you leave your wedding memories to be captured by your Uncle, you may just get another chance to capture your NEXT wedding, as your bride will be less than happy for anything less than stellar!

            • Bob

              Eh, just hand out disposable cameras as the guests show up and let them shoot it.

            • Am

              Unless your uncle is Joe McNally!!!

            • @Bob, +1

              @Dr SCSI, you’re right. Not everyone can afford a $3,000+ wedding photographer, but they are plenty of other alternatives than spending $500 on someone who’s not going to do much better than your other guests. It’s not worth relying in anything less than a serious professional for that money. I think people would be surprised how handing out disposables is a much better use of money.

        • Rob Ueberfeldt

          Congratulations in advance for the big day. You’ll probably get beautiful photos from any of the new range DX cameras, if your a keen amateur you’ll know to play with the lighting turn off the flash and see if the available light is good enough to capture the mood without washing it out. Apart from that enjoy the day.

          • Andrew


        • photo-Jack

          Hey Robert
          A pro isn’t a pro because he is better able to read the cam’s manual. To deliver good results it takes 3 things: experience, experience, experience. The risk imho doesn’t lay so much in the D5100 as it lays in the man behind the camera. Get yourself at least 2 good strobes with CLS, a Lastolite Ezybox and 1 stand with 1 umbrella. This doesn’t cost you a fortune. Then go ahead and search the web for wedding photos. Pick the ones your bride likes and try to do similar stuff with your camera operator far in advance the wedding with his wife (you don’t want to betray everything to your future wife, do ya?) Furthermore, let him do some party-shots to get familiar with light and shadows, moving subjects and the need to act fast to cover certain scenes (face impressions etc.).
          This appears to be the most promising avenue if you don’t want to invest in a wedding pro.

  • orest

    Maybe they should stop announcing products until they start delivering products that have already been announced.

    Just cancelled by D800 pre-order. Can’t wait forever. Apparently I’m not the only one doing this at Vistek in Canada.

    • Poirot

      So, if you can’t wait forever, why did you cancel your pre-order? If you wouldn’t have cancelled it, it would arrive eventually, but now that you did, it will never arrive, therefore you’ll wait forever. Logic?

      • RoyL

        Absolutely right. No advantage whatsoever to cancel a pre-order until the camera arrives and it is put-up or shut-up time.

        • Ben

          Sweet… I just moved up a notch in the waiting list. Thanks orest!

          • thebiter

            I believe the Vistek preorder list is LONG.

            I talked to a smaller store in the GTA and they only got “a small handful of D800E’s”. Which I figure is maybe 2-3 of them.

            Looks like I’m going to be waiting a while…

            • djh65

              Do you guys not have Amazon in Canada?

          • orest

            Surprising after calling to cancel the pre-order yesterday the D800 showed today. Totally awesome! Stoked! Picked it up at 5pm today. Very happy.

            • Andrew

              So what are you going to do with your new D3s since the D800 just arrived?

        • orest

          Was paid up in full. Don’t feel like having my money tied-up, no camera and no second body to shoot with. Got myself a D3S instead and very happy!

      • DMc

        Cancelling the pre-order is a control move that allows the buyer to decide the purchase date by waiting until there is stock and then placing their order. Waiting on a pre-order means buying when Nikon gets it finished. The waiting kills some people.

        Cancellation is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you keep a pre-order open then the camera will eventually come to you. If you cancel before it arrives then you can order later and complain about the amount of time required for the order.

    • Patrick T

      Amen to that.
      Nikon has done a real crappy job with demand forecasting and inventory management.
      Canon is much better at it. The 5DMarkIII is available at stores now.
      I may switch and get a 5DMarkIII instead of the D800.
      Enough of the marketing hype. Make your products available now.
      You don’t make money selling vapor!

      Maybe they should stop announcing products until they start delivering products that have already been announced.

      • mikils

        Please Do! By all means! this will will free a slot for someone who really needs the D800. Also, the 5D III, which is in stock because nobody wants it, will fit much better with your other Canon L lenses….

