Weekly Nikon news flash #157

"In our business, it’s not enough just to produce leading-edge products,” said Arnold Kamen, Nikon’s Vice President of Operations and Customer Service. “Having the ability —and visibility —to predict how much merchandise is available and when it can be distributed makes the difference in staying ahead of customers’ needs."

  • Nikon moving knowhow and workers from Thailand to China (from PEN Weekly News):

"Nikon’s Thai digital camera plant, which was damaged by huge floods last autumn, has come back to the pre-flood level, according to the industry sources. ... The company is now considering transfer of DSLR assembly knowhow to China from Thailand dispatching experienced workers."

  • Photos from the International Space Station (ISS) - most of them were taken with Nikon D3S & D2X cameras:

  • Nikon D4 low light field test:

  • Nikon D4 shutter at 1000 fps:

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  • Some jerk

    Nikon manual for iPhone. Now thats a FIRST!

  • Wow the aperture blades in that D4 video were taking a hammering!

    • No kidding. My thoughts exactly.

      Makes me re-evaluate my position on “if they want to reduce diffraction, why not make the aperture blades thinner?” I guess it’d require some extremely expensive material to make them thinner and just as strong.

  • D400

    I saw on canonrumors that the 1Dx could be delayed till JUNE.

  • texasjoe

    That 24-70 better be GOOD for that price. Might as well spend the extra for the Nikon.

    • Russ


      Tamron facepalm!

  • Still waiting for a 24/2 AF-G lens. We’re wedding photographers and we can get by just fine with the 35/2 as our widest, but it would be nice to have the option to open up to 24 without either being stuck at 2.8 or shelling out thousands for the 1.4.

    • David G.

      I would looooove to have an AF-S 24mm f/1.8 (or f/2) !!
      There is currently no such thing as a prime lens wider than 30mm with a built-in autofocus motor for Nikon cameras 🙁

      • David G.

        I mean… there’s the 24mm f/1.4G, but that’s a highly specialized (and very expensive) tool…

    • Hi, I own and love the sigma 20 1,8, it’s fantastic stopped down at 2.8, I use f2 in low light only because it’s a bit softer and the DOF is so thin that you risk to miss the focus. There is also the sigma 24 1.8, and there is also the 28 1.8.


  • Joaquim Prado

    by the picture from the sendai factory they might have a couple of D800 finished. Now all they have to do is ship to me until april 16!

    • iamlucky13

      Hmm…even as an engineer, I couldn’t make heads or tails of the factory. Just a bunch of ambiguous captions paired with photos of rows of machines that may or may not have done tasks related to the caption, and rows of people doing work that the viewer could not discern.

      I was really interested in seeing the photo series, and appreciate that someone is trying to share the view of the bowels of Nikon, but unfortunately found it rather unenlightening.

      • +1

        I wanted to see more photos of cameras actually being assembled.

      • Jabs

        You might be an Engineer, but perhaps you need to brush up on your Business skills, as NO ONE would show their Production techniques to the general public – forgot?

        You show your competitors what and HOW you do things, and they ape plus pass you. You might as well have see through glass walls in your Factory then (lol)!

        Note to you – You (Nikon) have two of the hottest and most technically advanced cameras now on the market and you show people them being hand assembled and tip off your competitors – LOL. They don’t have to hire any insiders or Industrial spies to now see what you really do and what is going on there, as you posted them online – great strategy and an Engineer here too but also thinker and Business man plus strategist too.

        You show them pictures that DO NOT give away your secrets = Business Intelligence and plus Business savvy – in other words, show them much and tell them very little from what you show them.

        ‘Buffalo’ or BS them and bedazzle with a little information and pictures while keeping them happy and slightly informed = Reality.

        That is often why artist or artiste are often the worst Business people – too emotionally involved in what they do or even lost in the sauce.

        Also this is NOT something personally lobbed at you, but just a general observation from comments of NikonRumors, where so many expect Nikon to tell them and show them everything – yeah right!!!

  • Gotta love the quote “Nikon focuses on supply chain innovation and makes new product distribution a snap”.

    To be fair though, I got my D800 two weeks after ordering. However, judging by comments in other threads, it’s clear that many who ordered right after the pre-order became available are still waiting…

    • And to be fair, I got mine ON release day.

      But that’s because I got pro-active and drove 3 hours to my nearest Best Buy that had one. My pre-order with my local shop is still standing and they have yet to give me a call… and I ordered 12:30am on February 7th.

  • Terry Dadswell

    Well, I guess that’s where all our D800’s went…..they got seized in the smuggle raid. No wonder Canada can’t get their shipment….lol

  • hq

    I can’t believe this! The D800 has reached Star Trek universe, and B&H hasn’t shipped my order yet.

    • Marcus

      Yes, but it could be worse… That klingon guy is someones dad.

  • Q

    What? Is a hot pixel not covered by warranty? That is a major fault.

    • WoutK89

      Hot pixels above ISO 3200 aren’t covered.

  • Mock Kenwell

    Even the effing Klingons are getting their D800 before me… Thanks, B&H.

  • Dweeb

    The Nutella cap will of course void your warranty. Better play it safe and stock up on the Nikon $50 buck 10.5 cap before the price goes up.

  • Simon

    I’m wondering if the extended rebate offer for the Tokina 11=16mm is a result from the delayed new version.

  • Sir Lensalot

    As smart as the astronauts are, I don’t think they got much of a lesson on Shooting Indoors 101… the images inside the ISS look horrible. With top of the line cameras the insides of the ISS could really look a lot better if they just cranked up the ISO and went easier on the flash. Other than that, a jolly great job photographing our planet!

  • Curious George

    Tamron must be out of their minds.

    • preston

      How so? They announce a competitor to the Nikon 24-70 for 2/3 the cost, and then become the first manufacturer to put VR in on top of that, and you say they’ve lost their minds? Sounds like they’ve got a huge success on their hands with this one – mainly from non-professionals first investing in a full-frame system.

      • Or full-time professionals like myself who are incredibly underwhelmed by the 24-70 in the first place but wouldn’t mind having one for those times where’s it is beneficial and don’t want to have $2,000 tied up in it.

  • David

    Does anyone have an update on delivery dates for the D8o0 it would be good to know when I can expect my pre-order from Amazon UK. I cancelled a Jessops order which was ordered on the day of announcement and ordered for £2099 on amazon uk.

    It really is frustrating that there is so little information. Admin – do you have any inside info?

  • Dag

    Unfortunately the Manual Viewer App is only available through the US App Store.

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