Nikon Sendai to produce 30,000 D800 and 5,000 D4 cameras per month

An interesting article found on about the production capacity of the Nikon plant in Sendai:

"With the current 1,600 workers, the factory is producing one unit of camera per minute on a daytime shift with each unit of the D800 variant produced every four hours and the D4 variant every five hours."

The Nikon D4 and D800 are made out of 1,600 components.

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  • CRB

    Thats a lot…but… im waiting for the D400..any chance to get it this year…?….

    • Scan

      Long wait for many who wants a D4. Glad I pre-ordered early.

    • that is not a lot for global market.
      only one meaningless retail in one of middle cities in germany have 34 preorders.

      • I went to my local camera store today and were talking about 108 orders for the D800 so far.

        • R!

          Same for me,It’s going to beat the 5dmrk II sales I think!!!!!!!!!

      • Nikon Shooter

        Can anyone with an expertise in these matters confirm if these numbers indicate a potential global shortage of d800/d4 and if so, can you project how long before the supply is likely to exceed the demand? I don’t feel that having either camera on pre-order is a guarantee of its timely arrival. My personal and most conservative calculations point to a current total global demand of about 500,000 units (for both cameras combined ). I’m sure that Nikon may be ready to meet a quarter of this demand by the time either camera ships, but this still points to year-long global shortage.

        • as nikon is not really making huge profit on them (they are more likely producing 200k+ coolpixes or lenses with same profit a month) the shortage will last a year for sure.
          of course that doesnt mean you cannot get your camera even without preordering one month later. It depends where those cameras will go, how many will DOA (as repairs and replacements have advance) etc.
          I got 35G one week after release, it was sitting on a shelf in some weird photo shop in small city in germany.

    • T.I.M

      If you’re waiting for the D400, just get a D7000.
      Great camera, fantastic large and bright viewfinder.

      We don’t even know for sure if there will ever be a D400….

      • Oh, rest assured, there will be a D400. The D7000 is Nikon’s top consumer DSLR and hardly a replacement for a low-end professional camera. For one thing, the buffer in the D7000 is WEAK.

        I’m thinking the D400 will have ISO 100-12,800 and the same 3D matrix meter as in the D4. The D7100 will be 24 megapixel with ISO 100-6400. I thought the 7100 would get a boost to 12,800 ISO, but after the news of the 3200 being 24 megapixel, I have revised my forecast.

        A D400 there will be.

        • Yagion

          T.I.M could be right. There is no point of the D400 anymore since D800 is a 16MP DX itself with all the latest tech.

          • T.I.M

            For now I think Nikon FX will be the “pro” cameras and the DX bodies the “prosumers” cameras.
            Take a D800 and use it on crop mode, you get a D400 !

            BTW, did you see any serious fast DX lens released the past 4 years ?

            • tredbily

              It does not follow that there will be no D400; it may also be FX. I wish someone could confirm that.

            • Stephen White

              As a D200 user who waited for a theoretical D400 for 2-3 years, I tend to agree with this. I, for one, happily switched to the D800 line. I still think a D400 is in the offing, but I can’t quite figure out a spec that doesn’t just make it *appear* cheap or watered down, which is not consistent with the prosumer/semi-pro market.

              However, the lack of fast DX lenses isn’t a great argument, since DX users know all too well that FX lenses work perfectly and allow for future migration to FX.

        • burak

          french guy has a reason, i mean, he is right!

      • D400

        Of course there will be a d400. You mean to tell me that nikon will have nothing between the $1200 D7000 and the $3000 d800?????

        • St.

          the gap between D7000 and D800 is smaller ($1800) than the gap between D800 and D4 ($3000)

          • Andrew

            Makes no difference. The D7000 to D800 gap ($1,800) is the mass market segment, and the mass market segment is more price sensitive than the professional segment from D800 to D4. So a $1,800 gap is quite massive. Nikon will fill this gap between August and October which I believe will be a long wait, at least 6 months. This segment needs a pro FX and DX body. The DX may quite likely be the D400 with 16 MP and the FX may be a 16 to 24 MP camera.

      • CRB

        TIM…i do like the D7000, but heard about AF problems among other things…my D300 is getting old, i have it since 2008…my hopes are for a 24mp with great DR…since both d5100 and d7000 are better than my D300 now….but, i can tell you one thing…i love my D300 with 16-85mm, simply awesome combo….

        • There is nothing wrong with af on the d7000. nothing at all, just a higher res sensor where bad photography and cheap lenses are not forgiven. i formally predict that some will post articles that the d800 has af issues, as nikon prolly included the same firmware glitches as in the d7000 that make off brand lenses perform poorly in AF. There are still nobs out there that buy a $3,000 camera and whack on a $700 lens and complain about AF.

        • Lou

          I own a D7000 and have not experienced any AF problems. I use all Nikon 2.8 lenses, so perhaps that’s the reason. In fact, the nifty D7000 focuses pretty well in low light. Actually, really low light.

        • Zero af issues w my D7000, it’s actually very fast (though with some of my slower lenses it takes a second to “wake up” before focusing…I’m guessing it’s a lens issue and not the body itself). YMMV.

    • Ralph


    • Bleep

      I’m interested in this too.

      (yes i know, i know… it’s sooo annoying to ask for the “next” camera, lol)

      I have a D60, but want to go FX. But not CRAZY FX.

      Video, great low light capabilities and GPS would be great, too.

      But… the D400 would probably be DX? Right?


  • Jerry

    I hear the 5d Mark III will be made of 1,601 parts

    • canon_boiy

      how cool is that?
      i know it. canon won da war. canon rulez so much Oo you nikon noobz can eat s$%&!

    • Jesus_sti

      «Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing to remove.­» Antoine de St-Exupéry

      • venancio

        tell the little prince not to order the one with the AA filter removed…oh, to have those heavenly bodies come in with a stabilized 24-70mm f2.8 available already…

    • Gary

      Is that one more part to go wrong, or one more “magical” part to make it better than Nikon?…..

      • Steph

        One thing is sure……that 1 part will certainly have nothing to do with the AF system.

      • lolly

        It’s a part to make it focus better than 5D mark II … 😉

    • Mike

      Yes, comes with an extra mirror for when the original falls out.

    • Would that part be a dedicated AF lock button?

      (Thanks Jerry, I needed that laugh)

      • BornOptimist

        No, that’s the direct print button

        • Greg

          This one got me…. =D

    • interchangeable with Canon Photocopiers…

    • thats the + direct print button and +focus randomizer chip
      sans the flash
      so it counts out right

    • sirin

      it’s the scotch tape that holds the af together.

    • Ralph

      I heard that as well. I heard it actually had a lot less parts but they added a lot of hype to get to that number …. and it includes the box.

