Translated Q&A session with Nikon France on the D4 and D800/E *UPDATED*

Chasseur d'Images published the full transcript from the Facebook Q&A session with Thomas Maquaire from Nikon France on the new D4 and D800/E cameras. Here is the Google translation (UPDATE: I got a better translation from a reader, thanks Mike):

Hello everyone, we are pleased to invite you to our first question and answer session live over the internet.
We have already received many questions and we will try to answer within the allotted time.
Notice that we will only answer to questions about Nikon D800 and Nikon D4.

Q: Is the D800E higher in sensitivity compared to D800?
A: No, the D800 and D800E both have a sensitivity of ISO 100 to ISO 6400 with two expandable levels (Standard ISO 100 to ISO 6400, range expandable to ISO 50 to 25600 equivalent)

Q: How many dealers will have the D4 in France?
A: The D4 will be sold exclusively in selective distribution which is approximately 80 stores.

Q: On the D800, are RAW file systematically recorded in 36 MPX or is there a setting to reduce the number of pixels, except using JPEG output format while still in RAW
A: The D800 offers 36MPX RAW files to give photographers maximum definition. But you can, in postprocessing, adjust the final definition of the image (JPEG only).

Q: What about video capabilities of D800: is there an autofocus? of what kind? how is processed subject tracking ?
A: The D800 features a new contrast detection AF (directly implemented on the sensor). It is available in AF Live View and video. It is continuous and allows subject tracking.

Q: Hello, the Nikon D800 and D4 form the new full frame lineup (FX format). However, someone switching to full-frame has the choice between a 36 Mpixels device, requesting high optical quality lenses and powerful post processing hardware to deal effectively as much of information, or a device admittedly high-performance but overpriced. The D700 realized this link between the ultra-versatile D3s and D3x dedicated to studio photography and large format printing lovers. How to advise someone who wants to switch to full frame? We must admit that the D800 36Mpixels is not easy to manage.
A: The concept of D800 is to provide maximum definition in a versatile package. The D700 remains in the lineup and would provide to photographers who do not need high definition a very affordable alternative.

Q: Hello. Could you tell us the difference between D4 and D800 in terms of extreme conditions resistance (high / low temperatures, rain, etc..)?
A: D4 and D800 have anti-dripping seals and a magnesium alloy body that allows use in extreme conditions. Although, even if no datas are provided, the strength and tightness of D4 were elevated to a higher level.

Q: A comfortable user of Capture NX have more direct interest to choose the D800 E version?
A: The choice of D800E must be done considering an expert approach of aliasing management, especially during shooting and in post-production. Nikon Capture NX is a post-production tools that can help you with.

Q: Positioning of AF points has been reviewed ?
A: Density and coverage of 51points AF system of D800 and D4 is identical to the D700 and D3 series. Gap of performance of the new generation AF is due to collimators sensitivity and Scene Recognition System that allows much finer acquisition and subject tracking.

Q: D800E risk of moiré also concerns video?
A: In imaging as on video, structure of the low pass filter of D800E can cause moiré. Definition reduction in video due to "downscaling" and video specific image processing should limit appearance of moiré in the image. Notice that video recording via HDMI output in a format such as Apple Pro Res optimizes post-production and thus the final image.

Q: Difference between the two D800 bodies ?
A: D800 is equipped with a low pass filter which is designed to disperse light rays to limit aliasing effect. Whereas the structure of the D800E low-pass filter have the same optical path but cancels the diffusion of light rays.

Q: Sound quality of the D800?
A: The D800 is built-in external stereo microphone input for mixing. A permanent audio level indicators offer visual confirmation of audio level and an external headphone jack enables you to effectively monitor and control audio.

Q: Hello, why USB3 port on the D800 while the D4 have only has a USB2?
A: The choice of USB3 port on the D800 is linked to high definition concept (36Mpx) and then the need of transferring files as fast as possible. The definition of D4 is lower (16Mpx), so choice of USB 2 was considered as sufficient. Nevertheless, the potential of D4 in terms of pictures transmission (Ethernet, Wi-Fi) makes it the body with most communication features of the series.

Q: Are there plans to update the D700 firmware in order to integrate part of latest D800 software features ?
A: The D800 is designed to provide the very high resolution. All software development is linked to this parameter. So D800 software is specific and cannot be applicable to other bodies like the D700.

Q: I understand that several formats are available on the D800 as the DX ... in this mode, what is the effective RAW image size (in pixels) ?
A: At DX format (24 × 16): the definition is 15.4 MPx is 4800 × 3200

Q: Which optical quality level is required to operate with 36Mpx of D800 ?
A: To enjoy the full potential provided by 36Mpx, useage of High-performance Nikkor lenses or latest high quality lenses is required. For example: AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8, or 35mm f/1.4 or 105mm AF-S VR macro ...

Q: Why the D800 is it not compatible with WT5 wireless transmitter module ?
A: D4 includes a pre-processing data chip (before submission to the WT-5) that helps increasing pictures wireless transfer speed. For space saving reasons, this engine was not integrated into the D800. However, the D800 remains compatible with the WT-4.

Q: Why button illumination function of the D4 is not implemented on the D800? Maybe a further update ?
A: D4 has been designed to work in extreme conditions, including low light (or night). That's why we integrated button illumination function. D800 concept is high definition so it was not considered necessary to implement it.

Q: Is the D800 better than the D700 at low light iso (ex.3200 and 6400) at same image size (without benefit of D800 higher resolution) ?
A: D800 sensor choice and applied post-processing allows image results equivalent to D700 at all sensitivity presets.

Q: Is selected D800 AF-point moving when changing portrait / landscape as on the D4? If not, linked to extra grip useage ?
A: D800 does not have all the ergonomic modifications of D4 as the dedicated AF command or AF toggle when switching from a portrait to landscape.

Q: Difference between D800 and E made by internal software and / or firmware ?
A: Same firmware.

Q: You indicated previously that the D700 remained in the lineup, so we should not consider the D800 as his replacement
A: Yes.

Q: Are crop formats x1.2, DX and 4:5 available in RAW (NEF) ?
A: Yes!

Q: Will it have other manufacturers than Sony providing XQD memory cards ? and is it planned to propose an upgrade to avoid having two types of cards in the D4?
A: Currently only Sony plan to sell XQD cards. No hardware update is planned about D4 to offer 2 slots of the same card type.

Q: Is LR4 able to reduce moire of D800E ?
A: Adobe have to provide the answer

Q: D4 would have a better noise result at ISO 12800 than D3s ! What about exactly?
A: Improved definition and noise management of D4 offer better performances than the D3 series.

Q: I saw that the D800 has a built-in HDR mode. How does it works ? What are the fine tuning options ?
A: HDR allows capture of two images in a single shutter press. Exposure Gap between the two exposure images can be set from 1 to 3 EV.

Q: I am going to purchase a D4 and a D800E but already some pro-agents resellers in Paris alert me on possible delivery delays ! What exactly?
A: D4 will be sold from March 15, 2012. D800 from 22 March and D800E from April 12.

Q: Are there significant advantages to use stabilized lenses with D800 36Mp sensor to reduce micro-shaking (like 24-120 f4 instead of AF-S 24 -70 f2.8) ?
A: To reduce the micro-vibrations, the shutter is equipped with an anti-vibration system.

Q: Why D800's frame rate is limited to 4 or 5 frames per second?
A: Frame rate is directly related to amount of data to process (4 fps in 36Mpx or 6 fps in 15Mpx DX format with battery EN-EL18).
Moreover, buffer of D800 allows more continuous shoots than D700 despite a 3x higher resolution.

