Today’s Nikon D800 updates

Nikon D800 with MB-D12 battery grip

Nikon D800 with MB-D12 battery grip

The latest Nikon D800 updates:

  • Adorama and B&H are now taking pre-orders for the Nikon MB-D12 battery grip for D800 (MS-D12EN battery tray is also available).
  • Today the CP+ show opened its doors in Japan and the D800 will be on display - see the first image of the Nikon booth. I will have several readers sending me images and reports from the show and I will post them online in the next few days.
  • Nikon D800 is expected to start shipping on March 18th, 2012 for the US.
  • New post on the Nikon D800 from Cliff Mautner with some high ISO samples. You can also see his gallery on the D800 micro site.
  • Nikon D800 thoughts by Milan Josipovic (incl. downloadable TIFF image).
  • Jim Brandenburg shot the D800 in France.
  • Nikon D800 was ready for release in the first half of 2011 but the disasters in Japan and Thailand caused the delay. This image by Rob Van Petten for example was probably taken on July 1st 2011. How do I know? Because of the Empire State Building light patterns - on that date the Empire State was lit with what they refer to as private lighting (blue, lavender, and purple). See the Empire State Building lighting schedule.
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  • My D800E is expected to arrive on april 12th in Geneva, Switzerland…

    • Dan

      If I already have a D7K and am happy with the resolution, what will a D800 buy me other than slightly better video?

      • Z L

        Better Res, FX, ISO, CF card + SD card. 51 AF points.

        And some other points I dunno yet, I am a D7K user too. Best is to rent one and try for yourself.

        • Pro-grade AF, new metering system, AND you still get D7k-style shooting in DX mode, with better ISO performance and resolution, like said previously.


          • …the AF, if on par with the D700 is faaaaaar superior to the AF in the D7000. I know–I own both. The outer points on the D700 work better in low light, and with more precision.

            I’d bet that even though it’s newer, the D800 mirror will be louder. I shift to my D7000 during quiet performances. Even if it has been improved, I doubt it’s quieter than the D7000. It’s physics–a bigger mirror just moves more air.

            • The AF is not on par with the D700. It is far better than the D700. It has the new focusing system of the D4, which is better than the D3s.


        • Hom Thogan

          Also the same level of Diffraction 🙂 (f/11 diffraction ensues) that’s what you gain too … Oh wait!!! that’s the same as the D7000!!! how dumb of me to forget it 🙂

          Im happy though cause I will be able to stock on cheap and lightly used Nikon D700’s from you hobos! 🙂

          • bobby

            see how many times you can compare this camera to the d7000

      • Z

        I think only higter resolution (almost same ppi), larger viewfinder and ISO 50

      • Trevor

        And weather sealing if I’m not mistaken.

      • LeBeouf

        A much improved AF system.

      • Jade B.

        FX man!!!!

      • Lardinio

        Nothing major, especially if all you want to do is shoot DX.

        Here are some of the small things apart from an FX sensor at 36mp!!:

        Larger view finder (approx 40%)
        In camera HDR
        D4 equalling autofocus (also more points 51 vs 39, more cross-type points 15 vs 9)
        Less shutter lag
        Bigger screen
        Better video/more options which you have pointed out.

      • keep in mind that it is a bit of waste of the D800’s potential to shoot it with DX lenses – if you want to make the most of the full potential, you will really want some pro quality FX lenses (14-24mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm for a full range). If you only have FX glass you should consider the price of these lenses too.

        • Robert Falconer

          Yep, well said. Moving to the D800 means shooting only with Nikon’s best glass to ring every bit of resolution out of that sensor, otherwise it’s a law of diminishing returns thing. And pro glass means big $$, depending upon what you need.

          On the other hand, 36 megapixels also allows for some pretty aggressive cropping, while still maintaining decent image size and resolution.

          As to things like shutter lag, the D7000 is no slouch. And it’s still a terrific camera overall – unquestionably their best bang for the buck model yet. It’s also their best DX camera to date, by a huge margin. In fact, I would rank it number 3 in their DSLR lineup, after the D4 and D800, for overall performance.

          • PHB

            Not necessarily, a perfectly reasonable strategy would be to buy the consumer zooms and then add in f/1.4 primes.

