Nikon D800 on February 7th, Coolpix cameras on February 2nd

make sure you check NR on Feb. 2nd and 7th for the latest updates

I already mentioned about the Nikon event on February 7th, 2012 but I was not sure what would be announced on that date. It will be the Nikon D800. The camera will have 36MP (not 24MP like reported on several websites). The new Coolpix cameraswill be introduced on February 2nd, 2012.

For all US readers this means the official press release will be around midnight on February 6th and February 1st respectively.

I do not expect any other products to be announced at that point. The two new DX lenses will probably be part of the D400 (or whatever the name will be) introduction later this year (I hear end of March, but this may change).

The Nikon D800 will start shipping few week after the announcement.

The camera will be on display at the CP+ show in Japan (drop me a line if you are going to visit this show).

There are multiple Nikon events scheduled in various stores across the world where you will be able to experience the new D800.

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  • Sas

    What’s with this AA filter? Did I miss something? What is everyone talking about?


    • Daf

      Erm – not sure what it does though – try google.

      • WoutK89


  • Landscape Photo

    Admin, can you please insert a coundown timer on NR for that great event !

    • Not Surprised

      Man, you must really love CoolPixes, LP…

      • Landscape Photo


        I meant Feb. 7th for sure, who cares the Coolpix 🙂

      • Niccolo

        Made my day so far!!

    • I did that before, but I did not like the plugin implementation. I will look to see if there is something better.

  • Hm.. this will be the most sold camera in the history of digital? Just hope it has at least 15 steps of dynamic range and absolutely NO bandning in the shadows. Then I ll by it next year. Else I stay with my D3 until Sony releases an FF mirrorless.

    • Paul

      You’ll be staying with your D3 for a long time then!

      • Hm.. then you better read up on what Sony has going on for 2012 😉

        • Darkness


    • lopp

      do you like evf in sony? lol ff with evf so laggy

      • Nicole

        They don’t call those cameras EVIL for nothing. 🙂

  • anon99

    Peter, interesting read from NL

    Mention of D3200 before the D800…

  • kokko

    16-24 MP, low noise, 5-8 fps. That is what I want. And D400. I believe that D400 will have Nikon designed DX sensor or 16MP sensor from D7000, same or larger ISO area what D7000 have, 8-9 fps, better af and 1080P. D7000 & D5100 replacements are coming to use same sensor than D400.

    I don’t care about Coolpix cameras very much. But I wanna see P300 replacement with raw shooting.

    • Bob the Builder

      Nikon designed 16.2 sensor with with low light capabilities similar to the D700

  • So is this the wedding camera or is that the D4? I don’t get why we need 36MP for weddings.

    • John Richardson

      Why take pics of weddings? Hell, most end up in a divorce anyway. So, well, then I guess it is good for repeat business.

      • neversink

        I only shoot wedding for friends and when I deliver the pics for free they all shake their heads and wonder why they even hired the expensive wedding photographer that nickels and dimes them even after the shoot. Sad, but true….

        • Shaun
          • Matt

            Except a lot of that is grabage. I have nothing against wedding photos charging money, but a lof of those “business expenses” werent valid, especially considering a 4 month work period. You can charge what the market will bear, not based on your expenses. In fact a lot of the comments in that article talk about the same thing. I grew up in a part time business, and you did other things in the off-months, not charge more to make up for it. Thats deceptive business practices.

            • Chris

              I run my own photo biz now (product mostly but I do have 10 or so weddings a year) and charge weddings based on the hour. But when I did work for a small studio that charged 3k + for weddings how the prices were raise was mostly based on what other studios were charging… The way it worked you could say it was almost price fixing.
              But, if you do not price your job high enough some people dont even look at you. So there is justification to charge that much, bc that is what people expect.

              but yes D3 or D4 (D700) would be the better choice than the D800 for weddings)

        • Dominik

          Shooting wedding photos of friends for free (and with the safety net of a regular job) = no pressure. You already know the couple and since they’re getting the images for free, there are no real expectations. It’s all a bonus.

          It’s easy to fire off a few shots over a pro’s shoulder with no pressure and get a nice little pat on the back from your friends later: “Wow, they’re better than the ones we paid for!” Anyone can do that.

          Put your hand up for a paid job shooting a stranger’s wedding, start to finish, 8 hours plus with no breaks, and let me know how you go.

