Nikon D4 delayed for another month?

I received three tips from retailers in different countries that the Nikon D4 will be delayed for another month. The camera was set for a March 15ht delivery after it was initially delayed for a month. Here are the latest (rumored) shipping dates for the D4 and D800:

The final Nikon D4 production firmware is already out and today several websites started already publishing "approved" samples taken with the camera.

Canon recently also announced that their  EOS 1Dx flagship camera will be delayed till the end of April, 2012.

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  • PAG

    Somebody yelling that Nikon is dead in 3, 2, 1…

  • Another month, but I don’t have to worry, no $6k camera body for me.

  • Nikon Is Dead

    Just ordered a D800E and D4 yesterday but I think I’m switching to Canon now.

    • Royster

      Why when the Canon is delayed until the end of April anyway

      • Nikko

        Yeah, that makes sense..

        • Jb

          Yeah but Canon isn’t jacking around there customers!! You can’t tell me its simply impossible for them to release a camera when they say they are…

    • Robert

      cool…canon sucks and it just means I will get mine sooner then!!!!!!!!

    • Ralph

      Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  • broxibear

    I heard a whisper that the first D4’s wouldn’t be delivered before May in the UK… no one’s saying why though ?
    The expression used was Nikon are being “very tight-lipped” about the reason for the delay.

    • The final firmware is out – expect every major website to have a “hands-on” review in the next few days, so the camera is ready.

      • So, if the final firmware is out, then what’s the delay?
        I don’t buy the theory that Nikon is delaying the D4 because Canon asked them to do so. That makes no sense.

        . . . not looking forward to shooting March Madness with my D7000 instead of the D4.

    • I hate to say that, but could it be that Nikon and Canon had a talk and decided to release their top guns at the same time?

      • broxibear

        You mean like the deal Sony did with Nikon?…we’ll make your D4 sensor as long as you put a XQD slot in it and we get to be the only card supplier, lol ?

        • Andrew

          It’s called synergy, Japan, Inc.

        • rhlpetrus

          The D4’s sensor is not Sony.

        • nir.exe

          To be honest, this XQD thing really, really sucks.
          No matter how good it is, it complicates the workflow that you need
          to carry cards from different types. It is definitely not as universal as the CF cards.
          D3 is perfect in that sens, when I’ll need to get a new camera I think I will go for a used D3s.

          • Andrew

            Anything new is never universal, it takes time. But you really have to understand a new technology before you can form a conclusion on its merits. To me, XQD looks exciting.

            Remember Blu-ray, when Sony pushed it many people did not understand that its technology was superior to HD-DVD and were saying it was too expensive; then in less than two years its price dropped significantly. For anyone willing to spend $6,000 on the awesome D4, a $200 card is pretty cheap.

            Memory card technology is advancing quite fast, and Nikon’s flagship product (i.e. D4) is the best place to showcase this new technology.

      • Komalkumar

        Nikon and Canon are friends with each other but we keep fighting for them 🙂

        Its common in any industry! the customers take sides and increase business 🙂

    • broxibear

      P.S. If you look at this image of the D4 engadget published you’ll see the bottom plate is a normal one with a serial, as opposed to the others that have said “Sample” on it.
      I don’t know if the “bug” as it was described has been fixed on these cameras or if they have to go back to get fixed after the reviews ?

      • If “the issue” was not fixed, they will not let the big sites publish any images, remember Kelby’s D4 video that got pulled?

        • broxibear

          Unless it’s not an image problem but a video one ?…but I’m speculating, and I don’t want to scare all those who have ordered a D4 lol.
          Why was that kelby video pulled anyway? I watched it and the only part that raised an eyebrow was when the rep said there would be no normal stock levels for 6 months…apart from that I don’t reacall anything remotely controversial.

          • I asked Kelby, he never replied 🙂

            • Pierre

              You know which camera he used to take the pictures of the D4? Enother D4?

    • If this info is wrong, Nikon UK will probably make an official statement to AP. If they don’t say anything, it’s true.

  • Ole

    I still love Nikon.