            If I had $6K to buy a camera system from scratch right now I think I would probably go with a D800, 85 f/1.4 and 18-200.

            That covers pretty much the essential focal range and you can take great portrait shots. My next purchase would probably be the 14-24.

      • Mat

        I urge you to look at the ISO levels @25600 compared to the D7000. If ISO is important to you…

        • Al

          What’s the rproblem, you only aim the lens at dark night sky for ALL of your job applications?

    • Zlik

      Del-Uks, where did you order? I’m from Switzerland too.

      • Sebastien_M

        Hehe je suis Suisse aussi 😉
        Photograncy – Lausanne (Meilleur magasin photo de romandie, même prix que sur toppreise) 🙂

        • zlik

          Effectivement, Photo Grancy est un des meilleurs magasins de romandie, mais leurs prix sont pas toujours aussi bas que toppreise, ce qui est normal.

          • J’ai commandé le mien chez Euro-Photo (Genève) le jour de l’annonce : quasi le même prix que sur Toppreise (CHF 3’488.-)… mais ça a déjà baissé depuis… 🙁
            Je me réconforte en me disant que c’est le prix du service après vente… ;-p

            To Zlik : In case you don’t speak french : I ordered my D800E @ Euro-Photo, Geneva (CHF 3’488.-)

            • zlik

              Le service se paie! J’hésite encore si je dois vendre mon D3s et acheter le D800 ou si je garde le D3s (je n’ai pas les moyens de me payer les deux !).

      • US exPat on the other side of the Roestigrabben (in Zurich), here is a good guide:

        I’ve had very good luck with Digitec AG.

  • broxibear

    “How do I know? Because of the Empire State Building light patterns – on that date the Empire State was lit with what they refer to as private lighting (blue, lavender, and purple).”
    And the exif data in this shot says July 2, 2011 lol.
    (sorry Peter, couldn’t resist)

    • Hehe, nice one. You have to admit though, Admin’s detective work makes finding the date a lot more exciting ;).

    • The Empire State Building website has a lighting schedule:

      The EXIF data is manipulated!


      • broxibear

        EXIF data is being manipulated?…nooooo!…what’s the world coming to lol ?
        Next you’ll be saying you can’t actually see any difference between an image shot on a D700 and one on a D800 unless you print it bigger than A2…that can’t be true, can it ? lol.

      • The time keeper

        Since he was using a proto-type he may not have set
        the camera time zone to NYC time zone. July 1 in NYC
        would be July 2 with an Asia time zone setting.

        • Alex

          I have been taught by Rob Van Patten and this image was shot in studio and is a composite. He used the D800 for both shots but they weren’t shot at the same time.

    • edpaul

      well, its very interesting if the photo is really taken back in 2011, then it means that sensor by sony, is 1 year old, and with sony announcing the new 24mp fullframe, will their new 24mp sensor have even cleaner noise at hi iso?

  • Zlik

    For those who are still wondering what the D800 will look like at high ISO compared to the D700, check this image out:

    6400 ISO from D800 down-scaled to 12mp for comparison. You can click on the original size to see full resolution.

    • dave

      One of the guys, I think Cliff Mautner, said D3/D700-like high ISO IQ. So, not a D4 and not quite a D3s, but still better than a D3x. And in a 36MP sensor? That’s a darn big jump. From what I understand it is a “backlit” sensor. And a 75MB Raw file. I bet the guys at Nikon have been buying stock in Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital.

      • huh

        Are you sure it’s a backlit sensor ? The EXMOR branding is used for both BSI and regular sensors. It’s the “EXMOR R” that’s BSI.

  • Jan Roddick

    Why is the batterygrip MB-D12 twice the price MB-D10?

    Not much difference.

  • D

    $450 fir a grip is pretty hefty, hope its worth it…

  • T.I.M

    My D800e is expected to be ship in a box.

  • Scott Yarberry

    OUCH! The MB-D12 and the big battery are around double.

    By the time I do that and add the camera bracket, etc., it’s going to be another $1000.


  • Don’t really understand why the Nikon MB-D12 is $450USD.

    • Simba

      half goes to the rebuilding thailand factory fund.

    • The MB-D12 is $50 more @ B&H? With Nikon’s new pricing policy, you’d think the price would be consistant from one retailer to another.

