Nikon D4 may start shipping at the end of January 2012!

Contrary to my initial guess, the latest intel suggests that the Nikon D4 will start shipping at the end of January 2012! Of course availability will be limited for months if not years. I am still trying to confirm/verify this info but if that's the case, I can see that Nikon wants to get their top of the line DSLR available before the Canon 1Dx which will start shipping in March of 2012.

The D4 body wil be similar to the D3s without any majorย design changes.

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  • stefan


    • Paul H.

      It would be cooler if we had some fairly accurate specs to gauge things. Of course, beating Canon in certain and important criteria has become rather common since the inception of the D3. Nikon should know that beating them to release is only good if the camera in question has even more desirable attributes…

      • as long as it is not 16Mpix but 18 as D700s i am all in

        • sirin

          totally, because 2Mps make all the difference in the world.

          • Hey, Sirin โ€” you obviously don’t have a clue. That’s an extra 22mm of length on the long side of the image when printing at the standard 300dpi. That’s no trivial thing. We’re almost talking an entire inch here, man.

            • goldaccess

              I’d take every bet that you will not be able to differentiate between a 16 and 18MP image printed to the same size.

          • well it is small step from 16Mpix, but even bigger step from 12Mpix.
            12 to 16 is no reason to upgrade. 12 to 18 is better.
            And D700s IS 18Mpix.

            • Pierre

              There is no such a thing as a D700s

          • Andrew

            Yes, and lowers the ISO. More power to 18 MP. I prefer the low tech 16 MP and the cleaner image that comes with it.

        • Ren Kockwell

          There hasn’t been an “S” camera that improves resolution. That would be “X”.

    • NYikon

      Maybe this will be the coolest year ever for high-end Nikons: D4, D800, true D700 replacement, and a sub 2K full-frame!

      • Jhase Carvis

        What does that mean a “true d700” replacement? The D700 was, at it’s release, one of the highest resolution pro full frame DSLR’s without a built in grip and provided excellent noise control. Now that Nikon is giving you the same body, more megapixels, a bigger screen, and what we can only assume to be better noise control you complain and say its not a “true replacement”? I remember all of the “only 12MP” gripes about Nikon, now it’s too much. Get over it or don’t buy it.

        • Chase

          Who are you to dictate what others want as a D700 replacement should be? You shut up!

          • Jhase Carvis

            I’m not dictating anything. Nikon is. If Nikon puts out a FF DSLR named D800 it will be an obvious replacement. ^this guy^ thinks just because it has too many megapixels it won’t be a “true replacement. ” just doesn’t make sense

        • NYikon

          Insofar as a comparison to the D3/D700, the D700 replacement should have specifications similar to the D4, and be available within a year of the D4 release. D800x would be a more logical moniker for the current D800 specs. Triple the MP makes it a different category of camera (like comparing the D3 and D3x).

          • Kingyo

            ^well if it were all up to you we’d be waiting another year or so to get a “true replacement” D700(cheaper version of a D4)?
            No thanks!
            It’s great that Nikon is moving forward and putting out two new/strong FX cameras this year..THAT’S logical.

            • NYikon

              I’m not saying they shouldn’t put out the D800 — I like it’s specs. I’d like to have one!

          • Andrew

            Why would tripling the MP for the D700 make its replacement a different category; thus the D800 at 36 MP does not make sense as a D700 replacement? Wait a moment, if the D800 has the same body as the D700, and the D800 has slightly better ISO than the D700, then the D800 is the perfect replacement for the D700. You will be able to use DX lenses and still get the same or better resolution you were getting on the D700. But for all of this to hold true, Nikon will have to surprise us and introduce the D800 at a $2,495 price point. Now that will be a miracle!

            • NYikon

              As you have said, it will only be slightly better iso. It should be alot more than slightly better. I’m not denying that the D800 might be a really cool upgrade body for certain D700 owners.

  • Nice, but I will not be buying one.

    • tim g.

      That’s good.

      • I don’t know what is so good about it, besides I might change my mind.

        • jk

          And we don’t know why you won’t be buying one. lol

          • It’s pretty simple. I don’t want to spend over $5k on a camera body, nor do I want a camera with a built in grip. It’s too big and heavy. A D800, or whatever it is might be a different story. I imagine a lot of people feel that way. As for more megapixels or higher ISO, I don’t want to get into that debate other than to say it would be nice to have a choice in a D700 sized body.

