Nikon D4 and a new lens announcement on January 6th, 2012

On January 6th, 2012 Nikon will have a major announcement. Expect the Nikon D4 and one new lens (probably AF-S 85mm f/1.8G). Friday is an unusual date for Nikon to introduce new products, but my understanding is that there will be press events scheduled in Las Vegas during the weekend before the PMA show that starts on January 10, 2012.

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  • Mike


  • ennan

    Looking forward to seeing some samples from this. I’m sure it’s going to be great.

    • Paul

      Same, I like that it’s an early January announcement.

      • I like that it’s an early ANYTHING announcement. 🙂

        • Sticking Zoom

          Que bueno!!! It will be begunz!!

  • logandiana

    I’ll believe it when I see it!!!
    I just hope the 85mm 1.8g is not outrageously overpriced. If the price and build of the 50 1.8g are any clue, I would expect it to be around $35o US, but who knows…

    • ISP

      wishful thinking ! I would say more like 650,00$ -750,00$

    • Merv

      The current 85mm f/1.8 costs about $450:

      So no way an update would go for less.

    • I shoot Nikon

      Just curious what makes you think it’ll be $350 when the 1.8D is selling for $100 more? Nikon is not in business of undercutting their older technology and is always happy to pass you the bill for developing new one.

      I think around $700 is more like it and unless it’s as cream-machiny as the 1.4G then I’ll stick with my 1.8D until I can finally upgrade to the sexiest lens known to man…

      • logandiana

        I guess maybe I should have put that it should be or wish it would be around $350. No telling what Nikon will do.

      • With Canon’s super-popular 85 1.8 being priced at $380 (Amazon), and Nikon always having a bit of premium price point over Canon, I’m thinking that it would be smart for Nikon to price it ranging from $450 – $600. Of course I’m really hoping for it to be down closer to $400. ha ha ha

        It also stands to reason… if they price it closer to $900, why would we not just get the Sigma 85 1.4 instead?

        • I know a LOT of photographers with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 and its an amazing lens for less than a grand. If the new 85mm is over 650-700 then the Sigma makes more sense. Its the first non nikkor I am considering owning and I really prefer to stay with nikkors.

    • R!

      Shht!!!!!!!!!!!! they reading…I wish more like around 300$ or less!!!!!

  • texajoe

    Nice. And so close to my birthday (Jan 10) the 85 1.8 Pre-order will be a nice gift to myself.

    • Sticking Zoom

      And to Nikon Corporation

  • NanDub

    The price increase trend of updated lenses:
    50 1.4D ($300) -> 50 1.4G ($500)
    50 1.8D ($130) -> 50 1.8G ($200)
    85 1.4D ($1200) -> 85 1.4G ($1700)
    85 1.8D ($450) -> 85 1.8G ($???)

    The 85 1.8G will be most likely around $700, which is not cheap by any standard, especially when compared against sigma 85 1.4 HSM. Hopefully that’s not the case, but I’m afraid it will be…

    • logandiana

      True, but then look at the 35mm 1.8g DX at $199 vs the 35mm 1.4g at $1620. I know one is DX and the other is FX, but look at the construction too. I’d be willing to bet that the new 85mm 1.8 will look and feel closer to the 35mm 1.8g DX, the 50mm 1.8g and the 50mm 1.4g rather than the 85mm 1.4g or the 35mm 1.4g.

      I don’t really understand it, it’s not like the optical formula is so much bigger for 85mm than for 50mm. All I am saying is there is no reason for it to cost any more than $350-$500. I don’t think it will be as high as $700 or more, because for one people will decide the 85mm 1.8D isn’t so bad after all (and they’d be right) OR people will just decide to go with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 at almost the same price. And it’s an awesome lens.

      • Thomas

        I bet a 85/1.8G will be under 500$ and sharp like heck.

      • logandiana

        Nikon 24mm 1.4G = $2000
        Nikon 35mm 1.4G = $1620
        Nikon 85mm 1.4G = $1700
        Nikon 50mm 1.4G = $425????
        Why is it that the Nikon 50mm 1.4G doesn’t cost $1500??? It’s because it’s smaller and not as well made as the others. Still a good lens though. There’s no reason why Nikon can’t use the same kind of construction when building a 85mm 1.8G. It doesn’t need to be a pro lens and therefore doesn’t need to carry a pro price. I won’t pay any more than $500 that’s for certain. I don’t need it that bad!

        • “Why is it that the Nikon 50mm 1.4G doesn’t cost $1500??? It’s because it’s smaller and not as well made as the others”

          No, it’s because a 50mm design is much, much easier to make than the wide angles and the 85. It’s just a simpler lens design that uses less glass. It’s been like that for every 50mm in the history of SLRs. It’s the same reason we have ‘nifty fifties’ at F/1.8 that are dirt cheap and optically excellent.

          • logandiana

            Wide angles maybe… but the 85mm 1.8 formula isn’t a whole lot more advanced than the 50mm. The current 85mm 1.8D is only six elements in six groups. Why can’t they take that and just add the AF-S motor and lose the aperture ring?

        • Paul

          You’re wrong here Im afraid. The reason 50mm’s are the cheapest lens is because their optical design is simpler. There is no way that an 85mm can be made the same price as a 50mm (of the same aperture) regardless of how small or well made it is.

  • Eric Calabros

    only two weeks, and still no leaks
    except one overestimating about the place of a point between some numbers

  • Jacky

    NR Admin, is there any more information about the spec of D4?

