Nikon D800E to be released on April 12th in limited quantities

Nikon Japan issued a statement that the D800E pre-orders/reservations have greatly exceeded the amount of produced cameras and they apologize for the inconvenience/delay. Nikon issued a similar statement for the D800 a month ago. I expect the first D800E shipments in the US to start early next week and will probably again be distributed to NPS members, unless you pre-ordered from Amazon who it seems does not skip their waiting list in order to ship NPS priority.

I also believe that with the D800E there will be a new shipment of D800/D4 cameras to be distributed to authorized dealers next week. Keep in mind that there are still not-fulfilled NPS orders for those cameras.

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  • Foolishcfo

    Still waiting on my D800 from B&H. Next time I’ll go straight to Amazon so I don’t have to deal with the NPS BS. Good luck to those of you that ordered D800E’s.

    • Preach on! Still waiting on my D4 from B&H.

      • gan106

        Same here. Ordered a D4 on the first day (Jan 6th) from Adorama and haven’t heard a peep from them. I am thinking it would have been better to order from someone else besides the big two (B&H and Adorama) and of course both stores are closed for the week for the holidays….. Neither store nor Nikon is winning any points with me with their silence.

        • St.

          As I read here – everybody ordered in the first few minutes….
          Nothing strange then why all orders cannot be completed.
          Just fyi…
          I needed 2 D800s so I ordered from Amazon (in the first one hour, on Feb 6th) and the second one from Adorama on Feb 7th (20hrs later than I dd on amazon).
          Adorama sent me the camera on March 30th.
          Still no news from amazon….
          Go figure…

        • frank

          did you also order canon 5dIII and nikon D800

        • @btobey, I ordered a D4 last week through AAFES (military BX/PX) and was told that the vendor (Nikon USA) expects the D4 to be in 20 April for shipping out to customers. I asked how many D4’s had been put in for order through AAFES and I was told only two (mine being one of those two orders). I would have ordered sooner, but I had to wait on my tax return. Anyway, Nikon USA will ship to me directly, so I have my fingers crossed for an end of April/beginning of May delivery. With only 5K D4’s being produced monthly, I am not overly hopeful, but one can dream….
          For those waiting on the D800, with 30K units per month being produced, you will probably get yours sooner. Good luck to everyone else on the waiting list!

          • Ken

            Those of us waiting on the D800 are anxious to know if there is a HW AF issue or if it can be fixed by firmware…seems to be a lot of jitter on the wire about it..if it’s a major problem Nikon will have to alter the manufacturing line somehow or may have done already..who knows…

            • Joaquim Prado

              if this is the case ***** Nikon because all of us know that this launch is delayed because of the natural disasters last year and they had plent of time to test and fix any bug regarding the D800 and D4!

      • joeyG58

        I’m still waiting for both

    • Steven Georges

      A camera shop does not receive fewer regular orders if they have some NPS customers. NPS boxes are marked as such with the NPS members name on them and, I read some ware, are directed from a different department.
      If you order from Amazon the only people you will jump in front of in line are NPS members dumb enough to order from someplace that does not honor NPS request.

    • Ed

      +100………………… I love B&H…. I really do….I was told I was in the top 500. . . . . .Haven’t heard nothing but “sorry”. I think I’ll try for the E version from amazon see what happens. Who ever ships 1st wins.

    • Jonathan

      I ordered 6:30am from Amazon on February 7th (D800) and still haven’t gotten mine. They gave me a date of May 2nd…

      • Barnswallow T Duck

        I’m willing to bet that come May 22 you will get a later date. That’s what they have done to me three times now!!!

  • Jetfire

    No, D800Es on Best Buys site.

    • Scott M

      One the day I picked up my D800 form Best Buy (March 22), there was nothing about the camera on it’s website. I bet they sell a few.

      • Ray

        I pre-ordered the D4 and D800 within minutes of announcements. I walked in best buy 2 weeks ago and ordered the D4 and had it within 3 days. Yes I paid sales tax but I am shooting and loving the D4. REceived one D800 from amazon and still waiting on the D800 preorder from B&H.

