Nikon D800 on February 7th, Coolpix cameras on February 2nd

make sure you check NR on Feb. 2nd and 7th for the latest updates

I already mentioned about the Nikon event on February 7th, 2012 but I was not sure what would be announced on that date. It will be the Nikon D800. The camera will have 36MP (not 24MP like reported on several websites). The new Coolpix cameraswill be introduced on February 2nd, 2012.

For all US readers this means the official press release will be around midnight on February 6th and February 1st respectively.

I do not expect any other products to be announced at that point. The two new DX lenses will probably be part of the D400 (or whatever the name will be) introduction later this year (I hear end of March, but this may change).

The Nikon D800 will start shipping few week after the announcement.

The camera will be on display at the CP+ show in Japan (drop me a line if you are going to visit this show).

There are multiple Nikon events scheduled in various stores across the world where you will be able to experience the new D800.

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  • Brock Kentwell

    Sweetness. This is like the high school prom all over for me. Except the D800 won’t run off with my best friend.

    • Krazzzzzzzzy

      I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

      • mr negativity

        I will believe a D800 when it is actually announced. Watch the D300s replacement be announce and everyone be pissed off. Just my luck!

    • WoutK89

      Nope, your best friend will run off with your D800 😀

      • Tiger1050Rider

        He’ll take the D800. Leaving you his D4 in Exchange…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • henry

        No, she’ll leave with your best friend and your D800.
        And then they’ll shoot a video together….

  • I was getting worried that it would be put off again. Yay!!

  • bdeckert

    Yes! Coolpix will be first. I was hoping to know more about those first. SWEET!

    • Calibrator


  • Komalkumar

    Thats Great ! Finally 🙂

  • Rich


  • WoutK89

    And as usual many congratulations to the [NR]Admin, Peter, you’re doing a great job *thumbs-up*

    And to all the disbelievers “HA

    • chris

      +1, THANX Peter

      • Calibrator

        Yes, +1 !
        He should tell us with whom he is sleeping with @Nikon, though!

      • kede

        Congrats and thanks a lot Peter

    • studio460

      Here, here! NR f-ing rocks! Great job . . . again!

  • St22

    Question….so if I were to use the sRAW mode where lets say it was 22MP, then does it still utilize the whole sensor? Does it crop like the crop mode? I know someone has a good answer….thanks!

    • WoutK89

      If you mean a smaller output file, then it will be like JPEG Medium or Small, the output will be from the entire sensor downsampled, not cropped.

    • Jan

      It’s really simple. If it were cropped the field of view would be completely changed.

      sraw works by having RGB data using 4 pixels, instead of raw which is just stream of individual brightness data with no color info.

  • :´( … :´(… :´( … :´(

    Finallllyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 🙂

  • Myl3s


  • Finally! I’m excited and can’t wait to get one!

  • Ryan

    i have been checking every two weeks for over a year. i hope it is real!

  • Dweeb

    A year or two late but at least we have something to look forward to. I think [NR] should be giving the first one away don’t you?

    • Earl

      Good call.

      We pitched in for the ad revenue explosive increases this year.

  • ShadowDiver

    Wish there would be a way to get a comparison between D800 and D800e (iq) right after announcement to help me decide which to preorder…..
    …and a 50/1.2 ED noct ?! 😉


    • order both!

      • FM2Fan

        it will be the kit-lens …

  • Stefan

    So given that this is a FX at 36MP…
    What would be the MP if I use my 17-55 DX lens on it?

    • Alex

      16mp in DX crop

      • STfean

        Thanks Alex.
        So I could use that good DX lens with pretty decent results!
        Better than having to sell it

    • nobody

      About 15mp. Have you missed all the math lessons at school 🙂 ?

      • You mean 24 MP?

        • WoutK89

          Please say that is a joke, 1.5 crop works in two directions, horizontal and vertical, so 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25 smaller.

          • Please tell me we’re talking downsized, not cropped..!

            • WoutK89

              Where do you see the word downsized?

              “So given that this is a FX at 36MP…
              What would be the MP if I use my 17-55 DX lens on it?”

              Using DX on FX in general uses a 1.5 crop of the sensor. And as I said before, 36 / 2.25 = 16MP

  • As close as the D400 date is I can’t believe we don’t have more info. I really have no idea what that camera will be like. I really have my fingers crossed for a 14-24MP (16-18 would be best) body with at least 7 or 8 FPS and really clean pictures up to ISO 3200 (pictures I could deliver to clients). That would be absolutely epic. It would also be a major hit on my credit card, haha!

