First Nikon D4 delivered

The first Nikon D4 is already in the hands of a reader in Prague,ย Czech Republic. The camera was delivered today by the NPS pro-dealer Fotoskoda.

For more images go toย Unboxing video coming in few hours.

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  • NICE!

    • AnoNemo

      Is this new? Nikon started to put seal on the boxes? I guess it’s been a while I purchased a new Nikon camera.

      • Dweeb

        First time I’ve seen a real factory seal on a Nikon box. They have been shipping unsealed boxes that camera store staff here take home and play with, and then put back on the shelf at full price for you.

        Nikon need to end the practice of unsealed boxes. It helps camera stores avoid paying for demonstrators. It just goes along with their devious policy of not selling repair parts to outside repair depots.

        • AnoNemo

          Yep, I 100% agree with you! I guess that is why I noticed the seal. I think it is a great idea and long overdue.

      • probably because they added the XQD card and reader

  • Fantastic! This is great news. Still crossing my fingers for Saturday…..

  • for when can we expect the d400? i wanted to buy a new nikon camera… buying the d7000 at the moment seems a bad choice.

    • Patrick

      A d7k is a great camera, but if you don’t need a new cam right now, and can wait6 months, then don’t buy…

      • Hugo

        6 months for the d400?

        • Jetfire

          D7100 at least.

        • Id be surprised if it is that soon. if your lucky it’ll be announced in 6 months

          • Royster

            People will still be waiting for their D4 and D800 in 6 months ๐Ÿ™‚

            • T.I.M

              Reason why I wakeup at 2 AM to order mine, I hope I’m on the top of the list !

        • JM

          Let it go!!! No D400 in the near future. All the talk of a D400 is PURE BULLSH*T and speculation. Either keep shooting with what you have, or go for the D7000.

      • It’s a great camera if it’s a copy that the AF isn’t buggy on.

        • +100 … my copy is a shocker with all my primes, tried the displayed model, much more better with autofocus, such a great camera but plague with focus issues.

      • Upgrade

        Admin, any rumors on the d7000 or d300s replacement? I also need to get something by Aug to replace my d80 for a wedding. If no then I’ll pick up a d7000 and start using it (we’ve got a trip to Hawaii next week that would be nice to use during a family trip)…and if yes then I’ll use my d80 till the release (before aug). Please any clues? I can wait to upgrade if something will be here before aug.

    • Atif Peshimam

      Me too! Desperately waiting to hear any news on D400. @Nikonrumors please please please inform something about the release date of D400. Much appreciated.

      • WoutK89

        You heard it first here, the release of the D400 is…..


    • T.I.M

      Nikon will NOT make anymore DX proffessional cameras so don’t expect a D400, get a D7000 (great camera BTW).
      There is now 2 lines in Nikon DSLR, pro FX camera and “prosumers” DX cameras.
      Sorry but I think Nikon can’t afford pro cameras in both formats.

      • Tin Tin



        • T.I.M

          @Tin Tin
          Not clueless but smartfull.
          Did you see any pro DX lens released since the FX D700 came out ?
          Think about it….

          • Wes

            Yes, they are called FX lenses because I’m guessing most pros who use DX bodies also use FX bodies.

          • ben

            they have file some patents. So they will continue making lenses for DX bodies. I don’t know why they should. But you could also be right about D400 may be a true D700 replacement with D4 sensor. Nikon may decide to keep all the lower models, starting from D7000 on down, DX.

        • EnPassant

          In a way he is right. Nikon propably make a greater profit selling D800 with a 15+ MP DX-crop. A D400 would be almost the same as D800, only with a smaller mirrorbox, finder and sensor. Main difference except price would be 8-9 fps with a DX D400 instead of 6 fps with D800 and grip using battery for D4.

          Question is will enough many buy a DX only semi-pro camera to get 2-3 fps more?

          We still don’t know which improvements the (at Photokina) expected D7100 will have over D7000. Maybe more fps with the new Expeed processor making a Semi-pro DX-camera irrelevant?

          Instead Nikon could opt to make an entry level FX-camera to replace the soon to be sold out D700 using an FX-adapted version of D7100 and call it D400! That would finally make order in Nikons numbers for cameras!

          • Paul

            Usually profit comes from selling more units at a lower price, not fewer units at a higher price, so a D400 has its place in Nikon’s lineup, more so when there will be a pretty big gap between the $1200 D7000 and the $3000 D800 (when the D700 stock will be depleted).

