Ritz Camera is now also taking Nikon D4 pre-orders

In addition to Adorama, Ritz Camera is now also taking pre-orders for the Nikon D4.

The new Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens is available at AdoramaAmazon USRitz Camera and Amazon Germany.

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  • Banned

    Still around Ritz? Now at least with the new pricing policy everyone is as expensive as them.

  • Craig

    Really? Ritz Camera is still in business? I thought they were in bankruptcy.

  • jen

    no tax either..guess they are really getting competitive

  • Ryan

    I’m tempted to order one but I’m really looking forward to the D800. I know a lot of people rag on it for being slow and high MP, but since I mostly do landscape, architecture, and studio work higher (with large format prints) I prefer the extra resolution over the extra speed.

    • David

      I think that’s what Nikon wanted. There’s clear markets that exist in the professional photography field, one is what this camera fits (high ISO/speed at the sacrifice of resolution), the other is what the D800 is suggested at being (high resolution at the sacrifice of ISO/speed). It’s great that Nikon, and from the looks Canon, are addressing each field instead of sacrificing a little on each to make a “all in one” camera.

      The one area though that I could see as disappointing to some is the cost difference. Those who want the D800 as a high speed/ISO camera are now going to have to pony up another $2k to get the camera that suits their need. However, I’m sure that one could find a used D3s for a decent price over the next few months.

      It would be nice if they were able to produce a lower cost high speed/ISO camera, but time will only tell if they go that route.

      All that said, I’m excited to see what the D800 ends up being, and if it is as rumored, I’d love to get my hands on one as it fits the bill for what I want out of a camera. I’m also eager to find out what the D400 is going to look like. Having a D300 now, I’d love to make the jump to full frame, but with the rumored $4k price tag on the D800 it makes it a bit tougher pill to swallow. So again, time will tell…

      • frAnk

        They should have two versions:
        one with video and on withou.
        They can get more business this way.
        I stay with my D700, caus’ I don’t want to pay for the video.

  • Get our credit cards out everyone.

  • Dormant

    Ritz are pricing it at 4c more than everyone else – they’ll lose sales that way!

  • ich bins wieder

    D4 seems to be the tool for hard press work and therefore Nikon has done an good job regarding the technical possibilities we have today. My favourite is a high resolution cam (waiting for D800) with video capabilities (I know, D4 has too): Does anyone here have experiences with videos on SLRs? I own a Sony HDR-1 cam, but regarding the results on my 1,17 m LED-screen the sharpness seems to be a little disappointing when filming in low-light.
    Another question are the lenses: both, D4 and D800 (and my D700, too) require high-end lenses, and this means, no zooms. But: what brought Nikon out during the last years? 2/200 surely plays in the Champions Leage (as well as FC Bayern and not BVB, haha and huhu), but then? I got some Leica lenses from 28 to 90 mm and so I think they can do a good job on the new outcoming bodies. Btw: high-end lens doesn’t mean a big aperture. See the Leica 1,4/50 and 2/50. The last one is better in any case.

  • jjh hg


    • D4_Buyer

      So… You logged on to NikonRumors to learn about “pictures”…?

      • M!

        +1, lol.

  • Nicholas

    DO NOT BUY FROM RITZ!!! seriously they have the worst customer service. I bought a d7000 refurbished on there a 2 weeks ago and it showed up DOA (it happens) but Im trying to return it and they keep saying they will send a return label and they dont. I would gladly pay shipping but they won’t except the return with out the label lol Go with amazon all the way.

  • Strange, all he fuss about the costs of the cameras. When it comes down to it, if one needs all the quality of image from the D3s/D4, then your clients should be covering this cost in a few weeks if not less. If one delivers quality which is easily obtained from DX cameras like a D90 or cheaper, then this is what one shoots. Most magazine reproductions will not show the difference between the formats unless the printing is very high quality and the picture size is large, 8×10 inches or so. So, if one wants the $$$ equipment, then you are hopefully producing some fantastic stuff. I suspect I will never get all out of the D4 it has in capability. But I just want it.