  • Jetfire

    I want to know how many were pre-ordered.

    • MTP

      +1 That would be interesting to see… Would make it easier to estimate when mine will get here!

  • chris

    Sounds like it´s not impossible to get one soon … great

  • Wow, so NR readers (who participated in the poll, at least) only soaked up 1/6 of the first month’s capacity. We didn’t even make a dent. Kinda puts things into perspective, just like the Nikon 1 camera hubbub.

    I wish they were spitting out 5,001 of the D4s per month, with one pre-labeled with my name on it. :{

    • 800

      Laser engraving would be an awesome option, wouldn’t it. ala Apple.

      Forget reselling these beauties.

      • jorg

        i want mine saying “ashtun kotcher”

      • iamlucky13

        Laser engraving doesn’t work particularly well on plastic, like the body is coated with. It can be done, but it’s not nearly as neat as on anodized metal like you can have done on iPods.

        However, if you really want, some local graphics companies that exist in any major city are likely to have a laser engraving machine. You can look one up and get a quote. Unfortunately, it will be much more expensive than Apple’s service, because they won’t be set up for high volume processing.

    • 1+

  • Sem

    I want a D800 – the d400 will be a wast of money, and why, because if i want to use the DX lens and have a crop factor i sti9ll can use the d800, so the d400 will be only less expensive but i will be limited if i want a full frame.

    • venancio

      nikon has to still fill the price gap between the $1100 D7000 body and the $3000 D800, assuming the D300s and D700 are no longer manufactured… gap filler would be a D400 or an entry level FX body, 16-24 mp, 6-9 fps, 100-3200 ISO, expeed 3 harnessed on a sensor tweaked from a D7000 or a rumored iteration of the D3X sensor… or nikon can wait and let canon fill this up, major stock holders of nikon are also major stock holders of canon… just business…

      • Flo

        the d700 will stay in production. says james banfield.

      • WoutK89

        ISO 100-6400 is what the D7000 does, so why cripple a body to only go to 3200?

    • D400

      I really really cannot believe you lot. Remember the terrific hulubaloo when we found out the d800 only shoots 4fps. Now you are really telling me that there is no need for a high fps camera that costs less than d4???
      The d400 will probably shoot 12 fps, but all you sports shooters would rather have a d800 in crop mode shooting 5fps??? (the grip being so expensive no one will buy it)

      • mikils

        Grip will be bought sure enough, and then there will be replicas for much less money. This will make the crop 6 fps

        A cheap camera, as you envisage D400, capable of 12 fps? keep dreaming.

      • BOZO

        I really don’t understand clowns complaining about D800 speed of 4fps @ 36mp when the D700 was only capable of shooting 5fps @ 12mp!

        The D800 is an amazing camera with so much flexibility. If you want to shoot sport, switch to DX mode and get up to 8fps. if you want to shoot landscapes or in studio, you’ve got to yourself a 36mp camera.

        This camera does it all!

    • JED

      Except the D400 should be 24MP in crop mode.

      • mikils

        we shall see. Personally do nor believe nor hope so. People is whining about ISO performance of D800 (and I’ve read people scoffing at D4 performance) and you are hoping in a camera with a way smaller pixel ?

    • enesunkie

      A lot of people don’t want to move up to FX … ever. It’s not even just the $3000 price tag of the body, or the $5000 in lenses that one would need to use it. No, for some it’s just too darn big at any price. So if Nikon doesn’t want people lining up for a 7d MII or such, it BETTER come up with a D400.

  • Photdog

    30,000 D800 a month sounds good. Hopefully no more disasters.
    Then despite of a huge demand a D800 might be available from the shelve soon.

    I always wished me a D3x boiled down into a D700 body. The D800 is much better then this.
    Of course there is always a wish here and there remained unfulfilled. But altogether I think this is a great camera, the best I can get in the entire market!!!
    I know for sure that I’ll get one! The only question left for me is, if I’ll try the D800E or go with the “standard”. But most likely it will be the E. Can’t wait to get one into my hands.

    • ken

      we should have a poll, who is buying the E version on a whim…because it’s a niche camera or because of the extra sharpness it claims to offer…or a.n.other reason…must be a lot of ppl out there experienced with non AA cameras – but then you’d ask the question since most current non AA cameras are quite expensive, why are you buying a D800 🙂 !! hope it works out for ya anyway, i got a D800, never had an issue with my D700 or D7000 when i had them

      • ghd

        I’m holding off on the decision between D800 or D800E

        I suspect that Lightroom 4 will make the choice a no-brainer; go E and remove any moire in post while enjoying the added sharpness when there isn’t any.

        • Mexecutioner

          You can’t really remove moire in post, not even with Lightroom 17

          • ISP

            yes you can….

            • It’s essentially just a specialized, localized blur tool. You’re selectively reducing sharpness, but with some color shifts and what-not.

            • davidpeter

              No, you can’t. Read about the sampling (or Shanon or Nyquist) law. There is no way to automatically remove moire, you have to do that manually every image. That’s why I wont’t have the E version…

            • PaulA

              It is physically impossible to remove Moire.
              At least if your demand it to reconstruct the real image.

              You can – certainly – remove moire in post. As long as your request isn’t to get the “real” result – but some extrapolation from the data available.

              This would be considered to be artifacts.

              Btw. you don’t get only moire but also artifacts everywhere where high frequency is in the picture. It will not show as patterns, as long as the frequency is not repeated (like a brick wall etc.). But there will be errors non the less. Only – you will not note them and think them as sharp.

              Technically, removing the AA filter makes only sense if the AA-filter is bluring too much (and reducing the frequency below the real resolution). He will do that – the question is how much.

              But don’t be mistaken – following the Nyquist/Shannon theorem – there will be ERRORs! in the pictures taken without AA. And is simply not possible to remove them afterwards (because information isn’t there …).

              Still – the picture with the errors might look sharper or better … but then again, a painted picture might look better as well.

              The question what looks better, what someone likes most and which errors are worse than others is a very subjective one.

              Technically – as long as the AA filter is designed carefully – it makes (almost) no sense to remove it. But that might not take psychological effects and subjective perception of images into account….

            • Photdog

              Well, I admit not having own experience with moire removal so far. But judging by the Geisha sample on the Nikon page, moire removal looks acceptable to me, at least if you don’t blow it up to more than A2

            • Did you see this example showing the difference between the two cameras? The moire in that gold material on the D800E example looks downright scary. Also, hover over the last image in the thread here to see the results even after moire reduction in LR.

              If you’re shooting people or fabric or people wearing fabric (e.g. non-nudists), then I’d recommend you research and test before deciding which body to purchase.

        • It’s only a no-brainer if you go both directions.

