A store in Houston is taking Nikon D800 pre-orders for $2,699.99

A camera store in Houston is taking pre-orders for the 36MP D800 camera for $2,699.99. I personally believe the D800 will be more expensive.

Via Nikonistas

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  • Rich

    I expect that the “Houston Camera Exchange” might be getting a cranky phone call from Japan!

    • no-nikon-no

      dirty dirty marketing gimmick!!!

      • Andrew

        I am sure they are day traders.

  • Agreed. This is way too cheap. Very weird.

  • Who gives a full payment as a pre-order?

    • KT

      In Houston they do

    • MJr

      Nice way to get used to the money gone.

  • Bjrichus

    I know HCE. Perhaps the most respected camera store in the area.

    … interesting …

  • Rob

    If they honor the $2699 price and don’t consider this just a “down payment”……might be road trip to Houston time…

  • fixit

    Whaaat? None in stock? i’ll take 77 cases of Labatt istead.

  • Sounds about right to me…

    At least, I hope that’s the price !

  • T.I.M

    who care about the price ? I want to see a REAL D800 before thinking about buying one !

  • Twoomy

    I’d sh*t my pants if it turns out to be that cheap. No way. But boy, what a lovely little fantasy to think about for a moment. 🙂

  • Mike B

    Somebody is gonna get in trouble from Nikon!

    • woutk89

      what has Nikon got to do with a camera store that takes a downpayment ror pre-orders of not announced camera?

  • Dave Konitz

    I sure hope d800 will become expansive

    • David Hirsh

      but this might make it more expensive!

  • Adam

    Is it crazy to think that some guy came in and said to the owner, “I’ll give you a deposit to have your first D800”? Owner: “We don’t know how much it will be, but I’ll guarantee you my first D800 for the D700 price ($2699), and you can pay the balance when you pick it up.”

    Riddle solved. Go back to your daily lives.

    • Rick G

      My thought exactly.

      • jerl

        I have to agree that this is the most likely explanation. I highly doubt the dealer knows how much the D800 will cost. The only surprising thing is that he is willing to take a pre-order on it in the first place, but I think we are all sufficiently convinced that it is coming out that he is willing to take someone’s money on it anyway.

    • Ted


      Altough it would be amazing to buy a D800 at this price!!

    • Toecutter

      Surely you’d pick a round figure,say $2500?Just dont get such a precise figure as a deposit without without knowing the RRP

    • toad

      Sensible explanation.

  • I think this is a good way of promoting your store online.
    Step 1 make a fake receipt.
    Step 2 send it to NR or post it online and wait for NR to pick it up.
    Step 3 be published on NR website.
    Step 4 have ppl visit your online store or come to your store directly.

    • woutk89

      well done Watson 🙂

  • Rob Bannister

    I was expecting a 2999-3999 price tag. I’ll be glad its cheaper if they didn’t skimp on anything in this body. Id rather pay the little bit extra and get a great camera then have them try to make it cheaper.

    • why?

      If Nikon wants to lose sales this is the best way. More than $3000 is a suicide with the 5DII current price.

      • Rob

        Wrong. They’ll sell out at $4k for a year NO PROBLEM. Why? Because it’s a step UP from the $8000 D3x at HALF THE PRICE. If they want to make $1000 less per unit, ya they’ll price it at $3000. Unfortunately Nikon is a business, not a charity, like you all seem to think.

        • PHB

          The best price to sell a manufactured good is dependent on the available supply, the cost of manufacture and the demand function. The cost of manufacture tends to decrease with quantity and so there are complex inter-relations.

          If Nikon can sell the camera at $3000 they can sell a heck of a lot more than at $4000.

      • woutk89

        so you know what the mark III will go for?

  • Paulo Dias

    Well I was expecting D800 to have the same price D700 had when it came out, wich was around 2.500$ (body only). If this camera is going to substitute D700, why will be that much more expensive?

    • Rob

      Nikon D700 was $3000 when it came out, which is $4100 in today’s dollar.

      • KT

        I think the D700 came out at $3200 then quickly dropped to $3000 when Canon released the 5D mark II a few months later.

        • I cannot say what every single shop was actually charging, but from what I recall, most shops listed it at MSRP.

          Anyhow, the official Nikon press release announced the body at $2,999.95, not $3,200.

      • Ted

        Here in Australia it was $4500 when it came out 4 yrs ago while in the US it was $3000 Eat that and still it sold out. Till last year it was around the $3800 mark.