  • T.I.M

    I already told you many times, as long I receive my D800e for May 25th, nothing else matter !
    (I suspect the first D800/D800e batch to be delivered in late April, and then, backorder until september !)

    • ken

      D800 is March 22nd, no reason to suspect otherwise and I don’t know why ppl want to toss random dates out there, on suspicion of…..?

  • JB

    I hope that isn’t true but have learned not to “bet” against Peter. Had really hoped to have a D4 for Thoroughbred racing in April! Oh well!

    I have to believe this is tied to problems with XQD availability. Of course…..I have NO knowledge other than just pure supposition.

  • mikils

    I wouln’t mind to have a look at those ”approved” samples… it sure beats making wild guesses about the exact day the camera will be released.

  • boooooo

  • Well, I’ve been shooting with the D300 for four years now. I an extra month won’t be so bad. I don’t know how high up on the waiting list I am at Ritz Camera, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll make that first batch!

    • Discontinued

      Hi Michael,

      I was going to say something nasty (as I personally feel another month with D300 would be a bad thing and mine is already sold) but then I got curios and had a look at your folio. Man, I am impressed.
      Composition, scenery, colors and lighting … you really keep pace with advertising and commercial togs. Family, kids, wives and bellies can’t be done better. Your private clients are truly blessed (even if shot with just a D300). Really a nice folio. I can’t recall to have ever seen something better in your field of work.
      What have you ordered (D4 or D800)? If the latter your clients will be able to decorate their walls with some impressive (large and nice) prints of themselves. Good for them. Good for you.

      • CAT

        In good light with pro lenses (and most important good technique), the D300 delivers. I look forward to the D800/E but it doesn’t mean the D300 is bad.

      • Bondi Beach


        Lovely to see some positive comments on here. And beautiful photographs

  • PM

    another delay?


    I suspect that if 1dx is delayed again , the d4 is also going to be delayed.

    Conclusion: Canon wants to test nikon d4 before shipping 1dx , but nikon is always ready to delay the already…delayed d4 for as long as it takes to torture both Canon and us !!!!!

    What a story !!!!

    • St.

      I agree with PM. I think the reason is because Canon are delaying their camera, so they want to see Nikon’s first and (may be) make some final adjustments.
      But Nikon won’t let them do that.
      One thing is clear – Canon are quite upset about the performance of their flagship.
      If the Olympic games weren’t coming, they could delay the release date forever.
      Come on, Nikon – show them “Who’s the man!”
      As 5DMIII won’t be any match for D800 (except may be for noise levels)

  • Jim

    So are these the shipping dates from Japan TO the retailers? Or the ship date FROM the retailers to the customer? Not sure I ever understood that.

  • RAY

    I agree with JB. Let’s watch B&H site and see if they change the expected date on the XQD card to later than March 29th and March 30th. It is odd that the XQD card was also delayed after originally announcing a February delivery date…

  • I

    It is bad, very bad, it looks like kidding with customers, Nikon is not keeping promises, if it is true I have to give up D4, because work is not waiting, I sold my back up camera and planned D4 make primary and D700 back up, but now I am forced to buy something and lose money selling it after Nikon will make favor and release what they promised few months ago, because I can not trust Nikon and rent hoping that D4 will be as they promise. It is unacceptable to play like that with loyal PRO customers. Do not promise what you can not fulfill, Nikon did that, shame…

    • T.I.M

      @ I
      I have been pro for 25 years and never had issues about camera and lenses availability.
      I always worked with what I had, new gear replacing the old one only when available.

      • WoutK89

        +1, never sell the skin before the bear is shot as we say in Holland

        • BartyL

          I am surprised at the number of times people write in here saying they sold their main camera in expectation of the release of a new one which they need for work. Seems a very, very risky strategy.

    • Ralph

      You sold trying to beat the market, that’s kind of your fault. How do you know where you are in the queue? What you lose on your purchase you prob made selling your other gear early.

  • I

    If Apple can say after anouncement exact date and time when products will be available, why other honorable companies can not do that ?