Q: Is megapixels increase done in detriment of sensor sensitivity? Would it be a more valuable to combine technology improvement with lower resolution (and so lower density)?
A: Intrinsic sensitivity of the sensor is directly related to the density of the photosites. However, the positioning of D800 is to propose a highest definition as possible. The sensor design and image processing achieves sensitivity levels already very impressive.

Q: Compatibility of D700 battery with the D800?
A: No. The battery of the D700 and D3s no longer meet the new standards applicable in Japan. Nikon used same battery for the D800 D7000 and designed a new battery for D4.

Q: If using old non-AF lens for example, the 36MP sensor of D800 will be a disadvantage or an advantage?
A: The latest NIKKOR lenses receive optical designs that have evolved over older lenses. The gain in resolution is related to these developments. So greater benefit with the latest lenses.

Q: Why did not you integrated GPS in D800.
A: The concept of D800 did not need to embed the GPS function.

Q: Maximum recording speed of videos recording with the D800?
A: In card recording, up to 24Mbits per second. In HDMI, rate related to recording format defined on recorder.

Q: Crop (x1.2 / DX) in the viewfinder? Grid ? Shaded part?
A: Unused portion is grayed out but still translucent.

Q: The sensor is it backlit ? Manufacturer ?
A: The sensor design was done in cooperation with a partner company. Manufacturing is done by this partner company.

Q: Do you plan to release an update on the D800 to implement 16/9 format directly in the viewfinder? This will simplify the frame slide show on TV screen.
A: In theory, no.

Q: D4 pre-orders recorded to date in France will be satisfied on March 15? (Congratulations for these wonderful bodies !).
A: Thank you! To answer you: no, pre-orders exceeded all our expectations.

Q: Do you consider D800 as a replacement of D3X?
A: No. D800 positioning is different than existing D700 or D3x bodies.

Q: Hello, what is your target of D800, knowing that the sensor 36Mpx away significantly from its little brother the D700, which one of the selling points was: little MP to a size of photosites more large, resulting in better sensitivity. What about this statement with this new 36Mpx?
A: You are right, the D700 offers little MPx for high sensitivity (reportage, low light ...).
The D800, on the other hand is for those seeking an extremely fine detail rendering (landscape, architecture, fashion, portrait ...)

Q: Is the D700 will be discontinued??
A: No, the D700 remains in the lineup.

Q: Does Nikon School videos will be updated quickly to unleash potential of D4?
A: It is our practice to change our courses according to demand. I would not fail to note your remarks to the Nikon School.

Q: D800 HDR output file format a RAW or JPEG directly?
A: JPEG only.

Q: Capture NX will he provided free with the D800 as in Germany?
A: Only with D800E.

Q: Are there any hope for progress on the side of the dynamics in the D800/D4 from generation D700/D3?
A: Yes! Dynamic range and color reproduction is improved.

Q: Some photographers have they test the D800? Or can we see photos taken with the d800?
A: I invite you to visit our Flickr:

Thomas Maquaire - Nikon France:
Thank you all for following us during this session of questions and answers.
We have done our best to answer all your questions about the new Nikon D800 and D4.
All responses will remain available during this session. Thank you again!

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  • Scott McLeod

    I love Google Translate:

    “Nevertheless, the potential of D4 in terms of image transmission (Ethernet, Wi-Fi) make it the most limp communicating range.”

    I think they meant “flexible” but this would make awesome ad copy XD

    • Georges Pauly

      The original text is
      “Néanmoins, les possibilités offertes par le D4 en terme de transmission d’images (Ethernet, Wi-Fi) en font le boiter le plus communiquant de la gamme.”

      which can be translated as
      “Nevertheless the opportunities offered by the D4 in terms of transmission of pictures (Ethernet, WiFi) make it the body with most communication features of the series”

      (Nikonian speaking French)

    • Jason

      This settles the fact that D800 raw will be 36mp, and not a humongous 72mp+ as some have suggested….

      • I think you’re mixing up MP (megapixels) and MB (megabytes). The camera captures 36 MP with a file size of about 75 MB (size on disk/memory card)

        It still is a very large file.

        • Jason

          Ouch! 75MB – your are right! What kind of card are you planning to use – with 90/mbs or higher?

          • Frankly, I’m seriously considering keeping my 17-55 f2.8 and shooting DX mode unless the super-ridiculous-mode of 36 MP is somehow required.

    • Scott McLeod

      Wow. Just… wow…

      A little early-morning humour (did folks not see the emoticon?) and so much vitriol results. I was not making fun of French or French speakers BTW, it’s just that machine translations sometimes crack me up. Apologies if I offended anyone 🙁

  • EvanK

    Peter, if you ever need a French translator, I’m open to the job. This Google translation is honestly really bad… interesting content though.

    • Sam

      Could you share a better translation here? I’m very interested in hearing what was actually said as there’s still time for me to change my plans and there seems to be information here I’ve not see before.

    • Post your translation in the comments section andI will update the post. Thanks!

  • Mark

    Wow. Really bad translation. Is it really that hard to find a French Nikon shooter who could translate? 🙁


  • Seriously dude? You have no idea what you’re talking about…languages are subjective, all computers can do is make a best guess effort. The translation is good enough, our brains can fill in the gaps.

    • St.


  • jacko

    I take it that you don’t speak french, or any other language for that matter? There’s a lot of nuance in language that doesn’t translate word for word.
    Maybe you could create a better language translation program than google, and become rich with your superior knowledge of semantics!

    • Frank

      wtf I know about the nuances. You would THINK that today in Two thousand and fucking twelve we have a computer program that can do this. Seeing as we are AWARE of these nuances, we should be able to program them into software. I would be hard pressed to believe it hasn’t been done. The question is why is Google not using something like that?

      • “I would be hard pressed…”

        You indeed seem to have been pressed a bit too hard… 😉

        • nobody


      • Andrew

        And some words can be, by themselves, taken as a verb or noun. The computer doesn’t recognize whole sentences, just individual words. If you have any problems with a translation, I suggest you take them up with google translate, not NikonRumors.

      • fred

        If you want to know the answer to your question, go study computer science, or at least clarify what you mean by “language values” in your original post.

        Hey, why haven’t we colonized Mars yet? We must be idiots!

      • Zeke

        You say “Two thousand and fucking twelve” as if natural-language translation had been perfected years ago. Not true. This remains one of the hardest problems in computer science.

        It’s absolutely astonishing that Google’s translate service is as good as it is.

        • T.

          Good point. Two of my friends are working on Ph.D.s on the problem of machine translation. From conversations we have had it seems that it is probably one of the most challenging computing problems, if not the hardest.

      • davidpeter

        Google translate is an up to date system, which is quite effective. However, it uses statistical methods rather than rule based analysis. That’s why it produces many oddities.
        The whole problem is far more difficult, than you would imagine. It has a complex mathematical background (finite state machines, statistics, machine learning, etc.)

        You should check this out:

        And please, show more respect. You are criticizing a free tool, which was created in millions of work hours and is still under development.

        • fred

          Calling any Google service a “free tool” is stretching economics, if not now, then after March 1st.