    • WoutK89

      I think the D400 was planned for 2012 anyway, which means nothing was really out there yet, unlike the D800 (was planned highly likely for 2011). The D4 was expected for the Olympics, so that came true as well.

      With the D300s having 7fps without the grip, I assume the D400 having no less than that number. And the other upgrades will be similar to what the D4 has (besides the ethernet and 16MP FX sensor) in a D300 style body.

      • DMc

        I think the camera would max out at 4.9 FPS. It would use the same processor as the D4. The D4 processes 16,163,840pixels x 11FPS when focus is locked for a total of 177,802,240 pixels/sec. The D800 at 36,152,320 pixels and the same processor would do 4.918 frames per second.

        Point 1: It is possible the processor could go faster than what we see in the D4 because of mirror blackout time and exposure time. The D800 may be faster than 5FPS.
        Point 2: It seems like Nikon uses 5FPS as a standard acceptable speed for high resolution cameras or cameras that are not the full body. I think 5FPS seems reasonable.

        • WoutK89

          How is the D400 (D300s successor) the same as the D800? The D300s does 7 fps, so why would Nikon make the D400 only 5 fps?

          • @WoutK89, he did use sound logic to make a point. The D300S was only 12MP, now we jump to 36MP and yet we demand the FPS remain the same or better. It didn’t happen with the D3X when it doubled pixel count. Maybe if Nikon strips the mirror out and leverages the same technology in the Nikon 1. Or they just add two of their new processors in the camera, but I doubt that. Final thought, I think DMc was refering to the D800 throughput, and not suggesting the D400 would have the same resolution; but I could have gotten all wrong anyway.

  • William

    Yes ,,, Finally,,,

  • MrGabe

    Let’s try this again


    I need 720p, 60fps..

    • Nik

      scratch that, give us 1080p 60fps!

    • Tiger1050Rider

      There is no satisfying some people.
      If you absolutely MUST have those rates as an absolute matter of life or death, then buy yourself a video camera.
      I hear a couple of companies called Canon and SONY make some mighty fine ones.

      If however you would LIKE to have a camera with those specs then you might be lucky this year. On the otherhand, you might not be lucky.

    • Christopher

      At last !

      I thought that I was the only one in the whole planet that really needs the D400 with 720/60 !!!

      Thanks pal !
      We are 2 now !

    • Kenneth

      You could wait some more… or you could buy a 7D now, actually you could have bought one and been USING it for about two years by now. Making stuff…

      See what I mean? I had been waiting for the D800 for about a year when I decided to go get the camera with the specs I needed, it happened to be a 5D Mk2. This was TWO years ago. I still like Nikon but they seriously fell behind. Now, that all said. I really hope they get it right this time…

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Lets hope they’re shipping my March 1st! 🙂 I would LOVE to use it on my upcoming Vegas trip!

    • vinman

      Nope. They’re pretty serious about keeping “what happens in Vegas” in Vegas!

  • Myl3s

    Is this info still good and reliable as far as specs go? no Updates other than the 36MP confirmation?

    • yes, to the best of my knowledge, those are the correct specs – some minor details could be lost in translation

      • Prico of verison with AA filter and without it? I hope that one without AA filter would have 24Mp sensor.

        • St.

          Shouldn’t it be the opposite? The camera with more MPx is without the AA filter (if there are two versions of course).

          • I meant opposite. I want a verison with AA filter to have a 24MP sensor, 36MP is really to much for wedding photography.

            • John Richardson

              Then don’t buy it. Use what you have, if you are making money now what is a new camera you don’t want gonna do for you? NOTHING.

              Or let uncle Ernie take the wedding photos with his D3100.

        • WoutK89

          Admin said the MP on both bodies will be 36MP (unlike what others say to be 24MP)

          • DX2FX

            I don’t remember Admin has specifically said that ‘both’ the D800 versions will be 36MP…, I might be wrong.

            • WoutK89

              He didnt say it would be different anywhere else. He keeps repeating all the specs posted so far are true. So this means there is no other size sensor besides the 36MP. I think a lot of people are just wishful thinking, they want a high res sensor, but not too much resolution. Also, why would you want a 24MP at 3000$, if the 36MP body would also be 3000$?

      • broxibear

        “some minor details could be lost in translation”
        Do you think one of those details might be a XQD slot Peter ?

        • No, this one I think it’s clear: CF & SD card slots in the D800

          • Ugh, again with the mixed media. Why? Does anyone else think this sucks for the users? Who actually *wants* two different type of media slots?

            • Steve Starr

              Just get a SD-to-CF adapter for $20 and use SD cards in whatever speed you or the camera needs.

