Nikon D800 on February 7th, Coolpix cameras on February 2nd

make sure you check NR on Feb. 2nd and 7th for the latest updates

I already mentioned about the Nikon event on February 7th, 2012 but I was not sure what would be announced on that date. It will be the Nikon D800. The camera will have 36MP (not 24MP like reported on several websites). The new Coolpix cameraswill be introduced on February 2nd, 2012.

For all US readers this means the official press release will be around midnight on February 6th and February 1st respectively.

I do not expect any other products to be announced at that point. The two new DX lenses will probably be part of the D400 (or whatever the name will be) introduction later this year (I hear end of March, but this may change).

The Nikon D800 will start shipping few week after the announcement.

The camera will be on display at the CP+ show in Japan (drop me a line if you are going to visit this show).

There are multiple Nikon events scheduled in various stores across the world where you will be able to experience the new D800.

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  • sgts

    I’m sure 36 million will be the final amount decided on ……….and nikon will be 36mp as well 🙂

  • AC

    hope NIkon will introduce D800 with the same sensor they used on D4 (same prodyct strategy as the D700/D3). the MP count is more oriented towards the consumer POV, for profession/serious photographers, they are looking for that CLEAN/Crisp image and great ISO performance…..

    • Zeke

      Different professional/serious photographers require different things.

      Not everyone earning a living in photography is taking pictures of basketball games in the dark.

      A 36MP D800 could be a very effective alternative to 6×4.5 and 6×6 cameras. There are plenty of Nikkors that can make use of that resolution.

      If they couldn’t, the D4 wouldn’t require an AA filter.

      • Landscape Photo


    • sade

      I don’t think if nikon make such a stupid move. Even for the case of D3/D700, nikon introduced D700 one year after D3. Even if nikon puts the D3s sensor in D700 body and equip it with D4 focusing system, it will be a great camera for those of us who don’t need hi-res camera.

    • I love the 36mp – the D800 is exactly that what I was hoping for several years now. Oh and I’m a professional and I earn money with my images and yes I definitely need the 36mp, the ISO performance almost matters nothing to me… when the ISO is as good as with my D300 everything will be perfect.

      • Ken Elliott

        I agree. The D700 is all I need for event/sports, but I lack a good landscape camera for feeding my 44″ wide printer. I’ll add a D800, but I don’t expect to use it much. But income-wise, it will easily pay for itself.

    • Bryan

      I’m actually hoping the D400 will be Full Frame (same sensor as D4) as it would make for a nice prosumer line up. D7000 – High Res DX, D400 – High ISO FX, D800 – High Res FX

      • Boris

        +1 for FX D400

      • maawdee

        yes …. would be fantastic …

  • the visible man

    the reason for 36 mp is they are going for the studio/ lanscape crowd. They want the wedding photogs, of whom their are considerably more than landscape or studio photogs, to spend more and get the d4. Personally, im waiting for people to start unloading d3s’s at dirt cheap prices, and go that route as opposed to the d800. 36 mp is waay too much for the amount of photos one takes at a wedding…

    • Zeke

      In terms of file size, Nikon is running well behind Moore’s Law.

      The D2X had 12.8MP in 2005. Seven years later, the D800 has triple the pixel count, but in the same time computer performance/capacity has increased around 25 times.

      • Andy

        Moores law is absolute rubbish

        • derWalter

          but it is right, when it comes to what it was created for: the number of transistors in chips

      • Serious Shooter

        According to Moore’s Law, we should have 200mpx, 120 fps stills, 2.8 million ISO by now.

        • Zeke


          Moore’s Law doesn’t prescribe that everything in the universe doubles every 18 months. It has to do specifically with the density of integrated circuits, which results in increased speed and memory capacity.

          And it isn’t “absolute rubbish,” either. It’s been very accurate.

          I bring it up because it’s being suggested that the memory capacity required to manage 36MP files is outrageous, when in fact the increase in file sizes is greatly outpaced by both memory capacity and processor performance.

          • Fukai

            Yes, exactly like the accurate correlation between the decline of pirates and the global warming.

    • Highly visible man

      “Personally, im waiting for people to start unloading d3s’s at dirt cheap prices, …”

      Don’t you wish? But I’ll say this, within the next 12-months, “keep on waiting…..”

