Nikon D800/D800E cost to dealers in the US

If you were ever wondering what is the cost of the Nikon D800/D800E cameras to a dealer in the US, this price list will show you that the D800 costs $2,699.96 and the D800E costs $2,969.96. As usual, the margin on the accessories is much higher - aprox. 40%.

With the new Nikon pricing policy, don't expect to see any discounts on the D800/D800E/D4 cameras.

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  • Patrick — Las Vegas

    I got an email from RITZ CAMERA that they are going to charge sales tax to residents in Nevada . A lot of orders have been cancelled without the customer’s consent. I just found out when I called Ritz camera and found out my NIKON D4 order was cancelled without me knowing! They didnt even inform me. I was soooo upset! So, they placed the order again . They told me I didnt loose my cue in the line. Gawd they messed up big time! Those of you here who ordered from RITZ CAMERA, make sure your orders are intact !


    • Meh Ritz customer support is bad. I had ordered a camera from them and the camera I received had scratches on the lcd cover, e-mailed them and no response whatsoever. I wrote a product an customer service feedback about it on their site and they censored it.

      • Luis

        I had a similar experience with a D-SLR I bought from them. Even though it was sold as brand new, it had obviously been used. There was a serious impression of a round tripod mount on the bottom rubber. You could just tell it was either a return or it had been a demo at a store. I was able to return it and get my money back but that put me off of Ritz permanently.

    • Sahaja

      People using brick-and-mortar shops as a showroom to look at products and then going home and buying on-line to save a few dollars or to avoid paying taxes is, imo, selfish. People no longer seem to care whether their neighbors have jobs or whether schools and so on are properly funded.

      If your using camera equipment as part of your business you’re exempt from sales tax anyway – otherwise it’s a hobby and a luxury, and you don’t really need it. If you can’t afford to pay sales tax on such items, then you should be saving your money for more essential things.

      This is short sighted. When local businesses fail, the value of property in your area goes down. When the school system is not properly funded, education standards drop – you loose competitiveness. You get more unemployment
      poverty and crime. Then you either end up paying more for police, courts and jails – or it is more of a downward spiral. ..

      • Businesses and individuals pay (should pay…I pay) use tax on mail order items. I own a business and pay yearly. i’m not a retail business I’m a service co so my small amount of sales and use tax it collected yearly in my state.

        10% margin is nothing, no profit after expenses there, I hope Nikon gives these folks more more in a few months…wow

        • fred

          Retail margins on camera bodies have always been close to zero.

        • jen

          so..if you bought the $6k D4 you would pay honestly $600 “use” tax????!?!

          • You’re legally obligated to in most states. Those of us who pay Use Tax try to live by the laws of our jurisdictions, because it’s the ethical thing to do.

            This notion that “because it’s easy to get away with violating the law it’s okay to violate the law” is an immoral position, IMHO. The minute we all get to pick and choose which laws to follow, we have anarchy, not civilization.

            • Not saying it’s right, but many of the online retailers (example: – which IS a reputable dealer) even advertise that there is no tax if shipped out of state.

              I’m sure there are many people who don’t know about the use tax.

              I’m sure there are even people who are unaware of the use tax, then go ahead use the purchases for an equipment deduction….

            • This is a major reason why I’ve just started buying all my major purchases from my local camera store. I have to pay the tax either up front or later… and I can support my local economy.

            • @Bob Cooley: I would regard that as a deceptive practice, even if worded correctly (e.g. “We don’t collect state sales tax in your jurisdiction.”).

            • jen

              I for one have never heard of this “use tax” . I think states that are in trouble must be implementing this more than others. Where would one even find such information? Is it a disclaimer on your purchase, on your taxes??
              My husband is active duty so we can buy at the NEX tax free.

            • @jen: Use Tax has been around a long time. States haven’t tended to push for collection of it because basically elected officials would not get re-elected if they did ;~). However, as of today, 22 states now have a line for payment of Use Tax on their income tax forms, some with a “calculated guess” option. As tax revenues dried up, some states started using Use Tax in audits to basically trigger a real payment. In Utah, they sent letters to all known pro photographers saying basically “we know you buy from B&H and others, if you don’t declare your Use Tax, you’ll be audited.”

              Use Tax is yet another reason for why I’m for a national collection agency on Sales Tax. Right now collection of Sales Tax is inefficient and highly avoidable. We should want efficient government. We can argue about what the sales tax should be separately, but we shouldn’t want a completely random collection program.

        • I think that your only required to pay use tax if your a business and registered to collect state sales tax. And if you are registered to collect sales tax then you probably know what use tax is and what you’re required to pay.

          • PJS

            Mail order companies must pay state tax in states where they have a “presence”, i.e., a brick and mortar store or a warehouse for shipping (that”s why Ritz collects tax in Nevada and B&H doesn’t). If they don’t have “presence”, they won’t collect state tax since they have no way to pass those taxes on to the state. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of the buyer to pay any state obligations. In my state, we have a “use” tax, collect annually, based on your total income. There is a movement by some legislators to collect full taxes for all internet purchases, but so far it hasn’t caught on.

          • Luis

            That’s not true. “Use tax” is simply another term for sales tax. If you, as an individual, purchase something from an out of state vendor that does not collect your state’s sales tax, then you are obligated to pat that amount yourself to the state as a “use tax”. It has nothing to do whether you are a business or not, unless the item is being purchased for resale.

            This Wikipedia article sums it up pretty well.

      • jodjac

        @Sahaja, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s a good idea to support your local shops as well. It keeps your money within the local community whereas large corporations and mail order outlets tend to take their money out of the local economy and invest it elsewhere.
        Remember when America had thriving communities called Main Street? The effort people put into making Main Street a beautiful place to be boggles my mind. Now a days they mostly look like ruins. Oh, you should see downtown Newburgh, NY. Cobble stone streets and three story Victorians lying in ruins- gunshots- unbelievable. Good for dangerous street photography, if you’re slightly stupid and brave.
        The shopping centers, Malls, are outside of town. You park outside of town, you shop outside of town and your money stays ‘out of town’.

        • jen

          Not me..I love Shopping online and having it delivered to my door. 😉

      • AM


        • ken

          I’d rather give the $200 i’m saving in sales taxes direct to my children then into a brown envelope that will fit snuggly in some politicians back pocket.

          • Here here! Amen!

          • wooderson

            you elected these people you accuse of stealing your money… and it’s still a poor excuse for wriggling out of paying the taxes that fund your country’s/state’s infrastructure, schools and public services.

            if you lived in a vacuum, this ‘as long as i got mine’ mentality would be sustainable/justifiable. you don’t, though, so it’s not.

            • ken

              I didnt elect them, cant vote for another 4 years 🙂 !!
              I think people have completely lost the plot…i’m not wriggling out of anything, there is no loophole…this is how it works in the’s tax-law, it is what it is…why do you think that this is illegal? why do you have such a problem with it?
              I came from Ireland last year where i paid 52% of my income to an ‘elected by me’ government who promise you gold but give you copper…don’t give me your ‘holier than though bullshit…’
              If it was wrong/immoral/tax-fraud/a felony/a crime/punishable you simply wouldn’t be allowed to do it. I have a right to buy where i want when i want from whom i want and for what purpose i seem fit, you have no right to judge me, unless i’m committing a crime enacted into power by the government of the country i live poop alone there and sit inline like the rest of us who ordered from B&H and dont’ live in NY.

          • jen

            Dont we pay enough taxes already without people here trying to cram it down our throats?? Geez! Do you know how much tax I pay every year on a $650,000 house & my 3 cars? Its painful! I give up a lot just to justify my tax.
            DOnt treat me like Im doing something immoral or fraudulent.
            Next thing you know people who rent apartments will be taxed a “use fee”.

            • Roy

              Every state that has a sales tax has a use tax (or equivalent). It’s not optional, so it’s not a loophole (aka “legal tax avoidance”). It’s mandatory, thus, failure to pay is illegal (aka “tax evasion”). You can determine your own morality on the issue.

            • You’re mixing two arguments, I think that it’s important for us to separate them.

              First, we have collection. The most efficient ways to collect taxes owed are income tax and sales tax, at least for large regions (like states and country). Only problem is that we’ve highly complicated both tasks: income tax is complicated by labyrinthine exceptions and deductions and recalculations and more; sales tax is complicated by not having a central collection agency.

              Second, we have rates.

              Your argument is basically that rates are too high, thus a tax shouldn’t be collected at all, even inefficiently.

              I believe we should all be for efficient collection of taxes (and efficient allocation of monies to services at the other end, too). Efficiency is good. Efficiency should be a goal.

              What the tax rates should be is a different discussion. It’s a discussion of what you want the government to do for you. To do more costs more. To do less means less tax would be needed (assuming efficiency ;~).

      • Shawnino

        Hey Sahaja,

        do you want to pay my sales tax for me? I thought not.

        I’d rather use the money saved to purchase something else and help the economy, as opposed to letting the government waste it.

        • Roy

          DUH? If you don’t pay your fair share, others ARE paying your taxes for you.

      • Geoff_K

        “save a few dollars or to avoid paying taxes is, imo, selfish”

        I’d call it frugal

        • The problem is that you still owe the taxes. If a retailer collects it, it’s “sales tax.” If a retailer doesn’t collect it, you owe the same amount as “use tax.” You’re not being frugal, you’re being illegal.


            Interesting, my accountant said otherwise.

            It is the retailer who didn’t collect the use tax that would be held liable. You are a photographer, focus on what you do best.

            Leave the application of the tax law to the tax lawyers and accountants.

            • Either you didn’t understand your accountant, or you need a new accountant. WITHIN a state, it is the retailer’s responsibility to collect Sales Tax. When you buy out of state, it is your responsibility to PAY Use Tax. That’s pretty much the law in 45 of our states.

              Ask your accountant about whether you owe Use Tax on out-of-state purchases. If he answers no, find a new accountant.


          I call that “spending my hard earn $$$ wisely.

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        Sacramento can kiss my *ss. The less taxes to them the better.

        That being said, If I need to touch and feel before a purchase, I do buy from that or competing store based on price and service. If it is an item I don’t need to touch and feel then B&H or Adorama are the ticket.

        NyconNeoColonialist from The Peoples Republic of California.

        • The issue of “taxes are too high” is a different issue than what we’re discussing here. If taxes are too high, then vote people into office that will lower them. If you can’t do that, move somewhere with lower taxes.

          But this whole “taxes are too high” argument doesn’t have a lot of resonance with me, as taxes are only the tip of the iceberg. If you want the same level of services from your government, that money has to come from somewhere. The notion that you can lower the income tax rate and everything becomes fine is completely incorrect. As much as the supply siders keep arguing that lower tax rates increase revenue, it’s not been proven in fact. Moreover, what happens if you lower one tax (which we did, the national income tax under Bush and the social security tax recently [temporarily]), is that it just increases stress on the governmental agencies. Suddenly fees and other things pop up that weren’t there before. It’s the same issue as increasing co-pays on medical insurance. Basically you’re playing in a near zero-sum game, so if you take away something in one spot, you get pressures in another.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for raising taxes, either. I’m not for lowering taxes. I’m not for keeping them where they’re at. Hey, wait, isn’t that all the possibilities? ;~) You can’t consider taxes without considering services. We need to have a rational and reasoned debate on both. We’re not doing that right now.

          • Ren Kockwell

            You can make as many laws as you like, but if you don’t have a decent system for collecting taxes, you won’t ever realize them. Given the option, people won’t pay. And if no consequences are demonstrated, then it will compound. Just as with the music industry, technology has eclipsed the imagination of a lazy government. When straight-up, open, unintelligent tax evasion runs as rampant as it does in a country as developed and as legislated as the U.S., you need to either figure out an imaginative and appropriate way to collect, or you need to chalk it up to the cost of doing business.

        • Eric

          Then stay off our roads. We tax payers paid for them, you find your own way, as long as it’s not on our roads.

      • Oddly enough, my “Local” stores are B&H and Adorama. I get a lot of accessories, replenishables (paper, ink, film, tape, etc.) and some smaller items there, but not the major purchases.