            • BartyL

              Mixed card types is one of the few things that bothers me about my D300s.

              And AFAIK SD adaptors aren’t available for CF Type I, as used by the D300s. Perhaps the D800 will use CF Type II, making the use of adaptors possible.

            • All I’ve heard about those adapters is that they’re dreadfully slow and unreliable. Is this not the case?

            • BartyL

              No idea about the speed of the adaptors, Ron. Were they available for CF Type-I I might have tried one. As a general point I’d prefer to see both slots take the same type of card, whatever it is (and for my type of shooting SD would be just fine).

              This debate has come up again with the release of the D4. IMO (which I’m aware is completely irrelevant) it would have been better to either have 2 CF slots in the first iteration and adopt 2 XQD slots for the follow up, or back themselves and the new technology and start with twin XQD slots. Mixed card-types is a fence-sitting solution which doesn’t really serve anyone particularly well.

  • MrGabe

    If the D800 comes in at $4000, I’d to think the D400 will be $2000? Wishful thinking?


    • WoutK89

      D800 with AA-filter ~3000$
      D800 without AA-filter a little under 4000$

      • It doesn’t make a sense. How could be a same camera(with same sensor) only without one part $1000 more expensive? I think if there is price difference it could be a sensor difference.

        • WoutK89

          Since when has amount of MegaPixels really got something to do with the price of a camera? There is more the price than just mp’s.

          The price is difference in software and other optical layer on the sensor to work properly (yes I have been reading up on the comments here). So it does make sense. The mainstream D800 is cheaper because they are all assembled the same. For a few they make it without the AA filter which takes extra time in the line as they are on a different line.

  • Great news! Hopefully the non-AA filter model will ship right away with the regular model — I already have some great landscapes in mind to capture with it 😀

  • LRH

    I have a question about this and the D4, regarding the red-dot “movie mode” button–will this button be re-mappable? I absolutely do ZERO video on an SLR and don’t want this button cluttering up my stills-based shooting. I know it’s not re-mappable on the D5100, a pity.

    • Sstt

      Just ask Nikon for a custom built camera for you. Maybe they will build a custom camera for you. 🙂

      • PJS

        They will build custom. You must have the same amount of money as NASA had before Obama…

        • PHB

          No, you need the same amount of money as NASA will have if Gingrich gets to build his Holiday Inn Express up there.

    • broxibear

      Hi LRH,
      Scott Kelby asked the Nikon rep the same question in his video …it is.

    • DistantEd

      easy enough solution if you have black duct tape…

    • Wow, I really wish people would do more reading. If you follow the D4 news you would know that the red dot video button is user assignable.

      • WoutK89

        People that dont need it, dont read it, apperently 😀

      • LRH

        What is with people who scream “look it up you lazy loaf” etc when you ask a question. I would’ve just answered the question myself.

        But yes, I DID look it up, and I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. So, heaven forbid, I asked.

        Again, too bad the D5100’s button isn’t customizable.

    • Duct tape over the offending item!

      • Use Gaffer’s tape, it is removable without the stickiness.

  • I barely wait now the event; I’m very exciting about D800. 🙂

  • henry

    Please, please, please, let this rumor be true. Please. I’ll be crossing my fingers and squeezing my eyes shut until it happens.

  • kede

    I’m crying!!! ENFIN!!!

  • Alex

    4K video?

  • Henry

    Can’t wait to see what’s in the D800 package 🙂 Dont need 36mb at all, don’t need that darn video (have a HD cam which is great for video).
    What can I expect from the 16mb crop image compared to the 12mb image of a D700? Would using crop be a way forward to keep fps up (for sports) and still get even better images than the D700?

    • WoutK89

      Crop gives a different Field of View, so it is not to be recommended if you want similar images to the D700. And the pictures are in Mega Pixels, not Mega bits 😉

      • Stefan

        Funny I was wondering about DX crop in another post…
        I have a D90 (I want to upgrade!) and in deciding whether to go FX or not, I thought it just might work out OK to keep my 17-55 DX lens and use it on the D800, in a pinch, rather than get rid of it. (since there are so many MPixels)

        • WoutK89

          The 17-55 DX will work perfectly fine in DX mode, but there is a chance that you lose the corners or more when used in FX mode.

  • Nice same day as the release of the new Van Halen album!
    Can’ t wait!

    • BartyL

      I heard that one of Eddie’s solos on the new album will feature 36MNS (Million Notes per Second).

  • Tiger1050Rider

    apparently the D800 Announcement is apparently on the same day as the Canon 5DIII.