  • Camaman

    I like Nikon more with this kind of approach! Canon lost the hype effect IMO.

  • grumps

    After seeing some sample shots, I’m not impressed, in fact if you own a D3/D700/D7000 or canon equivalent, unless the D4 offers something you need the others don’t have, I really don’t see the point. The high ISO is meh, if you really do shoot often, I don’t see why you need to go above ISO 800 and like ISO 3200 was really bad with the predecessors?

    But I guess each to their own!

  • tc123

    Worn out the D3 and D3s but sure as heck don’t want fork out $6k for video camera.

  • nikkorz

    With all retailers gearing up for the release of the D4, I wonder if Nikon is able to finally keep up with demand despite the recent setbacks at the Nikon production facilities. I was in the market for a D3s not too long ago, but most retailers were constantly out of stock. When the retailers do get them in stock (for the MSRP) they usually do not stay in stock for more than a day or two at the most.

  • $$$
    • $$$

      estimate price but they will price match anyways. still 9,999 is a bit off..

    • Halo9

      Yeah I was just looking at that. That converts to $10,226.98 USD. Crazy!!!

    • gav

      hmmm $4000 difference…with that I may as well have a holiday in the states, buy the D4 and have some change left over!!!

    • Nau

      I didnt even bother to look up Australian prices… aus dollar is stronger then ever and we getting prices like that …. no wonder f retail crying that no one buys from them any more…

    • slt

      Given that the D3x RRP is still AU$13,999, the AU$9,999 estimate for the D4 won’t be far off the mark either. And given that there will be some time before the demand is filled, there won’t be much discounting by the dealers I suspect. So yeah, US$6000 + 600 GST + 100 in freight will be the go. And bugger the Aust. warranty for saving 3,300 bucks!

    • US prices do not include sales tax or VAT. If the camera is purchased from a retailer who has no facilities in the state where the purchaser lives there is no sales tax. Out of 50 states, there are only two or three where Amazon must collect sales tax. Adorama and B&H only collect sales tax from New York residents or walk in sales.

      • slt

        Sure, but irrelevant if the product is exported. I’ll be paying the 10% Goods and Services Tax on import to Australia, ie. $600 or thereabouts. The local (assumed) retail price of AU$9,999 already includes that GST. The savings will still be AU$3,300 once approx $100 shipping is factored in.

        • The reason prices for imported goods like Nikon are so high (when converted to $US) in Australia is the prices were set in Australian Dollars when the Australian Dollar was 60 cents US. We are getting a break in the US because our currency is weak.

          • slt

            Huh? The US$ is weak against the yen, so the price in US$ should be up. AU$ is strong against the US$ (and has been for 4 years, except a brief period in late 08, early 09) so the reverse ought to be the case. But clearly Nikon’s pricing policy has little to do with actual exchange rates. So much for “Globalization”! But thanks to the Internet we’re at least able to buy where to prices are relatively low.

  • jabilson007

    Calumet Photgraphic is also taking pre-orders per the email I received about 2 hours ago.

  • Neil

    Roberts Imaging has been taking preorders since this morning, too.

  • InfraRed

    If we had to pay sales tax (or VAT) for every order, the US debt would not look as bas as that:
    and local stores would have a better chance to survive…
    I hate to pay taxes but I feel the pain for all local Nikon dealers who have to deal with out-of-state internet orders. What was a good idea in 1997 may no longer be necessary with this economy (please just don’t shoot the messenger!).

    • InfraRed

      I meant “as bad as”…

  • John Richardson

    So guys, what happens when they stop making all cameras with moving mirrors? I mean seriously what happens when lets say the D5 has no mirror and is still a FF or maybe DX sized sensor? Why do we really need a moving mirror in a DSLR? Isn’t that technology “old”? What if the V3 is as good or better than a D4 or D800 what happens then?

    i dunno, I was only thinking about the future…

  • yippy

    six grand for this? what a joke. Its a goddamn d3s with a couple tweeks. I gotta laugh at the suckers that buy this.
    Nikon needs to advance in a big way. I will stay with my d3.