            What’s the point of all the snide comments?

            • I agree. I just want the D3s in the D700 body. I shoot with 2 bodies at a time (weddings) and having 2 D3s’s over the shoulders on a 10-15 hour day is a killer.

            • pabs

              Couldn’t agree more on all fronts; particulary the last statement. Some of the negative comments posted here sound like they’re all written by a bunch of 14 year old girls. Their rhetoric/vitriole gets boring.

            • Bob

              I could not live without the grip on my D300 for the extra battery power and for vertical shooting. As for the weight I like the balance it gives with longer lenses. Previously I used a Leica R8 with the DMR and motor drive so I am used to and feel very compfortable with heavy cameras.

    • wut u need

      A far cheaper and more worth-while investment for you would be a good hearty book on composition.

      • Go ahead and recommend a book, even though you are implying something negative. You could provide a link to your gallery so we can see some examples as you appear to be holding yourself out as an expert.

        I bet all these negative comments are coming from the same IP address.

        • link related

        • Alan

          I, for one, like your photos Ron. Don’t mind loosers/trollers like him ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • The link is funny, but it also shows the true colors of a troll. Unfortunately, I have this one person harassing me. One of these days I am going to get his IP address and he will be finished.

            • Anonymus Maximus

              take it easy.
              In many countries it is a fundamental right to voice ones opinion. However many people live in the mistaken believe that this entails the requirement that they must voice their opinion.

              I was brought up rather to say nothing, if you can’t say something pleasant in public.

            • anon

              come now, there’s more than one troll in this thread, and our IP address is!

              it was my link, and while your pictures are better than those found there, you really do need to work on your composition: background clutter, level horizon, rule of thirds, … or maybe just be more selective in what you publish.

            • Anon, talk is cheap. Show us your gallery as an example of what you think good photography is. Otherwise, get lost troll.

  • Good news but I’d like to know what price point it will be set at.

    • KT

      Look at the Canon 1D X price of $6800 and use that as your reference point.A few hundred bucks either way might be all the difference.

      • NoFunBen

        Nikon had aimed there prices at the canon camera of the same type before so the same price as the canon would not be a surprise

      • studio460

        Where did you hear the $6,800 MAP on the Canon 1Dx? Not doubting you, I’m just curious, since I haven’t seen any prices on the 1Dx mentioned except an “about $7,000 USD” figure on another forum.

        Nevertheless, $6,800 sounds about right. Unfortunately, that makes my “$6,499” predicted D4 price sound a bit low. If the 1Dx actually sells for $6,800 at launch, then I think the D4 will be right up there with it, or even a bit more. I’m thinking, $6,899 USD now.

    • PHB

      I want to know if it will be announced before it starts shipping!

      The dramatic difference in low light performance shows that something much more than 2x sized pixel sites between the D4 and D800. It may seem rather odd for the high ISO to be the top model rather than the max resolution, but I think it actually makes sense.

      The D800 is going to be attractive to landscape and wildlife professionals and to serious amateurs. Somewhat lighter weight (option of a grip) is probably a better match with ultra high resolution. Think of it as a lightweight ‘blad.

      The D4 looks like it is aimed more at the photojournalist and the wedding/portrait photographer plus rich amateurs. It is not the absolute best performer in every way, but it is far, far advanced over anything Canon has produced todate.

      In fact the D800 and D4 together pretty much dominate the top end of the DSLR space. Other than a few $30K plus medium format cameras there is nothing to match the D800 in resolution..

      It will be interesting to see if any of the D4 technology transfers to other cameras in the range. If they can get the same performance in an MX sensor that would make an MX sized D3s possible which would be totally insane.

      • Zoom

        “I want to know if it will be announced before it starts shipping!”

        Really?? I mean, really?? Please tell me you actually dint mean that.

        “It may seem rather odd for the high ISO to be the top model rather than the max resolution, but I think it actually makes sense.”

        No, its not odd.

        “It is not the absolute best performer in every way, but it is far, far advanced over anything Canon has produced todate.
        In fact the D800 and D4 together pretty much dominate the top end of the DSLR space.”

        This about two cameras which haven’t yet been announced. Its quite amazing how you guys come up with such things without even using the camera, or looking at the kind of images it would produce. Just amazing.

