Amazon estimates the Nikon D800 delivery date for January 2013 *UPDATED*

Amazon sent out an email to everyone who has a Nikon D800/E pre-order with an estimated arrival dates of January 2013. This is obviously an error in their system, probably caused by the large number of pre-orders in a short period of time. I expect the Nikon D800 to start shipping in the second half of March and the D800E in the first half of April 2012.

Update: B&H lists the D800 shipment date as March 22nd, 2012:

This is the full email sent from Amazon:


We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# ***):
"Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)"
Estimated arrival date: January 04, 2013 - January 08, 2013

We hope to see you again soon!

Customer Service Department

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  • JC

    By then, the D900 will be announced and the D800’s will be going up on craigslist. Woohoo!

    • sounds as realistic date

      • St.

        Yeah – I have estimated Jan 2, 2013. I had them on chat and asked if this is a generated message they send or it’s based on a real information. The agent told me that it is always based on a real information they have from their suppliers……
        I truly hope it’s an error!!

  • Horis

    No worries guys. The 5D MkIII should be out well before Jan 2013 so plenty of time to cancel your orders and get the camera that you were really expecting from Nikon.


    • Ron Scubadiver

      Don’t worry, none of us will. Simply because we like our cameras to AF. Oh snap. The D800 has the flagship D4’s entire AF engine? Whoa, novel idea.

      No thanks, bucko.

      • Horis

        Do you really wear vests, Bucko?

        • Cool Face

          Cool Ad Hominem come back bro.

      • +1

      • Dan

        You are assuming that the mark III will not have a similar focusing system to the awesome system on the 1Dx which is KILLER. I’m sure Canon has learned from that mistake and they went a bit overkill in the 1Dx to prove it. Plus, most of the leaks show that it will have an upgraded 1Dx style autofocus system.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Great story. One question. If Canon has it all ironed out for you, why are your eyes straying over here to NR?

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          People were pretty sure the 5DII would have an upgraded AF system too. AND IT DID. They went from 5D AF system to the 40D’s AF system… snigger…

          Canon might just surprise you yet and upgrade again… to the 60D’s AF system.


    • Canon Maniac

      You mean the camera expecting from Canon not from Nikon…

    • I don’t know of a single Nikon shooter looking to cross-over to the Canon camp. Yet, I know of MANY Canon shooters selling every piece of Canon gear they have right now, scrambling to get a Nikon D4 and D800/E. Some of these guys already own some premium Nikon glass. There is really no need to jump ship on Nikon and move to Canon, especially not now. Even if the 5D III is 22 MP and the 5D X 40MP. Nikon will counter will a lower-resolution “proper” D700 replacement at some point, I do believe. It will probably re-use the D4’s 16.2MP FX sensor. The latter being pure speculation on my part.

      • Kon_head

        I do know one Nikon shooter thinking of switching… if the Canon 5DMk3 indeed has the rumored 61 point AF and 6.9 fps.
        With the rumored new Canon lenses 400/4 IS, 100-400 IS and the already announced light weight super teles (500/4 600/4), it is very tempting to go over to Canon.
        I have been waiting for a looooong time for the Nikon 80-400 redo. I have the 500/4 VR, but I need a smaller 400mm for a walk around lens.
        I have the D800 pre ordered, should be very easy to unload….. when the time comes.

        • Kon_head

          Further more, I don’t care about the mp count, any thing over 20 mp is mighty enough for long lens shooting, or I’ll need a tank to anchor the rig down to get the perfect shot.

        • D400

          But the 5d3 will be announced in april, with an estimated delivery date of november, and after delays wont be availible till febuary 2013

  • ShaoLynx

    Say what ?!?

  • 2FcuknFunny

    Very nice AMAZON!

  • Shasta_D

    I can’t wait to hear the detail explanation on this for how their system was set-up for pre-ordering. I’m suspecting a default of 12/31/12 was put in their system as a placeholder and that the varying dates are based upon shipping method and distance away.