          • ATM


        • Georges Pauly

          Robert Heinlein would say “TANSTAFL”

        • Art

          This is correct. Much of the early machine translation technology was developed by a company called ALPS (Automated Language Processing Systems) that I used to do some consulting for. Some of the folks from ALPS went on to Xerox (Grenoble) and developed two-level morphological processing to recognize / convert multiple word forms. Much of the other technology from ALPS found its way into modern machine translation systems. Anyway, they were the pioneers and as you say, it is a hugely complex problem. Google’s system as you says uses statistical methods and if you notice, Google often gives people the chance to “provide a better translation” which gives Google two parallel pieces of text each in their own language to learn from. Google has the largest corpus of parallel texts (they started with the UN texts btw) and hence the most to learn from and thus the most advanced system.

          Anyway, it is cool to see that someone here on NR has the same crazy background as I do. My background is developing automatic language recognition systems, document summarization, text indexing and retrieval etc…. Now I do other crazy things too …

      • rogues

        … And why hasn’t Google produced the ultimate Nikon camera that meets every need/want/desire of every Nikon shooter? They should be hung, drawn and quartered for not releasing this important camera model in this day and age.

        Actually while we’re at it, Google should have solved the world food shortage. After all it’s – how do you say it – “Two thousand and f**king twelve” and we already have the technology to produce food and transport it from country to country.

        Seriously, the post was put up by admin to share the interview with english speakers and – dare I say it – not to highlight the imperfections of Google’s translation service.

        Perhaps the following might be of use to those who think the correctness of the interview translation is more important than the content of the interview itself:

        I’m not a fan of Google, and I try my best to avoid their products, however this forum is called nikonrumors which I think suggests that it’s content is about Nikon products and news. Let’s try to stay on topic.

        With regard to the interview, it is a pity that more detail was not given regarding the D800/E vs D4 for climate / temperature. I am considering the D800E for assignments that take me to alpine regions, so low temperature and moisture will be a key factor for me.

      • Jeff

        It always takes a tool like you to start these tangential conversations that have nothing to do with the content of this article to annoy the hell out of people like me. You don’t understand the differences of language, so go be middle-America dolt guy on a World of Warcraft board and leave this one alone…it is for those of us who want to read about our pre-ordered D800s.

        • rick s


      • dgm

        Your assignment:
        Write a program that can translate “You would THINK that today in Two thousand and fucking twelve ” into French, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish ….. the “Fucking twelve” will be surely the lost entertaining part in reading your results

      • Dustbak

        Simpy because currently there is no such thing besides maybe in early Alpha versions. Indeed, program a perfect translation program that can cope with context and you will get extremely rich.

  • Mralcibiade

    Hi there, i’m a french guy. Here this is a bit late but i think two pages are missing in the translation, u have only the first one

  • I really like the idea of built in HDR, should have had it years ago.

    • Mralcibiade

      Yes indeed, this an heavy process, so they are saying that u can only get a jpeg, this is shity i guess 🙁

      • Hugo First

        no, i don’t think the HDR produces only a jpg, if that’s what you mean. i’ve read elsewhere that the output is RAW — or whatever mode you select… the question you’re thinking of was whether one could shoot RAW in different resolutions (L,M,S), but the guy answered that you can only do that with jpg.

        • Mralcibiade

          Quote from tha Q/A session

          Question: la fonction HDR du D800, délivre un RAW ou directement un JPEG ? merci.
          par louloucallas 16 février 16:30
          Answer:JPEG uniquement.
          par Thomas Maquaire – Nikon France 16 février 16:30

          SO it appers that we can only get jpeg, u have other trustee sources? I hope so.

      • Gideon D.

        If it is the same as on the D5100, it only blends 2 exposures, not aligning them or allowing for 3,5, or 7 as many users (including myself) would like. It is a processing-heavy task, but my iPhone can handle it very nicely through apps, as well as allowing for much more fine-tuning.

        For now, this is a side-issue on DSLRs, but handing it well could be a great benefit, as bracketing in advance often leaves me with enormous amounts of Raw files and the hassle of making it afterwards, generally with my standard settings being used each time.

        With 36mp this will be an even heavier task, so I hope manufactures look into implementing this better, as HDR is here to stay and in many cases will produce a much better result than a conventional photo, negating the need for troublesome graduated ND filters. If we don’t need to fill up our cards and hard drives with bracketed hots, that will be another great convenience. Even giving us a Raw file or 16bit Tiff would help, a Jpeg just isn’t good enough, so I don’t use the feature as much as I’d like to.

    • Pierre

      The good idea : the possibility to set it with a 3 stops step.

      Bad idea : if limited to jpg, in body HDR dead to me.

      Worst, continuous idea : as I read somewhere, same limits on bracketing as previously, still limited to 1 stop max gaps. 2 and 3 would have been great. I can post-prod my HDRs, but I still have to shoot’em right…

      • Daf

        Can you not just shoot more exposures and only use those you want – this way i think you’d get 5 stops ?

  • SebR

    Give me a shout when you need a French translation, I am French and read this blog daily, would love to contribute and put Google “translate” to shame 🙂

    • Just put your translation in the comments section and I will update the post.

  • im a french nikon user too and im ok to help for translation for nikon rumors !

    Bonjour aux francophones !

    • Mralcibiade

      Salut 😉

  • Q: You indicated previously that the D700 remained in the range, so we should not consider the D800 as his replacement

    A: That’s right.

    • Rex

      …just like the D7000 was not the D90 replacement.

      I think this is all just marketing talk. If they said anything else, they would piss off their existing user base by declaring their newly purchased D90 or D700 as obselete.

      Just my humble opinion.

      • All I know is what I’m hearing over. and over. and over. and over. again.

        • Q: Do you consider D800 as a replacement of D3X?
          A: No. D800 positioning is different than existing D700 or D3x bodies.

          Q: Hello, what is your target of D800, knowing that the sensor 36Mpx away significantly from its little brother the D700, which one of the selling points was: little MP to a size of photosites more large, resulting in better sensitivity. What about this statement with this new 36Mpx?
          A: You are right, the D700 offers little MPx for high sensitivity (reportage, low light …).
          The D800, on the other hand is for those seeking an extremely fine detail rendering (landscape, architecture, fashion, portrait …)

          Q: Is the D700 will be discontinued??
          A: No, the D700 remains in the lineup.


          This seems pretty cut and dried to me. Neither the X/H conversation nor the D90 conversation in the past were this clear as far as I can find. This doesn’t mean that Nikon will do anything to replace the D700 or D3x, only that the D800 is not meant to replace either of them.

          Nikon knows that their market of D700 owners is a significant (and very specific) segment. I’m still confident betting on a new D700-esque body in the works, to be announced within the next year or two.

      • By the way, while we’re at it:

        Can anyone point to the exact source of the “D7000 is not the D90 replacement” quoted directly from an authorized Nikon spokesperson?

        • broxibear

          Hi Ron,
          Don’t know about a Nikon spokesperson and a direct quote, but I remember reading a BJP article that stated Nikon said it wasn’t a D90 replacement…
          “the newly introduced D7000 ends up being likened to a D90 replacement – something Nikon assures me is not the case.”

          • From the article: “With an RRP of £1099, the D7000 isn’t replacing the D90 just yet

            This article sounds like more highly speculative hearsay to me. Nikon may have carefully (and somewhat deceptively) selected their words to say one thing when they knew the public would take it to mean something else: ‘The D90 will not be discontinued on the release of the D7000’, or something like that.

            Or, maybe Nikon just answered the questions they were asked, and others simply extrapolated what they wanted to hear:

            Journalist: ‘Is the D90 going to be discontinued?’

            Nikon: ‘No.’