        “It will be interesting to see if any of the D4 technology transfers to other cameras in the range. If they can get the same performance in an MX sensor that would make an MX sized D3s possible which would be totally insane.”

        Again, you dont even know what the D4 performance is going to be like.

        • Andrew

          It is going to be awesome. It is a Nikon.

          And besides, it has the Expeed 3 processor. Enough said!

  • Walter

    What about D800?

    • why?


    • fanst

      From what I heard in Japan last month, it should be a around 300000 yen (price in store, not suggest retail price by Nikon), which mean probably over 3500$ in US

      • fanst

        3500$, this is for the D800, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • why?

          3500$ should be the MAXIMUM introduction price for a D800. IMHO.

          • Rob

            Prepare to be disappointed.

  • Matt

    Predictions on used prices of D3S and D3X? Probably still high for a year or so.

    • Bob Loveless

      As much as I would like to have a D4 I am pretty sure it is going to be a bit too expensive for my budget … $6000 or more? I am hoping to pick up a D3s before they disappear. The current best price I can get here is just below $4800.

      • no-nikon-no

        are you kidding? take the plunge for that extra $1200 between the d3s and have the latest d4 camera that will still be very relevant in 3 more years. only obstacle will be the waiting lists to get on.

        Plus imagine native iso 102,400 and a fast 24mm f/1.4 lens combo. dont even need flash indoors.

        • Bob

          I am not rich and I am retired. Even $4800+tax would be a major outlay for me. I will be very happy if I can get a D3a! I would much rather put that extra $1400 (and I think it will probably be more) toward a couple of new lenses!

          • vinman

            Flawless logic. If 4800$ is a budgetary stretch, that’s all the reason one needs to save that extra $1200!

        • advantages of ISO over 6400 starts to slowly disappear. sure you can shoot in very low light but such light is hard to control and often is very contrasty, even more then more spread light. If the high iso comes with base 100 and 50 as minimum i am all in, but anything beyond 6400 is for leica style bycicle street shots only.

          • KnightPhoto

            @ Harold you are on the wrong thread. The D800 thread is right next door where all the ISO 50 waterfall guys are hanging out.

            It’s amazing how many of us are in the wrong thread, have a look at all the low light guys hanging out in the D800 thread when they should be here.

            Face it guys, Nikon wants us to buy a D4 AND a D800. Would that solve any of the problems we are all talking about ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Sean

            High ISO is more about bumping up shutter speed in normal to low light, not for shooting in a closet on the dark side of the moon.

            • jodjac

              I totally agree. I think there are a lot of misperceptions on the use of high ISO. Maybe it’s opinion, or maybe it’s good practice, but i find by trying to turn night into day results in poorly exposed, noisy or smudged images. Using high ISO where there is a light gets you higher shutter speed and useful images that have reasonable noise and are not full of smudge. Also helps to bring up the background with ‘fill-flash’.
              I don’t have a D3S, so maybe those that do live in a different world. Still, I have issues with the idea of turning night into day with ISO. What would Brassai’s ‘The Secret Paris Of 1930’s ‘ look like if he was using a D3S?
              Flame on!

    • Bob

      If the earlier NR is true, that the D3s is out of production (F64 Romania), then the D3s is going to disappear very soon and as a consequence you are not going to see the price drop much if at all.

      • studio460

        I would tend to agree. However, Nikon seems serious about an aggressive, fast-paced roll-out for these new FX bodies in an effort to reclaim some lost market share from Canon. January delivery sounds awfully soon. Still, I expect bodies will only be trickling into local and mail-order dealers. But while the D7000 roll-out was very spotty, I was able to find at least six bodies at local retailers (some, even before the official launch date–thanks, Best Buy!). I know, the D4 is in a different retail channel than the more consumer-oriented and distributed D7000.

        It will be interesting to see what happens in the secondary market for D3s bodies in the coming weeks.

    • studio460

      Good question. Because I think the market will be unconventionally dynamic (and therefore, a bit unpredictable), because there will be more factors at play. You’ll have pro shooters dumping their D3s bodies to trade them out for D4 bodies, and at the same time, you’ll have a population of buyers scrambling for both new and used D3s bodies for two reasons: 1.) end of production of D3s bodies, and 2.) D4 is “too expensive.”

  • so if i sell my D700 and D300….i’ll still need to come up with $3500.00 bucks. I can’t afford one. sounds like a sweet machine.

