Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D MkIII shootout

I don't have anything new to report today, so enjoy this Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D MkIII video shootoutย from CrisisLabย (slightly NSFW).

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  • gargamel

    The canon is so much better at high ISO. Time to switch ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tryagain

      you’ll regret it
      d800 beats the 5DmkIII all all ISOs

      • Ben

        some nice landscape photos in that review. I am use to seeing photos of brick walls.

        • i stopped watching after sharpness comparison.
          dudes have obviously no background about what shutter speed is.
          still frame from camera will always be unsharp because it is part of the effect, frame to frame blur. very welcome, very needed.

          the fact is, dslr still suck in compare to S35 camera, but this comparison is worthless

          • Tyler Martin
          • Same shutter speed should give the same amount of blur. It’s not part of the effect. Look at the fence, it’s not going anywhere. It should be tack sharp.

      • ShaoLynx

        What is that I read over there: ”The upcoming Nikon D400 camera will also use the same EN-EL15 battery.” ?
        Well, that’s at least one reviewer who speaks affirmatively about the D400.
        Any comments on that, Peter, uhm, I mean: NRadmin?

        • D400 will be launched in September 2012 and the delivery will start from October end / 2nd week of November. Cannot disclose source, but believe me it will NOT be worth a wait and here is why. Its a 24 MP crop frame and thats the problem, expect more noise than the Canon 7D with 18 MP.

          • Matt

            So you’re saying they miss the Olympics?

          • D400

            oh garbage

          • R!

            I don’t believe you ,I believe in DXO 24mpx sony sensor is beating 16mpxsensor and beating up down on the ground any APSC canon sensor!!

            • Calibrator

              So a D3200 will be significantly better than a D7000?

            • Nils

              @ Calibrator

              Why not? The D7000 is significantly better than the D300s. And anyways, NR is expecting an update of the D7000 too.

    • Samuel

      sure, bigger pixel size…

    • andy

      Only on video mode.
      The 5D3 like the 1Dx uses pixel binning on video mode, meaning that the capability of the entire sensor is used. The D800, like every other DSLR, only scans the horizontal lines required to make up the 1080 resolution so you’re effectively throwing away most of the sensor information.

      If you’re buying a DSLR to shoot video, the 5D3 wins hands down. There’s no debate about that.

      • I think that is the reason sharp test video of D800 is lighty better than 5DIII, the blending pixels technique.
        Anyway, this people didn’t a proper test. ISO simulation? Comparing video against a picture? Comparing compressed video against a pic? Really?

        • David

          I don’t see the problem with that

          He was just saying how basically dSLR video still sucks in comparison to still image quality. And that’s true.

      • Ray

        Unless super low ISO performance isn’t an issue, or you want to record more than 30 minutes, or need autofocus in video, or have a pile of Nikon glass, or like clean uncompressed HDMI out, or if price is in any way an issue, or need superior resolution, or need less rolling shutter effect, or generally prefer Nikon ergonomics, or if you also need a high resolution stills camera, or want to avoid the 5D banding/compression artifacts, or if you like being able to take pictures as you shoot, or if power apeture will be useful.

        But apart from things like that, sure it wins hands down.

        Neither “wins hands down”, stop being an idiot.

        • andy

          I said it’s better for video you complete jackass.

          The 5D3 does AF in video, video resolution is the same, rolling shutter effect is practically the same. Get your facts straight you stupid cunt.

          • Jessie

            Too funny. “Name calling in comments makes me feel better about myself.”

          • YOU MAD?

          • ajendus

            What is wrong with you?

          • aetas

            Just wow.

          • hahahahaha

            andy’s been sniffing his father’s farts again.

            • badburro

              His father’s farts??? I thought it was the sweat from his fathers’s balls…

          • Johnnymunro


            Simply … there is no need.

          • GeoffK

            profanity is the last resort of a small mind. ;-P

      • Daniel

        I don’t think so. Nikon said D800 use all pixels for its video output.

    • Joe

      Yeah time to switch to Canon…..

    • R!

      Yeah !!! D800 not the D4 and they are both beating up Canons in sharpness,lol!!!!!!

  • DX man

    Where’s the D400?


    • JLK

      The heck with the D400, where’s the D800?!

      • D700guy

        The heck with the D800, wheres my damn D4? Ordered it the day it was announced. 3 months later, no camera, no word from Adorama. This shit sucks monkey balls.

