Videos shot with Nikon cameras (and some with Canon 5D MarkII)

The above video was part of the presentation during the Nikon D800 introduction in Bangkok. A short portion of it (at the 0:18 mark) was taken from the time-lapse the "The Mountain" (see the 2:10 mark) which was shot with a Canon 5D MarkII by Terje Sorgjerd. Oops. Here are some videos shot with "real" Nikon cameras.

The above video was shot with a Nikon D700... yes D700:

More than one year ago, Nikon didn't have any good solution for full HD video, but I really wanted to use all the great lenses to shoot a music video, so I "forced" this video out of D700, creating more than 3000 single pictures that were lit with SB 800 and 900 other sources for light painting and later edited into moving pictures. Lens used were, 12-24, 24-70, and 50mm 1.4 and ... so a pure Nikon D700 video job 🙂

Next video "Compressed 03" was shot with a Nikon D90 by Kim Pimmel:

Compressed 03 continues my interest in telling stories through analog visual effects - everything in the film was made with physical materials and tools in my studio. By using frame by frame stop motion and time lapse techniques, fluid dynamics and magnetism are transformed into majestic explosions and seething storms.

Sounds best on headphones, and looks best fullscreen!
Shot with Nikon D90, macro lens & custom built timer / trigger
Edited in Adobe Premiere
Scored in Ableton Live

I find analog things appealing - whether it's vinyl or photographic film, there's a certain richness and magic that's difficult to replicate with digital means. The Compressed series showcases analog visual effect techniques, so everything in the films is made by hand, with physical materials and tools in my studio. For each of the Compressed films I try to develop and master a set of analog techniques with which I can craft a narrative.

For the effects in Compressed 03, I was drawn to the dynamic interactions between liquids. I spent about a month playing mad scientist to see what gave the most interesting results. I raided the kitchen for common stuff like milk, oil, and molasses. I stopped at the drug store and buy random things such as witch hazel, nail polish, and bubble blowing mix. I ordered exotic stuff like ferrofluid online. Some liquids repelled each other, some caused coagulation, and some created intricate patterns.

I settled on ferrofluid as my primary liquid, since it yielded some nice interactions with other liquids and could be manipulated using magnetism. All of the black or brown seen in the film is ferrofluid - needless to say it was a very messy few months!

The whole film is shot with a Nikon D90 DSLR, frame by frame, and animated using stop motion and time lapse techniques. This allowed me to control the effects by manipulating various parameters by hand - for example I could blow air onto the scene with a straw to adjust flow direction, or add liquid outside the shot to accelerate an effect. I also hacked a flatbed scanner so I could control it from my computer - and by physically connecting the scanner carriage to other equipment I could adjust parameters of the scene very precisely.

To control the camera for the frame by frame animation, I used a custom timer that I had built for a previous project.

Except for the opening title sequence, everything was shot with a macro lens. While the scale of the scenes in the film may seem grand, they actually range from the size of a post-it, to the size of a playing card. To work at that small scale I used syringes to dispense minuscule amounts of liquids, as well as a whole assortment of tiny magnets to control the ferrofluid. As anyone who has worked with macro can tell you, it's a pain to work with, but it opened up a whole world of visual opportunities for the project.

Once shooting was wrapped, I edited the film with Premiere, while concurrently writing the soundtrack in Ableton Live.

Since I'm kept pretty busy during the day designing software for Adobe, the film was made during my evenings and weekends over the span of about 4 months.

The next two videos were shot by Bruce Brown with a Nikon D7000:

In developing the projects "Fly" music video and  "A" student video I needed a way to shoot motion images of high quality, with a lightweight and cost effective tool.  I have used digital Nikon Cameras for years as a professional photographer (, but never thought about using them for motion/video. In the past I had used Arriflex Super 16mm cameras with film stock for motion projects - this was time consuming and expensive. I had chosen film mainly because I felt the quality was superior to digital. That changed when I did a video test shoot on the Nikon D7000. The quality was amazing. The 1080P files from the Nikon are excellent video files when converted from H264 into the editing format of ProRes 422. The images are robust and more then adequate for color grading. I was convinced it is the perfect tool for these projects.