      • Poirot

        If you are not a professional photographer, and you didn’t invest in any Nikon gear other that the body and one of those f/3.5-5.6 superzooms, then go for it. IMO you could even buy a powershot G12 if you like. Switching between brands is difficult for a pro, with a lot of glass and accessories that also have to be switched out, therefore it can be a REALLY expensive decision.
        Most of the people wants the latest and greatest, and don’t care about quality and production, and they’ll end up shooting their kids on the beach and crappy landscape and flower macro shots. These cameras are overkill for Facebook photography.
        I still shoot with a D3, (you know, the ANCIENT one, that ONLY goes up to ISO 6,400) and I shoot professionally, and I ALWAYS get the shot. There is nothing that the camera limits me on. (And D3 = D700)

        TL;DR: If you comment like this, you probably don’t need a D800. Go buy a used D70 to shoot you cat.

        • Andrew

          I think that at $3,000, most non-professionals will be willing to wait for the D800. If a professional needs a camera urgently, they may buy a used D3s for example or settle for the D7000. And when the D800 ships, they can simply resell the other camera.

      • Phil

        The reason 5d M3s are in stocks because nobody is buying them.

        If you want to pay more for a 5D that is destroyed by the D800, then on you go.

        You won’t be missed,trust me.

        • John

          I’ve seen many places where the Canon is sold out. The notion that nobody is buying them is BULLSHIT.

      • Canon are brilliant aren’t they. EOS IDX announced almost 6 months ago and not due to go on sale until June.

      • Zoidberg

        One word – 1Dx…

      • danpe

        Canon much better? I’d same they’re the same or worse. 1Dx, 200-400 and so on seems to never arrive. Don’t have Canon, but friends have and they’ve been ready with money for some months now. Nikon has upped the game a bit regarding lenses as all the long and expensive glass now is in stock.

    • david distefano

      i totally agree with you. i understand all the problems nikon had in the making of the d4 and d800. it seems like the wrath of god. but nikon knew that there was going to be a tremendous demand for their new products especially the d800 . they should of had a sh_tload made well in advance of the announcement so a waiting list wasn’t needed and you wouldn’t see the d800 on ebay for $4800.

    • So what you gonna buy now??

  • INA

    If it is for the D3200, then I guess that Nikon’s Bord of directors will have the same event night before, just the name of the event will be different: “I AM THE MONEY MAKER”… (as Nikon is mostly earning on entry level DSLRs and Coolpixes…)

  • It is necessary that will substitute for the D700 in the range of 16 to 20 Mpix, otherwise, the owners of this model may consider replacing the brand (I include myself) it will have no option. Nikon do not hesitate to do so.

    • RoyL

      Replace with what? How about just adding the D800. All those crop modes are fantastic, I would think. The only drawback of the current D700 is resolution, and 16mp is not that much more on FX (a D3s sensor would be nice). I will keep the one I have, and when I have a need for rez I will use the D800e.

    • Michael

      D4’s sensor is just about half a stop better than D700, and the resolution isn’t much better. There is a slight deterioration in noise performance too compared to D3s.

      • Err… did you read the D4/D3 comparison from a couple days ago? The D4 is more like ONE and a half stops better than the D700.

  • ano102

    any lens will be release with D3200 ?

  • alvix

    my d4x at 54mp ..

  • Rdpi

    “I am a memory maker”
    could be a catch-line for a mainstream product that offers more versatility in “memory” or storage..
    The first thing that comes in my mind could be integrated Wi-fi.

    why mainstream? because i associate “memory” or “keeping memory of” within a family context..

    • preston

      Nikon’s marketing is not that sophisticated. Never before have they done anything interesting or subliminal.

      • Andrew

        Nikon’s marketing is not that sophisticated… but yet, you are spending your precious time and energy education others on Nikon. Any company that gets its products discussed as much as Nikon does not need a marketing department or their marketing guys are geniuses.

    • Jim

      I frankly never understood, why family-memory- and Facebook-shooters bother to burden themselves with carrying a DSLR! It’s merely documenting a scene anyway. And for the size and resolution required in Facebook and the like, even a Nikon V1/J1 is an overkill. The only real world advantage that a DSLR for this customer group has over an iPhone s4 ist the boasting factor: maybe you can impress some innocent country-girls pretending to be a pro…

  • Shui

    For sure d3200 or a cooldix.