    For me, I’m a prime member, but was only given an option for ground. I live in Northern CA. I ordered a D800. My shipping window was 1/4-8/13.

    • Shasta_D

      Also, I placed my order at 9:36pm PT.

    • Jonathan

      I think you nailed it exactly. When Amazon doesn’t have a specific date, they often put in a placeholder when they know that an item is coming.

      I’ve seen it with many video games: they default to the last day of the current year, based on the information that it’ll be out that year.

    • John

      I’m a prime member, as well and was only given the standard 3-5 day shipping, too. I chatted with Amazon’s support and a day or two later, I had to option to choose free 2 day prime shipping or pay $3.99 for next day shipping. A day or two later, I got an e-mail from them saying they upgraded me to next day shipping for free.

      Oh, here’s my shipping estimate:

      Estimated arrival date: January 02, 2013

  • I AM: A Nikon User

    Seriously, why would NikonRumours post an idiotic story like this? January 2013? And I am supposed to take this site seriously? Give your heads a shake for even wasting your time reading this tripe!

    I was in Nikon yesterday to get some literature and at the latest, the D800 is expect in stores by this APRIL! As for the Canon trolls …. you should be so lucky to be this excited about a product launch. Apple Inc is the only other company I know who can generate this much buzz over a new product release.

    • Horis

      Of course Nikon would tell you that the delivery will be by April. You’re in a Nikon shop after all. LOL.

      A quick question for you: do you still believe in Father Christmas too?

      • Ren Kockwell

        You must if you think the 5d Mk III is releasing any time soon—Canon is notorious for announcing products nowhere near final production. Maybe, if you’re good and stop behaving like a troll, Father Christmas will bring you the first one off the line next Christmas.

        • Horis

          Did you sell your D700, chump?

          Good luck with the D800 wait. LOL

    • Bob

      Its not a story, its an email that a lot of Amazon users got (including me).

      It is probably a mistake in their system, but it kind made me gulp when I saw 2013.

      Anyway, if you think it is tripe, just move along.

      • St.

        I also received the e-mail! Peter did a great job again in consolidating all e-mails, so now we know that it wasn’t sent to only few people, but to everyone.
        Thanks, admin!

      • ken

        and – seriously- you didnt think it was tripe? lol…. glad B&H don’t make such mistakes…


      Obviously you cannot read…this “story” is information directly from Amazon’s website and Amazon customers. LOSER

    • @I AM: A Nikon User Alot of readers got this information, I myself am included in this email. I have been checking the website frequently to see if NR has shed any light on the subject.

      If you don’t like the website this much, how about you stop visiting?

      • Jade B.


    • Todd

      It is true, pre-ordered a D800 from amazon and sure enough I received the email last night that it’s expected delivery was Jan 2013. Obviously I was/am pissed about it. I expect it to be an error as well but what worries me is that a Nikon Rep that was on Scott Kelby’s podcast said that he expected the D4 to be back ordered for at least 6 months. This could give credence to that ship date. I sold my D3 a month ago and need a camera so I am worried.

      • Well, yeah..but, not a single person has spoken up saying they got an email that said anything other than shipping date of Jan 2013..


    • twoomy

      I love you, “I AM: A Nikon User.” You are all that is funny in the world. Not reading or comprehending something properly and then flipping out about somebody else’s stupidity. Thank you for the great laugh.

      As for the story, even if you have a problem with simple reportage as this, I valued NR admin posting this because it allows all of us Amazon D800 customers to see that it’s not just “me” and allows us to talk about it.

      Now give your *own* head a shake for not reading things properly. 🙂

    • FM2Fan

      There is only one conclusion: March 2012 to Dezember 2012 will not last then 60 normal days – such messages from distributors are not adding to their credibility – do they?

  • Justin Stone

    Yup. Woke up to find my absurd shipping window this AM. Lots of time to rethink staying with Canon.

