Happy Holidays!

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  • PTMac

    I do believe in Nikon, I do believe in Nikon, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do believe in Nikon, I do believe in Nikon, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I DO!

    • Not Surprised

      Nikon is not real! Its just a lie your parents tell you at Christmas to make you think they paid more for Kodak products. Shhh.. don’t tell the kids. As if a company could REALLY recover from a flood and a tsunami within one year and go on to produce the worlds best cameras by the next year’s first quarter? Poppy-cock!

  • grantourismo

    Right back at you! And i do believe, i believe i´ll have another beer. Happy christmas!

    • Ahhh, beer – something that actually exists!

      So a big +1, Happy Holidays NR and remember to keep the seX in Xmas!

  • Happy holidays to all NR Fans and NR Admin.

  • bernie javier

    SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND — thanks for the fun rumours, NR. May all be able to afford the new Nikon toys. $ee you next year !!!

    • Not Surprised

      Pay excessive mark-ups and grant overly generous margins — and you shall receive. =P

  • Juergen.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    Thank you Peter for keeping up such a good site!

    Juergen from Germany

  • palefire

    Happy holidays to all.

    Now if Santa Claus leaves that 400mm f/2.8G ED VR under my tree it will really be a Merry Christmas.

  • Happy holidays to all. Good things are coming in 2012.

    • Not Surprised

      Stop bragging about your social life, Ron.

  • Spacedog

    Happy Holidays to all of you!!

    And always remember: Raising your weight has high priority during the next days 😉

  • henry

    from Richmond inn Canada…!!!!

  • jodjac

    Merry Christmas everybody, Merry Christmas!

  • David E Johnson

    Merry Christmas! 🙂 Thanks for another great year of rumors to keep the mill up and going!

  • CJ

    Merry Christmas to all. Hopefully Santa will have a few more surprises in his sleigh . Thanks NR for a great website.

  • Chris P

    A Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2012 to all. In 2012, as in any other year, remember that having the money to buy a 600 mm f4 is of no use at all unless you have the good health to lift it.

  • BenS

    Happy holidays Nikon, NR and fans !

    Oh btw, i was told by a Nikon insider that there are several Nikon bodies out there still being tested.

    A Nikon d800 body is in the North Pole. Being tested by the pro Nikon elves at the toy factory.. err last i heard there are no Canon bodies there.

    One Nikon D4 and one D400 will be tested by Santa and one of his priviledged elf as they cross he the continents to delivery all the gifts on Xmas eve. Nikon is confident the D4 and D400 willl survive ( and shoot amazing photos of course ) the extreme (light?) speeds and extreme environments that Santa will pass through.

    Oh and get this, they are sure both D4 / 400 can withstand all the bumps as Santa drops through the chimney … even Santas weight ( + sack of gifts).

    Happy Holidays


  • Mark Parren

    Merry Christmas, lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas.

  • broxibear

    This is a rumour site, you don’t really believe there are any holidays do you ?…Peter just invented Christmas to get more site traffic, lol.

  • Yakka McYakka Face


    In pumpkin pie tomorrow.

    Happy Holidays, Peter! May an onslaught of awesome new Nikon cameras, lenses, and accessories flood the market in 2012, all of which predicted brilliantly by Nikon Rumors!

  • Golf007sd

    Merry Christmas to you all. And YES I do Believe in Nikon…they rock my digital photography world!!! 2012 here we come…Cheers!

  • hipster


    • Hipster’s friend

      Holga FTW

  • WB

    Happy Holidays NR…love your site.

    Just like a meteoroligist, the weather forecast may not always be right, but everyone watches anyway.

    You do a heck of a lot better than the weather forecaster in my area…keep up the good work!

  • Merry xmas to all, hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and that you took plenty of good photos of it with regardless what camera you have!

    Not to spoil it or anything, but I’ll be unwrapping a nice D800 on Christmas morning… ; )

    • fixit77

      Lucky you, wherever you’re from — here in Toronto, Santa doesn’t deliver — he’s a member of the labor union !!!

      • I’m just pulling your leg lol
        I’m only about 90 minutes away from Toronto anyway!

  • lolly

    We believe what we want to believe … a rumor, a guess, a gut feeling … call it what we will … if we believe … it will come true … sometimes. Even if it doesn’t come true … we can only blame ourselves for dreaming.

    Happy dream…err, Holidays to everyone !

  • Hi Peter and fellow Nikonians,

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you and to your families, friends and loved ones.

