Nikon D800 price drops £300 on Amazon UK

Here it is again - the price of the Nikon D800 dropped £300 (around $480) on Amazon UK. Not sure if this is a mistake or a special offer, but the same price drop happened also few days ago and then it went back to £2,399.99.

Update: the Nikon D800 price on Amazon Italy also dropped with EUR 400 to EUR 2.525,16:

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  • Patrick — Las Vegas

    Get it now!!!

    • Al dudorino

      Sure, why not, I would love to have one,
      but when you make the order for me please add another battery
      thank you!

    • price drop or not make it deliverable!

    • paul

      Back up again.

  • what would that make it in the usa?

    • james


    • hq

      Use Google and search for:
      2100GBP in USD

    • El Aura

      Pre-tax: $2780

  • El Aura

    In Switzerland, on one of the main electronic (mainly online) reseller, the price has dropped from the introduction at CHF 2888 to CHF 2659 as of today. But these price changes have come in at least ten small adjustments, not in one large step.

    At some point in between, they said they had negotiated better terms with their supplier, aka Nikon Switzerland. They are however nice enough to charge the price that is current at the time of delivery to all people who pre-ordered at higher prices.

    • maxxam

      Who is this reseller? could you, please, provide a link?

    • Sven

      You better beware. I had a closer look at the product description: it states that the final price of pre-ordered products will be adjusted at the time of delivery to the price of that day.

      “Bei Vorbestellungen wird der Preis auf das Preislevel am Auslieferungstag angepasst”

      I would expect the price to be set close to other suppliers which charge basically the retail price suggested by Nikon.

      • El Aura

        But since the price so far has only shown movement in one direction, ie, down, I am not too worried. And I think, legally they cannot raise the price after you have placed an order without you have the right to cancel it.

        And this notice not been there for the first week or so. I think they realised that with prices dropping continuously, people were reluctant to pre-order because they feared missing out on the potentially lower prices in the future.

  • Bob

    That discounted £2,099.99 is equal to $3,334.82 US dollars (before shipping and duties) – that’s not much of a bargain considering the US D800 is priced at $2,999.95 ?

    • hq

      Depending on where you buy it from in the US, you may be subject to pay tax, which would bring the price close to US $3,260.

      • Nick

        UK prices are quoted including tax.

        As sales tax (VAT) in the UK is 20%, 3,300 USD actually represents a discount on the 3,600 USD price it would be if it were USD 3,000 exclusive of sales tax.

    • Andrew

      I hear you, but if the price is typically higher, then it is a bargain relatively speaking. Comparing prices between countries is not entirely fair. There are so many factors that goes into the pricing equation. We should keep things simple; if a camera was going to cost me $3,600 and just before I buy it the price drops by $300, that will make me very happy.

  • Goolies

    maybe too much inventory and less pre-orders.
    in any case, people should buy it before they lose it!

  • David

    The US price is without tax. Prices in the EU are usually with tax. Apples and oranges.

  • Todd

    That price is still significantly cheaper than the rrp in Australia (AU$3700) even with the tax/duty and shipping charges.

  • trialcritic

    There is a used-like new D800 in Amazon for $1722 right now. Weird!

    • hq

      If it’s too good to be true, it is!

      • Steve

        Comes with a free Nikon1 ?

  • jason

    Amazon usa should drop it by $300. Please!

  • It must be a special offer – there is a small image, under the price, showing camera and text “13% off” in the circle next to it, so it can’t be a mistake! At least I hope so…

  • Ddwrx11

    Maybe it is priced after a credit card offer just like Amazon US dOes it. So you get 13% off when you apply for credit.

  • donald

    nope , you do NOT need to use or apply for an Amazon credit card to get that price

  • Joaquim Prado

    I am courious to see how much a D800/e will cost in Brazil. Apple products in brazil are the world much expensive ones, such as cars and everything else. A Honda CR-V Cost way more than a brand new mustang in the USA. I bet a D800 it is going to coust between USD5 to 6k (BRL10 to 11k) at least.

    I always buy equipment somewhere else, specially in the USA. For the same money I pay the trip and buy the camera and get some change left for a extra baterry. I don’t care about the warranty since I beleive it’s worldwide (have to check that).

    It makes no sense Nikon Officially come to brazil and don’t even make an effort to reduce their prices and have a bigger slice of the market. Actually a lot people buy Black Market stuff because don’t have to pay our abuse taxes.

    • AM

      The problem is not Nikon Brazil. The problem is your own government that rips off its own people. The outrageous prices in developing countries are commonly due to import fees, taxes, etc, that don’t add any value to products and only serve to sustain corrupt bureaucrats.

