Nikon NPS roadshow gear stolen worth £100k, including D4, D800

The van transporting the gear for the Dublin NPS roadshow was stolen on Saturday night near The Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. The van contained Nikon equipment valued at £100,000 ($156,000) including the brand new D4 and D800 demo cameras.

Her is a list of the stolen equipment with serial numbers, please spread the word:

Serial number Product Name
2027872 SB-700
2000776 SB-910
2112783 SB-R200
2112784 SB-R200
2007201 SB-N5
2053595 SU-800
204369 AFS50/1.4G
211305 AF14/2.8D ED
2102538 AFS35/1.8G DX
203912 AFS35/1.4G
205138 AF105/2D DC
300048 AF135/2D DC
200382 AFS300/4D IF
200661 AFS300/2.8G ED VR2
200606 AFS200/2G VR II
205164 AFS 600/4G VR ED
302920 AF16/2.8D FISHEYE
2069545 AFS105/2.8G VR MICRO
201187 24/3.5D PC-E ED
2009455 AFS60/2.8G ED MICRO
201222 45/2.8D PC-E ED Micro
2024655 AFS85/3.5G DX ED VR
2023900 AF-S DX MC40/2.8G
231352 AFS17-35/2.8D
227817 AFS17-55/2.8G DX ED
333216 AFS14-24/2.8G ED
478320 AFS24-70/2.8G ED
212444 AFS24-70/2.8G ED
33403012 AFS DX 18-105/3.5-5.6G VR ED
225558 AFS16-35/4G VR ED
20002656 AFS70-200/2.8G II VR ED
52002585 AFS28-300/3.5-5.6G VR ED
203336 AFS200-400/4G VRII ED
62001211 AFS24-120/4G VR ED
42291832 AFS18-200/3.5-5.6G VRII DX ED
2102647 AFS55-300/4.5-5.6G DX VR
438805 AFS TC-14E II
216917 AFS TC-20E III
1110036401 1 NIKKOR 10 F/2.8 White
1050077906 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30 F/3.5-5.6 Black
1310000816 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100 F/4.5-5.6 PD
1250003010 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110 F/3.8-5.6 Black
6001003 D90
6056018 D7000
6018500 D5100
5000718 D3X
43001267 COOLPIX S8200 WHITE
44001624 COOLPIX S6200 PINK
40111099 COOLPIX AW100 BLACK
62005091 NIKON 1 V1 White
64004157 NIKON 1 J1 Silver
65006660 NIKON 1 J1 Red
4001235 WT-4
1001109 ME-1 stereo microphone
Serial number Product Name Serial number Product Name
2053595 SU-800 2000193 Sample D4
204369 AFS50/1.4G 2000382 Sample D4
211305 AF14/2.8D ED MPT 2038 Sample WT-5
2102538 AFS35/1.8G DX MPT 2043 Sample WT-5
203912 AFS35/1.4G MPT1088 Sample D800


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  • EdPan

    it’s a dream come true to those robberers hehehe…

  • Shane

    No Ireland is the cheapest place to buy Nikon gear lol


    • texajoe


  • Thumpr

    Once the thieves see how small the sensors are in the J1/V1 they’ll return them…

  • Leiki

    Please Canon, be more discreet next time!!!!!

    • Gonzalo Cifuentes


  • Gary

    …meanwhile a truck beside it loaded with Canon CPS gear was left untouched LOL

    • Funduro


    • BOOM !

      Nice one Gary!

    • Bob

      Gary, that was an amazing observation.

  • time to use that gps technology in the cameras

    • ben

      You go that one right. Nikon got schooled by thieves

    • Bob

      Europe, seriously is in recession big time. Those cameras I am sure will end up in smaller auction sites in middle east or the far east

      • SkintBrit

        You’d still have to be mad to buy one over there, they are so hot they’re probably burning through their boxes as we speak! And if you do buy one, and you manage not to show it to anyone, and it never needs servicing, or any warranty work, and you don’t insure it……..if you manage to get away with all that you’re still left with a camera that you’re going to have to be mighty carefull about ever trying to sell. Is it really worth it? Good luck to whoever buys them, I’d rather be able to open my front door without having to worry about who’s standing on the other side!

  • damn joyriders!

    whats that software that looks for camera serial numbers for images posted online?

    • JFH

      GadgetTrack. See related post #1 above.

  • RickyB

    Why was a D90 in there? Im sure it was a personal camera

    • Calibrator

      The D90 is still being sold in medieval Europe, you know…

  • Joe Bodego

    I am glad, nikon steals from it’s customers with over priced lenses and Cameras. They got a taste of their own medicine. Go Ireland Go!!!