    “I am a memory maker” suggests something for people who just want to record memories and don’t care too much about details. Even I don’t care too much about quality when I just want to remember something. I own a d3s and a D800 and if i just want to remember something or whatever I’ll just use the iPhone.

    • Rile

      Nice 100% with you

    • brad

      What’s an iPhone?

  • Wow!

    Somebody whined for D700+. No post for D400??? Can’t wait!

    • Jack The 63

      I’ve got Nikon today by phone… The guy tell me it was more for the end of the year for the D400… And it should be a FX DSLR !

      Should be annouced at the photokina in September !

      • BartyL

        Right, so you just rang Nikon up and they told you that? Uh-huh.

        Hey Admin, no more guessing! You’ve just gotta phone ’em up!

        • I don’t guess, I know 🙂

          • You can say that again.

            The [NR] track record is rock solid. If [NR] reports on it, it’s usually 99.9999% probable. As a matter of fact, I don’t know of a single rumor site with such an impeccable record.

            • I did miss one lens in the past 4 years – it was the 40mm DX macro and it was my own fault.

      • Ken Elliott

        That’s funny… some idiot called my studio, and ignored me when I told him I use a Nikon, but we are not Nikon. So I told him the D400 would be out at the end of the year, and if he want’s a D5 prototype to leave a bag of unmarked bills under the sink in the men’s restroom at the bus station.

        I think he’ll really enjoy this model of a caterpillar d5.

  • Captain Howdy

    The ‘special announcement’ is the chick on that homepage revealing that ‘she’ is a ladyboy.

    Geez, Nikon – get the D800’s in stores NOW

  • Alex

    Maybe the real Nikon D4

    • D700guy

      Ya, the D4x. Get you 5 year pre-orders in now

      • Wow!

        2014: D4x: a D4 with the last Sony sensor. 36 Mpx, 9999$!!

  • B!

    Why would anyone expect another DSLR or is it now HDSLR when Nikon can’t deliver not one but two cameras already anounced. There is mega demand for two flavors of the D800 and the D4. Add another one to the mix and it would have to be made outside of Japan for Nikon to handle.

    • Indeed. Considering that they can’t deliver enough D800 and D4 (produced in Japan), they might announce and deliver high quantities of D400 (or another full-frame model) – produced in Thailand or even China.

      There is nonsense in protecting D800 market when you can’t deliver enough.

      Any full-frame camera that Nikon would announce this year, below the D800 price, will sell very well, even in the case it will be made in China or Thailand.

      • Andrew

        Any full-frame released by Nikon this year will pack a lot of features just as the D7000 surprised everyone with its low $1200 price and magnesium alloy body. Nikon was frightened by Sony’s purchase of Minolta and its aggressive pronouncement that it would significantly increase its share of the digital camera worldwide market. So Nikon is not taking any chances on pricing and features.

  • Lemmy

    Nikon will announce new DX top body, with 24 MP. Trust me, I have THE information.

    • PeterO

      Ohhh, let’s all hang with Lemmy ’cause he has THE information.

      • BartyL

        Plus, he ‘sings’ for the most awesome garage-metal band of all time.

        • Lenny fan #1

          And has a wicked skateboard.

    • Jake

      Excellent! You now have no more reason to be here! Go make your own website called, and tell everyone there!

      • Lemmy

        Why should I do that? But, maybe after a week also Jake understands THE information about D300S type new DX body, with fast AF and FPS, water sealing etc.

        • Jake

          A week. I’m counting on you, lemmy!

          • Andrew

            Me too!

            • Lenny fan #1

              I’ve sold my d800 in anticipation.

        • danpe

          I hope you’re right!

    • JB

      Am I the only one having trouble separating the name Lemmy from the Southpark character Lemmywinks?

      • BartyL

        I keep seeing Lemmy Kilmister – “49% bastard, 51% motherf*cker”, to which I think we can now add, “100% camera tech bullshit artist”.

  • Wayne

    I wonder if there will be any new lens that day.

  • Jonathan

    Please be a D400!

  • Ben

    Thanks Lemmy. I’m buying Nikon stock on your suggestion. I trust ya…….