          It’s a no-brainer to get the non-E version if you make your living shooting people who wear any amount of clothes. Especially for a wedding shooter. I’d absolutely hate having to manually remove moire from every picture with a tux or veil.

          • +1 I completely agree. A massive pain for a minor gain.

          • BartyL

            I’m going to get a D800E and corner the nudist wedding market.

          • PHB

            I am going to get a D800E and start shooting porn.

        • If you have the time, consider holding off till you get feedback from friends. (and people you read online)
          If you are lucky enough to try one out yourself shooting the stuff you shoot that would be best. This is a new area in photography that most of us have no experience in, proceed with a little caution.

          • Dweeb

            Yes, I’m waiting for when the production cameras end up in the hands of the the measurbators. Except Rockwell, because 10MP is all you really need.

      • tredbily

        The D70 has a thin low-pass filter so it sometimes produced moire but it also produced really sharp photos with the 50mm f/1.4 at f2. Mostly in the center but I love it. The moire wasn’t that often though. I can see the advantage to removing the filter.

    • Exactly! For years people whined incessantly that they needed the D3x, but that the price was boycott-ably high. (did this say something about the extent of their “need”?)

      All the same, people certainly wanted that camera — me included. But many of our budgets wouldn’t justify the huge expense. In my case, I just didn’t have a justifiable economic need for that level of resolution.

      Fast-forward three years (really only two years in Nikon-total-annihilation scenario of 2011) and we’re given not only the D3x, but the D3x killer so many pined for. So, when the highest resolution DSLR on the market gets a VERY modest upgrade in resolution, and a revolutionary upgrade in every other aspect, one would think it would be met with joyous fervor. Now photogs can have the super clean 12mp of the D700, and that can sit alongside the ultra high-resolution solution the D800 brings, with all its added glory. Isn’t this what everybody said they wanted?

      • 800


      • Andrak

        Not exactly. If you’re a photographer then probably yes. But for people like me who expect now in 2012 to be able to have DSLRs that shoots great video as well as stills it doesn’t seem to deliver. At least from the limited promos we’ve been able to see so far. If you can look past the great filming, motorbikes and prostitutes, that film could have easily been captured on a 3 year old 5D MKII. To the stick in the mud traditionalists who will reply to this post saying something like “this is a “Photography” tool and to get a “real” video camera”:

        1. How many “real” video cameras have a 35mm full frame sensor and can see in the dark?
        2. Video is here to stay on DSLR, so get over it.

        I’ll reserve judgement until I can see some raw files filmed with the camera and a comparison of aliasing and moire, but at this point, it doesn’t look good.

        • Joseph

          So what? What do you want the Nikon to do, add 3D video, or magical puppy effects? If you want to get technical, most of the Canon 5DII footage could be done on a $200 Hi8 camera. Does that make a difference? No.

          If one is a loyal Nikon user and has $10,000 in good glass, what’s cheaper, buying a Nikon D800 or selling all his gear, getting a Canon 5DII, and buying all new glass?

          • Rob

            Since Canon glass is cheaper than Nikon glass and the 5DII is cheaper than the D800, it’d be cheaper to trade all your glass and buy the Canon body.

            Was that not the answer you wanted to hear?

        • And then there are people like me who expect now in 2012 to be able to have a highly-functional auto focus system without spending $6,800.

          You want to talk about playing catch-up? The 5D MkII essentially has an AF system from 2003.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Don’t flame him, he’s right. To Ron’s point, this is very close to all we could want. The D800 is giving Nikon that “balance” that Kimura mentioned over a year ago. It makes Nikon more than just a low-light camera maker. However, the D700 still needs a replacement with video capability.

          • btdown

            I keep seeing everyone talking about how we NEED video on these dslr’s…Are we talking about the novelty of being able to just shoot some video, or taking video for some real/pro reason? All my cameras have it, but it has never crossed my mind to even consider shooting video with it unless it was for some spontaneous recreational purpose. I’m just respectfully trying to figure out how you all are using this…thanks.

          • Andrew

            “However, the D700 still needs a replacement with video capability.”

            It does, the D4! Ok, the D4 is not really a D700 replacement, it is an upgrade (It cost twice as much, close to three times as fast, and is a much bigger and heavier camera). But it gives you stellar video quality in low light situations.

            The D800 is an overkill for D700 users who do not need the extra resolution. So the video capability that is being demanded is what can be found in the D4 but come in a D800 body, and at less than a D800 price. So the ideal camera will require a 16 MP sensor as opposed to the D800’s 36 MP sensor. Well, the good news is that that camera will hopefully be released soon – between August and October 2012.

            I know that the D4 cost twice the price of the D700 and is a much bigger camera than many would like to carry. So in essence it is not really a D700 replacement. But the D

            • Andrew

              correction (replace the article above)…

              “However, the D700 still needs a replacement with video capability.”

              It does, the D4! Ok, the D4 is not really a D700 replacement, it is an upgrade (It cost twice as much, close to three times as fast, and is a much bigger and heavier camera). But it gives you stellar video quality in low light situations.

              The D800 is an overkill for D700 users who do not need the extra resolution. So the video capability that is being demanded is what can be found in the D4 but come in a D800 body, and at less than a D800 price. So the ideal camera will require a 16 MP sensor as opposed to the D800′s 36 MP sensor. Well, the good news is that that camera will hopefully be released soon – between August and October 2012.

        • Ralph

          Well if the 5DMkII does what you want then go buy it. You pay your money and make your choices.

          For me the D800 is perfect. Im just glad that affordable digital now exceeds what I could capture with Velvia 10yrs ago, its the perfect landscape camera for me. I hate that they ever put video capability in cameras. If I wanted video I’d buy a video camera. I hate paying for something I will never use. I’ve paid my money and made my choice, pre-ordered the D800E.

          Enjoy the Canon, goodbye.

          • tredbily

            I never thought I’d use DSLR video either, but with the D90, and after thinking about it, there are times that something happens that is better captured in video, as opposed to taking hundreds of pictures, none of which captured all of what happened.

          • I agree with you on the quality aspect of the digital today.

            That said, can you tell me how you feel you’re paying more for the video feature? The D700 (without video) launched at $3k. The D800 (with video) launched at $3k.

            • Ralph

              Every feature costs something and every feature presents another opportunity for something to go wrong.

              To be honest I dont really care if there is an additional cost to video, I think Nikon charges what the market will allow and pricing has nothig to do with the actual cost other than Nikon not selling an unprofitable line. In the current market I’m more than happy to pay the cost of the D800E. I dont even care that they added $300 to take out an AA filter. Ive been waiting for this camera ever since the D3x was released. My 24PC-E, 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 are finally going to be used to their full potential. Also my anal approach to tripods may see some rewards.

              My only issue now is if the 500f4 AIS I have is going to want an upgrade for birdlife to an AF version. I think this camera could be expensive for me.