    • THE MAN

      its more than a couple of tweeks…a whole new higher res sensor with 1 stop better ISO against the previous king of low light D3S + new AF system + EXPEED 3 + wireless control = pure winner.

      Check out the image at Joe Mcnally’s blog and the colour tone from just the jpg files are very very pleasing to the eyes.

      Comparing D4 and D3 is nite & day! Obviously you don’t shoot or don’t even own a D3.

      • yippy

        uh oh, let me guess – you immediately put a order in for a D4 upon its release and now are realizing you got the greatest D3 ever built with really cool video capabilities. This camera is nothing more than a fair upgrade from a iphone. Gotta love blind consumerism. The technology in this camera is over 4 years old for christ sake, wake up and quit patronizing these scum bag corporations for making crazy amounts of money for outdated, suppressed technology. We all know nikon could be making far better equipment for less money.
        But if your one of those people that likes having the latest gadgets just for bragging rights then be my guest.
        …. and why is it so hard to believe I have a D3?

    • M!

      if you do not see the reasons for the D4, perhaps the D3 is right for you.
      every photographer’s shooting style and demands are different.

    • broxibear

      Hi yippy,
      Purely from a stills pov the changes over the D3/D3s are small, if you only take images and not video I’d agree and say there’s little point in upgrading unless you have to.
      In one of the videos it’s described as a one stop difference between the D3s and D4 after 3200, so a 6400 image from a D4 will have the quality of a 3200 image from a D3s…I use a D3 for music photography at 3200 and 6400 and they’re already pretty damn clean. Yes the D4 will be a little cleaner but we’re talking about small increments here.
      It’s not “nite and day” in terms of stills…it is in terms of video.
      People upgrade their equipment for different reasons, some because they want to, others because they need to. At the moment I have no need to.

  • Ok, well thats interesting.. but Im not interested in luggin around that brick everyday, GIVE US THE D800 !

  • I realize this is a bit far down the thread to comment on previous posts but I just have too.
    It was mentioned earlier that the Australian price of a D3s is $9,999 I think and the D3x is $13,999. What a load of trollup. My suppliers current price on both is $5,895 and $9,495 including our gst if you have to pay it.

    I checked a couple of other authorised dealers and they were all very similar. I really have no idea were some people get there information. Whoever you are, do you even live in Australia?

    • THE MAN

      whao thats very reasonable pricing…almost the same as the outgoing D3S.

      that means if i buy duty free then i get another 10% off!

    • slt

      Those are the RRPs set by Nikon Australia:

      D3x AU$13,999
      D3s AU$7,999

      I’m not arguing that the street price for the older models is lower than than, but don’t expect the street price of the D4 to be much lower than retail for a while.

      At least one “pro” shop (CameraPro in Brisbane) has the D4 listed at an RRP of AU$9,999. Although they’re saying that they haven’t received an official RRP from Nikon Aust. yet, I doubt it will be less than a D3s.

      As for the RRP set when the exchange rate was 0.60 … that last was the case from Oct 08 to Mar 09. I think even Nikon Aust aren’t that stupid to justify their prices that way!

      • slt

        Well, just as I wrote the previous, CameraPro have changed their RRP from AU$9,999 to AU$6,999! That’s more like it…

  • broxibear

    As much as I dislike the camera compared to other models the Nikon 1 has sold extremely well here in the UK, credit where credit’s due…
    “Last week, the Nikon J1 also managed to set the record for the highest number of models sold in one week, beating the previous records set by other manufacturer’s models. That means that the camera sold more in a single week than any other individual mirrorless compact system camera since the segment of the market launched back in 2008.
    After just 10 weeks on sale, Nikon also claims that is now the number two best-selling brand for compact system cameras.”

  • broxibear

    A lot of people were curious as to where the D4 would be made. Japan, Malaysia, China…has anyone found this out yet ?
    There’s nothing I can find in all the marketing information, there are no images of the box and all the images of the bottom of the camera have a “sample” plate with no text saying “Made in _ _ _ _ _ ” ?

    • Bob your thing

      Made in Nikon

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