            That being said, the big question remains: will it be DX or FX ?
            In Nikon’s current lineup, in the $1000 – $3000 range we have 1 DX (D7000 at $1200) and 2 FX (D700 – to be retired, at $2200, and D800 at $3000), so there is a place for an FX D400 at ~ $2000 – $2200 after the D700 stock will be depleted… Who knows ? We’ll just have to wait and see…

            • Tom

              Keep dreaming dude. Nikon is not going to release a FX camera at under $3k on release.

              It’ll be a “good” DX and nothing more.

      • Remedy

        ROTFLMAOLO at your “Nikon can’t afford…” line. Give me a break. Seriously.

        • T.I.M

          I will get a D7000 (D8000 ?) as backup body when I get my D800e (never do a wedding without extra camera/flash)

        • Jason

          I don’t know about there not being a D300 replacement, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if Nikon really can’t afford something. You laugh, but Nikon is not a very large company, and they have taken some really big hits over the last few years. Going back to the millions they lost when Ritz filed bankruptcy and all the credit Nikon had extended them was gone.
          They are not like Canon with the printer and compier division to draw off of, or like Sony.

      • Nikon Enthousiate


        Not trying to be rude but is it your personal opinion that Nikon will NOT make a D400 or you have sources that you could share with us?


        • T.I.M

          I had a D7000 for few weeks, it does the same as the D300s (even better in some ways).
          In wich way a D400 would be better, more pixels ?

          I have no official statment from Nikon but there is 90% chance to see a D8000/D7100 rather a D400.
          And, what’s a D800 in DX mode ? ……..a D400 for free !

          • catinhat


            I respectfully disagree. Given enough light, I’ll still use my d300 (not even an “s”) over d7000, if I need the crop mode. d7000 improved significantly over d300 in low light performance, but that is it as far as I’m concerned. It tends to overexpose, so the exposure compensation button gets a lot more use. I also had to do a lot more lens fine tuning on that body than I ever needed with the d300, one as much as all the way to -20 (and this ne needed no fine tuning on d300 at all). And I’m still not sure. d7000 has a lot of AF modes to choose from, but sometimes none seems to do as well as d300 with just three. I also much prefer color rendering of d300 (which seems to be exactly the same as d700), but that is subjective, of course. In a word, for me, d300 was a great camera when it was released, d7000 is a very good camera in many ways, but great it is not.

            • T.I.M

              Did you think about sending your D7000 to Nikon for a checkup ?
              I did not have any of your issues on mine.

            • G

              I never had any those issues with my D7000. I do not know what kind of lenses you are using with what i have my D7000 is working very well.

            • St.

              Me too…
              D7000 is great in every aspect – I didn’t like just one thing – the small buffer size.
              also my first copy had lots of hot pixels – even at ISO 100 and 1/60 sec.
              After Nikon tried to repair it (3 times) they just replaced the camera. the new one didn’t have that problem.

            • I concur. My D7000 exceeds my old D300 in every way except AF in low light (we’ll see if that changes when I get my repaired one back today) and frame rate.

              The quieter shutter is indispensable and the sensor is miles ahead of the D300. The meter is much better (when I actually use it).

              The only thing I miss is the frame rate and the AF mode switch on the back.

              My guess (yes guess. No more info than anybody else, just experience) is that there will be a version with 9 FPS to be a step up a the end of the year. That would meet the frame rate of the D3 without challenging the D4. I’m not sure whether it’ll be 16 or 24 mp. Time will tell.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Yes, but you’re comparing old tech to new tech. Of course it’s better! A D300 replacement will be newer tech than the D7K. And it will have a more robust body, and faster FPS, and all of the things smart pros know are important when your livelihood depends on it. There is still a market for Pro DX. It’s unfounded speculation to say it’s a dead niche.

              Considering the disasters, Nikon’s limited capacity and notoriously glacial upgrade calendar, a D400 update in the next 6-12 months would still be considered, “in-cycle.”

            • Ren Kockwell

              And T.I.M., you know I love you, but your prediction track record isn’t exactly stellar! 3 sensor chip ring a bell?

          • kazziz

            with a little difference – PRICE + FPS!
            IMHO Nikon WILL make a D400 (whatever it will be called), but we have to wait.

