Nikon D800 updates

  • Nikon D800/D800E is "Eye-Fi Connected": "When used with an Eye-Fi card, the Nikon D800 / D800E stays powered on until wireless media uploads are complete, has an onscreen icon, and offers the ability to enable/disable the Eye-Fi cards Wi-Fi via the camera menu."
  • Nikon D800 100% crops by Jim Brandenburg.
  • More D800 samples at various ISO: link 1, link 2.
  • RSS plates for Nikon D800 now available for pre-order.
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  • dwsea

    Just got my estimated ship date notification from Amazon. Looks like I have a few months to wait…

    When will your items arrive?
    Not Yet Shipped:
    1 item – delivery estimate: January 4, 2013 – January 8, 2013

    Order Placed: February 7, 2012 order number: 104-4264386-XXXXXX
    Order Total: $3,292.44

    Shipment #1: Not Yet Shipped
    Shipping estimate: December 31, 2012 (More about estimates)
    Shipping Address:

    Shipping Speed:
    Standard Shipping

    Shipping Preference:
    Group my items into as few shipments as possible
    Items Ordered Price
    1 of: Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) [Electronics]
    Condition: New
    Sold by: LLC

    • Frank

      I got the same email. I hope it’s a lot sooner then 2013.

      • El Cabong

        Yeah, I got the same email.

        • Dan A

          Same. Hoping it’s false.

          • +1. This is miserable.


    • mikils

      that’s a bit stiff. I hope you did’n not sold your D700 yet…

    • KT

      Just look at the bright side, you’ll get the upgraded version of the D800 with a new firmware, all the sensor and AF bugs and wrinkles have been ironed out, and it’s all for no extra charge. Just be patient!!!!

    • Jonathan

      I got the same email. I think it’s Amazon updating from having no date as an unavailable item, to a pre-order without a fixed date yet. I’ve seen them do it with video games, listing the last day of the year as the ship date, and updating it when they have better information.

    • Mat

      Yep same here……..

    • Same here, I’m guessing its an error. I cant imagine they’d not get one of the largest online retailers a release batch of cameras.

      • I emailed Amazon, and I was told “the item says it’s out of stock. The shipping date you got is the most accurate we have that I can give you”. So, I started a live chat with them. The guy on the other end says “Well, it looks like we’ve run out of stock of that item. That’s why it gives you an option to be notified when it’s in stock again.”

        These people have absolutely no idea what’s going on. And it’s a bit disheartening knowing that $3k could be taken out of my account at a moment’s notice, because they have ill-prepared representatives. Personally, I hope they’re wrong. But, I honestly have no idea what to think at this point.

        I also have a D800E through BHPV, and this is what they said:

        Mark White : Hey there. I ordered a D800E through you guys, and a D800 through Amazon. Both within minutes of the preorder option opening up. Amazon is saying my order won’t ship until JANUARY of 2013. Is there any way you could give me an approximate shipping date of my order through you guys? Order Number: xxxx

        Nathan Z: Hello Mark White. My name is Nathan, and I will be glad to assist you. Please give me a few moments to begin working on your inquiry.

        Nathan Z: According to our information, they are expected to ship by April 12 2012

        Mark White: They are, but the D800 was expected to ship March 18 as well. I guess my question is, do you happen to know when my particular camera will be shipped? As in, how far up in the order sequence I am? Like, if I am included in the first batch or not?

        Nathan Z: Sorry, we don’t have that information available. Also BH wouldn’t know how many Nikon will release to us

        Mark White: Darn. If my item won’t be shipped in the first batch, will I get some kind of an email with an estimated shipping date?

        Nathan Z: Yes, you will

        Mark White: Alrighty, thanks alot.


    • Larry R

      You are 3 days ahead of me in 2013. I talked to Amazon and they said there is no way it will take almost a year. Why they sent out these rediculous notices is anybody’s guess.

      A lot of people double and triple ordered, so until this all sorts out we won’t know what the actual availability and timing will be. I think we just have to sit tight and there will be lots of cancellations. Then the real demand will be known and shipping dates should begin to get more realistic.

  • David Campbell

    Does anyone know a website with meaninful comparative shots taken on the D800 and the D800E?
    There is nothing of much use at the Nikon site – the D800E shots are particularly disappointing.