        • jason

          exactly. zero performance at lowest iso, coz there is no d800 yet

        • Calibrator

          Read the 04.04. entry in Thom Hogan’s blog and thank Nikon and its NPS policy.

    • Ray

      Waiting on firmware issues.

  • That was a fun video. I have both in for review as well but I am not sure I can match that one!

    • I totally LOLed too. Nice vid eh?

      We’re looking forward to your feedback too.

    • peterw

      besides extremely funny,
      and seemingly biased in favor of Nikon,
      this video is very instructive, and presents the different of some aspects facts clearly
      and it leaves a lot of other factors to be examined
      so good luck, and a lot of fun making your review, Dave

  • What an enjoyable video ๐Ÿ™‚ Surprisingly well made.

    • jodjac

      I agree, well done. Gainfully enjoyed.

  • Jens J

    Good video! Great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Revilo

    That’s a very funny video!

    • FX DX

      Enhance! Enhance! Enhance! …. LMFAO @ Canon Sucks Balls.

  • JC

    This just made my day !!!

    can’t wait to get my D800.
    by the way I just checked my ORDER STATUS ON AMAZON and it says

  • Shawn

    Why is that guy casually holding (nay, practically juggling) over $6,000 worth of cameras next to a body of water with no straps????

    I wish I had that kind of money/care free lifestyle! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Shawn

      Just watched the rest of the video, LOL!

  • Scotch

    well did they really axed a 5d3 or it’s just stuns?

    • Ben Kordell

      No. If you look closely, it’s only a 5d2.

  • Martin

    ISO 208.000…. lol

  • Bare

    It’ just funny comparison, nothing more or less. I’m waiting for stills comparison based on RAW files.

  • Martin
    • Martin

      This Video is taken with the D800….

      • JC

        no, it’s taken with the D4 as said at the end of the vid.

        • Martin

          Sorry… my fault… youยดre right… D4

  • yar-o

    what? a Naikon ? hey, that’s Nikon guys, [neekon].

    • Martin


  • No strippers were harmed during the making of this video.

    Craigslist FTW! This video made my day, high-larious.

    • No strippers were harmed”

      Yea, but you can’t say the same thing about Canon bodies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • fifi

    I thought these were primarily stills cameras. Obviously video capabilities have become more important…..

    • Nathan

      My thoughts exactly.

  • So Nie

    Neither Nikon nor Canon is better! The best is SONY. You Nikonians can be proud of your beautiful Sony sensors ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jabs

      Nikon designed Sensors manufactured to their specifications by SONY.

      Nikon designed Sensors manufactured by OTHERS.

      Nikon designed Expeed 3 with 14bit digital output -versus- 12bit analog output in Sony cameras and we have a one sided match up.

      Sell Sony some Expeed 2 or 3 and some camera pipeline expertise, will ya – LOL.

      Nikon rules and Sony Manufactures.

      • Bret McGonigle

        Actually the Expeed processors are made by Fujitsu…

        But I agree, Nikon is way above Sony, for me at least. Lens system primarily, but even on noise… the sony bodies with same sensors as nikons have much more noise and noise reduction smudging (for those of you who shoot JPEG at least).

        • David

          Yup, jpeg is different but the raw performance of d7000 and a580 is identical

          a900 and d3X shared the same sensor too. And yes, Nikon made it better at high ISO but they did charge 3-4x the price for it ๐Ÿ˜›

          But don’t forget that all Sony bodies are stabilised.. so technically they have the most stabilised lenses of any system. Stabilised 16-35/2.8, 35/1.4, 50/1.4, 85/1.4, 135/1.8 etc etc

    • HDR

      You obviously have drunken too much koolaid from suckny fab their sensors using Nikon equipments. Time to grow up!

    • HDR
    • Dud

      Sony sensors have always been used by many 3rd parties. Those 3rd parties DSLRs have always been better than the Sony version.

    • I don’t care who makes the sensor, as long as no one ever, ever, ever, e-v-e-r tries to bring back the LBCAST chip!

  • I won’t buy Canon now after seeing how much better the nikon stood up to the rough treatment.

  • Srini

    Interesting Video. Thanks for posting it NR Admin. I am still inclined to buy D800. Canon 5D III’s video at higher ISO won’t influence me. I do not see myself shooting video above ISO 3200 – ISO6400

  • That made me laugh pretty good, that’s all I care…

    Both look like great cameras for what the end user intends to use each for.

  • ragin cajun

    The dance moves on that chic were way sexy… the hip motion… oh god…

    • +1

      • Snuff Daddy

        I liked her moves too. She’s definitely not new at moving like that.