  • I received Nikon D800E today earlier on sale in Japan.
    I felt the sound of shutter is smaller and better and damper of mirror unit is better than D700. Of course they are not so good as Nikon D4 which I have.
    The speed and accuracy of autofocus and response of camera is very near D4. So shooting portrait is comfortable, even if the frame advance mode is not good.
    I have not yet check image quality but I am very interested in comparison with Nikon D3x.

    • jackarmstrong

      Thanks, Issy
      These subtle differences point out that Nikon designs cameras as tools for specific users. I know enough about my needs to order a D800e when the demand dies down. I am still waiting for my D800 60 days after pre-ordering. Until then, my D7000 is more than adequate.

    • LeGO

      Never mind the difference with the D3x – I am sure that the D800E will be better.

      How does the acuity or sharpness in the image from a D800E downres to 16mp compare with the D4 from ISO 100 to 6400?

  • Natan Lorenzi

    I’m still waitin’ for my D800 “without E”.

    Does anyone know?

  • haha

    Hi Issy, is Nikon body in Japan any different? Cos Japan always have things not meant for export.

  • Foolishcfo


    Besides Nikon having trouble meeting demand on the D4/D800/D800E it looks like they are also having trouble meeting demand on FX lenses, particularly the 28-300mm lens. Do you have any info on when they will resume shipment of lenses?

    • Trevor

      Yeah, I’m still waiting on an 85mm f/1.8 too. No one has them in stock.

    • St.

      last time when I checked for that lens (not that I need one) it was only listed at B&H.
      It didn’t even show in the search at Amazon and Adorama.

      • Foolishcfo

        Its there on Adorama’s site. They say its backordered and don’t when it will be available. Same with B&H. Also, if you go back through admin’s posts you will see that in other countries its packaged with either the D4 or D800. Just not in the U.S. yet.

        • St.

          Yes, I saw it is there now – but a week ago it wasn’t (same on Amazon).
          Idk, why though.

    • Scott M

      I saw a 28-300 in a case at a SoCal Best Buy a week ago. The store is the Tustin Marketplace in California. Maybe it’s still there and they will ship it to you. Skip the website and call the store directly. Good luck.

      • Foolishcfo

        Thanks. Will do. I was at the Mission Viejo store today and they were out.

    • Henry

      Strange we have those 28-300’s and 85/F1.8G on stock at several shops in Denmark…
      at 770 Euro and 430 Euro.

      No D800/E’s though :/

  • I also still wainting my D800 from … No news about amazon UK ?

  • p

    Also waiting for my d800 <Sweden . Would love to hear more info/rumors regarding d800 shipments.

  • Brian Davis

    Ordered my D4 in January…still waiting. Nikon needs to get their shit going.

    • dave

      I agree!! As big as the company is you would think they could support the demand. Probably a marketing trick to keep the demand up by shorten the supply.

    • Al

      To Brian Davis:. . .

      Brian, if your plant had suffered a major earthquake and a devastating tsunami, and you had lost several friends and relatives, perhaps you too would have trouble getting your stuff together.

      • phr3dly

        To Al:. . .

        While I’m certainly sympathetic for the loss, I hope at some point that the earthquake and tsunami will cease to be trotted out as an excuse.

        *If* the earthquake and tsunami, rather than extraordinarily high demand, were the cause of the shortages then that should have been accounted for in the release schedule.

        Note that I’m not agreeing with the premise, that Nikon needs to get their shit together. I think Nikon has their shit together, and they just released a couple kick-ass cameras that everyone wants. I suppose the whiners would be happier if:
        * Nikon waited 3 months longer to build stock before releasing.
        * Nikon spent a bunch of money on manufacturing lines to increase initial supply, though quality would suffer and production costs would be higher
        * Nikon made the cameras less compelling to keep demand down
        * Nikon raised the price

        Anyone who wants a D800 that badly can buy one. Today.