  • Calumet Uk told me March 22nd. although they did say that was simply the date Nikon have given them. Hopefully they’ll stick to it.

  • Bulldog50



    We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on February 07, 2012 (Order# #####

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Estimated arrival date: January 08, 2013 – January 11, 2013

    If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account:*****

    We hope to see you again soon!


    Customer Service Department

  • Rams

    Looking at the frenzy on Nikonrumors/dpreview and other sites, I am wondering why people are falling over each other to order the D800/D800E. Shouldn’t the cameras be out in the real world, before someone decides to buy it.

    It looks really strange.. Every photographer out there wants to be an early adopter ! It is almost like all the NIKON D700/D3S/D3X stopped working the dayNikon launched these cameras !

    Based on the samples provided by Nikon, and some others from previews/pre-production samples, people have decided that the D800 is “the greatest and the best” camera and have pre-ordered these cameras. I just can’t understand why people cannot wait until the early adopters start using it, firmware bugs are fixed, and real world data/usability/issues are all out, before someone decides to order it.

    I can’t imagine Nikon has generated so much frenzy that people have already made the D800 “a camera worth dying for” !!

    I thought Nikon users were sensible/mature enough, having experienced great IQ with all the current/past bodies, to sensibly take their first steps towards a new camera — that too when it has packed in such high mega-pixels.

    • Frenz Y Niekon

      I wonder, did the pre-order frenzy continue after the first 2 days or did it fall flat on it’s face?

    • Cam

      Perhaps these are the early adopters you speak about?

    • Hero

      “It looks really strange.. Every photographer out there wants to be an early adopter ! It is almost like all the NIKON D700/D3S/D3X stopped working the dayNikon launched these cameras !”

      Pretty much yes. It’s like you stuck to your lovely 50 years old wife for the last twenty something years and now a 20 years old girl with an angel face and a sweet gorgious body has declared herself available for you (if you have the dash of course).

      If you have the $$$, go for it! Why wasted time arguing whether you should stick to what you have. Go for what Nikon has spent time in the last few years developing.


      • Calibrator

        To stay in your picture:

        The “gorgeous 20 yr. old blonde” surely has a great body – but is still low on “intelligence”, at least until the first few firmware updates are in.

        But lots of men apparently prefer stupid blondes…
        (women are mostly too intelligent to comment here in the first place)

        • FM2Fan

          the updates occur rarely – my D3x had non the D700 had two – this is not toys, that require every 4 weeks an update.

          BUT – if you consider it seriously: Nikon could sell the cam and later on the SW updates to unleash more capabilities to enhance productivity. Just think of 2K video, panorama in one go, … a long list. Why do you assume, all this comes for free?

          • WoutK89

            lol, add functionality, very rarely or even never happens on released cameras. I wouldnt put my bets on seeing much improvements besides a rare bug fix.

          • Calibrator

            “Why do you assume, all this comes for free?”

            Put your gun back into the holster – I was talking “updates” (AKA bug fixes), not “upgrades” that add functionality.

            And by the way: I don’t expect Nikon to make presents. Neither under flood nor normal conditions.

      • Rams

        Just because the girl is 20 years old doesn’t make her more fun to be with than the 50 year old wife !

        You have made 2 assumptions ( in the absence of real-world examples from real users ) :

        – Nikon has made a newer camera so it must be better
        – Higher megapixels must be better

        We don’t have any data to go by, lets see when the first pictures from independent reviewers and camera-buyers turn up !

        Higher MPs may be better but in what context ? Low ISO, high ISO etc ?

        • Hero

          Younger girls = more fun in all aspects.

          thats too obvious. I am not even going o try to explain and if you need explaination in words you just not getting it and you will never get it so move on to read something else.

          Higher MP = better in all aspects.

          Sinces you have to options to scale down the image which would result in improve sharpness and less visible noice of the final image.

          • Rams

            When one jumps from a 12MP ( 50 year old wife ) to a 20 year old girl ( 36 MP ), it doesn’t automatically mean it is going to be so much more fun.. one would have trouble adjusting to the demands of the 20 year old !