            And finally, the D800 looks MUCH less like a D700 replacement than the obvious evolution of the D90 -> D7k. The D7k IS the D90 replacement, but it seems many people didn’t want it to be so (why ever not?). The D800, however is a different beast. And while that’s no guarantee, I’ll not be surprised one bit if the D700 finds a successor that more closely resembles its predecessor.

      • Michael


      • Matt


      • eduardo b.

        If the D800 is not a D700 replacement why did they reduce in 500 dollars the D700 price?

        • rogues

          My guess is that Nikon are anticipating a drop-off in sales given the age of the D700 and the perception by some that the D800 is a direct replacement. It may also be a re-positioning of the D700 in the model line-up to reflect it’s features / capabilites versus the D800/E models.

          Additionally, by now the R&D costs sunk into the D700 would have been recouped so arguably the ‘cost’ per unit is now lower than when it was released.

          • Up $#!t’s creek!

            too similar in price and have too many differences. if you have inventory of x cameras that is almost the same price as a newer release, which do you think customers will buy?

        • Ernesto Quintero

          Just my two cents: The old business model for next generation/upgraded models might have been replaced with the new norm called post 2008 financial fiasco that the whole world is still mired in( think PIIGS). Then add the rather bad luck to Nikon’s manufacturing plants in Japan and Thailand and it’s very easy to see that what used to be the norm is not was is the norm today. Business have to adapt to the new reality just as their customer have.

          I’m interested in reading the reviews of the D800. Depending on what I read about the D800 abilities as both DX/FX unit I might buy one. The ISO performance in both modes will be a big factor in my decision. In other words I will not buy a used D700 plus keep my D300s, I’l sell D300s and buy D800. I will also take into account the battery grip and batteries cost too.

      • brian

        if I’m not mistaken, when the D3 was launched Nikon was stating that there would no longer be X and H versions. That the D3 was combining the lines. Then a year later along comes the D3x.

        Canon is now saying the same thing with the 1Dx.

        • Darkness

          You are mistaken as far as Nikon was concerned, but let’s not get facts get in the way of dissing Nikon shall we?

        • I remember hearing a lot of people quoting the fusing of the two lines. I don’t ever recall Nikon having said that. When the public wants a truth, they will make it so with hearsay.

          As for the “H”, wither can we find it?

    • Johan

      I wonder if the translations means that D800 is the D700 replacement, or not. In the translation it seems its not. Can the translation be wrong? hehe

      • Four eyes

        No. I think he actually meant that it does not replace d700. A Nikon rep said in one of many videos from D800 press conference mentioned that D700 will exist alongside D800 – this I’m not sure for how long and maybe a marketing bs like the other poster said.

        I think this is really what’s happening. D800 isn’t really D700’s successor. ‘Cus if it was, Nikon is leaving a huge gap where D700 was and pissin a lot of people in the process. Since D7000 claimed D300s’ space, it’s only logical that Nikon rebrand the future D400 as full frame camera to succeed D700. So I’m actually looking forward to a FF D400 that will rightfully take D700’s spot when it exits.

      • LT

        No. I’ve seen the original post, I speak french and They asked if the D800 was the replacement of the D700. Nikon France said NO!

    • G

      This left me a bit perplex. But it only makes me happy because i did not jump on d800 and i decided to wait some more for my first ff. Hope it will take nikon no more than one year or so before the replacement of d700 will be around

      • David G.

        Hi George, I just wanted to say I enjoyed your gallery. Beautiful pictures 😉

      • photo-Jack

        Really admired your shots!

        sometimes i think it would be much more valuable to discuss such a work rather than why or why not 36MP makes a camera good or bad for someone !!!

      • Daf

        Hmm – I’ve been waiting for the D700 replacement for 2 years now. Tired of playing the waiting game.

        I’m going to try and find some true High ISO comparisons (800 v 700) then go for it if 800 seems Ok.

    • Metropolis

      The Nikon D700 is still in stores to sell. You may want to create some comfort to possible buyers and does not demonstrate that the camera has already been replaced. Just Marketing.

      • Darkness

        Nothing wrong with options surely?

    • John Richardson

      After all, the battery problem really only exists in Japan right?

      It should be fine for the D700 to stay in production and shipped world wide. They know they will continue to sell them so why not?

      Now that $500 price droop was great, but I am thinking maybe they can drop it a little more, since it doesn’t have video that can easily justify a +$2000 price tag. I say make the D700 $1999. and call it a done deal.

      • They just might. NR admin was reporting a nearly $4k D800, when it was actually $2,999. We might just see that $1,999 D700 after all. (:

        • I would gladly get one for under 2K, there is NOTHING wrong with the D700, as countless users have demonstrated.

    • vertigo

      Maybe they’re going to update the D700 eventually, but right now they want to sell the D4 and the remaining D700 cameras, and D800. Why would anyone buy them if they’re all the same price or while one is 3x the price with the same sensor. They have to be different prices, and they also have to tell you they’re not discontinued to sell them. Why would people want to buy a discontinued item? I thought it was weird the Best Buy still has the D90. That’s obsolete after the D7000.

      • Jim

        The D90 is still the best affordable camera for beginners. I recommend it to friends over the D3100/5100 unless video is of importance.
        The image quality is only slightly worse than the D300s, you still get the drive for the non AF-S lenses of which one can get a good & price-worthy selection on the second hand market and imho it has superior ergonomics.

  • Andrew

    The problem with french is there are variable per word and a computer doesn’t recognize them. It only sees. I speak french and still have trouble translating from one to the other some times. There isn’t always the perfect translation.

  • fred

    “Hello, for D800 and E is that the internal software and / or firmware are different”

    Yeah, helllloooooOOOO?!

  • onwatch

    As or than…The translation has a lot of information, one does not expect poetry from a computer no matter how many monkeys are behind the curtain. for Example:

    Q: A user comfortable with capture NX there more direct interest to opt for the D800 E version?
    A: The choice of D800E must be accompanied by an expert on the management of aliasing, both in the shooting that the post-production. Nikon Capture NX is a post-production tools for coping with it

    Trans: If you not interested in always fussing about moire in every aspect of the shooting experience, don’t get the ‘e’ version…

    Thanks Peter, very informative..

    • fred

      Your post is extremely offensive to Aliasing Management professionals like myself.

      • fred

        Someone’s insecure.

        • bob

          someone’s flatulent.

          (that would be me.)

      • vertigo

        He was joking, and a good one, at that.

  • neekone

    How bad is your mind that you can’t fill in the gaps and understand the google translation? (yeah, I look forward to better computer translation. Just don’t think anyone has come up with an effective solution. Why don’t you do it?)

  • Why doesn’t they ask if there is another full frame camera coming out or not?

    • They wouldn’t answer this question anyway.

      • Zoom

        Do you suspect thats going to happen? I mean nikon wouldnt just hand over that market segment to the rumored upcoming canon camera.

  • I’m really bummed that the D800 wont have the auto portrait/landscape focus point function.

    • jodjac

      Sean, what are you talking about?

      • On the D4 if you have a focus point on the far right, and then you rotate the camera to a different orientation… it keeps the point on the far right.

        This interview directly answers the question regarding this feature being on the D800.

        • jodjac

          Thank you. I had not heard about that feature. Very interesting!

  • d700ISbox

    “A: The D800 is designed to provide the very high resolution. All software development is linked to this orientation. It is specific to the D800 and is therefore not applicable to other boxes like the D700.”

    So the D700 is just a box now. Great, now I’m going to have to upgrade my box to a camera!

    Seriously, I laughed out loud after I read “other boxes like the D700.”