      • Andrew

        Ok, after the customary one week period, you can remove the “correction” statement from this page. The correction is more realistic anyway – a clean image at ISO 12,800 will be awesome. But it is great that the ISO is expandable to 204,800. Now if only Nikon will put this 16.2 MP sensor into a D700 body and give us an ISO of 12,800 and price it at $1,995 will be awesome. They can include a built-in flash to justify the prosumer status of the camera.

        • Dan

          “Now if only Nikon will put this 16.2 MP sensor into a D700 body and give us an ISO of 12,800 and price it at $1,995 will be awesome.”

          And that will jeopadize the sales of D4 directly as D700 did to D3 before. And that’s the reason D3X had no sibling like D3/D700. I don’t think Nikon has learned the lesson.

  • Paul

    I’m still curious if the D4 will have live audio monitoring.
    Any info on that admin?

  • kenny

    keep your expectation LOW

    • R R


      • Hugh Wish

        What more do you need? If your expectations are so low, and you’ve obviously outgrown your D3s, then move on to some other hobby you diphthongs.

  • tdot

    sweet! I hope the price is more $5k than $6k. Wishful thinking perhaps?

    Also could someone help me understand (apologies if it is a naïve question), what makes this better than the D3S other than 12->16MP? It seems like it is very much the same as the D3S.

    • Benk

      If the autofocus can work at f/8 like speculated, then that will be a huge improvement when using the 2.0x teleconverter (on f/4 lenses like the 200-400, 500, and 600, that combination is simply unusable now with the D3s because autofocus only works up to f/5.6 lens configurations). That’s significant for some applications. The ethernet port will also be very useful for certain people. Video will also be upgraded significantly I imagine since the D3s only does 720p. Also, don’t underestimate the change to 16MP. Often times sports photography, which this camera is really aimed at, cropping is very important since most shots are done from a fixed position for unpredictable action. So the added MP will be very helpful from time to time.

    • Roger D

      I agree, why do I need a D4 when I already have (2) D3s cameras. The 12mp in the D3s gives me great results. Remember when the D3s first came out on the market it was the greatest thing since canned beer.

      • Tony5787

        “why do I need a D4 when I already have (2) D3s cameras?”

        You don’t.

  • FM2Fan

    why the 85mm 1.8 G? is that really Nikons highest priority? –

    • broxibear

      Hi FM2Fan,
      What they’re doing is replacing all the main AFD lenses so they can get rid of the AF motor from all their new bodies. As I posted somewhere else, to me this generation of cameras (D400, D800, D4) is too soon to dump the AF motor…but Nikon do strange things so who knows ?
      I’d expect them to bring out AFS versions of the 24mm f/2.8D, 28mm f/2.8D, 35mm f/2D, 135mm f/2D and 180mm f/2.8D within the next couple of years.

      • R R

        I hope they make an AFS 20mm f2.8

        • broxibear

          Sorry R R, forgot about the 20mm f/2.8D…and the 16mm f/2.8D.

          • FM2Fan

            understand the rationale, but these lens are “simple” replacements in a different form factor. something really distinctive would be more of a USP for Nikon. Anything else is a “me too” – if I may suggest: 14-24 2.8 is a monster and it it expensive. Most of the wide-angles could be very well integrated into a proper 18-35 at resonable price – or am I wrong here?

            I really wonder, if Nikon has a strategy for primes – sometimes I think 24, 35, 85 mm – something is missing – either a 18 or 50 (Noctilux reloaded) with proper coating for digital cameras. Oops Noctilux is the other “must” …

            • broxibear

              Hi FM2Fan,
              They’ll stop making the AFD lenses at some point so they have to have replacements, hence the like for like AFS models.
              Not all photographers like zoom lenses, personally I prefer fixed, although I do have a 70 – 200mm. When they bring out a 135mm f/2 AFS I’ll probably trade in the zoom, and get a 85mm too, but at the moment I need the quality and range of the 70-200mm.
              A Noctilux would be stupidly expensive, I just don’t see Nikon going there.

            • FM2Fan

              I see the point – zooms can be really great, if the designers are not overambitious – anything having 1:2 or 1:3 is still OK. all these 18-300 mm attempts are compromise to avoid – 135 2.0 – sure with AFS. The two old ones are great – the perfect toys for 15-40 feet distance

            • @FM2Fan,
              “Most of the wide-angles could be very well integrated into a proper 18-35 at resonable price – or am I wrong here?” Absolutely right! Its called the 17-35mm f/2.8 or the 16-35mm f/4 VR. Need faster, 24mm f/1.4!
              AF-S 135mm f/2.0 VR II G (Probably won’t have DC). Forget the 35mm f/1.4, there is no inovation there, 40 year old design; just get the 24mm f/1.4 and zoom with your feet! Need landscape, got time, go with 24mm f/3.5 PC tilt shift, and shift wide. Or use your 24mm f/1.4 and a panning head from RRS. 🙂

        • R!

          …and an 8 mm would be nice also after 20 years or more,we have to buy samyang or sigma version that are not so great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • R!

            …..hum, hum sorry 40 yearzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Any Anon

            What’s wrong with the Sigma 8mm? I own that, it’s sharp & contrasty from center to edge even at the widest aperture. Maybe sample variation.

            Anyway, Nikon must have a pocketable 16mm rectilinear f/4 prime like the 20mm f/2.8. The “holy” 14-24mm is way too bulky, plus it won’t take any filter for protection.