    • Jabs

      How are you? Long time – I just had a quick question for you, so decided to post it here.

      What impact on your shooting style and preparations for shooting do you anticipate from the D4 and especially the D800/800E?

      I am asking as curious to see what a Pro like you would think at this stage because of the newer faster performance, the faster throughput and now ‘outrageous’ megapixels plus FX Video capabilities that will test both human and machine to bring an image to ‘life’.

      I have been thinking about it for a few days but have been very busy with a Marketing Campaign of mine, so thought that I would ask here but the place has devolved to politics and complaining, so left it alone.

      Sort of like what happened when people went from ED Beta or Super VHS to digital HD Video and then the increased resolution brought about new techniques, better lenses, filters and tripods – e.g.

      Do you then see some kind of a trickle down effect (or even a trickle UP – lol) effect on the whole Photographic and even Video Industry by now a newly released set of products (D4 and D800) that basically change the price points to more excellence but requires more work and thought in use – maybe?

      Anyone can answer it, but please don’t try and con me or call me names plus start more crap, as I am not in the mood for that mess. I just like to ask people whom I see as honest and straightforward with their responses MINUS the Internet agenda of many.

      New tools and new thoughts basically!

      Also, can’t wait for your ‘test’ of either one – lol
      Six months time, then?

    • PHB

      I would bet on the $450 grip ending up as a ‘free’ accessory later on when they want to do a special.

      There will be a third party version soon enough.

  • Terry

    Easy on the D800…..Nikon new MX is coming in late 2012.

    • When I said this about 2 months ago, everyone was like “why would NIkon EVER go for an MX camera? Blah blah blah. Now, all of a sudden, everyone thinks they will. -_-


      • bobby

        I bet they will release a camera that can shoot 4k vids in the future. You see, making plausible predictions isn’t all that exciting.

  • Darryl

    May also explain why there is no XQD slot? being supposedly an older release compared to the D4?

  • Aye, I had a dream last night where I met a photographer who was testing a D800 in the field, (attached to some contraption for security I believe). He also had two more cameras around his neck, one might’ve been like a mirrorless panasonic or Lumix, and the other a slightly smaller Nikon…perhaps D400.
    My dreams are wild.

    I ran across him in the park while running away from a mob of high schoolers. Whew.

  • Jim

    $450.00 for a battery Grip..are these people greedy or what..This is insane.

  • Jade B.

    How come the grip so expensive, could anyone tell what good about it plz?

  • Jade B.

    Can anyone tell why the battery grip is cost so high?
    anything good about it?

    • That seems really ridiculous to me as well. I’ll wait for the generic.

      • If you make your money using your camera, you’re going to want to spring for the real deal.

        I have both off-brand and name-brand grips for my current bodies… and will say that the $60 one gets you 80% there… but that last 20% is absolutely worth every penny when it’s “day in, day out.”

    • Jabs

      I am probably guessing the included electronics inside and what it will do when interfaced with the D800 is probably why.

      Not sure but from past Nikon experience, they released an MD-15 when they introduced the FA and it could use the old cheaper MD-12 of the FM/FM2 series also, but they (FM-2 users) could not use the new MD-15.

      I bought an FA and also an FMN-2 for my brother and he had an FM-2, so we tried both MD-12 and MD-15 on the FA and then we instantly knew why it cost so much more.

      Apply that – In use and features, you probably will learn WHY as Nikon has been quiet about it so far that I see!

      I usually don’t complain until facts are presented to me, less I lose valuable “creative juices” or brain power worrying about the unknown while all I have to do is wait – lol. It’s like crossing the bridge twice for no apparent reason instead of just waiting and then learn the facts.

      Waste of my time then!

  • Larry C

    Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the $3,000 price for the camera. Now you know why it “seemed” a reasonable price – keep the entry price affordable and up the accessory prices.

    • Jack

      It works for me. I have a huge selection of lenses, but no FX digital camera. The battery is the same as the D7000 and V1, and I don’t need the battery pack. So where Nikon will make a LOT of money from me are as I add gelded lenses which I cannot use on my film bodies, and some very expensive speedlights. But I don’t mind, as I am close to film resolution with the D800. I still can’t get used those little squares…

  • Brock Kentwell

    Will each D800 come with a D700 user complaining about it? How about settings like “too much noise, bro,” “not enough FPS, bro,” and “too many megapixels, bro?”