    • +1

      Thankfully they made the wise choice using Canon on the girls so we could see the eye candy session until end! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Nathan

      Well, he did say he got her from Craiglist.

  • WHMitty

    Jeez! At least you could have inserted some levity now and again. Very amusing nonetheless!

  • Thanks for the kind words y’all.

    The video OF the cameras (like the opening shot) was shot on a Sony Ex1 video camera (b/c that made our life easier for sound). The final greenscreen shot was done on the D800. After all the 5D3 was already done for at that point. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The question we’re all waiting for…did you really smash the Canon?

      • Robyn

        Who cares! it was canon.

        He should be given a award for destroying the evil.

      • From what I can tell it really was a 5DM3, if you look closely you can see the mic above the 5D logo in the shape of a circle, on the 5DM2 the mic was below the 5d and was in a line. Plus it said Mark III on it.


        • Ray

          And if the video proves anything, its that these guys can’t artificially manipulate video in any way, so what you think you saw is obviously what happened!

      • Alan

        That wasn’t the question I was waiting for– I was waiting for, “That stripper was really $20?”

        She’s gotta be watching that video thinking “why didn’t you give me the camera and smash the $20?”

  • Addam

    Nice test. Im amazed:iso52k on D800? Funny…who iล›ฤ‡ doing video at iso above 1600?

  • Banksie

    Both are great products. Just buy the one you personally like. The one that feels good to you ergonomically and has the available lenses you need. And forget what others say about it. The product you produce (stills and/or video) will only matter if the content is worth looking at. Both cameras are equal in their technical capabilities. Now it’s up to you to make worthwhile results, and stop talking about the gear.

    • Andrew

      From the review (albeit, rough and tumble!), the D800 still had the edge. Nikon always win when it comes to construction and ruggedness. Besides, the 36 MP sensor on the D800 sets it apart from the 23 MP sensor on the 5D Mark III. And the extremely high ISO performance of the D800 from countless reviews is peerless. Besides, the Nikon D800 at $2,999 is significantly cheaper than the Canon EOS 5D Mark III at $3,499. Unless you have a lot of Canon glass, the Nikon D800 is the better buy!

  • Alex


  • sgts

    love to know how the greenscreenings done

  • Nikon_Boy

    Great video…..CAN’T ON SUCKS BALLS……LOVE IT!

  • Yagion

    Here’s a good comparison, in real life situation

    Canon 5D MK III vs Nikon D800 with Nathan Elson

    • Ray

      Good video. Further showing there really isn’t a complete stinky loser on either side this generation like there was last time for video (D700) and stills/focus/iso (Mark II).

  • Marcus H

    Unbiased… Laugh my assssss OFF… More more..

  • steven stoll

    Who uses that high of an ISO? I know I don’t when shooting macro or landscape. Maybe a pervert shooting naughties. I usually judge cameras on picture quality in normal situations or out in the field to make my choices. I might use 52k IOS in a bat cave 1 mile into the earths crust where there is no light. Either way Nikon beats Canon. Also being that I used to repair Canon cameras in their repair facility in Va I can honestly say I know why I went to Nikon for a reason.

    • Kevin

      Can u explain why you choose Nikon in more detail? I always wanted to know which camera is better when u take them into parts.

  • Thanks for the afternoon chuckle ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Why ISO test was in different rooms?๏ปฟ

  • Nathan

    I like that he actually used a prime lens instead of a zoom. I wish he had said what kind of film camera he used because that makes a huge difference. Was it 35mm, 120, or large format? If it was large format then it would definitely be sharper. 120 format, maybe.

    • No film anywhere in there. I’m not sure, maybe I mentioned “filming” something you misunderstood? All the tests were shot with the two DSLR’s, and the other stuff was shot with a video camera.

  • Ted

    That’s one sexy Craigslist baby.

  • I am soooooo glad I didn’t have to watch the guy stripper.
    Thanks Nikon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • trent

    I think they biased the video test, I’m a Nikon guy, but the MK3 video was much more appealing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Always had and will be a Nikon guy. But alot of friends with Canon’s and I don’t like Canon bashing. Does not serve a purpose.

    • GeoffK

      ROFL … it’s nothing personal. If taken that way maybe someone needs a nap.

  • johann

    Hard to taken Nikon Rumors serious with this dumb video. I’ll keep coming back for real content, but this was just plain stupid and not even slightly entertaining. NSFW was mild. It was Too Dumb for work.

