B&H opened their Nikon D4 pre-orders

B&H just opened their pre-orders for the Nikon D4 - first come, first served.

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  • Gilbert


  • Isabel

    Pre-ordered 5 of those for a neat setup I’m looking forward to. 3 remotes and to to carry on a soccer game. Canon can kiss my ass goodbye.

  • tsy

    ouch, close to 50 dollars in shipping to me…

    I guess I wont preorder through them… hopefully either my jr or amazon order pulls through!

    • LGO

      Shipping charge a bummer when Amazon has 2-days shipping for free.

      • Rolf

        But $50 shipping is cheap compared to taxes if you live in WA, or anyplace Amazon collects taxes from. ~9.5% sales tax on $6k is $570, assuming you don’t get any other gadgets as the same time, like a spare battery. THAT’S ouch!

        • tsy

          Agreed, I’m really just saying for my own case (in cali) to which amazon 2day shipping is unbeatable especially when you factor in taxes. That said, J&R offers shipping for 10 bucks and I think adorama was free as well.

          Honestly, BH is pretty smart. why cover shipping when they know most customers will have no issues paying for it given its probable low stock volumes on release.

        • The_Raze

          In Denmark the sales tax is 25% 🙁

          • Kiri

            Yeps 7.531 USD in Danish stores!

    • BornOptimist

      You want to buy a 6000$ camera, and you complain about 50$ for shipping!?

      • Paul

        That is the lamest argument ever.

      • AM

        Why would you throw away $50 if you can save them by ordering from another reputable source?
        If you are the type of guy who likes to give money away, I can give you my address where you can send some checks.

      • tsy

        that $50 dollars can go toward HALF (or about half) of the cost of a spare battery!! haha, I know how petty it sounds but hey, 50 dollars is still a good amount of money… imagine if you were buying a 200 dollars camera, 50 dollars is a quarter of the price.

        As someone else stated… why spend 50 when other reputable vendors either dont charge at all (amazon) or charge much less (J&R).

        • Matt

          mostly because when i order something through B&H i know how they work with cameras. You have issues, you can call them. Ever tried dealing with Amazon? they can be a PIA.

  • blub

    i thought it was a photo camera. but apparently it mutated into a video cam. 🙁

    • Derek

      So? That might turn more people on to Nikon. That’s a good thing. Why should it matter to your photography that other people are using that tool for video?

      • frAnk

        Hello…..I am forced to pay for the stuff you would use and enjoy, but I don’t! That is why I will not buy the D4, period!

        Nikon should come up something like Canon C300, so the video guys can pay for their only stuff!

        • CKbren

          Video on a dslr is some new software coding, a software tweak and some really minor additional hardware. You arent paying thousands more for the video capabilities. In fact, it costs you very little at all.

          Im going to guess that very very very few if any dslrs are going to be released from here on out that only do stills. The ability to shoot video adds lots of value without adding in additional costs.

          here i found a camera for you that only shoots stills, and has more resolving power than any nikon (link to any 8×10 camera).

          • Paul

            Software costs are very expensive–development is a huge factor in the price of many products especially electronics when you’re paying a team of software engineers.

            • Zeke

              R&D that results in more sales pays for itself. The D4 needs video to be competitive.

              It would cost Nikon MORE money to leave those features out.

            • AXV

              a) Ok so a camera costs you to produce it let´s imagine 1000. And you will sell 100 of them at a price of 1400 (revenue per unit 400). But if you add video, the R&D for it would cost 150 per unit, but you will sell 150 at the same base price of 1400.
              400×100= 40000 vs 280×120=42000
              So you get more money!

              b) The same applies but the cost of video is payed in it’s entirety by the costumer, which in turn makes you sell more cameras but not so much; so selling 120 at 1550:

              So no mater how you look at it, nikon wins more if they add video, it’s a business after all…

        • Zeke

          The video features add nearly nothing to the unit cost, just to R&D. The R&D expenses are more than made up for by increased sales.

          You’re not being made to pay for anything you’re not using. The stuff you’re not using just makes the D4 more popular, which is good for everybody with an investment in Nikon lenses and other equipment.

          • AXV

            Oh cock! You beat me to it hahaha.