  • lunar

    will watch closely if Amazon US will have a sudden drop some time


    • Domitor

      On Amazon US certain users get %5 off. Im not sure how Amazon decides this, perhaps based on prior purchases. I for example haven’t seen that deal on the cameras but i did have the option to buy the 24-70mm Nikkor for 5% off. But i have a friend that buys all his camera gear on amazon and he bought his camera at the discounted rate. Limit one per account. He also had the same deal for the D4, and i jumped on that in no time!!! (using his account, it wont give me the deal on my account) I already have my 2 D4 cameras on order at Adorama but Im going to change it to one for now, and wait for Amazon to take months and save me 300 bucks! or get both and sell one locally lol

      I sent my invoice for the D4 to admin to show the “Gold Box” Discount on the D4.

      • Domitor

        ps. he does not have an Amazon CC and he is not an Amazon Prime member. Neither am I had the discount for the lens, and i get 5% off the SB700 now. the lens expired, i dont need the flash so im hoping i will eventually see the D4 on my account haha

  • The Japanese Yen is way down against the Pound today. Here in Switzerland, my favorite online shop changes prices regularly.

  • The Manatee

    Just ordered through Amazon. Cancelled my Jessops order. Jessops can eat it.

  • Jon

    There’s a note under the price saying that Amazon have experienced so many ore-orders that their initial allocation is already spoken for. it looks like they’re trying to tempt people who are prepared to wait for a while.

    If you don’t need the camera in a hurry then it’s a no-brainer to order this.

    • The Manatee

      Interesting, that wasn’t there when I ordered, so I must have gotten one of the last allocations.

  • Looks like Nikon is pricing D800 competitively in India. The camera is priced at 149,900 INR which is $3000. But official Nikon products have a high tax component which would have ideally placed the price at around 162,000 INR. Thats a saving of nearly 240$. On the other hand, the price for Nikon D4 looks normal with tax included ! I guess this is a strategic move by Nikon to capture the market where it has lost out a lot to Canon in India. Any one who was thinking about going for 5d Mark 3 will now think twice. I am not complaining ! 🙂

    – Nandakumar, India.

  • JJ-DK

    Just checked the prices in Denmark – 17.717 DKK incl. tax- that just about 1975 GBP..

    Prices can be found here:

  • I searched Amazon aswell. I got a screenshot, with a price of 1722$ as used!! What’s that about??

  • Q

    OK, I ordered. Will see if they manage to send it on their dispatch estimate(26 Mar 2012)

  • severn crossing

    as stated by Jon
    “This item is in high demand and we have taken orders up to our initial allocations. We will continue to accept pre-orders and fill them as soon as additional inventory becomes available. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product”

    so you may have to waite a very long time for delivery

  • ok, ordereed as well, i have now 3 orders running in 3 different stores 🙂 one HAS to come.. funny enough, the amazon email said : estimated delivery by April 3rd … let’s see if it holds true…

  • Antony

    I think it is very clear that Nikon hoped for a lot of cash with D800, but NOW it sounds like the pre orders are VERY disapointing, that’s why they go down in price!! It might be that by the end of summer they will go around SPECIAL offer! price of 1800 Euro! wait and see. D800 is a Good and beauty Girl, but cash now a days worth more for boys! As we say, Gold is never down in price unless their is no customer for.

    • Incorrect. Nikon have already said that the D800 pre-orders have been unprecedented. I believe that the issue with Amazon in the UK is a simple supply and demand problem they created for themselves. They were VERY late opening up for pre-orders, by more than 2 weeks as I recall. By that time I expect a MASSIVE glut of pre-orders had already gone to WEX, Jessops, Calumet etc etc. What’s clear is that by discounting now, a large number of people are cancelling those orders with Jessops, WEX etc and ordering with Amazon instead, except they have had to offer up discounts to tempt those buyers in.

  • Q

    I think it has much more to do with exchange rates, than number of orders below expectations

    • The Manatee

      Could be, the £ has risen 11% against the yen since the start of the year, but no other seller I know of in the UK except Mathers of Lancashire and Amazon is selling at £2100.

  • Nice! My UK Amazon pre-order reflects the price change – bonus! (It’ll take the sting out of an MB-D12 at least).

    • Daf

      The price has gone back up, what does your pre-order price show now?
      Bit mean if it’s gone back up 🙁

      I ordered just now at 2,099 and it’s still at 2,099 thankfully 🙂

      • My pre-order has gone back up to £2399 🙁 (Not read rest of thread yet to see what others are seeing)

        • Daf


          It must depend on the price upon dispatch then.

          I guess you could cancel and re-order if this happens again – but you’d loose your place in the Queue

  • Just got a notification my D4 Shipped from Amazon (US). Expected to arive Wed with the 2 day shipping. Ordered Jan 6th

  • Mike

    I just ordered at this price, says my delivery is 27th March. So, we’ll see.