        • Ken

          + 1 sick of hearing the same old tsunami/earthquake excuse, move on and let those affected move on……

      • Andrew


        I think what a lot of people are unaware of is that Nikon’s current production capability is constrained. It does not make sense financially to expand manufacturing to meet short-term demand on a new product. In this scenario, when the demand flattens, the company will be left with costly excess capacity that is underutilized. To maintain such capacity coupled with the initial investment, the cost of each camera will be higher – which is undesirable to most consumers.

        • Art

          Well, perhaps if Nikon built another line, they could use the excess capacity to make additional cameras for Canon. That way, perhaps, the auto focus might work better!


          • B!

            I’m a Nikon fan and I can assure you that the auto-focus on 5DMKIII works perfectly fine.

            Stop making this Nikon vs. Canon; it’s nonsense.

            • linghu

              I think Nikon may have found some problems of the D800 so Nikon make an excuse for the delay to fix the problems istead of recall all of them back. thats will cost Nikon a lots more ;Good Luck NPS LOL

      • Barnswallow T Duck

        The issue for me is Nikon keeping their dealers in the dark as to when and how many units they will get. THAT is inexcuseable. It reflects poorly on Nikon, their dealers and doesn’t endear them to Nikon users. Just be straight with us Nikon. The vacuum is worse than the reality.

    • Jetfire

      Ok everyone needs to calm down a little. First, read Thom Hogans “D800 Generates Confusion” Go to the end on pre-order and supply.

      1: the the D4/800/800E are not iPads/iPhone mass production items, but high quality items. Nikon plans to build 60,000 D4s and 360,000 D800(e)s a year.

      2: this is right now is an unusual high demand, the natural disasters last year not only delayed the D800 launch but also D700 production. So that delayed more people from buying D700 and wait for the D800.

      3: Nikon should have not allowed pre-orders

      • Andrew

        For generally available consumer items, I do not believe that pre-orders should be allowed if there is going to be long term high demand. So whoever is lucky to go to the store on the day that new shipments are received get to buy the item. This creates excitement and anticipation. And this is how I bought a number of early PS 3 gaming devices.

        But for professional products like the D800 and D4, pre-orders allow the professionals to get in line first before the news gets out to the average consumer.

        • Jetfire

          I cut my pre-order thing short without say how Nikon should have handled it. It’s complicated. Thom Hogan handles and explains it pretty well and also why Best Buy got D800s and D4s.

          Short version Nikon/(other Camera Companies) became gun shy after last on telling deals how many and when dealers would get units. In the USA at least trade laws won’t let dealers be treated unfairly. Means all dealers are can get a minimal amount of units.

          Nikon should have given dealers an estimate of the number they might get. NPS would get first crack. Everyone else next and when the pre-order allotment ran out. Stop taking pre-orders and get but on a wait-order list. You get when we get it.

          Now B&H/(others) should have limit one unit per person and given out to customers their number in line and up dated it when they send out their we don’t have any yet E-mail.

  • I found that the amazon fulfillment was trailing standard retailers – at least in Germany – by weeks. I cancelled my pre-order (from Feb) and just picked up a d800 at a German retailer (MediaMarkt/Saturn) – same price.

  • Rdpi

    Pre-ordered from when they had the 2099GBP price..
    Not only there are no news, but I’m also not sure if the will keep the same price..

    • neil

      hello rdpi, i wouldnt hold your breath with play. i had an order for a d800 from playas well. They are fully aware they have balls-ed up with offering the camera at 2099GBP that they deliberately messed up my order. claiming there was a problem ( the transaction went through ok) and canceled the order telling me i had to re-order, which meant ordering at the after price increase price. i complained to them about how they had treated me …and because they know they were in the wrong they never got back to me at all. so if you do get the camera it will probably be at the new price. nikon are only honouring pre-price increase prices to pre-orders from nikon dealers

      • Rdpi

        Thank you Neil,
        I was expecting something similar.
        Can we do something for that? They use big words like “pre-order price promise” and they even assured me (by telephone) that the price will be the one I had when I pre-ordered.

        Since the “promise” they made, you could probably tell them that you based your buying decisions according to them, and they messed up your plans..
        I think that demanding a voucher or a form of compensation could be a good start..