        I purchase a lot of my bigger equipment from stores in the smaller areas were I used to work and grew up in Indiana. They are local-economy brick and mortar stores where I know the names of the people who work there (well, those who haven’t moved on, at least).

        The advantages are that many of these stores don’t have huge back-order lists on new items, they are good about honoring the NPS Priority Purchase customers (not all larger merchants are) and they tend to take MUCH better care of you on service issues. I feel like the smaller stores appreciate my business more, and its reflected in their treatment of their customers.

        And I like supporting the local economies where I came from – the ‘superstores’ have plenty of support already…

    • ActionJunky

      I am boycotting Ritz and will continue to do so. For years, they have avoided stocking the larger DSLR. I still feel that is the market for a brick and mortar camera store. They never had a chance competing with big box stores on the point and shoot cameras, yet they stocked those 20 to 1.

      Then they claimed bankruptcy and were back in business in about 6 months. They do not cater to the advanced amateur or professional and I cannot stomach the fact that they ignored their place in the market and then requested financial relief. I would have never found out about B&H or Adorama, if I wasn’t forced to look for something better.

      This is just my opinion, but I will continue to boycott Ritz.

      • MP

        while I dislike Ritz camera for my own reasons, I don’t think you understand how retail works. Who are you to decide what market a business should be in? They choose their product line based on millions of dollars of market research. They stock point and shoot cameras 20 to 1 because they SELL 20 point and shoots to 1 DSLR. Just because you don’t buy their point and shoot doesn’t mean the 1-2 dozen people walking in after you aren’t either. Even at big box prices, they will make $10-30 per camera. multiply by 20. That’s a lot more profit than the single DSLR. People who buy point and shoots typically buy in store without browsing Amazon and other online retailers. People who buy DSLRs typically do.

        They avoid stocking larger DSLRs because if they did, they would languish on the shelves and collect dust. After years on the shelf and selling 1-2 copies, they end up being discontinued. That means marking them down and selling at a huge loss. Oh yes, photographers like you would talk about how they would support the ‘local guy’, but in reality, you will do the exact same thing as everyone else to save money – look at it locally and buy online. THAT is why they stock 20 P&S to 1 DSLR.

        how do I know this? I am the same as you. Except I have worked for both the local camera outfit, a medium chain, and a big box retailer as well. This is reality – very very few people will choose higher prices to support a local store, but everyone says they would be that person.

        • ActionJunky

          I am not an advocating a business model. I am voting with my dollars. I have never found their representatives to be well-educated about their products.

          On the other hand, I have driven many hours just to visit B&H. I was able to have a technical discussion with an expert and I did purchase from them directly.

          I do purchase locally, if you offer good support or add some value to my purchasing decision… And, yes, I am always that person.

          As for the business model, if they feel that they can compete with the big box stores, go for it, but I don’t think it is in their best interest.

          Now, if they would combine a coffee shop with free internet and offer sales and support for pro-level photographers, I think you would have a hit. It seems like everyone in Starbucks is an artist of some type these days.

        • blue

          he’s a goddamn consumer which is all the right he or anyone needs!!!

          • Well, they are a supplier, so they have the right to stock (or not stock) whatever they want…

      • That’s kind of like saying, “I am going to boycott TGI Fridays because they don’t serve caviar”…

        Ritz is a mall-based consumer brand. I wouldn’t stock expensive DLSRs if I were them either, its really not their market.

        They will purchase some during a big push because they can turn them around during the wait-list period, but how many people do you think go to Ritz (Wolf, Cameraworld, etc.) for the D800E 8 mo.s from now?

  • waz993

    The D800 is US$2,700, which at the current exchange rate is Aus$2,525. In the US the RRP is $2,995, yet in Australia it’s $3,600 (that’s US$3,850). Nikon, there is a global market for these items, please try and be consistent with your pricing. You are only hurting the local retailer as more people import from Hong Kong or the US.

    • Had this discussion with local camera shop. He said its because of low volume wholesalers purchase in Aus and because of currency hedging. The worlds much smaller than it used to be. Pricing needs to reflect this fact as most togs I know are buying from US and JPN.

      • 3514G

        I’m totally not convinced by what the shopper says. half a year ago, the retail price for SB 900 is AUD 899, what’s it selling now ? AUD599. and they are still making a lot of money, aren’t they?

        • allen23

          Well welcome those complaint about USA tax to visit Australia, where you are guaranteed to pay at least $500-$600 more than you buy online. Last year I bought a 16-35mm f4 online, cost me $1200AUD, custom charged me 20% import tax on that and guess what, that is still $400 cheaper than the shops. I always wanted to support local retailers but sometimes it is just so freaking hard.

      • 3514G

        why the wholesale volume is low? because it’s dearer than the rest of the world. Before those shops using currency to argue why price is so high. Now the currency is so strong, they use population to argue. oh, not enough people in Australia, …… I ask them are there more people in Hongkong than in Aus? oh, then they have cheaper labour…… I ask, isn’t that get reflected by Currency?
        Llower the price and attract more tourists to buy. or u lose the market slowly.

        • linghu

          totally agree with 3514G. if they can matc the price in the US, forget about the exchange rate , 100% sure they will see very big change of increase the volume.

        • Australia always charges way more for technology than the rest of the world. It’s always been like this.

          Buy online, they’ll eventually catch on.

      • dude you shuold check the prices in Argentina; here, the U$S2396 70-200 2.8 VRII goes for like U$S4346.
        yeah. that’s exactly like U$S2000 MORE!!!!

    • linghu

      Australia always cost more compare to other countries, even with the higher $$, really sux; soon they will all close if the dont follow the world, especially economic downturn now. maybe the government should reduce the import tax hahaha

      • What isn’t expensive in Australia? :\

        • w

          Stupidity is cheap in Australia.

          I work in a major camera chain.

          If you want to see dumb – check out some of the troglodytes that come crawling through the store. Rude, foul mouthed, expecting internet site prices in a bricks and mortar store.

          The decent, knowledgeable customers with whom a good relationship can be built are wonderful. But the others – we can live without them.

          • Worminator

            “expecting internet site prices in a bricks and mortar store”

            Yeah, no kidding hey? I mean, if you make me drive to a store to buy something, it better be cheaper than Amazon!

            • Discontinued

              LOL, personally I am willing to drive as well as to pay a few bucks more. Where I live there is less than half of the dedicated camera stores left. The rest fell victim to electronic megastores and of course the internet. As a professional tog I largely depend on local pro stores, where I can not only order a D800 for the same price as in the internet, but buy backgrounds for studio work, can touch and feel tripods, rent equipment if needed, test accessories and studio equipment before I buy and so on. If you don’t need that kind of infrastructure you are simply a hobbyist.
              To order a D800 or a D4 for the same price via internet is no gain at all except being able to rest a lazy ass farting into the face of your local dealer. How entertaining. Hope you enjoy yourself.

            • I get by for the most part with that “infrastructure”.

              The argument is about the difference in Aus vs US or JPN Nikon set prices – not grey market vs aus prices. My local will do the D800/D4 for less then RRP, but that’s still more than the US/JPN price not because he’s greedy but because he pays nikon australia’s wholesale set rate which is more than US/JPN’s.

              Problem is with Nikon, not retailers trying to make a buck.

          • marius

            I prefer to always buy my equipment in a local store.

            The problem is when a D800 costs $3,600 in the store and $2,800 on the internet. But I can not see the justification of spending an extra 800 dollars, just to keep Nikon Australia happy. This is not the retails stores fault (Nikon set the RRP), but it is Nikon that is doing the local retailers out of business by not taking into account the high value of the australian dollar.

            • +1

              I wonder why Nikon Australia thinks they can charge so much more. It really does not make sense.

            • Bip

              Australia has high consumption capability but has a rather small consumption based (layman language: rich but small population).

              On a “per camera”, it costs more to ship to a country with a huge continent but has only about 20 million population.

    • Doug

      Dont cr too much reatail for the UK is US$ 3800,and im pretty sure that whole sales volume here is much higher than Australia

    • Sahaja

      Before you complain too much, Australia has an unemployment rate of 5.1% – the U.S.A. 8.3% . Aussies probably have a better (and less costly) health care and education system too. Australia has a minimum wage of $15.51 per hour or $589.30 a week – while in the US it is only $7.25 per hour (a little higher in some states). Australia is also a tiny market compared to the US or the EC so some other business costs are inevitably going to be higher as well. So stop whingeing – if one has to pay a bit more for stuff like camera equipment for the privilege of living in Australia – I suspect, on balance, it’s worth it.

      • We also pay much more for fuel, rent, groceries, eating out, coffee, plane tickets, accommodation and I’m sure much more.

        Problem is Nikon inflating prices in Australia to detriment of our local retailers.

        • T.I.M

          @Joel C
          But you guys in Australia don’t have to pay for a zoo ticket !

          • allen23

            what zoo? if you want to see Kangaroo just go to my backyard 🙂

            • BartyL

              He’s saying we’re all animals. From a biological perspective I am unable to fault his logic.

        • Well Sydney and Melbourne are in the top 10 of the most expensive cities in the world – we get smashed in price with EVERYTHING.

          And how is living in Australia a privilege? We all make our own way, I do not feel privileged to be paying out of my a** for everyday expenses. I did not ask to be born here! No way did anyone here in Australia say “sure, jack up the prices on our food, our rent, our petrol, our utilities, our clothes, our tech, our cars all because we enjoy the privilege of living in Australia!?!”

          How about come and visit Australia and just see how you get raped for buying a Nikon here and tell me if we’re still privileged. I certainly feel privileged that I have to work and hustle 5 more photography gigs to pay the difference between what you are paying and what I have to pay.

          At the end of the day Australia is being run by a bunch of pussies. Doesn’t matter who it is left or right, they all bow down to one god – Money, and who owns a majority of that? The rich, and the multi-million dollar companies they run who will continue to control the prices on everything. THAT is the elephant in the room.

          • BartyL

            I agree with some of what you say, but don’t think we’re priveleged? Move to Rwanda.

      • Ralph

        I take my lead from all the companies outsourcing overseas, call centres, IT etc. I’m sending my order OS.

    • James

      In UK the D800 costs £2400 which equates to US $3800 ish

      • kev palmer

        I posted a comment like this when the price was first anounced in the UK. UK residents seem to get the shit end of the stick when buying anything new here. We call it Rip of Britain…

        • Mralcibiade

          Dude, i think u can extend your answer to the whole europe. Take a look to amazon france and germany., this the same. I’m going to buy mine 2900.. euros . This is always the same thing retailers think that 1 buck equal 1euro grrr . But adding the taxe to buy from us this almost the same thing.
          And what about the guarantee, is this two years in the whole world? Mine is one year guaranteed by nikon and an other by the retailer, this the law in france and in europe i guess, isn’t it?

        • ken

          that’s called Karma… 😉 !!

        • Ok, i checked around and even though we have some of the highest taxes in Europe, Photogrphay equipment seems to be very cheap in comparison to the rest of Europe. In Finland, i pay 2699 euros in a brick and mortar store! Noe more tax etc. This is cheaper than most european online retailers. Now, if i want other things I can buy ANYWHERE in europe and get EU wide warranty. Doesn’t this work for the UK? I mean you should be covered by EU wide… aren’t you? Then why buy in the UK??

      • Thrillington

        That price you are quoting includes VAT though, doesn’t it? We don’t have VAT (yet) in the US. Prices quoted in the US are without additional retail taxes. When I lived in Europe, I never saw pricing for anything listed that was not inclusive of taxes. I assume it’s the same still, based on what I’ve seen when I travel.

      • NikonMike

        Same here in Norway $3900 for the D800

      • T.I.M

        In France it’s even more expensive !

        But they have free social security, so when the D800 or D4 is sick, they get free medecines !
        (not sure if it also works for the batteries)

    • BartyL

      Assuming Nikon sell a D800 to Nikon Australia for the same price they sell one to Nikon USA: Nikon AU pay AU$2525 + 5% customs duty. Calculate 10% GST on the base price + customs, add it back and you get AU$2914.5. Left out of the equation so far are costs of freight & insurance.