  • Nokin

    Probably a big announcement that they have just manufactured number 1000 of their new D800 camera.

  • Admin any word if the D3200 will have a Nikon 1 crop mode such as the D4?

  • D700guy

    Let the D3200 pre-orders begin

  • Seems to be one or more of the camera on UK Cash back probably the D3100 first followed by the D7000 & then D5100 – all 3 different specs but probably sharing same sensor as used in the Sony A-77 & Nex-7.

    The D400 could be a FF contender – entry level and would be great if Nikon did a D40 put a D3s in this body or possibly next year a D4 sensor ?

    • Jake

      Nah, Nikon won’t release THREE different cameras with the same sensor, way too much overlap. I imagine that the D3200 will get the A77 sensor, as Admin has said, and the 7100 will get an amped-up 16MP sensor. D400 is a toss-up, between a new DX sensor, the recycled D3S sensor, or the A77 sensor.

      But sensors seem to flow downhill in Nikon. If the D3200 gets the A77 sensor, then I can’t see the D400 getting it months later. This is why it would make sense if the D3200 actually got the D7000’s sensor, and the D7100 got the upgraded 24MP sensor from Sony. In the past, sensors have rolled downhill like this before, i.e. D200 sensor-> D80 -> D60->D3000, and D2X(s)-> D300 -> D90->D5000.

      This has been a good strategy, because it allows Nikon to use the same sensor for five or six years, without additional R&D costs. It looks like they’re gonna depart from this with the D3200, though.

      • Jake

        I should clarify my first sentence; they won’t release three different cameras with the same sensor AT THE SAME TIME.

      • enesunkie

        The D3100 was the only one that had the 14 MP sensor. I suppose they could do something like that again.

        • Michael

          That’s because Sony made it for them.

  • I seriously doubt that Nikon uses NPS for a low-amateur DSLR announcement.

    Nikon 3200 and NPS sounds like Dacia and Ferrari.

  • mok

    memory maker?
    so it will be newest Nikon USB Stick

  • Trevor

    Maybe it will be a new D4 dedicated to video to fight Canon’s new 1DC (at 10,000 euro!).

    Holy crap am I glad I don’t care about video. And I thought still photography would make you poor!

  • Nikonnut

    Its an NPS invitation + the event tagline is “I am a memory maker” = camera for important memories such as weddings maybe? Something with high FPS and ISO?

    I think it could be D400 or the 3rd full frame camera D800s. My 2 cents!

  • T.I.M

    “I am a memory maker”
    sound like a new coolpix camera, maybe with good video.
    Nothing for us (certainly not a D400)

  • vampyren

    I’m a bit silly but i would like a refresh for D5100. Its a great camera but for video it could be better so i hope they can improve on that.
    But seriously considering how system cameras are constructed maybe this can be improved by software. I know to little about these cameras but trying to learn.

  • Big man

    As a uk customer who is still waiting for a pre-orderd d4, Nikon should try and get the back log of customers who are spending £5000 on a camera happy first, not some customer who will spend £400 on a kids camera, my total spend in the last month is £4800 D4, £1200 24-70 lens and £1600 70-200 vrII total £7600 spent on Nikon within 4 weeks, they really should get a grip and keep customers who spend proper money happy. It does not matter if it’s Nikon or canon, they both treat the customer whi is spending big money like shit. FACT

    • Gary

      Agreed. I’m STILL waiting for my D800 grip.

    • Phil

      Dry them and put your wallet away, Bigman.

      Will you just listen to yourself: I spent this much on blah blah blah.

      Imagine having to sit next to somebody like you on a flight. First Class obviously. I’d be reaching for the sick bag within minutes.

      • asdf

        Lol, sorry, you rn’t sitting anywhere near First Class (heck if you can afford going on a plane at all) if a few thousand dollars spending makes you go for sick bag. It’s always amusing looking at thoughts from people with income less than a few order of magnitude.

    • bob

      Has anyone in the UK yet got a D800?

    • BartyL

      Right. And Toyota shouldn’t sell any Corollas until all the Lexus customers have their orders either.

      What a complete wanker.

  • CB

    Admin – any news about the next D4/D800 shipment round?