    • I also ordered from, I so far have received assurances from them that they will be honouring the lower price, but their customer service team is pretty awful when it comes to actually getting information as to when they might be getting stock. All I can say is be patient. There are still NPS members and Nikon recommended retailers orders worldwide still outstanding. it stands to reason that we will have to wait a bit longer ordering from Fingers crossed they don’t screw us all over. For a £500 saving I can wait a bit longer.

  • Dave

    Ordered my D4 in january as well from adorama and went ahead and canceled my order and went on Amazon and got a D800 instead. I ordered from amazon and was able to get a least a ballpark estimated shipping april 21th though May15th.

    • Larry R

      Amazon estimates aren’t worth the time of day. They just keep moving them further out.

  • D4 & D800 Buyer


    Are you hearing any buzz about production delays on the the D4? I have both a D800 and D4 on order from my local shop on the east coast. D4 was ordered and paid for, put me at the top of the list, and I just inked the D800 payment last month. Now my local shop is reporting that D4 is delayed and that their nikon rep is saying that they do not know when they will receive their next shipment and that it could be months before they get more. D800 is still trickling in and I was told to expect that soon even though I was further down the list. Did nikon stop D4 production to meet D800 demand? At least I can join NPS once these arrive……..

  • SickSadWorld

    Also went in Germany into a big retailer market to buy batteries. Couldnt believe they had the D800 standing around. The price was even 100 Euro less then on (2799€). So I started talking with the guy, bought it and got even a 16gig Sandisk Extreme Pro CF card to the camera , as it was a show off body with already 109 frames shot 🙂

  • William Dyer

    I’ve had my D800 for a little over a week now. Put my request in with Norman Camera in Kalamazoo in late January. I was shooting a D200 and D300. I’ll keep the D300 until the D400 comes out. But the fit and finish on the D800 impresses me. As do the huge file sizes that allow for big cropping or huge enlargements. I’m very happy with both the camera and with Norman Camera.

  • T.I.M

    So, all the D800 selling on Ebay for 4,000.00 come from NPS members ?
    Does NPS stand for New Profit Society ?

    • St.

      I agree. I think the same way.
      I DO think that the enthusiasts and hobbyists are those who spend more money and buy whatever new comes out – just for the thrill of their hobby.
      Pro’s usually don’t spend money unless necessary. That said, if they already have (let’s say) 2 D700 bodies or one D3s and one D700, the D800 purchase is not a life saver and is not MORE necessary than the need a hobbyist has.
      The only thing this NPS priority program brought is even bigger demand and lots of D800 on eBay for >$4k
      Having NPS like organization is good thing, but giving them such privileges – NOT!

    • ken

      i think the same, from reading forums a lot of said ‘NPS’ members or at least folks who obtained a D800 through NPS seem to ask quite a lot of non-professional questions about the camera. I think Nikon should find some way of verifying it’s NPS allocation by s/n and find out where they have gone to, any that have been sold by an NPS member should simple warrant an expulsion from NPS since it would be deemed the member simply jumped the line to make a profit….

  • Jon

    I ordered my D800 on March 31st from the local Inkleys and I was told they are expecting a shipment of D800s this Friday.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Sitting tight and waiting patiently!

  • Sitting tight and waiting inpatiently! Not much else I could do.

    • Reilly Diefenbach

      Okay, I lied!

  • derWalter

    where are the 30k /month now?

    • BartyL

      They send most of them to me. I just throw them into the sea.

  • Aleco39

    Yesterday I was quite a bit surprised. I stop by some local camera store here in MA on a different matter actually but asked about availability of D800. An owner told me: “Well. It depends on how much you want to pay. I could get you one right now…”. I understand the free market concept but still didn’t expect it from a reputable store.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Still waiting for my D800 from Ritzcamera. Their lack of information sucks a lot! Thier costumer service are efficient but thier silence around D800 piss me off!

    • BartyL

      Well at least you got a nice costume from them. What was it? Pirate? 1920’s Flapper? Clown?