In "Fly" the D7000 was used both for the live action/performance parts of the music video as well as the time-lapse shots. The time-lapse was incorporated into the live action with the use of a green screen. Editing with Final Cut Pro X I utilized chroma key to composite the clouds and rain into the window for dramatic effect. One of the best things about using the Nikon D7000 was the lens choice. I was able to use any lens from my kit: Lensbaby control freak, manual focus AIS, AFS Nikkor zooms, primes and macro lens.  Utilizing theses tool enabled me to capture images needed to illustrate the point of view of the story.

Having less then a day of access to a classroom location for the "A" student video, speed and ease of set up was essential. The video was completed in a 5 hour session with 38 different scenes and 200 takes not to mention the cooperation of the two dozen 5th grade students. The D7000 gave me the flexibility to move the camera rapidly and effectively; shooting from a ground level position for a dolly move on a Konova K3 slider in one take, and then jumping up on a 8 ft. ladder for an overhead jib move in the next scene. Ease of mobility was the key to the success of this video. Having this versatility and agility of use was incredible.

I am a big fan of this new DSLR technology I can’t imagine going back to the old production ways.


More info about Bruce Brown: - !/BruceBrownPhoto

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  • really?? nikon???

      • R!

        The moovie sucks anyway,I keep in mind the one with the motorcycle!

    • No where did it claim that the video from Bangkok was shot with a Nikon.

      • really nikon ?

        Really? Nowhere did it claim ? And that makes it right for Nikon to use a video shot by Canon ? You rock man, go practice law and quit photography

        • Jonathan

          Hey, you ever heard of advertising agencies? Funny thing those, they could have bought the rights to use all those clips, and guess what, we wouldn’t know, now would we?

          Further, the video that TSO claims Nikon never contacted him about? It was shot with a Phantom. You know, the super high end slow-mo camera?

          If there was no permission granted to use these images, I’m pretty sure there would be some lawsuits.

          And yes, no where did it claim that the promo video was shot with the D800.

          • BornOptimist

            No lawsuits necessary, because Nikon paied what Terje Sorgjerd wanted as soon as they was informed about it. Sorgjerd wanted double of his minimum price for commercial use, and Nikon accepted that. So the case between Nikon and Sorgjerd has been settled. Sorgjerd also expressed that this was no longer a case for him.

        • Jonathan

          And if you actually did any research, you would have found out that this video was made by an ad company, and only meant to be shown behind closed doors.

  • Yhannoby

    It all looks amazing! too bad that the director or editor of that first video put a canon video on it.

  • Hector

    What were you thinking posting this as an official Nikon piece? A blind man could tell that this was posted by a child.

  • Andrew

    Interesting at 0:12 the top Nikon Thailand promo the clip of the surfboard was shot at Bondi recently. Probably was not a Nikon. It was from a Strongbow promotion. I wonder if they had permission.
    See at 0:38

  • Brian

    It doesn’t matter which cameras were used for that first video, it is crap! I can’t believe Nikon would use such garbage footage for their promo.

    • *shrug* looks good to me. It is obviously a person filming a projection or screen of some sort so you should cut it some slack.

    • iamlucky13

      The actual video that was infringed is a stellar time-lapse (one of many that various photographers have started doing since the D3 and 5dmkII came out). Honestly, it’s well worth checking out:

      The rolling waves of clouds is something I’ve wanted to try to capture in time-lapse, but have never had the time to do myself.

  • nir.exe

    As a nikon user I can sadly say that nikons’ video just doesn’t cut it,
    the colors somehow looks muddy. The 5D video looks better 🙁

    • Carythelabelguy [NR]

      Not sure how you’ve come to this conclusion. Nikon’s new video enabled DSLR are heads and shoulders above the Canon 5DII and the 5DIII. For once, Nikon has a much better feature set for video than anybody else in the DSLR arena. Uncompressed HDMI out? Nikon doesn’t have an high-end video dept to cannibalize, Canon does. The D800 and D4’s video capabilities are game changers. You won’t see this coming from Canon, unless you spend $15000. Have you seen the D4 and D800 official Nikon sample films?