    Well, that will make comparing specs easy.

    From my brief scanning, the 5DIII will still have 21Mp. approx.

    • WoutK89

      It is funny how the release date for the Nikon was floating around on the net longer than the one of Canon, marketing battle?

      • Kon_head

        I am sure on that date Nikonian will be saying I am jumping ship to 5D III, and Canonians will be saying I am jumping over to D800. 🙂

  • jeffspot

    I’m sure the D800 is going to be a fantastic camera. My biggest concern is price. Hoping big time that the AA-version will be around $3000. Sucks, b/c all I really need is a D700 w/ 1080p 24fps+30fps. Already have a D700 now, and would rather not do the D7000 for video so that I can keep my FOV for my FX lenses.

  • mikils

    looking forward to a comparison between D800 with and without AA filter. I’d say that for wildlife photography (zebras excepted) the version without filter would be better…

  • jaked

    any speculation as to what the price tag might look like?

  • William

    Yes,,, Finally

  • Paul

    I was told by a Nikon employee that The D800 will be a 24MP and they are going to hold the press conference about it Friday, January 27, 2012… TOMORROW. I was also told about the press conference by several store owners. I also was told that Nikon plans to announce the release of possibly the D800 and the D400. I have posted the info of what I was told by the Nikon employee on the page where the Houston Camera shop was taking pre-orders for the D800. I will copy it and repost it here.

  • Paul

    Here is my post from the other page about the info I was given by Nikon employee.

    “I was in a shop the other day talking to the manger about this. He told me that Nikon sent out bulletins to different companies announcing that they will be holding a press conference on Friday, January 27, 2012 to make some announcements. I have been researching this a lot over the past few days and I agree with the manager of that store. I think that Nikon plans to announce the release of at least one new model for 2012, possibly two. They are going to announce the release of either the new version of the D700 tagged as the D800, or the release of the new version of the D300s tagged as the D400 or BOTH. We will just have to wait for the press conference to happen then hit their site for the press news update or go to our local camera shots we all deal with and see what they have been told.

    From what I have been finding on many different sites and from some sources I really can’t disclose for occupational loss reasons, The D800 will be a 24MP (not a 36MP as reported earlier) with true HD 1080P professional quality video with the same video processor as the D4 and will sell for $2700-$2800. The D400 will be a 16-18MP with true 1080P video but not as high a quality as the FX models and will sell for $1700-$1800. Nikon as always has the right to change information at their discretion, but this is what I was told as of two days ago by a very reliable inside source. I guess we will just have to wait and see though when they are released……. (fingers crossed)

    The D800 will be a FX body and the D400 will be a DX body.”

  • Paul

    here is another post I made on that same page earlier about my thoughts on the the new D800.

    “After looking at a lot of the rumors floating around about the new “D800″, I have come to the conclusion of a few things. The specs could go in quite a few different ways, but the are going to without a doubt go up from where the D700 is now. I personally feel that the megapixel rating should be close to that of the Canon Eos 5D Mark II or higher since Canon is getting ready to discuss the release of it’s new version, the Mark III, which will most likely go up on it’s MP rating. They will also upgrade the video to, so Nikon will have to have a very good video system in the D800. As far as the price, I think it will ultimately come down to the megapixel rating as to what the price will end up being. I have seen price rumors of $4000 body only for a 36mp version, which I personally don’t feel that Nikon would go that high seeing as that their new flagship and next model down are only 16 and 24 MP. It would be senseless to over step your flagship with a model 3 steps lower and give it the highest megapixel rating of the entire line. That doesn’t make sense. Then I have seen rumors of $2700 for a 24 mp version. This to me would make much more sense. I don’t see a problem with having two bodies in the same line up with similar mp ratings with the flagship having the much higher specs in a few other ares. That would make a lot of sense. To have your top 4 models varied by the mp ratings and other features with the main differences being inside the units with the censor technology. I personally hope it is the 24mp for $2700. I am currently in the market to buy a new camera and if this is what is released I will definitely buy one. If it turns out to be the 36mp for $4000, I may have to turn to Canon and wait on the 5D Mark III.”

    • “It would be senseless to over step your flagship with a model 3 steps lower and give it the highest megapixel rating of the entire line. That doesn’t make sense.”

      Canon did it, why is it so bad? You seem to think the ‘flagship’ needs the most MP. Why?

    • John Richardson

      When you sell your Nikon Glass, call me. Noting I like better than getting jumpers to sell their Nikon lenses cheap when they make the jump to Cannon. lol

    • mikils

      well, It’s now almost 6.00 pm in Europe, and it’s already Saturday 28 in Japan. Your source might be a little wrong!