            • Not having features costs something too. Had the D700 launched with full 1080p video that looked as good as the D3s’ video, I am confident we would be seeing it used as prominently as the 5DmkII in motion work today.

              The lack of that one single feature probably cost Nikon the opportunity to decimate Canon in the market.

        • @Andrak

          I think you’re what I would classify as NGBS — Never Gonna Be Satisfied. I personally think the D800 looks like an incredible> video machine. I think it gives Canon some serious 2012 competition (even, I’m guessing, the unannounced 5DmkIII and certainly the C300), and here’s why:

          1) Rolling shutter: it appears from both the handful of examples as well as the what the pre-release testers have said, this camera has made some significant improvements in rolling shutter. If true (and there hasn’t been some huge post-capture manipulation), then this camera is a huge win for any filmmaker where that’s an issue.

          2) High-ISO/Low noise: Nikon has made mincemeat of Canon in this department. Nikon announces a new, roof-raising max ISO, and Canon amends their spec charts and firmware to follow. But after shooting with the 5DmkII on a music video recently, I can say the high-ISO video results are no match for Nikon’s. Same can be said for the 102k ISO on the 1DmkIV. The camera can technically do 102k. Never though should you want to go there on a Canon as it’s likely to warrant such incessant ridicule from your grandma that you’ll develop a complex and start wetting the bed again. ( )

          3) Aliasing and Moire are a reality with any serious DSLR (or CMOS sensor camera) on the market. It’s a problem, to be sure. But it’s also a tradeoff. For me, I’ll take the possibility of a little moire any day in exchange for the amazing image quality, high-ISO performance, ease of use, and dual still/video capability we get today from DSLRs.

          4) Clean, uncompressed HDMI output. Canon say whaaaaaaa?

          5) Oh, yeah: actually shooting on the Nikons is better for about 50 reasons, some big, some small, all welcome.

          Are there tradeoffs? Yes. As for the technical limitations that Nikon has control over, they’ve done an incredible job showing how to do it right. No doubt things will progress in the future. But then again, if they didn’t, what would we drool over and buy 4 years from now? 😉

          • and that’s what it looks like when you forget to add a closing tag. fun.

        • Jim

          YOU better get over it! As soon as the first hype of video has settled there will be only a hand full of photo journalists and movie entrepreneurs really doing pro stuff with the video functionality
          The remaining 90% of D800 owners will discover that it takes tons of extra equipment and tons of skills, different from stills to come anywhere close to the clips presented for introduction of the D4 and the D800. And they will end up in making some clips from their kids and the family holidays in the best case!

          • Andrew

            “The remaining 90% of D800 owners will discover…” It is really easy to argue a point when you have no data to support your views. In making a point, you cannot “feel” your way to a conclusion. Reasoning requires had work, opinion requires none!

      • Mike

        Yup. The D800 will pair nicely with my D3s. 🙂 Does this mean they’ve been making 30,000 per month as of last October, or are ramping up now? If the former is the case then that means 180,000 of them should be ready to be shipped by March.

      • twoomy

        @Ron–YES! Well it’s what *I* wanted at least. The D800 is EXACTLY what I wanted. A high-res landscaper’s dream. $5000 cheaper than the D3X and smaller and lighter too. (When I’m hiking, I want a small body, not a built-in vertical grip.)

        Those who don’t want this were probably hoping for the D4 sensor in there with more FPS. And I bet the true D700 successor will come out a year from now–D710 perhaps? (following the old D3/D700 pattern)

      • Nope. That’s why there’s so much whining. People had a different expectation of what was next. I think people are still providing an emotional response and not thinking about what *really* has been produced.

        While I still believe the D800 represents a whole new line and that we’ll see a D4/D3s-like sensor in a body eventually… the D800 is STILL a D700 upgrade. It has upgraded everything. And not just a marginal on-paper upgrade. A substantial upgrade to everything but noise reduction… which is the same or marginally better.

        People complaining about not giving credit where credit is due, and particularly on one thing regarding ISO. Few people are praising the fact it goes down to ISO 50. Much like the focus breathing of the 70-200mm VRII, everyone was bitching hardcore that it didn’t zoom as far at sub-30 foot focus distances, but totally ignored the fact that it goes to 70mm, when the predecessors actually didn’t. They went to somewhere closer to 80mm.

        …and this is all aside of the amazing AF, resolution, metering, and other “support system” upgrades. Not to mention everyone’s been talking about 75mb files… yeah… uncompressed. They are 41.3mb 14-bit lossless compressed. That’s substantially more manageable.

        • Not to derail from your points, but tell me about the focus breathing of the 70-200 VRII. I’ve been cursing my 80-200 since I bought it for massive focus breathing — not just in a minor way. I bought the 70-200 VRI, and was a little glad when it was stolen because it was so freaking soft.

          I’m eager to finally pick up the 70-200 VRII (my 80-200 is on its last leg), but I was really dreaming of having zero focus breathing again finally. :!

          • Thom Hogan covers the breathing in his review very nicely, if i remember correctly.

          • Here’s the article where he covers it extensively:

            The bottom line is that it’s pretty substantial breathing. 132mm at close focus vs 182mm for the VRI.

            I personally do not mind it at all for my work. I like being able to stand a little closer to my subject without looking up their nose since I’m almost always shooting at “200mm”… but I am getting the full 192mm at long distance (VRI was 196mm). And the fact that 70mm is 70mm is definitely underrated.

            • Ok — I guess I was confused. I knew about the disparity in focal lengths with that lens (which I’m completely fine with), but I personally wouldn’t have called that focus breathing. I have a lens whose focus (not focal length) “breathes” when I zoom; meaning if I zoom to 200mm, focus on a stationary subject, then zoom out to 80mm, the focus is WAY off and requires a refocus.

              Nikon responded over a decade ago saying they don’t guarantee parfocal performance, which I think is lame since pretty much every other lens in that family I’ve used has ALWAYS been parfocal (focus stays tack sharp at any focal length).

        • Ren Kockwell

          Sean, totally agree that the emotional response is overriding people’s sense of objectivity with regard to this camera. But that’s because, based on the naming convention and the info we’ve been seeing, the D800 was supposed to replace the D700. Clearly, that’s not the case. I still think the D700 should have been given video (D700s) before this camera was released. It would have just made more sense for Nikon strategically. But that ship has sailed. So it will be interesting to see what the true D700 successor will be like, perhaps sometime next year.

          Complaining about storage for this camera is like Warren Buffet complaining about needing to buy more safes to hold his money. Simply ridiculous, especially since you can shoot smaller sizes if that’s an issue for people.

          I think the 70-200 example you bring up is not the best though. That’s a company misrepresenting their initial lens and then fixing it in the update. Doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s a better lens, but also highlights the initial misleading claim.