          Take it a step further and quit your job so you can do it full-time, throwing in a few bridezillas and nightmare jobs along the way. Still charging peanuts?

          • Anonymous


            I am glad that you brought this topic up. Do not forget the overhead costs of a business. It is sad that amateurs suddenly think they are better than the pros.

            • Anonymous Amateur

              It is sad that Pro’s assume they are better than everyone else.

            • Matt

              (note: when I say you, im not referring to anyone here, it is a generic term)

              im not arguing that pros shouldnt make money, or that its not a tough business. Im not arguing about overhead. But if you read that post and the comments in full, just be honest, you will charge what the market will bear. Others will charge 1000 less, (still be in the 2,000 range) and get business. But you dont charge more BECAUSE you only get a certain amount of Gigs. conversely, if you get more work, you dont charge less, that too, would be bad business. So the claiming you are charging more because your wedding season is short is really B.S. Seasonal businesses find a way to do more business, or find a way to supplement. That is the very nature of business.

          • F

            +1 for Dominik

            @Lord Beau, the D4 (or D3s) is a better choice for a weddings camera because of the higher fps for moments when you absolutely cannot miss the shot, the high iso capabilities for dark churches & reception halls, and it’s 16MP which won’t put as much of a burden on your hard drive when you need to store 1,000+ Raw images (& their final Jpeg counterparts) per wedding.

            That being said.. I cannot wait for this official D800’s the whole reason why I even found NR in the first place (2 years ago when people were still talking about a D700 replacement).

          • Dchino

            Sounds like you took his comment personally. Wonder why that is?

            And from my experience, I absolutely agree with neversink. I’ve seen more hack “pro” photographers than true artists. I just received the so called “professional” copies from a friends wedding and they were laughable (and very sad). So yeah, clients are getting overcharged for mediocre or poor work most of the time.

            You can use “pressure” as your excuse, but you chose your profession. Now suck it up and don’t make excuses for poor over charged work.

            • Dominik

              The point is if you’re an amateur thinking you can do a much better job than a pro then put your hand up and do some paid jobs to prove it. Anyone can come away with a few good shots while someone else is doing all the hard work and if you want to argue this point, all I’ll say is try it for yourself.

              And being able to take good photographs is only part of the job: you need to be very good at solving problems and dealing with people. Many weddings don’t run smoothly so you’ll be forced to come up with perfect images in very challenging lighting situations and in only a few minutes, not to mention some brides and their families can be very difficult people to work with when they’re feeling the pressure of the big occasion. There is rarely any downtime at a wedding so you don’t expect to have time to sit around and be creative, you have to think quickly on your feet and make correct decisions for hours on end without missing any important details. They might not really care about you and your suggestions on the day but you can bet they’ll put everything under a microscope when the day is over.

              Ultimately you typically get what you pay for and if someone is very experienced and consistently delivers a high standard of work then they’ve earned the right to charge a premium for that. Wedding photography is no exception. A lot of time and money has gone into that one day and there are no second chances – you have to deliver the goods with absolutely no room for excuses.

              Finally, the market decides what people can charge for their work, not amateur photographers who have never done it before and because they bought a fancy DSLR think they could be a wedding photographer if they wanted to. Make the same investment in equipment and other business expenses, put the same time in on the day, editing photos and laying out albums and communicating with your clients, do those paid jobs on a regular basis, and then comment.

    • Dear Lord Beau, why are the 36MP bothering you so much? You can choose Small, Medium or Large for God sake!

      • FX DX

        Size selection is only available in jpeg. Raw is always highest resolution, so I believe that is why so many are against 36MB.

        • F

          FX DX : “Size selection is only available in jpeg. Raw is always highest resolution, so I believe that is why so many are against 36MB.”

          Well actually on the D700 you can choose between 12bit & 14bit Raw and add some compression as well to make a significantly smaller file with all the Raw editing capabilities & higher quality over Jpeg.
          I would imagine that the D800 will have this ability as well.

    • Levi H

      I’m pretty sure the D4 is the wedding camera. I know it will be heavier than what I’m used to with the D700, but I feel like fast low light benefits of the D4 will outweigh the 36 megapixels on the D800, although the D800’s will be less of a burden to carry (I’m assuming). Only time will really tell though! I’m still anxious to see what the D800 can do despite my hesitation, but right now I’m leaning towards the D4!