    • FM2Fan

      do not seel the D700 – you will miss it very soon. The money you get is just a fraction of the budget for a new D4 …

  • But…. what about the spec? So far we only got the spec for D800?

    • There was a post last week, 16MP, XQD memory card type, native ISO 100 to 102,400, etc.

      The sooner the better ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I am looking for a second camera body to ride shotgun with my beloved D700. An additional 4 stops of ISO??? Sign me up (if the price is right)! I guess in this scenario my D700 would ride shotgun ; )

  • jeremy mayhew

    funny how i’m seeing a canon ad on this page….I got a 60d for video, and after taking 4 pictures with it, It was clear to me I needed to switch to Canon. I hope the D4 and D800 are great cameras…if they ever come out.

    • Jesus_sti

      Dont know if your are ironic but if not …

      You try to troll on that and D7000 is the best Dx camera in the world with the
      Pentax K5

      • You’re seeing a canon ad on this page because you have previously been mainly on canon pages.

        Which Nikon camera have you had before?

    • The Fantastic G

      Tracking cookies. Directed marketing. They gots you!

    • gt

      lol 4 shots with the 60D convinced you to switch brands? fail.

      either you’re an emotional, unknowledgeable consumer with no understanding of photography

      or a marketing troll

      • The 60d is a pile of bison dung if the IQ is anything like (probably more likely exactly like) the 7d and the T2i. Pile. Of. Dung.

    • Ted

      60D? Haaahahaha you got no clue about cameras.

  • It have to be super camera with super ISO!
    Nikon, please, put the same sensor to D800!!!

  • Sheik Ben Reddic

    I don’t mind the cost as long as my neighbours knows.

    • Bondi Beach


  • This makes more sense to me, as it is needed ahead of the olympic games, which I believe Canon is also targetting. Anyway the sooner the better as I want to buy before the summer.

  • Sign me up – I’ve been on and off the fence on a D3s for my wildlife work and this sounds like it’ll be even better. Can’t wait!

  • D3s is perfect already for any work I have to do, don’t think it will benefit me

  • broxibear

    “availability will be limited for months if not years”
    That doesn’t sound good ?

    • Look at the D3s – in the US it still sells out in hours every time a retailer gets it in stock. Right now you get a Leica M9 everywhere, but you still cannot get a D3s.

      • no-nikon-no

        but you can not get “any” current m9 lenses anywhere. no point in buying the m9 without any lenses.

        • leafster

          +1 my Summilux is on waiting list.. ever.

      • HH

        Thats weird here in the UK you can buy a d3s right now its in stock in a lot of places I wonder why its always out of stock in the US

      • Bob

        There don’t seem to be any shortages of the D3s in Canada either. It is in stock at several locations in this city.

      • D700guy

        Peter, do you expect that to be the case with the online retailers such as Adorama and B&H?

  • Photdog

    D4 and D800! a nice pair. Hopefully Nikon introduces some lenses wit them. A new 2.8/24-70 with VR II and not being a pumper would be very welcome as well as the rumored 4.5-5.6/ 200-500 which should be able to resolve the 36 MP then…

    • Chuck

      I’m with you Photdog. I would love to replace my D3s/2xD300 three body combo with a D4/D800 kit. The 24-70 VR II sounds great but I could probably squeak by for a bit with my current 24-70 AF-S while I retire my 80-400 (already semi-retired) and Sigma 150-500 in favor of the Nikkor 200-500. Heck, I would even settle for a new 80-400 AF-S VR II. Hopefully 2012 will be a banner year for Nikon.

      • FM2Fan

        please a 18mm 1:2 …

  • That would save me $1300 or so, because I wouldn’t have to buy a D7000 as a stop-gap measure to fill in for my recently demised D200. Just go straight to D4 and the D700 becomes secondary.

  • Ho-ho-ho

    better get my credit card ready then !

  • Thomas

    Great news. With the D4 out-of -the-way, let’s get the D800 rolling ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ships early 2012? Awesome. Looking forward to using the D4.

  • I want to troll a bit ,but D800 plz ๐Ÿ™

  • Whish it will be true. I sure NR will publish more info about D4 in a week ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nikon D800 please!

    It seems logical to have the Nikon D4 made available BEFORE the Nikon D800, as it was for the previous versions of these two cameras.