          There IS a difference between whining (bitching about something you’re never going to buy, or wishlisting technology that defies physics and finance) and expressing a need you wish to be filled (hoping to influence the process by detailing a genuine and reasonable need).

          • I think there’s more to the naming, too. Nikon has spent the past three years completely shaking up now they name their cameras. It’s likely that the D700 replacement might be the D710 based on what they’ve been doing. The D800 is likely a new line… but yes, people aren’t seeing it that way… and I don’t blame them. This is new territory. There has never been a D700 update before.

      • d400


    • Dan

      All hype to increase demand to frantic levels. I’ll just walk in to my local BestBuy on the day it’s released and get one…just like I did for the D7K, despite the super-high demand for that camera too. You see where I’m going with this don’t you?

      • I highly doubt any Best Buy store will have these in stock. At least in my market, I’ve never seen a Best Buy B&M store stock a camera more expensive than $1200 for the body.

      • And if you would find one: Be careful, as it might be the single one unit in the store that they try to sell you. You wouldn’t want to go home with a display model that has been mistreated by tons of curious viewers…

        • More reason why I suspect you won’t see the D800 in a BB store. A $3k camera sitting out and tethered to that table? Their cameras are ALL broken every time I look at them.

          • As far as I remember the D700 was available only in certain BB locations, in limited quantities. You know that if they get a D800, nobody will buy it and it will be in stock. In the past (D90, D7000, D5100) BestBuy was always the first to have new Nikon products in stock – in some occasions up to 4-5 days earlier than Adorama/B&H/Amazon.

            • Jabs

              In my town in America, Best Buy had the D7000 in stock before it was available other places plus details about it but had an embargo that would not allow them to sell it to you. They also had the same issue with the D3100 and I saw that body early too there but could not purchase it or it was very difficult to get right away if purchased.

              Best Buy used to sell the D700 via online sales and in some areas, you could pick it up locally a few days later after buying online via their Web site.

      • Andrew

        Good luck!

  • and one of them will be mine ^^

  • ken

    all good, as long as the QA also falls in line with the increased production – otherwise ‘fail’!!

    • indaclub

      Made in Japan. QC is second to none.


      • lolly

        I’m trying to relax but isn’t Sendai close to a radioactive zone ? 🙁

        • Sorta exciting, isn’t it?

          • Robin

            No need for back lit buttons, D800 will glow by itself for years to come.

  • Dweeb

    Yeah the rainbows are out now. We weren’t told about the “badly damaged plant” that needed $100,000,000 to repair at the time were we? Exactly as I predicted.

  • glenn

    It looks like a big number , but i dont have a clue…
    Anybody knows how many d700 were sold? how many there were pre-ordered back than?

    • jorg

      would love to know how many D700 and D3 were produced. i am guessing 4:1…sadly could not find any sales figures in the internets….

  • For the next month I wish all production was for the D4, so I could get mine already. Then scale it back and ramp up production of the D800.

  • derWalter

    i lower my head for all those workers, giving their lifetime for building our cameras, without having the opportunity to own one ever in their live.

    • KT

      I think you are confusing the D800 with the iPad2, that’s Foxconn you are thinking of. I don’t think Nikon factories, at least not the one in Japan are run like sweatshops.

      • Mike

        Or high/end exotic car assembly line workers, or yacht builders or mountain bike builders. Who knows… when I was in high school I worked at a fast food restaurant. Last thing I wanted to eat after 3 weeks working there was a burger. Maybe Nikon camera assemblers lothe cameras or their employer when not on the job. Or maybe they saaaave and buy the camera they want. Or are happy to be alive after the events of last year.

    • Willis

      The average wage in Japan is only about 25-30% less than the average wage in the US.

      That said, how many people in either country ever get a chance to shoot a $3,000 camera. If you have one, than you are the photographic 1%

      • Rob Ueberfeldt

        They must get a staff discount of some sort… I would love to work in a Nikon factory. Bet heaps of the staff have nice Nikon gear.

    • Andrew

      Not really… The workers producing the D4 and D800 are in Japan where wages are high.

  • Moe Jacknally

    30000 huh? how many of those are 800E’s?
    I want mine now!

  • KT

    With production numbers like that, you hope the street price after rebates and discounts will trickle down to where the D700 were just a few months ago. Barring another natural disaster maybe $2700 by Xmas, fingers crossed.

    • I don’t know about you, but I’ll way more than make up for that extra $300 in the first week or two after getting the camera. Not worth waiting if you need it.

  • Hendog

    Mmmmm 5000 d4s om nom nom. I’d rather 5000 d4s than 30,000 d800s. Megapixels shmegapixels.

  • Royster

    Out of that 30,000 how many will be the D800 and how many D800E

    • cosmic

      27,000 D800
      3,000 D800E

      • Naw. I’d guess more like 22,000 non-E and 8,000 E.

        Still an under-estimation of demand methinks.

  • dgs

    With the D800 produced in Sendai, i guess its buttons are also glowing in the dark!

    • Joe Blow

      Not Nice!!!!!

      • AM

        +1 crass and insensitive

        • Oh get over it. It was funny.

          • AM

            Not it was not. It never is when you joke about something as tragic as what they went through….

            • Ren Kockwell

              Yes it was. Funny knows no borders or time. What you should be more offended by was the fact that this joke has already been used in this thread (and past threads).

            • AM

              Not it is not ……for exactly the same reasons that I would not find any ‘joke’ on the twin towers to be the least bit funny.. there is always a line that even ‘funny’ cannot be given a license to cross.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Lighten up, Francis.

            • A joke can be tasteless and still funny. They are independent of each other.

              When there was that South Park skit where they told “The Aristocrats” joke and they made a joke regarding the twin towers… it was extremely funny, even if I did feel bad for laughing at it.

          • D400


      • Art

        Not necessarily. I grew up in Los Alamos New Mexico. In Los Alamos, we took great pride in the fact that you don’t fit in if you don’t glow. 🙂

        • BartyL

          I think it’s possible to acknowledge a tragedy is a tragedy and still make jokes about it. In fact, I think it’s far healthier than the alternative – no sense of humour = Taliban.

          (I wouldn’t stand on a corner in Sendai repeating it through a megaphone just yet though)

  • Ravemotion

    I read somewhere that the D800 was made in Thailand. Does this mean it’s made in both Japan and Thailand?

    • gareth

      The article linked to states that the D800 & D4 are only made in Sendai.
      They also make the D3x and F6

    • 800

      Hello somewhere FUD-master spreader.

    • KT

      I seriously doubt that the Thailand factory that was under 6 feet of standing water just 3 weeks ago will recover in time to churn out 30,000 D800/month. It’s not physically possible and perhaps that’s why there’s no word about the D400 so far.