      Camera Pro advertise the D800 for AU$3425.00, a markup of around 17.5%. From that 17.5% they pay all the associated costs of running a business including wages. Presumably there is some profit at the end, but as a percentage of base price it’s pretty small.

      Ted’s Cameras advertise the D800 for AU$3800.00. On the face of it this is a little over a 30% markup, but every time I’ve ever purchased anything from Ted’s the staff make a show of staring solemnly at calculators while pushing buttons before announcing proudly that they “are able” to give you around 15 – 20% off. And out of what’s left they have to pay all the associated costs of running a business and make a profit.

      So, leaving aside the probable reality that you would rather someone gave you a camera for nothing (as do I), where’s the problem?

      • Ralph

        Well, you seem to assume that the US price doesn’t have any profit margin in it. So the 17% profit you talk about or the 30% at Teds is in addition to the profit made in the US. However, this additional profit isn’t going to the retailer but to Nikon Australia who charge a higher wholesale price for whatever bullshit reason they can come up with.

        • BartyL

          I assume the US price does have a profit margin built into it. What the US prices don’t show are the various state taxes and charges that apply. When you add those to the base price plus markup then the difference isn’t so great.

          Taxes and customs duties don’t go to Nikon as far as I know. I’m pretty sure ‘Nikon’ wasn’t on the ballot paper at the last federal election. As for it going to ‘the gubmint’, sure and you see the value of that in schools, TAFEs, roads, hospitals, police & military forces and so on.

  • Jetfire

    But is that the real price dealers pay or do some dealers get a preset discount on the dealer price. We buy a lot of stuff that we get a discount on the listed price with different rates for different items.

  • Scott

    I’m wondering how much the markup on the grip is. Seriously, $450 and it doesn’t even include a battery?

    • Mat

      Thats what Im wondering…..

    • Or maybe…

      It’s approximately 3000% on the WT-5A. 😀

    • Dweeb

      You should see the markup on batteries in Canada. About 100%. More than your 50 pound car battery.

    • allen23

      I am not sure about you guys but I am planning to buy a 3rd party battery grip for my d800, have alwasy used MEIKE for my d700 and it works perfectly fine. So does my Pinsen batteries.

  • Che

    I live in Texas and I too received an email from Ritz Camera’s that I will now be charged TAXES!!! That’s one of the reasons I order online is to avoid $400 plus in taxes on the purchase of my D4. My order is still intact and NOT cancelled…but I went to Adorama and Pre-Ordered a D4 there…I’m calling Ritz camera’s tmrw to get a clarification. Dang it!!

    • Patrick — Las Vegas

      Che, I called RITZ CAMERA and they confirmed that taxes will be charged to all orders for the D4! I was so pissed! However, I havent lost my cue in the line. Now Im thinking whether to order from other stores. If I pre order from other stores now tho, I might be last in their line!

      • Worminator

        “That’s one of the reasons I order online is to avoid $400 plus in taxes on the purchase of my D4.”

        Tax dodger screaming “unfair” when loophole closes. Classic.

        • Not only Classic, but priceless and hilarious

        • @Worminator, the masses don’t make the tax laws, politicians do! We just abide by them whether we like them or not. It was those same politicians who passed the laws which permitted internet commerce to be tax free, in order to facilitate internet growth. It worked, and now this tax free zone is threatening many businesses. The “loophole” continues to exist today for many states, as it is based around insterstate commerce laws. Any individual who orders products from another state to avoid paying taxes isn’t a Tax Dodger, they are just acting fiscally responsible and within the boundaries of current law. Having lived in Europe now for 20+ years, I definitely see the differences in cost of living vs the United States. ALL products are more expensive, for example, Super Unleaded is $8+ a gallon here in Germany and higher elsewhere. The reason for this cost difference is that Europe is made up largely of socialistic countries. The people have certain expectations about the absolute minimum they are willing to have from the big pie. The US is moving in that direction and over time we will see all of our prices go up even further to accomodate those demands. We are feeling it now as the federal government, state government, and municipal governments all begin to charge higher taxes, to pay for social security, unemployment, and under insured. This means we have less disposable income in our pockets. Naturally, we look for ways to make more with less, and avoiding taxes is one way, as well as buying largely online for big ticket purchases. The politicians just need to figure out a way to fairly balance taxation to pay for the minimum services the citizens demand, while not going bankrupt in the process. From my observations, there is no perfect society where everyone is covered. Also, the huge taxes that European countries charge, is largely disproportional to the benefits.
          Final Thought: It is interesting to note that US politicians passed laws to freeze federal employees salary for three years, but they took no such measures for their own pay. The scoundrals are the politicians as they piss away your money while lining their pockets and bank accounts. Like big businesses need to have transparency, so does the federal government.

          • NyconNeoColonialist


            NyconNeoColonialsit from The Peoples Republic of California

          • Luis

            “Any individual who orders products from another state to avoid paying taxes isn’t a Tax Dodger”

            Actually – in Ohio you have to send the state a check for the amount the sales tax “would have been” on the item if the out of state vendor did not collect it. You are not exempt from paying sales tax on anything, regardless of whether you bought it from an in-state or our-of-state vendor. An out-of-state vendor will not be obligated by the state to collect sales tax unless it happens to have a physical presence in the state ( such as having a distribution warehouse, etc.) For instance, you can buy from Best Buy online but you will get charged sales tax.

            • 700Geek

              that shows how messed up the Sales Tax system is here in the US. 50 different regulations, easy to come by via clientele politics. No customer knows what he pays at the register. Huge administration work if you can deduct it for the seller as well as the buyer. Overall a nightmare in inefficiency.

        • Jonathan

          So the rich can – and do – exploit all the loopholes they possibly can, and the middle class should suck it up and do the right thing? And by the way, there is no right or wrong here. I work in the public sector and know how they use money. Gov’t doesn’t need sales tax, they need competence.

          • Dr SCSI

            As an employee of the federal government, I could not agree more!! +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Stupidty, fraud, waste, and abuse abound in the government because of lack of transparency and failure to hold people responsible for poor fiscal spending. If those responsible would be held accountable for their actions, both good and bad, we could reward those for acting in good faith with tax payers money and punish those who don’t. Ahhh, I digress….so how ’bout them new Nikon cameras?

        • ken

          not paying taxes for buying something on-line is not a loophole!

          plus your taking the risks of delays in shipping, returns are cumbersome, can’t just drop into an on-line store and chat about a feature..horses for courses..

    • Megan

      Well if Ritz is doing brick and mortar business in your state, which they do in Texas, then they are just abiding by the law.

      • Che

        Megan, but my order has been in place for weeks at Ritz and that was not made aware to me. I thought I was ordering from a company from California. So whenI got the email today, it really upset me. I placed a Pre-Order at Adorama and might cancel my Ritz order tmrw….but now I worry where in line I am at Adorama since they are such a popular site and probably have hundreds of D4 pre-orders.

        • Patrick –Las Vegas

          Shoyld I cancel my ritz order for the D4 and order with Adorama? Is this the best thing to do at this time? Your advices are appreciated my friends

          • Che

            That’s a tough call Patrick. In Texas at 8.25% that equates to $495!!! FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS in TAXES…..dudes that’s a lot. That’s 1/4 of the money I’m trying to save up for a MacBook Pro. Tmrw I am calling to confirm with Ritz about the tax issue that they didn’t not mention when I first placed the order til today. If it’s true, I have to cancel. I can’t justify $500 in taxes. (solid site, I’ve bought TVs from them) also has it for pre-order but states this message “The Nikon D4 (Body Only) you’ve purchased is currently out of stock. You will receive email notification when it arrives and is ready to ship. In stock items will ship as scheduled. Your credit card will not be charged until your purchase ships, however your order total will be authorized on your card” …I have a question on the last part…does it mean that $6000 will be frozen on my bank and I won’t be able to use that money in the mean time? What do they mean by “authorize your card”? Does that mean they will just check I have enough in the account?

            • Patrick –Las Vegas

              That means the are going to check if you have enough funds to cover the price of your order. Ritz Camera initially didnt charge sales tax when they opened their doors to pre orders. They changed it just now!
              Did you order more than one D4 from different online stores?

            • Che

              Patrick, I was one of the first to order at Ritz on the day they announced they were taking Pre-Orders (a week or so after the big, etc Sold out)…so I was super excited knowing I would get it in the first wave of shipments. But now this upsets me I got a big wedding in late March and the Mana concert to shoot first week of April…both low light events and I really wanted the D4 for that. But I can’t afford $500 in taxes. I will cancel tmrw. Today, I only ordered from Adorama…but I am considering as they are not as popular (at least for photographers) as the main guys like Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc. I will give OneCall a call tmrw…i might order from them and cancel the Adorama one.

            • man, we canadian (BC) is paying 12% tax, i wish i only pay 8.25%. thats $378 for a D800.

            • Mauro

              In Italy taxes are 21% for D800 ca 1000 euro (1300$)

            • In Germany, sales tax is 19%, import tax is another 3.5 to 11% depending on the item (3.5% for electronics up to 11% for Harley Davidson Motorcycles).

            • jodjac

              @ Che, I dont know what the laws are where you live, but where I they have a law where all commerce on the Internet is subject to local taxes. So, I pay my local sales tax no matter which store I buy from. Yes, it’s a lot. I could buy a lens or a flash with that money. Or I could just shut up about it as taxes are a part of life and go on with my business.
              I’ll be paying way more in interest fees to the credit card companies than I ever paid in taxes.

              Sink or swim, I’m getting this damn camera after waiting so long! I don’t care if it has 36 mega pixels or 36 million pixels, pixel blur, tripod blur, if usable ISO is ‘only’ 6400, if it outresolves my lens or my bank account, I’m getting it!

          • Dan

            I think you can transfer your current cue in line from Ritz to the Adorama website. That way if you were at the top of the cue you’ll still be at the top at the Adorama site.

            • Bintang

              I guess we win this sad race, here in Hungary. Value added tax is 27% from the beginning of this year. 🙁
              Most of you are lucky. I would be happy with 15-20% tax now.

            • St.

              Huh, that’s insane!!
              How much was before?

            • BartyL

              I’ve heard of a ‘place in a line’ and a ‘place in a queue’, but never of a ‘cue in a line’ before this thread?

      • Winner winner chicken dinner!

        If Ritz does business in your state (at a physical location, not just online), then they are REQUIRED to charge you sales tax, even if you order the item over the internet. If you order from an online store that is located in your state, they are also still required to charge you tax.

        It is unfortunate that they didn’t make this clear from the get-go when taking pre-orders. However, I suspect that people who “keep” their pre-order spots in line and opt to pay the tax, the number of people canceling their order will bump up your ship date pretty considerably.

    • Sahaja

      The US should just have the same sales tax or VAT in all states and make everybody pay it – just like in the rest of the civilized world. If you live in a state that has sales tax, you’re probably supposed to pay it when the item enters the state anyway – even if most people ignore it.

      • suprchunk

        Our states are the size of countries in the rest of the ‘civilized’ world. I know over here in Germany, the VAT is different than NL and BE, which are right next to me. Same as each state charging different taxes. We also, in the US, have each city, county, municipality being able to charge additional taxes on top of the state taxes. I know Texas allows each area to go up to 8.75%, which most do.

        • Sahaja

          Well there is supposed to be “VAT harmonization” in the EC – and all countries have broadly similar rates so you can’t avoid paying it altogether – though some countries don’t charge VAT on things like basic food, children’s clothes and books.

          Sure you can order from the US or HK – and, on a busy day, in some places, you may be lucky and it might go through customs without your getting charged.

          In the US people seem to be able to avoid sales tax or VAT all together by ordering on line from out of their state. This seems to put local businesses at a huge and unfair disadvantage.

          It wouldn’t surprise me if large US online retailers start to transfer all their telephone sales and support to offshore call centers as well – then even more jobs will go.

          Of course nobody likes paying taxes – but if almost everyone tries to avoid them the financial and social costs in the end are high.