      • “I know it will be heavier than what I’m used to with the D700…”

        Marginally heavier… and if you’ve been using the MB-D10 grip with your D700, then it will actually be lighter.

    • jen

      yea..get married at city hall and buy the D4..Spend your money will have it much longer.LOLLOL

    • Would be phgrapher

      Every friend of people yet wedding has its own Somethingphone…
      No protection for steel industry workers, for textile industry workers, why for “Pro” photographers ??

  • Dominik

    It’s nice that Nikon will finally offer an affordable high-res camera but there’s no free lunch for landscape photography because diffraction will still be the limiting factor to resolving more detail at smaller apertures.

    • Nachocheese

      Dominik, true on the no free lunch, but disagree slightly on diffraction limitation. One can, if budget not a concern, buy a wider lens that has equal/better resolution than current diffraction limited lens. At same aperture (and same diffraction effect) with a wider lens plus cropping to get same framing, you get greater DOF. Assuming your goal, and reason very small aperture, was to increase DOF, this is a trick around it. Therefore, you can balance the three key DOF parameters, diffraction vs lens resolution vs sensor resolution (again assuming budget, and other lens properties not a problem). Also, another potential benefit to this is by sacrificing lens and sensor resolution via cropping, you may also decrease other lens problems such as field curvature and non-linear distortions.

  • Ole

    Great marketing from Nikon:

    You get to see the new Coolpixes first, and if you’re not happy with these, you can just go and buy the D800 !

  • Daf


  • Afshin deliry

    Dear admin, is there any gopd lens kit like 24-70 included or not( to get some disscount)?

  • derWalter

    any real improvements in terms of dynamic range to expect?

  • care to see this Nikon page (japanese) ? 😉

    • Heribert

      Back row, left camera: That should be the D800 as we have seen it on the leaked images previously. But another interesting detail is that in the middle row, there seems to be the D700. So, will it not not be discontinued? Or will this even be a slightly upgraded D700s, maybe with added video function? That would be something to really fill the gap between D7000 (or D300s/D400) and D800.

      Should this really be true, such a D700s would rather be my camera instead of the D800. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking…

      • “Back row, left camera: That should be the D800…”

        I don’t see a dial on it’s left shoulder. It does seem like a new model though, with the new, red ‘swoosh’. It looks too small as well, more likely to be a new entry model.

        • FX DX

          It is D5100.

      • komal

        It might be the D3200…

        its small body and the fact being that Nikon has changed the red triangle in to a red line in D4 which is the same in that body too….and there is no LCD panel

    • I don’t see anything unusual

      • Marco F.

        Go to their photos of the booth, photo #10. It shows in the back row: D3x, D7000 and D300s. In the front row it’s: D700, D3s, D3100(?) and D90(?) ( not sure about the last two ones). It does not show the D4 and also the D5100 seams to be missing, which was the last updated model before the D4. Some of the models on display are already known to be discontinued. It looks somehow like a show of old models, which indicated that there will be more new cameras. On the other hand, there is also a D7000 Gallery at the booth. At least it makes me scratch my had.

  • neversink

    I am thrilled… I’ve got my pre order in on the D4 and I’m one of the first on line…. I am psyched… I will be purchasing a D800 also…..

    Anyone care to buy a D3s and a D700 well taken care of but with lots of snaps?????

    I can only imagine the glut of D700 and D3 variants on ebay soon…..

    Maybe I will give them to my daughters instead….

    • ATM

      I have stop my pre order on the D4, it’s only on the video side, it has something new, and for that over price I can get a better real video camera. Will wait for the D4s

    • Robin

      Hi Papa,

      Those daughters are fake, I am your real daughter.

      I take pictures which make any photog papa proud.

      Please, please, please….. can I have your D3s…..Please!

    • equusdreamer00

      I would seriously be interested in the D3s cameras

  • Moe Jacknally

    According to
    D3x @ 24 MP:
    At ISO 3200 you can still make 16×20(inches)/40x50cm really good looking prints.
    Heck they say that even at ISO 6400 you can make usable prints in that size.

    Now be honest! How many prints of all the photos you take(per year) -at this size – or bigger – do you make anyways?
    2?3? 10? 20? 30? ..

    I believe that the D800’s performance at ISO 6400 will give us great results.
    Definitely better than the D3x or even the D700 – enough for me.

