Nikon D4 picture: real or fake?

There are many photoshopped images of the Nikon D4 out there. Is this one of them? Your guess is as good as mine. For reference, a picture of the D3s:

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  • rob

    a real fake? [1st? ;-p]

    • NikoNiko


      Remember how important the RED TRIANGLE is to Nikon shown in this video.

      Based on that only, I reckon it’s just a refurbished D800/D4 mash-up fake.

      • Steph

        The grey “box” in the left corner looks really fake, i’m sure this was fotoshopped.

  • lebooster

    A fake-Real (LoL)

    • T.I.M

      who care ? Nikon show us the cameras, we don’t need the picture.

  • I think that’s a REKE or a FAAL? who knows…

  • Could be real. The red element is much thinner like on the approved D800 prototypes.

  • nikoniko7

    Nikon D3s (ISO12800)>>EOS 1D mk4(ISO12800),
    EOS 1DX(ISO51200)≒EOS 1Dmk4(ISO12800)

    Nikon D4(ISO12800)≒EOS 1DX(ISO51200)!?

    • SandyB

      Lets see what the images look like before you get too silly. Canon so far has only matched the D3. It was only a matter of time before they matched the D3s. At any rate, I think it unlikely they will beat the D3s by a stop or more. I’m not sure Nikon can, given the present efficiency of the chip. Maybe smoke and mirrors. Or software.

      • nikoniko7

        Nikon d4(ISO12800)≒EOS 1DX(ISO51200)
        ↓ correction
        Nikon d4(iso12800)>>EOS 1DX(ISO51200)

  • Rich

    It almost looks air brushed but I’m looking at it on my iPhone. I think it’s the real deal as for as what it’s going to look like. Are these images coming in with blacked out model our is administration doing it for legal reasons?

  • bob

    I’d say it has the same probability as the D800 pics. The red stripe at the handle seems to be similar in both cameras. Therefore I think they’re both real, and since the cameras will be announced in the near future why shouldn’t the pics be real?

  • It seems to be real because of the new 85mm af-s f/1.4G ED for the future promotion of the Nikon D4 (as the 85mm af-d f/1.4 & the 14-24mm af-s f/2.8 for the nikon d3 when it came out(sorry for my english))

  • burak

    even if it s fake, how wrong could it be?

    • metsatsu

      Well said

  • What a good way to end 2011. I think this is real

  • Scott

    If it’s real, it’s strange they’d make the mode dial on the top-right so smooth. How would you change between shooting modes in the rain?

    • WoutK89

      Good catch, seems like also the “button” to release this dial has been cut off in half diagonally.

    • bp

      “it’s strange they’d make the mode dial on the top-right so smooth”

      then it is not a dial -__-” duh

  • Milos

    I don’t like new red logo, triangle was better

    • metsatsu

      +1 it appears that D800 is getting the same. It all started from D5100

    • kirk

      i am not a big fan of the red logo myself i hope that is fake

    • johansson

      i never understood this red thing.
      why red?
      red = canon

      the corporate colors are yellow, black and white

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Originally the red stripes (yes, it started as a stripe) were only found on the flagship cameras and were a ‘trademark’ or ‘reference’ to the fact that they were designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.
        -F3/h/hp/p had a thin vertical red stripe next to the grip.
        This was the first body designed by Giugiaro, so the first to have a red stripe.
        -F4 had a red stripe on the outside part of the grip.

        Originally it was meant only for bodies designed by Giugiaro, but it became so iconic for Nikon that it has been used on other bodies too.
        On the F5/F6/D1 it was an long oval shape on the inside of the grip, that looked like a vertical stripe from head on.

        The triangle shape is only recent, introduced with the D2 (iirc), so Nikon is not ‘attached’ to the triangle and the leatest solution is probably because it is easier to produce, cheaper and makes the grip covering more sturdy.