    • Jabs

      @Brock Kentwell

      You mean Niri instead of Siri – cussing you out for being clueless or daring to challenge THE Machine – lol

      For those who don’t get it – Siri = Apple’s ‘Hal’ (old movie) or their iPhone voice

      Niri = Nikon’s Siri

      – or was that ‘Nikori’

    • Tell you what bro, I’m tired of having to read comments from every D700 user complaining and whining about how they aren’t going to be buying a D800 because it’s not a D700 replacement, and they don’t need all the megapixels and no one else does either, and it doesn’t shoot fast enough and it’s too expensive. I wish they would STFU about it already. If this camera model doesn’t fit your shoot style or needs, just keep your effen D700 or wait patiently like all the people that have been waiting for the D800.

  • Ready for release, or in testing? No doubt the disasters had an effect, but how much we might never know. Lots of computers are going to choke on those 36mp files. It will be especially tough for Mac users because they have to pay a lot for really fast machines.

    Windows types can roll their own and overclock.

    • I’m not going to get into the Mac vs. PC thing again, but let’s just say – I’m more than ready for 36MP.

      • hallehallo


      • Cary, if you are ready, you are ready. I certainly have a fast enough machine, and some extra storage available. Hopefully, hard drive prices will return to normal soon.

        For me there are so many areas that I can improve in without spending a dime; that makes it hard to run out and buy a D800, even if the net cost would be around $1500 after selling my D700. There is also the question of glass. Not all of my lenses are pro models, and some I suspect might not look so great at 36mp.

        Time will tell.

        • @ Ron – I hear ya! I bought a ton of HDDs just before the price increased after the Thailand floods. I’m using a NAS (4x2TB) as well as several 2TB external HDDs for backups of the NAS (nightly backups). I keep photo archives on the NAS and backups for 6 months, than I move them to DVD and once I’m satisfied the data is safe on DVD, I delete the files from the NAS, which deletes them from the nightly backup HDDs. Each DVD is copied twice with one copy going to an off-site storage, whilst the other stays on-site. Of course, things can happen – even with this system. Last week I had a power failure that went well over an hour and my UPS’s battery died, which caused my NAS to go down-hard. Upon restart, the NAS performed a file system check (which took over 6 hours) that found several errors that it fixed. It took the NAS another 6 hours to re-sync it’s RAID-5 array. In the end, everything was fine, but it was scary – even with back-ups. I’ve since re-worked my NAS so it will graciously shut-down @ 10% UPS back-up power. Luckily, the system wasn’t backing-up to the external HDDs at the time of the power failure, so the external drives were not running at the time of power failure; if they were running during the failure, the back-up data could have been compromised. You simply cannot have enough redundancy.

          As for glass on the D800/E: The pixel density is roughly the same as the D7000. We own a lot of very high-end FX glass as well as some DX glass. For instance, the D7k’s 18-105mm VR kit lens does very well on the D7k. We use it often on our 2 D7000s (although, mostly for video work). For stills, it’s decently sharp in the center and sharpens up decently in the corners @ ƒ/8. We have ZERO problems getting extremely sharp images from our D7000s, even when using lower-end glass. I wouldn’t worry too much about your glass, if we can get good results on the D7000s, the D800/E @36MP will be about the same.

          We also own a D3s, which is a lot more forgiving of cheaper glass, than the D7000, due to it’s massive pixels (same as the D700 you own). When we first started shooting with the D7Ks, we had to improve our shooting skills for sure, but it wasn’t as bad as you’d think. The 36MP D800/E will be no different, having roughly the same pixel pitch. If we were talking about cheaper Canon lenes, I would be concerned – lucky for us, we’re not. 🙂 Most of Nikon’s lenses can easily resolve 36MP on a full-frame sensor.

          We’ll hopefully get both D800s for review, but I’ve already made-up my mind on the D800E. I need to get as close to medium format as I can; it looks like the D800E is VERY close. Our D800E will be our new studio camera as well as landscape and HDR. The D3s (or D4, if it blows my mind in the review stages) will be used for everything else.