      • toad

        How many times do I have to correct this mistake before you understand. Inflation has been about 5% since then, so it’s $3150.

        You can’t just take the exchange rate and multiply. That’s wrong for any number of reasons, including:

        1. Nikon undoubtedly hedges the exchange rate, as do all large exporters and importers.
        2. Many of Nikon’s expenses in the US are payable in dollars, not yen, so the exchange rate doesn’t affect them.
        3. There’s no reason to think Nikon’s production costs for the D800 are the same as for the D700. Almost surely they’ve improved their processes, made them more efficient, etc.
        4. Price is a design parameter. That means they don’t just design a camera and then figure out what to charge. Maybe Leica can afford to do that. Most companies can’t. They have a pretty good idea of what price they want to hit, and the camera design process involves tradeoffs that let them hit it.
        5. Nikon is not going to concede the $2500-4000 price range for FF to Canon. That would be crazy. You don’t put a gap like that in your product line. It costs you customers for lenses, accessories, etc. It also breaks the upward path you want your customers on. Now, maybe the D400 will be FF in the $2.5K range. That’s conceivable. But otherwise the D800 has to fill that gap.

        • Andrew

          toad, I completely agree with you.

          I have been arguing the same point for ever. Though I think the D800 is not the D700 replacement, it is the perfect replacement for the D3x in terms of specs. And if that is the case, then the D3x upgrade just saw a 50% reduction in price. What this means in effect is that Nikon has positioned herself to compete aggressively in the market during this financial crisis that has affected the global economy, which is a smart move.

          The D7000, which was released recently, stunned everyone at its $1,200 introductory price. With a magnesium alloy body, such a camera from the likes of Nikon was unimaginable for a unit selling under $3,000.

          If the pricing of the D800 and the D7000 is indicative of Nikon’s thinking in this new global economy, what are we to expect will their pricing be for a true D700 replacement? Anything more than $2,699 will not make sense, and it sure will have a full frame sensor to boot.

          If the D800 is the real D700 replacement, and is priced at $2,699, then it will most definitely have a 24 MP sensor. It will not have a 36 MP sensor as is the rumored reports on the D800. Thus, the latest rumored specs on the D800 would likely have been released by Nikon to surprise and astonished the public when the camera is announced next month, and throw-off their competitors.

          • Mike

            How do you figure that the D7000 was unimaginable under 3000 dollars because of a magnesium body? You do realize every DXXX semi pro camera made has had a magnesium body? And every one sold for well under 2000 new.

  • I live in Houston and Houston Camera Exchange is a for real Nikon dealer (and several other major brands. Beyond that, I don’t know if there is a typo of D800 instead of D700 or if this is the price. As another poster said, HCE is a respected business, I have traded there for years.

    • I guess we will hear from them tomorrow.

      • I guess this is why this site is called Nikon Rumors. The hand written order says nothing about trade ins or contingent pricing. It’s a good thing my D700 is a competent camera, otherwise I would go nuts waiting for the next FX body.

    • WoutK89

      A typo in the name and the amount of MP seems highly unlikely to me.

    • Anonymous

      It can’t be a typo, since it exactly reads NIK D800 D-SLR 36MP spec. !

    • Andrew

      Unless the D800 rumored specs of 36 MP is off, and it is indeed FF, 24 MP. With this slight change, the entire invoice is believable.

  • John

    Just when Canon seems to have come to their senses w/r/t the megapixel arms race…

    • MJr

      OR we are wrong and ‘too many’ megapixel does NOT have a negative effect.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    This guy traded in a D700 a D200 and a couple of lenses. For the store credit he got a down payment on the D800. Rest is cash when it is in store.

  • KL

    That was just a deposit for HCE to place the ‘special order’ for the camera with Nikon – balance on receipt of camera, or no camera.

  • Let me add, I have one of their register receipts here and the one above looks authentic, unless it was doctored in Photoshop. Anything is possible.

  • Michele

    This is totally fake. Adding the resolution info on the store receipt? Come on!

    • ennan

      Maybe not. Depending on their epos system and how the item was entered it could easily end up on the receipt.

      • chrisq

        that’s how the POS system at my work is, and i work at a camera retailer.

  • The only thing that bothers me is the ticket number on my receipt from November is 336xxx and the one shown above is 300xxx. I am not ready to call it a fake, but there could be a problem. Perhaps the receipt is Photoshoped from a D700 sold in January of 2011. I also wonder why the receipt reads 36mp spec.

    • KL

      Interesting – maybe this is a good indication that the D800 is orderable from Nikon with more than one sensor option?