      • Ken Elliott

        I agree. Once Nikon has a decent range of AF-S primes, they’ll start to drop the in-body motor. I expect the future prosumer FX body (D500?) to be without a motor. Pros have an investment in older glass and we’ll pay extra for a pro body with a motor. This will prevent the prosumer FX body from taking many sales away from the entry-level pro bodies.

        • Wrong Strategy!

          AF-Motor in lens, image stabilization in lens.
          All things designed to reduce the mtbf (mean time between failure) of the most valuable investment you have with a system.
          And make you buy Nikon lenses again and again and again…
          I despise this strategy!
          Nikon: put all this in the body which everybody replaces far more often than a lens!

          • tiget1050Rider

            I’ve been buying AF-S lenses for nearly 10 years. Several of them have been dropped (once when my gadget bag seam split). Only one has needed repair. That was the 17-35 F2.8 AF-S lens I bought in Saudi Arabia in 2002.
            My ‘go anywhere’ lens for my D700 is the 24-120VR 1. I’ve got a good one but it certainly has seen better days yet works perfectly. I had it cleaned a couple of months ago after a trip to the Namib desert. Nothing needed replacing.
            Therefore from my experience, is that if you invest in decent kit I does not let you down in the long run.

      • I shoot Nikon

        Broxi, I’ll go ahead and disagree with you here. Firstly Nikon is not known for screwing those who invest in their technology, unlike Canon for example. Secondly the main reason why they’ve been updating their non AF-S lenses is to invite the owners of the low-end DSLRs into the prime lens market. I think it’s going to remain the way it’s always been: AF motor in the prosumer bodies and up. It just wouldn’t make sense for anyone to buy a high-end camera in order to use it with the AF-D lenses, since anyone who can afford a pro body can also afford the AF-S line-up. Why would Nikon want to completely shut-out their AF-D lenses from the market?

        • broxibear

          Hi I shoot Nikon,
          You’re right at the moment, which is why I don’t think it’ll happen for this generation of cameras, but in 4 years when we’re talking about the D5 is a different thing.
          “Why would Nikon want to completely shut-out their AF-D lenses from the market?”…because at a certain time they’ll say if you want to use our latest cameras then you’ll also have to use our latest lenses.

          • I shoot Nikon

            I’m sure that it is technically possible, but this brings us to the first point I was trying to make: Nikon has always done the opposite and made sure their technology is backward-compatible, hence we can still use their lenses from the 1970s. I also believe that they want us to keep buying the AF-D lenses because they’ve already recouped their R&D investment, so now it’s all profit minus the manufacturing expense. At the same time the AF-D line is not competing with the AF-S line, just like 80-200 f/2.8 is not competing with the 70-200 f/2.8
            Different strokes for different folks.

            I just hope you’re wrong simply because I’d hate to have to rebuy most of my prime lenses or to be forced to buy a certain body so I could use them 😉 Just imagine the nightmare of trying to sell them off!

          • @I shoot Nikon,
            I agree with broxibear on this one. Nikon will drop the screw driven autofocus sooner than many are willing to accept. Nikon sees their lenses as having a usefull life of 10 years, thus the recycling symbol with 10 years on all the new lenses. The newer lenses, with new coatings, faster AF motors, etc, make perfect sense for pros and semi-pros to buy. Many can write the purchase price off their taxes anyway! I have many older AF-D lenses and many newer AF-S lenses; generally I prefer the AF-S lenses for action as they are very quick to focus, on the right camera (D700, D3, D3S, D3X) that is. The Nikon gear is a toolset, like SnapOn, Craftsman, or MACTools. Professionals buy high quality tools to get many useful years out of them. However, those same professionals will upgrade to newer tools when it provides them a decisive advantage; the older AF-D lenses are slowly being replaced and their advantages are slowly fading. AF-S, VR, VRII, NC, ED, and whole bunch of other letters are here to stay; the D3 series are on the way out. It won’t be long and the remaining AF-D lenses will soon follow. As to why Nikon still sells the older AF-D lenses, it probably has more to do with remaining inventories and/or lack of a replacement model. As broxibear pointed out, by the time the D5 hits the market, the AF-D will most likely be gone from production in the Nikon factories; I couldn’t agree more!

            • I shoot Nikon

              You could be right and I see no problem with that: old lens designs are replaced with newer ones and that’s the cycle of life. We buy today’s technology already knowing that it’ll be replaced by better things tomorrow.

              What would bother me though is if Nikon decided to make AF-D lenses incompatible with all but the very few top of the line bodies and that’s what broxibear was suggesting. This would effectively erode the AF-D lens market and force their owners into either upgrading to the pro-level bodies or into dumping their now incompatible lenses for next-to-nothing and reequipping with the AF-S versions.

              What I’m saying is Nikon would never do something like that as this would only hurt them in the long run. Those who were previously invested in Nikon’s AF-D glass will now have the option to give the finger right back to Nikon and move on and that’s the last thing Nikon wants to see happen as most of us here are lifers as long as Nikon continues to deliver and/or not screw us.

            • @I shoot Nikon, “What would bother me though is if Nikon decided to make AF-D lenses incompatible with all but the very few top of the line bodies and that’s what broxibear was suggesting.”
              In the current Nikon DSLR lineup, stuff you can buy today, it is a 50/50 split for AF-D support. You need to buy the D7000 and up series cameras to get that functionality.
              You may be right though, Nikon may continue to support AF-D in their prosumer cameras, up to 10 years after the last AF-D is officially discontinued. Nikon would definitely save face and keep brand loyalty high by doing so. I think if they can get the focusing motors in a body as small as the D7000 with minimal additional cost, then it is a no brainer.