    • According to the source Sendai is the only plant that produces the D800.

  • broxibear

    Q&A of Financial Results for Third Quarter of the Year Ending March 31, 2012…

  • Interesting article.

    My girlfriend has ordered the D800 for me; but I’m still hoping Nikon gives us a $1500 D400 entry level FX.

    • ISP

      D400 will not be FX….

      • Agreed. I wouldn’t expect Nikon to drop a top DX model any time soon… There are still plenty of people out there who think Full Frame is out of reach financially and I can understand why. Nikon needs to keep supporting those users. Besides it just because even more expensive with the D800 too, though 2nd hand prices for the D700 will surely plummet?

        Economies and people are a lot poorer than 3 years ago. I bought the D700 a couple of years ago, the expense was not in the body for me, it was in the glass that needed to go in front of it. Now I have all of the glass I need, I think an upgrade from the D700 to D800 is cheap by comparison. I feel like I’m buying a medium format camera for around £1500. For anyone not already on full frame, it’s now a VERY expensive proposition and most people can no longer consider buying equipment like that, especially not in the times many people are facing now. Plus, how much has the price of lenses risen over the last couple of years? Buying Nikon lenses has become more of an investment proposition than bank shares anyway, that’s for sure…

        • It’ll be interesting because Nikon didn’t actually discontinue the D90 when they released the D7000, which honestly topped the D300s is basically every department other than build quality.

          But I’m also pretty sure there will be a D400 that will have a 22-24mpx DX sensor and the support system from the D800/D4. Might be short a couple features, but should be close.

        • Ren Kockwell

          All the more curious why they didn’t update the D700 first.

      • tredbily

        Maybe there will be a D400 FX when we see what Canon does next. Remember, the D7000 has become a little more like the D300, and nikon hasn’t been making all that many DX lenses anymore.

    • I think I need your girlfriend.

      And if you’re getting a D800, why on EARTH would you want a D400? You’re still getting 16mpx DX out of the D800.

    • Robin

      Dump her Mark, what kind of a gal gives a guy a radioactive D800?

      • A wife.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Ha! Now THAT, is funny.

  • FM2Fan

    It is truly amazing – less than one year after the worsts natural desaster the production is at such capacity. Kudos to all, who make this happen. I can hardly imagine this to happen in many other places –

    Lets hope, that Nikon can afford more R&D for new lens that make the D800 and D4 a perfect combinaton. Just think of another wide angel zoom or wide angle prime – jst think of something at 18mm …

  • efung

    What about RADIOACTIVITY ???

    • What ABOUT IT?

    • What if there are atoms in my camera?

      (you really should not be concerned about radioactivity)

  • Mandrake

    “With the current 1,600 workers, the factory is producing one unit of camera per minute on a daytime shift with each unit of the D800 variant produced every four hours and the D4 variant every five hours.”

    -That doesn’t add up to 30K/month. That’s less than 400/month if they work round clock. That must be a total from all their factories.

    • Brian

      One camera per minute coming off the assembly line over say a 8 hour shift is 480.

      Each of those cameras was started on the line 4-5 hours earlier and will pass through the hands of many of those 1600 workers.

      Then there is also at least one other shift, but probably three shifts a day.

      • ISP

        480 units/per shift x 3 shifts per day x by 20 working days = 28 800 per month…

        • +1

          Yay for maths.

        • ALTHOUGH… I’m having second thoughts on these calculations.

          If one camera is coming off the line a minute, that has to be divided among all camera types produced there. Based on that, there won’t be that many more of the D800 than D4… which really actually does make sense.

          One per minute coming off the line with a 5:4 ratio of D800 to D4 is how I read that. Sounds like about 30,000 total. I’d be guessing about 17,000 of the D800 and 13,000 of the D4.

          Am I missing something?

          • Brian

            Perhaps the d4 workers are only one daytime shift working 5 days a week. This could be for quality control, so the cameras are passing through fewer but more experienced hands.

            One camera a minute could mean that over 5 minutes there could be 4 d800’s off that line and 1 d4 off it’s line. Or something like that.

          • Tom

            I would assume there is more than one line, with ratio of D4 lines to D800 ones being 1:5 (based on FTE calculated from planned output of each type and time needed for assembly). So perhaps 6 production lines, five making D800, and one working on D4. That would actually make sense, because it would mean 0,6 D800 a minute, and 0,5 D4 a minute being produced, close to one per minute. But I’m not sure of that last sentence being truth…

            • Tom

              OK, as google says, Sendai plant is not employing production lines, but a method called cell production (“a production system in which one unit, or cell, of several workers takes charge of manufacturing one part or one product.”). And it’s working a single eight-hour shift per day with some exceptions when the demand is high.

            • I wouldn’t be surprised of at least an extra shift around the clock just because of disaster recovery. Demand is high in general. No question there.

            • mikils

              I guess now is one of those moments…

        • Brian

          Don’t forget that with shift work they could be running 7 days a week. At any one time there may be a fourth shift that is on their days off. Of those 1600 workers there may only ever be 300-400 workers there at one time, apart from shift change overlap of course.

        • Mandrake

          “with each unit of the D800 variant produced every four hours”

          That would equal 4 per shift not 480.

          • Brian

            At any one time there would be dozens if not hundreds of d800’s in various states of build on the line. One of them gets started and another a minute or two later then another then another. Each of those takes 4 hours to make it’s way through the assembly process.

    • Niktard

      I was thinking the same thing. Maybe their unto of measure is per gross or some shit?

      • PHB

        120 would probably be a pallet load.

  • T.I.M

    So they have plenty D800e in stock, I was wonder why I received mine so quickly !

    • Stephen White

      Haha. Since I know from a previous thread that I ordered mine about an hour before you, I call shenanigans! ; )

      • T.I.M

        @Stephen White
        I got mine fast because I paid for the shipping ($27).
        That’s the first time in 11 years that I have to pay for shipping on something I ordered from B&H, they know we need (want) the D800e so bad they can charge us whatever they want for shipping, we’ll pay, right ?
        That’s business !

        • mikils

          How could they see you to deliver the parcel?

          • T.I.M

            They drop it in my invisible mail box.

            • EnPassant

              I bet your D800 is invisiable too! 😉

            • mikils

              I hope your money too was invisible

        • Stephen White

          Haha. On a serious note, I’d chosen 2-day shipping from B&H and then emailed them about a possible free in-store pickup since I’m in NYC. They wrote back right away to tell me that the price exceeded their in-store pickup policy, but that they would give me free overnight UPS ground shipping.

          I should have asked about their invisible mailbox policy.

    • You pre-ordered a D800E as well? That’s 2 for J’Ville, so far.