  • You’ve got to wonder why not all the companies that are big in online sales opened up to pre-orders as soon as the D4 was announced. I understand that with limited supply, having a customer on a waiting list might not mean (s)he will buy with you, but it still some customers might be too lazy to switch to a competitor if the wait isn’t too bad.

    Any insights by people familiar with the business?

    • Similar question. I’ve been with B&H for years, yet Adorama was taking pre-orders well before B&H started. I’d think they’d lose some orders by doing this and perhaps, in the process, lose some fairly profitable customers. People who buy D4’s buy all kinds of profitable stuff.

      • T.I.M

        @Sole Prop
        DSLR cameras and lenses are not “profitable”.
        Acessories (like batteries, filters) are profitable.

        • AM

          Maybe not profitable for Nikon, but I am pretty sure that B&H, Adorama, and the like make good bucks out of them.

          • ZoetMB

            As with most industries, retailer margins these days on primary equipment are incredibly small. Most margins on equipment is around 10%. I can’t say I have hard facts about Nikon’s exact wholesale pricing, but I’ve “heard” that it’s around that number.

            I remember back in the 1970s when I sold audio equipment at retail, wholesale was about 50% and we used to offer the customer 30% off of list if they bought a system. In the early days of software development, Apple used to sell machines to developers for 30% to 50% off.

            Those days are long gone.

            As for the other poster’s question as to why some online retailers didn’t take preorders earlier, they wait until they know they’re going to receive some inventory. That’s actually quite ethical and they will piss off fewer people that way.

            And just as an aside, I don’t quite believe that all the posters above who claim they ordered actually did.

      • Both stores will sell out every single D4 they get in the next 12 months, for them it doesn’t matter when they will start taking pre-orders.

        • frAnk

          No doubt about that. The 1% in US has always maintain their purchasing power regardless

        • PJS

          The real problem is all of the jerks that will order in fifty different places, get one, and cancel the other 49 while an honest buyer is trying like hell to get one. Too bad retailers can’t cross-check preorders to prevent duplicates…

          • I think another problem might be that they may want to have a rough idea of how many D4 cameras they will be getting before they get a list of a couple hundred people.

            People get upset, impatient and angry at a company that has no control over how many D4 cameras they can ship. When people get upset at a business (for a dumb reason no less) they are less inclined to shop there in the future.

            I really dont know, im just guessing.

          • Luis

            I’m not a lawyer but I think that might be called collusion, which is illegal.

            • zoetMB

              No…it’s only collusion if they agree upon the selling price (which Nikon controls anyway) or they agree to split the market.

            • Luis

              Yeah – Nikon’s little gray area “price fixing” is such a delight.

              What would be the legal ramifications if let’s say 10 retailers banded together to prohibit me from pre-ordering a D4 from dealer A if I had already pre-ordered one from dealer B?

          • Rodrigo Ortiz

            Well, if that happens, then those 49 will be available for the next in line, so what’s the bid deal?

      • jeff

        I’m a little annoyed because B&H posted that they would be taking orders starting on 2/16 at midnight. Thus, I didn’t check back and figured I would just place my order then and take my chances. Now I am further down the waiting list than I would have been had they waited (like they originally stated).

    • Luis

      I have had a “D800” on pre-order with Berger Bros for about two years now, but they didn’t require a “hold-payment” until Friday once it seemed virtually certain it was coming soon. The hold-payment was simply to keep my spot in the queue and it is still fully refundable if I do decide to not get the D800 once they are actually shipping. I thought that was more than a fair arrangement. It took that much lead time just to be in the top five of their pre-order list.

      • I pre-ordered mine trough Calumet. I had a verbal request for over a month now, but they said they couldn’t make an official pre-order till Nikon made an official announcement and came up with catalog numbers (or whatever it’s called) for the D4.
        Now it’s official.

  • T.I.M

    The only things I pre-ordered in my life are my kids. (9 months delay but free shipping)

    • Zoot

      And it’s great fun making the deposit.

      • frAnk

        It’s called the lay-a-way plan in US.

    • alvix

      free shipping..but you pay later a hi interest rate 🙂 🙂

    • Luis

      That’s funny! I pre-ordered two at the same time and still had to wait 9 months. I thought I would at least get preferential treatment for my larger order.

    • Bob Your Thing

      Maintenance cost goes up every year.