      • KT

        Imagine how ugly the body will be if they replaced these iconic red strips/triangles with yellow ones. I wouldn’t be caught dead carrying one of these. Regarding the image, I think it’s real, it certainly looks like it came from the same mold that produced the D800. If you buy into the fact the D800 images were real then so is this D4

        • I don’t think yellow would be any worse than red, I just wish that they would drop the little bit of colored rubber altogether. I think it makes the camera look cheap and amateur. I’m a lifelong Nikon user but I do think the Canon 1Dx looks better than anything Nikon makes. I like all-black, purposeful looking cameras, not brightly colored kid’s toys. I don’t like all the gold-painted plastic on my G lenses either. It makes them look like they belong in a Barbie house.

  • john

    who care, I just need the real dam thing

  • yhannoby

    uhmmm just a little bit but its fake.

    • Douglas Adams

      It can’t be a fake “a little bit”! Its fake or it’s not!

      Admin, cmon, tell us little more about the pics origin. There has to be a reason that you put it there… 😉

  • Both the D800 image you posted and this one are showing smoother ( Canon like ?) curves…. New Design trends ????

  • R.

    I hope it’s fake.

  • Could not find any promo photo with D3(x/x) with 85/1.4g which this lens seems to be, so it might be real (even though the 85/1.8g is expected) or the bored photoshop creator is extra sneaky this time 😉

    • You’ll not find any promotional pics of the af-S 85mm f/1.4 with a pro nikon camera, why? because nikon keep it for the D4! 😉

  • Unusually smoothed contours of new D800 and D4 make me sad.
    It looks as ugly as canons and seems have bad ergonomics.
    Digit “4” is bad in Japan culture.
    I it is real it is not a good news…

    • Last Friday the 13th I did a barrel roll under a ladder while trying to avoid a pack of black cats who crossed in front of me after I shattered a mirror on the 13th floor of a building. It all started when I opened up an umbrella inside and knocked over the salt on the table. Unfortunately, I miscalculated the roll, and I ended up crashing through the window — I fell 13 stories to my death.

      I’m really bummed. I was so close to owning the very unlucky D4.

  • Andrey

    Another fake.

    • Hoho


    • D

      Like, for real … I’m all real … my breasts are real, my hair is real, my teeth are real … my breasts are real. My D800 is real … for real!

  • Nadja

    Seems to be real – as the D800-pictures wer real:

    – Red triangle is gone, more curvish (like on D800-pictures and D5100 – and I don´t like this)
    – Canonish-like upper side (like D800)
    – The left side seems to be smaller than on D3(s) – like D800 in relation to D700

    Now in retrospective I´m also 100% convinced that the D800 pictures shown here were no fake

  • neversink

    Who Cares if it’s real or not….. Just get me the real thing in my hands… Thank you…

    An educated guess… Why the censored strip??? Was it too much for the Photoshop Artist to throw a 4 over the 3???? The strip reminds me of the old censorship of women’s breasts????

    Are we really debating about whether these pics are real or not! Honestly…. Who Cares?????

  • kenny b

    I cast my vote for real. Just a cosmetic refresh that makes sense. A little cleaner, a little sleeker.

  • Cam

    Who cares!

    It so fake, I mean if its lit like a professional shoot why is the shot so badly taken? This site has become a little tiresome of late. Just bloody wait and see and even if this isn’t real its not going to be far off is it. God get a life!

    • Zeke

      The whole point of a rumors web site is for not waiting and seeing. As for “get a life,” the Admin is doing his _job_. What are _you_ doing here?

  • There hasn’t been a Nikon perfectly balanced in the hand since the original F. It all started to go to Hell when they tipped the advance lever in plastic in 1974 (the “Apollo”). The current pro digital bodies are all beasts, even compared to the anvil-like F2 with motor drive. So bottom line, who cares if it’s real or fake? It’s going to be too big, too bulky, too unbalanced and just another disposable digital camera. Sigh. But we need it, we need the technology, we need more pixels and we need the latest and greatest available. Anymore it all seems fake. The Nikon F, that was real.

    • DavidB


    • Ken Elliott

      Hang on – that plastic tip film advance lever was a HUGE improvement. I loved the F, but the wind lever sucked – too rough and too narrow. And moving the shutter release forward was a really nice improvement.