          What your local, state or federal government spend your tax money on, whether they spend it wisely and efficiently, and whether the taxes they levy are fair and equitable are whole different arguments.

      • RK

        VAT and sales tax are not the same thing, sales tax is only added and collected by the retailer at the point of sale, VAT is collected at every stage value is added. Say the tax is 20% (as it is here in the uk) the camera costs 15 to the dealer and 20 to the consumer (both net before tax prices). Under sales tax the 20×20% = 4 in tax is collected all in one go by the retailer, under VAT only the tax on the retailers mark up (20-15)x20% = 1 is collected by the retailer, the rest being collected further down the supply chain. This is why VAT tends to work better in a cross border situation than sales tax.

        • Art

          VAT is also a hidden tax that the consumer does not see. With sales tax, the customer gets a receipt that shows exactly what they paid in taxes. With VAT, the consumer does not “see” it and thus it is a way for politicians to charge more taxes to fund their favorite projects / buy votes and not be held to account. That is why they are fighting to get a VAT in the US.

          • Toecutter

            Every receipt I see in the UK has the VAT amount clearly displayed.

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        Flat tax.

        The only way to be “fair”

        from The Peoples Republic of California

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        a funny little thing called The Consititution and states rights get in the way.

        but I’m sure you knew that.

    • I’d be lying if I said I purchased items online to save a few hundred $ online. But as my hobby has started to bud into a business, I find myself frequenting my local brick & mortar store things I need. The personalized service has a net value – and security – that far out weighs the few hundred dollars I might save online. While a lot of people use showrooms to look at products, then buy online, I find I’m doing the opposite: I’m looking online stores for customer reviews and other data, then making my purchase in person at my local vendor. I’m willing to make small purchases online still; a filter, strap, etc. But for large purchases, it’s always within the brick and mortar store. Besides, I like that when I buy it, I have it right then and there.

      • Che

        I agree with you there Dasbose. I do that with my cycling gear…frames, wheels, gear expensive stuff that I go to my local bike shop for. It’s fun visiting with them and the service is awesome. But I live 225 miles from the nearest photo store (225 miles south of San Antonio) so I find myself buying all my photographic needs online.

        • @Che

          Thanks for understanding. If I lived as far from a photography store as you I’d buy everything online, too. Fortunately, my local photography store is just two miles down the road from me :-).

  • Shivaswrath


  • So 10% on the body and B&H is getting about 20% on the standard battery. Not bad actually.

    • Sahaja

      Large online retailers like Amazon, and probably for cameras B&H and Andorama, are now in a pretty powerful position – I suspect they can negotiate much better prices from the suppliers based on the large volumes they sell.

      • Luis

        If Nikon is dictating what the retailer must sell the product for “to even the playing field”, then they shouldn’t give any retailer a better price than the other, regardless of volume, since that would “uneven the playing field”.

        • Dr SCSI

          @Luis, I don’t thin Nikon cares about how much profit the larger company makes by selling their cameras. They are concerned about having numerous dealers carrying their products on the shelves for consumers to oogle. By forcing standard prices across all of their authorized dealers, the theory is the small shop can now compete in advertised prices with big online shops. The smaller shop just won’t make as much money per unit, because they are not selling 10,000 units per quarter and therefore don’t get volume discounts or savings on shipping and handling.

  • Q

    I am curious as to how much Nikon marks up the camera when selling to the dealer

    • Ryan

      You don’t want to know!

      • Art

        This probably does not apply to Nikon but, the standard margins for large scale manufacturing is only about 3%. They can run on margins this thin as the large manufacturers know through experience how much they will be investing in R&D, equipment repairs, materials (all hedged), etc.

        This is also why the large corporations are actually in favor of corporate income taxes. Large companies are paying income tax on only 3% where small manufacturers can’t run on margins that slim often charging multiples of materials costs and thus income taxes take up a disproportionate share of their profits. By encouraging corporate income taxes, they reduce competition. (The same holds for depreciation of equipment — large companies have the same amount coming off their depreciation rolls as are going on. New companies are primarily run with new equipment.)

        • Tony

          3% might be right for large scale manufacturing of something where competition exists. You can buy your M14 screw from anywhere.

          For the cameras- I would estimate markup from COG of 100-200%. For the Chargers/Grips- lets call it 1000%.

          More or less- where there’s lock-in to a vendor- no competition- expect the mark up to be incredible.

    • Probably not a lot, since they are pushing volume.

    • Er, 10% according to the Price list shown. Do you mean how much Nikon Japan marks it up to Nikon USA / ? That we don’t know.

      • suprchunk

        That’s what he means, and what he clearly stated.

        • Yes, I agree, I misread it.

  • I work in music instrument retail, and these are mind-blowingly low margins. On a guitar that Lists for $4,199… we’ll sell it for $2,999… and we pay $2,100. Sometimes on special edition instruments we pay $1,999 on a guitar that MAPs for $3,000 or even more.

    • Megan

      I used to work in a photo store and you’d be surprised how small margins are on camera equipment. I’ve sold P&S cameras that we only made $10 on! Then the customer decides to buy all their other accessories online or at walmart–no wonder camera stores are going out of business…

      • Finally the comment I was looking for, that’s exactly why I submitted this photo. I feel so bad for the owners of the camera store I work at. So much knowledge and experience in the field with an awesome staff, but people only care about price so they purchase it online. They come in sometimes to get the knowledge and familiarity but decided “ehh, it’s $200 cheaper on B&H” that’s just rude and personally i’m sick of it. The camera store barely makes enough to pay the wages let alone profit. It used to be so different…
        Do the dying camera store community an enormous favor and buy local or at least buy from a smaller camera store.

        • Worminator

          I’ll pass. I don’t need a salesperson working on commission trying to sell me stuff I don’t want or need.

          • Josh

            Hahaha. That is something I actually really dislike. Because they’re working on commission there’s this weird pressure that floats over everything. It makes me feel pretty uncomfortable. I especially hate how they treat me like some weird homeless scum off the streets, but then they realize I’m about to drop 1k on a lens and all the sudden they’re buddy buddy. I still grab my gear from my local shops though. Luckily for me there’s no sales tax here in Oregon.

          • enesunkie

            I went to mine to buy a spare battery and had to listen to a long laundry list of items “Do you need this? How about this? …

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          True, but the customer has absolutley no idea that you only make $10 on a P&S compact he just bought. In his mind, he just spent $250 in your shop. In his mind he just ‘gave’ you $250 for that P$S and doesn’t feel bad at all about saving a few more $$ by buying his SD cards and case online…

        • legion515

          what if B&H is my local camera store?

          • Then, lucky you.

            • Not if you like good customer service after purchase or lines less than an hour long on a Sunday… 🙂 Or shopping on Saturdays.

        • A customer stating a price is X dollars less somewhere else is not rude, it is simply a fact. It’s what people have done for thousands of years – barter and negotiate. The seller and buyer have diametrically opposed goals: the seller wants to get as much money as possible, the buyer wants to part with as little money as possible.

          If someone says something is cheaper elsewhere, explain to them what they are getting for that extra $200.00: value. I can think of a few right now; personalized service and product support, a better return policy, etc. I’m sure you can think of even more reasons.

          No brick and mortar is going to be able to compete with online retailers and mega-stores in price alone. Ever. You have to offer something to the customer they can’t get at Amazon, BestBuy, or Walmart: personalized, knowledgeable, sincere customer service.

        • Dr SCSI

          @TheCameraGuy, although it is sad, it is a reality. It reminds me of why I got out of the business of building high end computers for customers; no profit in it. Very few computer shops make it today for the same reasons that camera shops are struggling. Those shops that do make it, is because they work hard to establish a community. They offer workshops and get customers enthused about image making. It is definitely no longer a case of easy money with online competition being so fierce.

        • Mark

          no thanks.

          Leave camera shops to the noobs, if I’m going to a shop to buy a D4 or D800 I’ve done my research and know exactly what I’m buying. I have not met a single salesperson who gave me new info – I reckon everyone on this website knows exactly what they are looking for – the only reason why they go into a store is to haggle on price, because they’ve seen it cheaper somewhere else. How many people buy sticker price on a car? I would love to see a car salesman say “stop coming into my car yard and saying it’s $2000 cheaper down the road – it gives me the shits!” If a camera shop is going under you need to step back and rethink your strategy – don’t blame it on customers!

      • And surprisingly, the race to the bottom continues unabated when whole markets fail. I’m not saying the internet is good or bad, but competing on price alone is pretty stupid in my opinion (and the internet is just the next phase in this vicious cycle of spitting out crap at lower and lower prices).

        Compete on value — it’s so much better for the customer, the companies, and the competition.

        • Rams

          Would you please elaborate – how would a camera store offer a better value proposition on a D800 ? I do agree on what you are saying ( as a general rule, value is better than competing on price ) – but is there such a thing as offering better value on a D800 ( for instance ) – if there is no competing on the price ?

          • It might. Depends upon how good the store is ;~)

            You’re going to pay the same price on a D800 no matter where you buy it, at least early on. A good store will let you handle it and try it out in the store, and swap it out for other stock when you discover that the viewfinder alignment is off by 10%. A good dealer is actually more willing to throw in other items for free to keep a good customer. A good store will ship your equipment to Nikon for repair and have it returned to them, isolating you from shipping charges. A good dealer figures out how to do things that help you, the list is long.

            Of course, there are fewer good dealers out there than bad.

            • +!

            • +1000

              You hit the nail on the head, Thom Hogan! That is the kind of service you can’t get from an online retailer or even Best Buy. That may not represent much of a value to a hobbiest or advance amateur, but for those in the business of photography this these value-added services can be priceless!

            • Thanks, Thom. Very well made points.

              Despite the fact that there are folks that will never need a physical store to see/touch/try something before they buy, the reality is that there are plenty of people that take advantage of the retail presence to “talk to a real human” while they fondle the gear, and then leave promptly to buy online once they’ve settled on their choice. Like it or not, these folks are benefitting from the retail presence even if they deny the fairness of paying for it. It’s the worst of both worlds.

              I think the balance of the conversation on taxes is clear: they’re too damn high in your country, my country, and every other country where they exist.

              P.S. is just such the type establishment of which you speak. They get it; and for that, they’re thriving.

            • Discontinued

              >> conversation on taxes <<

              Hi Ron, please help me here, 'cause I don't get it. As a pro tog in europe I am forced to charge VAT myself. VAT here is designed as a consumer tax. Businesses pass it on and on till it reaches consumer level. In other words at the end of the month I give the gov what I've charged others minus what I've been charged by others myself. In other words I do not pay VAT on my ordered D800E or any other expense I have to run my business. The D800E will cost me 3,219 Euro at the retailer but just 2,705.04 Euro by the end of April (hopefully April).
              Therefore the entire VAT discussion is something I just don't get.
              What is difference to the US ?? Do you guys get charged VAT as a business ? ? ? If so, maybe europe ain't such a bad place to do business after all.

            • Luis

              Hey Discontinued:

              But since you aren’t reselling that D800E to yet another consumer doesn’t that make you the end consumer? You paid your VAT for it, but you never received a VAT payment from the next consumer to offset the VAT you paid. What am I missing?

              In the US their is a straight single sales tax. When I buy my D800E I pay the retailer the sales tax, and every month they in turn forward to the state all sales tax they have collected. The retailer never paid any sales tax when they bought it from the distributor – it’s only the end consumer that pays it. This is similar to your VAT, except there isn’t all of this money and paperwork changing hands at every step of the way. The complexity arises because each state has it’w own government. The sales tax is a STATE sales tax, not a federal sales tax, and retailers outside of the state are not subject to the laws of the state, ergo cannot be forced to collect sales tax. Since the state the purchaser lives in really has no idea that they even bought anything (unless they do an audit), they have no way to do the collection and must rely on the consumer to send it in “voluntarily”.

              That being said, the state sales tax is actually composed of several sales taxes. Each county in the state has it’s own percentage of the state sales tax, so the tax actually varies from county to county. In the county I live in, the total sales tax is 6.5%. However, in the county only a few miles to my north the sales tax is 8.5% . Guess how many trips I take to the north to buy things at a retailer.