    • D400

      Box brownies like the d700 I think he meant.

    • Pierre

      Well, “box” is an error. In french, it would be “boîte”. It surely rather was “boitier”, which I don’t know an english word for, but you could say “housing”, or “case”. Correct, contextual translation being “body” here.

      In France, we have a lot of uses for our bodies, some even involving photography, but suggesting to somebody he should upgrade his could be perceived as offensive.


    Yep, we could help you for your translations. Just ask and give us your sources 😉
    You just got three frenchies ready to work for free 🙂

    Petit bonjour aux français au passage 😉

  • Arianna

    NR mod, please DELETE useless comments on the Google translation. Not all of us are French yet most, I trust, are abundantly capable of understanding the content.

    • Gerry

      I think it is mainly Americans. They have trouble understanding anything from across the pond. That’s why they change the spelling of words and dub English movies replacing with American accents. So if a few words are out of place they get confused 😉

      • John Richardson

        Le Hot Dog?
        Le Beer
        Le Pizza

        Hey I can understand that!!!!

      • Patrick

        Google’s not from “across the pond”. Founded and HQ’ed in California. And if any country is tolerant of an imperfect use of its own language, it’s Americans – a country chock full of immigrants- hardly the same can be said for the Brits or the French.

        • Patrick

          * it’s America* :). Ha ha!

        • Georges

          I see you have not come to the old continent in a while – there is hardly an “original” in both countries – In my home capital two thirds of the residents are foreign nationals, rest of the country – 1/3 foreign nationals and 2/3 locals – and yes, language does change with the people using it, Try to make sense of a New York Times headline: “Women Man Winning Boat”

          • Patrick

            Sorry, my point was simply that Americans don’t have to “have every word in place” (as Gerry said) in order to understand English. We are very accustomed to filling in the language blanks and extending ourselves to facilitate communication.
            I have lived in the Netherlands, France and Italy in the last decade and know that they now (and always did) deal with these immigration and language issues- my point was simply that America kinda has that market cornered, historically speaking.

            • Gerry

              Actually Patrick, it was more of a wind up. Us Australians are just as bad for our diversity in language skills!!

              Although I am still annoyed when I bought a copy of the Australian movie ‘Mad Max’ to find it had dubbed American accents on it…oh and you changed the name to “Road Warrior”

              And will you guys stop calling it Nykon…it is Neekon. Japanese word and that’s all there is to it 🙂

      • Let’s not cast judgement on the whole of Americans for one guy’s youthful ignorance. I’m an American, and I had no problem parsing through the Machine generated translation.

        For instance, it was pretty clear to me when they said “available collimators has she been reviewed” that they were really talking about vaginas.

        • JC


  • PeterO

    I really don’t understand the fixation on whether the D800 is the replacement for the D700. It is what it is and does what it does. If it does what you need it to do, then buy it, if not – look elsewhere. Why the need to compare the two? Technology moves ever forward so the newer model will inevitably be better. The specs are so different between the two, the question almost seems irrelevant. I think of it this way: when I bought my first SLR in the 70s, I did because it satisfied my needs at the time. When needing to get a new body, I use the same criteria – does it satisfy my needs? I don’t care if it’s an “upgrade” from a previous model.

    • FanBoy


    • The fixation is NOT so much about which to buy, for me, but whether or not the D700 will get it’s own “upgrade”. THAT is what I am excited about when I read an official announcement that the D800 is not a D700 replacement, and that the D700 is still in the lineup.

      Technology marches forward indeed, but these specs are ABSOLUTELY NOT BETTER, for MANY people. The last time I checked, NR’s poll on which sensor you wished the D800 would have had the lower resolution sensor winning by a hefty margin. That, and the FPS is in fact a step backwards, especially with the V-grip.

      So yeah, I agree with you that people should relax about which to buy; “if you have to ask then it’s probably NOT for you” as the saying goes. But what I’m excited about is that the D700 looks like it’s going to stick around, and could therefore be updated eventually.


      • I good strong box is always useful isn’t it?

      • FM2Fan

        sure – the D700 is a great “box” and the lineup will be upgraded i.e. FF at 12-16 MP to have a lower cost offering below the D4 using the same electornic i.e. processor

        further development of D700 firmware seems FAR beyond imagination after having read this interview

    • vertigo

      People want a D700 that does video. The D4 is too expensive. The D800 isn’t a D700. It’s too slow and too many pixels.

    • broxibear

      Hi PeterO,
      I think the D800 caused confusion because it wasn’t what people expected, and to a certain extent wanted.
      A normal upgrade from the D700 would have been the high iso capability of the D3s, better video than the D3s and mp around 16 or 18. What Nikon came out with was two different variants, 36mp, vastly improved video and, apparently, high iso that isn’t better than the D700. That is what’s caused the complaints and questions.
      There’s a place for the D800 Nikon have made, but I also think they should have made a more obvious D700 replacement first.
      With Nikon saying the D700 will sit alongside the D800 people are now wondering if a more obvious D700 replacement is going to be released too, a D700s or D750… and we end up with more confusion.
      Nikon haven’t done a good marketing job with the D800, infact many of their recent products have been marketed badly, the Nikon 1 and XQD cards come to mind. Considering what they’ve had to deal with recently with earthquakes and flooding maybe we shouldn’t be surprised they haven’t got it all right ?

      • PeterO

        Hi broxibear,
        In fact I believe that there probably was/is a D700 replacement in the planning books but, the natural disasters threw those books out the window. In addition to making decisions about how to restart production, they had to decide which of the “future” bodies would be pushed to the front of the line. The D4 was obvious and the D800 became a natural choice because 1) it could be produced along side the D4 and 2) it would take the sting out of the 5DMkII. The price drop on the D700 is a stop gap measure until its true successor is ready (probably 2013). The D300s succesor should be up next, but it might surprise us.
        I totally agree on your take on Nikon marketing – so old school and lacking in vision. Has anyone been keeping track of Chase Jarvis? Maybe he’s already testing out the newest DX body.

  • iamnomad


    If people aren’t complaining about the 36MP D800 being ‘too many MP’ or the D4 being ‘too expensive’ they’ve got to whine about a Google translation.


    Be happy you’ve got a computer (and a zillion choices of cameras).

  • John Richardson

    Relax and use your head a little, you got a reasonably good translation with a computer, now just use common sense and fix in your head the problems. After all, if you are an American, you have heard 200 different cultures hack up our language on a daily basis, and for us Americans it is not that difficult to understand what the person is saying.
    As a matter of fact, it should not beard for anyone with a brain to make 100% sense of this translation.
    What exactly is it that you DON’T understand about this translation?
    Geeze Louise

    • jodjac

      Any beard with a brain could figure out what was being said with the help of a machine to help us interpret what ever it is that the machines are trying to tell us. Why don’t the people in the US learn a few languages like the rest of the planet. Like they did a century ago? Perhaps we are becoming too dependent on machines. Hasn’t anyone seen Terminator? It all starts with voice recognition technology (if that’s what you call it).
      Any beard knows about that.

  • john

    If the D800 is not a replacement for the D700, how about they make us a D710 as a mini D4 just like how the D700 is a mini D3? Nikon should position it in the $2200 range just because it won’ be as good as a D800. They won’t need a D400 with this. It would beat the Canon 7D Mk II being a FX instead of DX and be in a better position to battle against the 5D Mk III. The D800 is position at a much different audience than the Canon 5D Mk III, so Nikon must have something up their selves. (no ISO improvements, low fps and huge MP)

    • FanBoy

      Nikon’s not going to make you the baby-D4.