  • Hi,

    Just the D4… not the D800 ?
    I was expecting the D800 announcement at the same date (Am I wrng


  • kede

    Everything’s about D800 and then… D4’s coming… Great news anyway!

  • Bring. It. On!

    I have no doubts that the D4 will outperform the D3s in SnR and DR.

    I also have a gut feeling that the new Canon 1Dx will be about 0.5 stops below the D3s, but will feature lots of banding at high ISOs, like all of the other Canon sensors do when pushed. I can already see this banding in the low-res samples I’ve seen. It will still be a great camera, but so will the D3s even when the D4 is king. I think Canon has made up a lot of ground, but will still play catch-up to the D4.

    The D4 will not underwhelm. Unless of course, you think the D3s was crap.

    • adamski

      As for banding… i totally “love” banding i get from D700/D3. Really. Yes, i own a 5D2 and it has low-iso banding in high-dr situations and it suffers banding in 6400+ situations too. But D700/D3 has banding too, from bright points in the scene. Of course it is problematic in only some very specific situations, but try to photograph a product with blue LEDs in it – the shadows next to it will be tinged with blue and the noise next to bright objects in the scene will have more “hot” pixels too.

      Nevertheless, still, i’m switching from Canon to Nikon in January because i don’t believe Canon will put any reasonable AF system in the 5D3 and i can’t afford the 1Dx.

  • neversink

    I am ready to be overwhelmed. However, I need to keep my expectations down Always better to be pleasantly surprised rather than sadly disappointed. In many aspect the D7000 was a big surprise and I was very skeptical but now I love it more, in many ways, than the D700 & D3. So I am expecting a lot from both the D$ and D800. I might buy the both. The only question – with or without AA filter??????

    • neversink

      OOPS!!!! I meant to say D4, not D$…. However D$ will probably be the appropriate name!!!!!!!!!!

    • D$, you got that right….;)

      • D-Money. Sounds like a rapper.

        • AnoNemo

          Just don’t let the Japanese making a Nikon rap song… 😉

  • I really am hoping Nikon just does it big this year.

    I doubt it will happen but shoving the D4, D800, D400 out at the SAME time with a huge amount of supply would be amazing.

    I hope for the day Nikon announces something and has it in stores a week later. Of course it would never stay secret unless Nikon got their own stores everywhere.

    I welcome the 85mm f/1.8G but I am hoping for an update to my 17-55mm or maybe Nikon could quit ignoring the wide end of the DX lenses.

  • Spot33

    IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!1

    • ISP

      Again !

  • D700guy

    HELL YA!!!!

    • Axel

      Again !

      • baked bananas

        Hell yeeeeeeeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • George Payne Jr.

    I can’t wait. I held off on the D3s, waiting for the D4. I hope it’s worth the wait!!!

  • BCAl

    All I want is the new lens, I hope the 85 1.8G is less than $650

    • ISP

      Nop…. it wont be less….that’s for sure !

      • Cheapo


      • BCAl

        Well if it is above $700 then Ill just go to canon, haha jk, nah Ill still get it but Ill just have to wait a couple more months. I’m just hoping that I can preorder it with the $ I have right now

  • zack

    This is out of my league, anyway.

  • Any word on how much D4 is going to cost?

    • ISP

      5 500, 00$ – 6000,00$

    • I have no price info, but the Canon 1Dx price should give you an idea.

      • Tiger1050Rider

        A couple of ‘Canon based Pro’s’ that I know think that the 1DX is quite overpriced especially in comparison to the D3s.
        If the D4 is a decent upgrade to the D3s and comes in at a not too silly price then the 1Dx will indeed seem overpriced and will have to be reduced to compete with the D4.

  • Landscape Photo

    D4, ok but what about D800? Both to be announced at the same event?

    And the 85mm 1.8 G will be the last lens we need, because there is already another optically perfect 85mm 1.8 plus a 85mm 1.4 too. Why another incarnation of that focal while Nikon hasn’t yet offered a compact moderate zoom for FX !

    • Any Anon

      You are right. What’s the priority? Nikon already has 3 types of 85mm. All are perfect lenses.

      • blotter

        The 85/1.8D is faaar from perfect. Too much play in the focus gear, contrast problems etc.
        If the 35/1.8G and the 50/1.8G are any indication of Nikon#s latest designs the new 85/1.8G will beat its predec handz down”

    • It is possible that they will announce both cameras at PMA but I doubt it.

      • LGO

        Admin, any word on a possible 3rd Nikon FX with the Sony 24mp FF sensor?

    • EnPassant

      The old non AF-S 85/1.8 and 1.4 are not perfect for D3100 and D5100 and previous DX-cameras only supporting AF with AF-S lenses, and the 85/1.4 G is a bit big, but most of all too expensive for most buying those cameras. Besides that Nikon is in the middle of a slow (15 years or so.) generation change from the old lenses to a modern line-up with only AF-S.

      With both 1.8 and 1.4 normal and the most popular macros as well as several fast primes for professional photographers it makes sense to introduce an AF-S version of the popular 85 mm focal length as it can be used on both DX and FX cameras.