    For (some)photojournalists, cave photographers who don’t like long exposure shots and sport photographers looking for “that picture” during a couple of 100 frame bursts, I recommend the D4.

    Reasons for me not to buy the D4 but the D800:

    1. Price: Instead of $ 6000 – I’ll only have to pay $ 4000.
    Which means that I can use the $ 2000 to buy a great lense or go on a nice vacation.
    (Some of you guys could even buy an extra D700 just in case the Iso does suck ^^)

    2. Megapixel: At 36 MP I can crop (if necessary) and can still end up with a 16 MP Picture.

    3. Videofunctions seem to be the same as the ones on the D4

    4. Not having the possiblity of using ISO “300000” just like a prime lense(instead of a zoom) makes you think!
    Instead of relying on your high ISO(or zoom), you’d have to rely on your abilities as a photographer.
    Working with the available light or lighting the objects.

    5. Even Nikon seems to prefer the d800.
    After announcing their flagship camera(D4), it’s kinda weird to say “hang on to your hats!” when asked about a further camera announcement – well maybe he meant the coolpix….
    The D800 motorbike commercial will not be as anticlimatic as their D4 campaign has been so far.
    That “Why” video has great picture quality – but that’s it.
    The “Istanbul” video flat out sucks.
    Bob Krist makes better videos with his D5100/7000

    6. Pop-up flash: Great way to command my flashes when I forget my pocket wizards at home 😀

    • hornylin

      buy a life instead

      • Josh


        • Moe Jacknally

          look who’s talking 🙂
          fortunately after february 2nd we won’t see you guys here again – since coolpix seem to be the only types of cameras you can afford

    • twoomy

      Wow, you’re really trying to talk yourself down there! How about this: buy a Coolpix since you don’t print large. Spend the other $7800 going some place interesting. 🙂

      • Moe Jacknally

        Oh I will print large – very large indeed because I won’t have to shoot at high ISO 😉

    • Mike

      Your 2nd and 4th reason conflict. You rely on 36 mp to be able to crop but you the lack of high ISO makes you “think” like a real photographer? How about thinking and composing properly so you don’t have to crop? It is true though… you could buy a D800 and a 35 1.4 and save your money from having to buy a 84 1.4. Just crop your 35 mm 1.4 shots to an 85 mm FOV and boast how you saved money not buying the D4 nor the 85 1.4 lens. $hit, I should do that. Cancel my D4 order! Thanks! You de man!

      • Moe Jacknally

        you’re welcome. 😉

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Can you tell us what was wrong in the “Istanbul” video?

      • Moe Jacknally

        The Istanbul vid has nothing that makes me say:”Wow – you really need a $6000 camera to shoot that!”

        Imho the images captured aren’t appealing (when it comes to artistic direction and image quality), lighting is all over the place , etc.
        The “Why” video is much better but still not the jaw dropper I expected after all the hype on the interwebs.

  • Nikonnut

    Admin, I maybe off topic a little but I was wondering if an SB 400 replacement is in the works? able to bounce in portrait and is more powerful/compact? its been out for 6 years already! meanwhile sony and canon have updated theirs. and sony’s looks especially good.

  • Nicola Ciancaglini

    Finally! It was about time. I’ve been nevrotically checking NR every day for the last year or so…

  • February 2nd is Groundhog Day. No wonder Nikon is releasing a Coolpix that day. Like the movie, it’s the same old thing over and over again.

    • Bill Murray


  • neversink

    As soon as my D4 is delivered and then my D800, I was thinking of servicing my D700 and D3s and giving them to my daughters who have a keen interest in photography. I told them though, they would first have to build a camera obscure and learn to process Daguerreotypes. Knowing that they would say, “Dad, that’s so 19th century,” I responded by telling them that it’s origins probably date back to the fourth or fifth century BC.

    “Awesome,” they said in unison and then informed me they were happy with their Canon P &S cameras. They didn’t want to be a professional photographer like their Dad. They want to be a doctor and a medical researcher.

    Man, did that make me happy!!!!!!! They are only in sixth grade but I felt relieved. One wants to go to Harvard, the other to Cal Tech. We shall see. I better make a lot more money with these new cameras. And I will put the old bodies on the market once I have them serviced. I’m keeping the D7000, which I love, despite all the naysayers out there…… It is my fun camera and yes, I use it on assignment also.

    • Pixelhunter

      Nice story. Thxs Neversink.

