Weekly Nikon news flash #152

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  • Joseph

    ISO 25600 looks quite usable! Wow!

    • NisseHult

      The guy who posted the links for d800 iso test is Awesome, He uses Matlab instead of Photoshop for contrast adjustments. Go Sweden!

      • Dash

        Wow, Matlab, that’s impressive. I need to figure out how to do that.

      • timon

        d300 5.42µm 12.48MP/Tonal Range: ISO200/8.32bits, ISO 400/7.81bits
        d7000 4.73µm 16MP/Tonal Range: ISO 100/9.01bits, ISO 400/8.06bits

        you look, the d7000 pixel pitch was less than d300, but the imaging quality improved!
        a new d800 announcement was in the d7000 launched date over 30 months. Well then the DSLR sensor gotten advancement.

        you have to notice the DSLR sensor advancement, moreover it still has a large pixel pitch 4.7μm or 4.85μm, and not a low-cost DC sensor only the pixel pitch 1.7 μm.

        5d2 and 5d3 inside the key mirror-box are plastic, only the outer skin Mg-Al, Canon did not say that. It is not a really alloying body.
        Canon 1d series have an alloying mirror-box, the lens-mount module fixed on the alloying base, but the 5d series sat on the plastic base.

        d300, d700, d800 all these are with alloying mirror-box.
        The d800e is more attractive.

        • WoutK89

          The D7000 wasnt launched 30 months ago, it was less than 2 years (announced in september 2010), so 18 months since announcement. Also the D800 was supposed to be released last year already. There is a big advancement in such a small period, but would have been even better if they planned the D800 for the time it was released now. (I assume the tweaks they could do to the D800 since last year were minimal)

          • Calibrator

            BTW, is the sensor Nikon’s own design or did they simply buy another Sony design like the D7000 sensor (which is practically the same as in the Pentax K-5 and Sony A55)?

            Note that I don’t think that a Sony sensor (design + manufacturing) is inferior – but perhaps Nikon can only take and bring to market what they get from Sony?

            In other words: Who can guarantee that a 2012 D800 would be better than a 2011 D800 (sensor-wise)?

          • timon

            Yes, you are right, 18 months

        • RumpelHund

          Always makes me think of my set of D70 and D700.
          Matching pixel pitch, but boy what a difference!

        • timon

          I more noticed the Tonal Range in ISO 100/400, it is really related to the imaging quality. The ISO 100/400 are more important, the Tonal Range higher than 9bits/8bits are important. However, in ISO 6400, d700 merely gets 6.5bits, 5d2 merely gets 6.3bits, could you get good imaging quality?
          moreover, a nominally high ISO might also include some false face, for example 5d2 marked a nominally ISO 25600 is merely an actual ISO 15110, it is already over out the 1/3 unit step error-range limit. Nikon d700 marked an ISO 12800 is an actual ISO 8436.
          Japanese CIPA DC-004 Standard listed the Sensitivity of digital cameras, but in the DC-004 Standard did not include ISO 12800 or higher ISO unit, the Standard about the highest ISO unit is in ISO 8000.
          The ISO 25600 is a thoroughly advertising campaigns, does not provide practical value, but many people got confused.

  • Terry Dadswell

    Which Canada websites reduced the D800 price?

    • John

      Indeed, Which store reduced the prices? Want to buy!

    • Terry Dadswell

      Just did a quick price search and found 6 Canada websites reduced, but only by $150, which is still good but found none reducing by $300.

    • Max Rebel

      I ordered from The Camera Store on the first day, their price is 3048$ CAD


      I found a store called Lozeau which sells it for 2999$ CAD


      • kaygeebee

        They quickly realized that they had to match the US price because of the exchange rate. Everyone in Canada would order from B&H or other US retailers and none would be sold by Canadian dealers.

        • Jesus_sti

          But we need to pay take and «customs clearance» (google traduction for «dédouanage») so to price at B&H isn’t interesting.

          • Max Rebel

            Shows you never ordered from BHphotovideo.

            For Canadiens you simply need to chose Purolator shipping and use B&H’s service to pay customs… Its tremendously cheaper.

            Here’s an example as either way B&H isn’t shipping D800 to Canada.

            SubTotal: $3,079.90
            Customs Clearance : $273.86
            Shipping: $42.43
            Order Total: $3,396.19

            Which is a major savings for anyone who’s living in Canada with the exception of (Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut)

            • thebiter

              For what it’s worth, if you order it from within Canada, it’s $3149 x 1.13 = $3558.37, with a difference of $162.

              If you’re able to get a deal on accessories or other things, then you could call it about even.

    • Gupta

      NO KIDDING! What kind of rumour is that…. 6 Stores reduce price by $300 …. and leave it at that. That bit of NON-NEWS wasn’t worth the pixels to post it.