            • Discontinued

              Thank you Luis,

              now I get the picture and the fuzz. What are you missing? Yes, I was some kind of end consumer, if the chain was ending with buying the D800E. But that is not the case if you use it professionally. Next link are your clients that find VAT on their invoices. The chain ends with the consumer who buys something that has been marketed and advertised with your pictures or buy a magazine with your pictures inside. They are the real end consumers and the ones who really pay.
              All businesses in that chain only pass the VAT to the gov that is left by the end of the month (VAT they don’t have spent themselves). If you happen to have spent more money than you have earned (due to heavy investments) your monthly VAT-declaration will naturally be minus. In that case you receive that money back from the gov.

              As you suggested, this systems adds the exchange of money (and some paperwork) to every step. On the other hand it is just another line on every invoice. Some theories are even in favor of a raise of VAT in exchange for cutting down or even abolishment of other taxes and payments for social security. And this theory really has something to it. But this is way OT and and I am not going to explain it.

            • Luis

              Discontinued – I see you’re viewpoint now, since you are aggregating all of your consumables and your customer products/services together into your particular VAT chain. The difference with our sales tax is that there is no “we paid less VAT than we took in so we get money back” scenario for things we aren’t going to resell. It doesn’t matter if we paid $10,000 USD in sales taxes for equipment we buy during a year and in that same year “took in” $8,000 USD in sales taxes for services & products we provided. We’re still $10,000 negative in our tax chain because that sales tax money we “take in” from out customers isn’t ours and goes straight to the govt. That’s simply a cost of doing our business in the US, which is reflected in a higher cost to our customers to recoup that. In effect we artificially create the “getting the tax back from the customer” by inflating our prices a bit.

              Now, if we buy camera that we are reselling to one of our customers then we do not pay sales tax on that camera, but still collect it from the customer, and turn that amount in to the govt.

            • Discontinued

              Thanks again Luis. My picture of the US-tax is getting sharper now. And I feel a lot better about ours now than I did before. 19% VAT sound horrible in the first place and for the end consumer things get more expensive indeed, but the gov gets this money only once and not multiple times. With your scenario you would be only 2,000 USD negative here in Germany. Funny how 6.5 % can be more than 19% if your gov happens to be greedy enough. And funny (no, actually it is rather sad) that journalists and media never go deep enough into subject to uncover such things. Again, I feel much better now.

    • The old standard in retailing is 50% (defined as the percentage of selling price that represents margin – $4000 sale with $2,000 cost = 50% markup). fortunately for buyers retail is more efficient now. (although some of those savings were gained by reduced service)

      • You’re overall pretty right, but that’s actually 100% markup, not 50%. Markup means ‘what percentage of your acquisition cost do you add on to determine the sale price’. So if it costs you $2000 and you mark it up 50% that’s $1000 added = $3000 sale price. If you double the price you’re adding 100% of your acquisition cost to determine the sale price.

        • Not in the retailing industry.

      • suprchunk

        You should probably refrain from trying to do math in public.

        • My math is fine. Like many words, the lay understanding of them differs somewhat from their professional use. Another example is “theory”, which has totally different meanings to scientists and many people in the general public.

      • Poor Elton; not having a good day…

        • I’m fine. The way retailing expresses markup may seem odd but ask any department store manager or b-school prof and ths is the answer you’ll get.

      • In the garment industry, but I don’t think it’s ever been this way in electronics… Margins have traditionally been low.

    • d800_is_finally_here

      Nikon surely goes for volume here. They expect to produce (and sell) 30,000 D800 a month, i am not sure any guitar at 2-3 grand a piece would sell that many a month…

      • Eric

        They dont go for volume at all they go for accessories and mainly lenses. The margins are much much higher on flashes and lenses, not to mention batteries, grips, cables, screen protectors, diopters, etc etc.

      • Dr SCSI

        I don’t know 10 people who can play a guitar, but I know quite a few people who take photographs with cameras.

    • Joseph

      Having worked at music retail as well, your point is not valid for most of the industry. The markup on microphones, for instance, is pitifully small. The markup on most band/string instruments is also tiny.

      • We have an across-the-board average margin on all accessories of 49.5%. For guitars it is closer to 35%.

        Microphones have *great* margins unless you’re selling Shure SM mics. Screw Shure. There are way better mics that also give you more money. Peavey diamond-series PVMs give us 50-60% for example.

        We don’t deal in band/orchestra instruments new. Just drums and guitars. I will admit that drums don’t have nearly as good margins as guitars… but STILL way better than these Nikon margins.

  • Frank

    Can anyone else who has Pre-Ordered a D800 from Adorama tell me if everyone is getting the “sorry this item is back ordered” e-mail after your Pre-order has gone through? Is everyone getting it because obviously they dont have them in stock, or does that mean I missed the first batch of Adoramas order?

    • Frank

      For clarification, its not cancelling my Pre-order or not letting it go through, its just sending me a courtesy e-mail saying the item is currently on back-order. I just want to know if everyone who makes pre-orders gets this e-mail or if I missed the first orders.

      • St.

        I received the same message. I think (but not sure) that this is their system message which they send always if they can’t ship after the purchase was made.
        May be someone will have better idea?

        • Frank

          Yeah I’m pretty sure its a stock system message. Thanks for responding and letting me know.

  • Eric

    I work in camera retail and those numbers definitely hold up yet dumb customers still want to haggle as if A, we have any trouble selling the stock we have so we just need to get rid of it at any price and B, we can haggle and make any profit at all.

    • Calibrator

      > “yet dumb customers still want to haggle”

      Do you expect customers having insider knowledge for every product they buy? I therefore wouldn’t call customers dumb just because they try. $3000 is still a lot of money, isn’t it?
      Personally, I’m pretty aware that there is low profit on the body – the prices for the accessoires reflect that. Not only on the D4 where the WIFI-addon is extremely expensive but also on the grip for the D800.
      When Nikon CAN demand the money because they either have a “monopoly” on the item – even if only for a limited time (batteries, battery grip) – or because they are more or less the best among the competition (flashes, lenses) they WILL demand it.
      This applies to lower-end bodies like the D7000 and smaller as well, especially when there is even more competition (thanks to the lower-priced Canon 60D).
      Only seeing the price of the body may be not the best strategy for customer…

    • SkintBrit

      I think any shop calling customers dumb because they try to get their limited funds to go as far as possible when making a major purchase, probably explains why that shop is struggling? The tax advantage of buying online is the shops problem not the customers. The store’s job is to offer so fantastic advise and continued support (value added services) that the customer feels it is worth paying more to buy from them. I have a local store which does just this, and in spite of them rarely being the cheapest, consistantly show me that they value my business, and try in other areas where they have more ability to “scratch my back” to do so. You may not NEED to discount the latest ‘in demand’ equipment, but your customers don’t NEED to buy in your sale!

    • ken

      dumb customers …lol…care to name the camera store you work in?

      maybe now a lot more dumb customers will give you a wide berth..

    • Please let me know the name of the store you work at so:

      A) I can never shop there

      B) I can advise your manager your contempt for customers..

      C) I can shop there again after your manager has assured me you have been canned.

  • feb

    I imagine Nikon also makes a killing off their service centers, similar to the auto industry. Recall that Nikon has recently closed down all the third party service centers so they can pocket 100% of the service profits.

    Lenses may have decent profits but also keep in mind that people don’t upgrade their lenses that often. The accessories are where the profits are. $610 MSRP for a grip that people on ebay can sell profitably for $42 is pretty insane. The WT-5 is also pretty insane. The cost of a wifi chip is so cheap these days that it’s given away for free with most electronic gadgets.

  • Mikkyy

    Lists D800 at $AUS 3425 (including tax) and Nikon Australia RRP is $AUS 3899 (including tax) – or so they say.
    I don’t think the US prices include tax. We pay 10% tax. So I am happy with the price.
    I pre-ordered a D800E on 7th Feb. Price unknown at that time 🙂



    For those of you who are cancelling your orders with Ritz. HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS? Any online store that has state presence charges sales taxes and has been since the beginning of time. It’s like finding out that you need to be 21 to buy alcohol.

    • One More Thought

      Amen. Some people act so childish because they are shocked they have to actually pay sales tax. And then they blame a legitimate business like Ritz Camera for actually complying with the law.

      • Che

        I was unaware Ritz had a store in Texas. When I pre-ordered 4 weeks ago, I entered my STATE and there was no charged taxes added. Every couple of days I would receive emails saying “Thank You for your order, we have not forgotten about you. Your D4 wills ship as soon as it is available”. Then today I get an email saying they have been “acquired” by Ritz & Imaging LLC which now require us to charge you taxes due to your state of residence. Come on!!! You tell me if you’d be cool and dandy with this? I understand how the world and economy works and I pay my share of taxes just like anyone else!! So you are telling me that if you had a choice to pay $6000 for a D4 that you would rather pay $6500?? Please….who are you kidding? If you give me 10 customers that choice then 10 customers will choose to pay $6000. Grow up.

        • One More Thought

          Dude…the law’s the law…it sucks that some sort of business deal changed your terms…and yes, I would notice that…

          But it’s not the end of the world…and if you can afford a $6000 camera then you should be able to afford the sales tax…if $500 somehow blows your budget, then you shouldn’t be buying a $6000 camera.

          And yes, I do voluntarily choose to shop at my local camera store, even knowing that means I pay state sales tax when I could avoid it.

          • But you probably run a business like myself, and it’s not a matter of “IF” I pay sales tax… but whether at point of sale, or on my quarterlies. I choose to pay it at purchase for simplicity AND support my local business.

        • suprchunk

          You seriously didn’t know there were Ritz Camera stores every where in Texas? You are kidding right? It has been a few years since I lived there, but even in the tiny West Texas towns we had Ritz. I’m assuming you are in SA or El Paso, with that name and the fact that you are supposedly getting paid to shoot a low rent band like Maná.

          • Che

            “with that name” You are an idiot suprchunk. I’m from deep south Texas (not that it matters) and we have ZERO camera stores here. I have to buy everything online. I’m into cycling also and I buy all my mega expensive cycling equipment at our local shop. So I support our local economy. You obviously have no idea who Mana is then. Just bc they sing in a foreign language that maybe you don’t understand doesn’t make them a lowly band. They are a mega-world wide band selling out every where they travel. Get a clue dude before stating something that seems to be laced with racial prejudice. What upset me the most is that I felt deceived by Ritz. If that’s the law then I don’t blame them..but I have every right to look else where if I choose too.

            • Patrick — Las Vegas

              @CHE — Let me know if you cancelled your RITZ order and what your experience is with Onecall.
              I am debating whether to cancel my Ritz order and go somewhere else like the store you suggested.
              What pissed me was when I ordered at Ritz in Jan 16, it said ZERO TAX. Word of honor it should be, and they should honor that. I dont mind paying taxes if I knew it in the first place. But their site said TAX FREE…and now there’s a tax! I felt deceived!

            • Che

              Patrick, I cancelled my Ritz order this morning. I placed an order at (I’ve bought 2 TVs from them and they are a super legit company). I agree with you also that’s the part that upsets me the most….felt misled. I have no choice anyway I have to order online as the nearest photo store is 225 miles from where I live. Some are ripping me for not doing the “right” thing in paying taxes. I can use the $500 on my family! Now that is being fiscally responsible to the MOST IMPORTANT entity for me….MY FAMILY.

            • Che

              @Patrick, I’d like to add that I spoke directly to the person in charge of their camera department. He explained the process to me. Pretty much a big boats arrives with the D4 on the west coast then the Nikon reps decide how many each store will get and send them out. He was frank and said that from past history on big anticipated items from Nikon, their store only gets 10-15 cameras on the first wave. He also told me that my order was No. 20th. Hope that helps you decide.

            • Paul

              You need to be aware that whatever sales tax you’re not charged does not mean that you don’t have to pay it. By law, you still need to declare the online purchase and pay use tax on it. You can’t just take the $500 and use it on your family as you suggest, because eventually you’ll have to remit it.