      • nir.exe

        Carythelabelguy [NR], I just used my eyes.
        I am a videographer and an editor as well. I have lots of nikon gear, all the new 1.4 lenses and 2.8 zooms on FF bodies and like the colors I am getting shooting stills but I’m telling you (sadly) the colors of the video are not it, and I saw all the videos that was released. For video the 5D looks better, for stills nikons’ FX gear.

        • OlfertsDiller

          You must be a very BAD videographer !!

          One thing is that you think, that throwing the “Videographer”-card, you are right about things…..

          I’m also a videographer and I think Nikon’s video looks WAY better than ANY Canon DSLR video I have seen so far.

          Ill admit that Canons VIDEO-Cameras look slightly better, but the DSLR has Nikon on top now. And with a good margin down to Canons Plastic DSLRs.

      • FCHW

        geeesus – please
        what a unqualified comment of you!
        did you use any of those cameras? a real production model?
        No? so how can you tell?

      • davey jones

        Uncompressed HDMI output will be a great feature if and only if the camera does a good job of downscaling to video resolution. Based on the official sample videos, I’m a little suspicious about whether Nikon has managed this. If they haven’t, and if Canon has fixed their downscaling issues from the 5Dii, then the 5Diii output is likely to look better. Excellent downscaling + high bit rate all-I codec will beat mediocre downscaling + external recorder. All we can say right now is that the jury is still out on which camera is best for video.

    • btdown

      bah! video doesnt belong in my dslr camera. Nikon, take that crap out already and knock out the real d700 successor. If I wanted to shoot video, I’d buy a real video camera or shoot it with my iphone.

      • Calibrator

        No wonder: Digital video wouldn’t work with your VHS VCR anyway!

  • James

    Fail Nikon…. again

    • Anonymous

      Troll Alert!!!

      • Rudi


    • Troy

      Fail my ass, what fail Canon Fanboy?

  • Carythelabelguy [NR]

    While I think it was stupid for the advertisement firm Nikon uses to do something as stupid as this, it doesn’t really mean Nikon sanctioned the video or even knew what happened. This video clip wasn’t used for anything other than a product introduction, as far as I know. It would be different if this video was used as an official product sample or product commercial. Nikon may of had ZERO idea that this was done on their behalf. Like I said, this was most-likely created by a marketing firm, only to be used in this area. I suspect we’ll get an official statement from Nikon on this. I hope I’m right.

  • locsandro

    There are many complaints about the video of Bangkok in various forums and on facebook. First, the Nikon has spent much money for marketing the D800. Nikon would burn with a mount so conventional?? Surely someone made ​​a mistake, but still nobody can say it was the Nikon. Second, I think the owners of other brands of cameras should be very nervous for the release of the D800 and D4. I’m reading the most absurd statements about what happened. What is happening to humanity? Does it now only remains? A stupid war between brands? I think legally defend the brand I like, but being stupid enough to kill for it is imbecility. And it seems that this is what I see. Only hatred. This fucking piece of plastic only captures the picture. The photographer it is who makes the picture so wonderful. Perhaps that is why so much hatred that it is rare to see a movie or a wonderful photo. Nikon vs. Canon, Mac vs. PC and et cetera. There is nothing better than the other. You are just soldiers fighting to the generals get rich. Let’s use the brains and heart to make a better world. And when you do a bit for the world to get better, take a picture.

  • Niktarded

    First off. Pay attention Nikon there’s no excuse for this and it makes you look like fools. Now, I have said it and I will say it again. Nikon files chapter 11 BR in 2012. Nikon just got its own behind handed to it by canon.

    • Brian

      Niktarded This post make you look like a fool, don’t you canon user have any thing better to do like fixing your mirror on you camera?