            In camera terms, when you have a 12MP camera and you jump to a 36 MP camera, you will have trouble adjusting to the demands of 36 MP. You need the best technique, best RAW+PP approach, best lenses, tripod ( same for videos ).

            So the 36 MP ( 20 year old ) doesn’t automatically mean more fun ! The 20 year old will make serious demands on your technique – LOL !

            Scaling down ? – Why would I shoot at 36 MP and scale down to 12 MP. I’d rather shoot at 12 MP and be happy. Scaling down from 36MP just to get equivalent ( or lesser ) noise of 12 MP doesn’t make sense !!

            Higher MP cameras are meant for taking advantage of higher MP – not for scaling down !

    • Royster

      If everybody waited to get the camera like you said then it would never get sold.Somebody has to be the first to but it.What is so wrong with that.I have mine on order but I still have a camera to use while I wait

    • Boing Wronkwell

      For those of us who shoot pictures for a living and do it at the highest detail possible, something about 36 to 40MP for $3k is a steal.

      It is very portable indeed and as it looks no more than any other dSLR, the guy with a Hassy will be the first target of the mugger (‘cos they are larger and look “more”).

      A few months of access to one could allow you to develop the portfolio above the rest and get more work.

      Of course, the average amateur will be able to swagger at the local camera club too and impress the girl with something she doesn’t care about, but it’ll make HIM feel his male parts are twice the size they really are… No offense to anyone here of course.

      • Rams

        Yes, feedback from such early adopters would certainly help others decide whether these cameras offer the kind of improvement in IQ and features that Nikon claims while jumping from 12MP to 36 MP!

        I don’t have to plonk my 3k $ right away to find out if the jump from 12 MP to 36 MP is really all that it is made out to be !

        • Calibrator

          I think you should probably ask yourself this:
          Do I actually need this many pixels?

          If the answer is yes, then think about how to get them next – but not earlier.

    • elph


      So you’re basicallly implying that nobody will be able to take any decent photos because of some “vague firmare updates” which are not included.

      You yourself can see the already awesome images produced by the D800.

      And no, the D4 is the best DSLR/Video camera to me, but the D800 is half the price and its the the first/second best (D4/D800 rank) DSLR with the best video options. So yes, I am hurrying to get it into my hands.

      And who said the D700, etc… are useless? You just said that yourself, there’s been more people who said they’d pick up a D700 for cheaper or just use their current-one as a back-up.

      So GTFO troll!

      • Rams

        Already awesome images ? produced by whom ? Photogs hired by Nikon to promote their cameras ! The photos are from pre-production units !

        What about unbiased, independent reviews ?

        Firmware updates ? Remember the rolling shutter effect ?

        Just because the spec sheet looks awesome and a handful of NIkon-published photographs, doesn’t mean you have to fall for it hook, line and sinker !

        Best Video options

        • And we didn’t land on the moon, either! *rolls eyes*

        • elph

          So you’re saying the professional photographers hired/asked to produce the shown images are from within’ Nikon? Really?

          Rolling shutter effect? I guess you didn’t see the D800/D4 videos, cause I did not see any RS 🙂
          (It’s really not a firmware update type of situation either)

          Say what you want, but I’m 99% certain right now I’ll be enjoying my D800 once I get it, and I’ll gloat about it later on : )

          • Rams

            These pros shoot under controlled conditions – they would naturally put their best foot forward. Would they upload pictures with pixel-level blur ( if any ), or out of camera noisy JPGs – they would naturally do their best to produce the best output ( RAW + PP ) to showcase Nikon’s new camera. Same appplies for video.

            What are the pictures/videos like straight out of the cameras ? What is the RAW output like ? ISO, DR, pixel-level sharpness ?

            How difficult/easy would it be for ameteurs/enthusiasts/pros to get great IQ out of this 36 MP camera ?

            At 36MP, these are highly specialised tools rather than a simple replacement of the D700 ( that you can carry around all day and take great pictures with ). Maybe it calls for the best possible technique ( tripod, RAW /PP, best lenses etc ) to get the best out of this !

            I am not saying there is that RS effect with D800 but there were such issues with past cameras that were mitigated with firware updates – there could be this/other issues with this, as yet, unreleased D800.