    • WoutK89

      dont be sore because you made a mistake. Nikon is still recovering, stocks of most products from Thailand are still on an all time low.

    • @I:

      It seems you haven’t been around long. Apple has been notorious for delayed shipping and limited stocks. Only recently have they begun to announce distro dates and actually meet them. I’m not knocking Apple, just pointing out that it takes a historically rare genius (Tim Cook) in that department to be able to make these things possible for a company of any significant size.

  • Ray

    I pre-ordered the first day, probably the first minute from B&H as soon as they allowed pre-ordering. I was expecting Feb delivery and I sold my D3S on ebay 2 days before the first delay. OUCH… My only camera left is my wife’s D7000. I had to borrow a D700 for one shoot last weekend and will borrow again this weekend. I sure hope the delay is wrong. I also pre-ordered the D800. Please don’t delay both again…

    • T.I.M

      LOL !
      Welcome to the waiting club, I’m using a D5100 to shoot with my $6000 200mm f/2 VRII !

      (BTW, the D5100 is a real piece of s….)

      • Anna Seed

        Complete tosh. The D5100 takes great photos. I use it all the time with the D700. Same sensor as the D7000.

        • arizonaSteve

          I picked up a D7000 to shoot video. I shoot stills with a D700. Something about the grain/noise in stills from the D7000 just bugs me. Not the amount of noise at various ISO levels per say, just the pattern/quality of the noise.

          • Calibrator

            What noise? What software do you use in post?

        • T.I.M

          @Anna Seed
          You’re right, the “image” quality is great (reason why I’m using it) but it’s a REAL PAIN to shoot with that camera, for example there is no lock for the autofocus aera selector.

  • ll

    I’m wondering how much these delays with the D4 and 1DX have to do with clearing out existing inventory. For those keeping track Intel has also delayed their latest chips be 2 months to clear out existing inventory.

    • that could be, but the D3s is nowhere to be found in the US, maybe other countries still have inventory, plus I think Nikon will continue to sell the D3s

      • JB

        The local dealer where I ordered my D4 has 2 d3s on the shelf.

        • Art

          Pictureline in Salt Lake City has a D3s.

      • Gino

        Admin, have you heard anything about Nikon lowering the price on the D3s?

  • March 1 is tomorrow so I’m waiting for more info on the D400. I’m a prosumer who shoots birds and Nikon can’t leave the D700 /D300 void in their product line up. A D7000 or D800 does not satisfy the gap in capability or cost!

  • Another D4 Buyer

    Do we really need to wait on XQD? Its not like it has dual-XQD slots. 99% of buyers already own CF. If the firmware is done and serial numbered test bodies are shipping, then its 2 weeks transit on a cargo ship + local shipping. That’s mid to late March. If the wait is to upset Canon, I have no problem with and applaud Nikon’s attempt enjoy a little schadenfreude at canon’s expense. Time to order the D800 as well and maybe I will have one new body by July.

    • ItsaChris

      I would love to dump all my CF cards, the pin connection is not ideal (even though I have never had a problem). I would not mind going to SD (and will be with the D800) but XQD would be better as long as the new standard has a long life.

      • I would take CF over SD 8 days out of the week — pins included.

  • onwatch

    I have been a (very) satisfied NIKON customer for 47 years..( I can’t believe it). Right now there is the D7000, D700, D300s, D3s/x all available. If you need a camera, there is a great one to get! Meanwhile, these Nikon guys have been under water twice now this last 12 months of this disastrous year. Give them a break to make sure what they are finally selling to be top notch….

  • Cloke

    Well… at least I will be able to see if i can still afford to pay for it after I have to pay my taxes!

  • This really just puts more weight on my theory that the delay has nothing to do with firmware but demand.

    They delayed it a month to make more yields to cover all NPS/Big Agencies and if they delay it again it will be because they are trying to get more pre-orders filled.

    Remember the factory only runs 1 shift. And the demand must be HUGE after the D800 was confirmed.

    It also explains why Engadget and other places have their D4 in hands, non sample versions.