    As to the accuracy of the availability of the Nikon D4, let us wait and see for not too long to verify how reliable this new information is.

  • Ashton Kutcher

    your BS “sources”. has this site ever been right

    • BartyL

      Go wax your buttocks, ‘Ashton’, your friends will like you better that way.

  • EvanK

    Second mortgage, anyone?

  • burak

    like the 911 s door

    why change if it s a good design..

  • Miro

    D800, D4 ok, nice or what’s new lenses for FX?

  • Brian

    Someone at nikon must get super pissed every time such extensive specs or photos (d800) get leaked

    • broxibear

      You think ? lol
      Maybe Nikon tolerate it, think of the chaos they could cause to a site like this by “leaking” misinformation. It’s all fun and games ?

  • InfraRed

    Good news but how many will be made available to retailers per months?

    I assume pro-users will get priority shipping (I hate it but from Nikon’s perspective I have to admit that it makes sense). Since photography is not a source of revenue for me (but a great source of expense), it may take months before I can my hands on one. Oh well, the sooner it ships the better and I will be somewhere on the waiting list…waiting!

    • Got my Nikon Pro card this year for that very reason – to be one of the first to get a D4

  • Ann o’Nymous

    Stupid Canon guys !

    Please announce 5d+/6d/5d4 !!
    So D800 is tomorrow in stock in my store!

  • price probably set at the Nikon D3x ยฃ5k and similar to the Canon pricing 2. D800 probably ยฃ3k – we will set, certainly be expensive year in 2012.

  • alvix

    I offer my hands and feet for free in the assemply line..just to speed things up…

    • lolly

      don’t forget to volunteer to do the testing too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • alvix

        ahah ! you are right …! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lucas

    Can’t wait…but can’t afford it. Just curious to see the new tech in sensor…but I don’t need super hi iso, prefer more mp for studio shoot…so D800 is for me and D700 to be my back up.

  • Ken Elliott

    I’m wondering if you can take a Thunderbolt chip, house it in a XQD container, and extend that PCI-e interface to a Thunderbolt SSD.

    Hey Nikon! Do you mind adding REAL waterproof seals while you’re at it?

    • Richard

      I don’t know what sort of workaround there might be, but remember that Thunderbolt is basically a PCI-e plus direct access to the graphics processor of the computer. It requires a chipset that, at present, runs the better part of $100 and so I just don’t see that as a likely path of development. Whether some sort of external PCI-e bus will be forthcoming I don’t know, but it is not here at the present time and so I would expect that USB 3 would be the logical, and economical, choice. There is some indication that there may be an ethernet connection which would be convenient in some circumstances, but I just don’t see that Thunderbolt is practical. Beside that, there are not expected to be TB motherboards in the PC community until some time this spring.

      • Jesus_sti

        Thunderbolt is a maketing thing for Apple. When PC start to have this feature somes gear have the Thunderbolt. Wait 3-4 years if it come to life…

        • Richard

          Actually, Intel has the name. Apple worked closely with Intel in the development of TB and, at least so far, is the only computer manufacturer shipping products with it. That should change in the coming year, but that remains to be seen.


  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin,

    This may sound true. Remember that Nikon cannot sell in Japan the D700 and the D3 (s and x) because they do not comply with some local laws.

    • Good point, this may explain also the shortages of D700 and this “out of production” label on the D3s in the Romanian store. If they cannot sell them in Japan, can they still legally produce them in Japan?

      • AnoNemo

        I think they can produce it legally but it makes no sense keeping two different lines when you cannot sell any of them in your home country. I think it also makes Nikon look bad that they do not have pro gear that complies with Japanese regulations.

        • enesunkie

          Excuse my ignorance, but does Canon’s equipment comply in Japan? Is that why the 1D X was announced so early?

          • AnoNemo

            I am not sure what is the case with the canon gear. Maybe I am wrong but Canon was not affected.

          • BartyL

            I thought the problem was the exposed contacts on the EN-EL3e batteries – made them ‘unsafe’ for storage and handling.

            Probably the case that the Canon batteries had recessed contacts, like the later Nikon batteries, so they are OK.

            • AnoNemo

              I think you’re right. Most likely that’s the case.