      Lack of resale value.

      • I keep trying to sell mine. No takers so far.

        • Calibrator

          Have you tried any test labs?


    • RondoX

      Free shipping? I’m sure “delivery” costed a small fortune!

    • conan_leno

      I like pre-ordering from as many vendors as possible.

  • jen

    Ordered…Im shaking..LOL. Still have time to decide. Is this a direct ship for $40 or coming from B&H

    • Neil

      It’ll come from B&H. I’m a NAPP member so I went through that link for free ground shipping. If anyone else is a NAPP member, I’d recommend that route. It pays for half of a year’s membership right there.

  • A. Non

    Thank you! Just snagged one.

  • Franky

    Who are you people?

    Ordering a 6000$ camera like it was the latest DVD release from Paramount!!!

    • Dormant

      What about the soccer-mom ordering 5?

      I guess some people are just lucky – they either have far too much spare cash, or it is a business expense.

      Me? I’m going to wait a year before buying my first FX camera.

      • frAnk

        She sounded she is going to win a Pulitzer……

      • jen

        you are kidding..right?

      • Luis

        I think probably only about the top 5% of lucky people on the planet could even afford an FX camera, let alone a D4.


        Kind of eye-opening.

        • nau

          d700 is still on a market and its still great and FX

        • robUK

          wow, that is eye-opening. Apparently I paid more in tax last year than the top 1% of the world earned. But I still fail to understand how anyone in London can live well on even double the top 1% income given the cost of housing and travel.

          Then in the paper today was the fact that there are about 200 “jobless families” in the UK that are claiming £60,000 each per year (that’s about $90,000USD) in benefits. I’m all for paying taxes to have a welfare state to help the needy, but this seems to be taking the p*ss, when even the top 1% in the world don’t earn anything near that amount.

          Just did a quick google, and in the UK you need to be in the top 5% income bracket to earn £60,000. The top 1% in UK equates to about £150k/annum ($232k USD) based on latest figures (for 2007/8). At that level of income about £53k is deducted for various taxes if you are PAYE. Still not enough to pay for one of those “jobless families”, and at last count there were only about 300,000 people earning this top 1% figure. Out of a population of about 60m, about 26m pay tax.

          I saw an interesting figure once, which gave a “worth” for the average UK tax payer – so you could take any amount of government spending and work out how many average working taxpayers are needed to support the spend. I can’t remember the figure, but I’m sure it was aorund the £5k mark. Which means it would take 12 average working people to support one of those families.

          • AXV

            And that is exactly why the UK is heading towards a major economic crisis (as is most of the rest of the world).

    • frAnk

      The ones pre-ordered $6K toys should have paid more tax. They are the 1% in US.

      • Neil

        I’d venture to guess nearly every single person who visits this site is 1% of the world.

        • dude im strugglin to save some cash to buy a little 35 1.8 dx -.-
          damn south america 🙁

          • Neil

            I saw the other day that worldwide a person is considered “1%” if they have an income more than $1200 US per year.

      • neversink

        Don’t be an idiot…. I know a lot of people, including myself who aren’t the one percent (I wouldn’t mind being in the one percent though, and I am sure neither would you…..) I just pre-ordered and I am clearly not in the one percent, just a pro who needs a new camera to make more money… My other bodies are shot to death….

        What I see by your comment is jealousy for those who have what you don’t have. Maybe they should pay more taxes… But this is a PHOTOGRAPHY SITE, not a political site. Take your complaints to congress….

        • I’d say the same thing. A professional uses the equipment because he or she needs to, their income (and ability to complete) would fall without it. For those of us who are not professionals, but who spend many hours every day shooting, for whom photography is more an obsession than a past time, an expense such as this is daunting, but one we’re willing to (save for) and make. This 1% business is b.s.

  • Can’t believe I did it but I preordered, too.

  • Rye


  • Gino
  • Steve Starr

    Pre-order is a good way to determine how many they will order with a percentage overage for in-store or other online sales. Many will bail, and it usually is quite high, maybe 20-25% when it comes down to the wire to cough up.

    They always run out of D3x as they don’t order many of the expensive ones. It’s a big guessing game at times. Plus, the first of most anything has bugs that they would be best not to have at all, and just restock and sell the bug-free ones later.