  • Big man

    Nikon have pushed delivery back of D4 shipment uk, Jessops. Will be end of April now……the way nikon are treating customers they might change it again 2012 or 2013!!

    • preston

      Well, I wouldn’t switch to Canon cause they’re even worse! Flagship 1DX announced Oct. 18th last year with a March release date. Now they’re saying it won’t arrive before June. Nikon D4 announced Jan. 6 of this year and it’s already shipping.

  • Retsu

    only D3200?
    I hope Nikon has new lens!

    • T.I.M

      You need a camera to put a lens on !

  • The D3200 will be announced on this event, common mans DSLR (memory maker)

  • Boing Wronkwell

    “Dear NikonClubbers”

    Does this mean they are clubbing Nikon or are they people from Nikon with clubs?

    Either way, I am not sure I want to be around Nikon photographers with clubs…

    Pity the poor Canonistas… [BAM} MWAHAHAHAHAHA……

    • haha

      Nikon Club is NOT NPS.
      It is meant for (taken from their FAQ)

      “1. What is Nikon Club?
      Nikon Club is a programme for all owners of genuine Nikon products to take advantage of promotions and great offers by participating in online activities that allow you to earn “Nikon Club points”. The Club membership begins with the registration of your product and some of your personal details (we’ll try not to probe too much!).
      2. How do I become a Nikon Club member?

      First things first: you have to own a genuine Nikon product. If you have a Nikon product, simply fill in your details and register online. Upon verification, we’ll send you an email to notify you of your membership status. Everything else is pretty straightforward after that.
      3. What Nikon products do I have to own in order to be eligible for a Nikon Club membership?

      To be eligible as a Nikon Club member, you must own at least one of the Nikon manufactured items listed below:

      – Digital cameras (either a DSLR or COOLPIX camera);
      – Film cameras (either a SLR or compact film camera);
      – Nikkor lenses;
      – Scanners; or
      – Speedlights.

      Owners of Nikon accessories that are not listed above are NOT eligible to join Nikon Club.”

      The site is forever in beta… very slow, not that useful.

    • ♣ me baby

      I ♣ seals!

  • Kona HomeBrew

    Yeah, right! You already made memories, Nikon! With your D800 fiasco! Like I care! Get the already announced D800 available and then talk Dick3200 or Dick400. Morons!

    • not a troll

      More like Kona Home Grown!

    • I ♣ seals!

      I have a d800 already. What’s the problem?

  • The D700 replacement

    I Hope!

  • or a D400

    FX please.

  • Photonut

    Probably a refresh of the Coolerpix line. It’s longe overdue …. ;-))))

    • the next Coolpix refresh will happen in August

  • Joe

    Just heard from a very reliable source high in Nikon.

    The announcement will be the D5 and D900!

    • Gary

      What colours will they be available in?

  • Me

    Probably a new Alzheimer drug.

    • BartyL


  • Moe Jacknally

    a firmware update for the d800 that makes it 4k compatible 😀

    • Kona HomeBrew

      Oh yeah? Let the D800 first become “customer compatible” by getting to the hands of real customers. Not those precious “NPS” members who are selling it for over a grand profit on eBay!

      • Kona HomeBrew

        Oh, btw, for those who live in SF bay area and a whiner like me who have placed the so called pre-orders (and waiting) for the D800 or D800E or D4, please stop by the fantastic Keeble & Shuchat store in Palo Alto. They have a D4 and a D800 ***ON DISPLAY*** that you can play with! The nice gentleman behind the counter told me “We do not know when and how many units we will get from Nikon. However, Nikon has insisted us to keep one of the D800 and D4 on display for the customers to look at. And in a couple of days, there will be a D800E also on display. Too bad we are not allowed to sell it. Right now the pre-order list for D800 is 90+ and for D800E is 25+. A refundable $500 puts you in the list”. Now, *THAT* is customer service! The moronic online resellers (and Nikon too, for that matter) should learn from people like these!

        • D800 jerk

          Got mine like 3 weeks ago. Y u so slow bro?

