Voigtländer Color Skopar 28/2.8 SL II N and Heliar Classic 75/1.8 SL II N lenses announced (F mount)

Voigtländer Color Skopar 28/2.8 SL II N lens

Voigtländer Color Skopar 28/2.8 SL II N lens

It seems that nobody noticed those two new F-mount lenses from Voigtländer that were announced during the CP+ show in Japan last week: Voigtländer Color Skopar 28/2.8 SL II N and Voigtländer Heliar Classic 75/1.8 SL II N (images via DCWatch):


Voigtländer thinks that it is not important to list their new products on their website, so the only details on those two new lenses can be found at DCWatch.

Voigtländer also offers the following F mount lenses:

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  • Rex

    darn, i was hoping for more D4 and D800 shipping updates. 🙂

    • dear Voigtländer make it 1cm bigger and f2 and we will talk

      • AXV

        f/2 at least, 2.8 is too slow for a prime now..

        • GeofFx

          Can you explain what you mean by this? “too slow… now”? The iso/noise now is a lot better than it used to be, so I don’t understand the logic here.

          • Zeke

            I think the point is that the latest f/2.8 zooms are as good as primes (in the, say, 14mm – 200mm range), so these days the reason to get a prime is to get a big minimum aperture.

            However, these lenses are physically very small, which wouldn’t be the case if they were faster. The Nikon 24mm f/1.4 is enormous. Even the unobtanium 28mm f/1.4 was quite big.

            • henryya

              wrong. What zoom lenses are as good as fix prime lenses? Have a look at photozone.de and there you’ll find the answer. And btw, wh must a prime have f 1,4 or f2? A prime for me is a prime because its optical formula is a prime and the f2 or f1,4 is second choice. So are my lenses and see reports on the Leica glass.

            • BK

              Just look at 14-24 und 24-70
              and then at 14/20/24/28 2.8
              They all suck in comparison. Totally.

            • Nikon Shooter

              I see that some of you have been living under a rock for the past few years. Nikon’s Holy Trinity of f/2.8 zoom lenses is comparable to any f/2.8 prime lens in IQ and especially so when stopped down. In today’s world an f/2.8 prime lens is DOA to anyone other than a lens collector/enthusiast, unless it’s a telephoto or some sort of specialty lens.

              Obviously we still welcome all the prime lenses with apertures larger than f/2.8 because they give us something that zoom lenses will never be able to, but buying f/2.8 primes because you are concerned with image quality is just silly. Any f/1.4 prime lens stopped down to f/2.8 wipes its feet with anything that’s wide open at f/2.8.

            • Zeke

              “wrong. What zoom lenses are as good as fix prime lenses?”

              No, not “wrong.” High-end zooms have gotten really, really good – which is why most of Nikon’s new primes are all about big apertures.

              What f/2.8 prime lens outperforms the 14-24mm f/2.8 at any focal length?

              There was once a time when this would have been no contest. The fact that they’re even close is remarkable.

              I have sitting in front of me a Nikkor 24-70 and a Nikkor 24 f/2.8. The zoom gives up nothing to the prime except for bulk and cost.

              But bulk and cost do matter – or else most of us should be shooting MF.

            • jen

              Only advantage 2.8 primes have is weight

            • while the current batch of AF-D lenses are pretty much crap, the 24 and 28 2.8 AIS lenses are very hard to beat. the 24 would hold up very will against the 24-70 2.8, i cant comment on the 14-24 as i ve never tried it

      • Zeke

        “dear Voigtländer make it 1cm bigger and f2 and we will talk”

        They already make that. The 40mm f/2.

        • 28f2

          • Steve

            Didn’t notice or paid no attention ? I’d rather have the Nikon 35 f/1.8 and Tamron 60 f/2 macro than either of these. Nothing to see here… move on…

            • i dont care for what you would want. i wrote what i would want.

              good 28f2 or 24f2 nikon does not offer so i want it from third party

          • shadowfoto

            what about sigma 20/24/28 ƒ/1.8?
            (except their weight & size)

          • mohawk51

            Love the Nikkor 28/F2 with SIC.

        • Zeke

          Where’d the 1cm go? You mean you wish the lens itself was physically 1cm bigger?

          A big part of the draw of these lenses is their extreme compactness.

      • geecen

        You do know the is a Zeiss 28 f2? Both Zeiss and Voigt lenses are made by Cosina

  • BuzzAldrin

    Looks just like my old 45/2.8 GN-Nikkor.

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this lens.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Has anyone practical experience with Voigtlaender lenses?

    • Cameron

      Love my 20 and 58……check photozone.de for reviews. They handle beautifully and are relatively cheap….dont tell too many people though, they are a well kept secret!