    • You won’t see D3s-es at “dirt cheap” prices until the D4 has decent availability at least.

  • john

    Feb 8 marks my last day on this site. d700 had a “update expected” for 2.5 years now :-/. Lets hope the earth stays normal.

    • D700

      Are you serious? You probably already expect an update on the D4 to come out next month as well?

  • Camaman

    I don’t know why people are so afraid of 36MP. For good noise performance
    down sample to 16MP and you’ll have a 1 stop less perceived noise at 100% crops.

    I am more worried how are we gonna cope with 40MB NEFs and Nikon Software! LOL!!! 🙂 😛

    • Good point.

      Down sampling even a little will clean up stray wild pixels and average the rest into a good image. I bet 36mp down sampled to 24 would yield amazing improvements similar to better ISO performance.

      Has anyone done any down sampling tests to see how an image cleans up? It would be interesting to see a D3x down sampled to 22, 20, and 18 mp to see what the simulated ISO improvements would be.

      • I have this effect with my Gigapixel images… they get a hell of sharper and super fine when you downscale them on 4m width instead of 60m… this is of course only something for print, but there you get a hell of quality images in super large format which no digital camera can produce (with one image of course)

        • Silas

          Sounds pretty interesting! But could you pls get a little more detailed for dummies like me: Gigapixel image? Downsample to 4 instead of 60 MP?

      • Markus

        You don’t even have to do the down sampling yourself, it can be done in-camera, as a setting.

        • Markus

          And I mean the D800 with it

      • I Agree!

        I think the d7000 can be shot at lower resolutions…

      • D3x max at ISO1600, everything else is rubbish.

  • Andre

    Ill be keeping my 2xD700’s and getting a d800 just for my studio, landscape and video work. I’m still in love with the d700… I don’t think the d800 could have as good high Iso performance (I don’t go over 4000) with that many MP. Or maybe it can? It has been 3 years (advances in technology). What do you think?

    • El Aura

      Compare a DX crop from your D700 with a full image from the D7000 at ISOs of your choosing.
      You could naturally save you the work and just look at the quantum efficiency of the D700 and the D7000, and you will see the D7000 has a higher QE despite having 3x more pixels on the same area.

  • Souvik

    @Admin, how certain are on this release date for D800?

    • On the D800 date: 95%, on the Coolpix date: 85%

      • Souvik


      • Doug

        Lol 85% nice one.

  • mickeyd67

    ok ok who is going to sell me their d700 for a good price???

    • Kevin

      If D800 turn out sucks, nobody will sell their d700 for a good price.

      • Kenneth

        So buy it now while people are dumping it for the D800. When they realize that the D800 sucks then they would regret selling their D700

  • IdahoJim

    This is Nikon we’re talking about here.

    Odds that the D800 will suck = ZERO!

    Odds that it will be the perfect camera for everyone also = ZERO!

    Welcome to reality friends.

    • Souvik


    • MichaelP

      Truth spoken.

      I still love my D700. D700 = F2 of the old school world.

      *Maybe* I’ll pick up a used D800 when y’all are bored with it.

      • d7d0

        You mean you are going to wait for three or so years?

      • mikils

        Well spoken indeed; I’l keep my D3s and wait for a Dx body as revolutionary as D3s has been; In the meantime I will take my chance with D800 to give full advantage to my 14-24. And from time to time I will pick from the shelf my black beauty F2 and listen to the shutter charging and discharging…….

  • Cb

    What about lenses!??! They leads release a lens at the same time as a body.

    • Tim

      Couldn’t agree more! It’s amazing how the lenses slip under the radar, but the body rumours keep going till the cows come home. There are one or two rumoured lenses around, but very little said about them. And for every body I upgrade, I probably upgrade three lenses, so definitely more in the lenses for me 🙂

  • sls

    Admin, I hope you’re right. If the D800 is announced on Feb 7 the 5D Mark III can’t be far behind. With all the new FF DSLR lineup for 2012 from both Canon and Nikon revealed I’ll be able to evaluate the best tool based on my needs. I called and cancelled my D4 pre-order today based on this rumor. I was high up enough on the list to get a D4 on the first allocation. However, before spending that much money I would prefer to see all the choices.