      Completely USELESS information that means absolutely NOTHING.


  • Adam

    Just saw the samples, WOW! not bad, looks like equal or slightly better then the D700 at higher ISOs!

    • d

      Are you kidding? The D700 walks all over those samples.

      • Terry Dadswell

        Given the poor lighting (probably on purpose to check noise levels) I would say that this is not a good example of what the D800 can produce.

      • David

        No it doesn’t. Not when there is zero noise reduction applied.

        Add a little bit of chroma noise reduction in lightroom and those images look absolutely amazing

        • nah

          huge loss in sharpness around 6400 iso you can’t bring that back

          • David

            Sure you can.

            For a start, the image isn’t the sharpest to begin with. Shot with the 50/1.8 lens too.

            Plus, you’re looking at a 100% crop. The overall image is enormous. Loss of micro-detail isn’t a huge deal-breaker at ISO6400, considering how much detail you will get from 36mp anyway.

            And bear in mind that these are 100% crop images with NO noise reduction or sharpening. With the raw file, and some noise reduction, you’ll get a lot of detail back. And we all sharpen our dSLR files on export, no matter which camera we use.

            • PHB

              I find these arguments about the ‘poor’ ISO 6400 performance quite strange.

              I find no difficulty taking pictures with my Nikon V1 despite the fact I have no flash and it is limited to ISO 3200.

              Back in the film era I regularly shot indoors with ISO 800 or (more often) 400. Outdoors I would use Kodachrome 25 or Velvia 64. When the first Nikon I used was made, there was only one f/1.4 lens available and no zooms.

              If you can’t work out how to take low light pictures with the D800 then you are not fit to use it, simple as that.

              Now people think they can’t take a photo without ISO 128,000. Despite the fact that the D800 actually out performs every other camera it can be tested against right now if the comparison is made at the same pixel size.

              If you want a D4 then buy a D4. If you can’t afford a D4 then don’t complain that a camera half the price does not have the same specs.

      • Nikonnut

        Bet you thought they were downsampled right? They are 100% crop.

  • broxibear

    XQD cards don’t seem to have been delayed in the UK ?
    Calumet are a Nikon Pro dealer and have them in stock.

  • Actually, not real impressed with those samples at all. Considering they took a 36Mp image and downsampled to just 2.1MP, I’d say the ISO 3200 and over seem pretty noisy. Of course, one sampling doesn’t mean much, and as long as ISO 100-400 are good, that’s all I personally care about in a high res camera.

    • Alexander N

      Downsampled? Those were 100% crops.

    • David

      Lol what? Those are 100% crops..

      You can see the original image in the same link with a rectangle drawn around the cropped area.

      • Eskay

        Trying to be smart eh. He said they are crops for sure and not the % of crop

        • Discontinued

          Yes he did. He specifically said the pics are cropped to 100%. “Samtliga bilder utom översikten är skala 1:1, dvs 100% pixelskala.”
          And yes, they are impressive. The D800 walks all over the D700, even at high ISO.

        • David

          ” All images except the overview is a 1:1 scale, ie 100% pixel scale”

          Seems pretty clear to me. Hell, he even said it twice.

          1:1 scale
          100% pixel scale

          I don’t think there is any room to mis-interpret that.

        • mordrid52

          “skala 1:1, dvs 100% pixelskala”

          Seems pretty clear to me that it’s a 100% crop.

      • Metsatsu

        I almost had a heart attack when I heard down-sampled to 2.1MP

    • Easy guys, my bad, I didn’t translate the page, just clicked the links. Now that I know they’re 100% crops, I take back all the bad stuff I said 🙂

  • PWP

    for the record I won one of the earliest D700s and these samples are far better than my D700 at 6400 and beyond.

    • Banksie

      For 100% crops and no processing, these look really good. This won’t be a fast assault weapon camera like the D3s and the D4, but it’s going to be definitely worthwhile as a high MP and excellent IQ camera even at relatively high ISOs.

      I’m keeping my D3s and I ordered the 800E a day after the announcement. They will be perfect compliments to each other. As would a D4. But I see no reason to let go of the D3s if you already own one. And you’ll have the video with the D800.

  • MJr

    Admin – Do we still have a chance to see a 16-85mm F4 for DX any time soon or at all ?

    • I believe so, not sure how “soon” that will be but I think this lens is coming on 2012.

      • WoutK89

        Logical time of release is for Photokina as the new lens for the D7100, but knowing Nikon they can also do surprise launches when they feel its ready for the public.

      • Any word at all on the 80-400 refresh? Seems like there was a fair amount of noise around this one a year or so back. Then all went silent again.


  • mark china

    I ‘ve got a d700 and these samples are much better than my d700.