    • GeoffK

      Wow, someone drank a cup of grouchy before posting.

  • nikonmacro150

    I love it when I hear people bashing on a maker or the other because they think one is better then the other. Come and be realistic, your opinions don’t matter to them just as much as if you died they wouldn’t even notice. If you don’t like what they have to offer then go an make your own camera to your own fantasy specs. Oh you say you can’t because they have more then me, then shut up and go with the people who suit you needs even if they didn’t incorporate the nano infused gonad detector you thought would help decease the 1 million ISO you so thought you needed in a camera. Each camera has its strengths and weaknesses and each company can only fit so much into any given space except the one that use to hold your brain. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it.

    • GeoffK

      Who let the party pooper in ?

  • Bjorn

    OUCH!!! im not a Canon user what so ever i love my Nikon. Why in hell smash a mk3 like that I cringed seeing that. Regardless what people choose nikon or canon these 2 cameras are brilliant cameras i suspect if he smashed a D800 like that it would make everyone mad that are still waiting for their cameras to arrive. What a waste!

    • Sheep hurr durr

      Hey Bjorn! Did you hear the news?!?!?

      They took the word gullible out of the dictionary!!!

  • Nick

    Why test in F8, in the d800 diffraction is an issue above F5,6 while f8 it is perfect in 5D due to pixel size!!!! Both lenses are perfectly sharp at f 2.8 retest there to see the pixelsโ€ฆ

    • Nick, good points. The thing is they’re only sharp dead center at the wider apertures. While “getting the lens out of the equation” so-to-speak in this test, I also wanted to make it real-world relevant. And a 50mm prime locked down at f/8 resolves a whole lotta detail. Not as much as that lens dead center in the frame at f/4, not as much as if we were in a place with no wind bouncing the camera around, not as much as if I got higher-end glass, etc. So while I don’t doubt that I could make the D800 “look better” so-to-speak, this was a fairly aggressive approach to a sharp image. In my use, and I think in most peoples’ use, this is a good metric of whether there is a benefit to the extra pixels. I am genuinely curious though to see under stricter conditions if the D800 does emphatically better, but that’s more academic and I wanted to find out how it did for my type of usage in the real world.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Love the CLANG at the end when he smashed the Canon… very cool.

  • dbms

    LOL. I cancelled my D800 order and order 5D3 after watching this un-unbiased video.

    • Jadekub

      you will regret it later. ^^

    • I don’t think it’s wise what you did unless you are only making videos.

  • I loved that this was an “impartial” video :))

    Even if I am a nikon lover it seems that in video capabilities the winner is Canon Mk3

  • Ah, finally an un-biased real world review. Thankyou.

  • Neogene

    hahahhahaha the stripper test was really funny ๐Ÿ™‚ mmmmmhhhhhmmmm the camera..hhhhmmmmmmm….AHHH…

  • Thanks Admin, a nice light hearted and completely biased view. Brilliant! Glad some people out there have a sense of fun.

  • PedroS

    You missed the all story…
    Nikon has an artificial intelligence, it blurs the man so we can focus on the lady…

  • Mike

    But the girl is a canon bundle or kit?

    5d mark III is the winner cool bundle

  • Jarq

    I always wonder why there is more haters on nikonian side than on canon? Because of any complex? ๐Ÿ™‚ – My penis is 0,3 mm longer than yours so I am clearly winner? ๐Ÿ˜€ …
    Instead of wasting time for making such a preposterous movie – grab your gears and do some great photos.

    • distanted

      I think you are taking it too seriously…the video was clearly intended to be funny, and most people here are simply enjoying the joke. I’m happy with the Nikon 800 because I have quite a few prime lenses and have been waiting to have full-frame video capabilities that Canon 5DII users have enjoyed for years. If the 5DIII outperforms its in extremely high ISOs, I can live with that. The important thing to from this is that twenty bucks goes a long way on Craigslist.

      • I still can’t really understand website that compare a 100% D800 crop with a 100% Canon crop at different resolutions and then say one camera is better than another. It’s apples to oranges – a 100% crop from a d800 @ 36mp simply gets less light than a 100% crop from a 22mp camera. For a fairly comparison one needs to (just like DXO did) to take the 36mp frame and scale it down to the 22mp resolution – now we are talking about the same amount of light – and now we can compare noise etc.
        Am I wrong?