  • FX DX

    I am so excited. I have been waiting for new coolpix cameras since Nikon announced a couple last month. I can’t wait to see all these new coolpix cameras in different fancy colors.

    • Mimmo

      Me too: coolpix without AA filter.

  • Paul

    I don’t know where they went, but i just made 3 posts about this here and giving info that I was given by a Nikon employee. I don’t know why they aren’t showing up now. I made them within the past 15 minutes.

    • WoutK89

      Refresh your page (shift + refresh)

  • Paul

    never mind.. I see them now.. ooops…

  • David

    I’m gutted, I really wanted a low noise camera with 1080 video… Why have they gone for 36mp!!??? I may end up having to buy a d700 or splash out on d4. From one extreme to another.

    • Nicole

      Don’t worry. The D5 will be along soon. 🙂

    • JED

      A 36MP D800 will be a low noise 1080p camera…

  • So far that leaves us without a true successor to the D700. In other words, A D4 without a grip. What we get is a half price replacement for the D3x. That isn’t a bad deal, but some of us would like that D4 sensor in a smaller body.

    • David

      +1 do you think it is possible that the d800 could match the d3s or d700 for noise? (or am i clutching at straws?)

      • IdahoJim

        I’m sure Nikon has a plan for those of us who don’t want/need those huge files aside from buying a D4 or used D700. Can’t wait to find out what it is.

        • Emanuele


      • I think it will match the D700, not the D3s.

        • Eric Calabros

          will match D700 in overal image noise or pixel level noise?

    • JorPet

      This is exactly my thought. I really would want to see a D700 successor that matches the D3s in spec or the D4. Not really interested in what has been posted so far on the D800, but agree as a relatively inexpensive alternative to the D3x it is a winner.

      • WoutK89

        Wait a few more months, Nikon has the D4 as a priority, and wants to supply everyone with their orders before splashing out the D700 with D4 sensor. Sensor shortage is a killer for Nikon’s image at the moment (they already have many back-orders on cameras I guess). Yes I expect there would be a shortage hearing all the people complain on this website.

        • Doug

          i dont think the d4 is priority, the ad for the d800 in chicago costed 500.000 dollars.

          • WoutK89

            …… Do the D800 and D4 share the same sensor? No? Then what is your point?

  • Chris P

    Admin, is there any info/rumours about further lens releases?

    • IdahoJim

      +1 for an updated 80-400 lens. Even if all they do is add AFS it would be a Godsend for my 3 lens travel kit.

      • Michelle

        +1 an updated 80-400 or similar would make me dance and sing.

  • Arttu

    Hello from Finland! I heard rumour from the Nikons importer here at finland that there might be a chance that the new D800 and D400 will be announced same time next weak. I’m not sure but this just might be the chase??… I came to this conclusion cos I use a D300 right now and he told me that there is something new coming for me but he can’t tell what. And that was enoying!!! 😀 And I’m hoping that what he told is going to be real!

    Fingers crossed!!

    • I doubt that the D400 will be announced on the same date.

  • [NR] ADMIN, do you think the two versions of the D800 will be available at the same time ?

    • Arttu

      I think that there will be new FX- and DX-body. Cos I have lots of DX lenses and the guy did know that when he gave me that hint (he’s my local merchant).

      ( sorry dual post my bad! 🙁 )

    • Hmm, not sure.

      • So your guess is that the non-AA filter version will be available later in the year ?!?

        Too bad !… 🙁

  • malchick743

    Peter, for the D800 announcement, do you think there will be another world simultaneous launch around various places just like the D4?

    If you get any press event leaks, please, please remember to post them here. Thanks very much.

    • I do not have any details, but I believe there will be events all over the world.

  • Shane

    This is Xmas all over again 🙂

  • bob2

    I can’t wait for the cheapo whiners to start crying that the D800 costs too much….

  • Arru

    I think that there will be new FX- and DX-body. Cos I have lots of DX lenses and the guy did know that when he gave me that hint (he’s my local merchant).

  • Nicolás

    LOL @ the guy claiming the info was wrong… I have it screencapped 😉

  • kevin

    I’m worried about the image qualify of D800 with AA filter. If the D800 with AA filter produce great image, nikon wont need to make one with AA filter removed. What if the D800 with AA filter produce image worse than the D7000 ?????

    • IdahoJim

      New $3 – $4k Nikon FX sensor camera with worse IQ than a 2yr old D7000? Never happen.

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