      • Where’s my…

        I’ve got same Voigtländer combo 20 + 58 and like both too.

    • Mark

      The 40 is a real gem. It’s basically like having the quality of an L prime at a third of the price, if you’re ok without AF. They’re sharper, or as sharp as the Zeiss glass, but they don’t have the Zeiss look, which is more subjective, and about contrast.

      This Voigtlander line up is a really great reason to find a nice cheap D700 or 5D Mark II. If I can get a 5D II for a grand, I’ll probably snatch one up and just use these.

      I should point out though that the 75mm 1.8 was announced like a year ago, and then never heard from again… Maybe the natural disasters in Japan set them back…

      • Cameron

        I have been tempted by the 40mm a number of times. I agree with you that they are super sharp and not to mention tiny and well built.

        I did hear about the 75mm about a year ago as well…but yes the earthquake/tsunami in March last year are the most likely causes for the delay.

        • david kamer

          I have the 40 ultron on my 5DII with a split and microprism screen. If you want to go MF, the ultron is a very very nice option. With this lens the 5D II does not appear much bigger than an M9, the IQ is excellent, or at least much better than everything else I own, e.g. Canon L. I mean tack sharp at f2 with nice vignette, and without from f2.8. I promise, one can not be disappointed. Nor from the built quality, nor from the close up lens, nor from the IQ, nor from the handling.

    • mikej

      I love the 58, its by far my favourite lens (that i own), I was hoping they were going to announce a 14 or 16 f4, not much bigger than the 20, it would rock the dx crowd, at least me.

  • Cameron

    I own and love the Voigtlander Color Skopar 20mm f/3.5 SL II and Nokton 58mm f/1.4 SL II and have been waiting for the Heliar 75mm f/1.8 SL II for over a year…now they give me a bonus Color Skopar 28mm f/2.8 SL II….I guess my wallet is going to get even lighter!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these……left a message with my local importer/distributor!

  • Spy

    I just want a new 24mm 2.8

  • grumps

    I have the 20 and 40 and love them both. Yes, they are manual focus only, and I am excited about the new releases.

  • ee

    Would like to see a .95 F mount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Where’s my…

      That would not necessarily be a very small lens since rear element to film/sensor plane distance with F mount SLR is way bigger than with RF that optimizes away the room needed for the mirror.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Has anyone practical experience with the other Voigtlander lenses?

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Sorry the comment did not show up, Admin please delete double posting.

  • Actually there’s more info to be noticed on the Cosina website…

    It seems the 90mm Apo-Lanthar SLII is now discontinued (shame, such a great optic).

    Also the 20, 40, and 58mm lenses now have the “N” designation (which I’ll guess stands for “New”), and no longer have a rubber focus ring, but the old school contored and fluted type. Optically I’m guessing they are exactly the same as before.

    I own all the SLII’s and my favs are the 58mm and the 90mm.

    • Peter

      Can I ask why you chose the 90mm over Nikon’s 85mm G lenses (both f/1.4 and f/1.8)? or even D lenses for that matter?

      • pooh

        APO aside, the build quality is superb. CV (and Zeiss, which are also made by Cosina) lenses for SLRs are exceptionally well-built, better than their M-mount counterparts and most of the modern offerings from Leica. Touch one to agree with me.

        And as always, why a slow lens over a fast one? Size, weight, cost, and the lack of need for large apertures.

    • D

      The 90 is a wonderful lens. I need the use mine more.

      I was hoping they would bring back out the 125/2.5 micro and 180/4. maybe those will be next.

  • Tom Bruno

    I love it. I just watched a rerun of the hilarious Top Gear show, where the comedic host, Jeremy Clarkson, is given to sending up car makers by saying things like, “Voigtländer thinks that it is not important to list their new products on their website, so the only details on those two new lenses can be found at…” How are they in business? Has ANYONE here bought a Voigtlander lens in the past, oh, half a lifetime? Or have been hoping and pining, waiting with bated breath for this moment, this announcement? LOL, guys.

  • Peter Marshall

    Funny, I just ordered the 40mm yesterday from Adorama.

    I am selling my Nikon 85mm 1.4G, but I still think I’d opt for the 1.8G instead of going manual focus for a telephoto (and getting the Voigtlander)… at wider focal lengths, I am not intimidated by manual focus.

    Light weight is a huge plus since I LOVE traveling light and love street photography. I’m also sick of blurring everything out. Why has so much photography lately been more about showing off your lenses than actual composition??? …so I don’t need f/1.4.

  • EAJ

    Cameraquest.com has the announcement of the 75mm Heliar as 2/12/2011.