    • Hom Thogan

      You sir deserve a big hand shake, well said!!!!

    • What

      Oh do shut up.

    • Danny

      R u kidding me with that comment. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it. No one is asking you to buy it. What a stupid comment. Should be ashamed.

      • Popo Bawa

        We would be able to afford it if the prices were the same as in USA.
        Nikon D4: $6000 in USA, €6000 in ROI. If I decided to personally fly to New York to buy one over there, I would still save at least €1000, not to mention the 5 year warranty.

    • RS

      Dont hate the better equipment, just because you cant afford it.

      • Joe Bodego

        I have all of nikon’s Prime Lenses except the 35mm. Come on look at the price of the D3x? now that’s a steal. I am elated that they got ripped off. I should have been the one that did it. Horay!! for the Heroes who stole the stuff.

      • Q

        Come to think of it I cant think of a company off the top of my head that doesnt charge for their products or services. Why is Nikon so different?

        I guess you show up for work everyday for free?

  • stealth

    please please please if eny of you that have robed this wonderful and fantastic gear, on my bending neeeees can you get in touch ,house 1800cc bike right arm my bum waiting .

  • chimphappyhour

    What idiot left a van full of camera gear parked near Phoenix Park?!? This is a total duh moment.

  • Joel

    Damn, there was no d800e in the truck…

  • geecen

    Maybe we’ll finally get some good d800 samples posted

  • haha

    Maybe the Chinese did it. Within 3 months, we may get many Nikon clones selling Nikon-like quality bodies and glass at very affordable price, just not durable. Of course I am kidding but if it is true, would you buy it, if the is 10% of the current price?

    • pooh

      Vast number of Nikons and Canons in China for them to study, yet the Chinese never got the technology to produce large sized image sensors. DSLRs are obviously harder to copy than cellphones, and are of marginal profit.

  • Wow that’s a long list of Nikon gear to just leave in a van…seems kind of fishy…

    • Gillaroo

      You’ve obviously never been to a Nikon Professional Services day . They have these once a year in the UK in major cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow Manchester etc, for members of the NPS scheme when they show them a wide of range of pro/new gear and there are a couple of seminars. I was at one last week in Glasgow and strongly suspect the gear stolen was the very same that was in Glasgow, In fact my bloody fingerprints will be all over most of it, especially the D4……..

  • BartyL

    I didn’t do it. It was like that when I got there. Nobody saw me do it. You can’t prove anything. I know the law.

    (And the fact that I was soundly sleeping about 12 000 km away at the time could /also/ be used in my defence)

  • 1. Now I have a list to send to Santa that I can just cut and paste.

    2. Craigslist/ebay?

  • ben

    I don’t understand you NikonRumors.
    You recently almost got sued by Nikon. Nikon certainly does not send you rumor tips, and yet you are trying to help them out with the serial numbers. Trust me, Nikon will not hate you less for doing them a favor.

    • Daniel

      Eh, what?
      Do you need a reason to be nice nowadays? I don’t want to live in this world anymore…

    • pooh

      Rumor sites are now vital in viral marketing and hype generating. Any sane marketing manager would keep such sites live and well.

      Well Nikon might be different, that old stubborn yellow fool…

    • DFive

      What happened on the Sue thing… sounds interesting… lol ????

    • what are you talking about?

  • Daniel

    Anyone checked with Gizmodo? I mean they are pretty good with this pre-release hardware stuff.

  • The Bear Jew

    Old Amsterdam stays tuned and is ready to act.
    Some of the stolen stuff must be offered for sale out here.

  • Iceman

    How did you get my shopping list?

  • Jim

    Eh, the price of the stolen goods is Nikon’s super inflated MSRP. The actual cost of the items is probably closer to 1/3 of the amount and will be covered by insurance. The only issue here is the inconvenience to Nikon for having to fly out new items. Nothing to see here.

    • Paulie

      My guess is it wont be insured just sitting in a van unattended!

  • Bonetti

    Who ever stole it please sell me the 200m f2, I will give you $300 dollars and a lady gaga CD.

    • Funduro

      I’ll bid $210 and a Barry Manilow best of 2 CD set.

      • RS

        Ill raise that $250 and NOW 3, 4 and 5(all Mint)

    • john Richardson

      I have 4 goats 12 chickens and broken ax handle. My best offer.

    • jack

      I’m not sure they really belong to me, but I’d be happy to give you 535 members of U.S. Congress–you’re free to do with them what you will. That, $327.68 and my wife’s country music collection.