    ….and I do believe Nikon will once again re-set the bar with its new releases coming up in 2012 🙂

    God bless you all, and be safe and well!

  • Andrew

    Happy holidays. Time to be happy, time to be kind!

  • rbciu

    the truth is out there

  • Todd

    I believe…wait, hope to see the 80-400mm replacement before my Alaska trip in June. Otherwise, hello Canon.

  • Craig L

    For all of you who wished a “Happy Holidays,” there wouldn’t be a ‘holiday’ if it wasn’t for Christ as in Christmas as in Merry CHRISTmas. Blessings.

    • BartyL

      Pre-christian cultures have celebrated ‘mid-winter’ everywhere in the northern hemisphere for 1000’s of years. Without their acknowledgement of the fact that the axial tilt of the earth with respect to the sun began to swing from the winter extreme toward the summer extreme at this time of year, it is likely Christ would have been assigned some other arbitrary birthday.

      In that spirit I wish you: Happy Beiwe Festival. Happy Brumalia. Happy Chawmos. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Karachun. Happy Lá an Dreoilín. Happy Lenæa. Happy Meán Geimhridh. Happy Midvinterblót. Happy Mummer’s Day. Happy Shab-e Chelleh. Happy Sanghamitta Day. Happy Saturnalia. Happy Soyal.

      • Uhhh….. Not true.

        Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ has been celebrated by the church since AD 200 if not earlier. Its assignment to December has little or nothing to do with Pre-Christian cultures’ mid-winter celebrations, that’s a common misconception.

        Actually, historically it seems there’s literally not any month where the birth of Jesus Christ hasn’t at one time or another been celebrated, including May, October, January, etc. And no matter which month His birth was or is celebrated, there is bound to be some pre-Christian culture having *some* kind of celebration that month, so “that month’s celebration” would have been given the same mistaken credit for Christmas’ origin.

        But have a happy one anyway, and peace to you 🙂

  • Nau

    is there confirmed date for this one ?

  • enesunkie

    I believe that there is going to be a LOT of very happy people in the next couple months. Have a great Christmas!

  • Thanks Admin. Have a good rest and have fun 😀

  • Bernard

    I wonder which Nikon camera is Santa’s favorite ?… 🙂

    • the coolpix S line of course. I keeps complaining about the weight in the sleigh and the weight on his bones. All he wanted was something that did not stand out too much up north and at least had his initial on on it

  • David T

    Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas!

  • The wish is old !, the wish is true !
    A merry Christmas, my friends, to you!
    -Where there’s smoke there’s fire- Greetings from Heidelberg-

  • Madetech

    FAKE!! You can clearly see that the picture was photoshopped… 😛

    Merry Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas to all the NR readers and of course, to our fearless leader Peter and his family.

    God bless you all!

  • Alper Gurdal

    Happy holidays to all Nikon fans…

    Umarım hayırlı bir yıl olur 2012. Sizlerin de christmas’ınız kutlu olsun.

    I want to see a D800 in My arms in 2012 :))

  • GeoffK

    Merry Christmas to you and yours everyone.

  • Derek

    Nothing says happy holidays quite like the font Hobo 😉

    Nevertheless, I want a D4 for the new year.

  • Elmo

    Christmas is just work for me to get all the world travellers to their destination but the good things comes on 16 january for me…. a huge big lens

    Feliz Navidad

  • kaze kaze

    Merry Christmas, wishing you all have a safe holiday. =^D

  • Hamuga

    Happy holidays??!?!?!?!
    Not MErry Christmas?

    That’s it I am switching to Canon!

    (I kid, I kid. Just didn’t feel like a NR post without people complaining and switching to Canon)

    Happy holidays!

    • Maddog

      That’s it. I am switching to Easter.. 🙂

  • Andrew T.M.

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  • BCAl

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Capture some great festive moments with a Nikon! (or others if you must haha jk)

  • Nicola

    Have i won something?

  • Happy Christman Peter. Cheers for keeping the rumourmill fed this year…

  • Tom

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you 🙂

  • Mock Kenwell

    Merry Christmas! God bless us everyone!

  • NikonMike

    Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to all at Nikon, Nikon Rumors and its fans. From Here in Norway.

  • anon743

    Speculation is just too hard to believe.

    BTW, while most folks can have normal Xmas breaks, many others don’t (eg. pros working for the media).

    I pay respects to theose who cannot have a good, happy, and relaxed Xmas.

  • Pat

    Thanks Peter, that was a great 2011 year, you really caught my attention with all the rumors. Keep up the good job. Have a nice break 🙂

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