      • Scott M


        • Joaquim Prado


  • Admin ,
    Why don’t you start a poll to c how many preordered the D800/E and how many got them ?
    1..preordered and got it
    2..preordered and still on waiting list
    3..Will buy but did not preordered
    4..Will NOT buy


    • Anonymous Maximus

      Too complicated imo. Poll:

      Bought/will buy

      a) D800
      b) D800E
      c) none

      • B!

        Yeah, but that doesn’t actually show how many people pre-ordered vs received.

    • Dr

      + 1

    • D400


  • TstormRyan

    Ordered through Bedfords in Arkansas. Was told I was 7th in line and should receive it by mid April. I paid fully for the camera up front. They have even called me and kept me updated. Great service!

  • Greg M

    I just received a request from NPS confirming my D800E order. So things are moving – they did not mention any dates though.

  • To E or not to E

    To E or not to E, that is the question.

    • If you have to ask, then “not to E.”

      Seriously, guys… The E version is specialist. Nikon only planned to make 5-8% of the D800s an “E” version, and really only 5-8% of you should probably be going for it.

      I think a lot of people are going to be getting an E (after waiting a very long time) and be disappointed.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Much ado about nothing 😉

      You need a really flat surface and a stellar lens at around f/4 to benefit the E. Otherwise very little difference will be observed in a limited part of the image. D800 already gives plenty of resolution whivh was unimaginable for FX only a couple of years ago. E is not much worth the worry imho.

  • jeff

    Why is anyone surprised to find dealers willing to sell above MSRP? What bothers me isn’t that (although if I was on a waiting list there it would), is the idea that many (most?) of the D4s and D800s we see on eBay are probably NPS cameras. See how much they “needed” these cameras.

    • You don’t know that even *any* of the eBay cameras were NPS cameras. They have been available in normal retail channels. There have been lots of stores and even camera shops that didn’t participate in the NPS program and sold through quite a few.

      I still have one on pre-order from my local camera shop because of NPS, but I drove 2+ hours to pick one up from Best Buy.

      • jeff

        I don’t KNOW but I suspect. Since most of the availability is via NPS, it only follows that most of the eBay sales are NPS as well. Personally, I dislike the idea of being a second class citizen. Nobody has the right to say my need is less than someone else’s because I am not using the camera for business. If I chose to use the camera as a door stop, it shouldn’t mean I have to wait longer for it. My money is just as green as the pro’s is.

        As far as vendors selling on eBay (or elsewhere) for a premium, that is their right. I just wouldn’t shop with them. It’s that simple. If I’m told I’m 10th on a list, I expect the tenth unit that comes in. If I don’t get that 10th unit, I will patronize others the next time (and there always seems to be a next time).

  • D700guy

    I’m so damn pissed off about this shit, I cant even properly express myself about it any more

    • Andromeda

      I feel your pain brother, I’m in the same boat with you. Nikon screwed up badly.

  • Shane

    Forget the d800e where is my d800 ordered day 1 Nikon wanna cover the back log b4 attempting to release the e version

    Don’t put the cart b4 the horse stupid

  • D700guy

    I’m beginning to doubt that anyone who isnt an NPS member will actually receive one of these bodies any time this year. Unless they buy it from a scalper or another NPS member. Nikon really fucked us.

    • Atb

      I ordered my D800 within minutes of it becoming available on Amazon after following the announcement on this site. I recieved it on March 27th. Im not an NPS member. I also ordeted a D800e. Nikon didnt fuck anyone. They created an exceptional camera that has sparked substantial demand. You fucked yourself by not preordering immediately. Nikon has a history of shortages with new product launches. This is nothing new or unusual. Easy to anticipate. I haven’t even opened the UPS box from the D800 yet. I’m waiting for independent 3rd party comparisons between the D800 and D800e. I want to see side by side comparisons between the two, but I knew if I waited for those comparisons to order then it may likely be a year before I got either. It’s like concert tickets, order early or pay extra.

      • D700guy

        Not that its any of your business, but I pre-ordered a D4 the very day it was announced, Jan 6th. I didn’t order from Amazon, basically because I’m not stupid enough to want to pay sales tax on a $6000 camera.
        I pre-ordered my D800E the same day it was announced too.