        • Banksie

          If your state of residence has a sales tax, and you purchase an item outside of your state and are not charged the sales tax, then you must by law report it on your state income tax return and pay that sales tax.

          A lot of people don’t this because they just assume it’s “tax free” to buy out-of-state, but it’s not and it is the law that you must declare the sales tax. Businesses will do it in fear of being audited. And if you make an income off your work and don’t declare sales tax on items you purchased out-of-state it can come back and haunt you if you ever get audited. A business client I know was recently caught by the state franchise tax board for failing to declare sales tax on all out-of-state purchases and was fined penalties and interest plus all sales taxes from six years ago to today. He was ratted on by a disgruntled former employee.

          btw, states are losing large amounts of revenue from people buying out-of-state and not paying sales tax. The huge growth of online vending has put a dent in local and state budgets. You’re helping in denying funds for public education, roads, infrastructure improvements, etc.. Since you feel you deserve not to pay any sales tax, then don’t complain about potholes on your streets.

          • paf

            Not to be spoil the fun, but ….

            +1 to that — especially if you are buying a camera for business use, not claiming the tax is a risk that needs to be managed wisely – not everyone gets audited, but this kind of “omission” is not in your state’s favor…

          • +1,000

          • Dr SCSI

            Spoken like a true IRS tax collector! Did you know that not every state charges sales tax? And for all the states that do, not all of them charge a tax for items purchased online and out of state. Obviously to avoid breaking the law, you should check with your local state first, especially if it is for a business. I beleive all states need to generate income to help pay for those things a society demands, they just need to figure out fair and transparent methods to do so. You want crazy taxes, try coming to Germany where you pay TV and Radio tax for each device you own, to include a cell phone which can receive radio waves, regardless if you use the feature or not. Oh, let us not forget their internet tax, or rain tax for rain that lands on you house. Sounds crazy doesn’t it! But here, if you don’t pay taxes, you can end up in prison for longer sentences than a drug dealing thug. All in the name of socialism! The USA is headed that way because of oversimplistic views of a few who think it is their American duty to pay every tax which comes along because it is the law. I guess our founding fathers were lawless hethens then. Its all about perspective I suppose.

    • paf

      what people don’t realize is that ritz and wolf camera (and few others) are the same company, so yes, they have a store near you…

      • skweez

        My local Ritz store employees are baffoons and morons. I wouldn’t buy a $3-$6k camera from a friggin kid that knows nothing. They should Stick to developing photos not selling equipment.

  • One More Thought

    I like lower prices like the next person…but it seems to me we live in too much of what I call a “Walmartized” world. We want the lowest possible prices, yet the best possible quality of product and service. And we also want to be paid the most in our own jobs.

    We all need to realize that life and economics is about tradeoffs and that you can’t have everything. If you want great service you will have to pay a bit more for it. If you want quality you will have to pay.

    If you want to be paid well for your job, well, so does everyone else…you can’t live in a world where you get paid well but others get paid poorly just to subsidize your buying habits…

    I don’t mind paying a bit more for service, and I don’t mind patronizing my local camera store.

    • RWJ

      Well said!

    • +1 million!

      I feel that a lot of people these days feel like they are entitled to everything, but shouldn’t have to pay or work for it.

    • MuttonPuncher

      Well Said. +1 and a here here to boot.

    • happyShooter

      I’d pay extra (higher price + tax) in local store, if and only if I felt the store could provide me with service (such as easy return, better availability, etc.) worthy the additional cost. However, 9 out of 10 times, I found I could not justify paying 20% more in local store for same item.

      It’s market economy: if a local store could provide valuable service to its customer, it would survive any changes; otherwise, it would become the history, and something new and better would replace it. The customer is always right! isn’t it!

  • Scott M

    I called my local store and the chance of me getting a D800 body from them was unknown. I also hate giving California any more of my taxes than they get already. B & H. No tax. I used the saving for one day shipping. and have enough left over for a good SD card.

    • Banksie

      Scott M: the State of CA requires that you declare any and all items you purchased out-of-state without being taxed by the vendor, and pay the state sales tax on your state tax return. It’s illegal not to do so. And if you make any income off your photography then be careful that you never get audited. There’s no statute of limitations for not declaring due taxes and for refusing to file, so it can back as far as day one.

      • Scott M

        Banksie, you are almost right. It is called a use tax. My tax person makes sure I do the right thing. CA automatically charges individuals based on their income an amount they come up with that they feel you owe because of internet purchases. You have to prove you didn’t. Did you know that one?

        • Banksie

          CA does not “automatically charge based on income.” As an individual you pay any use tax with your state return using form 79-B. The State of CA doesn’t do it for you, you have to do it. There is also specific criteria based on being a ‘qualified purchaser.’ It’s based on purchases, and as a business it’s in your best interest to always itemize all purchases. It’s all under Revenue and Taxation Code section 6225.

          • Banksie

            Scott M, I think you really need to find another ‘tax person.’ CA certainly does not ‘automatically take out for use tax from internet purchases based on income and make you prove otherwise.’

            If you’re a business with over $100k in purchases and services then you need to file separately with the BOE as a ‘qualified purchaser’ (sec 6225.) Otherwise you can itemize your out-of-state purchases individually on your state income tax return (form 79-B) and pay the tax due (based on the tax rate in the city and county where you live), or just fill in the total amount on the line (‘use tax due’) provided in your state income tax return form. If you aren’t doing that, then you’re failing to declare any use tax due to the State of CA and can be potentially penalized if ever audited.

            • Scott M

              Banksie. I am not a tax professional and you obviously are. I pay ALL my taxes and have an expert that makes sure I do. My first comment was more emotion than fact. I also buy locally unless it means a long wait, like in this case.
              I am also not a pro photographer per se, although I do use photography as part of my business.

  • R R

    guys guys.. be happy about the price you guys have of the D800 in the USA.. you guys have the cheapest deal of all the world, for example a Nikon D3s in: Mexico costs: $ 77,399.84 pesos ( $ 5,953.00 USD) in Spain: € 4.799,00 ( $ 6,334.00 USD) Argentina: $ 28,999.00 pesos (6,379.78 USD used!)

    the mexican price I took from an e-mail from my local dealer dating sept 15 2011
    the spanish price I took from a local dealer website in Barcelona
    and the Argentinian price from a ¨e-bay¨sort of web site for used stuff

    I just wish the price was at least the SAME as the US for us countries that our economy is not as good as the US. We earn less and still we have to buy the same equipment for more money… (I hope Nikon HQ in Japan reads Nikon Rumors once in a while)

    Nikon have Mercy on us! And to make matters worse Nikon told most American retailers like B&H – NOT to sell Nikon stuff to Mexico! can you believe that! pffff

    • Mike

      +1. Here is Canada I would love to pay only 8% tax. Actually we used to before a second tax was added in the ’90’s. But I don’t understand the tax dodger mentality of our neighbors to the south. Even after your taxes you are paying less than most anywhere, and have the highest take home pay vs more socialized countries. Can’t afford that D800 after tax AND a new MacBook Pro? Boo hoo. Start saving!

    • kevin

      I understand how you feel. i use nikon because my father have used nikon for years and left me with many nikon products includes film cameras ,lens, camera bags etc…. then i really liked nikon products and feel very familiar to use their new product. but their price is not as forgiving as canon. for example : the canon 5d mark II is priced around 2000 right now. nikon actually told the retailers not to give discount.
      Nikon, please don’t do this to us. We want cheap price + high quality + good name.

      • You might as well ask for cheap acreage on the moon with a thriving garden plot and spring-fed irrigation.

        Low price, fast turnaround, high quality — pick one.

        • legion515

          wow, you’re tough. usually the adage ends with “pick two”, but you’re only allowing him to pick one!

    • Darkness

      Speak to your government, it is they who fix obscene import duties (they dont spend on social care) that create such huge prices, not Nikon.

      • RR

        So maybe the Spaniards, and Argentinians should ask their gobernments too? I dont think is a matter for the gobernment to fix, Apple products for example sell almost at the same price as the US

        And WTF does social care have to do with anything troll?

        • Kevin

          iPhone is alot more expensive in china than USA.

  • Frank

    They are producing 30,000 D800’s a month. That is what they released publicly, they said nothing regarding how many they “expect” to sell. Dont confuse that with how many they sell to suppliers. They will sell that many to suppliers (stores, like BH & Adorama) but no way in hell they will be selling 30,000 to the consumer every month.

    • Frank

      This was meant to be a reply to the person named “D800_is_finally_here” the page reloaded though and I forgot to go back to the reply button.

    • Mauro

      In the last three months alls brands sold 4.6 milion of DLSR (from dx to fx)
      In one yer? 5 milion x 4 = 20 milion

      nikon produce 30.000 d800/ month x 12= 360k

      I think…nikon expect to sell 360k ..good…if there isn’ 5d mark III

      in the last three months all brands sold also 1 milion of mirrorless (27% of the market)…

  • Robertkrasser

    Well, once 10 years ago I had an appointment with a salesguy from Nikon Austria, He explaned me carefully how to caalculate the profit/margin/markup and how much I will earn if Iwill become a Nikon Dealer
    1) it is true that bodys hve a very low markup and extras like batteries a lot ( so the list is true)
    2) but The 2699,96 are not the “last” price for the dealer: he will get a discount for following issues: a ) the amount of items he order b) payment options c) will he display the camera in the shopping window d) will he put the camera in his local asvertisment. If the retailer do erverything he will get again ( maybee) 5% off the 2699,95 depending always at the volume he is ordering
    Now a question to the us guys: if you are a pro photographer in USA and you are buying a 3000usd camera an for eg you pay 300usd salestax are you getting back the tax with your. Ext tax report?
    In Austria only “end-users”pay the tax realy pros pay them but if they for eg do a wedding for 3000€ we add 20% salestax 3600€ and we buy camera 3000€ we pay 3600€ brutt but when it comes to pay the taxes I would pay zero taxes 600-600€=0 so i dont understand the us system and why you complaine about taxes especially if you are a pro?

    • paf


      What happens is US is generally any kind of equipment for “pros” (people who are realizing profits from their work) is that the equipment would be treated as business deduction (more precisely a capital expense). See here for a an explanation of some of the basics:

      But in short, you pay the price of the equipment and tax and you can deduct it as the cost of doing business from your overall dues to the govt. Furthermore, you can deduct some of the depreciation from your future earnings (there are plenty of gov’t rules on that). You still pay the tax on the purchase – we don’t get any cash back. The closest you’ll get to tax free business is “exempt organizations” where certain entities can buy things tax free (they are called exempt organizations ) with a special waver from the state.

  • It’s £2400 (including 20% tax) in the UK. I think you’ll find that works out a lot more thsn you’re paying in the US. Think yourselves lucky everything is cheaper for you and stop whining.

  • Doug

    OMG you people in the us are pathetic, how do you expect the country to run without taxes my god, in the UK we have to pay 20% of taxes, and here we dont have different laws depending on the state(region) you are, it is all the same around the E.E.A. so please stop with this culture of low prices and no taxes, Uncle Obama said you have to pay more to live now it is not like before your could enslave half the globe just to be able to get 2 for the price of less than one, btw trololololol to you all.

    • MuttonPuncher

      Hey Doug, I’m an American and I agree with you. We can be the whiniest bunch ninnies. Don’t forget how stoopid too…..we voted Bush in office one time and the first he stole.

      • NyconNeoColonialsit

        turn the page

    • Banksie

      Doug, the US is basically becoming a third world country. Our infrastructure is falling apart, services have deteriorated, public education has been ignored, and our privatized health services costs a fortune. We pay the least amount of taxes and yet we complain about it. Americans want their cake and they want to gobble it up, too. That’s what happens with a me! me! me! mentality.

      • Josh

        Hey hey now, we’re not all that bad. I realized a long time ago that taxes are a part of life and help keep the infrastructure together (when the taxes go to the right things). I’ve never been a big supporter of tax cuts. It sounds great… more money for me sure, but in the bigger picture it’s not as great.