  • who’s going to bet the 75 will be a bestseller ???

    • Peter

      I think the 40mm will slowly become the popular one of the bunch if people start noticing Voigtlander’s lenses. The 75mm will have the awesome 85mm 1.4 and 1.8G lenses with AF to compete with… tough competition.

  • EE

    It’s so important I’m saying this twice: I want a 50mm .95 in F mount please, thank you.

  • I would agree the new Nikon 85mm f1.8 will be a tough challenge to the new V. 75mm but I know which one will be smaller, and feel nicer to the touch etc…
    AF I agree is better for portraits (assuming your camera is properly focus calibrated), and with face detection becoming more prevalent more and more an effective tool in shallow depth of field applications… But when doing portraits with a manual focus lens one can focus bracket by finding focus (this is fairly quick actually, and quite enjoyable), and then with the camera on burst fire lean away from the subject and taking a (rapid succession of pics as you lean in toward the subject. I’m talking mere inches of lean here (and not wedding scenarios lol), and picking the sharpest shot on your computer afterwards…
    In other less time critical situations, manual focus really is a pleasure that needs to be experience before dissing these types of lenses…
    Ok rant over 🙂

    One could by both and have change instead of buying the 85mm f1.4 or 1.2…

  • Joe

    Voigtländer should re-release their 125/2.5 Apo Lanthar Makro lens. It is incredible and people are paying mad prices for used ones.

  • d

    I wish Voigtlander focused a bit more on the F mount. Their 40/1.4 is by far my favourite lens on any system, and they are bringing out far far more exciting lenses than Leica.
    They are also the only thing that could ever persuade me to shoot u43.

    One of the most exciting lens manufactures around.

  • Bundasz

    I love my Voigtländer 58 1.4 @ D700- a dream; sharp, bokeh TOP, solid.. only con is no AF..

  • pooh

    With the 28/2.8 AIS towering over every other 28mm primes in the Nikon land, I doubt the new CV will be of any superior performance optically. However its build quality and implementation of CPU are still nice touches one can vouch for.

    • metalorange

      I agree. I own the CV 20/3,5, 40/2 and 90/3,5 but these two new lenses do not exite me at all. I won´t buy them since I already own a 28/2,8 Ais. I think it is crazy to release these new lenses while dinscontinuing their best lenses from their APO lineup. First the 128/2,5, the 180/4 and now the 90/3,5. Their decisions seem almost as crazy as Nikons when it comes to new lens releases.

    • mohawk51

      I definitely disagree. The Nikkor 28/F2 is much better than the F2.8 in my humble opinion……..

  • Artur

    Are there any Carl Zeiss lenses (made in Germany, not by Cosina) for F-mount ?

    • Joaquim Prado

      I don’t think so! But these lens are fantastic! Worth every penny invested!

    • Lio

      I think glass is made in Germany and assembly is made by Cosina. My Zeiss Distagon 25mm 2.8 ZF was coming with a check list sign by a German technician. The nice thing is that you have the name and the signature with blue ink made by a ball point, seem real.

    • pooh

      After all these years, I feel the Cosina-made Zeiss SLR lenses are better built than modern Leicas, which are built in Germany and thus have to include the exorbitant wage (3 or 4 times more than their Japanese counterpart) into their cost. Not so for the M-mount ZM line, which suffers from the dreaded wobble issue and dried-up lubs.

      For real high quality made-in-Germany SLR lenses you have to look into the 1950-60s. Zeiss (under Contax name) and Voigtlander offered in their ridiculously over-engineered products build quality modern camera makers (around the world) could only dream of.

      • justasking

        You can’t simply compare wages between 2 countries. Do you have any proof of the “exorbitant ” wage? On what do you base to call it exorbitant?

        • paf

          don’t know about japan, but in the line of business that I know quite well, German labor is 2.3 times more expensive than American labor.

          So not knowing the cost of Japanese labor (or cost per hr in optical mfg) I am still willing to bet that the above statement is true (maybe not 3-4 times but still true).

          • justasking

            How did you compare the wages ?

            • paf

              The cost for services is calculated using hourly cost of contractors using averaged exchange rates to a dollar. W-2 style wages are not considered because of benefits, taxes etc., overhead. Can’t tell you the company name, but believe me, their are solid and representative of international IT services used by competitors too (sort of like a global trend).

            • justasking

              From the perspective of the specific company it makes some sense.
              But based on such a comparison it makes absolutely no sense to call wages “exorbitant” or to say that German labor is 2.3 times more expensive than American.