    • Terry

      If you are going to be a vitriolic über-douche, you should perhaps visit other sites where this sort of nonsense is better tolerated.

      • Chris

        I agree!

    • Markus

      Hahahaha! LOL, a bit bold to bring some one back to reality…but absolutely the most honest way to do. 🙂

      • Thomas

        +1 lol

    • Mike

      Not happy with your drug store job there Puke? Take that pestle out of your a$$.

      • Ewww !

        I’m so pleased this forum thread doesn’t have embedded images.

    • Anonymous

      What a piece of scum like comment. This has nothing to do with Nikon Rumors.

      Admin, please delete the above comment and my response.

      Thank you,

      • Puke

        don’t steal that name you do not deserve it and surely expose yourself to retaliation. freedom of speech ..the other American Dream. lol

        • Markus

          bookmarked! 😉

    • Jake

      Telling your preteen daughters that they have to build their own equipment and process photos using ancient methods before you’ll let them use your equipment is sort of a major dick move. Just sayin’.
      I straight up gave my 10 year old brother my D80 when I bought myself a D7000, because he always liked taking pictures with it. All I did was teach him what the different exposure modes meant.

  • Nikonnut

    Why the coolpix bashing? I think a good compact p&s like the canon s100 would compliment any prosumer/enthusiast bag quite well since a full sized slr is not practical during social events in which you are actually invited to as a guest and that you actually have to socialize. You would want to capture your wife/kids all dressed up no?

    Here’s to an awesome p300 replacement with raw and 24-120mm f1.8-2.6, 1/1.7 backlit sensor, 921 k screen, 12mp, 1080p video, in cam HDR, panorama and full manual controls. Can’t wait!

    • St.

      How do you know P300 replacement will have 1/1.7 backlit sensor?
      P300 has 1/2.3.
      Share some links if you have?

      • Nikonnut


        Actually I dont know if it does or doesnt. The specs i mentioned were wishful. The canon S100 which is the obvious competitor for the P300 has a 1/1.7 sensor so im hoping nikon does the same or ill have to buy the canon which i have tried very hard not to. =)

    • Jim

      You’re asking “why the Coolpix-bashing” and gave the answer yourself: Its not really the camera but what it is used and meanwhile built for: I would call it the difference between social photography and serious photography: as you’d mentioned a snap of the wife dressed up, baby-boy under the tree etc. The modern day P&S are build for covering this kind of purposes incl. all the Facebook stuff with ease and without knowledge. As long as you’re able to push the shutter you’re good to go.
      Many of us are really not interested in this kind of photography nor discussions about it. I guess that’s the biggest reason for Coolpix-bashing.

  • My intuition tell me that the D800 will have a 16 MP sensor…let´s see!

    • Jade

      It has been confirmed by reliable sources that the sensor IS a 36MP not a 16MP.. don’t play the lottery based on your intuitions 😉

      • Markus

        Well, you both are right.

    • Highlight

      Nah, 18MP! Wanna bet?

  • ben

    I would hope for D800 to be 24mp, that would seem like a more legit upgrade for D700 users

    • St.

      I also want D800 to have less than 36MPx, but let think for a moment:
      I had both D200 and D7000. Although I loved D200, D7000 for me is better in everything! D200 has 10MPx and D7000 has 16MPx.
      Now, D3x has 24MPx (which is like 10MPx on DX) and D800 has 36MPx, which is 16MPx on DX.
      I would assume that at D800 performance will be better than D3x in any aspect (similarly to D7000 vs D200). And D3x is a $8k camera and is the current flagship in the megapixel section.
      See this comparison between D3x and D700 at DxOMark:|0/%28brand%29/Nikon/%28appareil2%29/441|0/%28brand2%29/Nikon
      excluding the advantage D700 has in low light, D3x is better in every other aspect – better dynamic range, better color dept, etc. I assume that D800 will have betterdynamic range and color dept than D3x and at least equal iso performance as D700.
      So it’s not looking that bad??

    • jorg

      how wonderful would our times be if that were true…
      even more- how lucky we are were, if nikon held back technology to us. all in the name of a ligne claire in legacy…

  • Moe Jacknally

    funny how the comments sections on NR always turn ugly(name-calling, trolling, flaming) if the comment count has reached “250+ comments”

    maybe it’s time for the admin to post another story….


  • Any word on a motor-drive… er… MB for this thing?