    • I was thinking the same.

  • chris

    my d7000 looks better at 6400 than this. i am very disappointed. i will save a little extra and get a used d3s i suppose.

    • Alexander N

      And how about noise reduction? Those photos were taken without any noise reduction.

    • David

      Lol, no your d7000 doesn’t look better than this at 6400

      Especially not at 100%, with NO noise reduction.

      When you import any photo into lightroom it automatically applied chroma noise reduction. Try setting it all to zero with your d7k. You’ll be surprised. I went for years without realise that it does it automatically.

      • Calibrator

        In my opinion Lightroom is too aggressive with chrome noise reduction as it defaults to 25 regardless of ISO etc.
        With my D7000 I usually set it to 15 (at low ISO) with no difference in chroma noise but a tad better detail.

        • Carsten

          You know that you can create ISO sensitive presets?

    • Nikonnut

      I have a D7000. Absolutely no way. Those are 100% crops not downsampled with no NR. I think we are repeating.

    • Rob

      Please link to your unprocessed RAW files from your D7000 that are better than these.

  • delay delay after delay wtf is going on?

  • zoran

    Where does on the website say that these images are actually taken with D800?
    How did this person acquire the camera? Unless they are released by Nikon at this point before the camera is released officially, I would treat everything with suspicion.

    • Alexander N

      The topic is named “Äntligen Nikon D800” (“finally Nikon D800”) on the forum on the Swedish site Fotosidan.se. And as I am from Sweden I have been following that topic for a very long time. That member, “Joakim Bengtsson / The_SuedeII” does indeed know extremely much about camera technology, especially Nikon.

    • mordrid52

      The images are posted in the Nikon D800 thread. I didn’t read enough of the thread to see if he said where it came from, but he’s not the only person to get to play around with a D800 (see SkintBrit’s post in the forum).

    • Glas

      He just processed nef files avalible on the net.


      One link where they used to be avalible, dont know if they still are.


  • burgerman


    Took the 25600 ISO photo, and ran it through topaz default mild setting, resized it back down to the D3/D700 size (57 percent reduction – bicubic shargper).

    This is how it will look at 25600 iso on a monitor 42 inches wide… And thats from a bad jpg image off the net with bad light. I think exif still intact but doesent show the ISO. So try it for yourselves!

    My D700 doesent get close.

    It will, once normalised to the same print size be closer to the D4 than the D3. My d800 is ordered!

  • UA

    Nice to see that D800 has pretty much same ISO performance up to ISO 6400 that Canon 5Dmk3 seems to have (not much samples yet though).

    I would expect that they are pretty same up to the ISO 12800. Maybe Canon is better at ISO 25,6k, we’ll see, but it’s really annoying that Canon and Nikon have different standards for what to call native ISO. After all, “native” ISOs in digital sensors is always more software than hardware.

    I would not want to be Canon shooter atm. 5dmk3 brings only better AF and slightly better ISO performance and huge price increase. Nikon added 3x pixels, still improved hi-ISO (and more pixels help even further to keep details in pp nr), very nice video features (uncomp. HDMI), and kept the price at the same what D700 was when launched. Bravo, Nikon, bravo. (duh, I sound like fanboy here, but cannot hide the facts..).

    • Tony

      Surely it is really not possible to assert similar ISO performance between the D800 and 5D MK III until direct comparison tests have been performed. Personally I would expect that the comparison between the two cameras will be roughly in line with what you would expect given the relative mp (i.e. higher resolution for the D800 and somewhat better ISO performance for the 5D MK III). The question is how significant these differences will be in practice.
      I do agree that Nikon really seem to have beaten Canon in terms of price with the D800 (relative to the 5D MK III). I wonder how Canon can justify the extra cost and whether this price difference will persist for very long.

  • Patrick

    You know, all of these continual hair splitting, fan-boy rants get tired real fast, already.

    Quibbling about whose comera model has more/less noise at 6400, 12,000,…etc. So quickly, this is all taken for granted! Like some here, I cut my teeth on film that was considered FAST, if it was rated ASA 400, 800. Grain was noise, and it was whether or not the grain was sharp or not, that was more important. How about the many decades worth of phenomenal photojournalism? Did anyone ever complain about, say, Helmut Newton’s super grainy/contrasty fashion work? – not referring to his content ;~),…nary a complaint there!

    I’m just saying that in an extremely short timeframe, we’ve come to expect/take for granted, such phenomenal technical capabilities from our digital gear. Now, we scrap over the relative merits of iso 12,000 vs 25,000!!!

    • toad

      Agree wholeheartedly.

      Here’s a clue. Switching from Nikon to Canon or vice versa isn’t going to make you a better photographer. Nor is some improvement in ISO 12,800 performance of your camera.