  • Interesting they’re spread out a bit though. Mine says: Estimated arrival date: January 08, 2013 – January 11, 2013. I suspect I’ll hear from Amazon again in March saying “your D800 has shipped…”.

    • JohnnyA

      Funny mine says January 2nd? Does that mean they send this down the list. I ordered mine on the 7th (lunch time west coast time)

      Also, I ordered a 800E and didn’t get an email. I ordered that minutes after it was opened up on Amazon. I am sure this doesn’t mean anything but i cannot keep my mind of my new Nikon.

    • They’re probably spread out because some people will be in a different shipment. I’m sure they know enough just by knowing the number of preorders to know who is in which shipment. Other than that, the only guess I could have would be that yours is taking a bit longer to get to you because of where you live in the country. Wherever that may be.


  • Stefan

    Now we know AMAZON uses the Magic 8-ball to determine shipping dates.

    • John


    • +1

    • Ren Kockwell

      Correction. It’s called 8-Ball Prime.

  • Canon Maniac

    There is new flooding on Thailand that is why you ave to wait one year more…

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      There was a light shower in Bangkok so they delayed it.

  • Norman

    I contacted Amazon, saying “seriously?” To which they replied, “Yep, sorry, here’s a $20 voucher.” I paraphrase, but that’s what they said.

    It SURELY has to be a glitch. SURELY. I almost canceled then thought wait, if lots of people cancel, maybe I’ll get it sooner — like, Thanksgiving?

    SUUURELY has to be a glitch. PLEEEASE say it’s a glitch.

    • well the yield of that sensor have to be terrible, new tech, high demand. i would not be really surprised about 1 year of no spare cameras

      • No spare cameras is one thing. But no cameras at all is entirely another. Nikon said 30,000 D800s/month. Where are the first 330,000 cameras going between now and January? Something smells fishy. And I have a feeling it’s coming from Amazon’s corner.


        • 330000 is less then only NPSes want worldwide

        • i am not saying that you will not get one, but the dude testing D800 here i germany (he works for Dostal which is auth. nikon service center in germany) said that there were 180000 preorders from germany and it was two days after announcement.

    • I got the same consolation. Decided to keep it, though. If I don’t get an email by the end of March saying it’s shipped, I’ll buy a D3 and resave for the D800. lol

      I think it’s a glitch, too. Not a single person has gotten anything other than those dates.


    • Norman

      Looking down the thread here, a few people suggested changing shipping options and then changing them back to your original shipping options, and lo and behold, the shipping date is now March 21.

      In your FACE by a day, B&H.

  • jps

    Remeber the world is to “end” this year. They are just hedging their bet on next year!

  • Don’t worry guys! It’s a glitch. They likely used 12/31/12 as a placeholder as they’ve no idea when they’re getting their stocks of D800/E in. Let’s relax, Nikon has stated they’re making 30,000 D800s per month. I expect that Amazon was over-loaded with pre-orders as well, as the D800/E is the hot ticket right now for Nikon users as well as a lot of Canon users.

    • Steve Starr

      I believe Nikon said they have the ‘Capacity’ to make 30,000 D800s a month. They may have made a fraction of that amount and this is leading to the shortages and extended waits, especially if they have to change the lines to another model.

      I think they also did the same with the D4 and its extension, although it doesn’t seem as severe as 11 months with Amazon. Production may be swamped. They didn’t have the need to make as many D700s and D3s being old models, but the new kids on the block may have been an eye opener for their Sendai plant’s production capability.

      Might be telling to see what the employment prospects are at Nikon Sendai?

  • Shasta_D

    I know what happened. Amazon had discounted the D800s by $.99 off of the Nikon Set Price. Perhaps Nikon is punishing Amazon for discounting. 😉

  • Steve Starr

    Amazon also gets backup stock from other dealers like some of the New York majors. If the majors are holding back, Amazon may have under-estimated the popularity and under-ordered for their own shipping points. The majors will make more money selling out of their own shop than to Amazon.