            • catinhat

              OK, glad to hear many people don’t seem to have my issues. Maybe I got a lemon. Perhaps I should send it to Nikon for a check up, the problem is they take so long (in my experience), and this fine tune issue would require sending also a bunch of lenses which I kind of hate to do. Or maybe I’ll just sell it one day, — just never fell in love with this body. My pet grievance is actually the mode dial. I did knock it off position accidentally a few times, and then spent a few panicky moments not understanding why the cam stopped doing anything I asked it to. Can’t happen with d200/300/700, you name it.

            • T.I.M

              @Ren Kockwell
              I get pay by Peter to keep NR fascinating !

      • Mexecutioner

        Since when the D300 was a pro body?

        • T.I.M

          Because before the D700 there was only DX choice in pro grade cameras.
          Yes the D300/s is a pro camera. (so was the D200 and D100)

          • Ralph

            The D200, Pro LOL

            Mine must have been the non-pro version. I still have one converted for IR, I doubt Nikon call it pro.

        • WoutK89

          It was considered pro for people that wanted to stay DX after their D2xs. But indeed it was semi-pro. (Nikon however uses two names only, consumer or professional on their products)

          • EnPassant

            Agree. Nikons only ‘full’ pro cameras are the single digit, top of the line cameras like D1-D4.

            • T.I.M

              So, the D10 will be a consumer camera ?

            • EnPassant


              Difficult to tell now if we will see so many Pro cameras in the D-series. After all the F-series ended with the F6. We don’t know what new technology we will be using in the future. With about 4 years between every full digit upgrade a potential D10 would make its debut in the year 2036!

              If I am still around by that time I propably walk around with my rullator having several small cameras attached to it and take obscure photos of people as well as ground-level photos of cats, dogs and ducks, with nobody noticing it, as if I was invisiable! ๐Ÿ˜‰

              Anyway, by then most have propably already forgotten about the first real Nikon consumer camera D40 selling like hot cakes 30 years ago, if they even were born or yet started school by that time!

              Or Nikon simply start using another letter, like H for their new Holographic imaging cameras.
              Remember you read it here first! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Nikon has used the D300 as a qualifying camera for NPS. So from Nikon’s perspective the D300 is/was a pro camera.

      • The_Raze

        The thing is, the D7000 is in no way professional. Not only because of its puny 3 frame bracketing, but especially because of the VERY, VERY limited RAW buffer size.

        The 7100 however, might change this – but I’m more inclined to think that they’re gonna bring out a 24 MP DX D400 cam. I’m hoping for an affordable FX cam though… A competitively priced FX D400 would be aaaaawesome!

  • Matt


  • tonashideska

    Can he take it apart and show us what’s inside?

    • Check the images online…will post video later…

      • andu

        When did you exactly pre-ordered the D4? I’m interested about dellivery delay.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Can he disassemble it and paint it pink?

  • Anonymus Maximus

    I spent many happy hours rummaging through Foto Skoda’s used department when I lived there.

    That it surfaces in the first D4 delivery is great!

    • Yeah indeed, very professional dealer and tons of goods…very fast delivery LOL!

  • JB

    Very exciting!!! I curious with the inclusion of the XQD box. Is a card included?

    • Yep, was great surprise with the D4 came a Sony XQD 16GB card and XQD card reader with USB cable…Happy for that because could not get one nowhere …

      • JB

        Huge congrads to you on your new camera! I can’t wait to see it put to good use!

    • Yea, the included XQD card was the first thing I saw.
      Very happy about that. Now all Sony has to do is make one card reader that reads both cards from the D4.

      Not holding my breath.

  • David

    Why do people keep crying for D400. DX is a thing of past, come into FX Land already

    • luxen

      Sir, u have to much money!

      • dgm

        Do you want a cheap FF ?

        Go and buy yourself a Nikon F100, F4, F5 …. whatever F* you want; That’s what I did : pristine second-hand F100 for ยฃ265 with a full 1 year warranty you can’t really say it is expensive ๐Ÿ˜‰

        The F100 looks and feel like a D* except the sensor can be replaced every 24 ou 36 images for a different base-sensitivity sensor, from various makers, can be color or B/W YOU decide. Does 25 to 3200 ISO (with HI1 6400)

        There is a lot to say about the F* models

        • Funduro

          LOL ” except the sensor can be replaced every 24 ou 36 images for a different base-sensitivity sensor, from various makers, can be color or B/W YOU decide.” A “sensor” in a bright yellow box, that was the title of a popular song by a dude named Paul in the 70’s is no longer available.