      • KL

        There was a rumor that the D800 will be available as two different models, one with the anti-aliasing filter removed. Maybe the AA filter is removed in the higher res 36Mp version, and a 16Mp with AA filter?

        • Rob

          I heard they will have one with the D4 sensor, shooting 8fps and no video capabilities for $99.

          Stop posting stupid things based on nothing, and that will never happen, simply because you want them to.

          • Paul

            Don’t be a party pooper man, it’s just fun to come on this site and read about these rumors, it’s not nikonfacts.com it’s Nikon rumors,

            • Rob

              It’s also not Everybody-propose-your-own-stupid-baseless-rumors.com. Come to read rumors based on something, posted by the admin. If you have something to base other rumors on, email him and he’ll post. Don’t post that the D800 is going to be 24 MP just because you want a 24MP D800.

          • KL


        • MJr

          Plausible, and awesome.

      • jake337

        Yeah, I want to see if they actually do release one with out an anti aliasing filter…..

  • ericnl

    the date is from a week ago?

    • I did not have a chance to post it earlier because I was at CES.

  • Ronan

    WOW people are stupid… A customer simply paid the D700 price with a promise to pay the rest once the D800 arrives in the store.

    It’s a simple way to make sure you get a camera from the first batch sent to that store.

    Geez people need to get out more…

  • Eric

    Teee Heee Heee… Now i know where the phrase “Houston.. we have a problem” came from….

    • Jack the Crown

      American never went to moon. This is a same way situation : a lie about D800…they are used to this…

  • I’m sure someone at the store changed the sku description in their computer so the register would spit out a D800 receipt. Then posted online to to stir rumors and maybe a little advertising.

  • ennan

    Like everyone else I’m not convinced this is the actual price – more likely a deposit until the final price is revealed. However (just like everyone else) I’m hoping this is the price – either that or even lower… I can dream can’t I?

  • Martin Rock

    I have a thermal printer. I can print “nikon d800 1080P for 900 USD” if you want … pathetic fake for once !

  • KT

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if Nikon offered the D4 sensor/Expeed 3 in a small body similar to the D700 minus all that video gimmicks, XQD card etc.. and offered it for $2600. They could sell more such cameras than they’ll ever be able to manufacture. Well, a boy can dream!!!!

  • Think about the D800 market position to take out the 5D Mk2. If its much more than $2700 then the 5d Mk2 will not die, and consider that Canon is soon to release the Mk2 successor so since the D4 has 16 mpix which is enough for most every situation, then the D800 needs to be high mpix and under 2700 or it will not force the 5D mk2 into obsolescence. 2700 is just right.

    • Rob

      No, $2700 is about $1300 too cheap. Stop trying.

  • Bozo

    That receipt says NIKD800 36MB spec. Does that mean there will be more than one spec for the D800?

    • Anonymous

      Come on. Say, if Nikon have 2 distinct models next month, one 36mp and another 16mp, why on earth would they call both D800 (eg. D800x & D800s)? For the sake of the same body form factor, they could at least call them D800 & D850. Am I wrong?

  • Jason

    So, we have been taking preorders for the d800 for a few months, and the 5d mark 3 for even longer. Taking a preorder doesn’t mean anything. Eventually the camera will come out and the preorder is just a spot on a waiting list. I doubt if Nikon will be too upset with us.

    • KL

      Will you take a pre-order for the 16Mp version of the D800?

      • CO

        Yes I will, D800 with 16mp, and 6-8FPS.

      • Rob

        You mean the D800 shooting in DX crop mode?

    • Jason

      I don’t have any info on the camera. But if you want to put a backorder on a D700 replacement 16mp or otherwise I will take it. If you want I could probably get the system to describe it a million mp and a $50 price tag. Of course as soon as Nikon announces the camera I will fix the description and price. I think our 5d iii has a price of 9999.99 on it so the d800 probably has the same price.

      • KL

        So Nikon authorized dealers don’t get any preferential treatment from Nikon either.

        • Jason

          I am not a buyer or anything, but yes I am sure we do get some preferential treatment as an authorized dealer. That isn’t same as inside information though. I am not sure what good receiving preferential treatment would do when it comes to this topic.

          • KL

            What I was referring to as preferential treatment was getting a pre-release camera to test or even a price list with model numbers and a description to order from in advance – under NDA of course.

  • frAnk

    Everyone is a wise guy.

    Let’s put the money where your mouth is.

    Let’s have a $1 bet on the pricing of D800.