    An 11 month wait list and with the varying dates (a few weeks difference depending on the buyer) even seem to fluctuate by a few weeks from several posters who ordered from them seems plausible if it is really that hot of an item. I doubt if it is a glitch, but more of a “Don’t bother us” much as what B&H is saying. Neither will know until Nikon delivers. I’ve canceled orders with Amazon before from extended waits (it was from their secondary supplier too). It happens.

    Our local mom and pop is more conservative and may get only two cameras: one D800 and one D800E around April and maybe a few more in summer. Nikon Sendai is going to be very busy and probably a good year for Nikon considering their last quarter of 2011.

    • Do you know, or have you heard of ANYONE getting it before January? If not, then it’s definitely a glitch. They would surely get SOME in before then.


  • thebiter

    My delivery estimate is January 2nd, 2013.
    Looks like I’ll get it before the rest of you! =P

  • Admin —

    You mentioned earlier an impending price drop on the D700. Any more info on this?

    • broxibear

      Hey Ron,
      Don’t know about elsewhere but here in the UK the price of the D700 and D3s have gone up not down in the past few weeks. Many of the dealers aren’t even listing them any longer, one pro dealer told me the D700 was no longer being made, they couldn’t source any more stock and that’s why they no longer listed it.

    • it happened in Europe, no info for the US

  • ronin

    Not so outlandish. Some of us have been sitting on the pre-order list of for the NEX-7 for half a year now. What’s another five months’ wait?

    • IndyGeoff

      6 month wait for any item is too long for me.

  • T.I.M

    We will get the D800e BEFORE May 25th.

  • Michael Devonport

    Nikon would not allow D800 to be sitting in a warehouse for a year, it would be bad business. People would be upset and they will cancel their orders. My advice to Nikon Rumors,would be for them to contact Nikon and ask when will the D800 will be release for general public?

  • Chandra

    Has anyone got an email with estimated delivery date in 2012? Just curious. I ordered mine at 11:36 PM CST on Feb 6th and my window is Jan 4-8th. It can’t be this bad that Amazon is not going to get even ONE (1) camera this year. I think this is a tactic by Amazon to make sure that orders don’t cancel automatically should there be a delay.

  • Prajyot

    That means i should stop thinking about D400…Shipping date for D400 will be in dec 2013….Iamnikon and Iamdisappoint

    • Now I’m starting tro worry and wish I bouth that D700 when I had the chance.

      • Prajyot

        I had decided that i ll order D800 on my bday but now if its true, i ll find D7000…

        • enesunkie

          Good luck finding a new D7000. They’re almost as scarce as D800’s!

          • Prajyot

            soo true…i was looking for D7k before D800 came out with an unexpected price…Still i haven’t saw any D7k..If Nikon ship D800 in coming months then no need to hunt for D7k, it ll be just a long wait for D800 🙂

  • Chandra

    I had also pre-ordered the new 85mm f/1.8G lens around the same time. The delivery estimate on that is March 1 – April 27th. Obviously, their estimate system is not that accurate. So, I’m thinking they will fix this too.

  • Doug

    Canon Fanboys had multiple orgasms when they heard this news

  • Norm

    So this is the email they sent when I asked if they were serious about a Jan 4-8 2013 delivery:


    I’m so sorry to hear about the change of the delivery date for your order.

    I’ve checked your order and can confirm that the Nikon SLR camera is now back-ordered. I’ve searched our website, and I found out that the camera is in high demand and supplies from the manufacturer are limited. Its availability will fluctuate, and if the item is not currently in stock, we cannot guarantee that we will receive additional quantities in a timely manner.

    Don’t worry, we will not charge your credit card until we ship the product. At this time rest assured that we haven’t charged your credit card yet. What you see in your credit card statement is the authorization charge, not the actual charge. However, the authorization should expire within 7-10 business days.