      • Dan

        It’s about choice. I bought a Honda Civic instead of a CR-V, therefore saving in 1) fuel and 2) price (roughly $5k more). I believe I can spend $6k on a camera no problem, even if I’m not a pro, because that is what I like. It was this guy’s choice as well!

        To put it plainly, stop smoking, stop eating out every day, stop going to the $10/movie cinema, and soon you’ll realize that you don’t have to be rich to buy a D4 ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Dan

          Seeing this unboxing is getting me pretty excited ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to get mine. If Amazon isn’t yanking my chain, I should be getting it on the 22nd ๐Ÿ™‚ Going to Hong Kong at the end of March and it would be really cool to have it in hand ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Derek

          I cut out startbucks and started eating oatmeal and ramen(not together) for a D800. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jorge

          Great Post Dan!
          Agree 1000%. I and my wonderful spouse of 35 years make great money. But the best part is we HAVE ZERO DEBT. Not even a gas credit card. Zero Debt. Debit card, and my green AMEX that I’ve had since 1987 for us. At the end of the month, send them a (whopping big) check.
          All four of my vehicles are paid for. When I buy a vehicle, it’s two-three year off lease some dufus paid 14% interest (national average) and took the depreciation for me. I pay CASH. I write a check at the dealer. No time payments, no car payments, no NOTHING. So, I can afford whatever camera I want. Actually, I can write a check for whatever the f*ck I want at any time. Oh yeah: I also pack my lunch to work. I don’t eat out much. I do travel alot and my spouse and I truly enjoy our “freedom” I’m turned 55 last month and honestly, I can retire tomorrow and not work another day in my life.
          I’ve setup ESA’s for my grandson who will probably be close to a millionaire by the time he finishes high school (he’s not even one yet)
          So, again. Love the post. Thank you for saying that.

          • Scott M

            Jorge, What about your house? Is that paid for too? If you got that taken care of, no credit and you love your wife, all you really need now is a new Nikon. Congrats.

        • Jorge

          And on a last note:
          As soon as I find out when I’m getting my D800 from Amazon I’m outta here. I’ve never read so many stupid, ignorant, lousy attitude, jealous comments from so many on one site!
          I didn’t come to Nikonrumors before all the hoopla, and the only reason I check in is to check status. But like I said, as soon as I know my status, I’m gone. I’m going to go shoot. Not sit and jerk off here.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Well, there are tons of morons here now because of the imminent D4 and D800 releases. In a couple of months, it will go back to us slightly more intelligent arguing morons.

          • Greg

            Please don’t go! It won’t be the same around here without you jerking off about the extent of your wealth…

            • M Romney


            • Marcus


              Even though I do get the point of being able to afford more if you actually plan and save for it, instead of borrowing for it, there’s nothing like well formulated cynicism ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Jorge

              @ Greg: hater.
              Sorry bud. I’d rather jerk off at that than some bs here. Lol

            • Greg

              Sorry Jorge, didn’t mean to detract from the positive tone of your relevant comments…

              Dan made a positive statement about personal priorities, while your view is basically “I’m rich, bite me.” I think Dan said something meaningful, while you’ve followed with nothing but self aggrandizement and hostility.

              Your mean spirited diatribe against “stupid, ignorant, jealous comments” here and again below contribute far more column inches of hate than luxen’s little joke or my own.

              I’m not going to be one who misses your input once your camera arrives.

          • bob2

            @Jorge — you hit the nail right on the head–way too many whiners and complainers. For them, it’s crying and whining that they can’t get their toys at fire sale prices, refusing to accept that high end, SOTA equipment is expensive. And you know they are amateurs because pros are busy shooting, knowing that the price of new equipment is paid off in several assignments (we’re not even including depreciation, etc.). Essentially, whiny children in grown-up bodies.

    • doca


    • WoutK89

      Same for people like you, why do people keep crying about people that cry about DX? To each its own, if you think FX is IT, doesnt mean everybody agrees with you.

    • Paul H.