    • fg

      Smart choice! I’m really tired of seeing all those who are emotionally attached to Nikon and they keep glorifying it no matter what…

    • mikils

      Do we have any rumor about 5DIII? frankly, the fact they announced the 1D so many months before the actual launch (and subsequently losing the limelight to Nikon) and still no mention of the 5d doesn’t vouch for a quick announcement.

      I am so distraught! ;-))

  • Any idea how bad the diffraction will be with this thing? Now, I planned on buying one, but I want to make sure I’ll be able to use apertures above F/5.6..

    Will the removal of the AA filter remedy this?


    • LGO

      Up to f/9.0 should still be very good with a 36mp on FX.

  • I’M VERY HAPPY THAT THE d800 will be 36mpixel. i’m a wedding photographer, and i need 36 mpix for make a crop from more pictures, where the bride want crop one persone from a group , for example. scuse me for my bad english 😉

  • Emanuele

    I hope that we will not have a P800 with 36mpx! : D

  • Any word on prices?
    Do they stay the same at 3K with AA and 4K without ?
    Are there indeed gonna be 2versions?


  • seb

    Can not wait to get it 36 MP for landscape photography will by brilliant but I wish only one thing should be coming with it that is 10 mm super wide angle lens for FX.Currently I have 10-20 mm f 4-5.6 Sigma on my D300 and is still great !!!

    • The 10mm on a D400 gives you a field of view of a 15mm lens on FX D800.


      • D300* sorry about that. But it will hold true for the D400 as well.


      • Rob

        Is the 10mm a FX lens?

    • The fantastic 14-24 goes wider on FX than your 10-20mm on DX.

    • It`s OK only if you know a RAW convertor that supports 36Mp files…

      • WoutK89

        There are already cameras out there that do a lot more 😉 And yes they are supported.

  • Doug

    Are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?, tell you what wake me up when we get there ok.

  • Nick

    I love how everyone assumes that since the camera is higher MP you can crop a photo more… If you are not taking a sharp shot from the get-go it does not matter how many MP you have… it will still be rubbish.

    • Who said anything about cropping to get better sharpness?

  • Hen Cockwell


  • Does anyone know if one crops down in camera if the frame rate will increase?

    • jorg

      they do in D3/s and D700. makes sense since the amount of processed data is decreased.

  • I’m curious to see whether as many organizations/people will have some hands on time before the actual release, as was the case with the D4. I bet there are a few out there that can’t wait to put their initial thoughts online.

    • I am sure they are. I am also sure that somebody will leak something in the next 10 days.

      • Souvik

        @Admin, without any leaks in next couple of days, its hard to see whether not there will be an actual release of d800

      • Myl3s

        I’m putting money down that chase Jarivs is the first guy to leak anything substantial. On the 7th, video and stills. before that, nothing major, only a few crops, and confirmation of specs from twitter feeds and the like.

  • SWEET! Tell us more about the amazing CoolPix cameras and how awesome the marketing materials will be. Oh… is there another camera as well? Pfft. I am SO ready to replace my D300 with this new bad boy. 🙂

  • Bondi Beach

    Where do I click “pre-order”?

    • Luke

      I couldnt find the pre-order at adorama either ?! Whats the go

      • Boris

        LOL it hasn’t been announced yet!

  • Amazing work as usual Admin! Brilliant! 😀

    • thanks, let’s wait and see first 🙂

  • Marko

    Any rumors if Nikon will be offering discounts on lenses like this past November anytime soon? Maybe stRting with the announcements in February?

  • J0rge

    @Admin. How certain are you that there will be two D800 versions, with and without aa filter? Thanks.

  • And I’ll bet despite all the nay sayers, just getting on a preorder list is going to be a challenge. It’s amazing to me how many people are upset at new camera releases, yet just try to get one.

  • Luke

    Is there a way to watch the Nikon announcement 7the february live ??? Was about to purchase a d700 and after a few weeks of research realised the D800 is on our doorstep. Im waiting !!!

  • nikon_boy

    How much is this thing going to cost????? I have been saving faithfully..

    • Luke

      Ive been seeing price ranges from $2700-$3300 yes pls !


    the problem with D800 is that it only has 98% viewfinder. WTF!