    • I dont understand the logic of this. Do they have only one boat they can use to ship cameras across seas? Why stockpile camera upon camera rather than release the few thousand you have on hand (to NPS/Press) and make regular bi monthly shipments thereafter to retailers no matter how small?

      • Agreed. How does it make sense to sit on existing stock just to “stock up”?

  • I hope this doesn’t become a monthly thing with them, come the end of march we’ll see a delay till mid-may, then mid april will be june, then…

    Eventually we’ll just go for the D5…

    But I hear there might be a delay on it 🙂

  • pogodrummer

    somebody please check this “review” of the d4 on engadget…
    Blaming the shots on the lens… the lens being blurry in low light? wtf? he even deleted all the comments…

    • Andrew

      This is not what I call a review, skip.

    • That’s why I did not mention those reviews, Gizmodo has one as well.

  • GenerousSupps

    I will be in Thailand next month and I was hopping I get it form there…but with this delay this became…This would be my first ff camera and using it for video. I am not a professional photographer, so I can decide if I will go for this or 5dIII, but I also can decide if I go for any of these 2 companies because they announce products but you cannot trust them in what they say all time…If you are serious in life you are serious in your job too.

  • Alan

    Anybody have contacts in Nikon to whom they can suggest releasing the product manuals so we have something to read while we’re waiting?

    I hope people are right that this is a waiting game with Canon (though I’d find that vexing if I were a D4 customer waiting for a delivery).

    If this is in anyway technical, I smell a D800 delay coming… There is too much common hardware between to the two.

    Delaying for XQD cards doesn’t make sense to me– the camera is usable with CF cards. People who rely on dual cards for their workflow aren’t the type who would use the camera professionally straight out of the box, and they can work out the camera a bit with one card while they’re waiting.

    • Jack

      The D4 manual is already released and available as a printable download in Nikon Japan’s website. It is in Japanese, however. The D800 is pending. I have my own two volume set of the D4 manual sitting here in front of me. There is also a Quick Guide.

      In Japan the posting of the D4 manual was considered psychological warfare against the 1Dx. My colleague in Osaka got to handle the 1Dx last week, but we riffraff are not. Getting time on D800s yet.

      • Alan

        Let me rephrase that– can someone ask Nikon to release the manual in English? I’d love to take this psychological war international.

        Seems if they released it in one language, there’s really nothing to hide…

      • the D4 manual is available on Japan’s website for few weeks now – I already posted that on the blog

  • D4 Resources shifted to D800 production due to larger than expected pre-orders?

    • Greg

      I’d have expected the D4 to be the bigger money maker, at least at release…

      • D4: 5k bodies/month @ $6,000 == $30,000,000/month
        D800: 30k bodies/month @ $3,000 == $90,000,000/month

        How would you like those kinds of numbers on your year-end statement?

        Of course, margins also impact profitability.

  • Enrique

    A stupid remark maybe : are those cameras “safe” , they will not be slightly RADIOACTIVE because of Fukushima radiation ???
    As i am not shure of this, i go for a German brand….

    • Patch281

      You make my head hurt…

  • Golly, I am glad I have my new 85mm, f/1.8G to play with…. and as to the guy with the something hung on the end of his 200mm, f/2.0…… you should see a D90 at the end of the 400mm, f/2.8….. gets lost almost… Anyway….. we will get our little D4 bodies exactly when we are supposed to!

    • Trevor

      I’m still waiting on my 85 f/1.8, but I was a little late on the pre-order from B&H. You already have yours – or was that sarcasm?

  • Ok this really pisses me off! wtf NIKON!!! its the hight of the wedding season and now this?

    • Royster

      Wedding season.Don’t people get married all year round where you live.

      • Yes buts if your in the business you know the next three to four months are the big months for weddings all over. Here in Miami yes it’s year around. Hell!! I just want a new camera damit!!

      • When you can often have snow on the ground any time from Oct. 15 to April 30, wedding season is most definitely not a year round thing here in Saskatchewan, Canada. Last April 25 we had 3 cm of ice on the highways, causing me to hit the ditch. I bought studded tires for this winter. If wedding season DID extend year round, would you have ever considered studded winter tires an accessory as important as another speedlight?