        • Atb

          I’m sorry you haven’t received your camera yet, but I think all of this anger towards Nikon is excessive. Maybe they should be charging more to balance supply and demand if they wish to avoid creating idle capacity. When thousands of people around the world are preordering and competing for the same limited goods, minutes matter. As for sales tax, well that’s between you and the Revenue department of Wahington, New York, Kansas, Kentucky or North Dakota.

      • Andromeda

        dude you’re sick. I can’t believe you have been looking at a sealed box for weeks. Clearly you don’t know what you want as there isn’t any need for reviews to figure out D800 fits most of the needs if not all of them.

        • Atb

          I’d say that’s relative. My needs are unique. I have two 44 inch inkjets that help me earn a living. Unlike many people, I print 30×40 regularly. At that size extra sharpness is nice. My D3x is working out just fine in the interim. I’d like to see the trade off between sharpness and moire potential. I can wait.

          • KnightPhoto

            @atb – you should subscribe to DigLloyd. He already has a wealth of D800 samples up. And yes the D800 shows some moire on architecture. He has also compared it to D3X and Leica S2.

  • Q

    Is there any difference D800 and D800E regarding NPS? Some of the our Swedish shops says that the D800E only will be available to NPS shops, but the D800 can be ordered on bigger retailers for electronic equipment. Im really looking forward to read about reviews on the D800E vs D800. Have very hard time do decide which one. I think I will go for the D800E. (Very expensive toy for a non pro, so I need to be very sure that it the right one…)

    • Shops that want to carry a D800E have to have at least person on staff that has been trained on the D800E. This is so they can discourage people who THINK they want a D800E, and convince them that a D800 would be a better option.

      • Steve Starr

        Umm, NO!

        Amazon carries the D800E and they aren’t about to sit down and tell you how to work it over the D800. You can order either model there.

        • Um – YES!

          I happen to have first hand knowledge of this from Nikon. You think Amazon doesn’t have the resources to have someone on their staff trained so that they meet Nikon’s requirement and sell the E?

  • juicebox81

    this insufferable whining is awesome!

    makes me feel better about myself for checking my email every 5 mins for an email from Amazon.

    • Joaquim Prado

      everyday I am at ritz live chat help asking for my order! I bet most of the attendants know me already.

  • D700guy

    Admin, despite how irritated myself and others may be, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we do appreciate all the valuable info you bring to us. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep us informed.

  • mouonline

    i pre-ordered d800E from Onecall when it became available and still no word.

  • cantwaitanymore

    Thank you for providing news and a forum for folks to vent. I also pre-ordered a d800 on 2/7 from amazon and still waiting — estimated delivery date per amazon is 4/13-4/30 with no news from amazon since the date of release. initially i had a 3/23 estimated date of delivery… we’ll see what happens. i don’t have a sense of how Nikon’s assembly process works; these seem like nearly hand-built devices — so how many workers have been working on d800e’s vs. d800’s… and are we essentially ordering built-to-order devices? This is not Foxconn…

    • Scott M

      What is Foxconn?

      • Scott M

        Nevermind, I googled it-company that makes Apple products, etc.

    • holden

      I am in the same boat. Ordered the morning of Feb 7 and had an original date of Mar 23. Now showing April 13-30. Still hoping I will get an email any minute to tell me it will arrive tomorrow!

  • vin.

    I am only guessing here but I think we will see 20,000-30,000 D800’s, 2500-5000, D4’s and well D800E’s hard to say. Show up the week of April 15th world wide. So if B&H only gets 200 D800’s. Then maybe they will get 10-15 D800E’s. When I worked at a fab for a short time. They waited to release chips until the whole run was done. The compare the first to the last of the run. You need to check sample sets.

    They might have another shipment planed behind that one 1st. Of May too. Again just my guess. There is still NPS to be meet too. I remember when I worked for a big photo company and the owner bought every D70’s that came into the USA that he could. Hundreds, he wanted them to outfit his graduation company, right before May. So back to the D800E I think we will be waiting a little longer for most of us to get one. I really wonder how they are configuring the D800 from the D800E’s in the production run. & yes I am on preorder list too from B&H. I want both & a few other Nikon’s yet to be announced.