      • Pierre

        I find Japan is funny with their regulation, on one hand, they feel the need to protect the public against to potential danger of exposed battery lead and on the other, they find OK to dump millions of gallon of highly contaminated radioactive water in the ocean, keep a large portion of the same public within the danger zone and let them eat the contaminated food. It is their pride that cluttered their judgment in the management of the crisis and unfortunately, we will have all to pay for it at our DNA level for generations to come.

    • Steve Starr

      Maybe the reason they can’t sell them in Japan is why some USA dealers recently got fresh stock of the D700 and D3s recently to sell?

      The SB-910 already has showed up at my dealer and he sold it before it even hit the sales floor. For an announcement of maybe 2 weeks ago on the SB-910, it sure hit the shops fast. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the D800 and D4 are on cargo ships now going to their distributors. Maybe 2-3 week into January?

      • Juergen.

        These cameras are not on cargo ships – they are distributed by flight cargo.
        No coincidence Nikon Europe is in the Netherlands as the goods are flewn in via Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

        • Really? I thought otherwise due to the effect of Gamma rays on Photosites they were sent by sea?

        • AnoNemo


          No because the corporate tax is one of the lowest in the Netherlands. It makes it a perfect location. Same thing with Amazon

  • lolly

    If this rumor is true then the D4 is already in production ! It sounds like Nikon wants to make announcement only when the new body is in production and on a container just like the Nikon 1.

    Which will be announced first – D4 or D800 ? My guess is D4.

    • I think D800 anda D4 will announce together like D300 & D3

    • Richard

      I would suggest that it means that it has been in production for some time now to build up a sufficient number to get them out to key customers rather than just coming out in dribs and drabs with no end of complaints about unavailability. Nikon needs to supply their usual supported customers, but be prepared to bring new people on board who might just switch from that other company if they like what they see…especially autofocus in low light.

      There have been news stories about some fabs which may or may not be associated with Nikon being restored to production months earlier than expected. It will be interesting to see the first tear down reports.

  • neversink

    OK OK OK….
    I hate rumors…
    But… If they come out, I am buying both D4 and the D800 – Maybe two of each….. With a nice new 500 f4…. and a 24 f 1.4

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lee

    No changes to the body when a “new” generation is announced?

    8 billion pixels on the prosumer camera?

    When did Nikon become Canon?!?!?!?!

  • Zoot

    I have a D700, with 65000 actuations. It is wonderful. It will be four years old in September 2012. By that time, I will be in a position to decide if a D400 represents an adequate upgrade to justify the required huge investment.

    My back-up camera is a D200.

    A 36mp D800 sounds a bit iffy to me. But I’ll read every review about the D800 (one or two versions) and the D400. By September, the Nikon supply situation will have stabilised, prices will be significantly lower, and I will be in a situation where I can make an informed choice.

    Am I missing something, or should I currently be waiting with bated breath and bottomless chequebook? I think not.

  • pabs

    While I can’t wait to upgrade my four plus year old D300 and get a FF DSLR (was always bothered by the D300’s low light capability) I’m mildly distracted by the reviews suggesting one needs to go for the high Mp D800, which may have it’s limits with low light/high ISO ability or the very expensive and bulky D4. Where is the compromise that one would expect with a D700 replacement to get a good balance between very solid ISO, resolution and shooting capabilty (fps), dynamic range, etc. It seems that each new camera will be awesome for it’s intended purpose but where is the balance that can exist while still at a high level of performance?

  • Zim

    I need something in the D400 range. I would like a D4 but not in the budget.

  • Funduro

    Soon someone will post a D4 unwrapping video and thousands will cry while watching the video. Many will have anxiety and unrestful sleep fro the tension created while checking online backorder status every 10 minutes. So glad I don’t have the money for that body or the required glass, otherwise I would be a nervous wreck waiting to get my own copy. To all who will get one, good luck handling the anticipation nerves.

  • Zeke

    If the D4 interface is just a warmed-over D3, that will be disappointing.

    I would be happy if Nikon left every single technical spec alone* and concentrated solely on ergonomics:

    1. Make it lighter.
    2. Make it smaller. The vertical “grip” makes a very good battery box but a pretty terrible grip; it’s very hard to hold it with one hand and activate AF-ON with your thumb. If they could miniaturize the battery and lose the big lump on the bottom, that would be wonderful.
    3. Turn most/all of the controls into “soft” switches so they can be recalled with a memory setting.
    4. Backlight the switch labels – it’s easy to push the wrong button when operating on a tripod in the dark (such as a studio).