      In the coming years the remaining old wideangles, the 135/2 as well as the 200 macro will propably appear in AF-S versions. There are also rumors of a 70-200/4, 80-400 replacement and so on. A standard 28-85 zoom with VR also seem very propable as a cheaper and lighter alternative to the 24-120/4.
      We also should expect a new DX-lens every year. Maybe a wideangle in 2012? And not to forget new Nikon 1 lenses.

      So be patient. Sooner or later the lens you long for will appear!

      • Landscape Photo

        A compact 28-85mm f/3.5-5.6 VR. That will be a nice walkabout kit lens for the upcoming D800. Sure anyone to shell out $ 3-4 K would have other optics, but a lightweight and tiny zoom is a must.

        My “dream” compact lenses are either a 24-85mm or 28-135mm, both VR.

      • Dave

        I’d like a 70-200 f/4. That’s one of the few lenses that gives me Canon envy.

  • Ole

    I love NikonRumors

    • ISP

      Me too ! 🙂

  • NoFunBen

    will the 85mm 1.8 have VR ?

    • I don’t think so.

      • No VR

        I support [NR] admin on that: Nikon does not understand the value of VR in a 85mm prime. And they won’t give us body-based stab either.
        That sucks majorly!

        • ISP

          Get a tripod… or be careful when you shot…. you don’t need VR on fix 85mm lens…

          • +1

          • fossilwoody

            Tripod’s useful – sometimes. Ever tried to use it during a chopper flight? I’ll have VR, anytime!

        • VR affects IQ. What’s the point of using it in high-grade optics unless you’re taking non-critical shots?

        • Shkacas

          85 Prime is all about bokeh… and VR will ruin it !!!

          • @Shkacas, I have yet to see a VR lens in which you couldn’t turn it off. VR is about image stabilization for those hand held moments, or monopod panning moments, or Range Rover bound Safari moments. I have the 85mm f/1.4 and I would have liked it a bit more than I do now, if it only had VR. With that said, I don’t like it any less than I do now, because it doesn’t have VR.

        • No VR

          So Nikon’s AF-S 200/2.0 VRII is not about bokeh, has sh*tty IQ, should be used on tripod only???
          Oh come on: you make me lmao

          • ISP

            F/2 200mm is heavy…. not a 85mm f/1.8 !
            85mm f/1,8 is relatively small and light…. no need for VR !
            I don’t have VR on my old 85mm f/1.4 and it’s just perfect !

            • No VR

              Shake is the biggest single contributor to ruined images right up there with bad focus. And believe me: you have not seen the worst until you shoot with a 36MP FX body!
              So tell me: why would Nikon not support us here?
              And last time I checked every single lens with VR has an OFF-switch. So, why do you complain??

            • Reason to complain is the price of VR module in lens.

          • I have no 200 mm f/2 VRII, but as owner of second sharpest lens in Nikon system (105 VR), I can say with confidence that VR makes your lens pretty “usual” (in bad sense). Say what you want, but stable support is a no-brainer for long lenses.

            • No VR

              Switch VR off and you’re done 🙂

            • It is always switched off. Tripod usage doesn’t scare me.

            • No VR

              My VR is always ON.
              Tripod usage scares me / is my last resort!

            • @Slow Gin, although the 105 VR is a very sharp lens, I have a feeling you won’t be so impressed if you put it on a high resolution sensor like the D800 or D7000. At 30 line pairs per mm, its performance isn’t as good as the Nikon Prime Telephotos. The Nikon 300mm f/4 has better performance, and is probably number 2 in the Nikon lineup. But anything below 200mm, I would say your statements about the 105 VR are spot on. As for your aversion to VR, I am certain there are 10:1 owners of the 105mm VR that would argue they couldn’t live without it! If you want macro, working distance, and no VR, then you might want to take a look at the 200mm f/4 micro; that lens rocks, and it out performs your 105 VR for sharpeness. Just saying… 🙂

            • Dr SCSI, I’d choose 200 mm macro lens over 105 VR for another reason. You are too close with shorter lens to your subject. Nervous critters like butterflies or grasshoppers have their eye on photographer which is approaching with his monstrous chunk of glass. I had hard times to shoot butterflies and frogs past summer. 🙂

              As for another lens in lineup, my next choice is Zeiss Makro-Planar 100 mm f/2. I’m manual focusing guy thus there’s no problem to manage perfect focus by hand and I’m not familiar with idea of high megapixel camera, even though I spent most of the time shooting nature. Zeiss MP is simply the best DSLR lens on the market. I wish to acquire it over 105 VR due to nasty yellow cast Nikkor produces and better straight-to-sun contrast handling.

            • Oh, and sorry for mistakes in text. English isn’t my native language.

        • R!

          Vr with F 1.8 for what ????? just use higher Iso like 600 and a fast speed like 1/ 60 you shoot velvia 50 in the dark ??!!!!!

          • No VR

            Ah, I understand that you always shoot your fast primes at largest apertures!
            I don’t. Plus I’d like to use ISO 100 for largest dynamic range.
            Now go figure…

  • MJr

    No D4 for me, but good that something is finally happening ! (allegedly)

    85/1.8 G update might be interesting. They sure did well with the 50/1.8 G.

    • Any Anon

      I don’t agree with you being a fan of screw driven Nikkors. They are:

      * Smaller
      * Cheaper
      * Robust design
      * Better optics

      • MJr

        But there is no doubt that the 50/1.8G beats the 50/1.8D optically, that’s why i said ‘might’. Doesn’t mean i approve of the ‘G’ way. I’m a fan of metal manual focus lenses but whatya gonna do.