            All I saying is that this level of excitement ( frenzy ) is unprecedented – there could have been a sense of caution when dealing with a jump from 12MP to 36 MP !

            After all, when the cameras are out, the reviews are good, people could still get their cameras and get down to enjoying them !

  • Jeronimus

    I wont buy the D800, Im more than happy with my D7000, sold the D700.

  • roberto

    have a look at this canon guy 🙂 hilarious 🙂

    • Markus

      LOL..well he is not talking about Nikon but about the brand Naikon…thats the brand for inbreed.

      • Markus seems to be that real name is ScottMac, that explains a lot 😉

    • Dan

      This is great! I was LOOKING for a wedding photographer….

    • Bozo

      He lives in a kitchen

      • Calibrator

        Indeed I couldn’t stop looking at “Frosted Flakes”…

  • rhlpetrus

    I got a mail from Grays in London with same delivery dates as the Japan’s add. They want me to preorder one ;).

  • MuttonPuncher

    Looks like D700’s will now go up in price. I hope this bites the ass of the TURD heads that bought more than 1 D800 so they could make profits selling them on eBay.

  • Ryan

    +1 on the 2013 email. Ordered three, saying jan4-jan8.

  • Dcphoto

    I ordered within minutes of amazons per-order availability and I received the same email. It sounds beyond dumb to take preorders for something that will be shipped a year later…

    Shipment 1 of 1
    Not yet shipped
    Shipping Estimate: Monday December 31, 2012

    • Jonathan

      Amazon US tends to put the last day of the year in as the shipping date if they know what year, but not the specific date an item will be available. Don’t worry.

  • jodjac

    I got one too- it has to be a mistake. I would not cancel my order because of this! Just wait and see- maybe they meant to put a different date in, maybe someone at Amazon is a Canon Fanboy and they have a sick sense of humor. Who knows.

  • jorg

    looking so much forward to this cool camera! guess i will better check local dealers waiting-lists, the internet-dealers seem overcrowded…

  • John

    I preorded from Amazon, and I got the same notice. My product will arrive in January 2013. Sure hope they are wrong. I’m selling my D7000.

  • ken

    why do you think they would not be delivered in March as expected, get real and wise up……you won’t have to wait until 2013! Jeez…… If you are soooooooo worried about it just pick one in the many many local stores around when they come out and pay the taxes..! this is just a tick in the box for amazon, pre-orders in….generic emails out…if that was the case 2013, amazon would see masses of cancelled pre-orders…

  • Ykh

    I ordered within two minutes after seeing the preorder news on this place. Among on said Jan. 3, 2013. So it looks like everybody’s date is around the new years day, it doesn’t depend much on the date and time you ordered. It really look like a mistake.

  • John

    Ken…Thanks for clearing this mess up for us. I was afraid I was going to have to cancel my orders for the D800 and D800E and go with the D4 since it will be out in late March.

  • Crimed

    I got the same January estimate from Amazon and my preorder was in very early. If this is real I can’t see it doing Amazon or Nikon any good. Some delay is expected and can be useful as it allows the frenzy to subside and give impulsive order placers the time to contemplate wants vs. needs. However I think if this date is correct then the next time a hot new product is announced people will think twice about ordering from Amazon even if they expect no delay. As for Nikon – the fans are not happy – this is not good PR/marketing. (and I’ve been shooting with Nikon since my first no electronics Nikon F, the hot camera of that day.)

  • D800orbust

    Anyone else thought the high ISO samples above are not tooshabby up through 3200. I think if you downsample, even 6400 may be clean enough for printing so it seems pretty comparable to the D700, in my opinion. Which, is an incredible feat for a crammed sensor. very exciting!

    • To me the D800 samples look better than my D700 images at any ISO.

      • Not to mention, when you have *that* much detail, the NR software can generally do a much better job.

  • kimi_boo

    The e-mail I received this morning from Amazon regarding my pre-order????


    We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on February 07, 2012

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Estimated arrival date: January 04, 2013 – January 08, 2013

    If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account:



  • kimi_boo

    Nevermind… I see I am no the only one that got the Amazon e-mail.
    Hopefully a revised one follows….