    *Okay, one tech improvement: make the AF areas extend to the edges of the frame. Being concentrated in the center sucks – I’m always running right off the edge. I understand it was the best they could do at the time, sharing tech with the D300, but this needs to get fixed in the next generation.

  • I have 2 D700s that are shooting on borrowed time. One is on 168k actuations and the other is on 240k. This is after almost 3 years of wedding/commercial work. If the D4 was to start shipping in January I’d be absolutely stoked.

  • Mark

    I suspect the timing of the D4’s release is linked to the London Olympics. Does anyone recall how long after the D3 was announced that it was generally available? Surely a January / February announcement would mean the D4 will be generally available well before July and therefore in good time for the Olympics.


    • neversink

      Nah… the timing of the release was most likely delayed due to two major world events. The Japanese earthquake and the Thailand flooding.


  • neversink

    I have no problem with the ergonomics of D3 or of D700…. I actually prefer the ergonomics and feeling of the DX D7000. However, I am going to get both the D800 and D4

  • John C Picking jr

    I am so excited. I really wanted a digital FX body at the end of September. (I have an N90S & F3) So I got a D700. I love this camera.

    I say all that to say, this is going to be great watching what Nikon does with D4 and D800. I have all the time in the world to see what to get next. And I’ll have a D700 for many years as a 2nd body at worst.

    I think I favor low light over MP so could see getting a D4 in the fall of 2012 to go with what I have. In the meantime I can focus on glass. I couldn’t be happier.

  • kobajasz

    D4 will not have a flash on board to release SB-xxx ๐Ÿ™ its not fair.. wedding photographers have to buy the most expensive cam now.. where are the “middle cam” with iso such as D700

  • Pegdrgr

    I love how everyone jumped on Nikon’s case when Canon announced the 1Dx, despite Canon saying it would be 4-5 months before it was available. Now it appears that Nikon is going to announce something and actually be able to deliver it within weeks of the announcement. No one seems to appreciate this. I would be pissed if I had to wait 4-5 months for a body.

    I am actually intrigued by both the D800 and the D4. I currently have a D7000, which replaced my D90, which replaced the atrocity of a body known as the D70. I was thrilled with the 90 compared to my 70, and I have been very happy with the 7000, but have been longing for a FX. I spent the past year upgrading my glass in anticipation of moving to a FX. I know there is a good bit of wishful thinking in there, but I would love for the D4 to be priced more like the D3s and less like the D3x. Could it be that Nikon is bringing the D800 in as a entry pro level version of the D3x, and the D4 will be the new D3s. In all likelihood I will have to wait a while and the D400 will probably be leaking by then, if not released. Worst case I have fantastic glass on my D7000, likely I will have fantastic glass on my D400, and maybe I will have fantastic glass on my D4!

    Oh, and I would love to hear what lenses we might get with this too. I have been wishing for a new 80-400 VRII. I just want a bit more reach than my 70-200 f/2.8.

    • Juergen.

      To announce the 1DX half a year in advance showed Canon’s extreme fear of Nikon.

      • Pegdrgr

        I agree, I just was surprised when NR people were praising them for it.

        • Mark V

          Well, here’s my understanding about this point of view:

          if you are a pro and trying to plan out which tools you are going to be able to get and when you will be able to get them, then announcing your product line well in advance is appreciated by your core customers. Knowing when a product will be available allows them to make the decision on whether they can wait or not because their business may depend on it.

          So if you release information about your product line, you are better serving the customers of those lines. It’s different than consumer goods because it’s a matter of how they earn a living and they are typically not going to switch brands because they are invested.

          On the other hand, they have to be careful about announcing too early and ending up with back stock on D700, D3s, and D3x models. That being said, given the statements that people make here about the availability of those models, I don’t know that it will be an issue in this context.

          • Pegdrgr

            I understand that, but there is one problem with that line of reasoning as I see it. If that were the case they would have to release units out into the hands of reviewers and testers. Honestly the Pros do not decide to buy a camera based on a spec sheet alone. If that were the case we would only see MP and ISO wars on the spec sheet. Getting the spec sheet out there dangles the hook, but the only way to set it is to actually let pros review/use them and show real world images taken with them.

            Nikon is doing a much better job, IMO, of synching up the announcement followed by some level of actual unit release so Pros and consumers can decide to upgrade.

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