      Yes, equipment is interesting, and I’m a bit of a gadget hound too, but don’t confuse it with photography.

      • +1

        Dead right … you can be a photographer and a gadget freak, just don’t confuse the two and think new gadgets will make you a better photographer!

        I have actually ordered a D800E, but know it is actually going to set me BACK in my quality of output as I must learn how to use the new equipment and also due to it’s ability to capture incredible detail I will have to vastly improve my technique to truly get the best results out of the camera.

        • Banksie

          I also agree with everything said in theory. Of course the image itself and the image content comes first. And along with that, light is really the whole thing behind good photography (after all, the word literally means writing with light.) Good photography takes skill, intelligence, and visual acuity.

          But on the other hand, if you took Sebastian Vettel out of his Red Bull Renault and put him in a Virgin Cosworth, he may very well not have been the Formula One champion. There are things about the specific tools that is still very important to consider.

          The problem is this incredible minutiae of detail that the gearheads get into. Tech talk is easy. Empirical info is always going to be available, but speaking qualitatively about things requires a lot more critical thinking.

      • Carsten

        Exactly, I bet that 99% of all images taken with a D800 will be at base ISO, perhaps up to ISO 400.

        Good to know that you can produce some candids at 12,800, but the value of such pics doesn’t lie in being 100% noise free.

        If you really need best high-ISO performance: The D4 is made for you, otherwise downsample, this should give you another stop

    • PeterO

      I also agree wholeheartedly with you Patrick, but your reasoning falls on mostly deaf ears around here. From the comments, you ‘d think that most of these people only shoot above ISO 6400 and their clients are using a 20x lupe to analyze their photos before agreeing to pay for them.

  • Wow, the ISO 25600 with medium NR looks damn good considering. They should have shot at a bit higher aperture to get a little more in focus, it’s hard to judge detail here, but overall the noise looks pretty decent and even the highest ISO samples should easily be fixable / usable.

    Lets not forget, one pixel of noise from a D800 is a fraction of the size of one pixel of noise from a D700. Lets remember back to 1.x megapixel cameras for a second, one pixel of noise could smear an entire face, so noise posed a major issue. When the pixels are so small they will not even be visible, even in super-large prints, some noise is NOT an issue.

  • lesliecool


    “Later today we will list the Nikon D700 for $1,400 this is cheaper than what Kogan is currently selling the same product for and it is 100% backed by Nikon with the consumer getting up to a two year warranty.”

    is that a typo? $1400 AUD for a D700 is way cheaper than grey import…

    • Ryan Fielding

      Believe he meant D7000 – not even JB is that cheap

    • Alcapaho

      Must be typo. JB Hi Fi sells consumer level gear. My guess is D7000, not D700.
      Although I’m going to keep an eye on their website for 24 hrs just in case. ;~)

      • The news story saying JB HiFi will be selling the D700 for $1400 has now been updated – it was a typo. It now says D7000.

        Interesting. They claim $1400 is matching the grey market price for a D7000, the same as Kogan (kogan.com.au shows $1339 – close enough – JB Hifi are offering 2 years warranty). There are other sources of Australian warranty D7000’s for around $1400 eg Camerapro so the JB HiFi price is not so special.

        But a search shows you can get a grey market D7000 for approx $1130. So it seems JB HiFi have been convinced to stop grey imports of Nikon equipment.
        (Canon are still listed on their Direct import page!).

        I wonder what JB HiFi sold the D7000 for in September last year?


  • ADMIN – why is there no supporting links or proof for the statement that some Canadian stores are dropping the D800 price by $300?!?! Come on, don’t leave us people north of the 49th hanging! 😉

  • Zac

    I can’t find the D700 on the JB Hi-Fi site at all let alone for $1400 as it says in the link. D:

    • Michael Ye

      YES, YES, Tell us which stores? We are Canadian and want to shop in local.


  • Nat

    Both Henry’s and Vistek list the D800 for $3149. That’s still a ripoff considering how much tax we have to pay (13% in Ontario) and the fact that our dollar is at par with the US dollar right now. Nikon’s announcement said the camera would be $2999 in both the US and Canada.

    Hopefully my local family-owned camera store will have it at $2999 or close to that; I bought my two other DSLR bodies from them and they were always cheaper than the big nationwide stores.

    • GD

      …though not nearly the ripoff levels of the XQD cards.

      U.S price seems to be US$225 for the 32G card.

      Vistek, Henrys, Downtown Camera are listing that card for $400. (apparently the Canadian dollar is only worth 57 cents US!!!)

      I’m sure Adorama, B&H, etc. are all going to be getting lots of mail orders from Canada. Well I guess I can say for sure that they’ll be getting at least one, anyway.

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