    At this time I’m no longer sure if you’d still want to continue with the order. If you’d rather cancel your order, I understand. To cancel your order, go to the URL below and click the “Need to cancel an item?” button:

    I’ve issued you a $20 promotional certificate, which you can use the next time you order an item sold by

    Promotional certificates don’t apply to items offered by other sellers on our website and won’t cover the shipping costs of an order. When using a promotional certificate to buy eligible Kindle content or other digital products, the promotional funds will apply to your order automatically before another payment method is charged.

    Please accept the credit as a goodwill gesture and an apology for any inconvenience.

    Again, I’m so sorry not to have better news, but I hope the information helps.

    We hope to see you again soon.

    Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

    If yes, please click here:
    If no, please click here:

    Best regards,

    Anna A.
    Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.

  • broxibear

    Oh well, you could always buy this genuine Nikon D800 brochure on ebay, it’s only £3.40 and you’ll get it in 2 days lol ?
    I don’t understand why people are surprised that there are going to be supply issues regarding the D4 and D800. Nikon had difficulty supplying stock long before the tsunami and flooding ever happened. With some people making multiple pre-orders from various retailers I only see futher chaos for the next six months.
    Maybe it’s time to think again about the pre-order system and how it works…maybe it’s time to only put things on sale if they’re actually available to buy.

  • Jonathan

    Calm down people. Amazon regularly uses placeholder dates when they know an item is coming but don’t have an exact date.

    All of us who ordered day one will likely have an email sometime in March saying “Your order for Nikon D800 has shipped.”

  • With all the bad things that have gone down, it might be January 2013.

  • Doug

    Lol Feb 6th order date.

  • ykh

    that’s an important question. if it were caused by underestimating the popularity of the camera, the shipping dates we received should be SCATTERED from March to early next year. I ordered between 9 and 10PM, Feb. 6, and got Jan. 3, 2013. seems to be among the earliest. the very earliest date posted here (that i found) is Dec. 31, 2012. Unless we see SOME dates spreading over the second half of this year, i believe this is a mistake.

    • ykh

      PS. This was supposed to be a reply to Chandra, about whether there are delivery dates in 2012.

  • john C

    Pre-Ordered Today:
    Delivery estimate: 27 Mar 2012
    “Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

  • Dominik

    @Horis: “No worries guys. The 5D MkIII should be out well before Jan 2013 so plenty of time to cancel your orders and get the camera that you were really expecting from Nikon.”

    How’s the 1DX coming along? Announced 4 months ago and still not available for pre-order. Very strange.

  • shivaswrath

    this had to be a ploy to drive away customers and orders…amazon needs to fill the orders, and if they can thin out their list, the better…

    I was GOING TO cancel, but then decided…to wait. because i would love to see how they delivered a product 9 months AHEAD of time 🙂

  • T.I.M

    Nikon France, D800 & D800e review (in French of course)

    • InfraRed

      The message From Nikon France is clear: Delivery will start on March 222nd for the D800 and April 12 for the D800E…

  • BornOptimist

    Why are you not asking yourself why this message only seem to come from Amazon and not from the other shops that have accepted pre-orders?
    Because there are no delay to speak of, only limited supply. Amazon cannot supply the camereas they have in preorder, therefore they just mention a random day far into the future to be on the safe side.

  • ray

    I Believe in B&H to deliver my camera on march 2012!

  • Greg

    UPDATE: Amazon responded that the 2013 delivery estimate is incorrect. Since they do not have an ETA from their supplier, the date in their system is a placeholder.

    “Hello again from Our latest information indicates that “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)” hasn’t been released yet, and we don’t know the expected release date. The 2013 date listed on our website is displayed as a placeholder until our suppliers are able to provide us with a specific release date. Once we know the release date, we’ll add that information to our website.”