      • You mean, “not right away” at least. There is a STRONG chance that we will see the D4 sensor arrive in a more affordable camera body within 12-18 months of the D4’s availability.

        According to Thom Hogan, it is indeed in Nikon’s best interest to maximize the use of their sensors, ESPECIALLY the sensors that they are using exclusively. So while we never saw an affordable version of the D3X because it was a sensor shared with Sony, we saw an affordable D3 and also a D3s. Since the D4 sensor is another “Nikon exclusive”, I would bet you dinner that Nikon will NOT just use the D4 sensor once.


        • Master_D

          12-18 months!? I already waited long enough for the D700 ‘replacement’… I think the D800 will be fab. In crop mode it’s a 16MP camera anyway. You can reduce the file sizes if you want to, I just don’t get why the option to shoot larger files is to the detriment of the camera. It’s like not buying a really fast car, because it can go really fast. You can drive it slow too, right? (and then drive it fast 🙂 )

          I have the D800 pre-ordered, so will use it for all the awesome things it can do, particularly the uncompressed 1080p video. I will be keeping the
          D700 too though for if and when it’s required. Possibly low light, possibly sports. 16MP in crop mode at 6fps sounds pretty alright though.

          If and when the D700 replacement comes in 12-18 months, I will get that and replace the D700. I will definitely not be wasting up to 2 years not shooting what I want to shoot though, just in case something else comes along, I don’t think that is the way to improve your photography. Something else will be planned to come along after that too.

          • jodjac

            Master D! Love the name. I feel like I have waited long enough too, not that anyone really cares. I am also very excited by the D800 and look forward to learning how to use it. I got tired of waiting and bought a D7000 last year, my first digital camera. I’m glad I did. Waiting is not a good game plan. It’s like waiting for good weather when you need to do something. Just get it done, screw the weather, which you have no control of anyway.
            I have learned a lot using my D7000, which really is a very capable camera. It’s like a gateway drug to digital FX bliss.
            I would like to point out that the D800 matches or exceeds the D700 in lowlight capabilities, at least according to the above interview. Once you get the D800, it’s likely that you won’t have that much of a need for the D700, other than a back up or second shooter.
            If a big pixel speed machine with killer lowlight skills comes along, we are all going to want one to complement our high resolution boxes.
            Maybe Nikon is better at marketing than we think?

    • danpe

      They need a D400 if they want my money. D700o lacks buffer, D4 is expensive and D800 lacks fps, the rest is just not worth buying new to me. So either a decent D400 that can compete with fps and buffer of the 7D or whatever the probably replaces the D7000 at Photokina (6+ fps and a buffer lasting more than two seconds with raw).
      Might even consider a used D300s if nothing new that suits me comes along before late August. 🙂

      • Well said. Regardless of whether or not the D700 / D300s will be discontinued soon; they need to keep an eye on gaps in their NEW generation of cameras. I’m 100% positive that we’ll see some sort of 6-8 FPS D400 in the next 6-12 months, to compete with the 7D and it’s replacement that is probably also coming in the next 6-12 months…


        • LeGO

          Sony has a new 18.5mp APS-C BSI sensor. I expect that Nikon will use this new sensor for the D300s-replacement. With back-side illumination, this sensor should perform very close to the D700 at high-ISO while still improving a bit on the D7000 at Base ISO. On a D800-type body at $2,000, this will be a winner and best-seller.

          The primary differentiation against the D800 on DX mode is that this new DX body will have a higher fps, bigger view (than D800 on DX mode) in addition to being almost 3mp more in resolution. I speculate that announcement will be on August and availability by late-September to October at $2,000.

  • “Q: You indicated previously that the D700 remained in the range, so we should not consider the D800 as his replacement
    A: That’s right.”

    “A: The concept of D800 is to provide maximum definition in a package that is versatile. The D700 is in the range and would make to photographers who do not need high definition a very affordable housing.”

    = D700s, coming soon? I hope so…

    • d400


      • So far Nikon has never added an extra number to any series other than the four-digit series. (5000->5100)

        So, I’d bet my money on a D700s.

        The chances still aren’t TOO high, though. I wouldn’t say there’s greater than a 50% chance we’ll see a D700s. But at least there’s still a chance.


        • RondoX

          When the D700 replacement finally does come, I seriously doubt it will be called the D700s. the small “s” has always designated somewhat minor changes in an already existing camera. The D3s got a nice new senors, but the camera was still D3 series technology.

          Nikon won’t put next generation technology in a new body and call it the D700 all over again.

          But whenever the replacement does come, I’m sure its gonna be awesome. Would love see the D4 sensor in a D800 type body in about 12 months from now.

        • El Aura

          In the film days, there were the F55, F65, and F75 which all followed F50, F60, and F70 (not in perfectly chronological order) but these where also all consumer models. I think the general rule is that consumer models get iterated faster and thus have more need for intermediate numbers.

  • Michel

    Does anyone know if the d800 can take a batch of bracketed exposures without lowering and raising the mirror between each capture?

    • Michael T

      With live view the mirror is up, so presumably.

  • Rob

    “Aucune mis à jour hardware n’est envisagée pour le D4 propose de slots d’un même type de carte.” This is saying there are NO plans for a hardware upgrade to make the slots both use the same card, correct? The google translation was confusing, translating “aucune” as “any.”

  • Doug

    does this mean that i cannot sell my Coolpix 2100 now !!?????

  • Gav

    well imagine if they said in 6 months we will release the camera with two slots the same. We first want to see how this new card handles before making the decision

    I think that would stop sales dead!!

  • Dig

    I would not be surprised, if Nikon positioned the D800 in a price range which attracts many who have photography and video as a hobby. And in doing so, creates a market potentiality for follow-up sales for a multitude of ‘super lenses’ which can fully utilize the resolution of the D800.

  • Hello, I was looking for and seemed to have stumbled onto by mistake.

    Anyone camera seen a D4 Nikon?
    I will buy.

  • don

    Q: You indicated previously that the D700 remained in the range, so we should not consider the D800 as his replacement
    A: That’s right.”

    nikon d700s with 16mp its coming

    • Jorge

      I wouldn’t count on it in the near future.

    • FM2Fan

      This is why I sold my D700 – the longer you wait the lower the price you can achieve for used gear (being offereed in masses later in 2012)

  • This is nikon rumours…you don’t seem to understand the point of this website…
    This does beg the question why you’re here.
    Although you’re clearly on a wind-up…go troll somewhere else maybe…

  • Hassle Bad

    Regarding the D800 is, or is not the D700 successor…maybe it is defacto the D3X successor, it’s DNA is so much closer to the D3X then the D700….

    • FM2Fan

      Nop – the D3X is in a large heavy body and the D700/D800 is simple small and light weight. D3X was the first model in direction image quality limits now the D800 surpasses it by any means: sensor cleaning!, video, durability …

      .. regarding the local Nikon offices: the can only comment in compliance with copr marketing …

  • R!

    There is nothing in this marketing mooves from Nikon France that is interesting;It’s full of BS and nonsense french Nikons employees are very lazy and incompetent ,the french web page of the brand is so bad that they still have english comments ;If you think you’re missing something in not beeing french ,you ‘re not(I can tell you that I’m french)
    All this is just a gimmick of marketing action to make think the Japanese boss that they’re are working,you lurn a lot more here at Nikon rumors .

  • vertigo

    Lol, don’t feed the trolls.

  • vertigo

    You are welcome.