      I run both formats, but I prefer DX for critical corner-to-corner critical images. Even great glass vignettes and doesn’t resolve evenly at wider apertures, so the ability to clip that ‘outer third’ (while still retaining decent resolution and dynamic range) is valuable in many situations.

      Obviously, the D800 would solve the problem, theoretically. But the lack of speed is an issue as well. A D400 would be in my bag with no hesitation, right alongside the FX bodies.

      • Eskimo Nikonian

        Word. I shoot with a D3, a D700 and a D300s. For shooting indoors, it’s FX all the way for noise reduction purposes. But outdoors, I usually go with the D3 with my 24-70mm, and the D300s with my 70-200mm VRI. The VRI performs quite a bit better on the D300s than it does FX. Heck, even the 24-70mm has far less distortion on my D300s than it does FX. DX cameras shoot inside the sweet spot of FX lenses.
        That being said, it is quite strange Admin has no word on the D400. I think there is a slight possibility it will sport a D3s sensor for about $2,000. If it was to come out with the 16 MP sensor from the D7000, I think it would have debuted by now. They could have withheld announcement of the D3s-sensored camera body until after the D4 displaced the D3s. Besides, no photojournalist (like me) will buy a D800 to replace his D700. We don’t like pushing 70 MB files across the wire.

        • FM2Fan

          do you believe in all this? I doubt, this is any useful. If anyone has a problem with a 24-70 on a cam, what could be the source of the trouble?

          congrats to the person, who received his D4 today. congrats to Nikon, who manged in the tough times since March 11th 2011 to deliver such outstanding new product

          • Eskimo Nikonian

            On FX, the 24-70mm has more than twice the distortion when compared to a DX mount. The distortion is usually not a problem unless there is a lot of architecture in the frame. At 2.8, the lens vignettes noticeably on FX…again, not a major problem. No vignetting on DX. The issues usually are not a problem on FX…but they are a complete non-issue on DX.

        • WoutK89

          What about that new 16MP sensor from the a57? Instead of the D7000 (old design).

    • Spoken like a true camera snob. Thanks for sharing.

      • Jorge

        So why is Eskimo a snob? That means I’m a snob. I too own a D300, d3, and D700. I also own the 24-70, 70-200, 16-35, 50mm f1.8 I have my D800 on order since the moment amazon opened pre-orders. Many of you on this forum are total a-holes. Holy crap!
        Please don’t be a hater.

        • Not Eskimo, the OP, David is the camera snob (looks like the thread nesting got a little mixed up):

          “Why do people keep crying for D400. DX is a thing of past, come into FX Land already”

          David needs to learn his history…DX was the original format for many years for digital. DX isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. DX bodies can take just as good quality pics as FX in the right hands, and they are cheaper, lighter, and have better battery life. Ad nausea. He’s trolling, so I trolled his troll ;-).

          • And FTR I shoot with a D7000. Again, I was not hating, just responding to David.

          • +1

        • Some bloke

          “Many of you on this forum are total a-holes. Holy crap!
          Please donโ€™t be a hater.”

          Love it!

    • Ron Sprunger

      Bird/Wildlife shooters need crop sensor and fast fire rate, with top resolution. Many are using the D7000, but would switch to a sealed, pro-grade body with crop sensor and 8-10 fps in a heartbeat. I have the D800E on order, and agree that I’m getting a D7000+ for free. Will sell my D700 and D7000 to pay for it, and expect it to do the work of both. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t prefer a D400 for wildlife shooting.

      Canon is also dropping their APS-H sensor (1D Mk IV), in favor of 1dx full frame, and the wildlife shooters are not thrilled. I absolutely agree it’s unlikely we’ll get pro crop sensors in the near future, and that’s a shame.

    • Hikrown

      … still waiting for my D4 – but also for D400! I’d (probably) like to have a D400 as my 2nd Body with long lenses when shooting sports!

      • JB


        I agree completely! Both have a place and I plan on the same thing!

  • Fantastic! Canยดt wait for the Nikon d800 next week. Any information if shipping to Germany is on time?

    • Alex

      Yes – it is!

  • UncleDusty

    Does it come with a XQD card and card reader?

    • Yes with Sony 16GB card, reader and USB cable ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Apoplexia

    Ow yeah!, nice , cannot wait untill the d800 arrives in The Netherlands.

  • The 16GB XQD card included was a rumor in France, nice to see that it’s for real now !