  • Peter N

    just had a chat with Amazon and the guy stated, “Per our inventory information, we’re expecting to get them between February 15th and the 28th. The system gave out the [2013] dates by mistake.”

    also sent him a link to this nikonrumors page and he said, “wow.” They should send out new emails before they get bombarded 😉

  • frank

    They are making 30,000 d800’s a month.PEOPLE come-on! They arenot selling more than 30,000 d800s a month. No where close to that. this is obviously a mistake.

    • Ray

      Demand for such releases is always front loaded at the best of times, especially when it has been such a long time coming. Add in a bit of reduced supply of previous models due to Japanese/Thailand disasters, a dash of demand for high end cameras NOW due to upcoming olympics, world cup year etc.

      It wouldn’t be surprising to see D4/D800 out of stock for 3-4 months after release months at least.

  • Distanted

    Maybe so many people are ordering 2 and 3 bodies at once with the idea of selling the extras on ebay at a markup that it’s impacting normal business models for retailers.

  • Farshad Fesharaki

    hi, if it is a mistake then don’t worry about it. move on

  • very not worried

    placeholder date. take your meds, people of earth.

  • baked bananas

    NEVER ORDER NIKON EQUIPMENT FROM AMAZON!!!!! You may end up with a grey market camera from austrailia. That happened to me 2007. Do like the pros do and order early from bh or adorama.


  • Brian

    I emailed and asked why a 11 month wait. Amazon emailed back that it was a good date, upgraded me to free overnight shipping and gave me a $20 coupon.

  • Steep_Trails

    Here’s my only concern with the Amazon glitch… It sounds a lot like the “glitch” they had when the D7000 was launched, the glitch that led to them cancelling a lot of people’s pre-orders after 60 days. So I wrote then to ask the question after ordering the D800. They wrote back right away to say, “No, your order will not be cancelled automatically.” We’ll see.

    Sounds to me like they didn’t learn very much after their last debacle.

    • I did warn that Amazon can cancel your pro-order without a notice and you will lose your position in the queue.

  • Jack

    I so love this blog!

    I think there will be a lot of unhappy campers if the NY retailers ship and Amazon doesn’t.

    In the mean time, I think there will probably be some backlog for some time, so those who got their orders in early are fine, but those who didn’t will have the added advantage of canceling their orders if the initial reviews of production models are disappointing. Too bad you can’t find an FX alternative.

    My bigger concern is the D4 delay. I can’t pre-order one of those, but I’ll need one in April. Sounds like I’ll be out of luck.

  • Nikon D

    Got the email about January delivery, so had a chat and asked if this was correct and the lady said that was the info that they had. So I asked if my standard shipping could be changed to 2-day since I am a Prime member and she did that for me.

    Checked the order status after that and saw my shipment date changed.

    Not Yet Shipped:
    1 item – delivery estimate: March 22, 2012

    • Jim

      Yeah, just saw a comment on dpreview about that. Went in to my shipping options for my order, chose the same shipping option as I already had and the new estimated date now says March 26 – March 30. And this is for the D800E which isn’t due until April. Do I expect it in March? No. But hopefully more accurate than January 2013! 🙂

  • kevin

    My BMW just had problem and costed 2000 to fix it. there goes my D800 cash…to the car… 🙁

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Sell your car and buy a honda. 😉

  • Scott Owen

    Just checked my Amazon order, and the estimate delivery has now changed to March 22, 2012.

    • Chandra

      When did you pre-order? Mine still shows Dec 31st shipping date

    • InfraRed

      Good for you!

      I just called Amazon: they “confirmed” January 2013 delivery. They also confirmed “USA Warranty”; the camera is defined in the system as “US domestic market only”. FWIW…

  • ken

    seems to be dates ranging from what…31st December to Jan7th?

    sounds like 8 batches right there…..which batch are you in and how long between batches….;-)

    I’m in the B&H batch luckily !

    • ken

      also wonder if you call in will you get your order bumped up……oooh i see amazon phones hopping off the tables…

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