      • Anonymous

        Nope… canon users are still trying to figure out the menu banks… 🙂

  • broxibear

    DPreview posted their Nikon D4 Studio Test Samples. If you compare the D4, D3s and D3 at the various ISOs using their tool, you’ll see there is very little difference between them in jpeg or RAW image quality
    Of course the D4 has other upgrades compared to the D3 and D3s (the video capability is astonishing, the AF system has been improved, it feels lighter in your hand etc)… but purely from a stills pov the differences are small.
    If you don’t need video and were thinking of buying a Nikon FX body, and if you can find one in stock, the D3s is an unbelievable buy compared to the D4.
    It just highlights how well designed the D3 was, that 5 years after the D3 was released a brand new sensor and camera is only slightly better.
    It makes you wonder if they’ve reached the end as far as the 35mm FX format goes, maybe the D5 won’t even be a DSLR ?

  • MarkR

    That first video supposedly from the D800 is total B.S. It’s already been debunked on YouTube as such. I hope people won’t waste their time with it or they may get the wrong idea about the VQ of the 800. The official sample video we’ve already seen shot in Chicago at night is much much better and I expect we’ll be seeing more good videos in the future from real photogs instead of the hack who put that POS vid together above.

    Btw, I recognized both the music and some of the footage as being promos for Sony TVs. I think whoever it was uprezed some 360p or 480p footage from elsewhere on YT and added it to the mix. A lot of people(mostly teenaged fanboys)often make fake movie trailers the same way.

  • MarkR

    Another good promo video for the D800 besides Joyride is Through The Lens.

    Watch those 2 videos on YouTube instead.

    • locsandro

      I loved this video that you commented. Not well known. But surely a great movie.

  • Jason

    Beautiful work on the “Compressed 03” video. Really inspires me to go out and buy some ferrofluid.

    I love seeing good video and photography work no matter what equipment was used to shoot it.

    • OlfertsDiller

      I thought it was dead boring!!

    • Another Jason


      I love seeing good video and photography work no matter what equipment was used to shoot it.

      I happen to be in the Canon camp and completely agree with that statement… I could have as easily gone with Nikon at the time. It’s great to see innovation from both companies. What saddens me is the sense of superiority certain members have for their camps equipment (both Canon and Nikon). Ironically / typically, the equipment (again, both Nikon and Canon) isn’t even out and people are denigrating one unreleased camera to laud another unreleased camera – no surprise there. While I appreciate that many of us love the gear, performance, competition, etc, I think the certain people, mentioned above, need to think hard before they launch into a lambast regarding specs on paper without having actually used the equipment or at least waited to review independent reports. Take for example, the Canon 1D Mark3 some years back. It was supposed to have terrific auto-focus but there was a bug with that and it turned into a bit of a disaster for Canon. Looked great on paper but the reality was different. Like many, I believe that the best camera is the one that you have in your hand at the time.

      Another Jason.

  • Ahmed

    First video white balance was away off, too bad …. 🙁

  • Dan

    Sorgjerd claims the footage was used without his knowledge. Hmmm, strange isn’t it that Nikon were supposedly able to acquire production quality copies of the footage and use it without permission at an official launch. I’ll bet this is generating some traffic for Sorgjerd. And really, some shonky footage that looks like it was bought for a dollar from a street stall in China?

  • Nope

    Man. Canon just pwnd Nikon in every way. Radio trigger in the new speed light and all.

    • QQMoar

      Ready to spend $400+ for the trigger and $600+ for THE ONLY speedlite that can be triggered? lolz

      • Calibrator

        No, man. Still saving for the $900 WLAN transmitter!

  • Bryan V

    yawn… again who cares? 5D mark II or D800 its not rocket science to know the D800 will be a better camera.

  • One More Thought

    Yawn…first off, an advertising firm made this video, not Nikon…now it still was a stupid thing to do…but it doesn’t mean anything. This is no way diminishes the quality of any Nikon camera, nor will it in any way prevent anyone from buying Nikon. It’s a little mistake…move along.

  • tsung hey

    so nikon,right now. where’s your video camera or camcorder ( if you really make a good video ) ? your not really into videography, give it all back to sony where you borrowed them 😛

  • Steve Starr

    The 1st video camera sounds are more like a film drive off some older motorized film camera than a newer digital: “Click…whirrr…zip.” Sounds odd for any newer digital camera.