  • Tanduà

    they must try this site in next days or months

    with serial they will find a shot made by body and i think lens (serial is include in exif)

    • Luis

      You might also call that web site the “Copyright Violation Finder” 🙂

      • Tanduà

        Sooner or Later they are able to track a photo made by this stolen equipment.

  • Kristin Callahan

    Serial # for Nikon AF-S VR ED 300 mm 2.8 is L 306579
    Serial # for Nikon 28 – 70mm AF-S is D 209343
    Also stolen in NYC at Fashion week.
    Any info appreciated.

  • Jack

    Check the driver….. obviously… as always..

    • Doug

      Obviously, he is the lowest paid staff so he must be the guy right??!!, im tired of the stereotype, i suffered a lot with this and im only a foreign, im not even black

      • Jack

        If the case is report to the police (which it would), the first person to be questioned would be the driver. For obvious reasons. Nothing to do with paid, skin colour, or anything… common sense, normal person who aware of the importance of the content, with reasonable responsibility would not let this happened… fromo parking to letting everything stolen (everything)…

      • Jack

        same suspicious goes back to the driver, even if he was the CEO of Nikon.

        • Doug

          Yeah right

  • Dan

    Inside job

  • The Bear Jew

    B.T.W. and totally O.T.:
    Who’s this Peter Hurley guy?
    The administrator?
    A famous Nikon user whose fame and pics I’ve missed?
    A not so famous Nikon adept with too much money?

    • A self proclaimed best headshot photographer in the whole wide world.

  • Doug
    • Tony

      That D3 looks dodgy as hell. Brand new gumtree account. No mobile number or name on the advert. D3 only bought a couple of days ago, but no lenses for sale.

      Could be legit- who knows. But a rat, I smells.

  • whatever the case, I just hope I don’t get stuck with stolen gear when buying from the forums… now I have to cross reference serial numbers… that sucks!

  • Nick N

    At first I laughed when I saw that Olympus brought around their new camera in an armored truck. I guess it was not too bad of an idea after all

    • Doug

      It wasn’t a real camera it was just a mock up

  • dailydrifter

    I guess if we see a D4 on ebay it won’t be too difficult to find the crook. They probably don’t even know it’s not out to the public yet. Might get a D4 before march after all. lol

  • ken

    Completely OT – just wondering why the site was not promoting the B&H $69 special for LR3 OR Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements offer for today only? thought there was affiliation there…got an email from B&H about it and jumped on it, also its up on CR. oh well..

  • Doug

    check on gumtree Dublin, something might come up there.

  • Jürgen

    Now they got a D4 with a FW bug, serves them right….

  • Funduro

    Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdowns, J1, flooding and now this!

    • DFive

      They prob have it insured….. no dramas…

    • Bob

      J1 lol, you made my day!

  • CoolWHip

    These are hard times for Leprechauns. They lost all their gold in the 2008 crash and now resort to robbing trucks of goods.

  • BklynPigeon

    160,000 aint much. things get stolen all the time. that what Insurance is for!

  • DFive

    ” Top of the morning to ya – wanna buy a Nikon ? ”

    Someone in Ireland is walking around saying this right now…. lol

    • ken

      so funny, cracked up laughing or like….a nano second…donkey.

      • ken

        **…for like..**

  • David

    Its the works, but for some reason, 24mm 1.4 is missing on that list that has everything else on it. I wonder why…

  • Man what was the driver doing !!!!!! Busted !

  • The Bear Jew

    Hey Yo you Robbers, Crooks and Thieves, you are bad!
    Let’s make a DEAL!!!
    I have all the Whitney Houston cd’s, dvd’s and mp3’s downloaded from the Piratebay WITH AUTOGRAPHS!!!!
    That’s going to be BINGO for you and me.
    Make me an offer I’can’t refuse!
    I am your friend!

  • Wow I guess if you see a guy with like 15 camera’s around his neck you’ll have a pretty good idea they aren’t his…..

  • Nikon will up their price in Ireland. LOL

  • This is what happens when people can’t wait.

  • Check out that armoured car with the Olympus mafia.

  • pointshooter

    Will this accidend cause any delays for the upcoming D5 and D900 whitch should be awsome toys?

  • John Richardson

    Toss the cameras. It’s the glass that is the real prize here, glass will never really decrease in value, camera bodies come and go.

    Sad that this happened 🙁

  • Sammy

    Notice: Nikon will reward a Refurbished Coolpix (you pick the model) if you have informations about the robbery ( lie lie :-“( )

  • Johan Lund

    Used D800 for sale. Great price!
    Complete with box and all accessories. As good as new!


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