          With that said, I don’t think the D800 should replace your D700, unless you don’t need the D700’s speed or won’t utilize the D800/E’s crazy high resolution. The D800/E is not a direct replacement of the D700; I believe that Nikon will introduce a more direct replacement of the D700 in about a year or so and it will probably use a tamed version of the D4’s sensor or maybe another Sony sensor in the 16-24MP range.

          • Martin Rock

            The AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G is a good quality considering the price but a lower optical quality even for the D7000. I bought my D7000 kit with nikkor 18-105 mm in November 2010 and I was a little disappointed about the performance of my camera until I bought my DX 35mm F/1.8G which highlighted the essence of d7k . I never reused the 18-105mm after buying my prime lens. What makes the quality of a picture except of course the photographer? it’s optics and the camera comes next. For my d700, I used the best which is for me and for my D800 (pre ordered) the 24-70mm f/2.8G !

    • Juan

      Pfff that’s nonsense. I did try processing a couple of Phase One IQ180 sample (80 Mpx) files on my Mac just for kicks, and it didn’t break a sweat. Photoshop at 64 bits just eats them. Oh, and no crashes

      • Myl3s

        Thats what I’m saying, No problems dealing with the TIFF’s we’ve gotten on a MBP core2duo 4GB on capture1.

        We’ll see about shooting theathered though, it may start to lag, especially with MBP having USB2 and not USB3…YET.

    • Jabs


      I am also not getting into the Mac -vs- PC debate as it is pointless since I use both at times.

      The real problem is NOT processors or hard drives (except for of course storage capacity) but really graphics capability.

      Intel’s current processors all have lousy graphics sub-systems (all the iSeries basically) and thus the solution is to really get a laptop with a workstation graphics card or TWO as in Dell’s, HP’s or Lenovo’s Workstation models under Windows or Linux.

      Apple needs to now offer Workstation graphics in their MacBook laptops and then use the switching technology like Nvidia Optimus to decide when to use one or the other graphics sub-system (built-in or mobile laptop graphics card).

      With either a Windows, Linux or Mac desktop, then just get a Workstation card like the Nvidia Quadro or the AMD FirePro graphics cards as they are the ones you use for dealing with large graphics, photo or Video files and not the consumer game oriented cards which are more ‘display’ oriented instead of being optimized for moving and manipulating large files or data quickly or in Real-Time.

      I have an old Mac desktop with Mac Server and a Workstation card and it runs great even though it is ancient because of this one card.

      You can speed up your hard drives, install NAS or SSD’s all you want but Workstation cards are even faster at processing audio, video, graphics, photos and 3D than any basic CPU – even the over-clocked 6 to 12 core varieties.

      A Workstation card with 64bit Adobe’s products or others like that which support it, can make mincemeat or child’s play of moving around really large files.

      That is the real solution!

      Learn from Maya professionals and the Movie, 3D Content Production Industries.

      Photo, 3D and Video files require specialized processing power ONCE they are in the computer, as in loaded in a Program.

      Disk drive speed is for transfer and loading speed plus storage/image protection BUT when you need to work on them, get a Workstation graphic card and then 36meg will really then be easy depending on the Program you are using – lol.

  • Tommy B.

    No reason for the grip costing $450. That’s about $250 too much. I know it’s been said already, but more people need to speak up.

    • Tommy B.

      Lastly, do you think Nikon will invoke their new pricing policy since they list the grip for $616 on their site and Adorama’s price is so much cheaper?

      • Steve Starr

        I don’t get the grip price either. Yesterday $616 I was quoted and no estimated time of delivery.

        Today $450 from Adorama? Still too much for something that should not cost more than a Coolpix or a grip off a D7000.

        B&H at $500? Wild prices being tossed out there.

        Third party like Mieke will come along at $59 with theirs like what happened with the D7000. They should have the plans already drawn up after the first knockoff.

    • 120-300 OS

      let´s all speak up for that over priced nikon or retalers but camera is on right price i to get it later for 2699 or so but let´s wait a little bit

    • PeterO

      Simple answer to the overpriced grip – don’t buy it. If enough people hold off for a few months and make a few phone calls and send emails, the price will come down. On the other hand I heard a rumor that there’s some kind of special pixie dust on these grips that makes your pictures much better.