              For a serious international comparison check out the oecd stats.
              (labour cost and earnings under the topic labour)

  • photdog

    The 28/2.8 would be a nice compliment had Nikon something like the X-Pro 1

  • Photdog

    Back to the main Business: Delivery dates!

    If this insane delivery dates in 2013 prove true, it probably means that Nikon has sold a years production not even 10 days after introduction.
    If Nikon is clever enough (well, we don’t know about the limiting factors) to increase production capacity (not at the cost of quality) then they could turn the disasters of last year into fortune. Coz the entire market has apparently built up a huge demand and some of the losses will be covered by insurances.
    I think that we gonna see a kind of race between Nikon and Canon not just in terms of specs and features but who can deliver what first.

    • Sandy

      Seriously? You believe this 2013 delivery date?? The database has to have some date in it, no matter what. If they don’t know the real date, a far out date is thrown in. Its a placeholder. I cannot for the life of me figure out how people think Nikon would introduce a camera and ship it ten months later.

      • Sahaja

        Of course Cosina already make an F mount 28mm f/2.0 – but that one is sold under the Zeiss name, is much bigger, and costs much more.

        If it’s any good, this Cosina Voigtländer 28mm would be great on my FM3a

        • Sahaja

          Sorry, my message above somehow got posted in the wrong place. It was not a reply to Sandy’s message.

  • A reader emailed me that at CP+ Voigtlander also updated their 20mm, 40mm, and 58mm SLII lenses (now called SL II N) changing the focus ring from rubber to metal and raising the prices slightly. The 90mm (one of my favorite lenses) seems to have been discontinued.

  • grayscale

    Wicked, Instant buy on the 28mm, reasonably fast wide pancake lens.
    I have the 58 1.4 and love it!

  • Pavlos

    The title would be more correct: “announced by archaeologists”

  • David Kamer

    I have the 40 ultron on my 5DII with a split and microprism screen. If you want to go MF, the ultron is a very very nice option. With this lens the 5D II does not appear much bigger than an M9, the IQ is excellent, or at least much better than everything else I own, e.g. Canon L. I mean tack sharp at f2 with nice vignette, and without from f2.8. I promise, one can not be disappointed. Nor from the built quality, nor from the close up lens, nor from the IQ, nor from the handling. Do I have to mention that I am still quite excited since I bought it 2 years ago.

  • DA DA DA

    “The 90mm (one of my favorite lenses) seems to have been discontinued.”‘
    A Typo I think, only KA discontinued like all other KA Cosina lenses.

    On the german site the 58mm is available in EOS mount also for the first time.


    • “A Typo I think, only KA discontinued like all other KA Cosina lenses.”

      I think not. All the SLII lenses are being replaced by the SLII N versions… except the 90mm. Show me a pic of the 90mm SLII N and I’ll stand corrected 😉

  • K S

    I currently keep a 40mm SLII on my D7000 almost as a lens cap when I take the camera to and from work. I then have the three lenses I use on the job in my desk. And almost all of my non-weekend personal pictures get taken with this lens. To my eye I can’t tell the difference between it and my 24-70 at any equal aperture. I actually bought it in anticipation of purchasing a fullframe a few months ago. Since my D800 is on order (through Amazon) I’m looking forward to using it with a larger viewfinder with it’s full field of view. Although it’s not too bad on the D7000 with the Tenpa 1.22x eyepiece.

    Neither the 40mm or the example of the 20mm I borrowed hotspots on my 720nm D80. Unfortunately neither is wide enough for my normal usage in IR. Otherwise they are two of the better IR lenses I’ve used.

    I also wish they would bring back their 125/2.5 Especially now that I’m going to FF and would like just a little more reach than my Tokina or PC-E. Any recommendations? I don’t use AF at all while shooting herbs for my work, so well dampened MF is preferred.

    • The obvious would be the Zeiss 100mm macro, although it only goes to 1:2 verses 1:1 for the Voigt 125mm.
      Otherwise if you want longer it’s hard to fault the Sigma 150mm, and although it is AF, it does still have a reasonable throw I’m sure as it IS a macro lens. The non OS version is better value for macro work.

  • BW

    I wish that Voightlander would make the 25mm or 17.5mm f/0.95, or something similar in the F mount. I love my 58mm, and I wish they made something wide and fast. This 28mm lens is pretty neat though. Perfect light landscape lens where speed is not needed. I think people perceive speed with good optics. This is not always the case.

  • Shy

    Own 20mm 40mm 58mm 90mm all great. I’ll pass 75mm own 85 mm F1.8 afd cant be happier. 28mm on wishlist 125mm and 180mm on dream list 🙂 I prefer them on ful frame, d700, also great for IR.

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