  • BartyL

    $6999.00 (incl GST) through CameraPro in Australia.

    • Kirk

      Still 530$us cheaper then in Denmark 🙂

  • Pads

    Yay! Go and preorder the D4! I am picking which D3s to buy – prices have gone to a record-low for very slightly used ones 🙂

    • Mr. Presley

      I am going to upgrade my d7000 to a d400. When they release the D500.

      • RW

        That sounds like a good plan. I have a D7000 and it is way to early for me to think about buying another camera. Now if I made my living through photography, I would have no problem plunking down my Visa. I should be ready to head to full frame in a few years.

        • Mexecutioner

          How will you know when you are ready? What determines that?

  • Magnus

    I have pre-ordered one (at Swedish retailer http://www.cyberphoto.se).
    Was among the first and will thus get mine on the date of launch.

    Will be shooting 7Mp until I can afford to update my DX-glass (all f2.8) to FX.

    • Magnus

      55.000 SEK = $7.900 USD

  • neversink

    Pre Ordered!!! from B& H…. Yes… Now let’s hope they come out with a better battery like they did with the D3…. Otherwise I am happy…. And although I have been a still pro shooter since the 1970s, it will be incredible to be able to use Nikon glass for stunning video.

    This is probably the last pro camera I ever buy….

    AmI thriller with everything about the D4… Nope!!! Will I be thrilled by the photographs. I am sure I will be….

  • frazi
  • FX DX

    I am not a pro and photography is my hobby. It took me a while to shell out $2000 for a used D700, but here a lot of people are buying $6000 D4 as it is no big deal. Is Pro photography really that profitable? If yes, I need to quit my day job and become a pro photographer.

    • broxibear

      “Is Pro photography really that profitable?” not for most of us FX DX.
      Of all the friends I went through photographic college there are very few of us left still working in photography, if you’re in it for the money forget it.
      We’ve all given up a lot for our photography, yes we might be able to pay £5000 for a D4, but that’s because we don’t spend money on other things that “normal” people do and upgrading usually involves selling older gear.
      There are different types of photographer, some see it purely as a business and the photographic part is not as important as the money making part, others will do a shoot for free because they want to take images of a particular person and it’s all about the photography. The only wealthy photographers I’ve ever met are those who were wealthy before they became photographers.
      It’s not easy being a freelancer.

      • Luis

        Yeah – like I haven’t spent any money on cable TV since 1991. So that’s got to be worth about $12K right there, not including interest earned. Two D4s saved up for…

        People usually don’t consider that some of use are “upgrading” like broxibear mentioned. A D3 sold now for $2500 will lower the D4 cost down to $3500.

      • AXV

        Yes, if you have such a hard time buying a tool for your job priced so cheaply then photography is not a good business, you can never even dream to buy a sportscar then, or a nice house. Want expensive toys? Cars are expensive toys or yachts or planes.

        Then you start seeing people who buy a 6000 camera as a poor person. Even driving your own taxi is more expensive because a car costs 10,000 to 20,000 (or millions for the elite cars).

    • choob

      Think of it like this – if photography is your business then this $6000 is an expense on capital for that business. Which in the context of other businesses is not a lot of money – 2 bodies and a full set of lenses will set you back about 18k. In terms of startup costs that makes the equipment cost of a photography business quite low. Having the talent to make it pay, however, is another story.

      Also, most people are selling off old bodies which effectively cuts the 6k to about 2k in terms of cost of the camera.

      • robUK

        Plus (at least in UK) you can depreciate the asset over its useful lifetime and offset a capital allowance against pre-tax profit thus reducing corp tax. So that 6k camera (£4800 in UK) could actually end up costing you a lot less.

  • Because of Nikon’s pricing policy, it does not make much difference who you get if from. However, in the US we can avoid sales tax by ordering from a seller in a different state. All walk in sales are subject to sales tax, except for Oregon which has no sales tax.

    • Technically speaking we are suppose to pay taxes for that.

      • next2you

        It’s calleld “use tax” and somehow not really enforced.

        • Luis

          Some states are starting to gear up on it though:


          “The amnesty goes into effect Oct. 1 and runs until May 2013. It requires all businesses that voluntarily enter into an amnesty program to remit use taxes going back to Jan. 1, 2009. Any taxes that would have been due before that will be forgiven.
          There will be no penalties or interest. The state can set up payment plans if the liability tops $1,000.”