  • InfraRed

    hummh: who do I say that and don’t look stupid or old fashion’d… I DON’T CARE ABOUT VIDEO ON MY NIKON; IF I WANT PRO-like VIDEO, I’LL BUY AN EPIC…
    I just can’t wait to get my pre-ordered D4 and D800.

    • Markus

      And then you got awake…and was it ac nice dream?

  • Bernard

    Yuck !!!…

  • Double

    The footage with the music conductor and flying paint was actually shot on high speed cameras.

  • Kim Pimmel. Pimmel in german means prick. Tiny awkward 😉

  • milkytits

    naturally they would use a canon to promote a nikon video, they want it to look good.
    My 4 year old built a lego camera that operates better than a nikon.

    • nokin

      Wow! Please add links to his portfolio, would love to see some samples.

  • nikon boi 2 u

    Canon makes good dildos so i guess u canon boys can stick um up ur ass!

  • …actually there are lots of details in that video that don’t say Nikon, and some which say “not Nikon”. For instance that horrid shutter sound. No Nikon I have ever owned sounded like that. Not even the N80. Ok, the N4004 I found in the garbage may have had a similar shutter sound.

    Nikons all have a short brisk “CLACK”. It can be a problem at times. My D7000 is the most muted sounding Nikon I’ve owned. It still has more of a discreet “snick” sound. The Canons are that have that geared whirring sound you hear in the video.

    Somebody obviously didn’t do their homework. I hope they were paid accordingly.

  • Andy

    Can’t believe how much coverage this has got. I have a ‘d800’ search setup on twitter which I regularly check for the latest news, but for the last 2 days this is all people have been talking about.

    If its an advertising agency that made the mistake, who cares? Maybe Nikon should ensist all marketing material is filmed using the products they’re actually marketing though. Sloppy, but they’re all at it.

  • MashingTheGas

    Is it just me or is the quality of the video on the D800 video more than just a little bit underwhelming? Someone please tell me it’s the result of post-processing.

    I’ve ordered my D4 and sure hope I can expect to get better out of it than that……yikes.

  • Tas Khan

    Really what concerns me is not how many frames were borrowed and from where, it is the quality of footage. If this the IQ then I’m off to some other camera. I am afraid the quality of videos Nikon is putting up on the web is really really off putting. There’s noticeable moire and unsharpness and noise (which you cannot call cinematic film grain) in most of the footage, particularly Joy Rider which does not give me any joy watching it quality wise. The money Nikon has spent on running the riders around the city seems a lot but the results don’t quite match it. I remember reading a claim from Nikon that the HD 1920x1080p broadcast quality video on D800 would have full ‘pixel for pixel resolution’. Is that it? Nikon is completely silent about the way they have downscaled the 36 mega to 1820 x 1080p. Is the quality only limited to uncompressed HDMI streaming out for which you need to buy a recorder, its peripheral gear like mounts batteries tripod etc. It’s not easy if you are shooting hand held to lug around with all that. Could Nikon not give us a clean and decent video straight from the camera and then leave HDMI out for those who want 4;2:2 colour space or more. If you say that Nikon has given us all that in the form of D800, then why the footage quality from D800 doesn’t mach 5DmIII. By the way, I am a Nikon fan and have had Nikon gear for years now but I’m a bit disappointed on the Nikon’s promo and what I know about the video on 800. Please correct or inform me if any one knows. I’ll only order mine when I am certain re video.

    • R!

      If you dont like the downscaling from HDSLR ,because you don’t need dof or bokeh in your work, did you try the M4/3 GH1/2 or G3; they are very nice for filming, plus they have an autofocus that works ok!!

    • Media

      Well, for vacations and stuf like that, 24 mbits is enough :))
      For all other use, recorder is the limit… They COULD give us the option for better quallity also without recoder, but in the end, the option with recorder provides better image quallity than on 5D mk iii (if you need it..)

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