  • Richard_K

    This product doesn’t make any sense. Why 36MP? I’m sure that its “ISO vs noise” performance will be very ridiculous. Let’s look at Fuj XPRO1. Its noise performace blows away D3 exceptionally.

  • Aahkam

    I don’t worry much of the mp count. Am hoping it is capable of changing into Dx mode like the D4 is without the need of Dx lens attached. Who needs D300s then when D800 is possibly better iso and cleaner iq and possibly better fps(due to reduce in mp count after mode change).

  • Valiant Thor

    Hello, thank you all for the comments. I am a mid-grade amateur photographer and would like some opinions from this group of experts! I came into a little money, so if money were no object, what would you go for, a D4 or a D800? I know it depends on what you wish to do but I just want to have some fun with photography and some video with a killer camera. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Doug

      if money is no object then go for a Leica S2, smaller than a d4 but with a bigger sensor. Good luck ;p

    • AXV

      For what we can read what you really need is a D7000 + a 35mm f/1.8. Then you’ll learn what you really need and won’t have to ask others.

  • GlassMan

    How about some lenses Nikon? The 80-400VR is begging for an AFS update or replacement.

    • … and the 24-70 F/2.8 could use some VR, please!

  • Aahkam

    The rumors said 100% viewfinder.

  • iamnomad

    Coolpix, come on, really?!
    Let it go.
    I’ll stick with my Mamiya 7ii, Burke & James 8×10 my trusty FM2n and my Lumix, thankyouverymuch.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Would you like a Mamiya 7D 😉

  • T.I.M

    I just received my AF-s 200mm f/2 VRII today !
    The D800 release could not be announced a better day !
    Thank you Peter !
    (BTW, the 200mm is VERY heavy, I will have to do some work out…)

    • LGO

      T.I.M. .. congratulations! Do not worry about the weight, you will quickly get used to it and it will make the 70-200mm f/2.8 seem like a 50mm prime. 🙂 But you will likely need a beefier support system – at least an Arca system if you are not using this, and a much better head and legs. You will also need a better carrying system. All these in good time. Enjoy!

    • jorg

      will the 200/2 also be invisible while you wield it?

      • T.I.M

        No, but I hope the lens’s invoice will stay invisible or I may not make it to my birthday this year !

  • Could it be that God won’t be playing a cruel hoax on me with this one? A 36mp Nikon FF before 12/21/2012?

  • One More Thought

    It’s funny…for years people complain that Nikon needs to release a FF camera with more Megapixels and video. Now it appears Nikon will do just that, and what do we get…whining about too many Megapixels and video. It shows that with some people you just can’t please them no matter what.

    I’m sure the D800 will be a great cam from Nikon…perhaps generating stunning images with its 36 Megapixels…

    • BartyL

      It’s just possible that those who wanted a FF camera with greater resolution are not the same people complaining about the D800.

      The only way to be sure would be to go back through all previous posts for the last 4 years and take notes on who said what about it and when.

      I think a spreadsheet would be the most suitable way of cross-referencing conflicting posts. I’m sure many of us would be interested in the outcome, so could you get back to us by, say, Monday? Thanks in advance.

  • nikgun

    Honey – where is my Visa?

  • yauth


    is there any news about D4x?

    I like D4 body, I like 36mp, if D800 has 36mp, then D3x is meaningless,
    I am thinking will D4x comes out with D800 together…………..

    • Why would there be? NO ONE (consumers) even has a D4 yet.


    • You are joking, right?

      • LGO

        You got your work cut out for you Peter. 🙂

      • BartyL

        Remark about site traffic too close to the bone? Or did I inadvertently breach some sort of NDA with my fake D4x specs?

        • Please stay on topic, we are not discussing NR traffic here, comments like yours start discussion that are not of interest for 99.99% of readers. When you go to, do you also worry about their traffic and advertising? Do you leave a comment? Is your comment deleted?

          • BartyL

            In light of at least one of the comments attending the article following this one, I sense I’ve been caught in the crossfire between yourself and a hostile troll.

            The twin thrusts of my remark were that a) given the levels of excitement-bordering-on-hysteria surrounding the release of the D4 and the forthcoming D800 / D400 is it entirely foreseeable that traffic here will diminish to some extent following the releases; b) speculation about forthcoming iterations of those models would mitigate against the drop-off. How many other visitors are interested in that I can’t say, but it seems pretty uncontroversial to me.