  • Ralph

    Given all the issues with D4 and D800 cameras and the later shipping date for the E version together with much lower demand you’d think they’d go out of their way to get at least one release right.

    Well done 3/3 scew ups.

  • B!

    Reading these reponses make me think that I won’t see my D4 until late May or even June.

    • D700guy

      Try, sometime in 2013

  • John Mayfeild

    Ken Asswall got his D800 & D4! Plus he’s got a D800e on order! Seriously, how much money does this guy pull off that web site?

    • ken

      makes it from fools who visit his website…..

  • Jason

    They are both available in Tokyo.
    Bought my D4 (no pre-order) a week and and saw D800e being sold over the counter yesterday.

  • T.I.M

    D800E is on Nikon Japan website, release April 12.

  • Well two of you are moving up the line in receiving your D800s. I had pre-ordered from both Amazon and B&H within an hour of them taking pre-orders. After reading about the LCD color shift, the locking up, and the focus issues on the D800, I canceled all my orders. I had the battery grips ordered from Adorama.

    So take heart. I must moved a couple of you up by one notch.

    I plan to order later in the year when things settle down a bit on the issues being reported and some kind of response from Nikon.

    The response from Nikon so far has been that the camera is perfect and maybe it is user error. Not exactly a public relations kind of response in my opinion.


    • T.I.M

      Thank you but I’m afraid that they will end up on Ebay for $4,000.00
      I’m a Nikon customer for more than 25 years but I guess it does not matter nowadays.
      What a world….

      • bill

        Kind of like the song.

        Ooh, Ooh what have you done for me lately? (from the song by Janet Jackson)

        Seems to be the mantra of the business world today. Not if you have been with them for years.. Rather, what have you done to help this quarter’s profits… this short sighted strategy is killing America…

        Sorry for the rant but it is what it is

    • ken

      your gave up our orders based on other peoples opinions and posts that you have read on forums…..


  • Forrest

    Everybody- Buy from LOCAL camera dealers! My friends all got their D800’s early.

  • leonardo

    You all are happy to be able to pre-order and especially because they can buy for $ 3,000.00. In Brazil we do not have the official price and do not know when they will leave some for Nikon send to Brazil.

    But you guys have an idea, the D800 should arrive in Brazil for approximately $ 5,500.00. Since the minimum salary is approximately $ 298.00.

  • patrick

    There are D800 and D4 on many shelves in Shanghai! D800 goes for 23,000 RMB (~3,600)

  • Ken Roine

    Like a nincompoop I waited until Feb. 15 to order my D800 from BH. In the meantime I I send my only other DSLR to be converted to IR. I’m hoping that BH has received a large shipment from Nikon and will be shipping them when they reopen Feb. 15. Or am I a cockeyed optimist ?

  • d3c

    The D4 and D800 share the same production line. The D4 delays suggest a critical part shortage and given the shared components this leaves only a few suspects.

    I expect Nikon to eventually announce a conversion service for D800 owners to switch a body to or from E functionality. Replace just one part and a sticker and you can leave out the sticker. This strategy allows later better product acceptance and corrects for one serious guess of production ratio for Nikon.

    All evidence suggests a production level on the D4/D800 line well below the maximum stated capacity. However without some idea of outstanding orders how can one fit one into the other.

    I really enjoyed this link on the factory in case you missed it (from Photo Rumors as I recall):

  • Joaquim Prado

    Did anyone received it’s order confirmation?

  • mountain traveller

    In the UK, my preferred Nikon dealer stated they received an email from Nikon UK late close of play Wednesday 11th saying that the UK’s first D800E’s are delayed “until next week”

    • Discontinued

      Thanks for sharing. I was first to order a D800E at a pro-dealer in Berlin and asked him earlier today. He couldn’t tell me anything. Good to know there is still hope for an april delivery. Can’t wait to get this baby.

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