          ” There is no similar enforcement plan in the works by the state that targets individuals, however.”

          So if you are a company and end up not getting into this amnesty deal and they audit you you are probably screwed for use tax even before 1/1/2009 with hefty penalties. That might bring more companies into compliance going forward.

          As an individual I guess if you do end up getting audited by your state then unpaid use tax might get discovered and you’ll be liable for it. Dunno how that would play out.

          • RW

            I live in Washington State right across the border from Oregon. Most people buy big ticket items across the river in Oregon because you save 8.7% sales tax. But Washington is really starting to watch and recently went after a mattress company with multi locations. They were using a third party to deliver to customers in Washington without charging the required sales tax. They got caught and owed 2 million dollars in taxes. They closed up shop.

      • Technically, you are correct. Some states now put a line on their income tax forms to report use tax. Where I live there is no state income tax, so this particular approach is not applicable. Most use tax issues involve very big ticket items like yachts, vehicles and aircraft.

  • Ray J

    I called B & H this morning at 9 am and asked why they were not offering a pre-order. I told Howard that I wanted to buy from only B & H but I may be forced to pre-order from another site. He spoke to a manager and took my number and said he would call me when pre-orders started. I didn’t believe him and kept checking the site and right after noon, pre-ordering was available and I ordered. Howard did call me around 1:30 and I thanked him. It is this kind of customer service that is keeping me buying at B & H. I am also a NAPP member but didn’t go through that link as I was too excited to get my order placed. I have seen may times on a hot product that supply get taken very quickly and ordering is stopped. I wonder if I could call and give them my NAPP membership info and the frt be deducted?

  • broxibear

    5th Notice on the damage from the flood in Thailand

    This is to advise you of the latest situations of Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a consolidated manufacturing subsidiary of Nikon Corporation in the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya Province located in Central Thailand, which is suffering damages from the flood.
    1. Latest situations
    Operations at the Nikon Thailand had been suspended since October 6. After completion of water pumping-out on November 26, we have been putting all our energy into restoring infrastructure and production equipment. We are now pleased to announce that partial operation at the factory resumed on January 3, earlier than expected, and production of certain digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses has started on the same day.
    2. Recovery and latest estimation
    Manufacture of production equipment and some parts is already being carried out at our Group facilities in Japan, and alternative and limited production of digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses is also continuing at our partner factories in Thailand since the end of November. With partial operation restart at Nikon Thailand, our plan remains unchanged to resume production of digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses to the normal level of volume by the end of March 2012.
    Estimated impact on business results for the financial period ending March 31, 2012 remains unchanged from our announcement on November 4, we assure you to immediately advise new findings once it is judged there will be an important change for it.
    We deeply apologize for your inconvenience caused by the disaster such as short supply of our products.

  • M.H.

    Preordered mine. NPS priority!!! We’ll see how well that works! haha

    • Michael

      M.H. I see you preordered with NPS… I thought you had to order through a local store and pick it up when it arrives at that store location. I am NPS and these were the instructions sent to me. But did you order through BH and it is supposed to ship to your house as well? Thanks.

  • Forget the D4, I want a full-frame camera phone!

    You think I’m joking, but I’m not… 😉 Google WVIL @ CES


    • Daniel

      No one cares what you think.

  • I got my D4 pre-order in under the wire at B&H just before 6pm ET as I see that the pre-order link is shut down now and are now “temporarily out of stock”. As for the $50 shipping charge, I think most will find it worth paying B&H the shipping since they tend to get a bigger piece of the Nikon allocation. Many of these other retailers will have free shipping but will have a much smaller allocation of production and as a result, a much longer wait.

    By the way, I am a NAPP member and paid $0 shipping from B&H.

    • Shasta_D

      That $50 shipping fee at B&H actually goes to shipping materials, peanuts and such. If you ordered from Amazon, you’d get your D4 in a big box with a couple of air filled bags that have popped and your D4 would be flopping around 😉

      Though the above is in jest, I’ve had my share of lenses from Amazon with poor shipping packaging. B&H and Adorama pack things in a much more protective way.