  • Trevor

    So, I’m sure someone else has pondered this, but has the d800 killed the d400? With 15mp and 5fps in dx mode for less than $1000 more than the cost of a d300s, I could see Nikon creating a d7100 with a 24mp sensor and that being the top dx. It’s not what I’d like to see happen, but more and more I think its the case.

    • 120-300 OS

      i hope and wait for the D400 with same batpack as D800 than its only one md d12 but still way over priced.

    • Analyst

      The D400 target market is sports and wildlife photographers – DX crop factor on those long lenses plus high frames per second shooting.

      It is easy to envision the D400 as a D7000 sensor in a D300s body with a bigger buffer and 10 FPS continuous shooting. And probably more video options.

      But that’s about it, it is hard to believe that Nikon will put the Sony 24mp sensor in the D400, since it would require so much more processing power to deal with the images. Rather, they will probably go with the D7000 sensor that they already know well and which has better noise performance than the 24mp sensor, and focus on maxing out the FPS.

    • PeterO

      Now that we know that the D800 was delayed since mid 2011, I’m assuming the same delay factor is being applied to the D400. Nikon is not giving up the $2K niche for too long. I’m thinking it comes out in the next couple of months. This is all making more sense now – announce the cameras from the top down: D4, D800, D400/9000, D7000 succesor etc.

      • LightHouse

        I agree. I am waiting for D400. I hope it’s out in 2012.

  • jorg

    should be including a D4-style battery!

  • T.I.M

    Most people don’t buy the D800/D800e for the high frame/second capabilities.
    I never had a grip on my cameras (actually I did but returned it after few weeks).
    It make the camera bulky and heavier.
    To me, the only posistive thing about the grip is the vertical shutter release button.

    • ericnl

      the thing about the vertical shutter release button is that you only need it when the camera is pro-sized (D4, D3, etc) without that bulky body (D800 etc) it is no problem to just turn your camera 90 degrees without regripping it 😉

      so that vertical shutter button/vertical grip thing is basically a chicken/egg story holding itself alive, like a catch 22 or an infinite self fulfilling prophesy 😀

      • I have to completely disagree. If you shoot as many portraits as I do (with big primes and/or a 70-200), the added stability, and reduced wrist-strain is a god-send.

        There is a reason the D2/D3/D4 have one built-in. They aren’t for travel, they are for work. I do love the ability to take it off for travel, though. When I’m casually shooting I don’t mind the regular way… but during on-location shooting for a living… no way.

        • Jabs


          Same here – never had a Nikon Pro body without the MD or grip. Useless without it, as it adds a form of stability that makes all day or long shooting sessions really work.

          Wrist action and comfort is improved by the MD’s too, as they counterbalance the lenses well.

          I look upon an MD less camera as ‘naked’ – lol

          That’s why I hate little dinky cameras, as they disappear in your hands and remind me of using small cramped keyboards versus larger ones – carpal tunnel syndrome ANYONE???

          Bigger cameras build up your wrists, biceps/forearms and make it easier to withstand long shooting sessions also (as long as the camera feels comfortable), especially when shooting vertically which I like to do a lot.

          • ericnl

            if you need it for work like that, you can afford it.
            if you “need it” to make your camera look like a D4, you don’t.

  • pabs

    Thanks for ongoing feedback. Although I already ordered mine and can’t wait to start using it (upgrade from D300) I was wondering something. If the camera was ready to shop july, 2011, has it been modified since or is it the same. Also, while way too early to specuate about the next iteration of cameras, other than in jest, it would seem that Nikon surely has been continuing R+D since then, unless that also was put on hold by the series of natural disasters. Any comments? thanks again!!!

  • SK

    Is it possible to use DX lenses with D800 ?

    • Jade B.

      Yes you can use both FX and DX lenses on ur D800!!

      • Only disadvantage being the camera will turn to DX mode and you won’t get the full view while in FX mode.

        • Martin Rock

          Wrong, you get the same view as on a D7000 in DX mode.

          • Jabs

            I think Nikon states that in DX Mode, the viewfinder of the D800 shows less than 100% – I think maybe 95 to 98 (check Nikon USA).

            Is that what is being discussed as the VIEW?