    Send the money to Admin before Feb 7th, 2012.

  • Noah

    As a Canon user, the D700 offered me something compelling I couldn’t get from Canon (and still can’t) – a pro FF sensor and good AF at a consumer price point. All a 36mp D800 does is compete with the soon to be released Canon 5D3. If I were a Canon exec, nothing would make me happier than a 36mp D800, because such a camera wouldn’t steal any market share. Canon users looking to go FF would likely just get a 5D3 (assuming improved AF), and the only people who would get a D800 are Nikon users looking to go FF who can’t afford a D4. If, on the other hand, the D800 had the same sensor as the D4, I would jump ship to Nikon without having to think twice.

  • tom

    Noooo…. this is the right price for it…do not increase the price….keep like it is Niki.

  • Abnav

    if a d800 came at that price, i’d do everything in my power to buy it, i will sell my soul(oh wait no i dont have it anymore 9gag consumed mine)!…i need a camera…someone hand me a camera, i dont have a camera…eep..

    already dreaming about D800

  • jake

    forgive me if im wrong, but i cant recall a time when there was tax on a deposit (to those claiming it is only a portion of the total cost.) so i’d say its either a doctored photo, or we have a reasonably prices d800 on the way =]

  • Chris P

    There is one possibility that could account for the price quoted that no one has mentioned. The D800 body is built to the standard of the D7000 and not to that of the D700.

  • Michał

    Not really very happy with that price. If it’ll be 2700$, I think it’s highly unprobable we’re gonna see cheaper FX body (perhaps with D4 sensor) anytime soon.

    If, on the other hand, it will be 4000$, I can’t imagine Nikon not releasing another FX body in a 2000-2500$ price range.

  • Zoltan

    almost 3000$ for a device which is going to be replaced in 2 years is “cheap”?

    • El Cabong

      It’s cheap when the price is 30%-40% less than what was expected, regardless of the product.

    • Rob

      Almost 3k for a device that is an UPGRADE of an 8k device. That’s TOO CHEAP to be real.

      • Zoltan

        D700 costs 8k?

  • I hope that’s the price. I think that is a good price too. If Nikon is going to replace the D700 they need to put a competitive price with the Mark II.

  • Monteraz

    Real or fake, I dont mind at all, I guess this is the best example of why the brands doesnt need to get out a big thing anyway. Just call it with a superior number, 800 over 700, and put it more expensive (I think that this is not the actual price either) that chaps shall buy it even knowing nothing about how the camera works.

    Dont call it expensive if you want, but 3k bucks for something that will be expired for most of newaholics in 2014 is not a great deal to me.

  • Mimmo

    Houston we have a problem.

  • GOZU

    Just bought 2nd hand D700 (50K shutter count), with Nikon battery grip nad 2nd battery for 1.220€, I just do not care for D800 anymore 🙂

    Sorry but 36m is total overkill.

    CA and nosie will be horibble, just wait and see.

  • Darklight

    Nikon wants to know your price, and they get it on NR!

  • Erik R

    Don’t forget the TAX, the total for D800 is 2922,-

    • Anonymous

      If he asked that shop to post it to some address of a friend in a different state, would he free from the tax?

  • Jack the Crown

    Here in this photo in tax says NO TAX. But in the first photo says 222.75…FAKE

    • Any Anon

      White balance is off, so it must be fake 🙂

      • Jack the Crown

        Yes you are right. This is too much to be true…:D

    • MCucuzza

      Well, I did a little investigating. The name on this receipt is Jose Urioste. There is only one person with this name in Texas. This person lives at:

      2418 Braypark Lane
      Houston Texas

      That location is only 19 miles ( a 30 minute drive) from Houston Camera Exchange. I have his phone number too, but I am not going to post it or call.

      If you want the real story, you should do a white page look up with the name and address and call him yourself and ask. That should put this rumor to bed. Let me know what he says.

      • Darklight

        And you know what, he’s a employee of HCE, it’s true!

  • 120-300 os

    But the price is 2922,74 not the other you have to pay tax?

  • Monteraz

    This man said in Nikonistas that there was 12 other pre-orders at the date. If someone in the States makes a call to the shop it might be funny to see what John our favourite salesman has to say about the 36 mp Nik D800 they are selling.

  • lagranz

    I can tell you all the D800 will not be 36 mp. It will be same as D4

    • Anonymous Maximus

      I can tell you all the D800 will be 36 mp. It will not be same as D4

    • Rob

      Wanna put money on that? I’ve got $10,000 cash.

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