  • Lynne

    Would LOVE this to be a 4th new FF dslr – small body, NOISE-FREE high ISO stills AND 1080p HD video (at least to ISO6400 whichever sensor they use), & a true near SILENT shutter mode! (Yes Nikon a Silent Mode IS important to a lot of us!) I want this badly!! Been waiting SO long! So do a LOT of people including D700 owners. Nikon now has no true competitor to the 5DMarkIII. Realistically know this isn’t going to come any time soon but I have to believe it WILL happen in the next year or two. Can’t believe Nikon would abandon all these potential customers to Canon in the long-term. I, for one, will never consider buying a D4 as it’s way too big for me & way too expensive (with inadequate video so rumours say!). I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m currently trying to decide between the D800 & 5DMarkIII. Neither is perfect for me (though both great cameras) but I’d be more inclined to buy the D800 now if I thought my much-wanted Nikon would be along in a year or two. Once I invest with Canon I doubt there’ll be any going back sadly as Canon resale value doesn’t seem to hold up as well. Expecting this next announcement to be DX unfortunately.

    • Andrew

      The 5D Mark III is not selling very well and its feature set looks dated. No flash, USB 2.0, etc. Plus it cost $500 more than the D800. The D800 has USB 3.0, flash, and a higher MP sensor with surprisingly high ISO performance. And it appears that the D800 has more than eliminated Canon’s historic advantage in video performance. I guess the people buying the Mark III are mostly those who are invested in Canon lenses. Sorry, but I think the Mark III is a no contest!

    • Some guy

      You don’t get noise free high ISO stills with any camera.

      The D800 downsized to 5Diii levels using raw and the same NR etc, will match the 5Diii so close it’s not funny, the edge going to the D800 for details.

      If you compare jpegs (like camera labs did) the 5diii has less noise, and more NR smearing. The d800 has more noise, but noticeably more details.

      Basically both are good. The D800 has the edge on flexible files. The 5Diii has slightly better video features (adjustable audio while recording etc.) and its video has less noise at high iso levels (and less details…again). AF with the two is very similar (don’t let the specs fool you, in practice they’re almost the same in terms of accuracy). Canon’s AF system takes more tweaking to get right (I know I owned a 1DIV before getting a D3s) but it works really well. Nikon’s AF is less convoluted, and works just as well IMHO. Canon have more fps, which makes it handy for sports. Both offer good cropping, but obviously the d800 has more leeway in this area.

      Can’t go far wrong with either. I own a d800, but I can’t wait to try out my friend’s new 5Diii when he gets it.

      Good times.

      • Andrew

        Nice perspective – great contribution!

  • trialcritic

    Maybe another FF model below the D800 made in Thailand. I suspect that the demand for DX is slowly going down. Nikon messed up the D800 production (they make 30k per month, really!) due to underestimating the demand. Hopefully, they will get their act together now. Having played with the D800 for 2 weeks now, I can say that it is fantastic. However, not everyone may want to pay $3000 for a camera. Something at $1500 would be very good.

    • Yup

      Something at $1500 would be very good. +1

    • Mark J.

      Your not going to see a new Full-Frame DSLR anywhere near $1500 . Used D700’s in good shape sell for more than that most of the time even.. At that price point, the best you can hope for is a DX D400, which will still likely be about 20-25% above $1,500

  • Shhhh

    To much suspense, noise,waiting, press, pub, drinks,snoob invitations for a Coolpix? Maybe but………hardly I eat this news item for a Cool-Pix

  • Val Thor

    Maybe they’ll be including one of the Singapore models with every FX body purchase. I’ll get my D800e with a babe to practice on. Now THAT’S a memory maker.

  • FanBoy

    It’s a new lens called 200 f/4 VRII AFS Micro.

    • Xbihhn

      Useless lens. 😛

      400 f5.6 VR II is what I want. 5.6 meaning about $1000 usd in price. If they can make it f/4 for that price, even better.

  • US?

    It never ceases to amaze me how you Yanks all know what wrong with Japanese camera manufacturing
    RIP Kodak

    • Ren Kockwell

      Umm. The M9 carries a Kodak sensor. Make a car that works and get back to us.

      • Scott M

        Ziiing! Can you say Jag You Ahr?

        • Shiny

          Rolls anyone? Or perhaps a Bentley?

          My friend lives near Detroit. Says it should be destroyed and rebuilt. Lol

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