  • Scott M

    XQD card and card reader? Included. Cool.

  • T.I.M

    I see, to many D800e ordered so Nikon try to get rid of the D4 as fast as possible !

  • I told you that there will be XQD car + CardReader in the D4 box! )))))))

    • FrankieB

      Well, since I am looking to buy an XQD card and reader, I might as well get a free D4 out of it!

      • Funduro

        LOL a US$6,000 16GB memory card and reader ! Wow, Sony’s got B@LLS to make Nikon package their latest memory card in their boxes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wonder what cards come in the Canon boxes, 512MB MicroSD?

  • Frank

    Does the D4 include a XQD card and reader?! The photos make it look like those items came out of the box.

    • “Nikon” told that they will be putting XQR card+ reader in D4 box for free (just about first few months), because of lack of XQD cards on the market.

    • victor

      The round sticker on top of the box says, + Sony XQD memory card and reader.
      Could this be because he’s an NPS member?

      • I am indeed NPS member but think that the D4 ships with the card and reader as such, thx Nikon, very good! Could not get any XQD card …

  • Its Christmas time again! or should I say NIKON TIME!

  • GD

    Been looking at the obvious sites for an appearance of the D4 manual, but no luck. Anyone know of some non-obvious sites? (English or French preferred; yeah I know about the Japanese one — seemed a little exaggerated to take a crash course in Japanese just for that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LM

    Has anyone checked it for radioactivity?

    • T.I.M

      Yes, but they died before we got the results !

    • wanderer

      I’d like to think that if people had any idea of the tragedy that people in Japan are going through with the earthquake and tsunami and the nuclear disaster, with the stress of economic and potentially health issues, that they wouldn’t make jokes. I can only imagine how this makes Nikon employees who have to read this site feel about their customers. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a month in Japan traveling around a few years ago, and I was amazed at how helpful and welcoming people there were. Your words may have far greater effect than you may realize. Have some compassion.

      • T.I.M

        Jokes don’t kill, war does.

        • Marcus

          Jokes can prove you’re an a-hole though. It’s all about the ratio of funny to offensive.

        • fritzl

          Child rape doesn’t kill, war does.

      • LM

        It is not a joke, we are all very sorry for the tragedy but I have pre-ordered a D800 and no one is clarifying whether we are purchasing above normal radioactive items.

        • Marcus

          Ahh, so thats how they got the buttons to glow in the dark. Soviet style ftw.

      • TorstendeT

        Thank you very much for these words!!!

      • JB


  • Peter Guerrini

    Hey! How did MY D4 get misrouted to Prague? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • T.I.M

      @Peter Guerrini
      Don’t worry, in few weeks the manual will be available online.

  • Zoot

    If I order an XQD card from Sony, will they include a free D4?

  • Ole


    Congrats to the buyer!

    Any relation between Fotoskoda and Skoda Auto ?

    • Thx I enjoy it all day already, tomorrow night high ISO shooting to put the D4 in its pace! No is not related to Skoda car industry ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ole

        Thanks Jean-Marie

        I am a happy Skoda-owner for 10 years now, and still counting.

        Happy shooting!

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Skoda means good in english. So there are quite a number of brand names with that word as a combination. (However Skoda is also a Family name).

      There is also a Skoda Liquor!

      • WoutK89

        I remember skoda meaning pity :-S (or is that in Slovak only?)

        Something like “to je skoda” meaning what a pity.

        • mk

          you’re right. ล koda means pity and also damage, harm, both in czech and slovak language.

          • KFA

            But why would someone name a car brand something negative? Weird.. Does it have another meaning as well?

            • Martin_MM

              No, you cannot think about it this way :-). Skoda was simply a surname of an etrepreneur who established the gun & heavy machinery factory in the 19th century. So logically, it was named after him (to be precise, the company was founded by the noble Waldstein family in 1859 and was bought by Emil ล koda in Plzeลˆ during 1869….later in the century it also acquired a small car maker…. and that is the Skoda car maker now – as a separate factory again today).

            • Martin_MM

              …and the Foto Skoda, which is the biggest photo dealer in my country – something like Czech BH photo & video ( – was actually also founded by an etrepreneur with the same surname Milan Skoda! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a coincidence of course, nothing else…

  • Anonymous

    Darn… it has got me all worked up. LOL…

    Remember all those BS about Nikon not being able to meet its deadlines!!!