    • Jacob

      How is it you are so certain that B&H will “get a bigger piece of the Nikon allocation” ?Why does everyone immediately look to the “Walmart” of the photo industry when a new camera is announced? Nikon is committed to their smaller dealers and they will most likely get their fair share of new product. Keep smaller local dealers in mind!

  • oppio

    D800 will be 16 mp 25600 ISO

    • 16mp and 25600 does not make any sense for a D800 in the context of what we have been hearing around here.

      • Pads

        Well, if the rumors are right, where there’ll be 2 versions of it coming out, then one will be a lower pixel and the other at around 36MP.

    • Orilla

      Which Source?
      I still wait for the D800 =(

  • jen

    ordered my d4 yesterday ! I’m Kinda torked about the $150f xqd cards . Is this card geared for video?? why not 2 cf’s . I dont know much about it.

  • Now that the follow-up of the D3s is here: Are there any public data on D3s sales numbers around? I’d be very interested to see some (even ball park) numbers, to get a bit of a feel for things like Nikon’s sales strategy, demand and supply issues etc.

    I know Amazon has their top sellers list etc and that Nikon produces general sales reports and market share numbers, but I couldn’t find specific (D3s) numbers.

  • fixemon

    D800 is 16 mp and latter will be d810 with 36 without AA and without dust removal

    • Zen- Tao

      That would be terrible. Mind that the next year or two more Nikon will release D4x with 36 mpx with 60 fps progressive video an a lot more features. That happaened with D3 an the following D3x. Currently lot of user pro or not are expecting the famous D800 but I wonder if Nikon is waiting to sell a lot of expensive D4 before to launch an affordable model for studio photographers not Olimpic Games photoghrapher to show off their gears.
      Let’s wait and see how the prices and new launches run. By chance I´ve been checking D3x price an all wholesalers are digging in their heels about the price, They haven’t lowered the 7999 USD even a cent. Is that a collusion or they know there wouldn’t be a new camera for studio photographers?. They know a lot of things. When we were theorizing about D4 the knew exactly all the specks, prices, etc even though the arranged the price of the camera. Is this a collusion or not?

      • Shasta_D

        I wish there was an Olympics or World Cup every year to push Nikon to release great new equipment ahead of time.

        • Zen-Tao

          On 2013 World Cup you would make a fool of yourself with your shinning D4 whe you meet a bragging photographer with his super D5 gear.
          I’d like a camera with better quality and imaging perfomances than my current D7000 and that will be difficult to achieve.

  • nikonfan

    can we have an entry level d3100 with full frame sensor????

  • broxibear

    So much for the Japanese magazine that predicted the D4 would look like this https://nikonrumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/nikon-d4.jpg
    It looks nothing like it, although they did get the text right, it does say “Nikon” and “D4” lol ?
    Onto the D800…

    • robUK

      I hadn’t seen that before, really did make me LOL.
      Looks like it was drawn by a 12 year-old (apologies to any real 12 year-olds out there).
      To be fair, the real D4 IS black (Nikon could easily have pulled a surprise red makeover).

  • lollo
  • Nathan

    For those that are saying that video adds almost nothing to the cost of the D4, I would say that’s wrong. The D3 didn’t have video and it was $4700 when it came out. The D3s had 720p and the price went up to over $5100. Now that the D4 is introduced with 1080p. The specs are similar to the D3s except it has worse battery life and higher video performance yet costs $900 more than the previous model. At least some of that cost is coming from video. If you say it isn’t then you’re kidding yourself.

    • Luis

      You are overlooking how much the USD has devalued against the Japanese Yen during that time period:

      9/2007 = 1USD to 115 JPY

      9/2009 = 1USD to 91 JPY

      1/2012 = 1USD to 77 JPY

      $1000 USD from 2007 is only worth $770 today against the Yen, that’s a good 23% drop. That has contributed to the rise in the price of Nikon gear, so you’ll need to recalculate with that in mind. The D3S should have actually been priced higher than it was to equate to the same exchange rate adjusted USD price, but Nikon priced that before the big Nikon price hike kicked in. Given the drop in the exchange rate from 117 to 91 from the D3 to the D3S, the D3S was actually priced lower than the D3. With the drop from 91 to 77 the D4 is actually priced about the same as the D3S.