      But neither of those cameras feel as good as a D700. I enjoy my old film cameras, but the D700 is the finest camera I’ve ever owned.

    • Zeke

      I do wish they’d make them smaller. Optically, they don’t need to be any bigger than an old FG. The rest of the bulk is just electronics, actuators, and batteries, technologies that have undergone a revolution in miniaturization over the decades – yet digital SLRs keep getting bigger.

    • I love the feel of today’s Nikons, but I jumped in at the N8008. By then, the size was roughly what it is today with the DSLRs.

      You’ve got some great stuff in your portfolio, Terry.

      • jodjac

        I agree, nice work TerryClark !

    • neversink

      Couldn’t agree more… The original Nikon Ftn – What a gorgeous camera. I loved it…. I loved shooting Panatomic 32 and Kodachrome 25 with it — and Tri-X 400…. Nothing beat those films. NOTHING…. TMax 100 was a big improvement over Plus X…

      Now we have mega pixels and they don’t even come close to beating the above films….

  • D4ve

    It’s fake.

    The safety button for the selector dial (top right photo) seems to be mucked up. Also, the dial is smooth and would be very difficult to use. If there is no dial, why have a safety button? I don’t think the photoshopper knew what they were doing with this area.

    • There’s a boatload of JPEG artifacting, so it’s almost pretty much impossible to know either way.

  • Who cares if it’s fake or not, just launch the damn camera… This waiting is driving me NUTS!

  • CB

    Looks like the old-style grip rubber. I’m going with fake.

  • NikoNiko


    Remember how important the RED TRIANGLE is to Nikon shown in this video.

    Based on that only, I reckon it’s just a refurbished D800/D4 mashup fake.

  • This is obviously fake. Look at the artifacts along the edge of the camera! I’d also be a bit surprised if the red triangle loses that much of its triangularity – it sort of misses the mark on the tradition of the Nikon triangle. But the artifacts are what give it away, this is shopped.

    • Zeke

      I’m not sure if the red triangle counts as “tradition” yet. The whole dash of red thing started with a vertical stripe on the F3, but it wasn’t triangular on Nikon’s top DSLRs until the D2. That’s pretty recent history.

  • Anshuman Gaikwad

    I hope its a fake….
    but what matters more are its specs…….:-)

  • Eric Calabros

    too much real or fake challenges… switching to Canon


  • Roger Botting

    Its a D5 prototype, its coming.

  • broxibear

    Matt Granger get’s his lenses and sensor cleaned at the Nikon Service Centre in Hong Kong, and then tries his luck by asking about the D4 and D800
    Don’t know if this image is fake, everyone knows the basic design isn’t going to change very much…I see it’s got the same angled front dial as the D800 fake/real image Peter posted.
    Only a few more days to wait until the real images will be posted.
    Any images of the D5 yet Peter ?…the D4 fakes have been around for years, why do Nikon wait so long before updating their fakes ? I can’t look at these old fakes any longer, I need new fakes.

    • broxibear

      Here it is with the D4 logo in place and cleaned up a little…I don’t know if it’s fake but it gives you a better idea of what it looks like without the censorship

  • cosmic

    I remember for the pending “iPhone 5” release, there were some very convincing Photoshops and actual solid prototypes of the design. However, their designs were radical changes to the iPhone 4.

    This D4 design looks very convincing and isn’t radical enough to be real. To me, it seems like a level-headed designer came up with this D4 design, which looks a bit more futuristic and elegant than the old D3.

    • cosmic

      Sorry for misunderstanding, but I meant that I think this D4 picture is real. The design isn’t a radical departure from the D3.

  • Funduro

    Real. Since I won the contest, please ship me the prize promptly upon it’s release.

  • human tripod

    It’s real.

  • Zoot

    Fake. It’s an airbrushed Brownie 127.

    Those were the days.

  • The logo is photoshopped, so to me it’s fake. It doesn’t follow the curve of the underground and is a bit to unsharp.