    • Mike

      And, as somewhat expected, I got an email today saying that Amazon UK don’t have enough product to cover all pre-orders, and they’ve absolutely no clue when they’ll be able to ship my camera.

  • John

    The same thing is happening on
    The price drop is €408,75

  • Daf

    Amazon UK fluctuate their prices daily.

    I know of at least 1 other retailer with it constantly at this price – They’re a small shop in Lancashire – when I finally decided to take the plunge they said :
    “We now have 40 on order of which all are currently spoken for ( just taken the 40th order a few minutes ago ). The price will not drop any lower and the deposit would be £200. You can pre-order by calling the number below. Postage and insurance will be £28. If you order now, it is likely to be in to May before before we have free stock available.”

    Tha Amazon UK page now has a little “13% off” logo and the following:
    “Note on Nikon D800 Availability:
    This item is in high demand and we have taken orders up to our initial allocations. We will continue to accept pre-orders and fill them as soon as additional inventory becomes available. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.”

    So I’ve placed an order since there’s no need for a deposit – I can always cancel it if I hear of a better price/availability elsewhere.

    • Daf

      (Delivery estimate 27th – but I doubt that very much)

      Ordered at £2099
      Still at that after price gone up. 🙂

  • On the german Amazon site the D800 is advertised from 2.499 Euro (approx. 3.300 USD). See .

    The normal price is 2.899 € (3.835 USD, sometimes I hate living in Europe 😉 ).

    This offer of 2.499 Euros should be taken with extreme caution (it is below the purchase price the vendors have to pay I suppose). Also the seller just registered to Amazon and has not made any transactions so far. Not a good basis to start a trustful buyer-seller relationship.

    Bottom line: I doubt that the D800 will drop in price soon. If we believe the Nikon statement the demand is higher than Nikon’s actual production capacity, so there is no economic reason to cut prices. At the moment people are willing to pay this sum. Let’s talk again in a few months.

  • I took the plunge and pre-ordered it now on Amazon UK for £2099. I had a pre order with that Lancashire shop – they offered the same price roughly but like someone said with £200 deposit and £28 p&p, and since I had only pre-ordered last week, they said expected delivery was late May or early June. So I cancelled the order and asked for my deposit back, hopefully Amazon gets more stock and delivers quicker. And if it doesn’t, well I’ll get it in May or June and it won’t make a difference – oh yeah, p&p is £6 only so that’s £18 saved, yay 😉

    Right now Amazon says that for me delivery is expected 28 March. Let’s see.

    • Tony

      When I saw this offer on Friday I hesitated – and by the time I had decided to order, the price had gone up by £300 again. This time round, I placed the order immediately. Like MrScrogneugneu I am being quoted an estimated delivery date of 28 March. They are probably lying about this – but at least I will know fairly soon.
      If you have pre-ordered on Amazon UK at £2399 what do you do now? Cancel your pre-order, re-submit it at £2099 (and potentially have a long wait – or potentially not have a long wait)? Or keep your existing order, on the assumption that you will get the D800 much sooner?

      • Tony

        Aha. I notice from Paul Kelly (above) that it appears that Amazon have changed the price of pre-orders that they took at £2399 down to £2099. That’s only fair – and will prevent a lot of angry customers.

        • Tony

          But now they have put the price back up to £2399! Amazon UK are definitely playing silly games with the price. I don’t mind – as long as they don’t try to increase the price of my pre-order …

  • Johnnymunro

    Thanks to NR yet again!
    I hear what people are saying about Amazon stacking up orders past their initial allocation, but I have just ordered the D800 just now on it’s UK site and I have been given a delivery date as 29th March…….hopefully that means this year!

  • Kev Palmer

    I had a gripe with the initial price here in the UK, now that’s better. One heck of a lot of camera for the money…

  • ano102

    sorry but fed up with only news about D4 and d800 …
    These are very high end DSLR with great feature but with incredible price that common users can t afford

    admin, give us somes news about a successor of d300 or d7000 please …

    • The Manatee

      Did it ever occur to you that if Admin had reliable information about the d300 or d7000 successor he would post it?

      • ano102

        admin answered a month ago to have some informations
        but he dont want to release now because the rate of confidence was not sufficient

        we are so dispointed about succesor of d300 that even a rumour with low rate would be wellcomed …

  • david

    Amazon have put the price back up just after I ordered it for £2099.99. Not sure if they will keep to this price or charge £2399

    • david

      I think there is a glitch on their system as on the main page it says £2399 but when you click on to the item page it shows £2099

    • Kev Palmer

      WTF is going on at Amazon???

  • Well… the offer is gone already!

  • David

    Most likely they had a limited amount of Nikons for that price.