    • WoutK89

      The MB-D12, a new battery means a new grip.

  • tonyc123

    It can get a bit tetchy on the longer running posts…
    I had a look at the new Fuji X1pro on one of the other sites today. Really quite interesting how they have worked around the need for the AA filter, changing the colour filter pattern & altering the lens design to project light more directly into the chip as well as quite a few other innovations. Quite a bit to discuss, you would have thought, but no.. Just as many nutters slagging each other off!!!
    Its not just us. 🙂

  • kerry33

    pros who buy a 36 mp is not going to resize the image
    just to please their “iso” needs. they buy it bcause of resolution.

    • Baraldi

      One more reason to be a super camera.

      – High resolution and high ISO capability!

      will meet many people of different areas. Remember that wedding photographers use various techniques of photography and therefore need a high resolution camera with good ISO capability!

      I still remember when I was 18 years (12 years ago) and used photographic film from Fuji, ISO’s 200 400 and 800. Since the iso 800 generated more noise than my D7000 at ISO 3200 …

  • jen

    D800 = 36mp thanks. I will cough up the extra $$ for the D4.

    • Hans

      My idea exactly !

  • Katylyn

    Has there been any rumours about what the price point of the update to the P300 might be? With all the rumoured upgrades, I’m wondering if they’re going to hike the price to be more in the range of the Canon s100 et al.

  • Alex

    YES!!! New Coolpix! Definitely the best news this year! 🙂

    Seriously though, I am excited about the D800, just not excited about spending the money. For the fun of it, if we were to place bets, I would bet a 54mp D4x in 2013.

    • WoutK89

      My guess is 52MP, but you are right, a D4x will have a sensor not seen in a Nikon camera so far.

  • Bobbo

    Folks will pay $3000 for fewer mp. They will pay $800 to lose the A.A. filter. So how much would it cost to get rid of video?

    • Different tools for different purposes. What is your point exactly?

    • Jim

      really like your sarcasm +1000

    • 700Geek

      the video movement is a typical swarm effect: we have to offer it, because everybody else is offering it. The possibility here is to be brave an offer a superior Photo camera for less money – I am sure one could make a fortune with that.

      I wonder how many still customers are now buying video because the new cameras offer it…. lesss than 10%?

      How many video customers will now buy from former photographers (with no track record in video that is), because they can offer it now?

      Other than wedding and event photo/videography I cannot imagine an application (yet?)

  • Mat

    To clarify, there is speculation of a D400 coming this year?

    • PeterO

      Speculation has it coming out at the end of March. Nikon must know it’s my birthday.

  • D R

    I still have yet to see a really valid reason to upgrade from 700 to 800 – am I missing something?

    • Anonymous Maximus

      – Resolution Mutiplied by 3x
      – High iso as good as D700
      – Improved Dynamic Range
      – 100% Viewfinder
      – Video

      Not Enough?

  • Zim

    I’m waiting on the D400

    • Brian

      No D400. Nikon is sitting pat with the D7000

  • Pixie lover

    Can’t wait for the coolpix announcement.

    P300 replacement could be the most interesting nikon P&S in some time.

    Given the qc issues with the Canon S100 this is a great opportunity for Nikon to take the lead!

    • Nikonnut

      I am too looking forward to the p300 replacement. Feb 2nd is the day i go out to buy the s100 if the p300 was anything less than its canon equivalent.

      What QC problems does the s100 have? I had a chance to use my buddy’s and it was fine, except that battery life was pretty short especially with GPS on.

    • Jim

      my P&S hopes have changed the address: now being Fuji X Pro 1

      • Nikonnut

        Sweet camera but it wont fit in your pocket.

  • A.T.M

    Admin how certain are you on the shipping a few weeks after the announcement?

  • roberto

    nikon d800 with 36 mp , i love it

    IMAGE SIZE : L – 36MP M-18 MP S- 9 MP

  • D800ftw

    Only 36MP can make full use of the sharpness of my lens.

  • Doug

    c’mon lets start the rumours about the d900, im getting bored with my imaginary d800 already.

  • Linghu

    Hope the two models are d800 dx 36mp with AA filter around $2000 n d800fx without AA filter around $3000 24mp, that will make everyone happy lol

  • BahnBurner

    Perhaps, the D400 is the D800, they are one and the same?

    Wouldn’t you have a d7000 sized sensor in cropped mode on the new D800 anyways?