      • LGO

        3 out of 4 ain’t bad … but the new Nikkor primes have better optics.

        • +.5 @ LGO “new Nikkor primes have better optics” – in most cases but not all. The screw driven Nikkors are being replaced one by one, unforfutnately (sort of). And unfortunately Nikon is looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining profits, at the cost of build quality; as Any Anon points out in not so many words.

          @ Any Anon,
          * Smaller +1, due to lack of AF motors in lens
          * Cheaper +.5, due to model replacments
          * Robust Design +10, built to last, no doubt!
          * Better optics +.5, only in some cases, but not all.
          But you forgot, heavier, AF hunting, and noisier.

  • twoomy

    So it has to be asked by somebody…

    What happened to the D800? It seems the D4 has leapfrogged the D800 that we was going to be announced this Fall. I hope they don’t wait 6 months to announce it now?

  • Olivia Bossert

    What about the d800?! 🙁

  • Personally, it would make more sense to me to announce the D800 at PMA. But I suspect that two things motivate Nikon: (1) Canon will have the 1Dx prototypes at the show; and (2) if they announce the D4 first, then the D800 model number makes sense ;~).

    • AnoNemo


      I expect both. That is because Nikon no longer can sell in Japan the D3s, D3x, and D700 models due to non compliance with some Japanese regulation.

      • I suspect they’ll withhold something to announce at the big Japanese show in Feb.

        • LGO

          I hope that be a Nikon FX with the new Sony 24mp FF sensor.

      • Steve Starr

        Good point.

        Maybe they will do both since they can’t sell the others in Japan any longer. That battery contact deal may have pushed the new releases speed up.

  • D4ever

    I’m going to sell my Nikon D700 immediately so I can get full value for them, and pre-order the D4 since I have an assignment in February. I’ll get the camera just in time for the job, just start shooting without testing, and (I am certain) will get amazing new pictures from the new D4, because it’s perfect. Smart business practice, eh? After all, my customers (one) will require the top of the line equipment, even though I’m doing it for free (so I can learn photography and call myself a “professional”). Oh yeah, I have an iphone if I need a camera in the meantime.

    Oh, and that 85mm better not cost more than $200 and be Leica sharp wide open or I’ll switch to Canon, or Sony, or Pentax, or GE, or Samyang, ….

    • ISP

      Sorry but I doubt you will get it in time for your new project !
      Shipping will be more like end on Feb…. in very, very small quantitys…

      • Catchy Canny

        That was tong-in-cheek, ISP!

        • ISP

          LoL yes of corse ! I am so excited……

          • Catchy Canny

            I think everybody is (apart from the trolls)!

  • Stinky

    I’m starting now to save money for the D8.

    • Jim W

      Not a bad idea, you’ll need it.

    • Don’t be so curious, since Nikon stopped at six in making film cameras. D6 would be last of Mohicans. 🙂

      • @Slow Gin,
        Yes, I can see the D6 being the last DSLR, just before the introduction of the A1 (not the steak sauce either). With Nikon’s new ASLRs hitting the market before Canon, I predict Canon will have Digital to Analog converters added to their future 1Dx Mark III as a stop gap measure until they bring out their own full fledged ASLRs; these ASLRs wannabe’s will be branded as DASLRs, to confuse the ill knowledged consumer.

  • Landscape Photo

    Admin, what suddenly happened to D800? We recently seem to hear more news/rumors about D4 announcement than D800.

    Did Nikon give a last minute decision to introduce D4 first, but postpone the D800 for another 3 months? Seems like waiting forever…

    • I have no release date for the D800 yet. Maybe for the CP+ show in Japan (February, 2012)?

  • ben

    D4 could be Nikon’s biggest blunder if all they did is go from 12 to 16mp and stayed at 12,800 ISO. These specs make 1Dx more interesting to me. Plus rumor says Canon Mirrorless intrance into 2012 market coming. That means Nikon V1/J1 will look much less attractive to Canon’s offerings. I think 2012-15, will not be a positive term for Nikon.

    • adamski

      You’re forgetting that Nikon has no FX camera with video (no, the D3s doesn’t count). So D4 is very important in this respect, and the Ethernet port is VERY important too (the olympic games are coming).

    • adamski

      Oh and if D4 has clean HDMI output and the 1DX does not (so it seems so far), then it’s gonna win hearts of many videographers, who are not using Canon lenses anyway.

      • ben

        Maybe there is something videographers to salivate about. But video has not crossed my mind at all, that is probably because it is a feature which useless for me on the DSLR. I believe there are many people like myself.

        • adamski

          Yeah, i understand that, this is why even though i did shoot quite a lot of video, i’ll be switching from 5D2/5D combo to a 2 x D700 combo and will not look back at the video feature in the 5D2. However… for a very long time (and it is still like that) folks who shot video on 5D2/1D4 etc. used Nikkors. As far as i remember even stop-motion Corpse Bride was shot on 1D2 bodies with Nikon lenses. So for a legion of videographers a FX Nikon DSLR with proper video and clean HDMI output would be orgasmic.

          • simpleguy


    • Sticking Zoom

      Totally right, the D4 will be shit. But they’re releasing it so that Canon can catch up again.

      • Catchy Canny

        catch up to sh*t?
        That should be easy!