  • Ray

    Didn’t I see from the interview posted here and translated to english, that the Nikon Rep stated the D4 would ship March 15. That was just last week. I wonder what has happened over the weekend. The Kelby video was pulled way before this interview.

  • RWJ


    Who the store that is posted the price of ¥238,000 ?

    It seems much cheaper than the MSRP set in Japan of ¥298,000?

    I see Yodobashi Camera is ¥268,00 after point card. At the current exchange rate it works out to $2,900 USD great deal.


    • This was an anon email, all I got was this image.

    • K!

      NIKON camera shop in Osaka University of Art

  • neekone

    Hopefully they are putting timecode on their video function. Geez. No timecode, really?

  • Brian C

    I think the B&H date was adjusted because they’re closed for the Passover Holiday and that’s the 1st Monday after they re-open.

  • Upsidedown

    Anyone not anticipating delays and selling off gear without suitable backups have only themselves to blame.

  • Joe Bodego

    Love my nikon but hate the company. I am starting to buy canon lenses now for the big move to canon. I just had it with that company

    • WMY

      You really have to love Nikon if this makes you switch. Good luck with the Canon lenses, I’ve heard they rock!

    • Anonymous

      Bye bye troll, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • mikils

      Goodbye troll!

      • John Boen

        Yes good bye.

        Enjoy the increased range and cheaper prices!


  • Mango bike

    I’m trying to figure out where the clicking sound is coming from when the Engadget reviewer is shooting video in AF mode. Maybe that’s the issue? Who knows at this point.

  • Brian C

    I believe the B & H delay on the D800E is because they are closed for the Passover Holiday April 12. April 16 is first business dayafter they reopen.

  • Harry the Hipster

    My spies tell me that faxing your London summer games certification (ask your nearest Nikon Professional Services dude) to your nearest Nikon office with prepay proof will help speed things along.

    No NPS camera strap around your neck? Wait until mid-summer is my guess.

  • kevin

    knowing about the delay , i have a 🙁 on my face.

  • dont have the money anyway not too much work in the pipeline

  • Acon

    What is it with Nikon (and Canon) being so tight-lipped? Kind of pisses me off. If they want to keep the trust of their loyalists, then why not be up front and out in the open with what is delaying things? I realize American and Japanese cultures differ, as do their companies. But after posting a delivery date, collecting hundreds of per-orders, and then not explaining multiple delays….well. What the hell? Just be honest, transparent, and keep my trust in your company. Now I am left to ponder whether or not Nikon can really deliver the specs of the D4.

    Not to get into a debate on American automobiles, but we did hear impressive specs on the 2013 Mustang a few months ago. Why is it that Nikon/Canon never tell us what their goal is in the upcoming dSLR? Why is it that they won’t be up front in real-time on a delay?

    Ok. Done with my rant. Back to waiting for the D4.

    • JB

      EXACTLY!!! there playing Games!!!! if they announce a date they need to stick to it!!, if theres a problem be upfront with your customers!!!, were not talking a little disposable unit here!!

    • traylorc

      Folks loyal to either Nikon or Canon are going to remain fans regardless of their respective company being tight lipped or delaying their products….it’s why these folks are called “loyalists”.

      Bottom line…delays happen. And for every one person that proclaims I’m switching to Nikon/Canon because they broke their promise regarding delivery dates…there are 3-4 new folks bitten by the photography bug ready to take their place.

      Why won’t Nikon / Canon be upfront in real time on a delay…because they don’t have to, and they know it. As you said it yourself, “rant over, back to waiting for the D4”. Regardless of the delay you are still going to purchase a D4, and that’s exactly why the management of either company loses in sleep about not providing real time info on delays.

      • ACon

        Yes, you are correct. But…oh how I dream that we had an American camera company with equal quality. Kodak really dropped the ball a couple of decades ago. I always wonder what Kodak might have become if they could have stayed on the ede of the wave by producing high quality lenses and cameras instead of mass producing average products.