        • You’re right except that I didn’t at any point compare 100% to 100%, all the comparisons in the video are made as you suggest– with matching frame sizes.

          • just click

            Tried to be funny. Especially the look of his face when the cute baby hold the nikon800 as his eye balls almost fell off.
            Other than that not funny at all.

            • Freedom!

              Well that’s your opinion.

              If funny to you is funny looks on people’s faces, I suggest you try Disney channel. You have the right to be stupid. No one can take that from you bro.

            • justclick

              Oh that means what i said hit right through. Sorry man but the part i mentioned was really funny.

              To the next Review.

            • I first saw this on Gizmodo …. They mentioned up front tonque in cheek but good comparisons too … I think the whole thing was very well done with just enough humor to keep a smile on most faces …. This site just like all the rest … some live on it …think they own it and have to be negative … they are too techy and boring … good to mix the best with the rest just like the kule April Fools joke that I had actually mentioned the day before in an email … that would make a good one … ;-)))

        • Tom

          I’m not in the position to say that you are wrong or right. But I will say this. You cannot crop because you have to assume that when someone takes a photo, they are not resizing. Let’s say you take a photo, and oh, you realize its way too wide of a shot. You just need that piece in the middle. So you crop. It’s at 100% or close to it. Sure, can you resize and will you sometimes, yes. But it will always be a different amount of resizing. And, you do this at different degrees with other mp sensors too. What matters is what the camera photographs, not what you can change to make it look good. We can all use denoise tools anyway, but why use that, and what if you get a crappy wedding reception lighting shot with banding in it, that you cannot correct? Now you are talking about giving a client a freaking discount, and risking your reputation on point and shoot low light quality.

          Everyone photographs differently. But in wedding and event photography, there are generally two styles. Photojournalism, where you will definitely be taking an unplanned dark room shot with poor light quality, and then there’s the staged photography where you can control the light. I’m guessing most event photographers cannot control the staging of scenes in lighting, etc. Like me. You can to a limited degree, but most shots are journalistic.

          I wouldn’t buy the D800 unless I was shoot in a controlled environment. The one exception would be landscaping, where you cannot always control the entire scene, but you can take your time to set up the camera, and post processing will not show any noise corrections you’ve done. Architecture, you can control, you can light up a building, and especially the inside.

          • henri108

            the crops are just not comparable, you can clearly see some motion blur in both pictures and you would have to compare them in full res (and not on youtube) and with no blur (500th of a second)

      • Mud

        Yea, like $20 can get you a fairly good wedding photographer on Craigslist ;-P

        • Tom

          It sure can. Gotta love those pics that cannot be enlarged, have terrible noise, terrible color reproduction, drunk/drugged up photographers especially in Tampa or big cities (because no one in their right mind charges $20 a wedding), misses that critical kiss, that hug, your aunt who will pass away next week and now you have no photo, cannot organize a set style in an album, not insured, does not come on time, interrupts the wedding with intrusive walking around, no zooms, blurry photos because they don’t have pro glass or low light camera, and the pastor does not allow flash, bad personality because they have not yet done enough weddings to be rejected by the field for not being able to have a good rapport with guests, no assistants, no professional posing of couple for portraits, no artistic shots of the bride, etc….

          But the real reason not to pay less than $1200 for a photographer, isn’t because of the equipment, its that if you do, you are not getting a professional full time photographer, who budgets for their small business. Imagine if you went to the local quick lube, and asked for a brake job and that you need it today, because it’s your day off and you have to get to work tomorrow. Imagine that the shop said, oh, sorry, I dont have that part, but I can order it for you, and by the way, I dont order them all of the time, because I am a full time nanny, so the quality will be dodgy, and the shipping costs will prevent me from getting them to the shop any sooner than next week. Or imagine that they photographer didn’t budget for the lastest and greatest cameras and gear, and suddenly your photos look just like the expeed 3 chipped point and shoots that are coming out, or the new D3200 24mp camera thats coming out. Whats the point? You pay for the cake, the guests to eat, the venue, and your going to do this one time ever in your life, and it looks like you didn’t take it seriously in photos that your great x5 grandchildren see.

          • Short and sweet

            You talk too much.

      • Nice video, very funny. it is not about who is the winner, they are both good cameras with leading edge tech

        • Yup. We’d be happy to use either for wedding work.

      • Nikonian

        Well said sir! (Now where is my wallet?)

    • GeoffK

      Yet another poster getting their panties in a bunch over internet comments. Let me guess, you have helicopter parents ?

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