        • derWalter

          *sarcasm on* not for canon *sarcasm off*

    • Landscape Photo

      What’s better in 1DX than D4? 18mp vs 16mp, or ISO values?

      Yet, they don’t mean anything until reviewers start making side-by-side comparisons. Even upsampled 16mp may look sharper than 18mp, who knows. It’s a small difference.

      And Canon may prefer to call ISO 25K, but Nikon may be humble to say Hi-1. The resultant IQ should be the decision factor. As we know, there’s no native high ISO value other than base-iso. Manufacturers usually decide to allocate a number to the highest “usable” value and then call high-x or so. The measure of usability may quite vary.

      • Thomas

        Right you are! There are only two really important things regarding ISO:
        1. how do they compare side-by-side at high ISO
        2. what is the max dynamic range at low ISO

    • Tiger1050Rider

      You seem to forget that the D4 is aimed at the Pro’s who will be attending a little sporting event in London next Summer.
      Viz, the 2012 Olympics.

      Both Canon & Nikon are releasing ‘PRO’ kit around not so that their snappers can get fully acquainted with it in time to get those ‘once in a lifetime shots in London.

      The dates of events like this are fixed years in advance and will dictate the release of all sorts of stuff that may go on to become the next big thing as a result of their performance at the Olympics. I know that for many in the US, this minor little event will interfere with the start of the Football Season or a few Baseball games but in large parts the rest of the world your sports don’t even ever a mention in the press. nikon and Canon are companies who look at the world market not just that in the USA.

      • @Tiger1050Rider, “in large parts the rest of the world your sports don’t even ever a mention in the press” +1.

        Although that statement is true, there are numerous countries which do tune into American sports. Aside from the Olympics, American professional sports are probably the most profitible, if the athletes salaries are any indicators. Living in Europe, I know that American football is gaining in popularity, as well as American basketball. If you go to Japan, American Baseball is very popular. They even broadcast the SuperBowl here in Germany. I don’t see them broadcasting the latest rugby events outside of the UK, with the exception of their colonies naturally.
        BTW, the USA used to be the largest single market that Canon and Nikon agressively sold to; not anymore though, we Americans can’t get another equity loan on our devalued homes to finance our toys. But hey, that’s another story for a political forum.

  • Shane

    Hey what happened to the d800 where hearing all the rumors etc and suddenly a d4 realistically I’m scraping for the d800 for over a year now priced @ 3000 euro rumoured come on who’s interested in a d4 worth double that

  • drborego

    The 6th is my birthday. Pre-order present to myself!

  • Robin

    What about a under 2500 USD new sports FX,
    When, When……, When………… 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • ISP

      forget-it…. it won’t happen… Fx will be 3000,00$ and up !

  • jack the ladd

    WOW *%$$*& my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!
    Better let my family know what I want …..

  • I personally do hope the D4 will be a significant improvement over the D3s. Not that I, like many other readers here, need it, but to keep some healthy competition going. This keeps the major brands from gettin complacent and will hopefully result in some of the goodies spilling over into the lower tier models.

  • Marco

    85mm 1.8G is kind of interesting but it will need VR AND be pretty cheap to be fine for me. Otherwise I’ll just stick with my 85mm 1.4 (samyang).

    Instead, i’m really hoping for a D500/D9000 prosumer FX camera. That would be incredible. Still I would have to wait some time for the price to drop so I think I’ll just buy a D90 and be fine.

  • jiamflash

    where is the 18-300mm?

  • Zoot

    January 6th… that’s the 12th day of Christmas.

    Wouldn’t it be really imaginative if Nikon had 12 drummers drumming as the D4 announcement is made? Wouldn’t it be really, really…

    OK – tacky.

    • January 7th in orthodox tradition.

      • Zoot

        So… it would require 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming to keep everyone happy?

        What about 5 gold rings, placed at the ends of the barrels of each of the five professional lens announced on the same day?

        This is beginning to take shape. Are you listening, Nikon?

  • Nikon WTF

    All this BS about the 1.8’s and yet clearly there are thousands of us worldwide wanting a refresh of the 135mm f2 and 300 f4 !!!!!!!

    God damn you Nikon! (This coming from a Nikon owner with over 20 000 worth in N glass)

    • Nikon WTF

      As an example; they can manage to put VR in a frickin 16-35 lens yet they dont think that maybe, juts maybe folks want a 300 f4 with vr…

      • No VR

        Hehe, right! VR in 16-35 lens, but no VR in 85mm primes or 300/4.0.
        This is CRAZY!!!

        • Landscape Photo

          I may be wrong, but VR can not be implemented in fast lenses without somewhat degrading the optical quality. Let me know if you can name any VR lens faster than f/2.8.

          f/1.4 or 1.8 already got the best light gathering ability; therefore VR is least necessary. Well, a tripod may help…

          • No VR

            AF-S 200/2.0 VRII!
            Well renowned for its superb image quality.

          • ISP


        • R!


          • Any Anon

            Who needs a tripod at 16-35mm range except for shutter speeds longer than 1/4. And VR will do no miracle at these settings which calls for a tripod. All it does will be to let shooting at for examle 1/8 sec instead of 1/30.

            Rather cranking up the iso plus letting the aperture a stop won’t kill the photo. Simply VR has only a trivial help in a 16-35mm FX lens. The strongest point of VR is at tele range.

    • Brian

      I got $50K worth of Nikon gear and none of these announcements have me excited.