        It might be a different story today if we had a solid American camera company producing dSLRs to shake things up.

  • JB

    This is horse crap!!!!, Ok I can see one delay…but 2!! Nah…they jacking us around!!, Might just switch to Canon and not put up with Nikon politics!!!

  • Not sure if you’ve seen anything from BHPhoto yet Admin about the D800 and BH, but I received and e-mail saying,

    “We are now expecting to get these on or about 03/22/12. We will charge your card at the time of shipping your order, which is 1-2 days from when we get the item. “

  • Art

    Nikon always does things right even if it causes delays. Canon on the other hand rushes stuff out so fast, they often don’t even spend the time to paint their lenses black.

    • JB

      Sorry not buying it…Nikon is playing games with us! you can’t tell me they got all the units all ready….and now there going back tinkering with them!!!! NO WAY!!! this is 2012!!!! they can build that in a computer model and send it to production and already know how its going to work!!

  • Mike

    I shoot a D3 for photo, and I get it, the D4 won’t revolutionize the way I take pictures, better in low light, sure, better AF, not much for what I use it for…

    But the other half of my business is VIDEO. and in my opinion, nikon really only has one option for that for professionals, the D7000. The jump from that to the D4 will be mind blowing, and limited by 1600 ISO, cropped sensor, no audio monitoring, only 3 levels of audio adjustments among others, it is killing me that this camera is so delayed.

    • I agree. The wait is almost unbearable. I’m just hoping the D800 isn’t also delayed. At least there’s a hope of picking one of those up while we wait for the D4.

  • doug

    I think that the delaying is because Canon fucked up their “flagshit” again and now Nikon is worried because they now they have some issues themselves ( Video), i just think that this companies are playing around too much now, we know that Coopix line is sh&^t, Canon eats Nikon coolpix for breakfast the mid range is also shi”£t on both sides, Canon just managed to get that G1x out and now got the Mirroless on the way, im not saying that Canon rocks, im just saying that they have less to loose with this stupid thing than Nikon has on their top and middle market, canon still has their P & S, camcorders and even the printer sales. When was the last time you saw a Nikon camcorder or a Nikon printer??
    Canon is eating the market and nikon has to stop with that shit of interchangeable lenses mirrorless crap and worry about their real money makers the DSLR contumers it it just appalling that we had to wait for 2 years for a camera that was ready, we are all concerned by the noise that the next Canon will make because we know that 36 MP was a bit too much from the Nikon part and to achieve such a quality of images in suck high ISO’s as we’ve seen by the pictures it is remarkable and only Nikon could be able to do that, but if the Canon comes out as a 22 MP with higher ISO quality, well then things will get messy, Lysine price fixing cartel messy stile i mean. i have my d800 btw.

    • David Gautreaux

      Doug, not trying to be rude here but you sound like a seasoned executive that has been in the game of releasing new products for years. This stuff never really goes right the first time. Show me a product release that has gone flawlessly?? Is it very agravating, yes! Am I made I won’t have my D4 for a little while longer, Yes! This is where we have to let our adult side say, be patient. Is a month or so longer gonna stop us from getting that amazing shot that defines our career, most likely not.

  • OMG no more delay plz!!!
    I already sold my D3! ><

  • Hero

    It feels like if i go out with a girl and the girl she keeps delaying on our ‘first time together’ moment. Makes you want it even more!

  • Lou

    Okay… this new delay concerns me a little. Nikon isn’t really saying anything. I’m concerned that the delays are due to production problems? Could it be supplier issues? Or supplier quality? Remember that suppliers also suffered from the earthquake. I’m concerned because these delays make me wonder about the quality of the final product. It could be that the delays will ensure good quality, but it could also mean that Nikon is trying to cover up severe issues with the product itself.

    I ordered two D4’s and when they arrive (I hope by Christmas…LOL) I’m going to check every nook and cranny as far as quality. I just bought a 300mm 2.8, so I’m kinda stuck with Nikon for now…. this delay just doesn’t sit well with me.

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