    Not sure if it would go that price at any other stores. Nikon put tighter restrictions on retailers on placing their items at a lower cost. Nikon may put the price down before they release it. £2399 is still not a bad price compared to the Canon 5D Mkiii

  • d

    This really pisses me off. I was all set to go buy one from NYC. The camera in the States + flights = the same price of the D800 here. Now they’ve lowered the price I have no valid excuse to go. I could hardly afford the camera as it is so the £300 price knock off is something too good to pass up. Also I was looking at Amazon US yesterday, and up until last night they had delivery estimates at 23-27th March. Now it’s out of stock.

  • António

    If you open the link after “Here it is again” you will notice that the “miracle price” is already gone as you will find £ 2 399,99 crossed and the new price with the indication o a huge discount of…£ 0,99!!!
    So, it must be a reason for them to step back but for the costumer it means the “back to RRP”

    • Q

      well, my order is still at discounted price
      Total Before VAT: GBP 1,755.65
      Approx 2 785 USD – not bad!

  • Sri

    Back to the original price…I have been checking this every few hours…My comp last evening and took a while to fix it…. 🙁

  • Michael

    Could it be as simple that the “glitch” on Amazone is showing the price without tax included? (if you took an average among the states). I don’t really know how the pricing over there works, neither the exact taxes on different merchandise. But i have seen no drop in Sweden or Finland, who always show their prices inkl. tax.

    • Daf

      I don’t think so – I’ve noticed Amazon prices change throught the day before.

    • david

      the email they sent clearly shows:
      Total before VAT: £1,749.99
      VAT: £350.00
      Good news.

  • Radek

    Just ordered and price has change again! So happy!!! Need the lens now 😀 24-70 🙂 Hope my new baby will be with me on March 27 😀

  • Snw

    I’m able to get the D800 for around 14996 dkk which is around £ 1681.. all i need to worry about is the sending fee 😀

    • Sri

      Wow…lucky…well done!

    • Sune


  • Radek

    For 10 minutes I was shaking and thinkin “should I click `buy it` button or not” 😛 Went up stairs to ask my wife ;-P but finally got it:)
    Im sure the deal price will come back again… as always 🙂
    One of the uk website got this camera in good price as well, but I think they out of stock for now.
    Here is the link:

    • Daf

      Those are the guys I mentioned above – £200 deposit, £28 postage and don’t think they’ll get additional stock until May.
      Researched them and they are legit though.

  • Dang! Missed it…

    He who hesitates is lost!
    D800E not listed at all on Amazon UK???

    • Tony

      Do not despair “Dang! Missed it …”. This is exactly how I felt last Friday. Keep checking – the offer will be back.

    • AnoNemo

      Yep, I wonder why Amazon and Play do not list the D800E? I cannot find it either and have some Amazon gift cards I would love to use. 😉

      • Nikon have insisted that anyone selling the D800E must have people trained who know how to deal with moire. While are stocking the D800E, are not. I guess they don’t ‘qualify’ in the UK. There are only a select number of retailers stocking the D800E in the UK, I predict it will be near impossible to buy for about a year if you didn’t get in early…

        • AnoNemo

          Amazon UK will not give you photo lectures about how to handle moire. Now, the D800 and D800E are pretty much the same cameras. I think Nikon is just being nasty and wants to control the price and that is why they do not provide d800E to amazon uk.

  • Radek

    Where I can get the best price for nikkor 24-70?? UK?

  • Radek

    Thanks! I will have a look 🙂
    Ps. I want a new lens but its bloody expensive :-/ I was thinkin about sigma 24-70 which is half of nikkor price but not sure if its good enough! Getting sigma I can save £600 and get a Hazro 30″ s-ips monitor? heard it is good monitor for around £700 😉

    • Sri

      Radek, I think it is probably a good idea to buy a couple of primes, say Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G standard and a suitable wideangle. You would stay light on the move and build up from there. Have you considered a used lens? I won’t, personally, buy a non-nikon for this amazing camera.

  • Glyn

    I pre ordered one from Jessops on the morning of the 7th Feb, the day of announcement. So must have had one of the first orders. Having seen on a different forum last Friday that Amazon UK had it at £2099 I decided to to do an order with them as well. I then saw have it for the same price so did another order with them. Having spoken to Amazon today it seem my order is going ahead at the lower price and due for delivery on the 28th so I have now cancelled my Jessops order as they won’t do a price match. I am hoping Amazon works out as I may be wrong but I suspect Play will be a grey import.

    • David

      Why would you suspect that is a grey import?

      • Glyn

        Play as far as I know are based in Jersey and are not an official Nikon listed internet seller. I guess someone who has already purchased a camera from them before would be able to say for definate. To be honest I don’t know. I also couldn’t get any indication as to their allocation and when it would ship. The person I spoke to suggested I ring back next week. I also got the impression they would buy in the camera from some one else.

  • gareth irvine

    too late!!

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