  • Jesse G

    Fake! Pixel #357 is blurry. I can’t believe no one else spotted it!!!!!11

  • PM

    It is obvious!

    It is really an authentic fake photoshopped real image of the early sample authentic final prototype of canon d-5 mark 42.6 !!!

    You thought . you could trick ME ??

  • Catalin Chitu

    I think this just might be the D800!


    Peter, Any news if Nikon will skip the numbering of this camera and name this camera D5. I read this some place else stating that the number 4 is unlucky in Japan and they may not use D4 but call this new camera D5…

    • RThomas

      That seems unlikely; they did make an F4, after all.

    • no, it will be a D4, just like there was a F4

  • FAKE!! Prism looks way too small and the mode wheel is smooth. Other than that, it’s plausible. I think it will be out of my price range anyway. I DO think it will be an amazing camera.

  • Well, it could be. I wonder what was covered up? If Nikon wants to replace the D3s before the Olympics, they better do it now. I am starting to drift to the camp that says the D800 is a lower cost replacement for the D3x and not really a D700 successor. If the D700 is not discontinued, that would be an indication.

    • WoutK89

      The D90 was still readily available next to the D7000 as well, so who knows what Nikon has up their sleeve for the D800/D700.

  • EnPassant

    As others already written this photo look very propable as it includes design elements from D5100 and the leaked D800 pictures.

    For me, if this is the new D4, it is a beautifully designed camera, even more attractive than the D3 and the other cameras in the D pro series. It looks like a modern tool giving you the craving to grip it with your hand just like the curves of a well shaped woman. (What do you think Ron? ;)) I especially like how the grip and red part is like molded around the input wheel while it is straight on D3 and Canons EOS-1D X.

    Canons design of their new flagship on the other hand not only look older but also like a mishmash as if made by two or more designers. In my opinion the only well designed Canon camera is Colani’s T90. Since then Canon tried to rework that design on their new cameras but failed all the time making them more ugly. If it wasn’t for their many good benchmark lenses, in many areas leading technique and already big market share Nikon would win on walk over if exterior design only mattered. In fact except having better specifications design was one of the reasons I choosed Nikon as the camera brand to build my SLR system.

    It’s just a pity it will be such expensive I can’t justify a purchase just to be able watch it, pick it up and hold it and fire the shutter. I prefer smaller and lighter cameras and am patiently waiting for a FX-camera in a D7000 type body. But in 10-15 years when Nikon already presented the D6 or even D7 my dream can become true as then a used D4 in good condition should cost no more than $ 700 instead of the price for a new D4 next year of about $ 7000.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    I never liked the design of the D3 series, it just looks…clumsy 😛
    Especially that horrible oval plate on the prism with the logo on it… eeewww…
    What do you even call that, a Triangoval? Ovangle? Trapeziurgh?

    To me, this looks better, more serious, poised.
    My son says it looks like it was made by Cylons.
    -That’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

    The drive mode selecter dial actually CAN be smooth on the front side of the camera, as long as the back of the dial is ridged. It never does more than half a turn from end to end anyway. One less place to trap dirt.

    Another thing I REALLY like about this design is that the front input wheel now has an area of smooth plastic under it, instead of ‘grip rubber’. Should make it much easier and quicker to use, no more ‘drag’ from the rubber grip. Probably easier to use with gloves on too now.
    So if it’s a fake, it is a very well thought out fake. Even if it has a whiff of Canon about it….

  • Teo

    I don’t care! Just point me to the real thing and hand me some money!

  • I think it’s real, just like the D800 photos!

    I also think the Admin knows more than he lets on from time to time and he keeps it that way in order to keep getting reliable information.

    Either way, I can’t afford either a D400 or D4 unless I win the lottery today and can pre-order after the 6-weeks it takes to receive my winnings.

    Hoping this will be the year Nikon reminds us all why we love them. Great cameras and amazing lenses.

  • macboc

    What’s with masking out the model number?

    • Yeah, I wonder that too. Why mask them out, Admin?

  • Bernard

    Really faked ! 🙂

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