    • WoutK89

      No for so many reasons. Just because crop is the same, doesnt mean someone wants a “bigger”, more expensive camera that has too much pixels that wont be used anyway (people that want DX buy DX). I have no use for wider angles and for low-light I can as well still buy a D7000 in that case, because the performance will most likely be very close.

  • Bill

    I have been looking at the posts at least every other day….Has it been posted anywhere here who will be making this 36MP sensor for the D800? Sony? Leica? Nikon? Nikon seems to be using Sony sensors tweeked by Nikon, who has a sensor near 36 MP besides Leica???
    NOT COUNTING Medium format.

  • Ethan

    i think nikon may implement multiple raw file size like small medium and large similar to canon’s 5d mk 2 or 7d.

  • Tof

    Hi Admin,

    Can we use the lens PC-E with the Nikon D800 ? (I thinking about the flash in body)

    • I would say yes, there is no way Nikon will release this level of camera without support for TS lenses.

      • Tof

        Thx, wish so… 🙂

  • Eduardo

    D800 with 36MP? I don´t think so… Why would Nikon made the D4 whith 16.2 MP, and D800 with 36 MP???? This makes no sense… I still believe in a 16.2 MP family: D7000, D4, D800(?), D400(?).

  • Landscape Photo

    Less than 10 days left to D800 😉

  • Thomas

    Did I miss something or has there been any word as of where the news of the D800 will be broken? No city, hotel named??
    I’d expect some invitations surely must have been sent out…

    • Landscape Photo

      Feb. 7th is 2 days before the start of CP+ at Yokohama / Japan. In which cities / countries did the previous announcements of Nikon’s milestone products happen? Do these places & dates show us a meaningful pattern?

      For example D700 was announced at Tokyo on July 1st 2008, and no commercial fair was following these days. Was it just a press meeting in a hall or hotel?

      D300s was announced at Amsterdam on 30th July 2009…

  • I have a question for admin or anyone else with an educated guess….

    If the D4 @ 16mp is positioned to to replace the high ISO D3s
    If the D800 @ 36mp is positioned to replace the D700

    Can we expect a specific replacement for the D3x?
    If yes, what would the target specs likely be?
    I would prefer it stick with 24mp with ISO performance between the D800 and D4

    Any thoughts?

    • Landscape Photo

      As technology advances, both D3x & D3s will likely be obsoleted. To give an example, D2x was obsoleted by D300. No wonder, they will keep taking wonderful photos 🙂

      We, Nikonians have waited enough for a camera like D700x while Canon had many years. I don’t think, there will be any need for a D4x or D4s in the future. Why? Simply attach a grip, and a D800 virtually becomes a D4x, and the D4 is already a D4s…

      But there remains a strong need for a D710 (mini D4) & D400. Also it won’t be bad to see the D3s sensor in an EVIL type body.

    • not at that time, maybe 2 years down the road

  • Hans

    Why should anyone wants a 36MP D800 ???

    I would be more than happy with 16MP and the quality of the D4 on noise and ISO

  • that’s a PS job of the image I posted few months ago

  • Shane

    Admin, will you think there be a battery grip included witht he d800 as rumoured to be priced @ 3000 euros

  • Anonymous

    The D800 will not have a 36MP sensor. Let’s all use some common sense here. Where could such a camera possibly slot in the market or in Nikon’s line up? There is little market for so many pixels for an SLR shooter. It would choke most peoples’ computers while processing, and produce suspect image quality compared with the D700/D3s. Besides, think about video capture at 36MP. It’s not going to happen folks.

    A more reasonable assumption is that the D800 will share a sensor with the D4. This is what Nikon did with the D3/D700 sensor. If there exists this mythical 24/36MP sensor, it will be in an upcoming D4x or D800x.

    • Ron Scubadiver

      You really have NO c l u e what you’re talking about, Mr. Anonymous Pants.

      Nikon has needed a 5dmkii/iii competitor for a long while, and it has been a gaping hole in the lineup for some time now. Part of the reason lots of people switched to Canon was for the high-res (or good video) of that camera at a lower cost than the D3x, for example. This needs to be addressed, ASAP. The D800 will address this. It’s as simple as that. A D400 will probably have a sensor that fits in between the 4 and the 800.

      That’s it, maaang. Computers can handle 36Mp. Grow up, duuude. 640K ought to be enough for anybody, right, G?

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