    • neversink

      And correct me if I’m wrong…. But don’t forget that when the D3 first came out the battery life was also called into question. It didn’t take long for Nikon to develop a better and longer lasting battery… Let’s hope history repeats itself….

  • martin balo

    i already hav a D4 with me!!

    • proof is in pudding

      proof? or are u fanatical dear sir?

  • martin balo

    nope! physical !! and its looking good! it feel lighter and the vertical grip is more comfortable!

  • B!

    I’m going to throw this in…just because I can.

    If you are a smoker living and buying cigarettes in NYC, and are willing to drop this nasty habit…..you can buy a D4 level camera every 2 years with money left for extra batteries, flash, cards, bag etc at every swap. Yep, do the math. Oh my god, suddenly the D4 seems super cheap in grand scheme of things.

  • Andy

    Excellent comparison to savings on cigarettes. Life is all about choices. D4 is great new choice.

  • I wonder why B&H hasn’t listed accessories yet (like the battery)…

  • 14 years ago I moved to NYC and was shooting products and such as well as some industrial stuff upstate. I was using my Mamiya RZ system which was about $2,500 for the camera and the lenses were more than the Nikon lenses for similar focal length equivalents. I was paying about $12.00/roll of 120 E-6 film and about $10.00 at Duggal or one of the other labs to process it for a total of $22.00/10 photos plus a lot of Polaroids. I would take in about 2 rolls per day; with the film, processing and Polaroids that had to be $200/week. And then I’d drum scan the chromes (which I did charge extra for, but it was a battle to be sure) on my $15,000 Howtek drum scanner. Then I still needed my Nikon F4 for sports, events and other outdoor work. So to me 6K seems like a bargain. You’re getting a killer camera, life-time supply of film and an awesome scanner.

    When you consider the time spent in buying film, processing or going to the lab and then scanning, it is truly a good time to be a photographer. Imagine what the wedding shooters were spending on film and processing for their Hasselblads. And then they had Nikons for the reception anyway.

  • paul

    “the wrong camera too late” this is a very honest technical review of this model, but I am fascinated by the suggested features. http://www.photography-factory.co.uk/photographyreviews/2012/01/nikon-d4-review-the-wrong-camera-too-late-16mp-1080p-30-hd-video-iso-12000-xqd-is-that-it-v-canon-5d-hasselblad-h4d-pentax-d645/

    • Mike

      That was an interesting overview. The things they wanted in the camera, from what i remember, were usb 3.0 and thunderbolt, swivel screen, more slow motion options in video, bluetooth for wireless headphones, gps… I am sure there are more.

      Then they discuss how it is hands down better AF, low light, metering, image quality, pixel quality, skin tones, better built, more reliable, than any other camera on the market… but it is a waste of money and they aren’t impressed and are going to get canons… which in their opinion are lesser quality, but since they are cheeper, make more sense.

      I believe in giving my clients the best, which is why I use top of the line gear. So this camera makes sense.

      • paul

        The parts I found genuinely fascinating were their suggestions for very sensible future features that are not even being considered at all by existing camera manufactures.
        a)voice recognition, while shooting.
        b)the idea that the LCD could use facial recognition to tell if you were looking at it and turn on or brighten up (i think this is genius not just for cameras)
        c)the camera should take two frames in the same one shutter actuation to make a HDR type wide latitude image.
        d) huge rear LCD – touch screen.
        These guys are smarter than the whole camera industry put together. I wish they could make that camera!

  • anElectricCameraGuy

    laughing so hard my balls tickled LMFAO!
    Matthew Saville
    Posted January 10, 2012 at 4:27 am | Permalink

    Forget the D4, I want a full-frame camera phone!

    You think I’m joking, but I’m not… 😉 Google WVIL @ CES


    Read more on NikonRumors.com: https://nikonrumors.com/2012/01/09/bh-opened-their-nikon-d4-pre-orders.aspx/#ixzz1jHEGuQHy

  • These guys will be waiting months!! Go to your local dealer and pre-order. You will get it twice as fast and it is under the MVP program and will be the same price EVERYWHERE forever….I guarantee my customers are going to get them much faster than these poor guys!! Nikon has already told us that everyone is going to get the same amount of these cameras for the first two months or more no matter how big the dealer..

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