    Now, ask the canon where is their 1D? Wasn’t that announced many moons before the D4? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ryan Cheng

    Its perfect if there are XQD memory card and included with D4. But I think its impossable from hong kong retailer….. Sad ๐Ÿ™

  • oh boy! ordered mine jan 21. it’s been a loooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg wait. as dorky as i think it is, i may even do my own unboxing video

  • Casper

    Now if they would ship in the USA that would be nice. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if my NPS order comes through or if SAMY’s honors the NPS order. It appears the kit is packaged with the XQD card and reader, Great. There is only a couple retailers have it listed and only pre-order for delivery end of March, that disappointing. Now to wait and see

  • Stan

    Does anyone know when Aperture will work with the 36MP RAW files?

  • posรญlรกm gratulaci ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is great news! I am waiting patiently for Adorama to ship my D800 next week. I ordered it 9 min after they started pre-orders, so I should be in first batch. But in the meantime, my UPS tracking says that my iPad3 is on the way and will be delivered Friday. So at least I can have some fun with that while I wait for the D800 to arrive! LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • D4Guy

    Did the box contain any software? Kudos to Nikon for including the XQD…

    • Included was a Nikon CD with probably NX View but did not see any special Sony software for the card reader ….

      • D4Guy

        But no NX2 Pro Software like for the d800?

        • WoutK89

          NX2 ships only with the D800E

          • jodjac

            Why does Nikon even bother with View NX? What a prรฉcis of crap. I’ve tried to use it (seriously) but it constantly crashes and the thunbnails take minutes to load. Minutes that seem
            like an eternity, they finally show, you make your selections, make your edits, choose a location, rename the files press transfer and Crash! Start over! And again! And if it does work- it takes minutes to load the thumbnails, each time. So, I need to put several frames from a days work into different folders so waiting each time is a frustrating pain in the ass. Wow. So sorry to rant when people are unboxing the most beautiful cameras in the world. How can the same company that makes the D4 and the D800 make (and ship) View NX?

            • catinhat

              View NX is worthless. But Capture NX2 isn’t. In fact it is pretty good at most things unless you want something extravagant and need Photoshop. I have used many image editing programs, and I keep coming to Capture NX2 quite often, probably more often than to any other single program. BTW, Color Efex plugin integrates into it pretty well too.

            • jodjac

              Thanks CatinHat,
              I use C NX2 also, cause I like Nikon’s RAW converter (and u point technology).
              I don’t understand how View NX can be so bad. Every other program I use the thumbnails pop up in the blink of an eye, even it there are hundreds. Not View NX and boy is it unstable. It’s embarrassing. Nikon should be embarrassed. I am surprised the guy in the unboxing video didn’t toss the View NX CD like he tossed some of the paperwork. It’s garbage.

  • Joaquim Prado

    How serious amazon and B&H are about delivering dates? I contact B&H and they said the D800 line is in more than 4000 pre-orders pending and if I buy one today I might only receive after april. Nikon is sending units in a very limited quantitie.
    thats just to sad!

  • Val

    NikonUSA does NOT show the XQD Card and XQD Card Reader as part of the package. Is this just a European feature/benefit?

    • d70

      yes, since you are paying a lot more in those markets.

      • Val

        Thank you d70.
        I’ll keep my order for the card and card reader and hope I get it at the same time the camera arrives.

  • Dr Droidberg

    Looks superb, but I won’t be upgrading from my D7000 to anything else until I can honestly say that my camera is the limiting factor in my photography.

    • Rob

      Best comment yet!

    • I’ve yet to see a picture out of my D7000 that came anywhere near matching the quality of what comes out of my D700.

    • Robin

      I hope you realize that you can step out of your security bubble of your backyard, try visiting my university swimming & diving arena. You will quickly feel the need t0 dunk your D7000 in the pool.

      • Porky Roebuck

        What a condescending reply to a thoughtful comment!

      • Dr Droidberg

        I’ve shot my D7000 at locations across the UK and sold quite a few pictures along the way, but I’m still learning and hopefully improving. Fantastic camera that it undoubtedly is, I don’t “need” a D4 yet, but I’m sure Nikon will be happy to take your money if you think you do.

    • T.I.M


  • d70 .. hello??