            • Martin Rock

              97 exactly

  • stef

    In DX mode, does the size of the RAW file change or is it still around 75MB?

    • Ebzzt

      It does, see the table on this page :

      Also keep in mind that you will probably more interested in the lossless compressed 14 bit NEF size (75 MB is for uncompressed FX 14 bit NEF)

      • stef

        Thanks Ebzzt!

        I’ve got a D90, my best lens is a 17-55 2.8, and I initially wanted to get a D700.
        But the D800 is tempting…
        Truth be told, I’m really having a hard time with the idea of picking up a D800 – which is really close to a new D700 in price (yes new D700s are still out there) – because of the enormous files, the relatively low FPS, and low light performance…

        I’m sure a lot of people are living this D700/D800 dilemna too.
        Help! 🙂

        • tom

          I’m also coming from a D90 and have been wondering the same thing. I already placed my order for the D800 because in the end if I don’t like it I can sell it for almost the same price I bought it for. Hell, since it’s in such high demand, I might even be able to get what I paid for it, USED. Then I’ll use that money and find a cheaper D700 or splurge on a D3s.

      • Thank you so much for linking to this table. The *real* number for most people will be 41mb for lossless compressed. This is substantially more usable.

  • Jeff

    $450 for the grip? Nuts!

  • BenCK

    So with the D4 being pushed back to March and the D800 shipping in March, that means March is going to be one tough month on the credit card bill for some of us. It was going to be an easier pill to swallow when they were separated by a month.

  • morg

    So two down now what about the D400 and NX3 ?

  • I’m hoping the price difference of the MB-D11 VS the MB-D12 is a full magnesium body as the MB-D11 is 95% plastic with one mini metal plate to hold the 1/4-20 screw hole.

    If it is full metal under that cheap plastic, then its well worth the cost, if not its pure robbery… but ill still be forced to buy it as it makes vertical shooting a breeze.

    • Brian

      Mb d10 is all magnesium and cost me $275

    • The Nikon MB-D11 is not plastic, it’s 98% Magnesium Alloy. Unless you got a knock-off , those are all plastic.

      To me, the MB-D11 was worth the cost, but the MB-D12 is way over-priced. This is not the retailer’s fault – it’s Nikon that sets these prices. I’m trying to figure out why there is such a fluctuation from one US retailer to the next. I think Nikon is to blame. I’m sure it will get straitened out. I don’t think the retailers know exactly how much Nikon wants them to charge for the MB-D12, which is why you’re seeing all of these price differences on the pre-orders.

  • brian

    I have the mb-d10 for d300/700 which is full magnesium and cost me $275

    • Brian

      This was in reply to max rebel

    • Max Rebel

      You couldn’t be more wrong…

      D3 has 100% Magnesium grip your camera does not and I’m hoping the MB-D12 is full magnesium. I really hate heating the grip crunch with heavier lenses.

      • Brian

        That stripped version of the d700 looks exactly like the stripped d800 with grip I’m afraid the d12 is just like the d10 in which case it seems clearly over priced.
        If like you said it were completely metal then perhaps it would be worth $450 to me. But does not appear to be.

        I never found the grip on a d300 plus 200-400 to be terribly flexy. The mb-d200 though; that was flexy.

        On an aside, does anyone have any ideas why I can’t post comments using my desktop xp64 with firefox 10. I could two weeks ago but now when I click post it either gives me a blank page or a server connection error page. It sucks writing all thi on an ipod.

        • Brian

          Already tried refreshing, clearing, restarting, flushing , etc.

  • Chris

    Hey Admin,
    maybe you can post this link too?
    There is a quite interesting articel from Cliff Mautner about the D800 (he worked with since 06/2011) and some good images with high ISO etc.


  • DJS

    No probably about Rob van Petten’s D800 Empire State Building shot – EXIF data shows it was taken 2011:07:01 21:16:13. Image is here:

  • Ong Arttasan

    Milan Josipovic needs to spellcheck his blog.

    Also his bio page on his own site still has “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre-
    henderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum…..”

  • Hmm. $450-500 for the grip? This is outrageous. I’ve used Zeikos grips on all of my bodies thus far (3 of them), and I’ve never had a problem. They feel plasticky, but, in this case, they’ll save me $400. I can deal with it feeling plasticky and working perfectly to save an additional $400.