        I also came from poverty and not having a home, I damn well appreciate everything I have, and that includes my Nikon camera and lenses. Every time I pick up my D700 I feel lucky that all the hard work I put into life allowed me the chance to own this camera. I felt the same way when I purchased my D40, and I even felt that way when I picked up my first real camera, a partly broken Cosina SLR at a local shop when I was just a young punk teenager.

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        You have it backwards. for the the last 40 years the US has turned into a Yours is Mine mentality.

        Liberals believe in Equality of Results
        Conservitives belive in Equality of Opportunity.

        • One More Thought

          NyconNeocolonialist: with all due respect you are wrong. Liberals believe in freedom. Conservatives believe in preserving the past.

          Conservatives work to deny equality of opportunity and want to favor the very wealthy. That’s one reason the US has a declining middle class, which accounts for a lot of our economic woes.

          • MuttonPuncher


    • ActionJunky

      This is not a political rumor site, so I will keep my post short…

      Doug, you are missing the issue. I pay at least 40 percent of my income to the government, before a consumption or retail tax. That means that I am paying at least 50 percent in taxes. If the US, or any other country for that matter, is demanding that much, there is something wrong with the system. We are nearing 19 Trillion in debt and going in the opposite direction. If we had just 200 million working Americans, where is all the money going? Ask the same of your own country officials.

      I have no problem paying my fair share, but I do not want others riding my coat tails. Some Americans whine. I am not, but I do ask for equality. If I am paying 50 percent in taxes, everyone should.

      I am in favor of tax cuts, but at the expense of cutting wasteful government programs and agencies.

      • legion515

        well said.

        edward filene, the man who started the clothing chain “filene’s basement”, was once asked about paying a lot in taxes and he replied: “Why shouldn’t the American people take half my money from me? I took all of it from them.”

  • Doug

    D3S in Brazil costs US$ 7000, and thats on the mercadolivre( Brazilian ebay), Jesus, in 2003 i spent twice that amount to build a 3 bedroom house 1 hours drive from Sao Paulo, please US stop your killing this thread with all your whining.

  • amme

    one thing for sure, it will be a lot cheaper in Malaysia 🙂

  • Have I read correctly that Nikon intebnd to impose **minimum retail prices** for their goods? I don’t know if they can enforce that kind of scheme in the US, but under EU law, it would certainly be illegal. Competition law is aimed at benefitting the customers, and mandatory, manufacturer-imposed minimum prices are going exactly the wrong way.

    Certainly, though, the US has similar legislation, and I can’t believe Nikon could even think they would get away with that… Very, very strange…

    • Banksie

      It’s not legal in the US either. A vendor can sell a product for anything they want to sell if for. The difference is that they can’t advertise a lesser price. Leica has the same policy. An authorized vendor cannot openly advertise a lower price than what Leica has set as a minimum. Nikon is now doing the same thing. It’s basically to try to keep a level playing field among vendors and to help weed out unauthorized vendors.

      • Interesting… Here in Europe you can advertize (and resell at) any price you want, provided you’re not reselling at a loss of course (except during the legal “Sales” period, which are twice a year for 6 weeks each).

  • kevin

    im not sure if my comment is much related to this post, but i guess posting this here is my best option.

    I just bought a new Imac 27” for my future D800. i want to know what is the fasted way to transfer my files from the camera to my imac?

    1.Through the usb? the imac uses usb 2.0
    2.through SD slot? a sonet CF express card adapter connect to thunderbolt?
    4. through firewire 800?

    whats the fastest way to transfer the pictures?

    • jodjac

      @ Kevin, I’ve never heard of a Sonet CF express card adapter but if it runs through thunderbolt, I would expect that to be pretty fast. How much are they and where do you get one? I plug my SD cards right into the slot on my iMac, it works fine.
      Still, I don’t know definitely which is fastest.
      Who would have thought there would be so much interest in paying taxes?

  • babolino

    …….oh come on.

    5990 EUROS =7950 USD (D4).

    I can fly to NYC get the cam and stay for one week in hilton ist´s still cheaper…….

    • I’m going to NYC in May and I will certainly not come back empty-handed… although my gaze is rather set on the D4… possibly both the D4 and D800 (I travel with a big suitcase —almost empty on th way in…

      • babolino

        you can try to buy VAT free from another EU Country……

        …….I had two D700 from US here, they bother me about the guarantee 🙁

      • St.

        @babolino and Dominique_R

        Don’t forget you’ll have to pay 11% tax in that NYC store.
        Then, if you’re good taxpayers, you have to declare this purchase and pay some custom fees in Europe. So I don’t think you’ll get a cheaper camera at the end.
        Don’t forget tickets are expensive too these days… :-))
        And they also has a tax included.

        • @ St.:

          All of that is already taken care of. I have a street address in Mass. on my US driver’s license, so no issue with NY State sales tax. And the plane tickets are paid for by my company, it’s a professional trip.

          If, to that, you add the still very good dollar v. euro exchange rate, I’ll get a MUCH cheaper camera (maybe a 500/4 VR II as well). Yes, there may be a customs problem coming back in, but my experience is they mostly watch flights from Hong Kong and Singapore, not flights from the US… particularly if you fly in to Heathrow (as I will do), where they **never** check US-origin flights, and then take a connecting flight from London to France… piece of cake, as it will be an intra-EU flight…

          • Banksie

            Dominique, it doesn’t matter where you have your physical residence. When you physically buy a product from a business within NYC you have to pay the NYC retail tax. That’s why tourism is such an important industry. Everyone pays retail taxes in NYC no matter where you’re from. But if you buy from outside of NYC and have the product mailed to you, then it’s up to the vendor to collect the sales tax and pay it to your state of residence at the end of the year. Most vendors (like B+H) do not collect those out-of-state taxes and that’s why everybody thinks their purchases are ‘tax free.’

            The reason out-of-state vendors do not normally collect sales tax from out-of-state buyers is ONLY because they don’t want to do the accounting of holding sales tax (and calculating all the different rates) and paying out to each individual state tax board. It’s way too much work. And their argument is that they are not required by current laws to do so. But some are now being required by states to do so with the threat of not being able to do business in that state. NJ is requiring that tax is collected when buying mail order from B+H in NY, and CA is threatening Amazon to collect CA state taxes.

            But if anyone lives where there is a purchase tax, then they have to pay all sales taxes on their income tax returns no matter where they bought the item, and if the vendor never collected the tax. No state is going to let you get away from not paying retail sales tax.

  • the_raze

    I don’t understand? You’re exempt from paying sales tax on an item purchased via the internet? Sounds crazy to me!?

    In Denmark you have to pay full sales tax on any item purchased on the web.. Also our sales tax is 25% 🙂

    • Ric

      Exemption is if buy from another state and the retailer does not have a presence in your state.

      Example. When I purchase an item online from B&H I pay no sales tax. B&H is only in New York, I’m in California.

      If I puchase online from Best Buy, I’ll pay sales taxes. Best Buy has stores in California.

      • Banksie

        Ric, there is no ‘exemption.’ You still have to report that purchase on your CA state income tax in April and pay the sales tax that B+H did not collect. It’s the law.

        • Ric


          I did not know this. I new this to be true for business purchases but not for personal. I feel so dirty now.

  • Calibrator

    > “btw trololololol to you all.”


    • ActionJunky

      I do not know the taxes rates or requirements in other other countries like Denmark and Hungary, but we could very well be comparing apples and oranges. Americans pay Federal income tax. Most pay state income tax. Most pay real estate tax and most pay social security before receiving a paycheck.

      Therefore our consumption tax is a bit lower than many areas. It has long been proposed that we abolish the other taxes and migrate to a consumption only tax.

      In summary, you could be paying less for the camera than Americans. As for the dealer, it is 11.1 percent Gross Profit Margin on the camera body. This is a low margin for any retailer.

      • the_raze

        It’s not like our high sales tax is justified by low taxation in other areas. We pay between 37-60% in income tax. Also vehicles are slapped with a 180% tax rate AND the 25% sales tax 🙂

      • Pax Tayer


        On your montly paycheck are deducted:
        – Income Tax (% dependent on height of salary).
        – Several social security contributions (illness, unemployment)
        – Company Car Tax for those having one

        Those having a motorcycle or car, not beeing a company car.
        – Road Tax per vehicle depening ond fuel type and weight.

        Local Taxes:
        – Real Estate Tax
        – Garbage collection (in our Town per Kilogram)
        – Watermanagement Tax

        Sales Tax:
        – 6 or 19% on regular stuff
        – 19% luxury Tax on cars (on top of the 19%VAT)
        – Tax you have to pay when you buy a house (6% or so i believe)

        Yearly Income Statement:
        – Recap of your montly income tax payed (get a bit back or pay extra)
        – State assumes 4% return on all your liquidities (money/stocks/…) and you pay 30% tax on these returns
        – Those that have a morgage can lower their income tax as they can deduct the interest payed from their annual income

        Tax pressure: around 50 to 60% and after paying taxes there are the bills for all kind of insurances (health,house, fire, legal), utilities, groceries, clothing,fuel,…..

        • Darkness

          Americans dont have a clue, even the few million WITH a passport…They pay nothing in and get nothing out (healthcare, unemployment cover). Just loudmouthed cowboys with too much forum time, internet access is too cheap in the US as well I guess.

          • NyconNeoColonialist

            Ok Mr, Eurozone Darkness

            I pay
            35% federal income tax
            9.5 % state income tax
            2% yearly property tax
            8.75% sales tax
            Telephone, sewer, water, electricity, trash taxes.
            Healthcare insurance is paid by me.
            Payroll taxes for Social Security, Unemployment and disability.
            Gasoline tax – State and Federal

            You tell me who pays nothing.

            • So you’re claiming you’re in the 1% with no tax avoidance strategy?

              You pay a maximum of 35% federal, 9.5% state. Property tax in CA is a real nightmare, depends upon when you bought and whether you were grandfathered under Prop 13 and the various other bits and pieces that fit in with that.

              On average, Americans do pay less overall in taxes and fees than Europeans measured in almost any way you’d care to. We also get fewer services for that.

            • the_raze

              Just as a comparison:

              Income tax in Denmark = 37% minimum and 60% maximum (depending on income).
              Additional 8% income tax if you have a job.
              Sales tax is 25% on everything you buy.

              We pay 25% sales tax on cars and motorcyles PLUS an added vehicle tax of 180%! So basically if a car costs $40,000 USD without tax, it will cost in the vicinity of $120,000 USD.

              Aaand gasoline is $8.75 USD per gallon atm :-p This price is similar all across Europe.

              And of course we also have tax on every other kind of thing you listed – just at a higher rate ^_^

              We even have a special tax on food that depends on how much sugar and fat it contains!

              It’s pretty much a tax hell, but everyone in society is well taken care of – free university (actually you are paid about $1,000 USD a month by the government to attend school/university if you are age 18 and above).. And going to the hospital or doctor is free as well.

            • NyconNeoColonialist

              Thom, there lies part of the problem. That a tax avoidance strategy is required. A simpler tax structure is needed. Flat tax for Fair tax.

              Credit for this, deduction for that. Why?

              We are all equal, some more equal than others.

      • Bintang

        Some raw data from Hungary without any whining:
        – Average tax after your gross wage is around 45-55%. So if you cost Eur 3.000 to your employer, you’d get around 1.500, and the state will get 1.500 in form of 5-6 different taxes.
        – From that remaining Eur 1.500, you have to pay 27% VAT for any kind of not vital food or services. Vital means: bread, butter, meat, vegetables, gas, electricity, internet, etc…)
        – almost 2 dollars buy 1 liter petrol at the gas station.
        – 1 KWh electricity costs around 0,22 USD, or 16 Eurocent

        The above mentioned wage is exceptionally good and represents the lower border of the top 10% salary.

        • NyconNeoColonialsit


          That is an outrageous tax burden.

  • neversink

    Che, you wrote (or rather whined) what is below my comment… If you are getting paid for a wedding in March and then getting paid to shoot a concert, you can claim your taxes. If you are a professional getting paid, then stop whining. If you can’t afford the damn D4 with or without taxes, you better give up photography as a business. As someone who has worked for more than 30 years in this business I have seen lame and LAME. I have seen so many idiots claim they are professional who have no idea how to shoot or even run a photography business…..