    • They are still claiming, at least when I asked about 15 minutes ago, that they have no idea when they are shipping. B&H told me their listing had changed to “release in limited quantities” but said it gave no indication of when.

      • d70

        Fingers crossed. I pre-ordered with both Amazon and B&H 5 minutes after the links were posted here. Would be sweet to get before next week plus the XQD card/reader as well.

  • I want my D4

    I just checked out other countries Nikon website and the included accessories for the D4 are exactly like the US. So maybe, just maybe Nikon is going to give us the XQD and the reader for NPS members in the US.

    • Rob

      That’s unlikely. Not only had some European buyers already heard (perhaps only rumors) they would get the card with the first shipment, but they are also paying about 25% more for the camera. I’d rather save the $1500 than get a card and a reader. I imagine it’s partly a consolation for the higher price they pay.

      Does anyone know who seals the boxes? Is it Nikon or is it the distributor (Nikon USA, Nikon CAN, etc). If it’s the latter, the distributors could have put those in there.

  • Levi H

    So jelly.

  • It’s dark outside now, perfect conditions to take some test shots in Prague ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrรฉ, I know tomorrow evening we are testing the D4 in high ISO performance, guess it will be very good;) I will post the images of course…

      • Can’t hardly wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dmitry

    Guys, where can I find the Nikon D4 in Switzerland (Geneva)?

  • Lucky Boy

    I’m a Lucky Boy!!!!
    as I’ve just been told I can pick mine up on thursday

    Putting in 16GB of memory and the reader is a very nice gesture. Thank you Nikon.!!!

  • ISP

    There will be no QXD cards with the D4 in Canada… So I guess it will be the thing in the US.

    • ISP

      The SAME thing in the US… Sorry for that typo !

      • I want my D4

        That is what the Czech site says too but for some reason this guy received it in the box. So maybe Nikon USA will also do the same! There are no differences in the Czech site D4 contents to the US site D4 contents. It does not say anywhere that the D4 should have come with the XQD and reader on the Czech site.

    • Is this confirmed? Or was the Europe release just for the first batch of the D4?

  • Frank Algermissen

    Any infos regarding to the german market?

    • T.I.M

      How many Euros for the D4 in Germany (VAT included) ?

      • Alex


        • B!


          ….and people complain about taxes here.

          • T.I.M

            I know, no taxes, free shipping !
            I love the USA !

            • Rob

              Actually you do have to pay tax in 45 states + DC if you buy the camera to use. It’s called the “use tax” and I believe all but 5 states have it. It’s the same as the sales tax, but for out of state purchases.

  • Including a USB 3 card reader and 16 GB XQD card is a brilliant strategy on behalf of Sony. Once pros get used to the fast write speeds of the XQDs, they will snap up plenty of 32 and 64 GB cards. 16 is nice, but almost too small for a pro shooting 16 megapixels, and not counting video.

  • gratuluju jak budete mit fotky tak nam je ukazte preju vam hezke svetlo

  • Stan

    Maybe they will put a card in with the 800 too

  • D3 Owner
    • jb

      Oh Please!!!

    • Gerry

      I have to agree. At 12800 definitely think the D3s is better!

      And before you ask, yes….I do take pics at 12800 when I have to. And with the D3s they come out quite useable. Not perfect but useable!!

  • Rahul

    Wow. Can’t spend this much on a camera but at least feel good about this masterpiece by Nikon.
    Just noticed that 85mm 1.8G has also started shipping and now it has a review (a stupid one) too at Amazon:

  • T.I.M

    Today (tuesday) , in France the D800 (e?)
    will have an extra 15-30 days delay
    (from Chasseur d’images forum)

    This is bad and remind me when the F801 came out, 6 months wait to get one !
    I hope itโ€™s only for France.

  • This feels and looks like good old CAMERA PORN!

    Darn! I just ran out of lotion too! : )

  • Flo

    the unboxing video is online

    • I want my D4

      Thanks for the camera porn, now it is just a waiting game to see when the US NPS dealers start to ship. I hope and pray that the US ones also come with the XQD and card reader. Thanks again and congratulations!

  • Alan

    Nikon forums always have the best quality unboxing photos…

    • T.I.M

      I’m selling my D5100, do you want me to do a boxing video ?

      • Alan

        Yes please! Use the 85mm f/1.4, if you would. I love how that lens melts the styrofoam peanuts into a creamy bokeh!

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