      • T.I.M

        Yep, I have to check if my new AF-s 200mm f/2 VRII is as sharp at it should be !

  • Jhon

    Sendal ? Radioacivity report seems not good in this region yet

    Are d800 radioactivity free at 100%? I want this word on package ‘100% cesius free’

    I’m going to put my eyes on…a lot of time

    Sorry..but i had work in a hospital for 6 a radiocativity area

    • Very good point, I’m worried about it too. Or Infoseek anybody?

    • Jack

      I personally guarantee there will be no cesius in your D800.

  • broxibear

    Maybe a few Nikon D4’s have been sent out, this BBC photographer (I don’t know who it actually is) was taking images of the BBC F1 presenters for the new season. You’ll see the D4 at 9:37 of the video
    Wonder if he had to send it back for the bug fix ?…P.S. I’m not sure if this video works for those outside the UK.

  • Jyri

    I don’t get the math behind this, how do you come up with 30000 D800’s and 5000 D4’s?

    • Cook

      Really! How? I must ditched that math class about production rate back in high school.

    • I also don’t understand how they got these figures with that statement. One camera per minute off the line is for ALL bodies in that plant including both the D800 and D4.

    • PMPB

      Well, let’s see.

      Most factories produce 24/7… 1 Camera per minute leads the calculation of:

      60min/hr * 24hrs/day = 1,440 cameras/day
      30days/mo * 1,440 cameras/day = 43,200 Cameras!!!

      Holy smokes, there is enough production capacity for at least 30k D800’s and 5000 D4’s.

      If you want to do it by person hours, you can look at it a different way. Each worker will work 80hrs/2 weeks (Often times factory workers work slightly more hours, but this is a nice North American standard, that even white collar employees can wrap their heads around)

      1600 workers working 160hrs per month = 256,000 person hours/mo.

      If 1 D800 takes 4 hrs to make, and we want 30,000 D800’s per month, that 120,000 person hours/mo. D4’s = 5hrs x 5000units = 25,000hrs

      256,000hrs available – 120,000 (D800) – 25,000hrs(D4) = 111,000 worker hours remaining per month to build the F6 and the D3’s

      Come on guys, this isn’t astro physics.

      • enesunkie

        I believe they only have one shift.

      • Sahaja

        Don’t they eat lunch?

    • Jabs

      You get the Production levels based upon HOW many Lines you have and the amount of people involved in each stage of a camera’s assembly.

      Basically, the D4 probably has more parts or more things to assemble.
      The D800 might also have more lines running concurrently plus Nikon might have other lines which can quickly shift to either body or even common parts of both bodies.

      Production capacity is factored then by number of workers needed PER Line to construct an item over a given time period.

      Parallel lines or Left and Right orientation of a line makes two lines going down an assembly line as a Production pair.

      Think of this way:
      1. You know how many steps it takes to assemble an item – as an example, say 100. Now, you put a line together with 100 steps laid out in its length plus the workers and machinery to do the job.

      2. 100 steps is the length of the Production cycle, so now you need to figure out HOW long this Production cycle is in average time (which they already gave us).

      3. The amount of total Production is now calculated by the AMOUNT of these lines that run concurrently to make finished products.

      4. Production steps X production time = total production in that time.
      To increase the production volume, you add another duplicate Line and Production is increased by that factor.

      5. Total volume = Production of each line added up over that shift.

      6. To increase Production within a given time or DAY, you either increase the number of lines, add more 8 hour shifts (2 – 3 per day) or you make more parallel lines per shift.

      Hope this helps, as I have been to Equipment Assembly Plants myself where they make lots of specialized equipment and the Production is governed by orders, projections and such AFTER introduction, but stock is first built up BEFORE an item is introduced to cover delivery to their other Nikon worldwide units in this case. Basically – build up first BEFORE Introduction and then fill orders AFTER Introduction. It’s all computerized and based upon projections, so if someone messes up or something goes haywire in projected demand, then you have Rebates and such – LOL.

  • Does anyone know when the D900 is coming out? jks! 😛

    • geni

      Using history as reference, it will be in 2015 or 2016. Will your D300s last that long?

  • Ogama

    I need to cancel my pre-order.
    With the production rate they have, they already have more than 25,000 units produced already from Jan to Feb.
    If they start the production in Nov or Dec, It could be about 100,000 units available by March.
    There won’t be any shortage there at all. this is not iphone, it won’t be sold in the millions.

  • Calvin

    I agree, with this production rate, there won’t be any shortages… unless another nature intervention occurs.

    I rather wait till some hand on review come out first before I pay my contribution to Nikon financial statement.

    But, is this news reliable? Not another rumor, is it?

  • Flo

    so we have 1600 workers and 1600 components. does it mean, that each worker puts one piece into the camera? 🙂

    • Cook

      Really? You ditched that class too?

    • PeterO

      Yes, because they’re all specialists for only that one piece. 🙂

    • BartyL

      Yes, each of the 1600 workers fits one of the 1600 pieces to the camera. Then they all just fall off the end of the conveyor belt into a huge pile because they forgot to hire someone to pack and ship them. If only they had 1601 workers.

      • PeterO

        Now that’s funny.

  • WengerIsMad

    Possible 45mp C*non 5D X???

    • Not a chance.

      Probably 22mpx, 7fps, DIGIC 5, 61-point AF… yawn.

      • WengerIsMad

        Yes, I heard one like that and another version with high pixel density 45mp

        • I am 200% confident it will not be 45mp.

          I am 100% confident it will not be over 24mp, but all leaked and reliable sources are saying 22mp.

        • I take that back. I was only paying attention to the MkIII. You are correct there is a rumor about a 5D X being 45mpx.

          That’s outrageous.

          • BartyL

            Serves you right for being “200%” confident. Which by. Definition. Is. Mean. Ing. Le. Ss.

  • Al

    The only thing important in that statement is 1 camera per minute.
    Let’s say they have 8 hours shift, and 60 minutes in one hour; that’s 8×60= 480 units a day.
    26 days a month, 480×26=12,480 unites. So, in one month they have about 12,500 unites producted.
    If they started the production in November, by March they would have 4 months of production, that will be 100,000 unites.
    That is a lot lf D4 and D800 for everyone.

    • Now, do that all again, but let’s say they have 38 minutes in one hour…


  • Jack

    Assuming that the Nikon organization (Nikon plus it’s international subsidiaries) get 90% of the selling price of $3,000 and $6,000 respectively (I know it’s higher in other countries, but Nikon doesn’t get the higher revenues as they are taxes, etc.), that amounts to $108,000,000 in camera bodies a month, or $1.3 billion a year. Nikons total annual sales of imaging products in their last fiscal year was $8 billion. I think the estimate of production capacity or sales capacity in this article might be over estimated, as I don’t think 1 in 8 dollars of sales is going to be D4 and D800 bodies.