  • Tristan

    Is it a real info a just a buzz … Since 2 years we spoke about the D800 and now the D4 is coming. lol. I’ll beleive it when I see it.

  • Chase

    Kinda bummed that they’re pushing the D4 without/before the D800, especially given the rumors that they won’t use the same sensor. The DX00 line really needs a refresh badly and I’m not buying a D700 because it has no video, which is essential for photojournalism these days.

    • fred

      Video is essential for photojournalism? Funny, I’m a professional photojournalist and I don’t shoot video.

      • CNNikon

        Videojournalism it is called lol

  • Greg

    NR admin, do you know anything about D400? What is it going to be? Maybe it’ll be some really nice DX?

    • Brian

      The D7000 is doing so well Nikon is in no hurry for a D300 replacement. If it comes this year it would be late 2012 but I suspect 2013.

    • DavidB

      I was at a prominent DC camera store yesterday, discussing Nikon’s lineup. It was their considered opinion that at least insofar as sales are concerned, folks are not buying the D300s when they can get the D7000. Consequently, they doubt Nikon needs to have a professional level DX camera. They lament that Nikon has so many cameras at so many price points. They also said they’d be surprised if Nikon priced the D800 at $4000 because it would kill its sales. They thought closer to $3000. This was of course, off the cuff and not tied to any sourced information, but rather based on their sales observations, Nikon’s lineup and juxtaposed against offerings from Canon.

  • Mark

    Where is my cheque book!!!!!?????

    Actually, I do so hope the ISO is significantly better than 12,800. If, however, the D4 is a slight up-date to the D3s, then perhaps I’ll buy a D3s used instead.

  • Admin,
    It seems strange that we have not heard the possibility of the D4 and D400 both being announced together? The D3 and D300 were announced together. Also, it seems strange to speculate a pro body to be simultaneously released with a prosumer lens without a prosumer body accompanying it. Any thoughts? Any chance we’ll see both cameras announced in January? I think Nikon will need a D300 replacement more than ever if they really do release a 4 frame per second D700 replacement. That just doens’t cut it for my needs or the needs of my peers.

    • Mark

      Remember the old adage – it is wise to leave a bit of today for tomorrow. So, the source might simply either not know or have held back.

    • MJr

      Pro’s have been waiting for many years now. D4 and D800 are way on top of the list for sure. The semi-pros will have to make do with the D7000 or D300s, which are both much more recent. There has not been any mention of a D400, it’s been D4/D800 for months so it’s going to be D4/D800, like it or not. Doubt there is any chance for any other wholly new body. If anything maybe a D7100 or a D300x, but doubt it.

      • The D300 was announced 9 months before the D700. Saying that the D300s came out after the D700 is silly, the D300s barely qualifies as an upgrade.

    • The D400 wil be announced after the D4 and D800. Earliest in March.

  • Are we sure this isn’t a coolpix announcement??

    • Thomas

      “major announcement” = “coolpix announcement”?
      This one is great!

      • Yes this has happened before.
        I hope I am wrong.

        • Thomas

          me too!

    • Yes, we are. January 6th may be the date for the revealing to the press, the public announcement may be later but I doubt it.

      • Oh, Admin — we all know you’re stalling. Every month that passes you say that we’ll see something big next month. The earthquake and tsunami and flooding in Thailand were part of the vast conspiracy by Nikon.

        Why don’t you just uncover the entire conspiracy already? Your website is dead once the truth leaks anyway.

        • NR is dead? I don’t think so – been alive and kicking for almost 4 years now. The D7000 replacement will come next Summer, not to mention the D400, so don’t worry about NR.

          • enesunkie

            Not that I or anybody here cares, but it would be unusual for Nikon not to replace the entry level body (D3100) after 2 years (Aug 2010). Throw in a D400 and D7100 and this could be an exciting year!

          • Haven’t you heard? Nikon isn’t making any more cameras, and they don’t really have a D4, a D800, or a D7100. The D800 was a fake image made in photoshop. I heard it on the internet by angry folks living in the microwave generation, so it’s definitely true.

            Oh, and Michael Jackson isn’t dead. He’s living off the coast of Tunisia with Elvis.

      • Mark

        Sorry, [NR] admin, I don’t understand the difference between “revealing to the press” and “the public announcement”. What is the difference, and is there any significance in the distinction?


        • Sometimes companies shoe a new product only tot the press so they have time to create their articles. Few days later the products announced to the public – this is why sometimes big websites have a “preview” of a just released product.

          • Mark

            Ah, I see – an “in camera” press briefing, as the latin phrase goes. Understood. Many thanks.

  • PeterT

    Where is the replacement of the medieval 80-400mm??? 🙁
    I think that´s one of the most wanted updates of many enthusiast photogs.

    • Thomas

      Yeah right. Thom Hogan had long predicted that this is ripe for replacement!

    • Suzan

      Thank you, I have been expecting that lens or similar to be announced like forever, where is it???

    • Any Anon

      Who really needs a 80-400? There exists the 70-300 & cropping out of 36mp image comes from heaven 😉

      So all you need is a D800 + 70-300mm.

  • A D4 is exciting even if it is out of my price range. An 85mm f/1.8 AF-S is not so exciting. I would rather see a 24mm f/2 AF-S (or even a 1.8) for under $500. Just trying to meet my needs.

    • Hugh Wish


      Oh my goodness. Funniest thing I’ve ever read in my ENTIRE 93 years on this planet.

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