    Anyway, everything written below here is your whining quote which I am totally amazed by:

    “I was one of the first to order at Ritz on the day they announced they were taking Pre-Orders (a week or so after the big, etc Sold out)…so I was super excited knowing I would get it in the first wave of shipments. But now this upsets me I got a big wedding in late March and the Mana concert to shoot first week of April…both low light events and I really wanted the D4 for that. But I can’t afford $500 in taxes. I will cancel tmrw. Today, I only ordered from Adorama…but I am considering as they are not as popular (at least for photographers) as the main guys like Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc. I will give OneCall a call tmrw…i might order from them and cancel the Adorama one.


    • Che

      My willingness or unwillingness to pay a sales tax has no reflection on my ability as a photographer. Let’s get that straight first. The point is Ritz did NOT make this aware to me upon placing the order. After 4 weeks I get the email. So yes that upsets me. Makes me feel deceived. So please step off your high righteous horse about our responsibility to our economy thru sales taxes. If you walked into two stores and then both had the same item for $500 cheaper at say Store A, you expect me to believe that 100% of you are willing going to pay $500 more!!??? Please! The bottom line is I have a choice. I shouldn’t be blasted for having that. I too find the it “amusing” that I’m here being ripped while almost all of you would turn around and given the circumstance buy online too!

      • Patrick — Las Vegas

        +1000 at CHE — I too felt deceived! I ordered at RITZ the moment they opened their pre-order site because its a D4, free shipping and tax free! Who amongst us dont shop around?? Only hippocrites would buy items that are more expensive knowing it is cheaper next door. I know about taxes…I pay a lot of taxes! I got witheld $50,000 taxes from my paycheck last year but its ok, at least I expect it. I just dont like being deceived.
        CHE is on the point…

  • i remember back in the 70’s and 80’s the markup was always about 10% on cameras the store made their money on accessories you were told to sell them along with the cameras

  • sjms

    the pricing on said document can be pretty misleading as the marketing and sales groups at these companies have tiered programs that reduce pricing for dealerships in the old gold, silver and bronze catagories. many of these programs are based on $$$ value ordered/accessories/glass/floor space/exclusivity/rebates/percentages/and such. its like being a car dealer in some ways.
    i have watched die hard exclusive canon dealers add themselves as nikon dealers just a few years ago when canon started to do some changing in their approach like charging for CPS and such. there are only a few here that actually know what goes on behind the curtain.

  • MIKE

    I am just glad not to live in the land of the “FREE” , don’t get it anyway, one can afford the price tag of the D4 cant pay the tax? Get real!

    • LOL, I was thinking the same thing for 500 bucks…. it’s a pretty small drop in the hat comparing to what you’d make from the work you produce with the camera.

      • Banksie

        Plus if the guy is using the camera as a business (he claims to have a ‘big wedding’ and some concert coming up) then why isn’t he doing his taxes right? He still has to claim the sales tax purchase as use tax on his income tax return (there’s never a free lunch, folks.) And he can also write off purchase expenses, capitalization, etc.. Makes no sense to me either. I think the reality is that he can barely afford the camera as it is (he specifically said he “can’t afford $500 in taxes”) and is putting it on a cc and will be in debt. Not a good idea, imho.

  • the_raze

    The D4 is $7,780 USD in Denmark 😀 luv’ dem’ taxes!

  • tonyc123
    • Eric

      Ha! That’ photo is such a joke. Reminds me of the 60 Minutes piece done back in the 90s when there was an artist who actually canned his feces and sold them at a gallery for vast sums of money. And he even told them he did it to prove how out of touch buyers were. They just “ate it up” so to speak.

    • jodjac

      A Gursky.
      Wonder what the tax bill on that was…

  • Red1

    The first day I ordered D4 at adorama based in NY,then he told me 400.00 tax.I live in NJ.Because the warehouse where they ship is in NJ I had to pay.

  • broxibear

    Talking about pricing, here’s something that was “suggested” to me by a Nikon dealer…
    The delay with the Nikon D4 has nothing to do with a bug or firmware issue, it’s to allow Nikon to sell remaining D3s stock before the D4 is available. Why ?…because apparently the tests and reviews of the D4 will show very little difference between the D4 and D3s in terms of stills, and people would be less likely to upgrade or they might opt for the substantially cheaper D3s…but if all the stock is gone you won’t have that option ?
    Don’t you love all these conspiracy stories…this is a rumour site after all lol. And we all know Nikon wouldn’t do anything like that, it’s not as if any photographic company would do anything underhand, like secret offshore bank accounts and missing millions lol ?

    • jorg

      sounds reasonable! a similar thing was suggested concerning the D700. selling of last years stock by discount is pretty usual.

      so, nikon, where are the rebates? or do you not need them to sell off those cameras?

    • Hassle Bad

      Only Nikon will know what the reason is.

    • Yagion

      Broxibear is still trying to make the point that D4 is not any better than D3s in term of a still camera, and we are really paying for all the video features of the D4 that not everyone of us uses… sigh…

      • Banksie

        Broxi is clearly just joking and trying to make a point (and a valid one if you compare only the still capabilities.)

        The ‘theory’ makes no logical sense, anyway. If the camera doesn’t ship then there will be none of these ‘D3s versus D4’ comparisons. And so potential buyers will still just wait for the D4 and not buy the existing D3s inventory. But if the camera is released and those ‘D3s versus D4’ comparisons ring true, then the existing D3s inventories will be sold out immediately.

    • This is interesting, I believe they will be selling the D3s for a while after the first D800 are delivered. I even think they still sell the D90.

  • Why are there so many D4 comments on a D800 post? LOL

  • Gtard

    What I think is more interesting then the debate on pricing and use tax, sales tax and VAT is the print embargo date. march 22 for the D800 and April 12th for the D800E. Would that be the date the cameras will start shipping or available for purchase?

    • Hassle Bad

      March 22, April 12th is no news, is wellknown and broad coomunicated.

      • Gtard

        Maybe in France, but the dates I’ve seen for Amazon and other online retailers has varied. It’s nice to see it in print.

  • Pax Tayer

    salestax: So the U in USA does not always stand for United….?

    • Alice

      Does siblings in the same household always united?!

    • FairTax

      Yes, U in USA does always stand for UNITED; but it doesn’t also stand for socialism or communism — like in EU.

      • dgm

        Even though the first comment on the U of USA was uninteresting and stupid you answer was lame and uninformed, if I may say so. Don’t feed the trolls

        • Banksie

          That’s okay dgm, he probably doesn’t realize that USA actually stands for the Uneducated States of America 😉

          • Pax Tayer


          • Greece

            Oh, take it easy, mate! My old, poor, and broken Europe, the current crisis you are in should have shown you: socialism or communism won’t save you!

  • bob2

    Maybe I’ll just keep my D700 a bit longer….

  • ZipZapRap

    haha I don’t give a sheet about bricks and mortar stores. I’m not a charity and it’s not as if bricks and mortar stores look after my wallet, so why should I look after theirs?

    Online all the way..

    • AM

      Even though you buy online, you need to pay local taxes on your purchase in the state where you live. It is clear that you are not charity but cheater.

      • Happyshooter

        Do you know: almost 50 percent of Americans don’t pay income taxes at all?

        The system isn’t fair, so do yourself a favor: be smart!

      • PM

        @AM: Have you always paid Sales&Use tax on the items you bought or sold on Craigslist or eBay? if not, you are a cheater too.

        • Used items are not always subject to Sales or Use tax. Depends upon the state and the item.

    • ohyeah

      Oh really, by all means let me know where you work and i’ll be sure to not shop their as well. Unless you work for amazon your the same boat as well buddy.

      • AMZN

        Just bought some Amazon stocks today. Now Can I say: Online all the way..

  • Steve Starr

    I’m curious as to what each countries distributor gets? Oz must be making a mint, but they are a greedy lot in general. Each distributor is probably getting much more than the retailer’s measly 10%. The two big dealers in NY probably get a far better deal. Their regional sales rep must be one happy camper too.

    When I was in retail, we used to get projector bulbs from Sylvania and GE direct. Later came the middlemen, distributors, warehouses, and we were farther removed and prices shot from a $3 lamp up to a $30 one.

    I know some large jewelery chains buy direct from the foreign maker. They avoid distributors at all cost. A pair of $10 their cost earrings can be sold for up to $200 easily in a fancy box. Down payments often pay for the goods, and any payments become pure profit. Statistically, jewelery stores are usually the last ones to vacate a shopping mall. Profit on a $15K Rolex is very small though and really not worth selling. Those $10 (at cost) earrings, Wow!

    Talk is now they want to turn Visa out-of-state purchase records over to states tax boards to grab any sales tax skippers. That will be interesting with any tax penalties they apply that could triple in penalties if they do it. It would be easy to do, just check the Visa sales to the out of state dealers from the holders bank code and see what sales taxes they were supposed to claim – and didn’t – and red flag it. That could hurt the internet and NY mail-order stores sales a bit too. I know some out of state schools demand to apply sales tax on their purchase ordered goods now even though they could technically skip it and pay later. They must be worried too, or some school got pinched badly and it went viral in some school journal.

  • Doug

    Lon i just checked D4 in Brazil will cost you nothing more than a mere US$11.065,80,
    and americans keep up the moaning at this point it is just hilarious.

    • OnlineOnly

      @Doug: do you like to pay over $11,000 for a D4? is that a fair price for you? if not, you should agree with Americans: the governments are there for serving the People, not for ripping the People off. Apparently, the Brazil government is doing the later.

      • Doug

        they put those price to induce the companies to build factories inside Brazil, importation tax there is 60% of the value of the retail, we already have toyota, subaru, htc, apple and others, i think it is good for the internal economy this way you generates internal revenue and lots of work vacancies for the internal market.

  • Grant

    I am fron NY and have no price or tax complaints. What is hilarious though is your lack of global awareness. Brazil is in the americas.

  • Alice

    This is bunch of nothing.

    The global economy plays both side of coin.

    If you don’t like the price you get at your local market, look for somewhere else for a better price.

    For those want their camera early, just pay for what the local dealer asking price.

    End of story.

  • $3k for 36mp and Nikon build is a good deal. If you don’t like it you don’t have to buy it.

    • NoFunBen

      very good deal. I was thinking it would be 800$ more.

    • mark london

      Ron, you nailed it.
      Also, it was very amusing reading the entire comments. Some people need to get out more. Go shoot some photos or something.

  • Pierre T.

    Look at the “Print Advertising Embargo Date”s for the D800/E. They are exactly the dates mentioned by Nikon France representative as reported in an earlier post. How does this translate into “shipping date”? Let’s wait and see.

    • In the US there is something like embargo dates for selling the camera – you cannot sell it before that date even if you got it in stock. BestBuy did break that Nikon policy few times in the past and many readers were able to get their gear sometimes a week before other stores even received their shipment.

  • The Bear Jew

    D800 NL
    SRP Euro 2899 = $ 3844
    Included Sales Tax (19%) Euro 463 = $ 613
    Profit for local Camera shop: $ 300 = Euro 226
    Assuming Nikon allows the Dutch shops to make the same profits as the U.S. shops,
    Dealer cost should be: Euro 2899 – 463 – 226 = Euro 2210 = $ 2931

    If I was Nikon I would send most of my D800’s to Europe where most of the civilized countries have similar % of Sales Tax!
    Funny, I feel there’s something wrong with my calculations and I’m bad at math.

  • broxibear

    Nikon confirms D4 and D800 release dates…
    “Nikon UK has confirmed that it is expecting a mid-March on-sale date for the D4. ”
    “Speaking to TechRadar, a Nikon spokesperson said that the new date was as a result in an update in production schedules, but was unable to clarify any further details.
    Meanwhile, the D800, which was announced a couple of weeks ago in London is still expected to go on sale for the originally anticipated end of March release date.”
    Full article here

  • Michael

    Reading so much about how each US state can set their own taxes etc. No wonder the economy is so going downhill.

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