  • Andromeda

    Guys relax, amazon just went nuts latey…Just to mention a few hick ups with them lately….Cancelled 3 orders so far due to price mistakes (CD’s) sent me a used product but sold as new etc etc….And all they said they were sorry. I think amazon is starting to go down the drain slowly, just like any other big successful company…

    • Dean

      I also received a used item that was obviously used. I’ve been buying from Amazon for over 10 years and the last 6 months I’ve noticed a huge drop in quality. Customer service is still great though.

  • 2013 that is a long wait

  • Tom V

    From Amazon:

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Estimated arrival date: January 03, 2013

  • Jason

    Does anybody find it strange that Nikon had Jim Brandenburg use the D800 and not the D800E for landscape photos? I thought I read that he used a D800E, but the references on his site and the exif info says D800. Are they showing that the D800E is not necessary even for most landscape photographers?

    • george

      Exactly! looking at the samples on Nikon’s site, I thing the difference is minimal and you will only notice it if you make really huge prints and look close or if you look with a loupe on regular prints. Landscapes and studio work with the D800 (non E) will look excellent and very sharp, like Brandenburg’s. By introducing two versions of this amazing camera, Nikon got a lot of extra attention and it was a very smart move from the marketing point of view. For most people the small difference in sharpness between the two is irrelevant, for very few it will be important. It’s just my opinion, of course.

  • pretty in pink

    it. is. a. placeholder. estimate.

    let’s get this through our heads. amazon isn’t going to shite any more than B&H, adorama or the other mega-houses are. they’re all big, lumbering businesses that try to balance keeping their individual customers happy & informed with spending as little resources and time on each individual as possible.

    the initial estimate was shocking; but now, slowly, logic must reclaim us.


  • JonMcg

    To those who are concerned about Amazon’s email, you shouldn’t be.. It’s so obvious they don’t have accurate information on delivery timeframes so their system is defaulting to a later date. This is so obvious I don’t know why you are taking up space here discussing it…

    To those who think its absurd to order a camera an “independent” reviewer hasnt tested, for the record Nikon had a pretty damn good record on delivering the bacon and the stats are there enough the camera is hardly going to come out and be an utter failure. Not to mention there is enough peripheral review data out there to show a lot of quality pros are putting their name on it (Cliff M., etc).

    The fact it released for $3K makes the purchase a no brainer and if you don’t like it, it’ll easily sell for 90% or higher of purchase price on eBay. So what is the risk!?!!!

  • Barnswallow T Duck

    First, the Amazon dates are a glitch in their system. They currently have no idea when they will have product and when it will ship according to their people. There are tons of duplicate orders from people who double and triple ordered to make sure they got one early. Those will cancel out.

    As far as independent reviews, while the photos were from Nikon I have seen several indepent reviews of them, including tiny crops blown up and the detail, contrast and color fidelity is thought to be superb. Yes, that many pixels can restrict ISO levels, but Nikon has apparently done a great job on the noise front too.

    I am one of the eary adopters because this camera is an amazing value for what it offers and obsoletes my D300 big time. I have already waited for this level of upgrade and have confidence in Nikon that the first cameras out will be of excellent quality. Nikon is very conservative when it comes to making changes. They don’t throw stuff out there and then have to modify the hardware.

    I think we all need to take a chill pill and see how this all shakes out. Then the late adopters can order at their leisure with a lot of independent experience at hand. And us early adopters will have fun generating that experience.

  • I flopped back and forth on the D800 vs D800E debate. Settled on the D800 for several reasons, posted here:…/2012/02/why-i-chose-the-nikon-d800-over-the-d800e/

    Hope someone finds it useful in their decision making between the two models.

  • I think it’s funny there are so many people freaking out about this Amazon e-mail. If it said May 15th, I’d be concerned. But a date in 2013? That is SO FAR outside the realm of possibility, that it’s an obvious type/glitch/etc.

    Stay calm and carry on.

  • Ken Baker

    Interesting. placed my Amazon order for NIKON D800 February 7, 2012 PM with free shiping and delivery date of March 26-30, 2012 .


  • S.H.

    Admin, the D800 samples that are lined to the Chinese forum proved to be fake ones. Just some Canon fanboy edited exif data and photoshop them from 5D MARK II

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