            These ideas were encapsulated in a more concise and innocuous remark also designed to poke gentle fun at “yauth” for being a bit quick off the mark with speculation about a ‘D4x’ model.

            As for whether or not I ‘worry’ about the traffic or advertising on other sites – no, in the sense that I don’t invest any emotional energy in it. I do pay attention to it – which is what you want, right? – and am sometime bemused about ‘odd bedfellows’ eg a certain science blog with ads for phone sex and so on.

            Given the deterioration in the tone of some comments recently, I do think (as someone else has suggested) that you might have reached the point where login to comment is required and if your business circumstances can accommodate it, moderation of the comments.

            • BartyL

              Pre-publication moderation, that is.

  • I’d still like someone to pleaseeee try to calculate the diffraction ceiling (non-official term, I know. lol) for such a dense sensor. If it will be F/5.6 like some people suggest, there will be no choice but to go for the AA filter-less version if you plan on getting any kind of a respectable image at even F/8. This is especially important for landscape photographers, who this camera is clearly pointed towards (not entirely, but at least partially), and for video.


    • But, this being said, I can’t believe Nikon would put out a flagship-like camera that’s only usable to F/6.3 at best…


      • LGO

        Mark … already answered above. On a 36mp FX, up to f/9 would still be good.

      • Aahkam

        Please justify your claim. I read from Nikon, d4 with improved aa is equivalent if not better than d3s in all aspect. I believe the same goes to d800 as compared to d700. We just need to wait and see if Nikon live to the expectation.

      • Landscape Photo

        Diffraction strength depends on the diameter of aperture, more than the absolute aperture value (which is calculated for light gathering ability). Say, f/8 points to different physical dimensions at different lenses.

        My 50mm simply has about a 30% wider hole than 20mm @ f/8 !

        Tele lenses have larger apertures (at the same setting) than wides, and zooms have larger ones than primes in general.

      • Dominik

        I guess the best way to look at it is diffraction is always going to be there regardless of whether it’s 12mp or 36mp, only that a 36mp sensor is going to resolve more of it (which you will see at full res) so beyond a certain point there will be no benefit to that extra resolution.

        Nikon is simply giving pixel peepers craving more megapixels what they want even if the benefits will be limited to the optimal aperture of only the best lenses (i.e. f/4-5.6), typically in a studio environment.

        I doubt landscape photographers typically shooting at smaller apertures will see any benefits over the D3x.

  • Doug

    e2100 was my first digital camera, that thing was the shi$ back then in 2003, now i gonna get my d800 and a zeiss glass just for the sake of the camera.

  • blark barty

    why is moore’s law called a “law”? it’s more like a “cocktail party claim”.

    • Zeke

      It’s an observation, obviously, and not a law in the scientific sense, but it emphasizes an important point: computer performance increases exponentially.

      The relevance here being that in the over 7 years than Nikon has been making ~12MP cameras, computer performance and capacity has increased a lot. 36MP is not going to bring a modern computer to its knees or quickly overflow the latest storage devices, and it only gets better from now on out.

  • jack

    What reason to fear 36 MP? Do some math and you will find that photosites/square mm is quite similar to D7k. Already sold my D700 and look forward to acquiring the FX version of my D7k. I will be able to do 2-camera video shoots as well as make large prints.

  • Bip

    Have been a regular visitor of the NR site. I am just glad that none of the contributors are in charge of R&D or marketing in Nikon. Otherwise, Nikon will be such a screwed up company.

  • ken rockwells da man

    Will the D800 be an upgrade from the D90? I am not sure if it is worth making the move..


  • kevin

    early i said nikon D800 might suck compare to D700 due to high MP. actually, now i just realized I have NEVER seen a new nikon model that sucks.

    Ill keep my hand crossed for that D800 on feb 7th!

  • rogerramset

    I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this camera, 36mp is just fine with me and heres hoping the model without AA filter is real. I’ve been dreaming of owning a medium format camera for years since getting serious with my landscapes and printing. While i assume this camera will not reach those heights in dynamic range etc but it sure will be a step closer 🙂

  • I will be visiting the show, I have a press pass and will be waiting for the new cameras in the show, but we in Japan, we are not waiting for 36mps, but just 16 as the D4.

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