    Absolutely insane.

  • Symple

    The TIFF file is great to work with, as much detail as you could want and then more than that with the skin health. The fabric and stitching comes out amazing, and file is fine to work with using multiple layers. I am very impressed and appreciate the link.

  • EE

    The grip doesn’t even fit the D800 body correctly, look at the overhang on the left side. Inexcusable, especially at five-six hundred dollars.

  • souvik

    The d800 has detection range of -2ev, so shouldn’t it help us to use it in lower light than the d700?

    • d800_is_finally_here

      That’s one big improvement that many overlooked. With lenses like 24/1.4G sometimes it is not even at ISO6400 yet (f/1.4, 1/30s) but the D700 hard difficulty focusing. The center focus point is all that I could use in those situations. And even then it was a hit and miss sometimes.

      Owners with 24/35/85 f/1.4s should be happy Nikon didn’t cripple this -2EV capability from the D4 AF module along with the f/8 center point focus. Those alone would have been what some people would went for the D4.

      • If I read everything correctly, I think there’s 9 points that will AF with F/8 lenses; not just the center point.

        But, that being said, does that mean that there’s full functionality of the AF on these lenses? I mean, just as reliable as when it was at F/4 (assuming you were using an F/4 lens with a 2.0TC)?


    • Ebzzt

      I would think so, especially with consumer zoom lens. I’ve never had problem
      with D300 (same AF module as D700) and consumer zoom lens in low light anyway.

  • It’s been ready for almost a year so we expect a matur product with firmware fully tweaked.

  • Can somebody tell me why they choose one SD and one CF card instead of two of the same kind?

  • EE

    am disappointed too, how hard is it to cram a second SD slot? And why are CF cards still around? SD cards performance are equal to if not better than CF cards….at a fraction of the size.

    CF cards need to die.

    • Are you serious? I’ll take a CF card any day.

      They are substantially more robust and have higher capacities.

  • Federico

    Can somebody tell me if decreasing to 24 mpx the file size would be the best compromise to resolution and lens performance? Thanks!

  • T.I.M

    Here is a nice review D800/D800e
    Take a look !

  • shivaswrath

    woohooo! March 18th!!!

  • Boing Wronkwell

    So where are all the J1 lovers now then?

    Ohhhhh…. it’s so small and fits in your pocket!

    Yeah, Right.

    Keep your V1/J1 darling playthings.

    Nothing for a P&S person to see here or they’ll feel sad for Hello Kitty colors (sorry – after all the adoration for what is effectively a cash cow for Nikon with the Tokyo residing pink giggle brigade, I couldn’t resist now that a decent camera gets released).

  • sulukan

    sorry if already asked.
    Specs say: 4fps in FX and 5 fps in 1,2x DX Mode
    What about the Batterygrip + SpeedKit? 6fps possible, but in which Mode? FX? So DX should be 7-8fps?

    • WITH battery grip:

      4FPS FX, 5FPS 1.2x, 6FPS DX


  • D700guy

    So, its a race to see which camera arrives first, D4 (March 15h) or D800 (March 18th)
    My money (well its actually on both) is on the D800 to come home first.

  • I like CF myself. And I’ve already spent money ona load of them. Guess that’s why they gave us the choice.

    D800 and 24-70 ordered from Calumet UK. Boom.

    Now I better go and buy some cards and external hard drives…

  • Myles

    Hey Peter, just curious, have we seen anything about wannabe and his film in regards to the d800 since the saposed leak last week?

    Just wondering if that 99% certainty on the leak was accurate 🙂

    • cannot find it anywhere online, I still believe my report was accurate

  • Calvin

    The ISO peepers and 36MP pixel haters will need to see a shrink now, since their fix would not come from Nikon for another 4 years or so.

  • angry grip

    why in the world is the battery grip $500!? it dosnt even come with the 2nd batery correct?

  • kokko

    Wait Phottix battery grip 🙂

    • Manuel

      Yes. Why is it, that the MB-D12 battery grip doesn’t seem to fit properly? The edges look really awkward. Ergonomics? Finger abrasion?

      Today, I took out my F6 with MB-40 and that one fits just perfectly to the camera.

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