  • vertigo

    This must be your first time on the internet.

  • Gino

    Q: Will there be other manufacturers as Sony Card XQR and it is a possibilty planned upgrade to avoid having two types of cards in the D4?
    A: Currently only Sony plan to market the cards XQD. Any updated hardware is planned for D4 offers slots of the same type of card.

    Does this mean that in the near future the D4 will have two XQR card slots, or two Compact Flash card slots? And what does that mean for the current D4 buyers….will they be able to upgrade their camera’s hardware to get two of the same card slots????

    It really sucks that Sony is the only company making the XQD cards, so they can pretty much control the price!

    • PaulB

      Sony developed the technology and Nikon bought it. Probably thinking it will be needed for future product plans. If the D4 sells better than Nikon expects, and if it sells better than the new Canon 1DX (it might do both), then more card manufacturers will start making the new card format. If total D4 sales proove to be disappointing because of the new card format, then Nikon will consider reverting to a dual CF card arrangement. Though, in either case sales will be the driver.

  • H

    I agree, I am in the same boat wanting to move to fx with video but unfortunately there is no option at the moment. I m thinking of canceling my D800 as I don’t need 36mp

    • burgerman

      So turn it down to 20 or 9mp… Its called CHOICE!!!

      Its then got more speed, less noise, better image quality too! You guys just dont get it.

      • SiliconVoid

        All things considered (H) is correct, there is no immediate option available from Nikon for a compact body full frame that provides video if an all purpose photographic tool with video capabilities is your criteria.
        The D800 does video of course but due to the sensor there will be an inexcusable amount of overhead to deal with simply to use and validate its purchase. As for the defending argument of just downsizing – there is an inherent flaw in logic – why use/process something with 36mp if you have to downsize or print to the same size already being satisfied now by lower megapixels sensors.
        At this time, and in judging the current unimpressive samples available, your assessment of the D800 performance is pure speculation and/or blind anticipation. Comparing the D700, D3x, D3s, and D4 images all show better resolve, color, and image detail than the D800. Whether that is because there are only two or three lenses capable of feeding the sensor, or that the mp threshold has simply been pushed too far, we do not know for sure at this time… but hey, it does video right?

        • jodjac

          Hey, more is more, right? Is the better?

          • jodjac

            …Isn’t that better?
            Better, right?

            I wish there could be an edit comment tool. It’s hard to comment from a phone without making a lot of mistakes.

  • Crimed

    This forum is dedicated to information about the best cameras in the world. Perhaps the commentary could aspire to the same level. Everyone desrves respect for being here. Experts share their knowledge and deserve our gratitude. Newbies are here to learn (there are no bad questions) and so deserve our help. Sure, we should express opinions and argue passionately, but as adults. My experience is that those whose comments are peppered with tedious and ineffective four letter words usually have very poor vocabularies in general. Lets not have a discussion of Nikon equipment using Instamatic level discourse. (sorry Instamatic)

  • Klaus

    I thought, that only Finnish Google translation went wrong. Now I know, that the issue is worldwide.
    Thank you anyhow for an interesting website.

    Klaus of Finland

  • Ok, cleaned up the comments – it was never so bad before, is middle school out? I hate to add login requirement for everybody because of one teenage moron who has nothing to do on Saturday night.

    • you may see a slight delay before your comments appear online

      • Admin —

        For the last few days, the comment form has been pre-populating my name, email, and website from my cookie — a welcome surprise and change from the last number of months!

        But today I find that it is again failing to autofill. I’m guessing you’ve made some changes to some things server-side over the last few days that allowed the welcome fix, as well as the most recent lapse again. Any chance you’ve isolated what is causing this? 🙂

        • I have to look into it, not sure why the cookie get’s invalidated.

          • I, for one, would love accounts. I have to fill in name, e-mail, website every single time I comment. I didn’t used to have to do that.

        • Thomas

          Get Opera (web browser)

          Best auto-form feature among the web browsers, and hey, you get speed too!

          • Safari has an auto form-fill feature too. I’m sure it works great. I don’t use it, because I don’t terribly like the idea of forms being pre-filled, especially username/password fields. That said, WordPress is great at remembering your info via a cookie once you’ve visited a blog for the first time — it’s all server-side. NR used to always remember my info, but late last year it stopped issuing the cookie for commenter info. I made Admin aware of it at that time, but it’s always been a bother for me and other users who are using webkit (and other, I believe) browsers.

            Last week I noticed the problem was resolved, but the resolution was short lived. I’m hoping Admin can isolate the issue, and fix it for all us who are really missing this feature, and ready to be done with the annoyance it brings whenever we wish to comment.

            • The problem is that not everyone is having that issue and I am not sure what is causing that. I have tried it several time on my computer and it worked every time.

  • I updated the Q&A text with a better trasnsaltion

    • RWJ

      Thank you Admin

      Much better and very informative, I wonder if Nikon USA or GB will have the same Q & A?

  • Bob

    Getting back to the D800/e
    Does anyone know what the focusing and metering patterns look on the ‘cropped’ formats?
    Does it scale to fit or go edge to edge?

    • Arthur

      It will stay the the same as those focusing patterns are hardware-based and not software. So in crop mode, they’ll cover more of the frame.

  • Iris Chrome

    Q: Are there significant advantages to use stabilized lenses with D800 36Mp sensor to reduce micro-shaking (like 24-120 f4 instead of AF-S 24 -70 f2.8) ?
    A: To reduce the micro-vibrations, the shutter is equipped with an anti-vibration system.

    Does anyone else think this is interesting? I wonder if this means Nikon is contemplating adding VR in-camera for other models as well.

    • RondoX

      This is VERY interesting. If the shutter does have some sort of Micro VR system I would love to see this tested when the camera reviews come out!

      Hope the Nikon rep. wasn’t just pushing their most expensive lenses…

      • Art

        I suspect it is more along the lines of the shutter being mounted on shock absorbent foam to dampen any vibration of the shutter firing.

        I suspect the Nikon rep is answering a totally different question than what the person asking was intending due to a misunderstanding. The person asking the question was talking about VR lenses and the Nikon rep about natural camera vibration.

  • Gary

    Q: D4 would have a better noise result at ISO 12800 than D3s
    A: Improved definition and noise management of D4 offer better performances than the D3 series.

    In other words, no, the D4 is not better than the D3s in regards to raw noise performance.

    • SiliconVoid

      ‘Improved definition and noise management of D4 offer better performances than the D3 series.’ – Meaning the D4, which replaces the current D3 series (D3s/D3x), provides better definition and noise performance.

  • “Q: Are there significant advantages to use stabilized lenses with D800 36Mp sensor to reduce micro-shaking (like 24-120 f4 instead of AF-S 24 -70 f2.8) ?
    A: To reduce the micro-vibrations, the shutter is equipped with an anti-vibration system.”

    The wording is odd here, but it could be interpreted to mean that the D800 has VR built into the body (like Sony DSLRs). Or the Nikon Rep answered something different than what was asked (VR was asked, but Rep speaks about shutter vibrations). Can any of the french speakers here tell which is the case?

    • Landscape Photo

      No French, but I think he simply meant a better dampened shutter.

    • Rob

      No, they designed the shutter mechanism to produce less vibration when it moves, which will result in sharper images at some shutter speeds. Basically they’ve somehow dampened the impact the front curtain makes when it opens. Hopefully this means a quieter shutter and a more durable one as well. This won’t have an affect on any external sources of vibrations so it’s not VR.

      At least that’s how I understood it.