    Also, 1600 components is misleading, as the number of subassemblies that are in the bill of materials is what Nikon Sendai is working with, not the number of components on a subassembly.

    16,000 people died from the tsunami in Tohoku, 0 people have died from the Fukushima reactor radiation leak. I will gladly support industry in Sendai to help the recovery from the Tsunami.

    Could be wrong…

    • Jill

      They don’t need your moral support. They have such compelling products like D4 & D800, you are on the hook.

      • Jack

        My company is involved with the recovery efforts in Fukushima. Maybe they don’t need my personal moral support, but the people in Tohoku really do appreciate the support of people worldwide as they recover. There is still a lot of hardship there.

    • Jim

      Hey Jack, you have no idea of how retail works, huh?
      The maker got to feed the whole distribution line. Thus if $1800 of the $3000 come into the makers hands, they can be more than happy.

      • Jack

        Jim, I confess I could be wrong, but I need more evidence that these numbers represent actual production. I am not retail sales, as you correctly point out, but I don’t see the numbers working yet, and I do know the margins the retailers are working on after the camera bodies leave Nikon and their international subsidiaries. As you correctly imply, in countries where Nikon does not do their own distribution and marketing, the Nikon consolidated margins are lower, but I only know the U.S. and Japan.

        When you say the “maker”, do you mean Nikon corporate or Nikon’s manufacturing facility in Japan? Can you tell me what the annual retail sales of Nikon camera bodies (in units or value) of all types is? Then I can get my bearings.

        I’m here to learn.

  • Gary Irwin

    1600 components?

    I definitely don’t want one made on Monday or Friday!! LOL

    • ScOtt

      Let’s see…1600 parts per camera, over 100,000 cameras, the possibilities of combinations, I think your odds for getting one is pretty high. One way to be sure you won’t get it is not to buy one.

  • shane

    300 nikon d800s each month at 3000$/£ = 90 million obviously not all profit with tax, middle man components etc

  • shane

    Why d800 instead of the d800e

    If you’re shooting at f/11 or smaller, or printing at least several feet or meters wide, you’ll never see the extra sharpness of the D800E, but everyone will see the D800E’s moiré at any print size on fabrics or screens

    There is no point in buying the d800e as it will create more problems and who says you cant sharpen up on the d800 not that it needs sharpening as I mentioned you wont notice the difference unless your printing billboard

    • Easywind

      Then don’t buy the D800E! One more unit for the rest of us that wants that extra sharpness.

      You are hoping someone would give you a compelling reason to get the D800E. Too bad, you have to be the judge and decision maker. So, step up!

  • Anders

    1600 components. 1600 workers. Just hope that no one gets the flu and stops the whole assembly line 🙂

  • i got into photography about 2 1/2 years ago after an absence of 15 years all of this technology is amazing i wonder what is lurking around the corner lets say in 3 to 5 years
    technology is wonderful when you know how to use it i am still learning

    • Jon

      When you read some comments here it’s like the last camera is never enough in quality to take a good photography 🙂

      • Carl Rove

        They are forever in search for a camera would give them a Pulitzer Prize picture by merely click the shutter button.

        • BartyL

          Still too much work. I want a camera that gets me a prize for just owning one. Won’t even have to take it out of the box. Then I can put it on eBay as ‘Brand New’. Spend the money on one of those cool RC helicopters.

      • Jill

        They wanted a camera would allow them to take a picture in their backyard and the RAW file would wirelessly send to “NG” or “Arizona Highway” for publishing!

        • jodjac

          That’s exactly what I want! Wow!

  • Gallon

    Oh sure. The D800 and D4 get announced. But where are the latest coolpix models?

    • Joe the six pack

      They have announced at feel free to check it out.

      • BartyL

        You fool, he wants the LATEST ones! There must have been some updates in the last few hours…

  • 30,000 D800’s per month should fill the pipeline within 6 months. Don’t forget, there are a lot of folks out there with multiple pre orders.

    • Craig Deepdiver

      Nikon will flood the market from the start, just like the Nikon1.

      They need to recover the losses from last year, and prevent people to switch to coolpix like the guy above.

  • jhon1
  • Gab

    Someone mentioned earlier that you can not remove moire in post. LR4 beta has a moire removal tool and it works alright. NX2 can remove moire as well.

    • Jill

      I hope Adobe photoshop and Apature will add moire removal to their products soon. Maybe an add-on tool for their current offers.

  • 3drabbit

    Sendai is near fukushima where radiation spreaded out. Do u guys think that the cameras would be fine from the radiation? I just wonder.

  • Cip

    !!!!! Sendai plant —-> Fukushima (disaster nuke plant) route 80 km. Will D4 $ D800 will have radioactive bodies???? !!!!!
    How about that ?

  • 1599

    So I guess the D800E is made of only 1599 components.

  • Doug

    Lol, Radioactive Moire, take that Canon.

  • Oz

    I’ve emailed B and H in regards to my d800 order. It appears that even though I’m up near the top of the list my order is on hold as I live in Australia. They’ve no idea when they’ll be able to ship to Oz. Wish they’d made that clear at the outset. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years and never come across this before. Thought I’d make anyone else in the same boat as me aware. Damn and blast!

    • Sven

      Hope you’ll be lucky and get your order. When I tried to order from BH in 2010 from New Zealand I was told that they don’t ship stuff from Nikon USA abroad – so practically I could have ordered only grey market lenses but no camera bodies because they were all from Nikon USA.

      • Oz

        Just found out that B and H have kindly debited my credit card for the full amount of the D800. This is for an item they tell me they won’t ship, 5 weeks before it’s released. Thanks a lot.

  • I am just curious, did any of you guys that made the preorder think about difraction in the D800? This considering that there is no proper review yet?

    I am DX user and i like to shoot mainly landscapes. My plan was to get a FF and keep my DX camera as backup and for wildlife. Looking at the big jump in MB that Nikon did i think i will hold to my D7000 and see if other products will be released this year and maybe in the end i will get a d700.
    Looking at my D7000 i think that D800 will be a diffraction king so i really do not think this camera will be very good for landscape unless you stop down to F8. I am telling this because with my 24-70mm F2,8 at F16 i am not happy with the results. Considering the fact that DX is using the sweet spot of this lens i can only imagine that D800 can be only worst. Hope this makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      Check out the sample images available for D800. If you are using a D7000, then the pixel density for D800 is almost the same. So, the diffraction should be similar. I think F/11 would be the smallest good aperture to be used for these densely packed sensors.

      • According to the calculator:

        f/7.3 – Diffraction may become visible
        f/9.2 – Diffraction limits extinction resolution
        f/11 – Diffraction limits standard grayscale resolution

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