    • SiliconVoid

      Not sure why there is any confusion. If there were any type of VR effective on the SENSOR it would be marketed! That would be monumental for Nikon as they do not offer such a thing on any other DSLR.
      The comment is referring to dampening being designed in the shutter (only the shutter) to reduce its vibrations being transmitted to the body. All but the lowest level models have some type of shutter dampening designed, so it isn’t new technology, but maybe just commenting that they have focused some additional design attention on the shutter used in the D800 due to the already critical blur characteristics of the sensor.

  • Chandra

    If he says that you need high end lens like the 24-70 f/2.8 to take advantage of the 36mp resolution of D800, will the image quality suffer if we use the 28-300 VR? Will it be so bad that we have to step down and shoot in DX mode on that lens?

    • Rob

      DX mode won’t improve the image any more than the center of a lens has a greater resolution than the outside. DX mode doesn’t change the way the sensor captures an image, it just crops to the center of it – it’s the exact same as if you take a picture in FX mode and then crop it yourself PP. The only point I see of DX mode is smaller file sizes and slightly faster FPS.

      • “any more than the center of a lens has a greater resolution than the outside”

        I have never myself made a lens, but I’m pretty sure this statement is incorrect. There is most certainly a difference between the potential sharpness at the center of a lens compared to the periphery of the glass. This is why aspherical lenses have been developed. Lens aberrations (including spherical aberrations) have a very real effect on resolution. The chances of some type of aberration being introduced increase the further from the center of the lens that light falls, both in the trouble areas of the glass (i.e. edges) as well as across the entire plane.

        Lens design is not as trivial as some would believe. (please reference the title of the illustration before bashing. 😉 )

        • Rob

          That “statement” does not state the center has greater resolution than the outside – it’s a comparative statement. Think about this statement: “Blue LEDs won’t make your computer function faster any more than asking it nicely will.” Neither adding blue LEDs nor asking it nicely will make your computer function faster. It’s a statement in the form of “the degree of A equals the degree of B.” Both have a quantity, and it can be zero. I wasn’t sure if lenses resolved better in the middle, so I didn’t state yes/no, I said it helps by the same amount that the center resolution is better.

          That being said, I googled it and it does appear most (if not all) lenses have greater resolving power at the center. I believe that is what these tests are showing: It makes sense that the center of a lens would be easier to produce to tighter tolerances.

          • You’ve actually gotten us into quite the paradoxical conundrum.

            It would likely be deemed a preposterous claim that the FX crop won’t produce better images (if we’re speaking of certain qualitative properties) than a DX crop on a given camera (just as it’s preposterous to assume there won’t be an increase of sharpness at the center of the lens compared to the periphery) and yet that may be precisely what one finds when comparing image quality between two similar images taken at the differing crop factors (assuming all other factors are optimal).

            But the center of a lens is sharper, and the DX crop never improves image quality over FX crop except when it does. Which is often. And yet the notion is both so obviously correct and at the same time so obviously incorrect that it is hard to ascertain where to go from here.

            We have discovered this very plausible outcome as a direct result of an analysis that followed your seemingly flawed comparative statement, that in reality isn’t flawed in that it points to an unpopular truth that FX is clearly superior until one considers all factors. My head is spinning still.

            Touché, Rob. Touché.

            • Rob

              Too long; didn’t read.

            • Your comment is 80% the length of my last comment, and longer than my original response. Suddenly 40 more words is too much work for you? Hilarious.

    • RondoX

      No one really knows as of yet… We will have to wait till the body is reviewed with all the different lens variations. But I’m sure Nikon wants us to think we have to go out and buy all their most expensive lenses now. I don’t see why you couldn’t shoot 36mp with a 28-300 VR. But, It may not resolve the entire 36. I wouldn’t pixel peep though…

      • Landscape Photo

        D800 will still reveal more information than D700 with 28-300 VR, even itis not one of Nikon’s stellar optics. The corners may suffer a little. An optimum aperture of f/8 & avoiding focals over 250mm may help. Nikon introduced 1.2x crop mode. This too may aid in soft corners and still give a 24mp image (it can also be done later on PS).

        I keep wonder which would have a better overall look when printed:
        a- Original 36mp image @ 300mm (sharpness bias at the center)
        b- 1.2x crop @ 250mm upsampled to 36mm (less definition at the center, but a more balanced image)

        All has to be tested & seen…

        • RondoX

          Oh yes! A LOT has to be tested and seen. I’m very curious how the cheaper FX lenses perform on the D800 vs DX lenses in DX crop mode. My 50 1.4 wasn’t on the list of “approved” lens, but I’m very curious how it may compare shooting with it vs the 35 1.8 in DX crop mode. Or how the 28-300 compares against the 18-200 on this body. All this resolution opens up a myriad of possibilities! And it puts our lenses to the test. Can’t wait to see which lens resolve the best per dollar paid.

          • Landscape Photo

            I’m sure your 50mm 1.4 will be better than an upsampled DX area by 35 1.8, because it’s quite obvious to answer. has some good data. I really don’t understand that list, many outstanding lenses were omitted. Nonsense imo…

            The challenge is more inside a zoom’s different focals, one poorer setting vs sweet spot focal DX crop. eg: 24-120mm @ 120mm FX vs. 80mm DX upsampled.

            Another challenge is DX crop out of a perfect lens (FX or DX) vs FX from a 1.5x longer focal out of a mediocre lens.

            FX vs. upsampled DX may be too unjust, but FX vs. upsamled 1.2x crop seems a good challence. Crop of a better lens (or focal) may beat the other whole-area image.

  • Landscape Photo

    It’s now time for Nikon to introduce that real walkaround lens even it is f/5.6. There is a false belief that any lens with smaller aperture would be a low quality one. Partially wrong. This idea comes from some poorly designed & poorly manufactured consumer lenses when especially wide open tested.

    Yet, nothing stops Nikon to manufacture a slow lens with good mechanics & IQ, like a 28-105mm f/4.5-5.6. I used an f/8 lens on a MF system with extraordinary IQ even wide open. And these MF lenses were smaller than most new Nikkor primes !

  • Ron Scubadiver

    I have a question regarding DOWNSIZING.

    How does one downsize a full-frame D800 image @ 36.3mp to “match” a full-frame D3 image @ 12.1mp? I’ve heard the number 58%, but can someone show me the maths for that?

    So in photoshop under image resize, I would select “percentage” and type in 58% into the fields? Or is there some other way?



    • Arthur

      Basic maths actually:

      12.1 of 36.3 = 12.1/36.3*100 = 33.333% (one third)

      • Bintang

        Not exactly.
        If you want to downsize to 12Mpixel, the total area has to be 1/3 of the original size, which means 7360 x 4912 (36Mp) has to downsized to 4256 x 2832 (12Mp). If you pair the corresponding sides (7360 with 4256, and 4912 with 2832), you will notice, that the ratio between the pairs is around 1:0,58. It means, that all sides have to be multiplied by 0.58 to reach the desired 12Mpixel resolution.
        We are calculating with two dimensions (width and height) so we have to use the square law in this situation.

    • Landscape Photo

      58% is linearly; both sides should be reduced to 58% of D800 image to get D700 size (12mp). Or in PS “image size” function, typing in the numbers of 4256 & 2832px will do exactly.

      ((4256 x 2832) / (7360 x 4912))^(1/2) = 0.577

      In other terms, D800 has 73% (( (1 / 0.577) – 1) x 100) more pixels on a given distance compared to D700. Quite a lot of strain on lenses…

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